Greek Foreign Minister
Calls Clinton A
"Shameless Liar"
A bitter quarrel has broken out between the United States and its Nato ally Greece, over a verbal attack on President Bill Clinton by the Greek Foreign Minister, Theodore Pangalos.
The US State Department in Washington accused Mr Pangalos of making outrageous and insulting comments, after the foreign minister referred to Mr Clinton as a "shameless liar".
"When friends and allies disagree they should share their concerns privately rather than resort to these kind of insulting and spurious public criticisms," said the State Department spokesman James Rubin.
Mr Pangalos's remarks were made last week in the province of western Thrace.
He was speaking about American policy on Cyprus and Washington's efforts to mediate between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.
Mr Pangalos's remarks prompted a formal protest from Washington.
But he reinforced his comments over the weekend, saying Greece had had enough of US efforts to mediate the Cyprus dispute.
He also said Greek Americans should consider ending their support for American election campaigns.
Greek frustration
The US ambassador to Greece, Nicholas Burns, has been having high level meetings in Athens to try to resolve the row.
But the BBC Washington correspondent says the Greek government appears to be standing by the remarks.
This, our correspondent says, is an indication of the frustration with American efforts to mediate the Cyprus dispute.
Greek officials say Washington seems more focused on preventing the Greek deployment of anti-aircraft missiles in Cyprus than on pressuring the Turkish backed administration in the north to negotiate - a charge that Washington denies.

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