Mind Control Victim's Letter
To Senator Glenn
From Wes Thomas
Forwarded from:
Dear Senator Glenn:
I was only 10 years when I first met you, although you knew my father well. My father, XXX, was a Senior Administrator in the Space Systems Division (SSD) in Los Angeles, California, from 1958-1962. He was interviewed on television by 'Shorty' Powers before nearly every launch of the SSD (early offshoot of NASA) Mercury Astronaut Program. He died in December, 1994, but I want you to know that he treasured the two gifts he received from you and this program -- a personally autographed photo of your first liftoff from Cape Canaveral in Friendship 7 and a small piece of the booster rocket in which you landed after the sail about the earth.
It is appropriate, therefore, that I write you about this matter of urgent importance regarding your work on the Human Research Subject Protections Act of 1997. I AM A VICTIM OF GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS -- MKULTRA PROGRAMS: MONARCH PROJECT. My mother, XXX, has verified twice and recently that, indeed, I was used in these vicious human experiments in the Los Angeles area at the time you were preparing for the Mercury flights in conjunction with the Air Force's SSD's early research.
My mother knew the notorious and sadistic Dr. L. Green who was involved in these Nazi-like experiments and she has verified descriptions of him -- there were two different Greens in the early mind control work in LA (the other was "Harry"). Further, I was used in mind control experiments at the West Point Day Care center in 1950-1952. This day care center was legally prosecuted for mind control abuses on children in the late 80s.
I went on to become successful in a career as an arts administrator in New York City as I gained two graduate degrees and became a successful published author. However, beginning in 1993, I began to experience more personal problems caused by criminal elements possibly related to further MKultra Monarch experiments and these included break-ins to my house, continual vandalism, and assaults to my personal safety with the intentional use of POISONS. I lost four fetuses for unexplained reasons during this time which I now attribute probably to tampered with foods -- food poisonings and I began to experience for reasons unknown problems at my federal job.
I currently have whistleblower litigation against the federal government in courts in DC and NYC in attempt to bring out the abuses and criminal assaults I have endured. The case is pending before the Merit Systems Protection Board as a Whistleblower Case against the [federal agency] (Docket Number NY-1221-97-XXXXxxx), a federal institution under the [agency], alleging the use of toxic and highly POISONOUS substances were used against me as a retaliatory measure to coerce me out of my federal position from 1993-1995. My evidence is primarily in two lab results -- arsenic was found in a beverage on my desk and a substance called "triphenlyphosphine" was smeared repeatedly and for months on the steering wheels of my vehicles while being in locked federal parking lots and probably on the keyboard to my computer at work. A survey I conducted with another [agency] supervisor indicates that a large majority of 46 federal employees were probably also victims of these poison assaults for many left under hushed circumstances, with unexplained illnesses, obtaining no compensation from 1991- 1995. The perpetrator was an outside contractor, one Robert [Irish surname] of London, Ontario. [The perp], a paramilitary agent who traveled with guards, admitted to becoming involved in the poisonings and helped to stage the problems at the [federal agency]. [Agency] officials and government investigative agencies have not followed through on an investigation into [perp] although clearly [perp] met with [agency] administrators according to agency log books and witness testimony at the trial in September 1997. [The perp] also has targeted me for high tech weapons assaults throughout my local community by syndicates and local "spotters" as well as for further medical experimentation much like the original MKultra experiments of the Monarch Program.
This letter is a request for the following:
1) A fair investigation into [perp] and his use of intentional poisons for the purposes of moving federal employees out of their positions as part of ongoing domestic terrorist activities carried on by this government against innocent civilians and federal employees. With this request an investigation into [perp] involvement in attempted murder on me with high tech weapons.
2) Secondly, this is a request for a full and complete investigation into Monarch Program victims - many of the military people involved in these programs - even their wives and siblings - have much information about what exactly went on. Even if documents are destroyed, as victims we request that you attempt to find these documents in other ways and with other means and set about to interview those still alive with information about these vicious secretive government activities.
3) Those documents which are already found, victims request that the government NOT cover up these materials with lies, but instead fairly and openly make them available to the public WITHOUT deleted parts in them. Especially, do not delete military names and victim's names from these documents.
MONARCH VICTIMS have a right to know what their government DID to them to verify the horrendous suffering these individuals have had to endure throughout their entire lives -- both physical problems and mental problems for which the government's remedies are to continue ongoing assaults on these victims to cover-up their NON-CONSENSUAL use as societal SLAVES.
Along with thousands of unwilling victims of this ongoing abuse, I ask you to OPEN UP these files. Please do not delay. And if you can, please help to obtain a full investigation into the intentional poisonings of employees at the [federal agency name] I was employed. I believe that these two situations are connected and deserve your immediate attention.
Judith [last name withheld] [address/phone withheld here]
pc: D. B. Adams, Esq. M. Kastner, Esq
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