Ed McCabe 'Mister Oxygen'
Jailed At Federal Med
Center Prison In NY
Letter #1. Written by Ed in May, but posted at Oxy web site in July 1998.
From: Ed McCabe Inmate Number 08536-052 PMB 4000 Federal Medical Center Rochester, MN 55903-4000 (Don't know how long I will be at this address, short or long)
To all the friends and supporters of Ed McCabe May 18, 1998.
One day last week, 12th May, while in Syracuse, NY Onondaga County Jail, I was told at 7:00 AM to be ready to move out at 7:30 AM. I rushed to do the best I could to pack my books and legal materials & address list & phone list and envelopes and stamps. They put me into leg, waist & hand chains & took me to Oneida Airport where they took away all my possessions including all legal materials, and, still in chains, put me on a plane full of convicts (CON-AIR) and brought us to Stewart AFB, NY. Then bus to Otisville, NY Prison where I was strip searched and put in the hole. "The hole" means Solitary--a room with no, or almost no natural light and about 7X10 in size. You do not leave this room or have contact with anyone except occasional mean voices of guards all day long. [In three days I was IN CHAINS all day as they transported me, and in the hole at night. Very uncomfortable. Amounts to torture, and I have not even been tried.] The next day they put me back in chains and flew (737) me to Alexandria, Louisiana Airport, and then to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Federal Corrective Institution in chains for about 12 hours. Back in the hole, next morning back on the plane in chains & long stops at Indiana, Detroit, Chicago to pick up and drop off inmates--a long process stuck, chained into a seat in a 737 full of unhappy people, mostly gang types in on violence and drug violations. The young prisoners are the noisiest and worst, acting out all the time especially in the holding cells and in general population. Finally we arrived here at the Federal Medical Center. So I spent three days in leg and waist chains with handcuffs all day long & slept in the hole at night. Strip searched 5 times with no shower or contact with anyone. No envelopes, papers, stamps, phone contact--NOTHING--Except my chained body. Federal Medical Center, Rochester, Minnesota is where I ended up, although no one would tell me where I was going or why. Apparently they want to be sure that I cannot come back later and claim "insanity", so they need me certified sane enough for trial. Funny they do not require "sane certification" on any of the other inmates in the system. Everything I write is read (this is a mental hospital) and everything that comes in is read. It will be weeks before I can get any money sent in and approved and in the phone account so I can call out. All phone calls are monitored. They only allow you to call approved people, all must be approved. It took me days to get envelopes and stamps (they issue 5 stamps a month). Life in here (the hospital, or anywhere) is easier for the long term inmates, who have all the systems and accounts in place. But for an indigent person like myself who they keep moving around, I am always out of touch and out of resources. Each place strips you to nothing, so you always arrive with nothing & no way to contact, no addresses, etc., so I apologize to anyone who sent me anything, as it is now gone and I have no way to contact anyone individually. I will have one phone call only, so I will call Howard at 302/875-2653. Everyone else, please try to help me any way you can think of. IT IS ALL UP TO YOU as I am so limited. I have to write this one letter to everyone. For example, two friends sent me three books. They were stolen the next day by US Marshals. So, THANK YOU, but incidents like that will only tend to discourage what little kindnesses people do for me over time. But I hope people will not give up on me, as unlike most others, I have no family or money to back me up. Constantly being reduced to nothing and waiting and waiting and waiting really makes me appreciate even a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a pen, a stamp, a piece of paper. All the things everyone else takes for granted. I do not advise anyone to go the route I have been down. In fact, stay away as far as you can. I believe in justice and law, but I do not know if there is any left in our beloved country. I hope there is, but I have experienced federal employees lying in court and being very mean and vindictive when there is no need to. The judge was definitely not impartial, as he is supposed to be by law. Technically, they say they could hold me here forever, while trying to determine if I am sane enough to go to trial. They can do anything they want to anyone at any time, they are all powerful. But I still believe in love and not fear, when the shocks subside. "Shocks" meaning loss of liberty, being chained, being in the hole, or whatever they do to hurt me. I have all sorts of bills piling up on the outside, and I don't EVEN GET the bills, so I am certain all sorts of lawsuits against me are coming in debtors court as well, in my future, on top of all this. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for your kindnesses. Love, Ed McCabe.
(handwritten letter received by fax June 1, 1998, and transcribed for legibility the same day)
Letter #2 ( posted by Tangerine {} on Jul 16, 1998)
Please excuse the stationary. Hard to get anything when you are "in the hole," solitary as I am. Out of 90 days in jail they have had me in the hole for three weeks plus, and I have not broken ANY rules. It was so thoughtful of you to send me your thoughts and good wishes. The only thing in life that matters is how we treat each other, and I feel blessed when someone cares enough to show some kindness as you have. We are indeed entering the ascension process wherein we will start to all have access to our Light bodies. The nature of my situation is simple. The United States Federal government is seriously flawed. I want no part of it. I am in the process of coming out from under the Beast and reclaiming my political and spiritual sovereignty which was lost due to my falling under the influence of fraud, and misrepresentation and the with-holding of material facts. They offer "privileges and benefits" but do NOT tell you the to get these lesser (..illegible word) you have to give up your fundamental inalienable God given rights. This is the fraud. I woke up enough to catch them at it after watching them jail doctors for curing AIDS and Cancer and then sending the IRS to shut me up because I was reporting it. I am no longer a US citizen, but by birthright I AM an American National. They refuse to acknowledge this truth, (which the courts have said is a valid position, since the country IS multijurisdictional) in order to suppress my teachings. The drug companies gave Congress 17+ million dollars last year, more than ANY other group. Thank you for sending energy for strength. I need it. And faith comes and goes when all day, every day, you sit alone in a 7' by 10' circle block and metal room and feel powerless. I know in the end beauty, grace and soul will prevail, but this sitting and looking at a wall does not reinforce that viewpoint. Yes, together our collective light is helping this planet evolve, and we are especially blessed to have people like you here. So many mouth the words, but few are there--like you--who are actually doing something good to bring more light in by becoming involved. Thank you for sending light to my captors. They are blinded by the error of power and greed, a perversion of their survival instincts. You mention that a lot of people are starting to hear of my situation. We ALL need to come together and tune our mass consciousness into a focal point of not the old ways of "overcoming the energy" but the NEW WAY of lighting us ALL up. It is so helpful that you care what happens to me. Thank you. If they don't move me, and if you wish to write again could you please send an envelope and a stamp and a piece of paper? They keep taking everything. I think it might be of interest to people to post this letter's contents to the Internet on Talk to Dave (Amadis) the sysop, on how to do this, if you wish to do so. Even if I get out, which I absolutely have no idea about, our collective consciousness will persist. My position is honest, just, and legal. They are breaking the law by keeping me in jail. They are further engaging in illegalities by using legal and physical coercion to try and force me to sign papers. This is extortion, plain and simple. Captain Phillips here at Madison County Jail in Wampsville, New York, is further compounding the illegalities by telling me I am "going to stay in the hole until I sign his papers." He is trying to get me to commit fraud. I cannot sign contracts with someone else's name on them, and I cannot sign any contract I do not agree with. He is torturing me in hopes of breaking me. One of our most fundamental rights is our right to contract or NOT contract as we free will choose. This IS a free will planet, but some wish it otherwise. Like true dictators they stomp on you if you are weak. I have nothing, but you and everyone else together in strength, if moving together. Excuse the handwriting too, but you can see I have no desk. Writing on my lap. Thank you for caring, and for writing, and for becoming involved.
Take a breath of fresh air for me, and keep your light in front. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Ed McCabe
Appended note from Tangerine --
How can I help?
You can help Ed is to grab a pen and paper and send him a note of encouragement. This small gesture on your part will help keep Ed's spirits, hopes, and determination high.
If you can spare it, please include a couple of blank envelops, some blank paper, and some stamps along with your note. These sorts of supplies are scarce for Ed!
You can send your letter to:
Ed McCabe #12096 c/o Madison County Jail Wampsville, NY 13163