Woman Infected With
HIV Through Donor Sperm
LONDON (Reuters) - German doctors warned Friday about the danger of using fresh donor sperm for artificial insemination after a woman was infected with the virus that causes AIDS.
Dr. Bertfried Matz and colleagues at the University of Bonn said doctors should be discouraged from using fresh donor sperm as this would not allow enough time for tests to be made to establish that the sperm is safe to use.
``As long as quarantine storage (of a period of three months) of anonymous sperm donation is not mandatory in all countries, artificial insemination still has to be taken into consideration as a source of HIV infection,'' Matz wrote in a letter to the Lancet medical journal.
Initially the 35-year-old woman denied any risk factors in her private life, but she later admitted to doctors that three weeks before her illness she had received fresh donor sperm. Although the sperm donor had tested negative for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) at the time of the insemination, three months later when he was retested he was positive.
Further tests on both the woman and the donor showed the viral sequence in both of them was identical, suggesting the woman was infected by the man's sperm.

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