China's Missile Center
Termed Safety Nightmare

Note - If the missile center and launch facilities are this reliable are those 12 Chinese ICBMs reportedly targeted on the US right now?
Communist China's satellite launch centre lacks basic safety features and poses a constant danger to US technicians and thousands of peasants living nearby, according to newly declassified White House documents.
The searing assessment of the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre was written by an engineer for the satellite consortium Intelsat, according to White House officials. Intelsat was using Chinese rockets to launch US-built commercial satellites into orbit.
The launch facilities "fell pathetically short of the world standard in most areas", the engineer wrote. "Every time you launch, you stand a good chance of killing someone."
Citing often-fatal mishaps, the engineer, Daniel Lilienstein, wrote: "This kind of callous disregard for human life is unconscionable and should not be supported by satellite operators."
Writing in March 1996, soon after the crash of a Long March rocket that was carrying a satellite built by Loral Space and Communications, Mr Lilienstein filed a report on hazards at the launch site.
His assessment was part of a 6,000-page collection of documents sent on Friday by the White House to congressional committees investigating the February 1996 crash.
It portrays the launch centre as "a make-do kind of place" which was poorly equipped and staffed by under-trained workers.
Mr Lilienstein described uninsulated wiring, workers suffering frequent electrical shocks, windows exploding at the time of the crash and a real danger that the falling spacecraft could have slammed down on the mission control centre.
The rocket exploded 22 seconds after lift-off, carrying with it the US$200 million (HK$1.5 billion) Loral satellite which was to be used by Intelsat, a Washington-based, 122-country communication services consortium.
After the crash, which killed nearly 100 people in a nearby village, Mr Lilienstein and other engineers staggered around in a darkened building, its windows blown in and some of its doors no longer working.

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