Dr. Horowitz Continues To
Expose True Origins Of
HIV And Ebola
Note - Dr. Len Horowitz has been a guest on this program many times. His most recent appearance on 10-1-98 is available in the Archives.
BOSTON -- Shocking government documents, reprinted in a new book by a leading public health authority, reveal that the AIDS and Ebola viruses did not likely originate from African monkeys left alone in the wild. Instead, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate, and independent investigator, concludes that the viruses, that now threaten humanity's survival, most likely evolved from early cancer virus experiments in which top military-pharmaceutical scientists infected monkeys with viral genes from other animals. Such contaminated monkeys were then used to develop viral vaccines tested on humans simultaneously in New York City and Central Africa. The first researcher to meticulously document this "man-made theory" on AIDS's origin, Dr. Horowitz stunned a large audience at the XI International Conference on AIDS in July, when he presented a scientific summary report of his investigation.
As documented in Dr. Horowitz's book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola -- Nature, Accident or Intentional?" (Tetrahedron, Inc., 1996; $29.95), during the 1960s, National Cancer Institute(NCI) researchers, working in collaboration with military scientists, investigated and developed viruses as potential cancer triggers. Using monkeys and other animals, the investigators induced an array of illnesses now commonly linked to AIDS including leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma, immune system suppression, and general wasting. Documented records show the leukemia/sarcoma/lymphoma cancer complex, never seen in humans prior to 1978, had been the primary focus of a highly funded, yet largely secret, "Special Virus Cancer Program." By analyzing formerly classified documents, and NCI/government contracts showing how, when, where, and why such viruses were made, Dr. Horowitz's 563 page treatise concludes that the AIDS virus likely broke out as a result of contaminated polio and hepatitis B vaccine experiments. Those implicated include top AIDS researchers, biological weapons contractors, and institutions who, the published documents show, developed and tested such immune-system-ravaging agents for the NCI and Department of Defense (DOD) during the late 1960s.
"Most people believe AIDS came from African monkeys," Dr. Horowitz explained. "What the authorities, and therefore the media, never broadcast was what was done to the monkeys to create numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses in those early years of cancer research."
Monkeys, contaminated with assorted immune-system-destroying cancer viruses, were used to develop both polio and hepatitis vaccines. The hepatitis vaccine was administered virtually simultaneously to special populations in New York City, and Central Africa during the early 1970s. The recipients were people who had been previously exposed to polio vaccine delivered monkey viruses. This, Dr. Horowitz said, might best explain the sudden appearance of new virus forms and AIDS cases in these areas in 1978. Additional support for this theory came from Dr. Gerald Myers, chief of a special AIDS project of the U.S. Government's Los Alamos Laboratory, who observed a "Big Bang" -- the simultaneous emergence of numerous types of HIV around the world by 1975.
Dr. Horowitz's text also presents stunning admissions by top monkey virus experts and vaccine analysts including the world's leading vaccine developer, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, of Merck, Sharp and Dohme. The Merck pharmaceutical company was the government's principle military vaccine producer during most of the cold war when their president, George W. Merck, directed America's biological weapons industry. Hilleman, during a taped interview on file at the National Library of Medicine, acknowledged his role in importing contaminated green monkeys, from facilities in Central Africa, into the United States for research and vaccine production. "I brought (the) African greens in," Hilleman said during a 1986 interview originally recorded, but never aired, by WGBH, Boston's famed public television station. "I didn't know we were importing AIDS virus at the time."
The contaminated monkeys apparently came from another documented biological weapons contractor -- Litton Bionetics, Dr. Horowitz explained. "Litton was the chief NCI contractor for primate supplies and maintained laboratory operations and monkey colonies in Uganda and Maryland."
Outraged AIDS activists, scientists, and public interest groups nationwide are calling for an independent congressional investigation into Dr. Horowitz's published facts. Several authorities are now urging analyses of suspected vaccine lots, believed to be held by the FDA, including Dr. W. John Martin, former director of the Viral Oncology Branch of the FDA's Bureau of Biologics, the government's principal agency in charge of testing human vaccines. Dr. Martin, who wrote the foreword to
Dr. Horowitz's book, stated "the issue of possible simian virus contamination of certain live viral vaccines has been suppressed since 1972... This basic flaw in the regulatory process must be addressed."
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