$35 BILLION Spent
Every Year By Washington
On Nuclear Weapons
From V.S. Ferguson
(Based on a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, July 11-12,
1998, written by Peter Passel)
Did you ever wonder what our lives on planet Earth would have been like if the richest countries hadn't spent most of our money building weapons to defend us from each other?
$5.5 trillion since 1951 in the USA!
A recent article in the IHT reports on a study done by the Brookings Institution. According to Peter Passel, the "Atomic Audit estimates that $5.5 trillion in 1996 dollars has been spent by Washington on building, delivering, and defending against The Bomb, and the meter is still ticking at the rate of $35 billion a year."
Lately we Americans have come to understand that our current educational system is creating a caste system where the wealthy go to private schools, while the now practically non-existent Middle Class and the poor must use crumbling, deficient, and struggling public schools to gain entry into the high tech, global economy.
What kind of educational systems could we have provided for our children if we had some of this $35 billion a year? Could we have parks, safe public transportation, efficient highways, research for alternative energies which don't pollute our air, land, and water? The list goes on.
Dream on...
We can dream. But the reality is that since 1951 we have spent $5.5 trillion dollars on weapons.
Mr. Passel provides us with graphic images of how much $5.5 trillion is: More than has been spent on Medicare and veterans benefits combined. "Or, if you prefer the fanciful, $5.5 trillion stacked tightly in bricks made of $1 bills would be enough to build a wall 8.7 feet high around the equator."
The other day I was watching Congressional hearings; the military was sincerely informing our elected officials of the new dangers we face. For a moment I saw all the men in that room as the "pieces-of-God" they really are. The profound absurdity of the enormous amounts of fear we have experienced in our illusion of separation struck me.
When will we wake up?
We are currently a Non-Sovereign fear-based planet controlled by tyrants.
Is it any wonder the rest of the Galaxy doesn't trust us? We can only become a sovereign planet when we realize that in spite of 6,000 years of war, we are in truth all ONE.

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