Top Florida Attorney
Says Janet Reno
Uses Call Girls
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Attorney Says Reno Blackmailed By Sex Tapes
By Dean Arnold 8-12-98
In Mondays Wall Street Journal, a Florida attorney writes on the editorial page that Janet Reno is "unfit to practice law, let alone serve as this country's top cop."
Now, for the rest of the story.
This high-profile lawyer, Jack Thompson (who has appeared on such shows as Nightline, Crossfire and Good Morning America exposing obscene rap groups like 2LiveCrew), tells that blackmail is the likely reason that Attorney General Reno has unlawfully failed to appoint an independent counsel in the fundraising probe, even in the face of contempt and impeachment charges.
Thompson made similar charges against Reno in an interview with radio talkshow host Oliver North:
North: Reno should want to step up and...request an independent counsel. Why doesnt she do it?
Thompson: Because she fears something more than the wrath of Bill Clinton.
North: Which is?
Thompson: What would be released through a back-channel about her personal life that he is aware of. Here is a president who likes to read raw FBI files. Here is a president who has undoubtedly seen whats in her raw FBI files and it includes some of the stuff Ive told you about - the mafia connections, about her drunk driving, and about her use of call girls.
North: Janet Reno uses call girls?
Thompson: Ollie, let me tell you something. I've welcomed Janet Reno to sue me for the last decade while I've said these things, and more importantly, the Florida Bar - which is filled with politically correct [people], some of them her campaign contributors in the race she ran against me, The Florida Bar has every reason to disbar me if I am not telling the truth. I've put my law career on the line by making these allegations. But I have the proof. And I have people independent of me that can prove this."
Thompson's allegation were originally printed in Chronicles in 1993, a publication by the Rockford Institute. Thompson claimed Reno's closeted lesbianism alone was enough to keep her compromised. He quoted Richard Gerstein, Reno's predecessor as Miami District Attorney, a lifelong Democrat: "No [closeted] homosexual can be a prosecutor because it gives every defendant the blackmail option."
When Thompson ran against Reno for Miami D.A. in 1988 (and was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police), she categorically denied being a lesbian. But after her nomination for Attorney General, her response to the question was less emphatic. "Mr. Thompson is preoccupied with my sexual orientation," she told the media. "I am an old maid who has a strong affection for men."
Days later, Queer Nation "outed" Reno and a spokesman said, "Many homosexuals in Miami have contacted us and told us that Reno's lesbianism is common knowledge among the gay community." NOW's Patricia Ireland responded to the outing by saying, "Ms. Reno should not be judged on the basis of her sexual orientation."
Thompson says Reno's sexual preference, per se, is not the core issue. "The issue has always been Reno's blackmailability because of her closeted proclivities," he said.
In an interview with, Thompson named one cal girl he spoke to named Crystal Kazim, who claimed to have received money for sex from Reno at Reno's home. Thompson said these services were confirmed to him by Ms. Kazim's escort provider Jay Goldstein, brother of Screw magazine publisher Al Goldstein.
Thompson passed both of these names on to the FBI before Reno's appointment to Justice, and the allegations are likely in her FBI file now.
Thompson told he shared the details of his concerns with Clinton aide Lanny Davis, who was responsible for examining Reno before the nomination.
Thompson says his law school buddy Sam Jones, a law partner with Clinton confidante Bruce Lindsey, also warned the Clintons of Reno's problems. But Thompson now says he is convinced the administration wanted a "dirty cop" for their Attorney General.
Thompson, who says Reno is a "predatory lesbian" with a penchant for "aggressive sex," also claims that organized crime is in possession of videotapes of Reno. He told that several associates of Miami's premiere call girl operation told him they have "video of Reno in a sex orgy."
In the Chronicles article, Thompson cites apprehension of Reno "by a Broward County police officer in a shopping mall parking lot in the back seat of a car with a disrobed girl, as related by a homosexual Ft. Lauderdale talk show host."
Thompson has been in touch with Fox News host Bill O'Reilly recently and with the show's producer, which may explain OReilly's veiled comments last week. In an attempt to explain the failure to name an Independent Counsel, OReilly stated that "Washington tonight is swirling with rumors about Janet Reno's personal habits."
Thompson is a resident of Coral Gables, Florida, and received from his legal peers the highest rating possible in both skills and ethics. His efforts against 2LiveCrew resulted in the first ruling in history making a sound recording obscene.
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