Tiffany & Co jewelry launches a new branding campaign and web store in the U.S.

Tiffany & Co jewelry Outlet has become nearly synonymous with the brand's signature customized charm bracelets, and that's no wonder, since those pieces make up the bulk of the Danish company's sales. In another shift, the company also is expanding its online presence. On Tuesday, Tiffany & Co will unveil a branded online channel in the U.S., part of a strategy to increase online sales globally. It will offer another option to consumers who now can order Tiffany & Co jewelry outlet online through 39 authorized retail partners such as Nordstrom, Jared and Bloomingdale's. The U.S. site will be the latest addition to online store sites in seven European countries.

But a branding campaign launched this month by the Baltimore-based U.S. division tells shoppers they can just as easily create customized looks with rings, necklaces and earrings."Jewelry for women has really evolved over the last several years," said Scott Burger, president of Tiffany & Co Outlet Americas. "It's not so much about adorning women as it is an opportunity for women to express their individuality." Tiffany & Co looks to expand presence, brand That trend, Burger believes, closely aligns with the Tiffany & Co brand outlet. "The Art of You" campaign, launched in the U.S. and Canada on April 13, asks women "Who will you create today?" in an effort to not only "inspire women to embrace the self-creator within," the company said, but to drive traffic to stores and websites more frequently than on holidays and special occasions.

The campaign, planned for TV, print, digital and social media channels through at least the end of the year, will highlight all categories — rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, charms and bracelets, in gold, silver, gemstones, cultured pearls and other materials. Stores will reinforce the self-creator notion and "encourage consumers to come into the stores more often," Burger said.
Tiffany Outlet, which markets itself as high-quality jewelry at affordable prices, offers pieces that range in price from $30 for a sterling ring or individual charm to hundreds of dollars for a gold charm.

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