No Difference Between
Clinton And Gore - Schlafly
By Phyllis Schlafly
***DON'T BE MISLED by the Monicagate soap opera into thinking that the Clinton Administration is so crippled that it isn't doing anything important.***
***DON'T BE MISLED into thinking that impeachment -- or resignation -- or censure --of Bill Clinton would end the damage he is doing to America.***
IN THE FIRST PLACE, there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Clinton and Al Gore on the fundamental issues (1) grossly invading our privacy (2) secretly grabbing more power into the hands of the Federal Government at the expense of Congress and the states (3) moving control over our land, economy, courts, and families to global organizations; and (4) using wacko environmentalism as an excuse for all the above, plus higher taxes.
IN THE SECOND PLACE, Bill and Hillary Clinton have STACKED the Executive Branch of the government with an "ARMY" of radical leftist Clintonistas who are steadily changing our whole structure of government in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Under cover of all the salacious stuff about Monicagate -- and Hillary's hysteria about "a vast right-wing conspiracy" --Clinton has issued what the press calls "a blizzard" of Executive Orders.
***CLINTON'S EXECUTIVE ORDER 13083: on Federalism grabs large powers from the states and from Congress and transfers them to the Executive Branch.
***IF Y2K (YEAR 2000 COMPUTER CRASH) precipitates a national emergency, Clinton will be ready to assume emergency dictatorial powers that no American President has ever had before.
***CLINTON'S EXECUTIVE ORDER 13087 added "sexual orientation" to the "nondiscrimination" list for Federal Government hiring.
***CLINTON'S EXECUTIVE ORDER 13061 on American Heritage Rivers grabbed federal control of ten American rivers -- along with a lot of land along their banks -- and turned them over to management by his federal appointees called "Rvier Navigators) each paid $100,000 a year. Their job is to browbeat local citizens into acquiescing in federal land management of their private property, national land-use planning, and federal zoning to restrict development.
CLINTON IS UNCONSTITUTIONALLY using Executive Orders to by pass Congress's legislative powers and the Senate's treaty power. Since the current Congress apparently has no stomach to resist the Clinton-Gore totalitarian actions, we must elect more young, authentic conservatives to Congress in November.
Let me tell you more . . .
The leftwing Clintonistas inside the Federal Government are working against our freedom, our privacy, and our sovereignty in so many insidious ways:
**They are working right now in Senate-House conference committees to manipulate legislation just before passage in order to grab new powers for the bureaucracy, especially in the education bills.
**They are pushing hard for the passage of bills promoted by the big multinationals -- which are so hurtful to Americans --such as the Ominous Patent bill and the several Copyright bills that can restrict news dissemination on the Internet (as Hillary demanded), and also allow Databases to monitor our medical records and other private information.
**They are veviously using the Environmental Protection Agency to implement treaties that the Senaate has refused to ratify, such as the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty.
**They are working through Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development - a pet project of Al Gore, too --not only to implement the unratified Biodiversity and Kyoto Global Warming Treaties, but also to indoctrinate America's school children, "kindergarten through higher education" with Clinton-Gore propaganda to make Americans feel guilty because we consume so much energy, and to con us into redistributing our wealth to the Third World.
Dear Friends of Eagle Forum: When you add up the Clinton-Gore attacks on personal freedom and privacy, as set forth in my reports) and the Clinton-Gore transfers of U.S. money and sovereign powers to global bureaucracies and corrupt foreign regimes, the Clinton-Gore Administration has brought about more changes in American Constitutional Government than in the entire rest of the 20th Century.
**And the Clinton-Gore Administration has two more years to lock in this incredible grab for totalitarian powers over American citizens! Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) has already asked the U.S. military if it will be ready to respond if Clinton declares martial law at Y2K. We must speak with a mighty roar in November 1991 Congressional elections.
I am asking you to make copies of this newsletter and send them everywhere in America to Americans.
Faithfully, Phyllis Schlafly
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