Clinton Wore Monica's
Tie During TV Speech -
'His Finger To The World'
By Matt Drudge
** Exclusive * Must Credit **
Insiders who have full knowledge of the gifts exchanged between Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton tell the DRUDGE REPORT that Clinton wore a tie during last night's national TV address that was given to him by Monica Lewinsky!
The silver-blue tie, with little black checkers, was the first tie Monica Lewinsky gave President Clinton early in their relationship. And investigators may ask Lewinsky about that tie when she makes an appearance before the grand jury later this week, it has been learned.
"It's Bill Clinton playing with fire," warns one case insider. "This is his finger to the world."
Bill Clinton may have not even remembered that Monica Lewinsky gave him the tie, but one source, directly involved in the case, strongly doubts it.
"I know it's unbelievable, but he was wearing her tie!"
The White House offered no immediate comment.
The NEW YORK TIMES fronts a story on another tie sighting in Wednesday editions, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
"When President Clinton strode into the Rose Garden on August 6, his jazzy gold and navy necktie stood out sharply against his white shirt and sent a jolt through certain lawyers around town... According to what Ms. Lewinsky told a close friend, Ms. Lewinsky told the president that because they would not be able to see each other every day, 'when I see you wearing this tie I'll know that I am close to your heart.'
DRUDGE FOOTNOTE: It was Halloween of 1997. The romance was over between Lewinsky and Clinton. Even the phone sex had cooled. It was a dangerous time, with lawyers for Paula Jones looking into Clinton's activities. Monica Lewinsky gave the president a little jack-o'-lantern lapel pin, according to case intelligence. Videos and pictures track how the president wore it all day, during all of his public appearances.
Tripp Wants To Return To Workplace - Pentagon Silent By Matt Druge - The Drudge Report 8-18-98 **Exclusive** **Must Credit**
With her grand jury testimony now over, Linda Tripp would like to return to her desk at the Pentagon, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. But her superiors at the Pentagon have not allowed her to return.
Tripp views this as a clear sign that they do not want her back, according to sources, and that her 18-year government career is ending.
She has requested to return to her former position as Director of the J.C.O.C. program -- and her request has not been answered.
Tripp, who was not available for comment on this report, had asked for a resolution of this problem by August 13. There has been no response.
Tripp has been working out of her house since she became a main witness to the Office of the Independent Counsel last January. She has not worked at her desk at the Pentagon since the Monica Lewinsky story became public.
Is there a whistle-blower lawsuit to follow?
Tripp is said to be considering her options this week.
The Tapes Cometh?
"I wish we could release the tapes on Tuesday, after whatever he does on Monday, so people would realize the depravity that has gone on... [depravity] is the best word I can find for it."
That's what Lucianne Goldberg told me on WABC-AM Saturday night.
The country may soon get its first listen to the tapes that started a political nightmare. But first, according to Goldberg, there are legal issues surrounding public release.
"We want to get the tapes out!" Goldberg told New York City. "We have copyright problems. But we are trying... Linda Tripp did not sacrifice her career and her livelihood and her sanity for all of these months to spend years in the court with litigation. So we have to work our way through. But I know we will find a way!"
The tapes contain shocking details, not yet publicly known, about the former White House intern's alleged relationship with the president.