Cmdr Donaldson's Interim
Report On TWA 800 -
The FBI & The NTSB
By Commander William S. Donaldson III, USN Ret.
In cooperation with
Associated Retired Aviation Professionals
For the Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure
Submitted To The Subcommittee On Aviation U.S. House of Representatives July 17, 1998
The preponderance of facts in this report support the following conclusions:
1. That TWA FL800 was intentionally destroyed by a powerful, proximity fused, airbursting, anti-aircraft weapon, launched from a position approximately one nautical mile off shore and three nautical miles east of Moriches Inlet, Long Island, New York.
2. That TWA FL800 was also engaged, seconds later by a second missile, fired from a closer position to the south of TWA FL800's track.
3. That senior FBI agents were close eyewitnesses to the shoot down. That those FBI Agents believed the aircraft was shot down and that those FBI Agents did not file eyewitness reports, FBI 302 forms.
4. That no evidence has yet been developed that implicates the US military as participants in the loss of TWA FL800.
5. That the United States Justice Department moved on 24 July 1996 to suborn Title 49 U.S. Code by denying access of Parties to the Investigation and NTSB Investigators to eyewitness and real evidence.
6. That the White House's early public statements, made without justification, impugned or ignored eyewitness statements to discredit missile sighting reports.
7. That terrorist communiques in the Mideast that predicted the time of the attack on the United States, were also treated with contempt as being totally unfounded by White House spokespersons.
8. That United States was under specific threat of terrorist attack against airports and airliners in the New York area in retaliation for the conviction of the World Trade Center conspirators.
9. That the Administration was aware that a sighting of a probable unguided missile was made on the evening of 17 November 1995, by two airline crews from Lufthansa and British Airways at altitude near Long Island.
10. That FBI Agents have not specifically identified surface radar targets that were at the geographic points eyewitnesses indicate as the source of the missile fire.
11. That one unidentified surface radar target fled the scene of the shootdown at 30 knots. When TWA FL800 exploded, the contact was only 2.9 nautical miles (nm) away.
12. That the 30 knot surface target avoided visual contact with the other surface targets on a heading of 203 (degrees)T, and did not stop or turn to provide assistance.
13. That FBI counter-terrorism Agents briefed the NTSB Operational Factors Group, including the Parties to the Investigation, in January of 1997, specifically pointing out where a missile was launched.
14. That the FBI is in possession of eyewitness testimony that proves, without doubt, TWA FL800 came under missile attack and refuses to release this information.
15. That the FBI is in possession of high explosive chemical residue evidence on interior and exterior parts first identified by bomb sniffing dogs at Calverton, then verified as a specific high explosive by chemical sniffers at Calverton.
16. That the FBI leadership attacked the validity of their own chemical residue findings after using the same FBI Laboratory personnel who were responsible for falsifying laboratory evidence in hundreds of previous cases.
17. That the FBI is in possession of shrapnel removed from the bodies of victims, and is holding laboratory findings secret.
18. That the FBI contrived a plausible excuse for the presence of high explosive residue in the aircraft as having been contaminated by bomb sniffing dog training alleged to have been done in St. Louis on 10 June 1996.
19. That the FBI had no answer as to why the dog's handler's placement of training samples in the aircraft did not match the locations where the contamination was found on aircraft parts.
20. That the NTSB leadership began a public media campaign in April 1997, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that a center wing tank explosion caused the mishap.
21. That NTSB officials directed a NASA laboratory to immediately stop testing when nitrates (explosive residues) were found on critical early debris.
22. That a TWA employee caught an NTSB official falsifying the Debris Field data record in the placement of aircraft seats.
23. That when evidence of this act was provided to the Chairman of the NTSB (including pictures taken by the NYPD), in a letter written by TWA attorneys, Mr. Hall insisted the TWA employee be removed and that she be targeted for investigation and indictment.
24. That NTSB officials have been relentlessly and persistently eliminating or rewriting findings in the database that cannot be explained in their theory.
25. That the NTSB refused to accept the testimony of Captain Mundo, the flight engineer on the flight previous to FL800, who stated that he left ZERO fuel in the center wing tank.
26. That the tail of the aircraft failed shortly after the nose came off, which proved a massive outside force brought down FL800.
27. That the NTSB refuses to release Debris Field information or the Bruntingthorpe explosive test data to the parties to the investigation, because both contain powerful exculpatory evidence refuting a center wing tank initiating event.
28. That because of the results of the Bruntingthorpe tests, the NTSB leadership has refused to allow the CVR Analysis Group to reconvene.
29. That the NTSB leadership, now in possession of redacted eyewitness forms from the FBI, refuses their own investigators access to them.
30. That the NTSB leadership has oddly shown absolutely no interest in eyewitness testimony despite the fact eyewitnesses have information vital to the airborne breakup sequence and placement of floating debris.
31. That there is the appearance the Justice Department delayed seven months to file frivilous criminal charges and arrest Captain Stacy and Mr. and Mrs. Sanders in order to threaten and subdue disgruntled investigators immediately prior to the Baltimore NTSB Public Hearing.
32. That there is the appearance the FBI intentionally tried to arrest the Sanders family while they were outside of New York in order to place them in the limbo of the criminal transportation system.
33. That there is the appearance of prosecutorial misconduct in the Sanders and Stacey cases that include a threatened raid of CBS headquarters in New York and seizure of exculpatory evidence by the FBI as well as the removal of similar evidence from Calverton.
34. That non-government investigators who are members of the Principal Parties cannot go to Calverton without Government escort.
35. That the Government refused the help of professional ocean salvage operators who had equipment on site on 18 July 1996. Even though Weeks Marine and AT&T, who both routinely contracted with the Government in the past, had equipment to support divers, robot submarines, lift and storage capabilityfar superior to the Navy's, already on-site, their assistance was refused.
36. That the CIA contrived with the FBI, a knowingly false crash scenario, alleged to have been drawn from eyewitness statements, produced a false video, and released it to the mass media.
37. That FBI officials are now refusing to release eyewitness statementsback to the eyewitnesses who gave them and that these eyewitnesses are now filing Freedom of Information Act requestsin hope of obtaining their own statements.
38. That the White House, by categorizing the shootdown of FL800 as a potential crime, instead of a political act of war, has been able to keep the military experts totally isolated from the case.
39. That the White House has ignored a call for a congressional inquiry by a past Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
40. That this report provides "clear and credible evidence" that officials in the Clinton Administration are guilty of criminal wrongdoing and that Attorney General Reno should be compelled to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the actions of the NTSB and FBI in covering up evidence that a missile shot down TWA Flight 800.

Professor Pushes
TWA Crash Theory
© The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - A Harvard University English professor believes electromagnetic interference - possibly from military craft - might be responsible for the downing of TWA Flight 800.
Professor Elaine Scarry's theory is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board as part of its inquiry into the July 17, 1996, crash off Long Island, chairman James Hall said.
All 230 people aboard died when the Boeing 747 jumbo jet exploded in midair minutes after leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport for Paris.
Investigators say the plane's central fuel tank exploded, but have not been able to say why. Two theories - a bomb or a missile - were ruled out after an extensive probe.
An exchange of letters between Ms. Scarry and Hall appears in the July 16 issue of the New York Review of Books, which on April 9 published an article by Ms. Scarry raising the question of whether electromagnetic interference, or EMI, from an outside source triggered the disaster.
Ms. Scarry said the interference could have come from one of about 10 military ships or planes in the vicinity. Those craft may have used the kind of powerful signaling equipment that could affect another craft's systems, she said.
Electromagnetic signals from other craft could have prompted an electrical charge aboard TWA 800 to jump from high-voltage wires to low voltage wires and then travel to the fuel gauge and the fuel tank.
Electromagnetic interference is suspected as the cause of at least six military disasters, Ms. Scarry said. She has asked federal investigators to say whether any other aircraft in the area experienced problems possibly traceable to the same cause.
In a March 13 letter to Hall, Ms. Scarry said NTSB findings had not ruled out the possibility that a High Intensity Radiated Field, or HIRF, played a part in the crash of TWA 800.
Hall replied in a May 27 letter that the NTSB was going to probe the possibility of electromagnetic phenomena having affected the TWA jetliner.
Ms. Scarry insisted in a June 17 letter that a TWA pilot's comments about a ``crazy'' fuel gauge and difficulty stabilizing the plane just before the explosion could be anomalies hinting at an EMI event.
Despite the persistent letters, Ms. Scarry said she trusted the NTSB to investigate the case thoroughly and was impressed by its hearings earlier this year on the TWA crash.
``I don't believe they are willfully leaving things out, but we are in an age of electronic technology and electronic warfare, and we haven't come completely to terms with that,'' she said Sunday in a telephone interview from her Cambridge, Mass., home.
Hall was not available for comment.
AP-NY-07-12-98 1935EDT

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