Iranian With AIDS, Not An
American, Had Sex With
Scores Of Swedish Women


STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) The HIV-positive man sought by police for allegedly having unprotected sex with dozens of women apparently is an Iranian using the identity of a dead American, police said Thursday.
The manhunt, now extended to neighboring Denmark, has been given extensive coverage in Swedish newspapers, TV and radio, prompting a flood of calls to police from women who had contact with him.
About 80 women have reported having sex with him, according to reports Thursday.
Police initially identified the man as James Patric Kimball of the United States, but Interpol later informed them that the man is Mehdi Tayeb, 45, an Iranian citizen using Kimball's identity.
``It seems that the man has used a false identity since 1985. This does not surprise me completely, but it does not make our investigation easier,'' police inspector Christer Sjoeblom told the national news agency TT.
Kimball apparently died 13 years ago. The newspaper Expressen reported that Kimball's father Ervin, in Gorham, Maine, said James suffered a fatal heart attack in March 1985. The paper published a photo of the father kneeling beside his son's gravestone.
The passport Tayeb used was issued in Miami, in Kimball's name, three months later.
Tayeb has been charged in Sweden with rape and grave assault. The latter charge has been used by Swedish authorities to prosecute people who engage in unprotected sex while knowingly infected with HIV.
Tayeb also is wanted in the United States on charges of fraud and handling of stolen goods, Swedish police said.