Federal Reserve Orders:
Be Careful On Clinton!
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Producer/Moderator - Public Access Cable TV Program "Broadsides"
Since 1963, Founder/Chairman - Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts
From Robert Sterling <>

The world's largest bank, the Federal Reserve, has ordered the US Congress to be careful in dealing with President Clinton. An order from this financial dictator cannot be ignored, although dissidents in the US military vow at some point to go public with their views against their Commander-in Chief Clinton.
Privately owned and operated by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, and masquerading as America's Central Bank, the Federal Reserve does not want a change of figureheads in the White House, at a time of imminent collapse of global finance. The clandestine command of the Federal Reserve comes at a time of near collapse, or actual collapse, of a huge hedge fund interlocked with many money center banks, including those headquartered in the US, and also those like in Switzerland with branches in the US.
Amounting upwards to 200 billion dollars or more, the hedge fund disaster, based greatly on little-understood derivatives gambling, has wiped out the capital base of many supposedly "giant" banks Most of the alleged "profits" of major bank holding companies in recent years have been just book entries resulting from this gambling casino mentality. The public has almost no understanding of the link between banks and their parent holding firms.
Among those with capital structure wipe-out are Rockefeller-owned Chase Manhattan Bank and the First National Bank of Chicago, as well as the Rothschild and Jesuit-owned Bank of America which took over the Vatican and British-royalty-owned Continental Bank Of Chicago. Continental has been, since before the American Civil War, the mothership of the commodity and currency markets and trading in Chicago. (Continental laundered the funds for the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.)
Now almost forgotten, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was set up in the 1930s to underwrite accounts, up to a specified amount as maximum, primarily of smaller or mid-size banks. With the mega-mergers gobbling up the banks and their holding firms and conglomerating into huge bank chains, the deposit insurance has become a dead letter. Only a few tens of billions of dollars are in the deposit insurance reserve fund to supposedly safeguard bank monsters each with several hundred billion dollars in deposits owed to the public. The banking system has become over-run with bank monopolies, also engaging in non-bank services such as travel agencies, insurance, securities transactions, and such--enterprises supposedly part of a "bank" house too large to permit to fail.
Embedded in the secret command to Congress from the Federal Reserve is that a prolonged trauma over removing or beheading America's King and Emperor would most likely cause to be exposed various dark secrets:
--Such as that William Jefferson Clinton, a sexual predator suffering from priapism, was selected in 1991 by the secret society, the Bilderberg Group, to be anointed as the American President specifically because he was subject to blackmail by his psychiatric past. The presslords, members of Bilderberg whose annual meeting is in a different country, agreed to propagandize in 11992 and thereafter in favor of Clinton, insuring the so-called "election" of Clinton at the hands of a dumbed-down, brain-dead populace.
--Such as, that the 1992 election, and the 1996 election, were arranged frauds: Part of a "CIA couple", with his CIA "wife" actually incompatible to him and a lesbian, Bill Clinton ran against his long-time crony and mentor, the former head of America's secret political police, George Herbert Walker Bush. Neither the CIA's separate grooming of Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, both closet Republicans, each from an early age with separate CIA agenda, nor Bush's assassination-ridden past, such as his complicity in the murder of President Kennedy nor Bush's criminal complicity in the Iran-Contra affair, were exposed in the 1992 election. Bush and Clinton agreed to shadow box.
In the 1996 election, Clinton was paired against elderly, used-out Senator Robert Dole who agreed with Clinton: Dole would not mention Clinton's treasonous crimes and Clinton agreed not to mention Dole fronting for various oil companies, most of which use CIA worldwide as their oilfield security force against would-be dissident elements.
--Such as, that by the 1990s, 25% of both houses of Congress were bribed of subject to blackmail as if having been bribed. This graft done, by the worldwide espionage and gun and dope enterprise, the infamous Bank Of Credit and Commerce International. Although pronounced as defunct, BCCI continues through its successor and alter-ego, Pinnacle Bank Group, headquartered in Chicago, at the First National Bank of Cicero (a Mafia enclave), and dominated by the former head of the Vatican Bank, Bishop Paul Marcinkus. BCCI hoped to spread out in the US by buying laws and lawmakers. BCCI's records. showing 108 members of the US House of Representatives and 28 US Senators as being receivers through a London unit of massive bribes, were actually an open record in the Bank of England for just 30 days.
The details of this bribery of the American legislative branch were in 1991 an exclusive story by this writer which only one paper, a conservative one, dared to publish. As my article set forth, four major news organizations had the bribery list and had compiled the corroboration of same, but refused to broadcast or publish it. Why? As told to this writer by a major prize-winning news correspondent who turned over the details to Skolnick, "The editor says we are not going to topple the American government."
--Such as, the US Central Government has become riddled in all three branches with horrendous treason. For example, a Clinton White House intern, Mary Caitlin Mahoney, alter murdered in the District of Columbia by a foreign intelligence team, was an eyewitness to Clinton, as President and Commander-In -Chief, turning over US financial, industrial, and military secrets to Wang Jun, reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Supposed "Independent Counsel" Kenneth W. Starr has as a private law client the selfsame Wang Jun. Also, Starr is the unregistered foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government, thus Starr being himself subject to Federal Prison.
The American CIA as well as the super-secret Division Five, Counter- Intelligence of FBI have long been aware of all this and have covered it up.
--Such as that Bill Clinton has pledged to uphold the tenets of the Cecil Rhodes Trust that sent him to Oxford. Seldom mentioned is that the Rhodes Trust is dedicated to overthrowing the American Government and reverting this continent and land mass to again being a British Monarchy colony. Clinton's oath to the Rhodes Trust is in direct opposition to his oath as US President:
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." US Constitution, Article II, Section 1. (Emphasis added.)
In pledging to support the Rhodes Trust and the British monarchy's purposes for the US, Clinton has violated:
"NO Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall without the Consent of Congress, except of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State." US Constitution, Article I, Section 9. (Emphasis added.)
By the way, in 1991, at the close of the Persian Gulf War, President Bush accepted $30 million in gifts from the Emir of Kuwait; General Colin Powell accepted $10 million of jewels from the Emir of Kuwait; General Schwartzkopf accepted $15 million of gold form the Emir Kuwait. All in violation Article I, Section 9, and while knowing that the US troops were subjected to certain chemicals and Iraqi poison gas resulting in the "Gulf War Syndrome" deaths, injuries, and disabilities, and such illnesses passed along to the wives children of US military that served in that War. (The poison gas ingredients were by a US unit of a French firm, owned in part by Bush, and Hillary Clinton, a director.)
--Such as, foreign secret police, some right in the White House, are operating on US soil to damage or murder, or arrange to murder, US citizens; all done with immunity from US authorities and without restraint or punishment by US authorities. Among those would have to be included Rahm Emanuel, who while Senior Advisor to President Clinton, had his desk closest to the Oval Office. Having dual citizenship, US and Israel, Rahm Emanuel is, in effect, the deputy director of Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, for North America. Rahm Emanuel is Clinton's link to the dope proceeds disguised as soybean and currency trading on the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.---Funds that paid, in part, for Clinton's two campaigns for President.
Described by some by some as simply a two-faced gangster, Rahm Emanuel reportedly worked both sides, bringing out Clinton's propensity as a sexual predator while purporting to be an outspoken Clinton loyalist at the same time.
That some of these foreign secret police, operating with immunity in the US, are stealing US financial and industrial secrets (such as the French CIA), and assassinating eyewitnesses to treason by Clinton and other branches of the US government; with the complicity of some member of Congress, such as Cong. Henry Hyde who in violation of the US Constitution's mandate of Separation of Powers, is also the head of CIA's "black budget" with more actual authority than the Director of Central Intelligence.
According to a previous exclusive story by this writer, Hyde has reportedly been in the illegal gun silencer business supplying, among others, foreign secret police teams engaging in murders throughout the US.
Some consider the Federal Reserve as an on-going private and sinister enterprise, deciding by their actions how wars will be financed---they were set up to have the US finance Europe's World War One and to force US entry into the same---and when and how Depressions will enable the ultra-rich to gobble up smaller fish.
The mainstream press, riddled with key people who are members of secret societies in opposition to the US Constitution and the American Republic, are in no position to report such items as the Federal Reserve ordering the US Congress what to do with servant of the US people, the President, and what to do with him as a treasonous Commander-in-Chief, subject to being arrested by the US Military pursuant to the Military Code.
Perhaps the biggest secret of all is that William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton are closet Republicans by their actions causing the destruction of the Democratic Party and making the US a weakened, discredited, one-party system paving the way for a Hitler-like dictatorship.
Hound your local newsfakers. Demand, if that is possible, that they tell the truth.
Stay Tuned.