AIDS - Dr. Len Horowitz Blasts
New AIDS 'Out Of Africa' Claims
By Dr. Len Horowitz <>
From Wes Thomas <>
Our office has been flooded with requests for information regarding the Gao, Bailes et al., letter published in Nature entitled "Origin of HIV-1 in the chimpanzee Pan troglodytes troglodytes."1 In short, there is nothing in this publication that undermines the man-made theory on the origin of AIDS advanced by Horowitz and colleagues in previous works including the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? 2. Quite the contrary. This new Nature report further supports the man-made theory, while the media hoopla surrounding this article is ludicrous, self incriminating, and even pathoneumonic of a "conspiracy" of the mainstream media, in particular Associated Press, to deceive the public.
To summarize the Nature report, Gao, Bailes et al. were unable to isolate a virus from "Marilyn," a chimpanzee that, according to the Associated Press3 and the Weiss and Wragham report in the same issue, came to the United States Air Force primate center in New Mexico like most other African primate infants-free of sexually transmitted viruses.4 What they found, according to their letter, were two DNA fragments from two of the six AIDS virus (HIV-1) related genes-pieces they genetically "amplified" to engineer "four overlapping subgenomic fragments that together comprised a complete pro viral genome," which they termed SIVcpzUS (simian immunodeficiency virus from the chimpanzee, U.S. strain). They rightly noted this provided merely "potential coding regions," of one HIV and SIVcpz related to only one of the six HIV-linked genes-the vpu . This was clearly not the discovery of HIV, or anything closer to what had been previously found in chimpanzees that determined the origin of AIDS.
As Weiss and Wragham noted,4 infant chimpanzees exported from Africa to America, or elsewhere, were almost always free of sexually transmitted diseases and related viral infections including that of SIVcpz and HIV-1. Shipped to the U.S. in 1960, and following a quarter century of service to U. S. military biomedical researchers, Marilyn died in 1985. According to Gao, Bailes et al., "she had never been used in AIDS research and had not received human blood products after 1969." An important question is "What had Marilyn been exposed to during the 1960s that related to the amplified genetic sequences reported by Gao, Bailes et al?"
"AIDS research" began in the 1980s. Before then it was called "GRID research." Before that it was called "retrovirus research," and prior to that, during the 1960s, it was called "type-C-cancer virus research" involving the unique AIDS and leukemia virus linked enzyme commonly known today as "reverse transcriptase" found in monkey foamy retroviruses (mentioned by Weiss and Wragham4) that commonly contaminated laboratory primates as well as vaccines such as the polio and hepatitis B vaccines derived partly by incubating these active viral agents in monkey kidney tissues.
Weiss and Wrangham reported that, "By 1996, 198 chimpanzees had been experimentally infected with HIV in six of the major research institutions in the United States. . ." They stated that "cross-species transmission of primate retroviruses to humans through hunting or husbandry [cross breeding] probably occurs relatively frequently, although -- thankfully -- the subsequent epidemic spread in the human population is a much rarer event."
More relevant information for these investigators to research and report would have been the number of chimpanzees who had been experimentally infected with foamy retroviruses and type-C-cancer viruses during the 1960s, and related viruses during the early 1970s in the United States-data likely unavailable.
Moreover, if Marilyn "had not received human blood products after 1969," had she been exposed to human blood products between 1962 and 1969 when military funded blood and vaccine research involving chimpanzee and human primates was peaking?
Thus, a major limitation of the Gao, Bailes et al. study, as Weiss and Wrangham wrote, is that chimpanzees "are best studied in the place where the host-virus systems evolved," that is, in the wilds of Africa as opposed to post mortum specimens exhumed from the U.S. military laboratory creatures including Marilyn. Unfortunately, Gao, Bailes et al. extrapolated genetic sequencing data that, according to Weiss and Wrangham, "simply do not pertain [to chimpanzees] in captivity, where experimenters cannot know how virus strains match to genetic lineages."
Given these obvious limitations to the Gao, Bailes et al. letter, and subsequent mass mediated interpretations, from whence did allegations come that these findings "put to rest" the "conspiracy theory" that AIDS developed from military laboratory experiments? Apparently, the Associated Press. According to this largest American news service, on February 1, 1999-a full four days before the publication of the Nature article-Daniel Q. Haney quoted the University of Colorado's Dr. Constance Benson as saying, "This is absolutely evidence to put (conspiracy theories) to rest."
This obviously unscientific conclusion expressed, at best, Dr. Benson's blind bias that echoed a similar scatoma suffered by Dr. David Ho of the Rockefeller University, Aaron Diamond Research Center, exactly one year ago when Nature published the Zhu, Korber, and Ho report entitled "An African HIV-1 sequence from 1959 and implications for the origin of the epidemic."5 Though Dr. Horowitz's rebuttal paper to this report was submitted to Nature, it was not accepted for publication (surprise, surprise). It was subsequently posted on the Internet (access the FTP file available through the research section of This response also identified several limitations to the Ho study that was reported in the press as having discovered an AIDS virus dating back to the 1950s. Like Dr. Benson now, Dr. Ho then alleged to the press that his group's finding should "put to rest" AIDS conspiracy theories once and for all. Apparently it failed to fulfill this objective. Now we have a fresh attempt with the Gao, Bailes et al. article. Will we have an additional futile effort in February, 2000?
Highlighting this transparent propagandist initiative is the avoidance of any mention of the sacred cow of modern medicine-vaccines. Senior investigator and co-author of the Gao, Bailes, et al report from the University of Alabama, Beatrice H. Hahn told CNN that their study brought new hope for the development of a successful AIDS vaccine. This was ironic in light of the fact that contaminated chimpanzees were used to produce the 1974 experimental hepatitis B vaccine given to New York's gay men and Central African villagers-the Merck pharmaceutical company vaccine that, based on the epidemiology, U.S. Government documentation, and mounting science, most plausibly initiated the international AIDS pandemic. This is meticulously documented in the literature reviewed in Dr. Horowitz's best-selling hardcover, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? sales of which are exploding in the wake of inane media announcements such as these.
You can only fool intelligent people for so long. Our take on this new round of transparent propaganda alleging a natural evolution of the AIDS virus from wild African chimpanzees is that it is a desperate attempt to further obscure the scientific evidence and incriminating facts. Now that thousands of grassroots activists-truth seekers and tellers-are successfully alerting millions more regarding the works by Drs. Horowitz, Strecker, Cantwell, and others, spin doctors need to work overtime. Their periodic propaganda can only distract and confuse people for so long. Millions now realize that AIDS, as well as other immune system related disorders including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus, multiple sclerosis and many more neurologic injuries including autism, attention deficit, and hyperactivity disorders in our children, along with several unique contemporary cancer epidemics including lymphomas, leukemias and sarcomas, are largely vaccine induced injuries.
These activities are indeed befitting Machievellian practice-create the problems and then the solutions. They also represent an abhorrent conflict of interest: as military-medical-pharmaceutical industrialists, including Rockefeller subsidiaries and Merck, Sharp and Dohme, churn out contaminated and lethal vaccines, they then reap vast fortunes from humanity's suffering. Even worse, as people die from the array of new man-made epidemics, your family and friends included, these principle depopulation funding sources-the Rockefeller Foundation and the Merck Fund, both linked by association to Dr. David Ho, and other institutions cited in the Gao, Bailes et al. report-heartily approve.
In conclusion, we, like Drs. Ho, Hahn, the Associated Press, and Nature, highly recommend vaccination for those who can't conceive of the AIDS virus/vaccine "conspiracy." The world, according to these sources simply needs less people-particularly fewer fools.
Tetrahedron staff
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