TWA 800 Evidence
Disappearing Fast
by Ian Williams Goddard c.1998
From Bruce Cornet
The Federal Government and the major media keep saying that no evidence supports the TWA 800 missile theory. At the rate evidence to the contrary keeps disappearing, the GovtMedia's claim might actually become true someday in the near future.
The April issue of the Case Files newsletter[1] reports that the NTSB just altered the flight data recorder (FDR) report available at the NTSB website. [2] ALL the data that clearly indicated a missile impact [3] was just erased. While minor changes to other reports at the NTSB page prompted the publi- shing of notification of such changes, this major change was just slipped in (and the data slipped out) without any notice. Even more, the new, altered version of the report states that the chart from which data was erased was created on January 09, 1997, giving the impression that it was never altered.
You may recall previous updates pointing to the analysis of the now disappeared data by retired Navy crash investigator Commander Bill Donaldson. His analysis demonstrates how the now disappeared data was proof of a missile strike [3]. The NTSB responded, saying the data in question was from a pre- vious flight, which apparently survived a missile strike. The NTSB response is now to just disappear the evidence.
If the Federal Government can't win the argument over the facts, they just erase them, then they assault with lies and ad hominem any who question them, and attempt to throw in jail anyone (such as James Sanders and Terrell Stacey) who dares to bring forward evidence that is to remain hidden. These are the desperate tactics of a diabolical and despotic government!
In an article subtitled "When suspicious debris arrived in the hangar the FBI took it away," the Village Voice [4] just reported that a large segment of a wing from TWA 800 with high- velocity punctures through it was flown, special delivery to FBI headquarters in D.C., after which it simply "vanished."
The chief medical examiner in the TWA 800 case, Dr. Charles Wetli, said "virtually all of the bodies had shrapnel" in them [5]. The question, "How could a dull, subsonic combustion of a center fuel tank (CFT) (which didn't even explode into the pass- enger cabin) put shrapnel into 'virtually all' the passengers?" is a question with only one logical answer: "A CFT explosion could NOT put shrapnel into 'virtually all of the bodies.'"
Well, it would be easy enough to prove where that shrapnel came from by the physical analysis of it. Obviously the FBI realized the weight of such evidence, and thus, as Dr. Wetli reported:
"FBI agents were here and standing with us while we were doing the autopsies and taking the shrapnel that we found." [5]
It seems the FBI realized that the shrapnel was so important that they could not allow it to fall into the wrong hands (such as the untrustworthy hands of the medical examiners), so the FBI actually stationed agents over the shoulders of the examiners as they performed the autopsies so that the agents could instantly grab up every piece of shrapnel, it would seem so as to ensure that each and every piece could be carefully disappeared.
A very big piece of the puzzle that has "disappeared," after large portions of it were seen being recovered, is the entire nose section of TWA 800 (which was part of the section of the plane that fell away first). Contrary to misleading reports in
the media that imply all of the fuselage is in one hanger, the pulverized nose section is NOT with rest of the reconstruction [6], instead, it remains hidden from public sight to this day. At the same time, all of the wings remain hidden, including the critical wing portion just cited that simply "vanished."
Not only is the evidence of a missile hit being disappeared, but a human being who was gathering evidence of a missile hit also disappeared. [7] Jeremy Crocker spoke on KIEV radio about TWA 800 five days before he disappeared, back in December 1996. Before he disappeared, he sent a graphic that he made to fellow researcher Tom Shoemaker that suggests he may have acquired in- side evidence that something (a drone?) was launched from the Block Island airport (drones are usually launched from land).
While this listing of disappeared and hidden evidence in the TWA 800 case is by no means a complete listing, it cites key examples of an ongoing pattern of disappearing evidence, of which the vanishing of the FDR evidence is but a subset.
As the Federal Government works overtime to vanish the civil liberties of The People, is it really such a surprise that it would also work overtime to vanish any truths that might call for restrictions on its liberties? Sadly, it's not a surprise. The Federal Government is working overtime to vanish anything that stands or would stand in the way of its absolute power, and toward that goal, the liberties of The People must vanish.
When evidence disappears, people disappear, and when evidence and people disappear, truth, liberty, and justice disappear. May the future of our nation not follow the fate of TWA 800. If the government does not stop disappearing the evidence and start revealing the truth, it willfully shoots down the future of the nation with the missile of tyranny, which is consistent with the federal-power agenda.

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