American May Have
Infected 100s Of Swedish
Women With AIDS

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Swedish police said Tuesday that they were searching for an American infected with the AIDS virus who may have had sex with hundreds of women. An arrest warrant was issued for the 40-year-old man, identified by Swedish authorities as James Kimball from California, who was also wanted on a rape charge.
"We know he has had sex with 15 to 20 women -- probably more," Stockholm detective Christer Sjoblom said.
Police said they had discovered Kimball's address book containing the names of some 200 young Swedish women.
"We have a lot of other names of women not in the book who have phoned us and said they had sex with him, too," Sjoblom said. "We don't know yet exactly how many but it could be a lot. We have to question at least 100."
Kimball had been living in Sweden since 1992. He later obtained working permits to stay in the country.
Police said Kimball has not been seen for about two weeks and may have left the country.
There have been similar cases in Sweden of men with the AIDS virus infecting women, but none involving such a large number.
Kimball could be sentenced to four years in prison if convicted of rape and between one to 10 years if convicted of knowingly infecting the women with AIDS.