CAFRs - Latest On Those
Trillions In Assets Hidden
By Government
Article 1 of The Awakening Series
By W. J. Burien, Jr. <>
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Subj: CAFR's of Course
Date: 99-01-07 03:43:27 EST
From: [E-mail address held back] ( J. Tomlinson )
To: (Walter Burien)
Hello there, I've been looking at the Federal and California CAFR's, and comparing them to the articles in the Spotlight.
I have found some very interesting things: starting with the U.S. at page 64 of the report (1997), Medicare apparently has $29,237 billion surplus (thatís almost 30 trillion), is this the 30 trillion you refer to in the spotlight article? Also, there is no accounting for how much is actually held in the Social Security funds (Hmmm interesting). A very disturbing fact, is a statement, made on page 61 (Stewardship Reporting), the Federal Government owns, "acquired", 79.4% of the current acreage of the United States (for 85.1 million no less), other than the lands of the 13 colonies and Texas. Does this mean they claim ownership of my house? I remember reading the treaty between King George and the colonists and it allowed the King to keep all the property he had before the conflict, which, was all the public lands in the colonies (essentially all the land).
So, that brings me to the issue of 261 billion ounces of gold (page 45) or is that 261 million, I guess I find it hard to believe, with all the discrepancies the GAO found in the CAFR, that the US government would report .931 of a troy ounce of Gold as an asset. Why not purchase the .069 of a troy ounce to even out the amount. It's probably 261 billion ounces of Gold, but lets give the liars the benefit of the doubt for now and call it millions of ounces. I also find it irresponsible of the Secretary of the Treasury to use an asset worth 780 billion dollars (261 billion * 300 dollars an ounce) to secure a note of 450 billion, and then claim the value of the pledged Gold is only worth 11 billion (FRB holds 450 billion of Federal debt). How am I doing so far? Can you give me any hints?
Now for California. How does a state take in 159 billion dollars and disburse 159 billion dollars when the publicized annual budget is 78 billion dollars (page 152 California 1997 CAFR). If I did this kind of accounting on a Federal Tax return I'd be in JAIL. I do not understand how a deduction can be made without a justified liability (cost) in the row, or column. Where did the money go? Can you tell me? I filed a Public Records Request to find out. I like how the assets column balances out with the liability column (14,216,975,000).The guys cooked the books so much, that the 4 billion the Governor so proudly boasted as surplus was wiped out by their fancy book keeping (see the Liabilities; Tax Overpayments). No one in California got any money back, Trust me on this. So, I was looking for a little more guidance to consolidate your research with what I've found so far. What would you recommend? Thanks for your help.
interesting observations... I'm glad to see your jostling the pieces of the jig saw puzzle. Make sure you check your figures and that all individuals that you know learn with you... Keep track of the 000,000,000's.. It seems that you are on the right track for an awakening. Just remember this one example: If you were making $100,000 / year and your "Budget" for operating your house was $30,000 / year. You could audit your budget a thousand times over, and account for every dime and penny of your "Budget".. But if you spent $40,000 this year would you go knocking on your neighbors door saying " hey John, I spent $40K on my budget this year and only had $30K allocated, can I borrow $10K. NO.. YOU Would pull from your $100K income. Composite Government has the same two principles of opperation.
1. Government Money is now primarily funding their own bond issuanceís, and tagging the citizens for repayment via irrevocable trusts to lock in their own investment return... LOOK for bond dividend yields shown as income for the year in the notes of the CAFR.. The Gov. agencies that participate, take the revenue off of their balance sheets until maturity of the bonds and don't show the revenue until the revenue is returned by the State or Federal financial authority of which they invested the revenue with.
2. FEDERAL Gov.'s Consolidated Financial Statement, leaves off the cash cow investment (receivable) agencies as shown on the last page of the report.. Add up the "Mortgage" and "Equity" receivables kept off the report, and instead of a two trillion deficit your looking at a 16 trillion positive..
3. State trust funds equaling hundreds of billions of dollars if not in some cases over a trillion are being kept off the balance sheets or notes of the CAFR. But by CAFR reporting requirements, the agency/authority/contract agents controlling the revenue must be listed within the notes specifying where to obtain the accounting report for the trust funds held/managed by them. EXP. [ over inflated pensions, bond repayment accounts, insurance equity participation, investment loans, investment mortgage participation... etc.]
4. Look closely at the statistical section in the back of the CAFR. Compare Gov. ownership, cash on deposit, investments, employee base, etc. with the private sector' s. Guess who wins out ? ( We The People or Composite Gov.) Keep in mind you are only looking at the State report.. How many Counties, Cities, Townships are their ??? THEY EACH HAVE their own CAFR in which the revenue is separate from the States. We are talking hundreds of smaller revenue CAFR reports within the state... When you think composite totals of liquid investment assets and divide that figure by the population of the state, you will learn that what we were taught decades ago in grade school about how the control Russian Government had over they people in Russia was bad, you will learn the control the Russian Government had is dwarfed in comparison based on the financial ownership control Composite Government has over us today..
Based on cash receipts, investments, and very important - what those investments control, -- It breaks down to 65% composite Government - 35% every one else..
Don't feel bad... We left the Vault door OPEN.. In fact most of us didn't even know their was a vault door in the first place, or that it could be closed.. What do you expect??? The "Boy" being those sharp little crackers "Predators" who saw the vault door open said; "Why Not, They [ We The People] left the door open, thanks....
Well I want every one to know that WE own the vault and WE can close and lock the door, keeping the key to the door in our possession.....
WE have a slight problem though.. WE have allowed a multi-trillion dollar organized syndicate to develop and take ultimate control of this country. This syndicates primary modes of operation are revenue extortion, use of force, complete media control, judicial (justice) control and expertly applied dis-information.... In all effects A RUN AWAY FRIEGHT TRAIN RUNNING ON OUR BACKS....
Well theirs a few thousand of them and a few million of us.. In reality WHO should be nervous here in a confrontation to correct this picture??
Serious funding is needed right NOW by C.E.V.I. to leverage the "Boys" out of their already well established and built empire seats to allow for, and to make the citizen the beneficiary of the wealth... Composite Government has turned into a virus, and WE The People are the Host for that virus... The problem is, the virus is now BIGGER than the host..
If I remember correctly, when the British tried to levy a 1/4 of 1% tax on tea, didn't that start the revolutionary war??
I don't remember when I was born, being told it was required to live, by Land, God and Country, to bend over and smile when being raped.... From raw goods to final product, plus State, Federal, City, County TAXES, plus Government toll ways, plus hidden government ownership of insurance, real- estate, investment banking, health care, 68 to 74 cents of every dollar we make goes to the composite government chauffeurs...
When looking at composite Government TOTALS, We The People, are not looking for the needle in the haystack, But The Haystack Sitting on The Needle...
To hear a recent radio broadcast which covers allot of the points to correct/expose this syndicated takeover, go to:
Click on the December 27th, 1998 show.. You may want to record the show, editing out the commercials, and distribute copies... You decide....
Yours Truly,
Walter J. Burien, Jr.
CEO - C.E.V.I.
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