Another Clinton Wag
The Dog Ploy Coming
By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD
It is stating the obvious to say that whenever a US President has domestic problems, personal or otherwise, someone around the world is targeted and bombed in order to distract the frenzied sheep. The latest victim will be Serbia which, for all its atrocities, is no worse than many other ethnic and racial groups around this doomed planet. The incident cited as the last straw, and requiring the bombing as proposed this week by NATO, is minuscule in comparison to other genocidal and murderous events.
Why is a blind eye turned to many other atrocities; why is Rwanda not bombed for the genocide there; why is not Turkey, which uses the Kurds as target practice, bombed, or Israel, whose genocidal policies, accompanied by the black praises of the West, against the Palestinians, have decimated an entire people? What about the Taliban in Afghanistan, the old and new South African Regimes? And why does the US not bomb itself for the entrapment and murder it committed against Iraq, for its murderous violence against Grenada, Guatemala, Vietnam, Panama, Libya, and for its genocidal sanctions against North Korea, Libya, Cuba, Iraq, etc.?
I am writing this newsflash however, not to repeat the obvious, but to make a number of pertinent points for future developments, for what is happening in the Balkans will have immense repercussions to end humanity's suffering forever. This plan to bomb the latest Whipping Boy, Serbia, is one more focal point in the inexorable fragmentation process of this condemned planet.
As you may have well noted, solutions which worked previously to apparently temporarily solve many problems around the world, such as the health problems, the global warming problems, the financial problems, the socio-political-economic problems, have not worked as they once did. This will now be the case with the bombing of Serbia.
An escalation of hostilities is inevitable. And it will come as a surprise to many to see who joins which side in the conflict. Another consequence which is so obvious that it can be easily missed is the demise of the UN which has up until now respected its own Security Council intentions and resolutions. The intention to ignore Russian attempts at veto, and protests, does not augur well for the world.
While the Russians are threatening violence against Boris Yeltsin and his government for their life-threatening poverty, as they are now, they will tolerate even less this slight by NATO, the UN, and the West generally, which further minimizes any apparent self esteem that remained in their collective psyche.
Hence, this bombing will push them just a little further towards the brim of the Chasm of Desperation, where minds suffering the Terminal Madness of the Endtime, realizing they have nothing else to lose will do desperate things. Retaliative madness, even as they suffer the hunger and humiliation of doom, is not out of the question.
The NATO members can look forward to being confronted violently by the Russian Giant who, like a dying, wounded bear still carries enough clout to take many others with it. The USA and its spiritual 51st state, Israel, are not immune to such retaliatory action. To think they are, as they obviously do now, is a sure sign of the unavoidable Terminal Madness evil ones suffer.
So, where does this action of bombing the latest Whipping Boy, Serbia, leave us?
* It will definitely not have any beneficial effects on Clinton's fortunes. He is spiritually and politically dead, as dead can be, inspite of panegyric praise by sycophants such as Madeleine Albright.
* It will further weaken the UN and NATO.
* It will steel the resolve of Russia to see the West as its enemy.
* It will demand retaliation by Serbs, and their friends, against those they see as their enemy. Serbs are not Iraqis. They are even more vicious and fanatical fighters to the death. And, as any doctor who has had Slavs as patients, especially Yugoslavs, will tell you, racially and genetically these people are prone to extreme paranoia and violence.
This is a suicidal move by the Clinton administration born of his desire to distract the world from his impeachment process. But it will have consequences for the worse, for those evil ones, which they have not even dreamt as being possible. Rather than distracting from his personal woes, Clinton, as leader of the "Free World", is plunging the world into further chaos, anarchy, disaster and a doomsday scenario.
You may disagree, but you will do so only until these things which I describe come to fruition.
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Hello Jeff,
I am glad to see that you have posted the article by Dr.Chiappalone, "Another Clinton Wag The Dog Ploy Coming".
It is excellent! Very insightful about the Terminal Madness inclinations of many "leaders". It is astounding how many others have done as much -- and more -- than the Serbs, and are never called to task.
And the doctor hits the nail on the head about past solutions not working. Look at the Asian economic collapses. Nothing there has worked as it has in the past.
What Dr.C says of the Russians is right on the mark as well; Trent Lott said this morning, on CBS "Face the Nation", that he expects the Russians to get involved and back the Serbs if/when NATO bombs them.
Often mentioned is the curse of "May you live in interesting times". But to have the information that Dr.Chiappalone brings -- that this is the last of the times of suffering -- changes that. It is such a blessing to have this insiders' information about WHY this is happening in addition to WHAT is likely to happen next. To know all this makes these "interesting times" a wonderful sight to witness!
Jeff, thanks for providing this quality connection to such wonderful material.
Hi Jeff,
Just finished reading "Another Clinton Wag The Dog Ploy Coming" essay by Dr. Chiappalone. Yet another great insighful piece of work. Please do continue to post his writings on your site!
BTW, I remember distinctly that Dr. Chiappalone said on one of your shows that is the U.S. did not bomb Iraq, it would bomb some other country before Christmas. His insights must obviously give him direct vision of the mechanisms at work in this horrid place to be able to predict things so accurately.