Saddam Hussein Said To
Have Cancer - Seeking
Treatment From Euro Doctors
The Mirror [London]
From Gerry Lovell <>

EVIL Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is suffering from cancer, it was reported last night.
The 61-year-old Gulf tyrant has allegedly been seeking treatment from doctors in Europe.
And Saddam has been receiving life-saving chemo-therapy, Israeli TV station Channel 2 claimed. It said the information had been relayed to US President Bill Clinton during the Middle East peace summit he's hosting in Maryland.
Other world leaders have also been informed.
But the Iraqi Embassy in London last night dismissed the reports.
A spokesman said: "It's just propaganda.
"There is nothing true in the story. It's wrong. I haven't heard anything about it."
The claims are the second set of ill-health reports involving Saddam in recent days.
A Kuwaiti newspaper said last week he had colon cancer.
But there has been no obvious sign that Saddam is seriously ill.
He has chaired three sessions of his Cabinet in the last 10 days - all shown on Iraqi television.
And the reports come from two of his bitterest enemies.
Saddam rained 39 Scud missiles on Israel during the 1991 Gulf War, which was sparked by his invasion of Kuwait.
Last night a Foreign Office spokeswoman said of the report: "It's come out of the blue. I have heard nothing."