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By Ted Twietmeyer

Go exploring on Mars for yourself with this PC compatible flipbook, written by an aerospace project manager.
This 371 PAGE definitive book reveals more than 180 artifacts of all kinds laying on the surface of Mars!
More than 40,000 images were reviewed and specially selected for this book.
The author has been on the Rense radio show twice to discuss new discoveries:
* Ruins and mechanical artifacts of all kinds on the planet's surface - many just feet from the camera
* Proof the real color of the sky on Mars is BLUE, not RED
* Proof an explosion created a 90 mile crater where many ruins were found
* Proof we were never the only civilized planet in the solar system
* Analysis of the ruins and the implications to our world
* All images taken during the Martian daytime, not from orbit
* Includes music audio specially composed for this book you can turn on when desired
The perfect E-book:
*  Like reading a real book - just point and click to flip pages! Add your own bookmarks!
* Large groups of pages flipped with one click!
*  No software or internet required or installed - read it anywhere on a PC desktop or laptop!
*  Automatically loads and runs on any PC with Windows 98 or higher!
*  Combines the big screen of your PC with the simplicity of a pocket electronic reader!
Here's a few reader reviews:
(more reviews on the website)
Ted Twietmeyer is a brilliant author! The way he's organized and interpreted this data is incredible! Evidence of the great NASA conspiracy becomes frighteningly apparent within the first few chapters. I've seen many of the NASA images before, but I've never noticed just how many of them actually have unexplained markings and geometric shapes that nothing natural could have created. The image comparisons and examples of NASA's color manipulations and filtering prove, without a doubt, We Were Lied To! There REALLY IS concrete evidence of life of Mars! "What great ignorance has he, who dismisses away such truths, with a closed and traditionally brain-washed mind." - Chris Bake
I'm extremely excited! This is a revolutionary book that he's written and the information that it contains is just mind-boggling with it's implications. At the very least it proves some things which we've already known in the past, which is that NASA is a master of censorship and a master of the coverup. ...It's hard to say what the far reaching implications of Ted Twietmeyer's new book is just mind-boggling.... just chocked full of images, and sources, and a whole bunch of references, things that you basically could show to anyone and they would probably have to agree that its irrefutable proof of coverups... - Frank Whalen, Host Frankly Speaking Radio Show on Republic Broadcasting Network
Very impressive your ideas about Mars! Another interesting way to search for answers, in my opinion, is to check which archaeology research has received more funding after the Viking probes, in a way to determine if an ancient civilization here on earth is linked to these artifacts. Keep up the good work! - Otto Triebe
Particulary amazing. Just when you are looking out for info on mars, and everything you find is crap, this book gives you such amount of GOOD info that you can´t believe it is real. An easy going reading, explicit and going direct to the grain. You will find no other book on the subject like this. - Cooper Savage
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