Hillary And Foster's 'Torrid'
Affair Claimed By
Clinton Bodyguard
Note - Former Arkansas State Trooper and Clinton Confidant L.D. Brown delivered the following speech at "March for Justice" in D.C. October 31, 1998
I am a former Arkansas State Trooper and Clinton bodyguard whose name has rarely surfaced. That's because my close friendship with Bill Clinton caused me such grief I've struggled to stay in the background all these years. I wanted to put the memories of all the abuses of power I'd witnessed behind me; to make a new life for my family.
So why speak now? Just when I've got a Ph.D. and am thinking of moving my family out of this country to Scotland? Yes, that's how much I want to put memories of Clinton behind me. Why speak now, indeed. Because for this moment my family and I still live in Little Rock. We are already outcasts in our own home town just because I once dared stand up and say the emperor has no clothes - he can't even keep them on. Because I promise you after what I'm about to tell you, my family's treatment in Little Rock is going to plunge from bad to worse than you can imagine.
So why make myself a marked man? Because I started lying awake last week, asking myself 'what will I say when my children one day ask, "But daddy you knew so much, you could have spoken out why didn't you?"' So it has come to this moment, on this Halloween day, to reveal skeletons - just a few, we only have hours here! And I will not be telling you about abuses of power I've read about, but about crimes I've witnessed with my own two eyes.
You see I wasn't just Bill's bodyguard, I was his close friend, and he mine. My future wife was Chelsea Clinton's nanny and a frequent babysitter for Vince and Lisa Foster. I see now that Bill and my close friendship was probably pre-destined. We were constantly together, we both came from similar traumatic childhoods, and we both tried to womanize away that pain and confusion. But if it were just about sex, I would not be risking my family's welfare to speak up now. I step forward because I was an eyewitness to the far darker path Bill turned down. It is a path so dark, so twisted that it is almost impossible for the average American to comprehend. The full horror of Bill Clinton's assault on truth and justice staggers the imagination. There is no precedent, no point of reference for understanding the corruption of this man. That's why we are now a nation paralyzed by disbelief. Indeed if I had not witnessed his crimes with my own eyes I could not fathom their magnitude either. But now is the moment we must find the steeliness to confront the terrible truth.
America has allowed itself to be duped into placing a dangerously sick and immoral boy/man in the most powerful position in the free world. He is pitiable, yes. But he is also the sad case with his finger on the button. He is the shadow figure with dirty hands choking the future of our children, our country - indeed life as we know it. Because make no mistake -- there is no tooth fairy, we may be on the brink of a world meltdown, this may be our last chance to save ourselves. That is why I will now publicly go on the record with what I can. There is more I can say in time when current investigations I am involved in go public. For now let me make clear that I do not know how Bill Clinton's White House Counsel Vince Foster died. But I do know, for a fact, that both investigations, Robert Fiske's and Kenneth Starr's, were cover-ups. As a law enforcement agent for over 24 years, I will tell you that there has been no investigation capable of ruling Foster's death a suicide in Fort Marcy Park. Because there has been no investigation built around the most relevant fact about Vince Foster: the fact that he and Hillary Clinton were in the middle of a long torrid affair. I ought to know, I was there, I saw it. And Hillary and I talked about it often during late-night chats in the Governor's mansion. This affair started in Little Rock and drew Vince Foster to Washington - and to his death. Without putting the affair between these two people at its center, without interviewing Hillary, any investigation into the death of Vince Foster will be totally compromised.
I speak of this now NOT to speak of sex, but to speak of the Clintons' frightening influence over the Park Police and the FBI. Since when in America do we not fully and impartially investigate the death of a citizen? Any citizen. But surely there should be no whisper of compromise when it is the investigation into one of the highest-ranking government officials in history to meet a violent end while in office.
I gaze now on the White House and think of Vince walking its halls. And that leads me to a memory from the days when Bill was governor. Hillary and Chelsea and my wife and I were up in Washington together and driving in a cab past the White House. Little Chelsea, upon seeing this big white house, began begging her mother and nanny - my wife - to take her on a tour. The supposedly sweet, motherly Hillary launched into her usual sharp scolding of her daughter. Chelsea was quiet and Hillary looked out the window at the White House, then home to President Ronald and Nancy Reagan and told her child "Chelsea, I'll take you on a White House tour when someone decent lives there!"
Boy, I wonder how many people are telling their children that same thing as they drive past the White House today. When I first worked for the Clintons I naively saw myself as a sort of patriot in my own small way, helping Bill to do great things for my beloved Arkansas. It wasn't all the procurement of girls I was obliged to do for him that brought on my moment of truth. It was finally the combined weight all those moments I witnessed him sell his soul in a heartbeat. Take just one time when he gave a law enforcement position to a man who everyone knew would be a disaster. I confronted him and asked, "Why, Bill?" He said "L.D. I know you're right, but he's contributing $5,000, and that's a lot of money right now. Sometimes we need to do bad things for the greater good."
So it doesn't surprise me to hear the Clinton administration has allowed nuclear targeting technology to be given to Communist China in return for contributions to the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton has no principles. Everything he does is geared toward winning. In his mind it's all about how Bill Clinton must win -- whatever the cost to the country and the world.
Of Bill, of Hillary, of the whole stinking sordid Billorygate, I say this: Betray us once and shame on you. Betray us twice and shame on us. Betray us three times, four times, five times, as you have, and I say, Lord, what is the matter with us? Please rouse us from our denial. This is the darkest of hours for our country and our constitution. I pray that we survive this most corrupt presidency in history. I pray that this country finds a way to go on. I pray that there is a tomorrow in which the history books will record this as the crisis that rocked us to our foundations. But as the crisis from which we learned, once and for all: Character Does Count - I end with a personal plea to my former buddy. Bill: The Truth Shall Set You Free.
L.D. Brown 10-31-98