New Agent XV Said
To Be In Iraq
By Richard Finke
Note from Richard Finke: This report is highly reliable as it is sourced from publicly available media and well-placed private individuals within sympathetic intelligence departments. It was verbally reported to me directly and previous experience has been acutely accurate.
Larry Harris, Registered Microbiologist, previously much maligned as 'Dr. Frankenstein,' has his book on civil defense against Biological Warfare now in the Library of Congress, according to his publisher, Virtue International. In fact, it has been declared to be an item of "emminent domain" subject to open government use as needed without obligation to obtain the author's prior permission (for a fee yet)! His book is available for $19.95.
The treatment described therein has also been anecdotaly credited with the cure of more than one Gulf War Syndrome veteran. This is hotly contested by Joyce Riley but those familiar with medicine will find it very credible and understandable.
Presently Iraq's Sadaam Hussein has been "pushing back" as the U.N. has been pushing him. How dare he!? Doesn't he realize the potential consequences? Well, perhaps it is the West masquerading behind the UN that doesn't realize the consequences.
Recent media reports out of Baghdad make mention of a compound referred to as XV and the fact that the (Red) Chinese have balked at finishing construction of large containers with glass liners ordered by Iraq. These containers are needed for the production of VX which is the most powerful nerve agent known to man. Only one-millionth gram will kill a human in minutes.
Thus far the media has confused it as a chemical weapon. It is actually a biotoxin derived from anthrax which itself is deadly and kills within a few days. In short XV is a dramatic 'refinement' of the notorious anthrax bacteria. Thus it is a biowar weapon. I suspect the reason for the misidentifying of XV is that the ultimate source of the anthrax was the U.S. itself!! This plainly implies the complicity of US officials. (A point ineffectively, unfortunately, brought out by Peter Kawaja) The biological weapon, XV, kills rapidly by paralysis, in terms of minutes, and is many times more deadly than any other weapon, including sarin or botulin.
A baseball-sized bulb of XV is more effective than a drum of sarin. A bulb of XV would decimate (read, exterminate) an approximate area of a 5-mile diameter. That is a rough equivalent of an atomic weapon at a fraction of the development, production and delivery cost. It would remain toxic in an open area for 36 hours unless blown out by strong winds. Weeks longer if in a subway tunnel or sports enclosure. Please note that it is also water-soluble making it an effective weapon in municipal water systems. It could be dropped into an open resevoir, or, using a suitable pump, it could be introduced into municipal systems by sufficient back pressure from the secure privacy of any residence with a faucet. It is odorless and tasteless. To be sure the Iraqi, Sadaam Hussein, still has anthrax in his arsenal, too.
Additionally Iraq has copied an old NAZI designed VI rocket over to create its own cruise missle capable of delivering a biotoxin warhead about 200 miles that flies at a speed of 500 mph, slow, but it gets there. Remember, care must be taken how one shoots this bird down as its cargo is deadly anywhere that it comes down.

Iran Gets Chemical
Weapons Help From China
By Bill Gertz
China has finished building a major production plant in Iran for special equipment used in making chemical weapons, according to a classified U.S. intelligence report.
The top-secret document says that Chinese technicians completed work in June on a factory that makes "glass-lined equipment" but that final delivery of some equipment for the facility, along with chemical-weapons materials, was held up temporarily by the Beijing government. "Glass-lined equipment is essential in the production of chemical warfare agent precursors and is controlled by the Australia Suppliers Group," the report says.
A U.S. official said building the equipment factory may violate the recently concluded Chemical Weapons Convention, which bars international cooperation in developing poison weapons and which both China and Iran have signed.
The Australia group is a 30-nation forum seeking to halt the spread of chemical and biological weapons by restricting transfers of equipment and materials -- including glass-lined equipment needed to neutralize the corrosive effects of chemicals used in making poison gas.
China and Iran are not part of the group but may be subject to sanctions under U.S. proliferation law.
The factory was built by the Nanjing Chemical and Industrial Group, one of three Chinese companies sanctioned by the Clinton administration in May for selling chemical weapons equipment and materials to Iran.
The equipment factory is a "dual-use" production facility capable of producing chemical-warfare equipment as well as equipment for producing civilian chemicals like detergents.
U.S. officials familiar with the report said the factory poses a major threat because it not only bolsters Iran's large-scale chemical-weapons capability, but also presents new dangers that Iran will begin selling the glass-lined equipment to other nations seeking chemical arms. U.S. intelligence officials say Iran has a stockpile estimated to include up to 2,000 tons of blister, choking and nerve agents. The agents include sarin nerve gas and mustard gas, deployed in aerial bombs, artillery shells, mines, mortars and short-range missile warheads.
The report said "overall" construction of the plant was completed in June but "raw materials" needed for operating the plant were held up by the Chinese government because of problems with export-control documents. The Chinese technicians were expected to return to the Iranian factory once the materials arrived, it said.
Sen. John Ashcroft, Missouri Republican and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said China's work in building the facility bolsters a recent CIA report "which says that China is the world's worst proliferator of weapons of mass destruction."
"[The CIA report] not only designated China on nuclear and chemical, but it also indicated that that included biological weapons," Mr. Ashcroft said during a luncheon meeting with reporters and editors at The Washington Times.
Other orders paid for by Tehran's Razak Laboratories in 1995 and Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries in Tabriz, but not delivered, include 49 metric tons of alkyl dimethylamine -- used in making detergent -- and 17 metric tons of sodium sulfide, a chemical used in making mustard gas.
The orders were brokered by Iran's Industrial International Movalled Andishe Co., known as Imaco, with the North Chemical Industries Corp., known as Nocinco.
The report also identified a Chinese company known as Q. Chen as "a major supplier of glass-lined equipment and chemicals to Iran's chemical weapons program" that was linked to Nocinco. "Chen and NOCINCO have been major suppliers of IMACO since its emergence in early 1995," it said.
The report said the delayed shipments were due to problems in obtaining export licenses from the Beijing government and "may represent Chinese government pressure brought to bear on NOCINCO to stop its dealings with Iran."
However, Iran expects to complete the chemical and equipment deals "simply by changing the name of the Chinese seller," the report states.
Nocinco was identified by the CIA last year as having delivered several hundred tons of carbon disulfide, an ingredient in nerve agents.
Kenneth Timmerman, a specialist on Iran's weapons programs, said Iran has turned to China for specialized chemical weapons equipment because of tighter export control laws in Europe. "China has behaved like a rogue supplier in selling Iran equipment for its chemical weapons," he said.
The location of the chemical equipment factory was not identified in the report. Officials note that most of Iran's chemical-weapons facilities are located near Tehran, the capital.

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