Media Struggles With
Shocking New Details Of
White House Affair
By Matt Drudge
** Warning - Contains Graphic Description **
In a bizarre daytime sex session, that occurred just off the Oval Office in the White House, President Clinton watched as intern Monica Lewinsky reportedly masturbated with his cigar.
It has been learned that several major news organizations have confirmed the shocking episode and are now struggling to find ways to report the full Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton grossout.
Media Bigfeet are trying to reconstruct one sex session that reportedly took place as Yasser Arafat waited in the Rose Garden for his scheduled meeting with the president!
According to multiple sources close to the case, President Clinton allegedly masturbated as Lewinsky performed the sex show with his cigar in a small room off the Oval Office. It is not clear if Clinton or Lewinsky kept the cigar, or if Lewinsky testified on the specifics of the encounter before a federal grand jury this week. Lewinsky's testimony has been described as graphic, and included unusual practices.
The DRUDGE REPORT has now been briefed on these shocking details that have stunned all those who have heard them and investigated them -- details that now threaten to completely disgust and stun the American electorate.
The White House refuses to comment on any DRUDGE REPORT.
Reports are moved when circumstances warrant