Upcoming Gulf War Scripted
And Prerecorded At CBS?

By Michael Fleeman,
Associated Press Writer
Note: Speculation from some observers suggests CBS is, along with the other networks, clearly being primed by the Pentagon with special graphics data possibly containing some advance target identification. This 'test' slip-up might have demonstrated pre-strike collusion between the government and the network news media which most predict will play, as it did in Gulf War I, the key role in managing and manipulating the war on the American homefront.
From the Drudge Report 2-20-98
CBS NEWS hit total embarrassment Friday afternoon when anchor Dan Rather, in full pancake makeup, and Pentagon correspondent David Martin were caught rehearsing coverage of a U.S. bombing run on Iraq -- a rehearsal that was mistakenly beamed to television affiliates via satellite!
For 20 minutes, Rather could been seen on the satellite going through the motions of a bombing.
According to one viewer who witnessed the spectacle, Rather at one point described how it was not known how many casualties were caused by the bombings.
"It felt like WAG THE DOG," a senior news producer at a major-market affiliate tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "I bet the network is living in fear that someone on the receiving end of the transmission had tape rolling."
"It looked like a real broadcast of what was going on," Bill McClure, master control operator at WTAP-TV in Parkersburg, W.Va., an NBC affiliate, told the ASSOCIATED PRESS.
The network wanted to test new graphics and theme music that would be used to cover the story, according to CBS NEWS spokeswoman Kerri Weitzberg. No word on testing camera angles that would work best during February sweeps.
title: CBS Mistakenly Sends Bombing Report By David Bauder AP Television Writer 2-20-98
NEW YORK (AP) -- It wasn't quite ``The War of the Worlds,'' but CBS officials were red-faced Friday after a practice news report about a U.S. bombing of Iraq was inadvertently transmitted to television stations by satellite. To the best of CBS' knowledge, the fake report did not air on any stations.
A technician at a West Virginia station was stunned Friday afternoon when he was checking satellite transmissions and found CBS anchor Dan Rather describing the aircraft used in a bombing run on Baghdad.
``It looked like a real broadcast of what was going on,'' said Bill McClure, master control operator at WTAP-TV in Parkersburg, W.Va., an NBC affiliate.
``What is usually a quiet room in the back of our department became very packed,'' he said.
WTAP officials hurriedly called The Associated Press to check if Iraq had been attacked. It hadn't.
Rather and CBS News correspondent David Martin in Washington were practicing in case U.S.-led forces bomb Iraq and the network is called upon to deliver a special report, spokeswoman Kerri Weitzberg said.
The network, which also wanted to test new graphics that would be used to cover the story, planned to use a fiber optic link that would ensure the fake report would only be seen in New York and Washington newsrooms, she said.
But for 20 minutes, it was mistakenly sent to a satellite where it could be picked up by anybody with special receiving equipment -- usually only at television stations.
CBS received ``a handful'' of phone calls from people confused by the transmission, she said.
Back in 1938, a radio transmission of the H.G. Wells novel, ``The War of the Worlds,'' about an invasion of Earth by creatures from other planets, set off a brief panic in the New York area by people who thought it was a live news report.
:DO you NOW see - the CNN "feed" ( that I broadcasted yesterday) :from Baghdad was NO LIE and NO :JOKE - when I put that out. : :But they are trying to DOWNPLAY this :and put a SPIN on their BOO-BOO. :They actually had the text on the screens of some targets :and such showing which buildings were BOMBED, and the :conversations between the technicians indicate :they wanted to make sure "we. the people" were ONLYseeing what :they wanted us to see. :NO BLOOD, NO CASUALTIES, and specific :sites ONLY. :These other stations, such as CBS were linked to :the CNN feeds and ALL of them being PREPPED to SAY THE SAME THING :! : :And we won't see or know if any of OUR FINEST crash, or die. :The POW-MIA's, the Live -Men of VIETNAM, - Deja-Vu. : :Still think the media is NOT controlled Amerika ? Still think we :live in a FREE nation ? Do you wonder why when you travel as a :tourist abroad, Americans are HATED - because of what WE ALLOW to :be done in OUR NAME. :The U.S. has waged WAR on behalf of the :ZIONIST New World Order across the globe :for their enrichment at the expense of innocent LIVES. : :The Gulf War in 1990 was for a much higher Objective - to bring :about what is happening today and Global 2000. :You do not know the TRUTH yet, and "the nurse" :has led you off the cliff. : : : :

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