TWA 800 Disappeared News -
The Orwellian Nightmare
By Ian Williams Goddard ©1999

One of the more disturbing issues surrounding the TWA Flight 800 crash has been the claims made by some people that on the night of the crash they saw reports on TV that confirmed a missile hit, yet the reports apparently disappeared into an Orwellian black hole. NOW a news cameraman has spilled-the-beans on one of these disappeared TV reports, indicating that what people have been saying they saw on TV really was on TV.
People have claimed they saw an interview right after the crash of an Air National Guard pilot as he stood on a tarmac in front of an aircraft where the pilot said the jet was hit with a missile and that Navy-missile exercises were being conducted at the time. Consistent with such an interview, the Long Island paper Suffolk Life reports [1]:
"Long Island's Channel 55 cameraman James Hughes, said during an interview that he and another camera crew from one of the networks were at the airport when the C130 landed. The crew, he said, stated they saw a missile heading toward FL800 just before they witnessed the explosion. The C130 crew members were pulled away from the two camera crews by what Hughes said appeared to be their superiors and came back claiming they had seen nothing."
This not only confirms TV-witness accounts of a truth-leaking interview of a pilot at an airport, but it also clearly indicates that the truth was known that night and, with the immediate censure of the pilots, it also reveals that a massive cover-up was activated immediately, which must explain why the media forgot about that explosive interview.
(The C-130 was piloted by Col. William Stratemeier. Major Frederick Meyer, who said he saw a meteor-like streak, piloted an HH-60 helicopter. After retiring from the ANG, Meyer said that the first blast looked like "the detonation of an anti-aircraft shell."[2])
It would seem that if military command says forget that news, it is forgotten and any who remember it and/or who believe what those pilots said they saw are smeared by the GovtMedia as lairs, criminals, or nuts... as one who might have to be locked away. The evidence suggests military control of society.
Maybe that's why the same week Pierre Salinger's report came out CNN reported [3]: "The FBI this week launched a criminal investigation, hoping to stop missile theorists." The government of a civil nation does not activate "criminal investigations" to "STOP THEORISTS" (!!), but the U.S. Govt does!
The sudden change of the pilots story is consistent with a report from Aviation Week & Space Technology [4] that the ANG C-130 pilot "said he had seen what appeared to be the trail of a shoulder-fired SAM ending in a flash on the 747," and then in the next issue, Aviation Week reports that the pilot had a sudden change of mind, now saying: "We did not see smoke trails [from a missile], any ignition source from the tail end of a rocket nor anything..." [5] And the media filmed the witness intimidation [1]:
"The C130 crew members were pulled away from the two camera crews by what Hughes said appeared to be their superiors and came back claiming they had seen nothing."
Anyone capable of rational thought can see (a) that the military pilots were pressured to say they did NOT see what they'd ALREADY said they saw, and (b) that this is prima facie evidence of a cover-up, and (c) specifically, a cover-up of a missile hit.
If X says he saw a missile hit P, and then X gets a talking-to by superiors, and then X says he did NOT see a missile hit P, one of his two statements must be false and it stands to reason that it's the second.
If the media taped those pilots changing their story under pressure and yet forget that event and portray those who believe there's a cover-up as nuts & liars, then the media are choosing to promote the cover-up.
If the media could forget about a widely-televised interview of military pilots saying FL800 was hit by a missile, pilots who are then quickly whisked away by superiors only to return saying they saw nothing, could we trust the major media to report it if someone with inside information contacted them with a major scoop? If they'd cover-up the former, they should also cover-up the latter. In fact, when James Sanders gave CBS a patch of the rocket-fuel-covered seat cushion [6] so that they too could test it, CBS gave it to the FBI instead and then assisted with the FBI's efforts to jail Sanders by spreading FBI disinformation about him.
So when people say there could not be such a large cover-up since someone would come forward, it stands to reason that if someone with critical evidence did come forward and in so doing contacted a major media network to get his/her story out, the network would contact the FBI and then forget about the incident.
Speaking of news the media ignores, last September the agent who headed the FBI's "investigation" said that the "boats" below FL800 seen on the NTSB radar plot that the FBI cited the Privacy Act to conceal the identities of, were "Navy vessels that were on classified maneuvers." An outright admission by the top FBI agent of a cover-up, and recorded on tape! Would that make headlines? Not one. 100% black out! (See The evidence indicates that the major media operate as a team, advancing the agenda of the military-state.
Consistent with that hypothesis is the fact that the day after FBI agent James Kallstrom called Hollywood director Oliver Stone a "bottom-feeder" for his plan to interview eyewitnesses of the FL800 crash in an upcoming TV program looking into the missile theory, ABC canceled the program. Other TV networks chimed in to denounce Stone's shameful effort to allow eye- witness accounts to evade the military black out, which the on-the-spot censure of the C-130 pilots proves went into effect on the night of the crash.
In Closing...
Our military-government may or may not have good reasons to keep the Navy maneuvers under the TWA 800 crash classified, but we as citizens do have good reason to hold up the light of free inquiry to the darkness of military-state secrecy: secret government endangers truth, freedom, and democracy.
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