Larry Wayne Harris:
Set-Up and Framed?
Outrage Grows

From Various Sources
Random notes on the Larry Wayne Harris story as it developed 2-19-98:
I first heard about the "Guy with Anthrax" bust from someone who had heard it on NPR! Then a page on Reuters (Yahoo) turned up on the web.
Then I called his wife Carol, unaware of the situation, only to learn on the phone right then that the "Guy" was indeed Larry! She was very interested in knowing who the other fellow was that Larry got busted with... was he the "set-up" guy? Don't know his profile yet. Wait and see. Who was the anonymous tipster? Very suspect.
Then.... the "funniest" thing.... while searching out the story on the net during the next three or so hours, there was a veritable explosion of information about Larry and Biological Warfare that surfaced. ABC, CNN, and all the other corporate monster outlets were able to produce the complete Larry Harvey Oswald biography, including his damnable and shady motives, checkered past, and damnable affiliations. They had it all ready to ship, a neat package of detailed story links, and a full plate of scare-o-rama pics and bw graphics, the works. The gas mask motif was a favorite!
Oh, and let's not forget a full photo of Shoko Asahara ("...talking to God" and members of the 10,000-strong Aum Shinrikyo cult) to add body to the smear.
It was a veritable damn-o-rama, one big basket of evil conjured up for unwitting readers.
It is worth noting that the Las Vegas Sun included a statement from Larry, but it was way down the column, way late after initial impressions were foisted.
Shades of Mr. "X" from "JFK"! .... I remember when (Prouty, or "X") was shipped to New Zealand by his JCS Commander, and while there, he picked up a newspaper on the fateful day of the assaination to find that it contained complete and detailed info, including names and events, and of course it cited the alleged assasin Oswald, while in fact the the actual assasination was only one hour (real time) old!
This (Harris event) is yet another case of a fully-prepared, across the board, scheduled and orchestrated media smear. The CIA's "mighty wulitzer" is working better than ever. Just like the Old (CIA) Guard has always noted.
Keep looking for that multi-layered purpose.... distracting, desensitizing, perhaps creating theater to appeal for more funding, or harsher legislation, who knows.
Or, they could just be beating the Militia Bogey Man for kicks.
They sure make a big deal out of his "separatist" profile, and that he was allegedly a "Lt." in the Aryan Resistance Movement. They color heavily, while dancing around the true facts that Larry would never intend to hurt anyone.
He wrote his book so people won't get hurt, so that people could defend themselves in the case of a BW emergency. I see it as a service to others. The FBI sees it as sedition....
Goebbels would be proud of the FBI, and the Mass Media Whipping Boy!
Mike Feeney
Delivered-To: X-Sender: (Unverified) Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 05:28:52 +0800 To: From: Wes Thomas <> Subject: [BIOWAR] FBI source identified; was Harris researching anthrax cure? Mime-Version: 1.0 Sender: Precedence: bulk Reply-To: Wes Thomas <>
The following report claims to name the FBI source in the anthrax incident in Las Vegas Thursday and offers an alternative explanation that contradicts the FBI allegations.
I spoke with the author, Terry Stough, Thursday evening 2/19. He said the source for the following report (not the FBI source) was Larry Harris' wife, communicating via a mutual friend whom he named and I am attempting to contact for verification.
The FBI criminal complaint in full is at <> .
The complaint charges Larry Wayne Harris and William Job Leavitt, Jr. under Title 18, US Code, Section 175 with "Conspiracy to Possess Biological Agent For Use as a Weapon and Section 2, "Aiding and Abetting."
According to Title 18, US Code, Section 175: "The term `terrorism activity' means any activity that ... involves the use of any biological agent, chemical agent, or nuclear weapon or device...with intent to endanger, directly, or indirectly, the safety of one or more individuals or to cause substantial damage to property."
If the following report is accurate, the intent apparently was to develop a cure for anthrax rather than "intent to endanger" and the FBI has made a serious blunder. In addition, several questions are raised:
- What was the evidence of the "intent to endanger"?
- Was this a White House "Wag the Dog" psyop intended to stimulate public bioterrorism paranoia to raise war fervor and compensate for the Columbus fiasco?
- If so, were Harris and Leavitt used, or were they part of the operation?
- Or was this an attempt by the pharmaceutical/medical complex to prevent use of Rife technology? Note that the FBI source had "two felony convictions for conspiracy to commit extortion in 1981 and 1982," according to the FBI's Criminal Complaint and thus may have been vulnerable to coercion by rogue law enforcement personnel working under political control or by corporations.
- Why did it take the FBI 11 hours after receiving the tip to begin surveillance and why was the FBI Quantico Response Team still "on its way" after 12 hours, according to FBI special agent Bobby Sillar at the FBI press conference Thursday?
- The FBI alleged in the Complaint that Harris is a "Lt. Col." in Aryan Nations. Is that correct?
- The FBI claimed that Harris issued threats: "If they arrest a bunch of our guys, you get a test tube in the mail...How many cities do you want to lose?" It also claimed in the Complaint that he threatened to put bubonic plague in the NYC subway system. Is any or all of that correct?
- What are the current federal and other laws concerning possession and transportation of biological agents?
A fallacy currently widespread in the media (including the Art Bell show Thursday night): "Harris was arrested for possessing bubonic plague" (wrong, he was charged with wire fraud in 1995 and paroled, according to the FBI's criminal complaint).
--- Forwarded with permission --
From: Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 21:50:45 EST Subject: SNET: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE ARREST OF THE "BIOTERRORISTS"
At approximately 4:00 pm today at the Global Science Congress Conference In Daytona Beach, FL, an announcement was made regarding Larry Wayne Harris. Mr. Harris (Lancaster, OH) and William Levitt (Las Vegas; labs also in Frankfurt, Germany) were arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two men were in Las Vegas, Nevada visiting Ron Rockwell for research purposes.
Ron Rockwell worked for Royal R. Rife and Crane in the 1960's and 970's. Mr. Rockwell allegedly was in possession of the original Rife microscope / frequency generation equipment.
[Background: the Rife microscope is a controversial device that its inventor, Royal R. Rife, claimed could selectively destroy parasites, bacteria, and viruses of all kinds, including cancer cells, by exposing them to certain signature radio frequencies. See - WT]
Mr. Levitt, a microbiologist also, is a true humanitarian and is very concerned about the current biological situation throughout the world. Levitt and Harris were in Las Vegas to test and research the Rife equipment against several different pathogens, particularly anthrax. After the research was completed, if the equipment proved to be effective, Mr. Levitt was ready to purchase this equipment and make it available to the public for defense against biological weapons.
Why these two men were arrested for this when in reality they were scheduled to be at the Global Science Conference today, to hopefully announce the results of their research to HELP save the world, not destroy it, is beyond amazing. The "Powers that be" have been working for almost two years now to "set up" and neutralize Mr. Harris and now we see the fruits of their labor.
LATEST UPDATE: Federal agents have just been at Larry's home in Lancaster OH. They are most likely going to be using federal anti-terrorism laws against him in this case.
COMMENT: THE FEDS CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE JURISDICTION. Larry is a Registered Microbiologist despite any of propaganda released last summer. Any help on how to get Harris free by fighting jurisdiciton would be highly appreciated.
Also, any help you can provide to Larry Harris and William Levitt (especially strategic) would be highly appreciated. We hopefully have gotten the word to Larry Harris by now to fight the jurisdictional issue and not to enter a plea.
Please support the release of Larry Harris and and the exposure of yet another conspiracy from those who would destroy our lives and take what is left of our freedoms.

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