Linda Wiegand's Nightmare:
A Hideous Child
Abuse Catastrophe
From Robalini
Thanks to all who have been working on this case, and who have forwarded me this information. Thanks to Ted Gunderson and Bo Gritz for their work, and hope that Mr. Gritz is freed for his actions in this case. Thanks and credit should also go to The Free American, edited by Clayton Douglas, for having all this information in their March 1998 issue. I urge you all to get your hands on that issue, and do what you can to stop this atrocity that is even too mindblowing for me.
The Free American
According to the retired head of the Los Angeles Bureau of the FBI, the Linda Wiegand case is "the worst case of child sexual abuse and judicial corruption I've seen in 47 years of investigative work." Authorities (judges, police, doctors, child protective services) in four states (Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut) have tried in vain to order four politically appointed family court judges in Hartford, Connecticut to stop protecting the man who is sexually abusing Linda's little boys, Jon and Ben.
Amid speculation that the judges are taking bribes or are personally involved somehow with the child sexual abuser, Tom Wilkinson, the judges and their collaborators for some reason refuse to obey the law. Their illegal behavior is so outrageous that the police of a neighboring county attempted to arrest the judges, but the judges were able to use a legal maneuver to avoid the arrest.
In the most blatant example of their illegal behavior, the judges broke the law by ruling outside of their jurisdiction when they awarded custody of both of Linda's children to Wilkinson, even though he has no legal or familial relation to Linda's oldest boy! This action protected Wilkinson from an on-going criminal prosecution of him in Vermont for having repeated anal sex with Linda's four year old son, Ben, and stopped the pending investigation of him for raping seven year old Jon. It gave Wilkinson the right to deny permission for both children to testify against him in court.
Linda and her supporters have emphasized that this is not a common custody battle with an ex-spouse (Linda was briefly married to Wilkinson). There is evidence that Wilkinson is involved with others who are engaged in the kind of crimes against young children that everyone can agree must be stopped. For example, the children have testified that Wilkinson has repeatedly raped them at knife point.
In the past, many men and women in Hartford County who have protested the sexual abuse of their children have found themselves running into a nightmare similar to Linda's at the hands of the same judicial bureaucracy. Some of the women have been driven into mental institutions after attempting to the protect their children in the face of bureaucratic stonewalling, judicial misconduct, and outright threats.
After her first and only meeting with Wilkinson, a very scared court appointed evaluator immediately called Linda to tell her that Jon and Ben are in great danger and that she (the evaluator) is in "way over my head." The next morning the evaluator resigned from the case. Yet, the judges continue to protect Wilkinson from prosecution and give him legal and physical custody of both of Linda's children.
However, Linda refuses to be intimidated and has fought very hard to protect her children. As a result, the judges seized every possession she ever had including her home and cars. They fined her $500,000 (at 8% interest compounded annually) and threw her in the murderer's section of a maximum security prison. Due to public pressure, Linda was eventually released, but only after she agreed to give the presiding judge 100% of her income till the year 2008. Linda Wiegand Case -- Summary
Linda is now facing a criminal trial on four counts of custodial interference in the first degree. Two of the counts are for taking her children out of the state of Connecticut and two are for not returning them. She faces many years in prison even though 1) she had legal custody when she left the state ; 2) the custody transfer was illegal since she was never notified of it ; 3) two of the statutes under which she was charged were not in effect until one year after she left the state.
A sympathetic guard got word to Linda through a radio show host that if she was returned to prison she will not get out alive. As a result, Linda is desperately trying to find people who will help save her children should anything happen to her.
Jon and Ben are in such imminent danger that Connecticut DCF (Department of Children and Families) filed a petition alleging "current abuse and neglect" of Jon and Ben by Wilkinson and declared that by living with him, her children are living in an "injurious environment." DCF and a school nurse determined that Jon had been beaten with a baseball bat right before he was to testify against Wilkinson again. (The children have repeatedly sworn that Wilkinson has sexually assaulted them, physically abused them and threatened to kill them if they talked.)
Linda is currently suing the judges in federal court, but the action won't reach a conclusion fast enough to stop the damage that is being done to her children. As result, Linda and her supporters are requesting assistance in finding a courageous lawyer (she needs more than one), or in getting the media to look more fully into her case.
In addition, Linda is asking people to write to the State's Attorney, James Thomas, (101 Lafayette Street, Hartford, CT 06106 ) and thank him for his investigation and encourage him to expedite the case against Wilkinson as soon as possible.
The lives of Linda's children and all the other children who are at the mercy of people like Wilkinson are at stake.
Together we can save Jon and Ben.
The Wiegand Fund P.O. Box 2043 Abington, MA 02351
Linda's Voice Mail: (203) 492-3420 Hotline (to listen to a recorded message only): (203) 492-3419
Events Leading to Allegations of Judicial Corruption and Coverup of Child Sexual Abuse
January, 1986 Following college, Linda has son, Jon, during a brief marriage (annulled after 10 months.)
September to January 1987 Linda is a successful marketing executive. She hires Tom Wilkinson's construction company to do some work in her house.
Wilkinson moves in with Linda.
January, 1989 Linda gives birth to Ben. Wilkinson frequently leaves Linda's bed at night to sleep with newborn Ben and three year old Jon. Wilkinson claims he was married to Ben in a "past life."
April,1989 Ben and Jon begin showing problem behavior. Jon simulates violent intercourse with his teddy bear. He displays an erection at the dinner table with his grandmother. Ben has an infectious condition called Thrush on his mouth and genitals. Wilkinson gets thrush in his mouth.
Both boys have constant serious bowel movement problems. Both children have a red ring around their anus.
Linda takes Jon and Ben to five different pediatricians and is given reasons for the children's problems like: "potty training anxiety," "diet," "not enough prunes," "need stool softeners."
September,1989 Linda founds "Gifts of Love" charity in Simsbury, Connecticut. She matches families who have lost their jobs and are in the middle of losing their houses with sponsoring families who can help.
January, 1991 Linda marries Wilkinson. On the honeymoon, Wilkinson says that he is now celibate.
Wilkinson continues to leave Linda's bed at night to sleep in the boys' bedroom. Linda thinks the behavior is odd, but does not suspect abuse.
July, 1992 Wilkinson is removed by the police from Linda's home in a case in which the testimony is sealed according to Connecticut Domestic Violence Program policy. Linda and Wilkinson separate.
July thru September, 1992 Thinking her children need contact with a male role model with whom they have an emotional relationship, Linda invites Wilkinson to see her children at any time he wishes.
Both Jon and Ben continue to exhibit problem behavior like constant masturbating and having oral sex with their new St. Bernard dog, Molly.
September, 1992 Believing a pediatrician's advice that the children's problem behavior may be caused by her spending too much time working on her charity, Linda moves to her condo in Vermont to take a year to cut back on the charity work and spend more time with Jon and Ben. Linda invites Wilkinson to spend weekends with them.
November, 1992 Family Circle magazine gives Linda "Woman Who Makes a Difference" award along with an article about Gifts of Love.
Every two or three weeks Linda brings Jon and Ben down from Vermont to Connecticut, to stay with Tom for part of the day, while she attends Board of Director meetings for Gifts of Love.
Linda receives the Connecticut Congress Citation for her charity work.
January, 1993 Four year old Ben tells his Vermont pre-school teacher that his father is having "xex" with him.
Linda doesn't want to believe the allegation. She thinks maybe Ben doesn't know what sex is. She calls Wilkinson to tell him about the situation and Wilkinson reacts with anger at the teacher for reporting it.
Both boys are examined by a pediatrician and are found to have evidence of serious sexual abuse by a man. Both boys tell the doctor that they are being sodomized by Wilkinson.
Stowe (Vermont) Police Detective Bruce Merriam and Social Worker James Adams interview Ben. Four year old Ben says he has worries, holding up three fingers. Ben explains the three worries are his dad (Wilkinson), "his penis on my penis, tongue in my butt and his penis in my mouth." Ben says that Wilkinson pees in his mouth and forces him to drink it, making him sick to his stomach.
Wilkinson is arrested and put in jail. As prosecution of Wilkinson begins, he gets out on bail and immediately goes to a politically appointed judge, Family Court Chief Administrator, Judge Herbert Barall, in Hartford County , Connecticut (the county in which Wilkinson's wealthy father lives) and asks for custody of Ben.
February, 1993 Investigators in Vermont discover instructions for ritual sacrifice of animals encrypted on one of Wilkinson's computer disks.
March, 1993 Reader's Digest gives Linda "Hero for Today" award for her charity work.
May, 1993 Vermont State Prosecuting Attorney asks Judge Barall by letter to stay all custody proceedings until criminal charges of molestation against Wilkinson are adjudicated.
Judge Barall denies the request from Vermont and refuses to consider the criminal case against Wilkinson. Judge Barall illegally refuses to hold a hearing on the issue.
Ben and Jon begin breaking down. Ben tries to commit suicide by walking across the highway. He wears his snowboots filled with sewing pins. Ben says he wants to feel pain because he wants to kill himself. Jon is so angry over his abuse, Linda has to remove all knives from the house. At pizza with some of Linda's friends, a man in the party isn't aware of the situation with Wilkinson and asks Jon how his father is doing. Jon dives under the table and attempts to stab the man in the genitals for asking about Wilkinson.
June, 1993 Judge Barall appoints his ex-clerk, Judith Benedict, as Jon and Ben's guardian and attorney, even though it's a conflict of interest for the same person to be both guardian and attorney.
Since the children had testified about abuse in Connecticut as well as Vermont, Linda takes Jon and Ben to be interviewed by the Simsbury Connecticut police. The police confirm that Wilkinson abused Jon and Ben. They say they will do one more interview with the children, then will arrest Wilkinson. Judge Barall hears about the investigation and orders the police to close the case and submit all the drawings and audio tapes of testimony made by Jon and Ben to Judge Barall himself. (Subsequent investigation will reveal that the detective who closed the case and turned over all drawings and tapes to Barall is a 33 year friend of Wilkinson's attorney.
July, 1993 Judge Barall awards legal (not physical) custody of Ben to Wilkinson's sister, Karen.
The State of Vermont District Director of Social Services, Department of Social and Rehabilitation, Social Services Division writes to authorities in Hartford, Connecticut expressing concern that the court has ordered custody of Ben to Karen Wilkinson, the abuser's sister. She states that this could place both children at great risk of harm and further abuse by Wilkinson. In addition, she states that: "Linda Wiegand has acted appropriately to protect her sons from further harm and to see that they are receiving proper counseling to deal with their abuse. Mr. Wilkinson's argument has been that the boys were coached by Ms. Wiegand to say the things that they did in order to gain custody of them in the divorce. Dr. Balsam was questioned about this and feels confident that the boys were not coached."
July, 1993 Linda takes Jon and Ben on a scheduled three week trip to visit friends in Texas. While Linda is away, Wilkinson's attorney asks Vermont authorities to drop the case against Wilkinson because the victims are not available to testify. Vermont authorities agree to suspend prosecution ("close without prejudice") until the children are back in Vermont.
When Linda returns from Texas, she is prevented by Judge Barall from returning to Vermont to proceed with the prosecution, when he tells her she must live in Hartford County , Connecticut or lose physical custody of Ben. (Barall continues to leave legal custody of Ben with Wilkinson's sister.)
August, 1993 Vermont Dr. Ahlers relates in a letter to Benedict (Jon and Ben's court appointed attorney) bizarre behavior of four year old Ben during a visit wherein Ben stated: "I'm going to hump you Mom. I'm going to hump you Jon. I'm going to suck your vagina, Mom. I'm going to suck my penis. Jon, I'm going to suck your penis. Jon, why don't you suck my penis. I'm going to f**k you Jon. " Dr. Ahlers states that he was examining Ben, Ben "attempted to suck his own penis." Dr. Ahlers further states that Jon and Ben need on-going psychotherapy to get them through this stage of child sexual abuse.
Due to the homicidal (Jon) and suicidal (Ben) state of her children, Linda takes them for evaluation to Harvard Affiliated McLean Hospital in Boston Mass. The hospital report states that Jon spontaneously advised "I know why we're here." He stated "It's because my dad put his penis in our butts, and the last time he put it in Ben's mouth." Jon draws a picture of Wilkinson threatening him not to talk by saying "I'll kill you."
Ben said, "Well, I have these problems. My dad has these problems. He wakes me up in the middle of the night and takes me outside. " Ben describes how his father took him into the backyard and slaughtered a kitten and told him that the same will happen to him if he talks about the abuse. Ben stated that he had "pee pee and doo doo problems" with his father outside one day. He states that his "Aunt Karen has a vagina, a pee pee hole, and butt hole and tried to kill him". Ben states that after his mother left, he had "gina" problems with Aunt Karen, who he said "Pushed my head down to her "gina" and stood up and tried to pee in my mouth."
Immediately after Linda reveals to Wilkinson's attorney the location of Jon and Ben, the children's court appointed attorney, Benedict, begins a barrage of calls to the hospital demanding that they not examine the children for sexual abuse.
Four hours later (driving time from Wilkinson's home to the Boston hospital), Wilkinson and his sister show up at the hospital and file an order to withdraw Jon and Ben from the hospital into their custody. Linda is in her hotel room taking a shower at the time.
Jon and Ben's doctor calls Linda and tells her to immediately go to a judge and get an order that Wilkinson and his sister can never be near the kids again. To help in the meantime, the doctor files an involuntary committal of the children to make it more difficult for them to be removed. A Boston area Judge gives a protective order against Wilkinson and his sister. Linda faxes the order to the hospital just in time to stop Wilkinson and his sister.
When Linda shows up at the hospital, Wilkinson and his sister confront Linda in the parking lot and scream at her that they will get her committed to a mental institution. When police arrive Wilkinson and his sister flee.
(Subsequent investigation will reveal a large number of women in Hartford county who tried to protect their children from sex abuse and were then hounded into insane asylums by a campaign of judicial terror by many of the same Hartford county judges, attorneys, doctors and law enforcement officials involved in Linda's case.)
Linda begins five months of taking Jon and Ben back and forth between criminal proceedings in Vermont and Custody proceedings in Connecticut. Some days they appear in Vermont in the morning then have to make the five hour drive for appearances in Connecticut courts on same day.
October, 1993 During three month long custody evaluation, someone kills Molly, the St. Bernard. She is poisoned with acid while outside and returns into the house to hemorrhage all over dining room.
January, 1994 Linda begins running ads in Hartford Sunday paper asking if others are having the same kind of problems with the courts in Hartford County. Over 100 men and women reply in the affirmative.
Hartford County Dr.Ken Robson determines that despite the heinous sexual abuse allegations, the boys did not see sexual acts, did not see explicit movies, just made them up as "magical thinking". Linda claims this is medical malpractice because she witnessed the boys describing the graphic acts of sodomy and oral sex with Wilkinson and his sister.
February, 1994 Linda takes the children on a trip for rest, recuperation, and medical treatment.
Linda is informed that a few days after she left Connecticut, Judge Barall held a secret hearing with sealed orders without Linda's attorney present. Although she was never served with these orders, Linda will learn much later that in the secret hearing Barall awarded custody of both Jon and Ben to Wilkinson's sister. Since Jon is from Linda's first marriage, and Wilkinson never adopted him, Wilkinson and especially his sister have no legal right to the child and the child is therefore not under Judge Barall's jurisdiction.
March 13, 1994 Head family court Judge Barall recuses himself because Linda files a recusal motion. He assigns the case to Judge Thelma Santos. Santos gives orders to confiscate the entire contents of Linda's house. Linda is ordered to pay $1,000 to Wilkinson for moving expenses involved in confiscating her possessions. Linda pays the money to avoid contempt charges, but is never given a receipt as was promised, never given an inventory as was promised, and basically lost everything she and her children ever had.
In addition, Santos illegally orders mail confiscated from Linda's post office box and seizes Linda's cars, including the one Linda was using to drive Jon and Ben to the hospital.
April, 1994 In a hearing held without notification and without Linda's lawyer present, Wilkinson's sister withdraws as guardian. Wilkinson, who "happens"to be the only one in court who volunteers , takes custody of both Jon and Ben.
May, 1994 Benedict and Wilkinson motion for and receive guardianship of Jon and Ben's estate. Wilkinson gets the children's part of Linda's disability benefits.
August 16, 1994. Dr. Balsam, a licensed psychiatrist practicing in Burlington, Vermont states in an affidavit that Jon and Ben both recounted specific instances of Wilkinson abusing them, which included, but were not limited to "Thomas Wilkinson putting his penis in Benjamin's butt, Thomas Wilkinson striking Jonathan, and Thomas Wilkinson licking Benjamin's butt. The children recounted other instances of sexual and physical abuse as well."
October, 1994 According to Linda, "Because I am being prosecuted for custodial interference I cannot give details, but I took the boys west to a doctor who specializes in treating victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I had done much research on the testimony of the boys and the pictures they had drawn containing blood sacrifice, Tom Wilkinson's praying to the Devil, etc.. and suspected something more was going on than just sexual abuse. The boys started doing really well. They eventually got involved in Little League & basketball, swimming and had lots of friends."
November, 1994 With Linda out of the state, Judge Santos seals the court room, illegally confiscates Linda's attorney's briefcase and goes through its contents. Santos puts a gag order on the attorney, seals the records and throws the attorney out of court.
January 25, 1995 In a final divorce judgement. Santos awards 400% of Linda's income to Wilkinson for alimony and child support of both of Linda's children. Santos fines Linda $500,000 at 8% compound interest. Awards $50,000 to Wilkinson's attorney. Orders that all the property originally seized from the contents of Linda's house be given to Wilkinson and that none of the worth be credited toward Linda's fine. Santos awards Linda's house to Wilkinson. Santos Illegally orders that Linda should have absolutely no contact with her children at all, in violation of the Law that allows the parent to have at least one day a year visitation. Santos orders Linda to pay $10,000 to Benedict, Jon and Ben's court appointed "guardian."
March, 1995 Linda's Attorney appeals Judge Santos's $500,000 fine at 8% compound interest per year and custody order, but Judge Santos herself denies the appeal, although by law, judges are not allowed to decide the appeal of their own rulings.
August, 1995 A Rutherford Institute attorney attempts to represent Linda, but Santos denies the right saying Linda doesn't deserve representation because she is a fugitive.
November, 1995 A Rutherford attorney tries to negotiate with Wilkinson's attorney to start a fresh new divorce trial if Linda returns. Wilkinson's attorney says they will agree to a new trial, if Linda turns both kids over to Wilkinson and publicly issues a statement that he never abused her kids.
December, 1995 Linda hears lawyer John DeCamp on his radio show discussing similar sexual abuse in Nebraska. She contacts him and he agrees to represent her.
July 1996 Wilkinson offers a $100, 000 reward for Linda's whereabouts. Linda's former neighbor responds to the offer and turns Linda in to the FBI. An FBI swat team breaks in to Linda's house in Las Vegas and arrests her. They search the house and find a receipt that leads them to the location where the boys are spending the day in a local summer camp.
Ben and Jon are not allowed to see Linda and are put into a facility for homeless children. When told they're being given to Wilkinson they collapse against wall and say they want to commit suicide or a crime so they can be put in jail with their mother.
After two weeks in Nevada county jail, Linda is extradited to Connecticut. The standard procedure for cases like Linda's would be to have two marshals fly her back to the state of extradition. Instead, Linda endures seven days of what is known as "diesel therapy" for hardened criminals. Linda is put aboard a bus and held in a small cage in shackles and belly chains and handcuffs for seven days and nights without relief, as she is driven all over the country in a meandering trip to Connecticut. She and the 80 other prisoners in cages are not allowed basic amenities like a toothbrush or toilet paper. The only clothes Linda is wearing is a summer dress that she threw on as she stepped out of the shower and was arrested. Without hose to protect her ankles, Linda's feet become so damaged from the shackles that she will never be able to wear regular shoes again for the rest of her life.
Linda arrives in Connecticut, is arrested on two counts of custodial interference and is bailed out at $20,000.
August, 1996 Linda hires a detective who finds Jon and Ben in Karen Wilkinson's house in New York. The boys' pediatrician, Dr. Ahlers, issues a statement of imminent danger. Linda takes the statement to New York Social Services and they immediately go to a New York judge, who orders both children removed from Karen Wilkinson and given to Linda. The NY state police storm her house, but Wilkinson flees back to the protection of Hartford County in Connecticut. The local Hartford County police are asked to serve the valid protective order from New York, but they refuse and threaten to arrest Linda and the Hartford County child advocate who officially accompanied Linda.
While Linda is at the Police station, a sympathetic officer tells Linda that as many as three unrelated men have been seen living in Wilkinson's house with Jon and Ben.
September, 1996 Patriot movement leader and war hero (most decorated living soldier), Bo Gritz asks to interview Linda on his radio show. Gritz is appalled by Linda's story.
Gritz comes to Hartford county to visit Linda and hear more about her case. In accordance with a pattern of intimidation and harassment of people who come forward to help Linda, Gritz is arrested for attempted "kidnapping" while driving through the town where Wilkinson lives with Linda's children. Authorities there claim Bo "intended" to kidnap the children. Although the charge is ludicrous, Gritz is now facing 45 years in prison if convicted.
Police dispatch tapes that witnesses say prove that the police lied about whether they set-up the arrest of Gritz are taken to the court and locked in an evidence locker. The police chief comes to the court and over the vociferous objections of the sheriffs and court clerks removes the tapes. The chief has yet to return the tapes.
November, 1996 John DeCamp resigns from the case after he and Linda differ on strategy. He wants her to apply for visitation and then gradually over the years work toward eventually applying for custody. Linda wants to fight the sexual abuse case and apply for full custody immediately.
An anonymous transcript of a secret deposition of Linda's son Jon is sent to both Linda and Bo Gritz. It reveals that Jon testified on video tape August 1, 1996. During the deposition both Jon and Ben are forced to sit next to Wilkinson with no child advocate in the room, and with Wilkinson's attorney acting as their attorney. Everyone else is hidden from the children behind one way glass. Jon testifies to sodomy twenty times by Wilkinson, 15 times with a knife on the pillow, and that he saw Ben sodomized by Wilkinson. Although both children testify to extensive sexual abuse by Wilkinson, including explicit death threats if they speak out, Wilkinson is allowed to take the children home with him.
Since the deposition contains such grave allegations of abuse, the Vermont Federal Court puts a protective order on it. As a result, a copy of the tape is only available to those who can show a "valid" reason for viewing the tape. So far, no one has met that criteria, but Linda invites the media to try.
December 1996 Ted Gunderson (former FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Division) hears about Linda's case and volunteers to help saying it is the "worst case of child sexual abuse and judicial corruption I've seen in 47 years of investigative work."
In response to the revelations about the secret deposition of Jon, Linda goes before Judge George Levine to make an emergency request for Jon and Ben to be put in protective custody (not necessarily be given to Linda.) Levine refuses to hear Linda's request.
The following week, Levine orders Linda to appear in court to answer contempt of court charges for not paying the $500,000 fine. During the proceeding Levine asks if Linda still believes her children were or are being sexually abused by Wilkinson. Linda responds, "Yes." Levine responds, "Sheriff, put her in irons."
Levine puts Linda in the murderer's section of a maximum security prison. She is beaten once and sexually assaulted once. She sleeps in a locked cell with a woman who murdered her own brother and with a women who murdered a pregnant mother.
January, 1997 Linda is still in prison. Connecticut DCF (Department of Children and Families) files an abuse and neglect petition against Wilkinson in juvenile court alleging current abuse and neglect of Jon and Ben by Wilkinson.
March, 1997 Linda is still in prison. DCF amended their petition alleging abuse and neglect to declare that the children are now living in an injurious environment and ask that the children be remanded to the custody of DCF.
April, 1997 After Linda is in maxium prison for 126 days, Judge Levine responds to a letter writing campaign started by Vicci Gritz (Bo's daughter.) Levine offers to release Linda if she signs over 100% of her income to him till the year 2008. Linda accepts the deal.
May, 1997 Linda files a formal complaint against Levine alleging civil rights abuses which causes Judicial Review Council to advise Levine that, historically, all judges in his position recuse themselves from the case. Levine very reluctantly recuses himself and for a brief two weeks and an honest judge, Lynda Munro, takes over the case.
Judge Munro allows Linda's lawyer to subpoena Wilkinson's bank registers to verify Wilkinson's need for the excessive alimony and child support Linda is required to pay.
Wilkinson submits xerox copies of his bank registers fill with obviously whited-out entries. Judge Munro orders Wilkinson to produce the originals. Wilkinson complies (he had the originals with him) and Judge Munro orders him to remove all the white-out tape. The clean document reveals that, although Wilkinson earns about $55,000 per year, every couple of weeks amounts like $100,000, $75,000 etc. Are being deposited into his account and huge checks are being written to his attorney.
The huge amounts of money passing through Wilkinson's account gives rise to speculation about the possibility that the money is being passed to the corrupt officials in the case. No one knows yet who is giving Wilkinson all the money he is receiving.
Judge Barall quickly removes Judge Munro from the case and replaces her with Judge Shortall.
May, 1997 In juvenile court, DCF amends their petition again to declare that Jon and Ben have been and or are being sexually abused by Wilkinson and possibly by his sister and to ask again that the children be removed into DCF custody.
June, 1997 In juvenile court, DCF amends their petition again to declare that Jon and Ben are being denied proper care and attention, physically, educationally, emotionally or morally and that they are living in a circumstances injurious to their well-being and that they have been abused and have a condition which is the result of maltreatment such as sexual molestation.
July, 1997 Judge Shortall orders Linda to contact all her supporters and the trustees of Linda's defense fund to turn over all monies to the Judge. Linda argues that ordering her to give money to the court that was mailed to her for her defense is, in effect, ordering her to commit felonious mail fraud and racketeering.
August, 1997 In juvenile court, DCF amends their petition again to declare that Jon and Ben are being emotionally neglected and abused by being denied complete contact with their mother for no reason.
September, 1997 In response to Linda's criminal attorney motioning for the criminal charges to be dismissed because Linda had legal custody of the boys when she left the State in 1994, the prosecutor adds two more charges even though the statute that he is charging her under was not in effect until one year after she left the state.
Juvenile court, DCF receives an order to have a parent child evaluation of each parent interacting with the children. However, judge Susan Peck (law partner of Judge Santo's spouse) allows the interaction evaluation, but specifically instructs DCF only to evaluate parent child interactions and not to evaluate sexual abuse or psychological abuse of the children.
October, 1997 Hamden police issue arrest applications for the four corrupt judges for custodial interference for not returning Jon and Ben to Linda. The Hartford County prosecutor announces that Hartford City police will refuse to cooperate with the Hamden police.
With all the court records sealed, Judge Peck appoints a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) evaluator. Wilkinson claims that anyone involved in Satanism is protected under the 1st amendment rights of religious freedom in the constitution. Wilkinson refuses to cooperate with the evaluator.
Linda cooperates with the evaluator. The day before Linda is scheduled to meet for the first time with her children, Wilkinson changes his mind and meets with the evaluator. That night, the terrified evaluator calls Linda at home and says that Linda's children are in great danger and that she (the evaluator) is in over her head. The next morning, the evaluator resigns from the case.
A friend of Linda's goes to the police to report that they had observed through a window, a man undress in Jon and Ben's room and observed the children react with hysterical fear.
Jon and Ben testify at a deposition where Wilkinson is suing Bo Gritz. There is no child advocate present. Ben refuses to answer any questions. Jon gives only his name and address then refuses to answer any questions and leaves. Outside, Wilkinson and his attorney speak sternly to Jon and bring him back. With Wilkinson on one side and his attorney on the other side of Jon, Jon says Wilkinson never abused him. Wilkinson's attorney (who is now also representing the children) asks Jon if his mother made him say those things. Jon says no, he doesn't know where they came from. When Jon yawns and raises his arms, everyone can see that the entire side of his arm and body are purple. The next day DCF and a school nurse determine that Jon has been beaten with a baseball bat.
Judge Shortall finds Linda in contempt of court for not paying the $500, 000 fine.
October, 1997 Paralegal Jack Ferm joins the fight to save Jon and Ben. Ferm discovers the corrupt Judges' achilles heal. In their effort to keep Jon and Ben from testifying against Wilkinson in Vermont by giving Wilkinson custody of both children, the judges made a strategic error. Since Jon is from a previous marriage, and Wilkinson never adopted Jon, he is not under the jurisdiction of the family court. As a result, the judges ruled outside of their jurisdiction and may be sued for their actions. Linda files a suit against the judges for $200 million dollars for conspiracy to deny civil rights.
December, 1997 The Attorney General for the State of Connecticut files an appearance in federal court to represent the four judges and DCF in Linda's federal civil rights lawsuit. Since he is required by law to represent the judges and proof of Wilkinson's abuse would win the suit against the judges, the Attorney General, in a blatant conflict of interest, withdraws the DCF abuse and neglect petitions against Wilkinson.
Because Wilkinson's bank account register showed constant large checks made out to an organization called the Anthroposophic Society, Linda mentions the group during a radio interview. She recounts her trip to Geneva to investigate the Society headquarters, early in her marriage to Wilkinson after he and his mother (3rd and 4th generation members of the society) try to get her to join. In Geneva, she learned that the group's original headquarters were burned to the ground by townspeople who discovered that the society members worshiped Satan. As a result, the founder rebuilt the headquarters out of concrete. It sits there today as an impregnable fortress in the shape of a nazi helmet on the side of a hill.
In a stunning development in the case, an affidavit arrives from a private investigator who heard Linda talk about the Anthroposophy Society on the radio. The investigator infiltrated the society during an investigation in Nebraska in 1977. His sworn affidavit describes the highest levels of the society as a front for wealthy pedophiles engaged in ritual sexual abuse and murder of children. The investigator describes witnessing child sex slave auctions where children as young as six years old are auctioned off to the highest bidder for sexual abuse and even murder. He describes the infiltration by the society of the local legal system to protect society members. For example, a raid of one of the auctions was avoided when the society was apparently warned by a member working as a police dispatcher.
The corruption of the police in the Nebraska case is echoed in Linda's case when the honest police force of Hamden county attempt to arrest the four corrupt judges. In a blatant disregard for the law, the Hartford county police protecting the corrupt judges refuse to allow them to be arrested.
Speculation heightens as to whether the illegal behavior of the corrupt officials in Linda's case is due to plain bribery, or if the officials are members of the pedophile organization.
Linda's only transportation is a beat-up car donated by a supporter. The car finally falls apart and Linda begins walking everywhere she has to go to fight her case.
After a brief three months of allowing Linda 's children to receive letters from her, Wilkinson refuses to accept letters and Linda is again without any way to communicate with her children.
The family court judges continue legal maneuvers to return Linda to prison for her inability to make payments toward the fine plus interest which is now almost $700,000!
January, 1998 Linda is facing a criminal trial on four counts of custodial interference in the first degree. Two of the counts are for taking her children out of the State of Connecticut and two are for not returning them. Linda moves to dismiss the charges because 1) she had legal custody when she left the state ; 2) the custody transfer was illegal since she was never notified of it ; 3) two of the statutes under which she was charged were not in effect until one year after she left the state. The judge denies her motion without comment.
February, 1998 Linda is informed that her criminal trial has been listed on the jury list. This means, that as early as February 12, 1998, she could he called in to face the beginning of jury selection and subsequent trial.
Linda is reminded of a call in 1996 to Bo Gritz from a prison guard who said that if Linda was returned to prison, she wouldn't get out alive.
Linda requests that if she is returned to prison and the guard's warning comes true, her supporters carry on the fight to save Jon and Ben.
Linda and her supporters ask for help from lawyers who are willing to stand up to the judges. They ask for help from people in the media who would be willing to expose the corruption. They ask for help from activists on the left , on the right, and in the middle -- anyone willing to lend a hand in the desperate struggle to save Jon and Ben.
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