CIA-Drug Report Now Part
Of The Impeachment Battle
Michael Ruppert Receiving Death Threats
By Mike Ruppert <>
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CORRECTION To Internet Article Published On 1/1/99
Michael C. Ruppert -
January 15, 1999 - On January 1, 1999 I published, via the Internet, and subsequently on my web page a story entitled "CIA-Drug Report Now A Part of the Impeachment Battle". In that story I made the statement, "Coral Baca is now married to the infamous drug dealer Carlos Lehder who was at one time the number three man in the Medellin cartel and who was imprisoned by Geo. Bush and later used as the chief witness against Manuel Noriega."
I have been contacted by Ms. Baca through an attorney representing her who insinuates strongly that Ms Baca did not marry Carlos Lehder and threatens legal action if I do not correct. My story was presented in good faith based upon independent statements of two highly credible and unimpeachable sources. As of late August of 1998 a wedding was definitely imminent and at least one invitation had been extended. As a publisher and editor I, of course, reserve the right to keep those sources confidential. I do here note, for the record, that Ms. Baca, according to her attorney, did not marry Carlos Lehder.
I stand by the rest of my story.
Michael C. Ruppert

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There is now no doubt that Volume II of the CIA Inspector General's investigation of Contra Drug trafficking is a part of the impeachment calculus. Various sources are reporting on the net that Bill Clinton is threatening to bring down the entire government with Volume II hearings which are supposed to occur within the next three weeks. As described in the October and November issues of my newsletter From The Wilderness, ( Volume II, released October 8th is a virtual confession by the CIA that it criminally conspired, with premeditation, to traffic in cocaine during the Contra war.
Long time Clinton critic, Larry Nichols, released a newsletter yesterday in which he acknowledged this scenario and attempted to cut the issue off from reaching former president George Bush. In that newsletter he stated that although Oliver North and John Poindexter (both implicated by Vol. II) were guilty of dealing drugs, they were, "rogue elements who were not a part of the 'racquet club'." This is a patently false and absurd statement intended to separate George Bush (hence his sons) from guilt in CIA's fifty years of drug dealing. Nichols is reportedly aligned politically with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell who are both supporting George W. Bush for president in the year 2000.
Evidence linking George Bush, the National Security Council and the White House directly to Contra era drug trafficking is abundant and irrefutable. It includes (just to list a few items):
I. Executive Order 12333 and National Security Decision Directives 2&3 which placed Bush directly in control of all national security operations including drug interdiction and the contra war. II. The fact that Special Forces personnel including Bill Tyree were ordered to participate in CIA drug mission during the 1970s when George Bush was Director of Central Intelligence. Direct evidence of this is contained in a 1998 $63 million federal lawsuit filed in Boston, Tyree v. CIA, Bush et al. This suit can be referenced at by using the search engine and entering "Tyree". III. The fact that George Bush was Director of Central Intelligence when I was first exposed to CIA drug trafficking and CIA attempted to recruit me through my (then) fiancee who was a CIA agent. IV. Direct links to George Bush's staff arising from investigations into Barry Seal. V. The investigation by former Federal Public defender John Mattes which located the phone number of Bush aide Col. Menarchik in the possession of an alleged gun runner, Jesus Garcia, connected to drugs. VI. Gary Webb's magnificent book, Dark Alliance. VII. Terry Reed's book Compromised and his witness statements to the effect that Bill Casey (i.e. George Bush) had anointed Clinton to become president if he behaved himself. VIII. The written testimony of Celerino Castillo (DEA retired) in which Cele was told by U.S. Ambassador Edwin Corr that CIA drug dealing out of Ilopango airfield in El Salvador was a "White House operation." IX. The written testimony of Michael C. Ruppert in which I was told by a former NSC staffer that decisions to deal drugs were made at the NSC (White House) level. X. The investigation of Col. Albert Vincent Carone which shows that Oliver North's and George Bush's chief bagman had direct links to both Geo. Bush and Bill Casey. XI. The written record of Senator John Kerrey's investigation into CIA drug trafficking of eleven years ago which produced mountains of evidence linking directly to Donald P. Gregg, Geo, Bush's national security adviser.
Even the CIA report itself describes special briefings for then Vice President Bush which indicate his culpability.
CIA drug dealing is not an isolated or rogue event. In the U.S. v. Roy Reagan, Tucson (1998) former CIA pilot and special independent counsel Gary Eitel testified that CIA was flying drugs into Mena, AK as far back as 1972-5.
In my opinion Bill Clinton is threatening to scorch the earth and to bring down the entire government. This becomes even more likely as Rep Chris Cox's House Committee looking into technology transfers to China raises the specter of treason in connection to the Clinton administration. It should be remembered that many of these transfers began under Geo. Bush and that the Bush family has extensive business investments in China.
Note that Volume II of the CIA's Inspector general report was released just one hour after the House Judiciary Committee voted to begin the impeachment inquiry. It was released by George Tenet, the CIA Director who is a Clinton appointee. I believe that Bill Clinton picked up the phone and ordered Tenet to release the more revealing of two versions of the report in a clear message which said, "OK, I can play that game too." The major media has ignored Volume II because it has been told to.
In reviewing the events of the past four years, since Gary Webb's magnificent stories in The San Jose Mercury News, I notice a pattern which indicates that the Webb stories may well have been planted, without his knowledge, in preparation for just the scenario we see being played out now. Ken Starr, who authored a memorandum between Reagan Attorney General William French-Smith and Bill Casey showing premeditation on the part of CIA and the administration to deal drugs, was appointed Independent Counsel in late 1994. In the summer of 1995 source Coral Baca showed up at Gary Webb's doorstep with documents which started his whole CIA investigation. Coral Baca is now married to the infamous drug dealer Carlos Lehder who was at one time the number three man in the Medellin cartel and who was imprisoned by Geo. Bush and later used as the chief witness against Manuel Noriega.
George Bush overthrew the Medellin cartel in favor of the Cali cartel at the end of the Contra war. That is a motive for revenge against Bush.
For the record, I will restate my belief that William Jefferson Clinton is guilty of a great many crimes including drug smuggling at Mena, illegal fundraising and the illegal and treasonous transfer of technology to China. But Bill Clinton did not begin this treason and his removal will not end it. Bill Clinton is a side of the same coin as George Bush and although they may be feuding with each other they must both go down, in measure for their crimes, if the truth is to win out and the American people are to be served.
For the record, if I had my choice as to which one of the two represented the greater evil, I would say George Bush - without the blink of an eye. I'll give you just two reasons for that: George W. and Jeb.
Recently I activated an 800 number for purchase of my newsletter, videos and reports. That number is 800-426-4432. I have also made a number of radio appearances in which I have discussed parts of the above and my support for Maxine Waters who has been the single most significant Congressional voice on the issue of CIA drug dealing. It is possible for me to support her without saying that I endorse Bill Clinton. On Dec. 30, I was a guest for three hours on the Sightings radio program of host Jeff Rense in 35 cities nationwide. Several of my writings have been posted at various places on the web. As a result I have received a number of death threats and other intimidating messages calling me a "nigger lover", "traitor to my race" etc. and stating, "We have ways of dealing with your kind".
For the record I am proud to have received the endorsement of a number of African-American groups including the Baptist Ministerial Conference of Southern California, The National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Kwanzaa, The Mount Zigurat Baptist Church, Maddads, 1800 Unite-Us, yes, and even the Panther Vanguard Movement. I will be proud to die, if necessary, claiming them as advocates of the truth. We have been pitted against each other by race, sex, political affiliation, geographic location for too long. Just as evil knows no color, neither does virtue.
When someone shows me a more outspoken leader in Congress on the issue of CIA and drugs than Maxine Waters then I will support them.
What I need now is money and support: money to get to Washington for hearings and cover the thousands I am spending on mailings and the web page, and support to distribute this message.
In a subsequent message I will tell you of a meeting on January 12 at 46th and Main which will begin the process of organizing a protest March at the intersection of Florence and Normandie on April 29, 1999, solely on the issue of CIA and drugs. We expect 10,000. This March will include all races, sexes and political viewpoints and it will demonstrate that the American public does have a voice and is capable of using it.
Mike Ruppert 1-1-99