Clinton's Kiss of Death...
A coincidence?

by Russell Stepanchak

"Bill Clinton is by far the most dangerous man ever
to live in the White House."
--Nicholas A. Guerino, The Wall Street Underground

A lawsuit against then-Governor Bill Clinton for misuse of state funds was filed in 1990, by Larry Nichols, former Director of Marketing for the Arkansas Finance Development Authority. In the process, Clintons sexual promiscuity was first made public. State policemen later told essentially the same story relative to Clintonıs shady background.

Judge Jim Johnson, former Arkansas State Senator, and former Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, declared: ³ There is less evidence against 90% of the people on death row than these troopers have brought forth relative to Bill Clinton and his activities. 

Arkansas lawyer Gary Johnson, a neighbor of Jennifer Flowers, was beaten within an inch of his life after it was disclosed that his security camera inadvertently taped Clinton calling upon Ms. Flowers.

Dennis Patrick escaped three attempts upon his life after he discovered millions of dollars passing through his account at the firm of Clinton supporter and friend Dan Lasater. (Lasater pleaded guilty to cocaine charges, was sentenced to 30 months in prison, was pardoned by Clinton). Others associated with the Clinton scene were less fortunate:

This list is incomplete. There are more, and there is much more to this story.

(1) In 1988, when Bill Clinton was sitting as governor, two 17-year olds, Don Henry and Kevin Ives, were run over by a freight train. Clintonıs Medical Examiner, Dr. Falmy Malak, first ruled the deaths a double suicide, citing a pact between the two boys, but later ruled the cause of death to be accidental. He said the boys were "in a deep sleep on the railroad tracks, under the influence of marijuana."

At the insistence of Mrs. Linda Ives, the bodies were exhumed and examined by Dr. Joesph Burton, Chief Medical Examiner from Atlanta. Dr. Burton Discovered that Henry had been stabbed in the back and Ives had his skull crushed, leading to the conclusion that the "wounds were so clearly evident, the Malak ruling was no simple mistake."

The boys were believed to have stumbled upon a huge drug transaction at Mena Airport. Five others thought to have had information on the murders were subsequently found dead. Keith Coney was killed in a motorcycle accident while fleeing an unknown attacker. Keith McCaskell was stabbed. Richard Winters, Jeff Rhodes and Gregory Collins were shot in the head.

(2) Personnel aboard the crashed helicopter were not a regular team. They were a make-up crew assigned to replace the scheduled crew that was scratched at the last minute for reasons unknown. Three minutes after takeoff from Quantico, at 12:46 pm, May 19, 1993, their copter crashed into a wooded area in Maryland. Archeologist Frank Owens, who happened to be nearby, was the first person at the crash site. What he saw was most bizarre. All four crew members apparently burned to death, yet their hair was not singed, their uniforms were not scorched, and there was no fire aboard the mangled helicopter. Also, there was very little bleeding despite the fact that the men suffered many deep lacerations.

Marine and JAG officers investigating the crash would not take a statement from Owens. Polices records pertaining to the incident were confiscated by the feds. Officially, there was no crash. Owens conducted his own investigation. The data he collected over the next two years lead to the conclusion that the flight crew was zapped by a powerful microwave beam from a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) developed for the military. The burns were produced internally be the electromagnetic heating effect upon body fluids. Blood loss from lacerations was limited due to internal cauterization.

Just recently, Frank Owens received an anonymous call from someone whose voice he recognized as someone who is deep in government. The caller stated that the shoot-down was deliberate; that "the bodies of the people that were killed, other than the pilot, were dead before the helicopter crashed"; that Owen's phone calls are being monitored, and every one he talks to is at risk; and that "if you go forward with this, there is a chance that you and your family will be killed."

(3) According to Eustace Mullins,

The establishment approved version of Admiral Boorda's suicide is that he could not face being asked about the decorations he had worn and that suicide was the only way out. This ignored the fact that Boorda had removed the decorations months before when a question was raised about them. The inside story is that although Boorda had been tipped off that he would be asked about the Pollard association (Pollard was sentenced to life in prison without parole for selling the Navy Department's innermost secrets to Israel), he had only to deny it, and it would probably not appear in the printed interview. However, Mossad, informed of the approaching interview, decided that Clintonıs perspective pardon of Pollard would be canceled if the question was raised at all. In accordance with their policy of 'minimizing risks', Tel Aviv ordered that the interview not take place. A Mossad operative followed Boorda, shot him in the chest, and went on his way.

(4) Nicholas A. Guerino, newsletter publisher of The Wall Street Underground , compiled a detailed and revealing report on the crash that killed Commerce Secretary Brown and the 35 others. His evidence lead him to the conclusion that the radio beacon guiding Air Force-2 was deliberately diverted to send the plane into the mountain.

Among the incredible anomalies that he cites is the fact that, on orders from high, the customary air safety investigation of plane crashes was killed. Croatian, Russian, and French TV and the U.S. European command in Stuttgart, Germany announced that the 'black boxes' containing the flight date recorder and the cockpit voice recorder were recovered and delivered to the U.S. Marines.

However, Pentagon brass later denied this and stated that Air Force-2 was not equipped with flight data and voice recorders (Interestingly, an LA talkradio station took a call from a man who identified himself as the electronics technical expert who stated he personally installed the 'black boxes' in AirForce-2 and completely ridiculed the Pentagon statement that the plane that had carried Hillary Clinton less than two weeks earlier on her trip to Europe was suddenly not equipped with flight date and voice recorders; as mentioned earlier, Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic, in charge of the radio beacon that guided guided Air Force-2 committed 'suicide' shortly after the crash).

Guerino listed a number of shake-down, payolas, and scams for which Brown was under investigation by the FDIC, a special investigator for the Justice Department, the Congressional Reform and Oversight Committee, and others. Four days before the crash, FBI and IRS agents subpoenaed as many as 20 witnesses for a Grand Jury probe of Brown. Attempts to quash the investigation were thwarted by Pennsylvania Representative William F. Klinger, Jr., Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, who revealed incriminating documents. Brown is said to have gone ballistic, and told Clinton that he wasn't going to take the rap. Sayonara Ron Brown.

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