Conclusive Rabin Assassination Evidence Uncovered
Note - Barry Chamish is a frequent contributor to our site and has several articles in our database including his breakthrough research exposing the reality of the Rabin assasination plot.
(IsraelWire IST) Journalist Barry Chamish has announced that he is holding explosive new evidence which conclusively proves that Yigal Amir did not shoot live ammunition at Yitzchak Rabin. In the past week, he attained seven new documents, three of which finally explain the true circumstances of the prime minister's murder.
Earlier this month, Chamish signed contracts with Gefen Books to publish Hebrew and Russian editions of his book "Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin" and with American film producer Peter Goldman, to make a full length television documentary based on his research. During the course of Goldman's fact-finding trip to Israel, the documents emerged.
"As soon as I saw them, I knew the Rabin assassination conspiracy was proved beyond any doubt," says Chamish. "The documents are signed and witnessed by too many prominent people to be denied."
Chamish will not release the documents to the public immediately. He is working with Gefen Books and Goldman to coordinate the right moment to achieve maximum impact. "Until now," admits Chamish, "I've had to release invaluable material in a haphazard fashion. I achieved a great deal of successful persuasion among a third of Israelis but the significance of my evidence was lost on the rest of the public. This time we are working towards maximum effect."
The documents will be released in tandem with the publication of "Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin" by Gefen Books and the beginning of filming of Goldman's documentary, most likely in March. Gefen Books updated their scheduled release date in order that the book be made available for reading before the upcoming elections.
Chamish promises the documents will have a strong impact on how people vote. While refusing to allow publication of the actual documents, Chamish is showing them to trusted journalists to verify their importance. No one has been disappointed according to Chamish.
The documents illustrate that Rabin was murdered somewhat differently than what Chamish claims in his book. He based much of his thesis on Police Inspector Baruch Gladstein's testing of Rabin's clothing which seems to scientifically prove that Rabin was shot in the back twice at point blank and near point blank ranges, while Amir never got that close. The new documents prove that Gladstein was, in fact, not given Rabin's actual clothing to test. A preliminary comparison of films of the suit Rabin was wearing and the one tested by the police show marked differences.
On the surface, the loss of Gladstein's testimony would appear to negate the findings in Chamish's book. "Not at all," he insists. "The new evidence finally tells us how Rabin died and illustrates Gladstein's unwitting role in the cover-up."
The American edition of "Who Murdered Yitzchak Rabin" is sold out in Israel, though the Zionist Book Club (02-672-3703) has 150 more copies on order.
Chamish will be addressing the World Zionist Organization in Tel-Aviv on the evening of January 3. He is planning to add new details of what is contained in the documents but will not distribute any copies of them.