Israel Has 'Ethnic Bullet'
- Bio-Weapon Could Target Arabs

(IsraelWire-11/1-14:15 - IST) According to a Jerusalem Post report quoting the London-based Foreign Report, Israel has successfully developed what is being called an "ethnic-bullet", which will target only Arabs.
The report quotes an "unconfirmed report" which originated in South Africa, which details how Israeli scientists have made a biological weapon tailor made to attack targets with the Arab genetic system. Long-term studies of Iraqi Jews was credited with providing the genetic code needed to target Arabs.
According to the report, the ethnic-bullet program was originally developed for use in Apartheid South Africa for use against blacks. Scientist in both countries worked together towards the development of the Israeli program.
Israeli officials declined to confirm the existence of the "ethnic bullet," but one told the newsletter: "We have a basket full of strategic surprises which we will not hesitate to use if we feel that the State of Israel is under serious threat.