Corruption Beyond Belief -
Clinton Planning Third Term?
By David M. Bresnahan
© 1999
If you study Bill Clinton's past you can predict his future. It is fairly easy to see where he is headed knowing what he has done before and observing how he operates.
The Clinton health plan debate was a major topic of discussion in June 1994, and I was a very outspoken critic. I was also a Republican candidate for the Utah House of Representatives, and my campaign was in full swing -- a campaign I would win in November of that year.
"This is the special events office of the White House for David Bresnahan," said the voice calling me on my home phone.
"Yeah, right. Who is this really," I asked, assuming one of my friends was trying to put one over on me.
I checked. It turned out he really was from the White House. It seems that somehow I was being invited to meet first lady Hillary Clinton. It later evolved into a meeting with President Clinton as well.
The health-care debate was at its peak, and I had been an outspoken critic in 1994 as a candidate for the Utah House of Representatives. Somehow former Democratic Rep. Karen Shepherd had me listed in her computer as a health-care reform supporter. Her staff called the White House and asked for an opportunity for me to meet the president and first lady.
With only a couple days' notice I was able to make the travel arrangements and off I went, not knowing what to expect other than being told I would have an opportunity to meet and express my views.
Before leaving I held a neighborhood meeting in my backyard, at the Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary where letters were signed expressing dismay with the plans that were moving forward to federalize health care. Even Democrats were signing the letters.
My neighbors were questioned by the FBI for a security check, and I went through the normal security procedures at the front gate of the White House. According to former FBI agent Gary Aldrich in an interview on my radio show, I went through a tougher background check than many of the White House staff.
After a brief visit to a non-public portion of the White House, I was ushered out to the South Lawn where seats were arranged under a canopy for a speech. It had a political campaign atmosphere, and every attendee was given a placard that read: "Small Businesses everywhere want Universal Health Care."
I was instructed to watch for signals from strategically placed audience directors for when to hold up the sign and when to applaud. They seated me in the front row, but I felt so out of place that I quietly found my way to the back so I wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb when I didn't raise my sign or clap wildly.
In fact, I was a real fish out of water as I realized that I was most likely the only person in the crowd of several hundred who did not support this absurd attempt to socialize health care.
I had been told that I would be met by Rep. Shepherd at the White House, but she never showed. I later learned that she had finally figured out that she had made a gigantic mistake by inviting me and ditched the meeting.
The press were the only ones who knew that I was a strong opponent, and they were waiting for me in a roped off section behind the audience. We met and arranged a press conference on the lawn of the White House when it was all over. The White House staff would not permit them to go with me when I met with President and Mrs. Clinton.
The White House band played for at least 30 minutes prior to the presentation. It was amazing to see the way the audience was built up for what was to come. By the time "Hail to the Chief" was played, they were primed and ready to give the kind of response those audience directors were looking for.
When Mrs. Clinton spoke the crowd responded on cue with wild enthusiasm to a presentation packed with emotion and devoid of facts. It was a good thing I had moved to the back row.
I clapped politely when necessary, stood by my chair when everyone else jumped up and down with their silly signs, and I hoped no one would notice my lack of enthusiasm. If this crowd discovered who I was, I was afraid I would be like a piece of raw meat thrown into a pack of hungry wolves. Fortunately, I was able to avoid attracting attention to myself.
Without Rep. Shepherd to introduce me to the president I was concerned that my meeting with him would not take place. I was able to make myself known to one of the staff who seemed to have nothing to do, and I became her project.
I told her the truth. I was a candidate for a Utah House race in a very tough district. My congresswoman was supposed to meet me but I couldn't find her, and I was concerned that I would miss out on my visit with the President and Mrs. Clinton. I also pointed out that I was bringing hundreds of letters from my constituents which the Clintons would most certainly want to receive.
She didn't ask, so I didn't tell her that my tough race was against a popular, incumbent Democrat.
All I could think of as I watched this campaign rally on the lawn of the White House was that it seemed appropriate that it was taking place in what could be called a circus tent, complete with a set of cheer leaders and rousing band.
As the show ended I quickly moved to the designated place I had been directed to. Within minutes the first lady made her way over and we were introduced and shook hands. I gave her the letters and told her that hundreds of people were given an opportunity to express their views and not one offered support for her plan.
I explained that it would be far better to permit each state to pass their own legislation to deal with the issue on a localized basis.
She was extremely polite, as was I, and said she would read the letters personally. She asked the aide standing beside her to place them on her desk. She also told me that she wanted to hear from all Americans and thanked me for coming.
President Clinton then arrived and stretched out his hand. I introduced myself and told him that Rep. Shepherd had arranged for me to be there so I could let him know my feelings on the health care proposal.
He listened intently as I repeated my position and asked that he remember what it was like when he was a governor trying to keep the federal government off his back. It was obvious that my visit was quickly ending as he started to back away.
"I want you to know that my family and I pray for you and our country," was my parting comment. It was, and is true. If anyone needs prayers, it is Bill Clinton.
His response was an icy cold stare that told me I had not made a favorable impression. He quickly backed away and the meeting was ended.
I took several photographs of him -- one of which now appears on the front of my book, "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception."
From there I went to the South Lawn where the press was waiting. I was still carrying the placard I had been given when I first arrived. All four major networks were represented.
The first question I was asked was the expected one. "What did you think of the president's speech?"
I held up the sign and ripped it apart saying, "That's what I think of universal health care." They asked several other questions, but the sign is what landed me on the news across the nation that night. At least one voice from a staged rally was heard.
That day has been something of an indicator of the way the Clintons operate. Everything they do is contrived and manipulated. Nothing is real. Everything is controlled and staged. It's all a game, and all that matters is winning.
Just as I predicted in my book, it appears that Clinton will soon win the current round just as he has won all the previous attacks on his power. If he comes through this current crisis he will be the most powerful man in history and totally unstoppable.
Also just as I predicted, the wheels are in motion to eliminate the current term limit restrictions that would prevent him from running for a third term. As I point out in the book, this is the same thing he did as governor of Arkansas. He got the legislature to change the state constitution to enable him to remain in office longer.
Those who would point a finger and call me a wacko should note that on Jan. 6, 1999, House Joint Resolution 17 was sent to committee for action.
It is titled: "Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President."
My sources have told me over and over again for more than two years that there is an active committee planning this effort to find every possible means to keep Bill Clinton in the White House. These are the people for whom the only goal is to win the game -- not what's right and what's best for the country.
The campaign has never ended. Everything the Clintons do, everywhere they appear, every word they say is carefully planned and scripted. The press is controlled and the public is manipulated, and if asked about it political consultants (the spin doctors) will brag about their success.
There was a time in Germany when such people were called propaganda ministers.
The stage is set. The audience directors are in place. The press is being controlled. The large-scale version of the event I attended is about to unfold, and when it does the most powerful dictator the world has ever known will rise from the ashes of defeat into the greatest political victory of all time.
If ever there was a time one man needs our prayers, if ever there was a time when our nation was in need of the intervening hand of providence, this is it. May God bless America to wake up -- it is nearly too late.
David M. Bresnahan, a contributing editor for, is the author of "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception," and offers a monthly newsletter "Talk USA Investigative Reports." He may be reached through email and also maintains a website.