Foreign Aid? ALL Aid
Is Foreign To Me!
By Anita Sands <>
I have been thinking about what our governnment is doing helping the world in the way of foreign aid versus our government doing something to help you and me.
God knows, our kids need federal funding for college so that willing students can go to school full time and not have to hold down a job. I don,t mean scholarships for A students, I mean free college for C students. The government could make our lives easier by cuttint back on the extremely harsh car licensing taxes and fees, also less of those huge, back-breaking penalties for people doing ordinary little, non-dangerous things like sushi driving. That's a California roll where you slow down at the stopsign, see no traffic in either direction and roll around the corner. We deserve less cops hiding behind corners, less parking tickets, and less mandatory car insurance for drivers with a good record.
The planet needs a little corporate and government give-and-take just to smooth the way so the average good citizen can get an education and have a life.
As things stand today, I observe that many of our children simply cannot 'get it together.' I know four school- aged children well. Just taking them as an example, I see how it is for a lot of kids today. Because of the DMV, these four are jobless, poor and stressed. Two of them drive with expired tags, looking in the rear view mirror for cops. One of them got a ticket for being in the car when a friend drove with no drivers' license, and an outraged cop gave the passanger a ticket, too. The boy couldn't pay what he suspected was a several hundred dollar fine, was afraid to tell his parents, never went to court, so now there's a bench warrant out on him, he can't find work, go to college, get a driver's license, register a car in his name. Nothing. His life is on hold. Because of parking infractions or tickets, the other three likewise cannot get driver's licenses, register their cars, drive to work or school hence become a part of society, get a job, or afford food. Thanks to the DMV they are on their way to becoming homeless tramps. That's tension.
There's a certain horror to the evolving urban picture. A third of us will end up with cancer statistics tell us. 100 years ago, one in a hundred got the big C. Science won't tell you it's pasteurized milk and beef because of the lobbies. In fact, criticizing a food can get you an Oprah lawsuit.
Cancer happens because the milk is unnatural and the air too, gray with petroleum smog because GM and Exxon own the best politicians that money can buy. Even if you could escape and bought a farm away from the city, anywhere you went, there'd be toxic ground water --- poisoned by agribusiness or industry. The soil itself is so polluted with pesticides that cancer would find you wherever you went.
So we stay in the cities which are like crowded rag cages. Just the other day, another man went mad, shot up the Capitol. In the last year, a dozen students shot up their friends in schools. Teen suicides are rampant. Every month some guy kills his entire family during a divorce. The murderers get younger. A ghetto child stamps an infant to a pulp. A grammar school teacher was murdered by a student recently. Another got a lobotomy from a bullet. Two parents take a wrong turn in an alley, the family gets shot up, their baby daughter dies. Daily a child is shot in the head by gangs. Gangs are TEENS in stress. Wealth is no guarantee. Children in mansions are dying of crib death because of vaccines, synthetic bedsheets and soy milk which should be made illegal, and dying of leukemia from high tension wires and factory waste wafting thru the air. Our shaky, chronic fatigue kids are on Ritalin, will grow up to need cocaine and every week a body turns up in the national forest, victim of a drug buy gone wrong.
The country's tenor is changing. I have something to compare it to, having been born in the early 40's. Any one of these events would have been unthinkable when I was a child. Today the American scene involves a junk diet, fatigue, drug addiction, toxic pollution, insanity, murder, panic, going nuts and cruel acting out between close family ties. And for the student, ten to twenty thousand dollar a year educations, car insurance, parking meters, traffic tickets, poverty, no college education and joblessness, in that order.
My Yogi Vegie friends tell me the insanity is because nobody eats enough tofu or has enough energy to cope but I say the insanity is because everybody you know is a paycheck away from hopelessness. Its a very unsteady urban life we have today.
There are two ways to handle this. Number #1 is the consciousness-raising movement which tells us that we are God, we are responsible for not inhaling so much smog, and eating so much fried foods, sugar, salt, beef, and junk food (much less thinking we need it,) or using them so much that we get heart disease and cancer. Certainly, when we pig out and are couch potatoes, we aren't strong enough to deal with the URBAN SITUATION. Nor are we strong enough to simply walk away from the city and rent 5 acres and a farmhouse for a few bucks, grow yams for the marektplace and live on roots and berries.
In my head, I'm a roots and berries kind of woman, a veteran of the 60's 'tofu' dietary schools, and I dream of having a farm but when it come to walking the talk, I'm a city girl. I learned to like the big city activism groups in the 70's, the big city transformational seminars in the 80's and now, 90's cyberspace. I need a big, carpeted house, huge gardens and cable TV and a Net Server just as a starting kit.
Money is freedom and the hallmark of creativity. Health is creativity so health is money. I invest a buck in a box of tofu and make 32 little tofu burgers out of it, freeze 30 of them, and eat plenty of roots and berries but I stay in the city where berries cost two bucks a basket. So I need this country to have a viable economy. I need clients for my services, (I am freelance, have a cottage industry in my home, typing) and I need my clients to have extra cash to hire me.
I also know that the espirit de gelt is the antithesis of the espirit de cooperation. I like to give work and time to others as a kind of SEVA, (Sanksrit word) service to the planet. I like to give some work away for free, to donate to group projects that will further human welfare. I think is a kind of E-zine that is worthy. I think that many of you could write articles on politics and the economy that would be like an instant college education to many of the people who come here for political conspiracy theory, UFOS, so I thought it would be nice if Jeff opened the INSTANT COLLEGE EDUCATION section of his website, and all of us could contribute. Sure, time is money, but the teaching of the young has to be done because there is a negative, totally money-hungry spirit alive out there, and its chains rest on all our shoulders, preventing life from happening. ONLY the awakening of our youth and their joining in a battle to fix these problems will give us the life we need in a polluted, greedy world. THE INSTANT COLLEGE EDUCATION section will give us activists a quorum, create a public voice sufficiently large and strong to scare the government into taking action.
Many say America has it better than any country. Don't believe it. In Canada you get a free college education and free medical care. Same in the Scandinavian countries. The USA was SHAFTED when economies were handed out. There's a conspiracy going on. A topsy-turvy economic/ political and monetary horror show is a reality in all our lives and it's an extension of our ignorance. Only our doing some reading and getting our free PH.D,--- here at the SIGHTINGS Totally Free Internet COLLEGE of WAKING UP can make us smart enough to grab the spirit of planetary Facism, now in control of our beautiful, blue its greedy throat and make it vanish. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.
People GET the economy they deserve. If we are ignorant, we deserve the karma. We have all been in thralldom or serfdom to the greed of the big guy, so that today you pay a dollar for an aspirin, a thousand for a one room apartment, twenty thousand a year for an education but we let it happen.
As the hood went over our heads, we didn't bleat. We are in somebody else's control and we take it like SHEEP. Less than sheep. A sheep would bleat!
I heard a rueful man say recently, 'WHAT A SHAME about our government not helping the homeless in our own land while the State Dept sends BILLIONS to every government across the planet.' I thought about that and realized it was a shame.
Nowadays, women with fatherless children will be thrown off welfare and made to clean freeways, no matter how many starving toddlers she has crawling on her floor. What does this tell us about our government? There's no medical aid to wetbacks even if an anti-biotic resistant strain of TB plague starts. (Which it has). There's no test which might reveal Hanta virus is in the barrio of our city. So there are no progrms to exterminate rats. Cats die by the trillion in dog pounds (the damn pound wants 32$ if you want a mouser!) A shame, when those cats could be saving all of us from city rats which cause Hanta, which most of us have had. Hanta causes kidney failure when you're old, even if you had Hanta (and didn't know it) at age 30. Most people on dialysis as oldsters don't know it but they got that from poop from a rat crawling thru suburbia. So those immigrants hiding in the ghetto don't et any medical aid, and spread the TB and there's no medical aid to you or your kids if you don't have a cushy job with Perks.
I am a freelance typist so I'm one of the hundred million without medical coverage. I thought I was in bad shape until I met a very old woman who had full Med-I-CARE. She told me the government only paid .22c of her hospital stay. The thousand dollar part of the bill was on her back!
It's a terrible loss of innocence to realize that our maternal USA isn't what she seems, a flowing mother of milk and honey, and doesn't do what she's lauded for, nurture, shepherd and tend, give food, roof, education and medication (the basic starter kit) to those who need it on our shores. But this country of ours CAN send billions abroad and not for the people there, but for the infrastructure that country requires to wheel our transnational corporations in on a rail. Nothing else. Corporate aid.
If our government were a woman, she'd be accused of being a transactional bitch, purely venal and a lousy mother.
Why does the USA give money to foreign oligarchs and not to us? I have read up on the subject, and while I have no PH.d in economics or Poly Sci, I have read that it is very clearly because she owns our ass already. We are in her back pocket. They are not.
Foreign Aid is to BUY THEM. It is not Humanitarian Aid even when it masquerades as such. Let's look at what foreign aid really is. Aid goes from your taxpaying pocket to FOREIGN RULERS for doing what multi-nationals WANT DONE IN THAT COUNTRY, i.e. funding the building of infrastructure --- roads, factory sites, also a sizeable amount of population control --- death squads, urban police, allowing the transnational to buy the mines, resources and workers at the PRICE they want so that American manufacturers can move about as they want down there. (I say 'down' as it's usually in the Southern hemisphere). In Brazil the police are paid just to murder the homeless children sleeping in the streets. Rent PIXOTE, a Brazilian film, if you don't believe it. When I met Carlos Castaneda, he was raving about the need for us all to see this film.
Your tax dollars, converted into Foreign Aid IS ABOUT CREATING death squads and a slave work force and ultimately a business sector abroad so that our corporations can take away your job, move the factory to the southern hemisphere, and enter foreign markets --- i.e. sell Fords down there without tariffs, and the AID is a bribe so they will get the help of the oligarchy there. And the secret, trap door in the Financial Aid is that it is about pulling the aid when the oligarchy doesn't jump high enough fast enough. They build the chain so they can later pull it.
No trace of that AID ever reaches the people. Don't believe in the myth of 'trickle down'. After 20 years of Keynesian Milton Friedman TRICKLE DOWN on our shores, supposed to come during the Reagan Adminstration, we on this barren beach see there is no trickle down at all. The rich are given the tax breaks and the middle class shoulders the burden.
During the Republican years of the California war industry pork barreling, real estate went sky high. Every worker at the War factory who bought real estate in the 70's and 80's was later foreclosed upon in the early 90's when that land plummeted in value. Luckily, most of them rented.
Employees at Hughes and Northrup made a BARE living (I know two such engineers. Nobody made out like a bandit. Both engineers, their wives and children lived in rented apartments in spite of the fact that they both had steady jobs in the war industry at these corporations during the fat 80's.)
Trickle down is a MYTH. Nobody ever gets a drop of anything down the bosses leg unless it's another kind of famous trickle.
The war machine designed by the 14 families (the planet bakers who control all the big corporations on earth) drained the present we are all living in just as much as it has drained the future yet the trickle in USA is a waterfall compared to the trickle to foreign citizens from humanitarian aid given to 3rd world nations.
Remember President Somoza of Chile? He sold every blanket given to his people after the earthquake. (Rent "Under Fire" with Nolte)
Colonial exploitation of the third world by our factories really doesn't do anybody any good. This NOW with its 'no tariffs, no borders' isn't as kindly as it sounds on paper. When an American factory opens down there, and a few workers get 7 dollars a day while most families get l dollar a day, it throws the economy off kilter. Beans triple in cost.
A small addition to their middle class doesn't give box carriers or trash diggers employment. There is no Social Security or soup kitchen put in place. Not has Uncle Sam ever suggested to our Latin neighbors that our aid was contingent on their creating Social Security, soup kitchens, clinics or human rights.
Tienneman Square is a highly visible case in point. We didn't stare China down and every American had his hackles up about that man who faced the tank and is still in jail. Many of us felt really sad that America didn't move on the issue. But the feeling has passed, hasn't it. Well, let's wake up the righteous anger again. Remember how Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple? It's time for us to do the same. Moneychangers and death squads and fascism must go.
The problem is that the planetary system is set up to strengthen the oligarchs, their armies, death squads, their IMF which squeezes a country dry, enriching only the oligarchs there, a 'rich boy's club.' We have to cut off the dollar at the pass.
Our foreign aid must stop. It is a kind of PORTABLE COUNTRY CLUB that invites new milliionaires to join the PEOPLE KILLING CLUB. The foreign aid itself is just Vasaline to lubricate the rape as the oligarchs extend their borders, colonize and exploit weak economies --- emerging economies that never emerge.
The oligarchy, ---the 14 families who are in NYC, PARIS, LONDON, BERN has another 14 families going in the Banana republic and together the 28 families have COLONIZED the internal country, it's labor, its peon class. The 14 families in the third world country are holding a very gang-raped rape victim down --- for the U.S. to use, pillage, enslave.
American AID is given to the ruling class so that it can COLONIZE that banana republic's working class thru flunkey, puppet governors but the proceeds in the main go to the 14 families, Dupont, Warberg, Rothschilds, Morgan, etc. You can see the full list of them here on this website, at the SIGHTINGS COLLEGE PAGE, soon.
Foreign Aid is not a BRIBE to get the ruling class to LOVE the UNITED STATES and its tax payers, its people or its governors. Sentimental clap trap. If you believe this go hug a tree. It's an ALLOWANCE, a stipend, that the third world country's rulers, oligarchy and wealthy manufacturers are used to getting. So that when they DON'T BEHAVE and the money is pulled, U.S. oligarchs have an instant way of HURTING the men in power. (Also, our banks are utilized as they, too, can jerk strings. 3rd world loans get called in if people don't behave. Remember what Kissinger said he'd do to Chile when Allende was president? "Make the Economy Scream" and he did it. He infiltrated the labor unions with AID (American Devopment Institute, really a CIA front) and made Chilean workers strike so that Chilean trucks couldn't carry food up and down this long, skinny country. Which got skinnier while Nixon and Kissinger applied pressure. And soon, Chileans hated the democratic visionary, Salvador Allende. Our soldiers went in and finished him off. (Rent the Lemmon/Spacek movie 'MISSING'. ) That's your homework for this college, babe! (Such nice homework, eh?)
Hell, banks do that to our own country, too. When a democratic candidate gets in, the whole economy goes topsyturvy or gets "Carterfied," (economic policy failure) until the poor stooge is elected out. His military operations get Desert Stormed. His Iranian Hostages get LEFT IN JAIL for 400 days only to be freed by October Surprises on the day this NEW candidate gets elected to office, all of this paid for with Iran Contragate and "Air America " type drug deals. (Rent Air America with Mel Gibson at Blockbuster to see the CIA distributing drugs which it has done in American ghettos and now suburbs, for 50 years, not 5 years, as Gary Webb reports. )
They fund themselves with guns and drugs. Wake up and smell the coffee. That's what ruling Oligarchies do and how they do it and it's never public until decades later. Facism controls minutia. Or, as a Brecht character said over Hitler's body, 'he may be dead but the bitch that bred him is in heat again.' The bitch is THE PROCESS, a terrible, Alien Isis (don't rent THAT movie) with a thousand teats feeding little winged, fanged politicians who are weaned on American oligarchic milk until they grow up into senior statesmen who will tell banana republics to send their officer class to U.S military bases to learn 'crowd control' at American tax payers expense. (See Yves Montand in that Costa-Gavras film set in Uruguay, what was that called? "State of Siege" Rent that!) And to see how Colonial Empires destroy third world countries in the sugar cane fields, rent 'BURN' with Brando.
With the CIA's terrific software and computers, the newly trained officers of Guatemala or El Salvador can locate and exterminate all suspected guerilleros, (Rent SALVADOR by Oliver North, what did I say? I mean Oliver STONE!). You'll see how Death squads are able to locate, track and murder all liberal journalists, politicians, educators and all left of center parties. (Ask any political activist. I belonged to CISPES and NISGUA two activist groups here in the USA which were on Nixon's HITLIST! I heard and saw, first hand.)
Study, read, see movies. Read Noam Chomsky. TRANSNATIONAL GENOCIDE is not a hard thing to learn. Don't over-think this. It's simpler than you're making it. There are only a few things out there: Rich people who steer the ship of state to favor their corporations, called transnationals (as they reach into all countries and suck blood) and the workers. The rest of us. The top deck and steerage. Sure there are lifeboats and isn't that humanitarian of them, but when we hit an iceberg, do you think we can get IN one? NOT!
When you get right down to it, so-called capitalistic methods for planetary development and humanitarian foreign aid masks a very savage 'lifeboat' theory. (I'm alright Jack, screw you. Don't rent that British movie. It's not about economics.)
If I were to make a movie about life on planet earth today, it would be a single cartoon frame, but it would have a cast of thousands---laborers/ workers/ slaves, all the people that go to make up the world's marketplace, all the legislators and soldiers and bought politicians pushing this HUGAMUNGUS statue of Ozymendias down life's highway. He's the oligarch who owns all the banks and insurance companies which are his capital storeage vats. He owns all the real estate and free land in our country, even if he is foreign. And he flies around the planet with his mistresses in his private jet. He's Dupont or Rothschild or Rockefeller or all three. But he's up there in the statue and you and your children are running along in front, little starving, mindless people running ahead with a big paint brush, oiling the logs with your sweat and blood. Thus, the statue to American profit, greed and greatness gets erected, a statue of this zillionaire who lives in his castle while a thousand artists, dressmakers, shopkeepers and servants make his life a heaven on earth and all of us earn a few pennies doing our share and stand in rags, with ill health, bad teeth, infants dying, our carby flab flesh on top of a de-calcified skeleton so we're dying ourselves.
Important to the survival of this man's planetary machine is that a lot of slaves should get diseased, plagued, border-warred, exterminated or crushed at frequent intervals. This is basic population control. If it didn't happen, he couldn't get his limo through traffic on time to the opening of that new Broadway show. Or the traveling U.S. president would get stoned to death when he visited a foreign country. That almost happened several times you know. So it is required that hungry people not get insurgent. That they just DIE quietly without journalists near.
This zillionaire knows the government will not interfere with his planetary genocide with any serious, humanitarian aid. The NSC, State Department and CIA aren't dumb. They need chaos in emerging countries. Such disasters can be turned into glorious PR opportunities like Somalia where things got so bad our Gov could pull a RUSE and send the Marines and U.N. forces in to MURDER a nationalist candidate, a very popular critic of the tyrant on the Somalian throne.
When the CIA and UN go in they go to "protect the peace" in some hellhole and what happens when the dust clears is that the poor natives really get the IMF's claws in their back. Back in the 50's that was called 'making the world safe for capitalism." And your grandfather thought it was neat. Shows to go you why you are poor today. Because if Gramps had SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER when Teddy Roosevelt waved a big stick and cannoned third worlders, you'd be in much better economic shape today. There would actually BE people in Cuba who could buy your products. Instead, there's not.
Anyway, look at the karma. If you let the police kill those natives, in the third world, and let them kill the blacks and immigrants in your own ghettos, and let them kill the babies in the crib with GM/ EXXON fumes, who's going to stop the fuckers when they come for you?
Do not ever impute humanitarian motives to the Ship of State that sends in the Marines. Its bottom line is creating a New World Order meaning a cheap, local, slavelabor force, held down by the death squads of local oligarchs, a rising internal inflation creating a limited middle class of consumers so that the oligarch 14 families get free, unrestricted ability to sell products there, whether ciggies or automobiles or gasoline, or anything else that destroys the environment and poisons people, that merchandise must be freely sold without restrictions via highly permeable trade borders. (Imagine using a chirpy Disney song 'One World After All' to describe this New World Order with no protectionist tariffs on first world products and no protectionism of local industries. Meaning the man selling corn tortillas in Mexico City, can't compete with Kelloggs Cornflakes so the poor eat the factory made junk for breakfast, lose their health and the local tortilla maker goes broke. So sing along with Uncle Sam: "It's a free world after all Only nothing's free in it. You can't eat or heal yourself, or even get a decent job."
Stop singing now. It's too sad. A TROLL has taken over the world. The secret, castle dwellers who run the CIA and thru it, our political parties and thru them, our govm't and thru our government's bureaus owns the third world, does not practice charity. Their zeitgeist is the dollar. THE DOLLAR requires unequal development. Someone must starve for another to take control of him. Any citizen-cooperative policies (communal agriculture or land use, activist groups, ) anything that would allow EQUAL development must be avoided like the plague.
Having human rights, constitutional rights, humanitarian aid programs and because of them. Education, roof and food would give the poor people some mental clarity and energy. For them to be in their six senses, alive, clear-thinking and well would endanger the VAMPIRE sitting on their throats. Oligarchs don't give aid because it would energize the workers. Not because the expense of welfare would drain the economy. They don't give it because it would feed and nurture those extraneous to the dollar-grossing infrastructure, hence on that level it is viewed as 'non-productive'. While there is enough land for us all and enough food could be grown on that land for all of us, the rulers have some sort of Malthusian theory blinding them to that fact. They think that WE will crowd them off the resources, so we have to go.
The oligarch's final aim is and will continue to be inequal development, with their owning all the land and selling us all the food, with a colonized, internal slave populace living in utter misery in conditions of ignorance, filth and hopelessness. They want us addled and diseased, licking the bosses' hands like starving grateful dogs. BOTH HERE AND ABROAD.
In America and abroad, there is a government AGENDA designed by oligrachs and their think tanks and lawyers, implemented by their bought politicians and bought CIA, military and State Department, in terms of a.) procuring access abroad to NEEDED commodities, grains, metals, b.) utilizing cheap foreign labor that has no possibility of labor organizers, unions or fair salaries and c.) selling cheap, mass-made oligarch produced goods to the emerging middle class of that country.
That agenda alone is enough to prevent local third world industries and a middle class from developing there. That agenda will throw peasants off the land and cause babies to starve and die of tropical diseases without medical care. It will skew the potential for evolution in those desperate places. Make the gameboard tilt dropping small players off into the vid.
Life will continue to be cheap in such 'colonized' nations. The U.S flunkie oligarch/military-run governments there do not want peasants proliferating or making demands. You don't recall the 70's when a thousand priests who organized workers were murdered? Read CRY OF THE PEOPLE by Penny Lernoux. She wrote so well that the CIA killed this young authoress. Don't believe for a second it was cancer not in a woman that young.
The oligarchs are now planning to get all the available farm land everywhere. In the USA, thouands of farmers are forced by the Bank into going broke and the land is passing into the hands of the Cargill - Anderson or Purina type companies. The oligarchs want all the land. Today, smart farmers are only buying in valleys so small that a big corporation couldn't put IN one of those 700 acre agribusinesses. Because they know that if they sit in an area where there are large, flat fields, the nearby city council will somehow come, confiscate that land and throw them offit.. It is done, everywhere in the USA lately, as well as the third world for 200 years, and done in the name of development. Or 'market forces at play'
Understand the horror of it. If the oligarchs could use neutron bombs that would take out the people and just leave the cornfields, adobe buildings and fields, they'd drop them. Some say that this is what AIDS was. An engineered plague, designed to rid Africa of Africans. It's worked, too. One in ten Africans has it there. Babies are born with it. Parents die of it, leaving orphans.
Genocide of every type is being practiced under your very eyes and with your tax dollars. In the 70's and 80's, U.S. trained death squads exterminated entire villages, to the last baby and dog. The entire province of Quiche in Guatemala was murdered. Their supposed crime was letting their corn be used by 'communist' guerillas. U.S. activists have scrapbooks full of documented reports of these atrocities from U.S. trained death squads, hundreds of them, in every Latin countries during the 70's and 80's. but it hasn't stopped. Just a few months ago, a village in Mexico was macheted to death by the local Sheriff and his men. Death squads came in and whacked everybody there on the skull, babies, women. 7 people survived and ratted them out. They were after our farmland, the 7 claimed. It was true and it was messy, and made the papers across the planet and the Governor got blood on his hands, as even death squad soldiers will rat out their Generals to the journalists, so for a while, the oligarchs will back off on the farmland grabbing issue and simply let disease and foreclosures run rampant, so that the people of Mexico, Africa and Latin America will die on their own, without assistance.
Can we stop genocide by protesting dictators abroad? Hardly. This brutish government-agency agenda originated with the needs of the trans-national corporation run by that first world, solitary, elegant castle dweller who could get a ticket to a hit show and get his limo through traffic a lot easier if 3 billion of us just fell off the planet. The New world order just gave him the right to go into Mexico and buy farmland, with no restraints, and he's salivating for that farmland. How dare some villagers grow corn on it?
The irony is that this automatic dollar-efficient reflex in capitalists has a built-in SELF-KILL mechanism. When he does all his farmland grabs, mergers and buyouts and when all the other corporations and third world corn growers and tortilla factories tumble and Mr Big Guy with his cornflakes is the only one left, who will buy his wares? Americans are mostly out of work. In a few years, when the Stock market plummets, all the yuppies will have lost their savings and homes. When there are no more jobs in America, when there is no more economy here, either, and when this greedy Mr Big has created legislation that banishes cash and puts us all on electronic wire transfers and credit cards, ---a cash free society ---so that they can fiche and completely nail every penny we least 3 billion of us will become (for all intents and purposes) extinct. When your DEBIT card will not buy you a TV dinner, babe, you STARVE.
When that day comes, we will not be able to sell our hand-made wheat buns or whittled toothpicks for a dollar because a dollar won't exist. Imagine trying to go to a store for food when your credit card is dead and money doesn't exist. You'll die of hunger.
Of course, by that time, the castle dweller will be dead too, for --- as he tries to drive up the cost of his product and put the screws to the world, who will or can buy his damn product? We, the workers he abandoned in the first world? We have no money. We're jobless and most of us will be skin and bones, no energy to go to the market and buy cornflakes or Fords. Who then? The workers in the third world who earn a few pennies a day? Can the few workers left making his product who are eating cornflakes instead of nutritional corn tortillas afford his product? . How does he imagine any of us are going to buy from him? What we have here is a no-win situation. Its name is oligarch-run capitalism. They like to call it market capitalism as it sounds as if the demands of the market had a wisdom all its own. But it doesn't. The nerve impulses in this lifeless corpse, those jerks and twitches are coming from the jerk at the top.
Yet this jerk without foresight, who controls it all, is the man who will make us all extinct and if we let him do it, what are we? ASLEEP at the wheel.
You want your government to wake up, to shake this guy loose from the controls, and let the people take back control of market forces. You want banks to do low interest micro-lending to entrepreneurs with good ideas, as well as to big corporations which require loans. You want a Federal Reserve that does belong to our government, not the henchman of a foreign banker and you want that Reserve peopled with math geniuses who guide us between the shoals of low interest and inflation. You want low salaried beaureaucrats in these jobs who run things fairly. You want corporative oversight by economic geniuses who are state bureaucrats, un-bribeable, to run these corporations for profit as well as for the welfare of the planet. Not billion a year CEO's. You want that and is it too much to ask? NO. It's fair.
Until our government stops selling out to the transnationals, try this. Avoid buying anything a transnational makes. Buy hand-made from pals or make it yourself. Avoid kissing government's feet, i. e. paying taxes. Barter as much as you can. Be into guerilla capitalism. Be a bottom feeder. Be candid about it to your friends. Your earnings are your own business, between you and your gatepost. As they are planning to fail the banks and stockmarket so they can fill their prisons, well then, be a midnight gardener. Where your extra cash lies buried is your business.
What your bosses told the IRS about, ok. That you can pay taxes on. Period. Those of you who have knowledge of economics, write about your earning/manufacturing methods and publish here, where you can publish safely. Advocate and teach your monetary secrets behind closed doors. Start citizens' coalitions in your town. Do a search on "ITHACA DOLLARS" on the internet ( ) and emulate this college city in upstate New York which created a barter coupon used by every merchant and consumer there, so that life goes on smoothly without the dollar.
Be ready for the collapse of the dollar. They are building concentration camps and prisons now, to relocate all those jobless, homeless, foodless people who will BE useless to the NEW, LIMITED ECONOMY. You might be wandering those alleys in the future, looking for an avocado tree with branches in reach. Your children might be starving over a warm grate, and those future cops will take you away and they will die.
Be ready. Oh, and be angry, be VERY angry, but more important, see what you can do about it. There is a great deal you can do. Studying here at the SIGHTINGS UNIVERSITY is the first. Downloading and sharing classwork is second. God is with us.