Woman Reports Unusual
Activity At Fort Drum In NY
From Larry Clark <>
The Fort Drum military reservation is a large installation of thousands of acres straddling Jefferson and Lewis counties in upstate New York just south of the eastern side of Lake Ontario. A woman who lives on a lake near the base has reported unusual activity on and nearby this facility.
First there were the triangular craft that have appeared in the local sky. The woman reported a personal sighting of the "Pine Bush" triangle that moved at treetop level over her property and continued out onto the lake before disappearing. Teenagers from a local Civil Air Patrol group have told the woman they have also spotted the triangular craft near Evans Mills, a town located at the southeastern edge of Ft. Drum.
Within the last few weeks the woman has regularly observed a large bluish light with a small red strobe in its center. She has seen it nearby her property over a large tract of undeveloped land as well as over the lake, sometimes hovering for hours. She reports it can hover silently, or on occasion emit sound.
She noted: " It also seems that since this light has been around we have no air traffic at all...other than a of couple times the Intell gathering Kiowa flying along my road almost like its mapping.....funny stuff... I don't know.....but whatever I don't like the feeling up here now...very quiet and eerie dog even acts funny about it....she doesn't want to go out...and she's a big yellow lab.....".
The woman has also reported significant new construction both on the base and in the the area. Mentioned were: * A concentration of microwave towers around the base and nearby lake, some as close as a mile apart* New installations of 'golf ball' shaped satellite dishes/communication devices* cabling laid along Rte 81 with intermittent above ground boxes* upgrade of the perimeter enclosure with high, razor wire topped fencing* on base construction of a new flight runway that will handle larger craft* new hangers* a large enclosed building referred to as the 'Informational Services' building She reports there are also huge venting pipes visible protruding from the ground and visible on the base. The woman believes the area is riddled with underground construction. In her words: "The Watertown area is riddled with tunnels...and its kept quiet. They have them out here by me. I've had my house shake from underground explosions that would go and then make another explosion out under the lake about one mile apart towards the St.Lawrence River. The humming actually vibrates the ground so you know they are tunneling under the lake."
The woman appears very familiar with conventional helicopters and has photographed a variety of them in the area including Kiowas, Cobras, BlackHawks and 'Special Ops helos' and the 'counterNarcotic' Apaches she described as being the 'so called black helicopter'. She noted some are black but most are super drab dark green. Viewed close up, she noticed some have painted over the normal designations on the sides and the numbers on them are done in black.
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