Clinton Said Now Scheming
For Military Strike To
Make Him A Hero
By David M. Bresnahan
From Ed Komarek <>
Clinton's secret war games - He's scheming for strike to make him an international hero
President Bill Clinton is playing war games on a top secret computer to come up with a way to be an international hero, according to the man who designed the system.
According to Rev. Curt Tomlin, a former member of the battle staff of both presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, Clinton is a desperate man who is like an animal trapped in a corner. He will do anything to regain his credibility and deflect criticism from his impending impeachment hearings, he says. He also is driven by his desire to create a positive legacy of his time in the White House, according to various reports.
Clinton's motivations are dangerous to the security of our nation, according to Tomlin. It was Tomlin who designed and perfected the Pentagon's first war games computer system, the top secret "Single Integrated Operating Procedure."
The "SIOP" computer is a method of targeting a military attack and evaluating the most likely response to that attack, according to Tomlin. Highly classified intelligence information is gathered from all over the world by the CIA and other sources, placed in the computer, and then accessed by Clinton to play his own personal war games.
"The decisions he's making right now are totally illogical and irresponsible," Tomlin told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview. "Looking at the power and everything he's got at his finger tips. That's a dangerous situation for a spastic individual."
Tomlin has maintained silence about the top secret program for many years. He has been called out of retirement three times and has served in the Navy, Air Force, and Army for a combined total of just over 24 years. He has also been hired by government contractors to assist in computer intelligence systems designed to improve security for military computer systems.
"I could be sticking my neck on the chopping block for a number of reasons," said Tomlin of his decision to make his information public. "Number one is, I'm still under some lifetime restrictions on security clearances. For example two of the clearances I had above top secret was ESI and category 7 and 9. That was three above that. Those are lifetime. So I have to be a little bit careful about what I put in print. I think people have to be aware of this, regardless of the consequences on my end. I feel that I would be guilty of the military crime of negligence of duty if I did not bring this to somebody's attention," explained Tomlin.
Clinton had tried to become an international hero by destroying hundreds of terrorists being trained by Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and a chemical weapons plant in Sudan. Those two missile attacks were chosen through use of the SIOP computer to which Clinton has access, according to Tomlin.
The computer predicted the result of the attacks would bring about the death of hundreds of terrorist forces and eliminate a chemical weapons factory. Someone intervened to change the results, according to an intelligence source who spoke only on condition of anonymity.
Reports in European newspapers after the attacks by Clinton corroborate what that source claimed. "There were no dead terrorists, and the chemical weapons plant was an innocent pharmaceutical plant. Instead of being a hero, Clinton is an international laughing stock. The terrorists were tipped off and cleared the area. The real chemical weapons plant was two miles away. It was a combination of bad intelligence and purposeful intervention," said the source.
Clinton has been searching the SIOP system ever since the failure in an effort to find another opportunity to prove himself to the world and become the international hero he envisions for his legacy, according to the source. Tomlin agrees.
"There's no choice. He's either going to sink or try again. We can look for some very unpleasant responses, depending on the target he chooses," says Tomlin.
When Clinton actually succeeds at inflicting damage to a group of international terrorists, many experts believe there will be swift and deadly retaliation. Americans are in danger of massive chemical and biological attacks in major metropolitan areas, as well as similar attacks on large military bases.
Tomlin says he is personally aware of unprotected water supplies to domestic military bases that could provide terrorists an opportunity to poison the drinking water used by most of the nation's military.
"When you contaminate a water supply ... that's almost beyond my comprehension," he remarked. The open borders of the United States make it a simple process for terrorists to come into the country and bring their weapons of mass destruction with them without detection," he says. "They can come and go as they please with any kind of cargo. That border is literally wide open, regardless of what INS tells you," warned Tomlin.
Tomlin believes there are many terrorist agents already located in the United States waiting for orders to strike. Other sources have independently confirmed that claim but were unwilling to be identified.
"There's no doubt that the U.S. is currently in the greatest danger of massive domestic attack from an external enemy than ever before in our nation's history," agreed one intelligence source who is equally concerned about Clinton pushing such terrorists to the point to massive retaliation. "They just need an excuse," he said.
"Of course, the president has available to him an awesome military force that he can use to launch a first strike on any target in the world," explained Tomlin of the top secret system available to Clinton. "One of the things I have been real concerned about recently is the type of response that we can expect from these various targets that the president can choose from. For example, if he chose to hit target A, the computer system would come back and tell him what kind of response he can expect. Will that response be in the nature of an explosive response like blowing up an embassy? Will it be in the form of a chemical or biological response, or a combination of the two? And it will also tell him, will the response be a psychological or political response, or a combination of any of these? In other words, the system will come back and tell him exactly what he can expect the owners of that target to do in retaliation," explained Tomlin, the father of that real-life computer war game.
"We got an awful lot of our information through CIA on site sources where these various targets were located," Tomlin says. "We could tell you anything you wanted to know about that target. How thick the walls were, if it were a structure, how far under ground it goes. How many megatons of explosives it would take to wipe it out totally, or give you 50 percent destruction, or 75 percent destruction. We could just tell you anything you wanted to know about that target."
The highly advanced computer system as well as the automated launch and attack systems enable Clinton to initiate an attack without the knowledge of very many other individuals. Such decisions could be made by Clinton alone, or with just a few political advisers. Military and security advisers could be left in the dark.
"That's what bothers me today," says Tomlin. "Given the fact that the man in the White House now has his finger on the trigger, and he can launch those forces which still consist of atomic warheads on any intercontinental ballistic missile. He can create a situation that could be very detrimental to this country. There are certain things that I'm really concerned about at this point in time concerning the highly probable responses that the president can expect as the result of striking certain targets."
With SIOP, Clinton can sit at his private computer and play war games until he finds the situation he likes best. He can literally type in various attacks around the world and the SIOP computer will tell him what will be the likely results of such an attack. With the push of a button he can turn the computer simulation he likes best into reality.
"The ones I am concerned about now is the possibility of a chemical or biological response to a specific strike that he would initiate," said Tomlin of his fear. "Simply because an explosive response is limited in scope. It's a token. It's a warning. But when you drop a very small amount of biological or chemical agents into the water supply of a large city of Dallas or Houston, my friend, we have a problem in that area. You can bring these agents through customs on our southern border almost undetected. There's just very little possibility of these things being detected coming through Customs or just walking across the border in a deserted area."
Tomlin created the SIOP computer back in 1963 when he served on the Kennedy battle staff. He continued to serve on the Johnson battle staff as well. Since then he has helped the military work on numerous top secret defense projects and information systems.
Tomlin did his work in the top secret underground "site R," as well as in the Pentagon war room. His work was considered so critical that he had a 24-hour armed Marine guard watching over him.
Although Tomlin is now retired, he still lives by Fort Hood in Texas and has many neighbors who are current and former military. He claims there are many who are getting out of the service because of Clinton.
"Unfortunately," says Tomlin, "that's the sentiment that is running rampant among military people in this area. If you cannot trust your leader, then we have a problem. This man cannot be trusted. They are deserting (their careers). I'm talking about our combat experienced veterans. They're giving up 18 years, 17 years and so forth and getting out because they can no longer trust their leader. They don't want to be a part of what he might create."
Tomlin expects Clinton to launch an attack very soon that will bring devastating domestic retaliation to the U.S.
"If I were still on active duty, either as an enlisted man or as a commissioned officer, knowing what I know now, looking at all of the information I have available to me, I would have no choice but to resign my commission or terminate my enlistment simply because there is no way that I could now trust my commander in chief," said Tomlin.
David Bresnahan, a WorldNetDaily contributing editor, hosts "Talk USA Investigative Reports" and is the author of "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception." His email address is