Exposing The
Rabin Assassination
By Barry Chamish <>
As I was reciting the Yom Kippur ne'ila prayer, one line struck me. We beseech G-d to, "Grant freedom of speech to those who desire it." Breaking with ceremony, I repeated that line several times over. No request could be as important to Israel this year. Either the Rabin murder is exposed this year, or those who commited it and are covering it up will make certain that an independent secure nation is all but lost the next. It is ultimately, in the name of "peace" that Rabin's murderers are being protected by the Israeli political and media establishment. For the sake of an elitist ideology, murder may be commited in our nation with impunity. And yes, prayers are answered. After the post-fast meal I opened my e-mail and one devoted friend offered to put up a considerable sum of money if I would reprint a second English edition of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and finally name the murderers. I accepted the offer. Another message was significant as well. An advocate of the truth offered to pay for bumper stickers reading Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, The People Demand To Know. I answered that if enough people write me and agree to put the sticker on their vehicles, that I would accept his offer. Please let me know if you'd like a bumper sticker free of charge. And please note the following dates: On Monday and Tuesday Sept. 27-28, I will be at the Jerusalem Post Succot Fair in Kibbutz Tsora near Bet Shemesh. Gefen Books will have a booth offering my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin in Hebrew and Russian and I'll be manning the Zionist Book Club booth offering the book and a videotape of the same name in English. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the fair, discussing strategy and signing books in three languages. Finally, please note the date October 3. That is when Avishai Raviv is once again due to be tried at the Bet Mishpat HaShalom in Jerusalem. As you know, those covering for his crimes have cancelled his trial twice and appointed a new trio of judges to hear his case. It is an ugly cat and mouse game whose object is to lower the profile of the trial and arrange as few witnesses as possible for a rigged sentence. Those who care about justice in Israel will not let the deceit mongers wear them down. Please do be a witness and bring friends. To doublecheck that the trial hasn't been cancelled again and to get the exact time and courtroom, call Yochevet at the Bet Mishpat Ha Shalom: 02 6706411. We all know what we are up against. We have seen the mainstream media vigorously push the Karpin book's lie that the religious and Right were collectively responsible for Rabin's murder. And while this media flog that lie, it shows no shame in exposing the minor misdemeanors of the Netanyahus as the crime of the century. In order for the truth to emerge, we must stick it to the media and Avishai Raviv's trial is the best sticking point we've got. See you there and at the fair. Meanwhile, enjoy my latest article! Best, Barry Chamish
By Barry Chamish
It took two years before Americans began to suspect that Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy. It took large sections of the Israeli population less than a week to suspect that Yigal Amir did not shoot the fatal bullets at Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. It took me about two hours. At about midnight of Nov. 4, 1995, I asked how Amir could possibly have broken through Rabin's bodyguards to take a clear shot at Rabin's back. My answer was that he couldn't have: unless someone wanted him to. The next day my suspicions were reinforced by eye-witness testimonies that appeared in the media. After Amir's first shot, one witness after another heard Rabin's bodyguards shout, "They're blanks;" They're not real;" and the like. And then, instead of killing Amir on the spot, the same bodyguards let him get off two more rounds. It just didn't add up. The bodyguards are trained to shoot an assassin in less than a second; it would take longer to shout, "They're blanks, they're not real." Why would they think the bullets were duds? Why didn't they kill Amir to save Rabin? And far more seriously, why did they allow Amir into the so-called sterile security area where only authorized personnel were permitted entrance? The next day, Israel TV broadcast a film clip of Amir being taken away from an anti-Rabin demonstration just two weeks before. Amir was well known to Rabin's security detail; he was a member of the most extreme anti-Rabin right wing organization of all, Eyal, an acronym for Jewish Warriors, run by the most extreme right wing radical of them all, the notorious Avishai Raviv. Only on November 10, a public accusation was made by (now) Knesset Member Benny Elon that Avishai Raviv was in fact an agent for the General Security Services (Shabak), the very same Shabak charged with protecting Rabin. If people scoffed, it was only for a day. On November 11, a respected left wing journalist Amnon Abramovich broke the truth on Israel's Television One: Raviv was a Shabak officer code-named Champagne, whose duty was to infiltrate groups opposed to the government's peace process and incriminate them in crime. To make his task easier, he created a straw group called Eyal and hyper-radicalized young people, turning legitimate protest into illegitimate outrages. He was the Shabak's chief provocateur. From that moment on, it was a matter of time before the conspiracy to assassinate Rabin was exposed. The assassin belonged to an organization created by the very Shabak which was charged with protecting Rabin. And that was not all. Amir had spent the spring and summer of 1992 in Riga, Latvia working with a nest of spies called the Prime Minister's Liaison Office, or Nativ for short. There, the newspapers reported, he had received training from the Shabak. Yigal Amir was not just a religious kid who got mad one night and shot a prime minister. He had an intelligence background.
Enter The First Informer
At the time, I was the co-editor of Israel's only intelligence newsletter, called Inside Israel. My partner was Joel Bainerman. We had both written books, recently published. My book, The Fall of Israel (Cannongate Publishers, Edinburgh) was about political corruption; his book Crimes Of A President (SPI Books, New York) was about the covert and illegal operations that took place during the Bush administration. Combined, we were producing the most honest reporting of Israel's hidden political shenanigans anywhere. We had gained a strong reputation in numerous circles for the exposes of the criminal deceit that lay behind Israel's agreements with the PLO. And that is why one Moshe Pavlov chose to call me on November 17. His first call was brief: "Watch Channel Two News tonight and you'll see me," he said. "Then I'll call back." He appeared on the news and was described as one of the country's most dangerous right wing leaders." Odd, I thought, why hadn't I heard of him before? The next call wasn't from Pavlov but from my neighbor Joel Bainerman. Though he lived in a most obscure location, Pavlov found his way to Joel's doorstep and appeared unannounced. Joel said, "I don't think we should meet here. I'll see you downtown in ten minutes." Though he aggressively denies it, all, literally all, my sources later told me Pavlov is a Shabak agent. In retrospect, there is no other way he could have had the information in his possession if he wasn't an insider. Joel and I sat in a quiet corner of the town square of Bet Shemesh, as a terrified and agitated Moshe Pavlov spewed out reams of, what turned out to be, the truth. "Amir was supposed to shoot blanks," he insisted. "That's why the bodyguards shouted that he did. He was supposed to. It was a fake assassination. Rabin was supposed to survive the blank bullets, dramatically go back on the podium, condemn the violence of his opponents and become a hero. That's how he was going to save the Oslo Accords. Raviv was supposed to give him the gun with the blanks but Amir got wind of the plan and changed the bullets." Pavlov was way off on this point. Later evidence proved beyond doubt that Amir did shoot blanks and Rabin was shot elsewhere. Pavlov became nearly hysterical. "They're killing people to cover this up and they're setting me up for a fall. Already one of Rabin's bodyguards is dead." He gave us the name of the bodyguard: Yoav Kuriel. He also supplied his details, including his social security number. A Yoav Kuriel was reported dead in the media the next day, but of a suicide. It would be another two years before I received his death certificate and spoke with the man who prepared his body for burial. He died of seven bullets to the chest. No one was allowed to identify his remains. And then Pavlov gave us information that NO ONE was allowed to know. To this day, only the man's initials can legally appear in the Israeli media. "The guy behind the operation is Eli Barak, a lunatic. He runs the Shabak's Jewish Department. He is Raviv's superior and set up Amir to take the fall." He added a fact that was positively unknown at the time. "Barak takes his orders from the head of the Shabak. His first name is Carmi, he lives in Mevasseret Tzion and that's all I want to say." It took over a year before the Israeli public was to learn the name of the Shabak Chief: Carmi Gillon. Pavlov was insistent: "You have to publish this and my name. Otherwise I'm finished." Joel and I decided to publish the story in Inside Israel. When it came out I met Pavlov at the Holiday Inn lobby in Jerusalem. We were surrounded by policemen. Wherever he went, they followed. That was good enough proof for me that our faith in Pavlov's version of events was justified.
An Assassination Film Emerges
Just under two months after the assassination, to the total shock of the nation, an "amateur" video tape of the murder emerged and it was broadcast over Channel Two. Joel taped the film from the television and we scrutinized it closely. Though we are being petty, to this day we argue over who caught the closing door first. The story of Rabin's last two hours of life is bizarre now, asit was then. The drive to the hospital should have taken less than a minute. But the driver, Menachem Damti, claimed he became confused and that's why he got lost and took nine minutes to arrive. After seven minutes driving, he stopped the car and asked a cop, Pinchas Terem to get in the car and direct him to the hospital. So, only three people were supposed to be in the car until then, Rabin, the driver and the personal bodyguard Yoram Rubin. In the film all three are clearly outside the vehicle, when the right back passenger door was slammed shut from the inside. There was a fourth person in the car waiting for Rabin. We saw two other shocking moments: the first occurs just before Amir makes his move towards Rabin's back. Rabin's rear bodyguard stopped dead in his tracks, turned his head sideways and allowed the "killer" in. The act was deliberate, there was no doubting the film. And then, after Amir shoots, Rabin turns his head in the direction of the shot and keeps walking...Just like eye-witnesses said he did on the night of the assassination. Rabin was unhurt by Amir's shot to the back. It was a blank bullet after all. A month later, the government-appointed Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry Into The Rabin Assassination issued its findings. It concluded that Amir shot twice at Rabin's back, once while Rabin was walking from 50 cm., then after he fell from about 20-30 cm range. Very logical except the film showed that Amir never got anywhere near such close range for the second shot. In fact, he was no closer than six feet away for the second shot. The contradictions had reached and far passed the point of being utterly ridiculous.
The Trial
After the government had already declared him the murderer, Amir stood trial for murder...which lets you know how fair a trial he received. Before the trial began, there was a hearing. When Amir stepped into the courtroom, he shouted to reporters, "The whole system is rotten. If I open my mouth I can bring it all down. The people will forgive me when they know the truth. I didn't think they'd start killing anyone." After this revealing outburst, he was taken away and never allowed to address journalists again. After a month in Shabak custody he appeared a different person for his trial: A grinning idiot determined to prove his own guilt. He had been transformed, we surmised by a combination of threats, promises, sleep deprivation and drugs." The trial was barely covered by the media but what emerged was astounding. Damti and Rubin lied through their teeth. Just for starters, Damti claimed he was opening the door for Leah Rabin when the first shot rang out. Then he immediately sat in the driver's seat as he had been trained to do. The truth was that Leah Rabin was 24 feet away and nowhere in sight and the film showed that he did not sit in the driver's seat until Rabin was placed in the car. And if those statements were mere whoppers, Rubin's version of events was a lollapalooza. He testified that he lay on top of Rabin and Rabin helped him get up. Then they both jumped headfirst into the car, Rabin landing on the seat, Rubin on the floor. Without elaborating on the depth of the lie, no witnesses saw Rabin jump and the film proves he didn't. After the trial, I received my first prized secret document; the testimony of Chief Lieutenant Baruch Gladstein, of the Israel Police Crime Laboratory, taken from the protocols of Amir's trial. After testing Rabin's clothes scientifically, Gladstein testified that the prime minister was shot from point blank, barrel on the skin, range. He insisted that his conclusion was certain and that the combination of massed gunpowder and an explosion tear on the clothing could only have occurred at 0 distance. Even half a centimeter would have been too far. Amir never, ever shot from point blank range. He did not kill Rabin. That was enough for me. I gathered the film, and the testimonies and started giving lectures on the Rabin Murder Conspiracy in Jerusalem and the crowds who came to hear me were always large.
Shutting Me Up
In October 1996, I received a phone call from the Weekend Magazine program of television Channel Two. They had heard about my lectures and also believed there were inconsistencies between the evidence and the Shamgar Commission findings. They wanted to interview me. What liars they were! They broadcast an eight minute snow job which compared me to a Holocaust denier. And they rebroadcast the show the next night. At first it looked like a disaster for my life. The organizations which had sponsored my lectures were forced to cancel them, cabinet ministers condemned me as a "fascist" and a few threatening crank calls resulted. However, the program did include the clip of Rabin's car door slamming shut when no one was supposed to be in the car. And a few of my strongest points slipped through loud and clear. People everywhere I went congratulated me on my courage. The show boomeranged and ended up encouraging me to carry on. I was not the only one on the show. A Ramat Gan computer technician named Natan Gefen also appeared briefly with his own proofs. As a result of his appearance, the local Ramat Gan newspaper interviewed him at length about his evidence of a conspiracy behind the Rabin assassination. One would not believe that Natan Gefen deserves to be recognized as one of the greatest investigators of all time. He doesn't look the part and by day he operates a computer at a pharmaceutical firm. But Gefen uncovered the most sensitive documents of any political assassination and here's how he did it. He made a hundred copies of his interview in the Ramat Gan paper, added his fax number and a request for proof, and placed the package in every corner of the hospital Rabin was taken to, Ichilov. And someone faxed him Rabin's medical records. What an incredible tale they told! The surgeon who operated on Rabin, Dr. Mordechai Gutman and his surgical team, recorded the following fact: Rabin arrived with two bullet holes in the back, was revived, was shot again and left with a third one in the front which passed through the upper lobe of his right lung and finally shattered dorsal vertebrae 5 and 6. The conspiracy was broken. The State Pathologist's report erased all the wounds the hospital staff reported because Amir never shot from the front and couldn't have. And Rabin could not have had his backbone shattered because the videotape of the murder clearly shows him walking after the only shot to the upper back. Gefen had provided the definitive proof that Amir did not shoot the deadly bullets into Rabin. I had to get the information out but my lectures were cancelled. Then Joel had a brilliant idea: if your lectures are cancelled, let's rent a hotel auditorium and do one ourselves. On a stormy January night in 1997, over 70 people braved the wet and arrived for the lecture. And Channel One television covered it. I was back. Attending the lecture was Brian Bunn, who sat on the Foreign Student's council of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was impressed and booked me to speak at the country's most respected educational institute. This the Shabak could not tolerate, so they organized a violent riot against me. And I must thank them for that because I was front page news for a week in Israel, and the riot was covered worldwide. Next, a smear campaign was organized against me in the Israeli media, but a few reporters listened to me, read the evidence I had gathered and wrote long, favorable pieces. And over 300 people contacted me within a week, ALL to congratulate me and some 20 to pass on invaluable information. I was invited to give the same lecture in New York, where I met Jay Sidman who set up a brilliant Rabin website for me at It turned into a meeting place for an international exchange of ideas and information about the assassination. Next it was on to Toronto to lecture to a full house at the Toronto Zionist Center. The Toronto film was videotaped and later sold commercially. I was really on that night and the videotape convinced tens of thousands of people that I was right. And best of all, the publicity led to book contracts, first in America, then in Israel and France. I took care with the book, reviews have been excellent and hundreds of thousands have been swayed by the facts. In my followup book I may name the culprits: I know who did it. Right now, it's a bit too early for my fellow Jews and Israelis to digest the fact that Rabin was murdered from within his own political circle.