Stunning Parallels Between OKC
& The Rabin Assassination
By Barry Chamish

Adam Parfrey, head of Feral House Publishing, kindly sent me his latest release, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics Of Terror by David Hoffman. Different readers will find the book shocking for their own reasons but what struck me hardest were the uncanny parallels between the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building on April 19, 1995 and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin barely six months later. It was as if the same planners were involved in both operations and this, in fact, may well be the case. Admittedly, the following parallels were drawn after only the first reading of Hoffman's book and since his thesis is complicated, I will have to be oversimplify his case. Nonetheless, consider the skeleton of the Oklahoma City plot drawn by Hoffman with my own research and conclusions about the Rabin murder:
- Timothy McVeigh served in the Marines and was sent overseas to Kuwait. * Yigal Amir served in the infantry and immediately after discharge was sent by an intelligence unit of the Prime Minister's Office to Riga, Latvia. - Once discharged and back home, McVeigh assumed a new personality, one that drove him toward "radical" anti-government organizations. * Once his assignment ended, Amir returned home, enrolled in university and became a campus "radical" organizer. - McVeigh was drawn to a paramilitary right-wing "cult" called Elohim City and was seen often with a leading ideologue of the group, Andreas Strassmeir. * Amir joined a right-wing anti-government organization called Eyal and befriended its founder, Avishai Raviv. - Strassmeir was an FBI plant imported from Germany to infiltrate the militia movement. * Raviv was a Shabak (General Security Services) officer assigned to infiltrate the settler movement and Israeli religious, right wing movements. - After the Oklahoma City bombing, the American government protected Strassmeir from implication in the bombing, despite his proven close ties to McVeigh, and quickly returned him to Germany.
* After the assassination, the whole legal apparatus of the Knesset, from the Justice Ministry to the State Attorney General's Office, protected Avishai Raviv from prosecution, despite his proven close ties to Amir. - Strassmeir established contacts between Elohim City and extremist Arab groups ultimately connected to Iraq.
* Raviv was widely reported to have established ties between Eyal and extremist Arab organizations such as Hamas. - Hoffman concludes that McVeigh was "an FBI informer" on what he thought was an assignment in Oklahoma City. That would explain why he surrendered so peacefully to a lone policeman on a deserted stretch of highway shortly after murdering 169 people in the blast.
* I have concluded that Amir was utilized by the Shabak and he may have thought he was protected. His first words after being apprehended for shooting Rabin were, "Why are you handcuffing me? I did my job, now you do yours." - Numerous witnesses saw FBI bomb squad members casing the Murrah building before the explosion and the same bomb squad arrived within minutes of the bombing, well before the arrival of the police or fire department. Hoffman makes a strong argument that the Oklahoma City bombing was a sting operation gone awry. McVeigh's partner, now known as John Doe Number Two, was an FBI operative whose task was to disengage the truck bomb. The bomb squad was in place along with numerous federal officers to catch McVeigh "in the act" of setting the huge bomb. As far as these officers knew, the bomb was not supposed to go off. * Avishai Raviv was also at the rally where Rabin was shot and is widely thought to have supplied Amir with a gun he thought was loaded with blanks. After Amir shot at Rabin, his bodyguards, instead of killing the shooter on the spot, ignored him and shouted that his bullets were blank. As far as most of the Shabak officers were informed, Amir was going to shoot blank bullets and be caught in the act of attempting to murder the prime minister. As far as they knew, Rabin was not going to be shot with real bullets. - The original plan was for McVeigh, the patsy, to be arrested, his ties to Elohim City exposed, thus justifying a nationwide crackdown on the growing militia movement. * The original plan was for Amir, the patsy, to be arrested, his ties to Eyal exposed, thus justifying a nationwide crackdown on the growing anti-peace process movement. - But powerful figures apprised of the operation, decided to change it. McVeigh's fertilizer contraption would explode in tandem with far more effective bombs planted within the building. * But the Shabak agents on the spot did not realize that the staged murder of Rabin had been altered by highly influential figures within the Israeli political establishment. Amir would shoot his blanks but real bullets would be awaiting Rabin in his limousine. - The FBI and the government were presented with a fait accompli and were forced to cover up the murders in Oklahoma City in order to hide their own roles in a very illegal sting operation. * The Shabak and government were forced to protect Rabin's real murderers or face charges of complicity in a highly illegal sting operation. - The FBI intimidated witnesses and forced them to keep quiet or change their stories. Hoffman documents numerous examples of terrified witnesses no longer telling their original version of events.
* The Shabak intimidated witnesses and I spoke with the terrified people after. One witness told me, "Please leave us alone. You don't know what they did to us." The newsmagazine Zman Tel Aviv reported that all medical staff who attended Rabin had been subjected to frightening death threats. - However, not everyone would be intimidated and they paid for their integrity with their lives. Police Sargent Terrance Yeakey refused to play along with the coverup and he "committed suicide." Hoffman describes his alleged last act. "Apparently Yeakey tried to cut himself in the wrists, neck and throat, then, after losing approximately two pints of blood, got out of his car (conscientiously rememberng to lock the doors), walking a mile-and-a-half over rough terrain, crawling under a barbed-wire fence, wading through a culvert, then laying down in a ditch to shoot himself in the head."
* Yoav Kuriel was a police officer assigned to protect Rabin. Eleven days after the assassination, he "committed suicide" and was buried in a midnight funeral. All traffic at the busy junction of the cemetary was re-routed for ninety minutes. I was supplied with sensitive documents about Kuriel, including his death certificate indirectly by someone who prepared his body for burial. I was reliably informed that Kuriel was shot seven times in the chest.
- The FBI quickly busied itself removing all files from sensitive government offices within the Murrah Building, then, ordered the building and all its secrets razed to the ground.
* Rabin's aide Eitan Haber rushed to the hospital and removed Rabin's blood-soaked possessions from the premises. After phoning the American Ambassador to inform him the prime minister had been shot, he rushed to Rabin's Defence Ministry office and emptied the file cabinets. He later explained that he wanted to preserve Rabin's memorabilia for the army archives.
- Vital evidence was withheld at McVeigh's trial and he made no attempt to defend himself. Instead he justified his actions as revenge against a tyrannical government. The government has turned its version of events into stone, forever demonizing the militia movement with responsibility for the bloodbath at Oklahoma City.
* Amir's trial was at a kangaroo court. All evidence indicating a conspiracy was dismissed by the judges. To this day, religious Israelis, settlers, in fact anyone who opposed the Oslo "Peace" Accords have been demonized by the authorities with responsibility for Rabin's murder.
In my upcoming book, I present my suspicions that the order to assassinate Rabin came from America. His murder displayed all the trademarks of an American political hit. The parallels between the Oklahoma City bombing and the Rabin murder strongly suggest the possibility of a common plan, and thus, common planners. A final parallel: Feral House's next book is called Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? David Hoffman and I share more than a publisher. Independent of each other, we arrived at eerily similar conclusions about the crimes we investigated.
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