Headlines 2

SoCal Fire May Have Ejected 'Incredibly Dangerous'
Radioactive Particles Into The Atmosphere

Death Toll From CA Wildfires Rises to 48

103 Still Missing In NoCal Paradise 'Camp Fire'

Climate Engineering Assault Over Deadly Paradise
'Camp Fire' In Northern California - Vid

Illegal-Carried, Deadly Chagas Disease Infects 100s
of Federal Govt Working Dogs Across the US

More US Children Being Destroyed By POLIO
CDC Still Refuses To Be Honest About it

The Sworn Testimony Of Former FBI Senior
Special Agent-In-Charge Ted Gunderson

Lack of sunspots to bring record cold
warns NASA scientist

Why Millennials Are Failing...Excellent Analysis - Vid

Multi-Billion Dollar Giveaway to Amazon

Doom - Give Scientific Evidence Men, Women Are
Different...And Be BANNED & De-Published


Medicare for All - An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

N Korea continues Builidng missiles And Nukes
Says S South Korean intel

Cost of US 'War on Terror' Will Soon Pass $6 Trillion

US Military Could Lose Potential Conflict Against
Russia, China - Report to US Congress

Pentagon Wants More Money for Lasers to
Shoot Down Drones, Missiles

'Tangible Evidence' UK Funding 'Killer Robot' Drone
Project - Leaked Report

Trump Lambasted UK Prime Minister May Over Iran And
Brexit in Air Force One Call - Reports

May's Draft Brexit Plan Approved By The British
Cabinet And Leaked To Public

EU Will Retain All Controls on Theresa May's Brexit Deal
Leak From Brussels

VP Pence said to be gearing up for all-out Cold War
with China unless it bows to all US demands


US Congressional Report Accuses China of Using
Belt & Road Initiative as Excuse for Bases Abroad

Israeli War Minister Resigns

Israeli Defenсe Minister Lieberman Resigns,
Slams Netanyahu for 'Surrendering to Hamas'

Does Lieberman's exit as defense chief mean
he's set to replace Netanyahu?

Israeli Immigration Minister Resigns Soon
After Lieberman - Party Spokesperson

Gazans celebrate Lieberman's resignation

Israeli navy shoots dead fisherman off Gaza coast

Warning that occupation is turning Israeli Jews
into Judeo-Nazis Is very relevant – Chomsky

Netanyahu Turned Israel 'Into a Country of Suckers'
Father of Late IDF Soldier

Ceasefire in Gaza?


Israel's Undeclared War on Occupied Palestine

Israel parts ways with 'Jewish ISIS' defense chief

Israel Allegedly Trained to Take Out S-300
During Drills With Greece

Trump US coalition drops cluster bombs on Syrian towns

WATCH Syrians Carry Assad on Their Shoulders
Thanking Him for Liberation

Trump US Coalition Again Airlifts ISIS terrorists
To Safety Out in east Syria

Iraq wants US permission to barter food for
desperately needed Iranian gas

Trump Nominates Ex-CENTCOM Chief To
Be US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

US Congress Wants to Cut Off Aid to Saudis
Over Khashoggi Murder, Yemen War

Afghans Turning Backs on US After 17 Yrs of War


The End Game In Afghanistan Is Beginning

Another EU Country Joins Revolt Against
UN Muslim Migration Pact

European MP Lashes Out at Merkel
Blaming Her for EU 'Collapse'

Mentally unstable cleaver-wielding African
Muslim walked free in Berlin after 107 arrests

Escobar - Decoding The Hypersonic Putin
On A Day Of Remembrance

Hypersonic Target Missile for Advanced
Weapons Testing Being Created in Russia

Senior designer outlines future of Russia's space industry

Beijing on Macron's EU Army Proposal
China Has Never Been Threat to Europe

Le Pen Stands 'Fundamentally Against' Macron's
Pan-European Army Initiative

Trump should have shown 'common decency' on
anniversary of terror attacks – France


Macron wants 'European army' to share UN Security
Council seat and nukes with Berlin – Marine Le Pen

Nationalists, Patriots, & Former Rothschild Bankers

Auto Stocks Jump After White House
Decides To Hold Off On Car Tariffs

German Economy Shrinks For First Time In
3 Years As Car Production Collapses

US Sanctions 26 Cuban Sub-Entities to Block
Them From American Funds - DoS

US Congress Likely to Postpone New Russia
Sanctions Until 2019 - Reports

Rickards - The Fed Is 'Triple-Tightening' Into Crisis

Chicago PlayStation users furious at new city fee

NY Taxpayers To Pay $61,000 Per Amazon HQ2 Job

Citigroup Moving Long Island Employees To
Make Room For Amazon HQ2


Bank Stocks Dive After Maxine Waters
Threatens End To Regulation-Rollback

A Robot Now Runs AllianceBernstein's
Fixed Income Trading

Australian PM 'Surprised' by State's Secret
Silk Road Deal With China

Visualizing China's Belt And Road Investment Map

Progressives Zero-In On Exit-Tax On Illinois Wealth

Pound Tumbles Then Spikes Amid Utter Brexit Confusion

'Selling Out UK to EU' - Protest in London - Pics

French PM Rules Out Abolishing Fuel Tax Hike
Despite Upcoming Protests

Italian Government Vows to Cut State
Debt Via Accelerated Privatization

Merkel Reexamines Digital Tax for Tech Giants
Just as French Minister Predicted


Crude mood - Oil enters bear market
plunging most since 2015

Oil Rallies On Report OPEC+ Will Do 'Whatever It Takes'
May Cut By 1.4 Million Barrels

Kremlin keeps close watch on situation with oil prices

Iranian Oil Exports Fell by 90 Kb/D Before
US Imposed Sanctions - IEA Report

NJ Family Terrorized By 'The Watcher'
Reveals More About Their Ordeal

Trump May Take VP Mike Pence's Chief Of Staff
For His Own...To Replace Kelly

Trump To Fire DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen
'Discussing' Kelly Replacement - WSJ

Trump Said To Be Eyeing Replacements For
Gen Kelly And DHS Boss Nielsen, Others - Vid

Melania Calls For Firing Of Trump Deputy National
Security Advisor...And The Advisor Is Fired - Vid

Michelle Says Melania Rejected Offer Of Help - Vid

House Dems Plan New Investigations And Attacks
That Trump Calls 'Presidential Harassment'

Trump Rips Macron And Stands Firm On His
'America First Nationalism' Policy - Vid

White House Vows to 'Vigorously' Defend Against
CNN's Lawsuit Over Acosta's Press Credentials

CNN Sues Trump And Aides For Barring
Jim Acosta From White House - Vid

DeVos Sued Again Over Delays In Student
Debt Relief - Vid


Stunning Before And After Photos Of Paradise CA
Only 10-20% Of The Homes And City Remain - Vid

44 Now Dead In CA Fires - Deadliest Ever
Damages Expected To Reach $25 Billion - Vid

SoCal Fire Released Deadly Radiation And Toxins,
From Burned-Over Rocketdyne And Spread By Smoke - Vid

Wildfire Smoke Being Used By GeoEngineers For
Temporary Arctic Cooling

Mueller Set To Issue New Indictments Anytime Now
Stone, Corsi, Don Jr. In Crosshairs

State of Maryland Challenges Legality
of Trump Acting Attorney General Pick

Number of 'Hate Crimes' in US Rise - Most Based
On Racial And Ethnic Background - FBI

Hedges - Assange Has Done More To Expose US
Crimes Than Any Other News Organization

'Well-informed' Stanford Professor McFaul scoffs
at idea of checking sources before tweeting

Israeli Lobby Doesn't Want Its Penetration & Control
Of The US Revealed In Al Jazeera Documentary - Vid


Icke - Smart Cities, Mass Surveillance & Lithium
In The Water...Our Dark Dystopian Future - Vid

Benjamin Disraeli - The Jewish Father
Of The World Wars

Censoring, Hiding Information On Deadly,
Harmful GMO Foods and Ingredients

Ginsburg Misses Supreme Court Session While
Recovering From Fall In Her Office

Romania Extradites Hacker Who Claimed to
Have Hacked Hillary Clinton's Email Account

Trump Calls NY Times Report on N Korea
Developing Missile Bases 'Inaccurate'

Trump Launches Massive Twitter Crusade
Against Macron Amid EU Army Row

Merkel joins Macron in call for 'real, true'
European army after Trump slams idea

'Did he forget the American Revolution?' Twitter
gives Trump a history lesson after France insults

Tomb of French Nazi collaborator vandalized
after Macron sparks outcry over his praise


Leader of France's 'angry police' found dead
amid troubling pattern of officer 'suicides'

Boston Imam - “Islam Is America's Future - Without
Islam America Will Meet Its Death'

Terror-Linked CAIR Reports At Least 57 Muslims
Elected To Local, State, National Positions

PayPal Enforces Sharia Law! Bans Tommy Robinson

'Caravan' Full of LGBT Migrants Approaches
US Border - Reports

One Third Of Central Americans Want To Live
In A Different Country - Guess Where?

Lawless Britain - Muslim Gang use machete, Hammer
in broad daylight On Young Man

UK Border Force Stretched To Max And Unable
to Stop Illegal Muslims, Africans Entering

'Deport Your A**' Out of Country - Rage as US-Based
NGO Caught Coaching Migrants to LIE at EU Border

Swedish Media Hide Muslim Domination
in Study on Islamist Extremism, Crime


(Muslim) Student beats up, attempts to strangle
teacher as French school violence Flares again

Chinese Air Force Plans to Expand
Presence in Outer Space - Ministry

NATO Chief Worried About China
Developing New Nukes

US Voices Opposition to China's Military
Steps in South China Sea

Beijing Expects So China Sea Rulebook in 3 Yrs

Watch 'Unsinkable' Norwegian Frigate Completely
Disappear Under Water - Vid

Ukrainian kids taught to shoot and kill
at far-right 'summer camp'

Court refuses to arrest Austrian colonel
suspected of spying for Russia

Poll shows Timoshenko as Ukraine presidential
frontrunner while Porky struggles

Audio Evidence Links Saudi Crown Prince
to Khashoggi's Murder


John Bolton Says "No Evidence" Implicating
Crown Prince MBS On Khashoggi Kill Tape

Saudis Want to Relocate Consulate From
Istanbul After Khashoggi Killing - Ankara

A $2 Billion Saudi Plan To Assassinate Iran's Leaders
Involved Erik Prince And The Trump Transition Team

Tehran Has 'Credible' Info on Saudi Plan to Kill
Top Officials – Iranian Foreign Minister

US sanctions hit Iranian cancer patients
struggling to get life-saving meds

US genuinely wants to 'starve' Iranians - Ron Paul

Israel's Rage for War on Iran

Israel's Strategy For War On Iran And
The 'Greater Israel' Project

Israel Always Initiates Violence in Occupied Palestine

Gaza burns hotter than Hollywood but there's
nobody to put the fires out - George Galloway


Israeli Tanks Prepare Imminent Gaza Offensive
After 'Green Light' For 'Major Retaliation'

Palestinian Militants Fired About 300 Rockets
at Israel, Dozens Were Intercepted - IDF

Threat of war vanishes from Israeli military's
English-language Twitter account

3 more Palestinians killed as Israel strikes Gaza

Palestinian Militants Declare Ceasefire With
Israel Amid Gaza Escalation

Hamas guided missile strikes Israeli military bus - Vid

Lebanese army forces arrest suspected Israeli spy

Idlib, Syria DMZ Agreement Collapsing

EU, UK Agree On Brexit Withdrawal Terms
Now Comes The Hard Part

Juncker Calls Brexit a Tragedy & Historic Error
But Urges All Sides to Make Best of It


Boris Johnson: British People Did Not Vote
for Colony Status

Everyone On Wall Street Is Getting Bigger
Bonuses This Year

Diabolical Walmart Plans To Seize Further Control
Of Your Town - By Reinventing What It Destroyed

One British Company Wants To Implant Microchips
Into 'Hundreds Of Thousands' Of Global Workers

Amazon's new headquarters meets public backlash

'The Collapse Has Begun' - GE Is Now Trading Like Junk

'Completely safe' - Monsanto owner Bayer hit by
new wave of lawsuits over Roundup weed killer

EU Official Urges China to Harmonize Approaches
Toward Silk Road Initiative

Gazprom Neft ready to reduce or boost crude
production as part of OPEC+ agreement

As Of October 2018, The US Is Now Energy Independent


OPEC, US Policies May Swing Oil Prices
Within $60-80 Range in Short Term - IEF

US Energy Sec Repeats Opposition To Nord Stream 2

Crude Crashes As Saudi Abandons OPEC Prod Curbs

Merkel Admits EU Can't Live Without Russian Gas
Urges to Diversify Nonetheless

SWIFT's Iran ban will 'expedite global de-dollarization'

The Biggest Threat To Dollar Dominance

Why Plans to Axe The Dollar 'Not Very Realistic'

Hear Airline Pilots Discuss Real Time
UFO Close Encounter - Audio

Amazing Cloud Formations On Jupiter...One
Looks Like A 'Creature' Or Dragon's Eye - Pics

Ghost Galaxy Discovered On Edge Of Milky Way


With Sunspot Activity Nearing Record Lows
Scientists See Bitter Winters Ahead

Earth to be battered by 'dark matter hurricane'
for next million years

SoCal Fire Released Deadly Radiation And Toxins
From Burned-Over Rocketdyne And Spread By Smoke - Vid

LGBT Cavaran Illegals Somehow Get To Border First

Troops Remain On US Border - Wait For Caravan

'She Can Barely Walk': Twitter Explodes Over
'Hillary Will Run Again' (FDR Was In A Wheelchair!)

Hillary Will Run Again - As We've Said For Nearly 2 Yrs
...And This Time They May Well Give It To Her

Hillary in 2020?

Analyst Explains Why Clinton's Reported
2020 Run Serves as Smokescreen

36 Jackass Democrats Considering 2020 Run!


FL Recount Nightmare Grows - Rage And Charges Fly

Trump Says 'An Honest Vote Is No Longer Possible'
In The State Of Florida - Donald Is Right!

Scott Files Lawsuits Asking Police To Seize
Ballots In Broward, Palm Beach Counties

FL Beyond Corrupt - Provisional Ballot Boxes Left
Inside AVIS Rental Car At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Illusion of democracy - If US elections could change
anything they wouldn't be held

CNN could be about to sue Trump over Acosta ban

Fox News Twitter account on 'silent protest'
over response to Tucker Carlson threats

Facebook Fired Oculus Founder For His Political
Beliefs And Pro-Trump Donations

Trump Or Cheney? WSJ - 'Who's The Real US Psycho?'

'Criminal!' Indignation as George W. (Butcher) Bush
Awarded Liberty Medal for Veteran Work


House Democrats Prepare to Probe
Trump's Hush Payoffs in January

US diplomats fall for parody North Korean
account in their rush to pick on Trump

Former CIA Officer - Brennan And Clapper
Should Not Escape Prosecution

US kleptocrats & multinationals rip off taxpayers
by parking billions offshore – economist to RT

San Francisco Forces Large Corporations
To Pay 'Homeless Tax'

Giving Food To The Homeless Shouldn't Be A Crime

US experienced 307 mass shootings in 311 days

The Metaphysics of the Political Tribulation

Silicon Valley Cyborg Disruptors

Moment WWI's guns fell silent captured In
striking 100 Year Old Recording


The Best Way To Honor War Veterans Is To
Stop Creating Them

A century since WWI And The world slides into war again

'Sleepwalking Into Another Great Conflict' -
World War I & The 'Butterfly Effect'

We Are Heading For Another Tragedy Like World War I

Trump fires back at European leaders after
damp, dingy reception in France

Angry Trump Slams Europe - US 'Must Be Treated Fairly'
Or Europe "Must Protect Themselves'

Trump Accused Baltic Leaders of Starting Wars
in Yugoslavia – Reports

Did French Army Just Mock Trump by Posting
Rainy Training Drill Photo?

Europe should become An 'EMPIRE' - French minister

Europe shouldn't spend big on US arms - Macron


Merkel Shouldn't Have Been at Armistice Events
'for Winners of WWI' - AfD Leader

New Powerful Defense Alliance Changes European
Security Landscape

Demand for Russian Weapons Grows in Global Market

WATCH Chinese J-20 Jet Show Off Missile Power
And Incredible Manoeuvrability

NATO Has No Intention to Deploy New Nuclear
Missiles in Europe

UK Army In Largest Test of Battlefield Robots

US Fighter Jet From USS Ronald Reagan
Crashes Near Okinawa

Turkey Announces Successful Test of
'Sapan' Railgun Hypervelocity Weapon

Italy Slows Down Purchases of US F-35s

Blood-stained shirt of assassinated Czar Alexander II
returned to Russia


World Mourns Passing Of Marvel Comics Stan Lee

Merkel, Macron, Trudeau and May Versus Trump

WW1 - Hitler Was Right, Germany Was Stabbed In The Back

US Army Wants You...To Play Video 'Games'
...De-Sensitizing Soldiers Into Mindless Killers

US Seeks Indo-Pacific Collaboration, Not Control ?

China-US Dialogue Leaves Major Issues Unresolved

Biblical Prophecy Fulfilled - Armageddon Now Predicted
as Jews Call for 3rd Jerusalem Temple to Be Built

Israel Bombs, Destroys Gaza TV Station, Studios - Vid

Israel Conducts Daring Special Forces Raid
Deep Into Gaza, Kills Top Commander

At least 6 Palestinians, 1 Israeli killed in IDF
'operation' in Gaza


Israeli fighter jets striking Gaza after massive
mortar fire from the Gaza strip - IDF - Vid

Gaza Mortars Slam Into Israeli Bus As 100 Missiles
Unleashed - Major War Is Coming

Netanyahu Cuts Short Paris Trip Amid
New Violence in Gaza Strip

Israeli settlers block entry of goods into Gaza

The Fantasy of Eased Tensions & Misery in Gaza

Former Mossad Chief Joins Private Spy Firm Black Cube

Israel Allegedly Trains to Destroy Russian
Air Defence Systems - Pics

US bounty on key PKK figures part of Washington's
policy of double standards - Turkey

European Parliament 'Shocked' at Amount of
EU-Made Arms in Hands of Terrorists

Syrian Opposition Changes Flag, Stops
Playing Revolutionary Force


Striking report breaks MSM silence on plight
of 'liberated' Raqqa (Genocide)

Saudi plan to assassinate General Soleimani - NYT

Iran adhering to JCPOA despite US sanctions: IAEA

Erdogan Confirms Khashoggi Murder Audio

'Take this bag off my head' were Khashoggi's last words

EU arms sales to Saudi, UAE since 2015 total $86 billion

UK FM's Riyadh Trip to Pursue Khashoggi Murder
Probe, End Bloodshed in Yemen - Reports

Investigation launched after several Airline pilots
report close encounter with UFOs - Audio

Famous UFO Chase Still Defies AF Explanation – Vid

Astronomer Is Witness To Multiple UFOs


UFO Hovers Over Malmstrom Air Force Base
As Power Shuts Down

'Prices Should Be Much Lower' - Trump Hopes Saudis,
OPEC Won't Cut Oil Production

SWIFT Cuts Off Iran Central Bank As Tehran
Sells 700,000 Barrels To Direct Buyers

Iran says navy prepared to protect oil tankers
from 'any threats' as US sanctions kick in

OPEC+ Floats 1 Million Barrel Production Cut
After Oil Price Tumbles Into Bear Market

China's oil imports surge to record high

Macron Wants EU to Be Less Dependent on Dollar

Russia's De-Dollarisation Goes Full Throttle
US Can't Help But Notice It

Russia excels in ditching dollar ahead of pending
US sanctions against country's financial system

E-commerce behemoth Alibaba smashes 'Singles Day'
records with $1 Billion in sales in just 85 seconds


Russian organic food highly popular in China's northeast

Rosatom's subsidiary opens office in Japanese capital

Rosatom to begin construction of unit 7 at China's
Tianwan NPP in 2021

Goldman Crashes To 2-Year Lows As Malaysia Seeks
'Full Refund' On 1 MDB Deals

European Central Bank In Panic Mode
As Economy Stalls

Nowhere is Safe: France Will Hunt for
Tax Cheating on Social Media

Indigenous Canadian women still being forcibly
sterilized claims senator

NASA Finds Monstrous 87-Square-Mile
Iceberg in Antarctica - Vid

'She Can Barely Walk' - Twitter Explodes Over
'Hillary Will Run Again' (FDR Was In Wheelchair)

Analyst Explains Why Clinton's Reported
2020 Run Serves As Smokescreen

Hillary Will Run Again (As We've Said) - WSJ

WSJ Calls It - Hillary Will Run Again...In 2020

Sheriff Confirms 29 Dead In NoCal Blaze And
At Least Another 228 Missing - Vid

Dems To Probe Trump's Treatment Of CNN, Amazon,
WaPost In 'Abuse Of Power' Inquiries

Palm Beach County Says Won't Meet Recount Deadline

Florida Recount Redux

Scott Says Nelson 'Clearly Trying To Commit Fraud'
To Win FL Senate Election - Recount Underway - Vid

Provisional Ballots And Voter Suppression?

Illegal Caravan Rolls Out Of Mexico City Toward
Tijuana And The US International Border - Vid

Mexican Illegal Kills Three Americans

At Least 100 Missing In CA Wildfires

Raging CA Wildfires Leave At Least 23 Dead

Trump Threatens To Cut Wildfire Funding Unless
Cali Ends 'Gross Mismanagement Of Forests'


Duff - Do Loan Sharks Run America?

Google May Appropriately Locate Berlin Hub
In Former STASI East German HQ Building
...Making Police State Cool Again?

SNL Payback Time For Talentless SNL 'Comic'
For Mocking US War Vet Dan Crenshaw Who
Lost An Eye In Combat - Vids

DNA Catches Black Killer Of White FL College CoEd
....Murdered In Her Apt In 2001 'Cold Case'

GA Black Arrested For Setting Up GoFundMe Page
For White Teen Who Died In Football Game - Money
Was To Be Sent To Suspect's Own Bank Account

100th Anniversary of WW I's End

The Cause and Consequences of World War I

The Sad TRUTH About 11-11 'Veterans Day'

Trump And Michelle Trade Barbs

Trump Paris Trip - Missed Moments And Dire Warning


Trump In Armistice Day Speech Outside Paris As
Little Macron And Merkel Take Shots At Him - Vid

Globalist Shill Macron Denounces Nationalism,
Trump Not Happy, Twitter Up In Flames

Putin Positive On Macron's Euro Army Plan
That Was Bashed By Trump - Vid

Trump, Macron agree European defense after row

One-way love - Trump remains frigid to Macron's
caress at Paris visit - Vid

New Details on Suspected Plot to Assassinate
French President Macron Revealed

As Macron's Popularity Plummets, France's Interior
Minister Predicts Civil War

EU Populists In France, Hungary And Italy Continue
To Surge In Polls; Le Pen Overtakes Macron

'Go f*** yourself!' - Trump-bashing French TV host
uses English to tell Donald 'you're not welcome'

Donald Tusk Again Lashes out at Donald Trump
as US-EU Row Deepens


'Europe will be white' - Polish leaders Approve
massive march in Warsaw

Sea Of Flares - Massive Anti-Muslim Warsaw March - Vid

Candidate to Replace Merkel as CDU Head
Offers to Impose Chancellor Term Limit

German Police Foil Plot in Army, Special Forces
to Kill (Germany-Hating) Politicians - Report

'Army of Muhammad Is Returning' - Muslims Shouting
About Killing Jews Interrupt London Event

Police austerity cuts made Britain's streets less safe

4 UK Ministers On Verge of Quitting May's Government

The #Resistance is suddenly OK with Sessions
...the family separation advocate

'Porn lawyer' Avenatti claims Tucker Carlson
assaulted gay Latino man, releases - Vid

Dumber Than Dirt - Why Does White PhD Blame Whites
for Minority Problems Obviously Caused By Their Low IQ?


Trump Says He Will 'Never Forgive' Obama
for 'Depleting' US Military Sector

The 'War Party' Wins The Midterm Elections,
Accelerating Transition To A Multipolar World Order

Tom Luongo - Hillary Will Indict Herself

WSJ Editors Expose The House Democrats Real Plan

How To Survive The Deep State

The State Weaponizes Education To Create Ignorance

Saudi Regime Bans Millions of Palestinians from Mecca

Are Trump's Anti-Iranian Sanctions-Waivers Strategic
Or Are They Signs Of Weakness?

US Unable to Reduce Iranian Oil Export to Zero - Rouhani

Saker - S-300 in Syria - a Preliminary Assessment


S-300 fear factor - Will Israel risk bombing Syria Again?

Syria calls for intl mechanism to probe US led crimes

US-Backed Militia Plundering Artifacts in Syria's Manbij

Israelis Kill Six More Palestinians In Gaza

Tensions, Misery Easing in Gaza?

Israel, Qatar Agree on Sea Passage Between
Cyprus and Gaza Amid Alleged Talks With Hamas

Hezbollah Leader Vows to Respond to Any
Israeli Attack on Lebanon

Unknown Perpetrators Deface Israeli Synagogue
With Severed Pig's Head

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria, ISIS, Libya

Saudi Merc push to invade Hudaydah, Yemen repelled


Highway to hell? Watch sinkhole swallowing
major Israeli road after flooding - Vid

At Least 11 Dead, 3,700 Tourists Flee Amid
Disastrous Floods in Jordan - Vid

At Least Nine Dead in Brazil Landslide – Pics

Confirmed Ebola Cases in DR Congo Rises to 291
(Could Easily Be 2 Or 3 Times That)

Baby Boom And Bust - Global Fertility Rates
Drop as Population Soars

Virgin Mary appears to Ex-Jew Harvard Prof Pt 1 - Vid

Is The Fed Engineering A Market Crash?

The End Of The 'Nanny State' & What Happens
To 'Prices' When Gold Is Money

Home Prices Plummeting In These 8 Major Cities

In Almost Every San Francisco Neighborhood
The Average Home Is Worth More Than $1 Million


Tax evasion helps US corporations steal $180 Billion
from the rest of the world every year

Czech PM Suggests Giving Part of Global
Armament Funds to Poor States

Contribution of AI to global GDP to grow to
$16 trillion by The year 2030

ASEAN Summit Kicking Off in Singapore

Beijing Agricultural Trade With Seoul,
Tokyo to Double Within 10 Years

Floating 5-star hotel: Russia's 1st cruise
liner to be ready for tests in 2019

Visualizing The World's 10 Largest Economies
By GDP From 1960 To Today

The 'Nightmare Scenario' For Beijing
50 Million Chinese Apartments Are Empty

Tim Draper Stands By His Bitcoin Price
Prediction Of $250,000 In 2022

US Navy Creates Aggressor Training Unit
to Mimic Russian, Chinese Submarines


China Puts AK-47s on drones to challenge US dominance

US calls for end to South China Sea militarization
...China Tells US to stop sending warships

7 Explosions Hit Central Indian State of
Chh'garh Ahead of Elections - Reports

Unsafe Military Encounters Are Getting More Frequent

Army Secures $480 Million Deal For Next-Generation
Camo That 'Defeats All Known Sensors'

Scott Says Nelson 'Clearly Trying To Commit Fraud'
To Win FL Senate Election - Recount Underway - Vid

Trump In Armistice Day Speech Outside Paris As
Little Macron And Merkel Takes Shots At Him - Vid

Globalist Shill Macron Denounces Nationalism,
Trump Not Happy, Twitter Up In Flames

Putin Positive On Macron’s Euro Army Plan
That Was Bashed By Trump - Vid

Illegal Caravan Rolls Out Of Mexico City And
To Tijuana And US International Border - Vid


Duff - Do Loan Sharks Run America?

NoCal Paradise Fire - 23 Dead, 156 Sq Miles Burned - Vid

Surreal Video Depicts Driver's Escape Through
'Tunnel Of Flames' As Wildfires Spread - Vid

Vivid Description Of Fleeing Malibu Up PCH - Vid, Pics

SoCal Fire Sends 1,000s Fleeing, Zero Containment

Trump Declares State of Emergency in California
AT Leat 11 Dead, 250,000 Evacuated - Vid

Trump Rips CA For 'Gross Mismanagement' Of Forests
And Threatens To Cut Off Federal Aid - Vid

Nearly 90% Of Paradise, CA Leveled By Inferno
At Leat 9 Kiled - Vid

There Is No Longer Any Natural Weather - California
Is Incinerating - GeoEngineering News Alert - Vid

Lawyers For Dems Gillum, Nelson Object To Illegal
Votes Not Being Counted!

Extreme Socialist Gillum Withdraws Concession
Speech As Recount Begins - Vid

FL Orders Recount In Senate, Governor Races
Trump Said To Be 'Watching Closely' - Vid


Rick Scott Says Nelson And Ex-Clinton Lawyer
Are Trying To Steal FL Senate Seat From Him

Trump Warns The Dems Are Sending 'Their Best
Election-Stealing Lawyer' To Florida

Trump jokes over Florida & Georgia vote Crisis

Trump Hints At Federal Investigation As Dems Gain
Ground In Arizona, Florida And Georgia

Florida judge orders voter records inspection
siding with Republicans as recount looms

Florida County supervisor refusing to submit
ballots despite court order

Democrats Take Aim At Gun Rights - Will Push Most
Aggressive Legislation In Decades

No Blue Wave In 2018...But A Tsunami Of Hate

Roberts - The Prevalence of Myth over History

How a Divided Congress Can Actually Get Along


Trump Blasts Barack After Michelle Unloads On President

Wall Street Analyst Explains Why New Balance
of Power in Congress Benefits Trump

Trump To Reporter - 'What A Stupid Question That Is.
...You Ask A Lot Of Stupid Questions' - Vid

Trump vs The Media

Paypal suspends accounts of Antifa & Proud Boys

Half Of Health Spending In The US Is Now
Government Spending

Stockman - The Nation's Fiscal Doomsday
Machine Is Now Unstoppable

As Midterms Fade, The 'Real' Russiagate Rises

George W Bush, Starter of Two Wars Killing Millions
Will Receive Liberty Medal on Armistice Day

Largest Caravan Leaves Mexico City For Tijuana
While Two Others Merge And Arrive


Biggest Caravan Of Illegals Now Past
Mexico City, Headed Toward California?

UN turns down caravan Illegals request
for buses to get to US

US Rights Group Files Lawsuit Challenging
Trump's New Asylum Proclamation

ICE & DEA are stocking up on cameras
that can be hidden in streetlights

Why The US Military Is Woefully Unprepared
For A Major Conventional Conflict

Dirty secret - 'Think tanks' are among top culprits
in media disinformation crisis

1952 - Joe McCarthy Warns About Communist Teachers

Stunning photo of Hitler hugging Little Jewish girl
goes on sale in US - Vid

Superbugs Pose A Very Real Threat To Humanity

Professor Defends Woman...University Forces
Sexual Harassment Training On Him


Social media makes you lonely and depressed - Study

US Warships Challenge China Near Its Territory

Mattis, Pompeo Tell China To Remove Its
Missiles From The Spratly Islands

US Did Not Discuss Planned INF Treaty
Pullout With Chinese Officials - Pompeo

US Not Seeking New 'Cold War' With China - Pompeo

Russia's Su-57 fighter jet outshines US F-22
and F-35 planes says designer

Watch China Show Off Its Newest Stealth Jet
In Dazzling Flight Demo - Vid

Russian Helicopters to open maintenance centers
for Mi-171, Ka-32 in China

Macron's Call For Security Architecture
With Moscow Encouraging - Russian Envoy

Trump Says Macron's Idea for EU Army 'Very Insulting'
...NATO Share Should Be Paid


300 police officers fired in Russia this year
after complaints from citizens

Russia - Huge blaze prompts massive evacuation
at St. Petersburg mall - Vid

Some countries infringe upon principles
of international law — Russian UN envoy

Ukrainian troops use heavy artillery to
shell Donetsk's northern suburb

Ukrainian special services planning to
undermine DPR elections, says ministry

From Яussia With Love - Putin Billboards
Put Up in London to Celebrate BЯEXIT

Who is Trolleyman?: Twitter hails mysterious hero
who stopped Melbourne attacker in his tracks

Smoking Gun Proof Mideast Terror is
well-financed organized crime

Saudis Reject Independent Probe of
Khashoggi's Murder

Erdogan Says He Gave Recordings on Khashoggi
Killing to Saudi Arabia, US, Germany


Iran in compliance with nuclear deal - IAEA

US 'war on terror' claimed half a million lives in
Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iraq – study

CIA-Mossad Shell Corp Twitter Gave Saudis
Info On A Journalist That Led To His Murder

Saudi Crown Prince MBS Claims Assassination
Attempt Against Him Was Thwarted

Watch Crazy Downpour, Deluge At Riyadh Airport - Vid

Mattis Supports Riyadh's Decision to Halt
US Refuelling of Coalition Aircraft in Yemen

Situation in Yemen shows US reluctance
to end conflict — Russian foreign ministry

Yemen - A Trump US Orchestrated Living Hell

Houthi vows Hudaydah 'graveyard' for Saudi mercs

51.7% Kids Live in Homes Getting Govt Assistance
Result? A Full Spectrum Nightmare Police State Soon


'How Zionist Central Bankers Rigged The World'

De-Industrialized Europe's loss of economic
and demographic weight

China to be world's top travel destination by 2030

Chinese Auto Sales Suffer Historic Collapse
Set For First Annual Decline In 30 Years

Million A Week Club - Your Real Radiation - Week 43

Even After Fukushima Calamity, nuclear energy
stages comeback in Japan

Russia's grain exports surge more than 54% this year

Russia to make food industry more transparent with
new field-to-counter product-tracking system

VZ Pitches Petro To OPEC As Unit Of Account For Oil

Problem behind Boeing 737 MAX first crash
may extend to other jets - expert


SWIFT will disconnect some Iranian banks
this weekend, Reuters says

Actress Says Her Son Has Never Had To Take
Medicine Because They Are Vegans

Dsuvia – The Opioid 10 Times Stronger Than
Fentanyl the FDA Just Approved

Scientists Reveal Lost Continents Under Antarctica
With Gravity Data - Vid

Amazon...New York doesn't want you...
Go find another city to destroy

Sex attacks up 70% in just one German city

How Will The New Attorney General Impact
The Cannabis Industry?

Three More States Voted in Favor of Marijuana

Winter Garden Tasks and Plant Care

Find Cheaper International Travel Fares
Using This Decades-Old Loophole


Watch Severe Flooding Hits Ancient Jordan City of Petra,
Prompts Mass Evacuation - Vid

Trump Blasts CA For 'Gross Mismanagement' Of Forests
And Threatens To Cut Off Federal Aid

Dramatic Photos, Video Of SoCal Ventura County Blaze

CA Inferno Destroys 80-90% Of City Of 28,000
6,700 Structures Destroyed, At Least 9 Dead

Rick Scott Says Nelson And Ex-Clinton Lawyer
Are Trying To Steal FL Senate Seat From Him

TX Dem Rep Says Caravan Of Illegals Has Left
Mexico City And Is Headed Toward California

Trump Administration Moves to Restrict Asylum
at US-Mexico Border

Ninth Court Of Appeals Rules Against Trump Effort to
Rescind DACA Immigrant Protection Program

Trump Says He'll 'Suspend' (?) Asylum To
Anyone Crossing Border Illegally

In Major Defeat For Trump, Judge Blocks
Construction Of Keystone XL Pipeline

Trump On FL, GA Vote Counting Crisis
Says 'Blame The Russians!'

AZ Vote Count Settlement Gives Counties Until 11-14

Judge Sides With Republican Rick Scott In Florida
Says Broward Election Boss Violated FL Constitution

Trump Slams Broward Election Boss
At Center Of New Ballot Counting War

Republican Rage as New Ballots
Threaten Florida Senate Win

AZ, FL And GA Recounts Explained


Florida Gov. Rick Scott sues 2 Democratic
strongholds over election 'theft' as recount looms

Midterm Turnout Was Highest in 50 Years
Why? Millions Of Non-Citizen Illegals Voted

Roberts - Presstitutes Abandon Journalism
For Political Activism

Undemocratic Dems & Media Russophobes Support
Mueller's Witch Hunt

Three Israeli Critics Elected To Congress
Won't Change A Thing

WSJ - Draft Indictment Detailed Trump's Role In
Hush Money Scheme

Trump Downplays Ties To New AG Whitaker

Prominent Vox editor defends Antifa siege
of Tucker Carlson, then deletes ALL tweets

Sessions Was Really Axed Back When He Recused
Himself Over Mueller's Russia Probe

Trump In France Rips Macron's Call For 'European
Army' To 'Protect France From The US, Russia, China'


At Least 5 Dead, 1,000s Of Structures Burned In
Three Raging CA Wildfires

Fire Rages Right THROUGH Paradise CA - Vid

Explosive Northern California Wildfire Is
Consuming 80 Acres of Land a Minute

Latest Raging CA wildfire visible from space
California residents fleeing - Vid

Governor Newsom, GeoEngineering And
Unprecedented Wildfires

Crunch Chocolate Bar Says Goodbye, America - Vid

China's 'Brightest Children' Being Recruited
For AI Arms Race With The US

5G - Smart Cities...Dumb People

How YouTube's Algorithm Really Works

Br Nathanael - The Hate Police Are Coming! - Vid


CDC - Congo Ebola Outbreak May Not Be Containable

China's First Drone Missile Boat
On Display At Airshow China

China Unveils Stealth Drone for First Time - Pics

Russia Deploys Its Hypersonic Glide Vehicle

NATO Drill's Dramatic End - Norway Loses Big
Money as 'Unsinkable' Frigate Collides With Tanker

Watch Norwegian Frigate Beached After
Colliding With Tanker

US Accuses Moscow of 'Aggression' After Flying
Spy Plane Near Russia's Borders in Black Sea

From Economic Crisis To World War III

The Death Of America's Hyper-Power Fantasy

4 out of 10 UK Millennials would dodge draft


Khashoggi's Body Believed Dissolved in Acid

Find Khashoggi's killer or you'll be helping Iran
Boris Johnson tells Saudis

Khashoggi killed for disclosing Saudi funding
of anti-Iran TV channel - Guardian

Pompeo Threatens To Starve Iranians

Iran leaders will have to fall in line if
'they want their people to eat' - Pompeo

New Trump US Air Raids Kill 26 More Syrian
Civilians...Mostly Children

Russia Sends S-300 to Defend Syrian Soldiers
Not to Punish Israel - Ambassador

Russian, Syrian troops free 19 ISIS captives

Watch Dubai Police Train to Fly Hoverbikes - Vid

Hollywood Fundraiser for Israel's Killing Machine


Palestinian Authority Agrees to Gaza Truce
Between Hamas and Israel - Reports

Just One Energy Drink Could Increase
Risk of Heart Attack

Watch - 'I'm a former pro vaccine nurse' - Vid

Most Germans feel strangers in their own
country since Merkel's Muslim Illegals

AfD Slams Merkel's Coalition for Trying
to Secretly 'Rush' UN Migration Pact

PayPal bans Tommy Robinson for Allegedly Promoting
'Hate & violence' - ‘They want to silence me’

Somali-born Savage Who Stabbed Three Shoppers,
Killing one, is shot dead by police

Knife rampage leaves 1 dead & 2 injured in Oz - Vid

Aspartame Is Poison - Vid

As Employment Soars, These Are The US Cities
Losing The Most Skilled Workers

The Social Cost Of De-Industrialization?
47,238 Gun Incidents In The US In 2018


Watch Baltimore Teacher Decked by Student - Vid

Tragedy strikes twice for California shooting
survivors who witnessed Las Vegas massacre

UK Seeks to Impose EU Sanctions Against
Russian Senior Intel Officials - Reports

New US sanctions target Russian hotel in
Crimea acknowledged as world's best

Russia has no clue of what US intends to
achieve with Crimea sanctions — embassy

Russian Embassy in US Suggests Crimean
Resorts Popularity Soaring Amid Sanctions

Saudi Aramco CEO to discuss cooperation with
Russian oil producers in Moscow

Saudi Arabia Probes Possible Ramifications
of OPEC Collapse - Reports

Reuters: Iran to withstand sanctions...US Is isolated

France Takes The Lead In Protecting Iran Oil Trade
From US Sanctions


Argentina Signs $8.7 Billion Swap Agreement
With Beijing To Shore Up Sagging Peso

BoE refuses to hand over Venezuela's gold

Football Miracle in Maryland

The tech we're going to need to detect ET

How to Make Motherhood Easier in America

The Extremely Fast Peopling of the Americas

The war game that could have ended the world

The Future of Safe Self-Driving Cars
Is Thermal Imaging

Cold air invading southern US - 'killing frost' expected

The Best and Worst Airports in the United States


12 Mind-Bending Perceptual Illusions

Are the Milwaukee Bucks the NBA New Big Thing?

Human activities influence conditionally pathogenic
bacteria in Arctic — scientists

Norwegian Volcanic Island Rattled by
Powerful 6.8 Magnitude Quake

Nearly 2,000% increase in major quakes
since 1900! What is going on?

Surely Sunrise Wont Be Long...

If the River Ran Dry They'd Deny it Happening

Mummy reveals mysteries of Native American tribes

Trump Slams Broward Election Boss At Center
Of New Ballot Counting War

Trump Signs New Order Denying Asylum To
Illegals As Caravan New US-Mexico Border

Tramp Wields New Power To Ban Asylum For
Migrant Illegals Who Arrive Illegally

FL Election Results In Question - 'New' Arriving
Broward Ballots In Mystery Truck Deliveries - Vid


FL, GA, AZ Recounts And Lawsuits In Close Races

Controversy, Recounts Put Some Big Races In Question

Trump Says He'll 'Suspend' (?) Asylum To Anyone
Crossing Border Illegally

Some Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting Survivors
Also Survived The Las Vegas Massacre

Police Met With 'Irate, Irrational' SoCal Mass-Shooter
In April, 'Didn't Feel He Warranted Psych Hold'

A Badge Of Shame - The Government's War
On America's Military Veterans

Roberts - Midterm Scoreboard Reveals Massive Pro-Israel
Influence on Congressional Candidates

Maxine Waters Vows To Examine Trump
Ties To Deutsche Bank

Trump Warns Of War-Like Response If Democrats
Investigate Him

Trump 'going to learn he's not above the law'

Pelosi Says Will Cooperate With Trump On
Infrastructure Spending, Hopes To Be Speaker

Trump Tells Congress to Put Partisanship Aside


Top Repubs warn Mueller inquiry must continue

If this blue puddle is the best the
Democrats can achieve....

Roberts - What Do We Make Of The Midterms?

15 Pro Amnesty Republicans Targeted
By ALIPAC Defeated in 2018

Trump Morphing Into Mussolini-Style Autocrat?

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Admitted To Hospital

'Left' Organizes 'Response Events' In 900 Cities
To Protest Firing Of Jeff Sessions

Sessions firing triggers flash protests, Hollywood meltdown

Mueller Has Begun Writing "Final Report" On
Trump-Russia Amid DOJ Shakeup

What Do the Mid-Terms Mean for Marijuana
Legalization in America?


California - One Year After Cannabis Legalization

Tens Of Thousands Flee Huge NoCal Wildfire - Vid

Le Pen Faults Macron for 'Empire' Ambitions
as He Calls for Single European Army

Brother Nathanael - The Hate Police Are Coming! - Vid

Trump Tightens Asylum Rules As Caravans Near

The Invasion Is Bringing More And More
Deadly Disease Into The US - We're Toast

Caravan Gets Ready To Move North Out Of
Mexico City And On

Zionist 9th Circuit Breaks Law Ruling Against Trump
And In Favor Of Unlawful, Unconstitutional DACA

US Military Drops 'Faithful Patriot' as Border Op Name

Jim Acosta streams loss of WH pass, Twitter offers fitting
soundtrack of Violin pathos - Vid+Audio


Trump's clash with CNN descends into farcical
debate over who touched a female intern

CNN Don Lemon's Outrageous, Racist Charges
Divide America

'No walls! No USA at all!' Antifa siege DC home
of Fox News Star Tucker Carlson - Vid

Twitter Says 'Nothing Out of the Ordinary'
Seen Impacting Midterm Elections

Daily Beast takes heat on Twitter after implying
Russian plot helped unseat Dem. senator

Larry King Says RT Is One of Few Channels
in The US Still 'Doing News'

Creep City - Chinese TV unveils unnerving 'AI anchors'
In The Newsroom of the future - Vid

UK Government Bans The 'Fake News' Label
Increasing Censorship Even Further

Watch Rick Sanchez poke at new NYT
'disinformation' claims - Vid

Cops Find Acid Used to Dissolve Khashoggi Body
at Saudi Consul's Home - Reports


State Department - US Will Soon Impose
More Sanctions Against Russia

Trump credits Trump with oil price decline
Says 'That's because of me'

Jim Rickards - The United States Is Going Broke

Trump, Gorbachev & Fall Of The American Empire

Trump policies Will bring about death of US - Farrakhan

Trump to snub Macron-favored Paris Peace Forum

Le Pen Faults Macron for 'Empire' Ambitions
as He Calls for Single European Army

North Korea, Kim, 'Really Angry' At Trump US
Tensions Rising Daily

Haley - N Korea Canceled Pompeo Talks Because
It Needed More Time To Prepare

Taiwan Navy Commissions Two US-Made
Warships Amid Tensions With China


Will the 'Taiwan question' give rise to WW3 scenario?

Navy disciplines sailors for LSD ring
aboard nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Adenovirus Hits Second Long
Term Care Facility in New Jersey

Trump blames Obama for giving Crimea to Russia

'Go home!' Ukrainian President Poroshenko
calls for Russian Orthodox Church to be purged

Ukraine's neo-Nazis trained US white supremacists - FBI

Ukraine 2018 - Human rights nowhere,
thuggery and corruption everywhere

'Obviously We Have an Economic War
Between US and Iran'

INF Treaty 'Serves Rather Than Hampers' US Interests
Says Top Ex-Military Officers in Letter to Trump

Netanyahu Backs Death Penalty For
Palestinian Political Prisoners


Israelis Shoot Another Pal Youth Dead At Border

An Iconic David vs Goliath Moment In Gaza

Russia should let Israel attack Iranians
Inside Syria - US envoy

Bibi's lawyer should be indicted for bribery - Police

The Arab World Is Largely a Cesspool of
Ruthless Despotism

Thousands of corpses from Trump US-led airstrikes
found under Raqqa rubble, says diplomat

Yemen-bombing Saudi Arabia says it 'stands with'
suffering Yemeni children in govt poster

'Saudi war brings Yemen to brink of starvation'

Unsuccessful Russian Good Faith Peace Initiatives

Over 50% of Swedes Blame Rape VICTIMS
Amid Sexual Assault Spike, Study Finds


The niqab represents a pernicious ideology
and its spread should worry us all

Forget The 'Supervolcano', This Is Yellowstone's
Greatest Geological Threat

Major Math Error Puts Widely-Cited Global
Warming Study On Ice

Epic dust 'moons' orbiting Earth confirmed - Pic

WATCH Flying Object Filmed in Sweden - Vid

Trump - Iran Sanctions Waivers Won't
Drive Oil Prices Up to $150 Per Barrel

Poland Signs Deal for US LNG Delivery Amid
Efforts to Reduce Dependence on Russia

US oil production set to pass 12 million barrels A Day

US tells world to steer clear of Iranian oil tankers

US Sanctions 9 Russian Entities, 3 Individuals
Over Crimea - Volker


Washington's sanctions show its weakness to
solve real issues - Russian diplomat

China & India to drive the world's nuclear power
production growth - experts

Boeing's Chinese Plant to Deliver First 737 Max

Russia to replace US soybean exports to
China amid escalating trade war

Chinese Currency Internationalization Quickening

World's Largest Asset Manager Warns Dollar's Days
As Global Reserve Currency Are Numbered

More People Are Already Dying From Superbugs
Than You Realize

Now That The Dark Ages Are Returning

The Typo That Helped End World War II

The dark side of filming animals with drones


Humans have been here Much longer
than most people think they have

What is that purple light in the sky?

The Alarming Possibilities of Hypersonic Flight

Watch Terrifying moment bus flies off Yangtze Bridge - Vid

Existence Of Dust 'Moons' Orbiting Earth Confirmed

The Reservoir of Intuition and Creativity

28 Yr Old Ex Marine, Ian David Long, Identified
As Gunman Who Killed 12 At SoCal Bar

Trump Suspends CNN Acosta's Press Credentials- Vid

Trump Already Reaches Out To Work With Pelosi - Vid

Pelosi Says She Wants To Work With Trump - Vid


Leftist Antifa Mob Shows Up At Tucker Carlson's Home
Yelled 'Racist Scumbag, Leave Town!' And 'No Borders!
No Walls! No USA At All!'

Tucker Carlson Target By Antifa Mob - 'We Know Where
You Sleep At Night!' Sign Put On Tucker’s Front Door

Chuckie Schumer Says Trump Is Delusional To
Claim Victory In Midterm Elections

Whitaker Succeeds Fired AG Sessions - Top Dems Flip
Out, Demand Whitaker Recuse Himself Over Russiagate
...And Schumer Says Mueller Must Be Protected - Vid

Sessions Departure Raises Questions About
Russiagate's Future

Kremlin - Russia never interferes in foreign elections
including those in US

True and False Accusations of US
Midterm Election Interference

Trump Shreds 'Rude, 'Terrible' Acosta - Bravo

Gingrich - What The Media Didn't Tell You About
Trump And The Midterms

Trump Threatens Reciprocal Leak Probe
If Dems Launch More Witch-Hunts

Has Mike Bloomberg Begun The Battle For 2020?

US midterm voters see Biden as Trump's rival in 2020


Atzmon - Divide And Conquer

Midterms...Split Decision - Americans Always manipulated,
betrayed, ill-informed and dis-informed by major media

Marijuana Wins Big In Midwest, Conservative States

Socialist Students - 'Free' Tuition Would Stimulate Economy

Florida's Richest Man Blasts America's Wanna-Be
Socialists - Says 'Soros Is An Anarchist'

Veritas Vid - TX Poll Official Admits 'Tons' Of Illegals Voted

US voters re-elect lawmakers facing criminal
indictments & corruption charges...because why not?

Atzmon - Divide And Conquer

Midterms...Split Decision - Americans Always manipulated,
betrayed, ill-informed and dis-informed by major media


US Midterm Election Postmortems

True and False Accusations of US
Midterm Election Interference

Icke - The Migrant Caravan...An Elite Manipulation - Vid

There Are 'Absolutely' Muslims In The Caravan - DHS

Vietnam - Decades of Liars Blacken Names of Real Heroes

CIA's 'Surveillance State' Is Operating Against Us All

Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts As too gender-inclusive

Are You One Of Those 'End-Of-The-World' Guys?

More Zio US Sanctions on Iran Coming

How Julian Assange Became the Political
Prisoner of Our Time - Man In The Iron Mask


Study - Conservatives Silencing Themselves On Campus

Pompeo's High Level N Korea Meetings Canceled

S Korean Military Endorses Plan to Procure
US PAC-3 MSE Interceptors -

'Flashpoint For War' - US And Japan Plan Military
Response To Chinese Incursions Of Disputed Islands

Russian agency says creating S-300, S-400
maintenance and support center in China viable

China Unveils 'Heavenly Palace' Space Station
Replacement for ISS - Pic

Berlin to Press China on Space And Robotic
Weapons Rules

EU Hybrid Threats Center Says to Examine
China's Activities in 2019

'Very Dangerous' - Ex-UKIP Leader Lambasts
Macron's EU Army Proposal

Russian scientists to set up space observation
posts in Arctic by 2020


Russian Media Reports Trusted by Majority
of Country's Journalists - Study

The Unraveling Of The Netanyahu Project
For The Middle East

Israel taking de-escalation measures after Il-20 incident

Israel threatens Russia-manned S-300s in Syria

Russians reconfigure S-300 systems in Syria

'Who Will Control Them?' US 'Very Concerned'
About S-300 Deployment in Syria - Envoy

Israeli Official Visits Oman to Propose
International Railway Project

Israeli Man Arrested for Posing as Doctor to
Fondle Women's Breasts

Russia-Palestine trade soared by 61% in 8 Mos of 2018

Snowden Claims Israeli Software Was
Used to Track Khashoggi


Another Journalist Killed During Torture
By Saudi Arabia

Attacks on Yemen increased after US demand
for A ceasefire - Houthi

Saudis tampered with consulate's CCTV security
cameras after Khashoggi killing - Report

Saudi Arabia Bans Muslims From Israel
and Palestinians From Mecca - Report

UK govt blasted over RAF training of 102
Saudi pilots as Yemen war rages on

Ukraine's Finance Ministry Forecasts Country's
Looming Debt Obligations Default

Ukrainian journalist & veteran of far-right Azov
Battalion caught making Nazi salute - Pic

Ukrainian video game set in Auschwitz Angers Poland

Europe's Immigration Crisis - Mo' Money, Mo' Invasion

Insane Swedish Left Pushing For Full Voting Rights
for Muslims, Foreign Citizens, Teenagers


Italy's Senate Approves 'Anti-Migration Decree'

Macron Slammed for Praising Nazi Collaborator
Who Deported Jews During Holocaust

London's Muslim Knife Murders, Stabbings Epidemic
...A Major 'Public Health Issue'

UK Suffers From Violence, Sex Crime as
Cuts to Police Funding Continue to Bite

Moneybags Blair claimed £1m in British
taxpayers' money over last decade

David Cameron, foreign secretary? That would be
a sick joke for Libyans, Syrians & many others

'Unforgivable cowardice' - Company 'gagged'
from criticizing May in wake of Grenfell fire

May's Plan For Selling Still-Unfinished Brexit
Deal To The People, Leaked

It Took Six Months To Split Czechoslovakia
Why Should Brexit Take Six Years?

Labour MPs Call for Commission Chair to
Be Sacked Over Anti-Semitic Soros Remark


Boeing's new 737 MAX may 'abruptly dive' due to errors

Not 'Too Big To Fail' - Why Facebook's
Long Reign May Be Coming To An End

'Your loss', Kremlin says as Russian billionaires
reportedly barred from Davos forum

Gazprom Sees Place for Both Russian Gas,
US LNG in Europe

Drink urine, eat cockroaches - Chinese company's
extreme punishments for missed targets - Vid

What Gridlock Means For The US Economy
...Goldman Sachs Explains

SWIFT defies EU, caving in to US pressure
to cut off Iranian banks

France, Germany Could Host Iranian Payment
Vehicle to Side-Step US Sanctions

Iran Warns of 'Hurtful' Times for Oil Buyers
as US Sanctions Kick In

The truth about Iran oil sanction waivers


US exempts Iraq in retreat on Iran sanctions

Russian Gov't May Support Certain Key Firms
If They're Hit by US Sanctions - PM

State Dept - US to Impose New Set of Sanctions
Against Russia Over Skripal Attack

US Leans On EU to Keep Anti-Russian Sanctions

Russia, China Can Sign Deal on National
Currencies Payments by End of Year - Russian Bank

Dumping the dollar: Iran & South Korea
agree on cross-currency trade

Bank of England Refusing Venezuelan Request
to Return $550 Million in Gold

JPMorgan Gold-Spoofer Admits 'Manipulating
Precious Metals Markets' For Years

'Oumuamua' Could be an Alien Spacecraft?

Interstellar Object May Be Alien Probe - Vid


Stellar Phenomenon Frightens Indians

Secrets Behind Roswell Alien Autopsy Footage

AG Jeff Sessions Quits - Asst AG Whitaker Sworn In As
Acting Attorney General - Will Oversee Mueller Probe

Atzmon - Divide And Conquer

Midterms...Split Decision - Americans Always manipulated,
betrayed, ill-informed and dis-informed by major media

Trump Shreds ‘Rude, ‘Terrible’ Acosta - Bravo

US Midterm Election Postmortems

True and False Accusations of US
Midterm Election Interference

Democrats Take House - Get Ready To Rumble
...Trump Impeachment Talk Already In The Air

Trump Facing Investigations, Trouble After Midterms
As Democrats Surge And Take Control Of House


Democrat House Victory Serious Blow To Trump - Analysts

GOP Holds Senate Firmly, Loses House, Chaos Ahead

Mega Zionist Rosen Wins NV Senate Seat - Wants Prison
For Anyone Supporting BDS Or Criticizing Israel

Fox Says Dems Will Retake House
Continual Live Updates

Live Results - Continually Updated

Long Lines, Complaints And Vote Machine
Breakdowns But No Evidence Of Hacking - Vid

OH Election Official Breaks Law, Recommends Vote
for Sherrod Brown, 'I'm a Democrat, I'll admit it' - Vid

Massive Vote Fraud, 'Election' Rigging - MSNBC Posts
Florida Vote Count 'Gillum Wins' Graphic YESTERDAY

100,000 NON-Citizens registered to vote in PA
illegal Voters Are Essentially Nullifying US Elections

Trump's high-risk strategy puts him on
the midterm ballot like no one else

NBC, Fox, Facebook Pull Trump-Endorsed
'Racist' Immigration Ad After Backlash

100+ Facebook, Instagram Accounts Blocked
Ahead of US Midterm Vote - Statement

Clinton bots more talkative & influential than Trump bots
around 2016 debates, study finds

GOP Has Three Major Hurdles To
Overcome in Today's Midterm Election

Roberts - What This Election Is About

Jeffrey Toobin Admits He's A Nationalist... Just like Trump

Stacey Abrams Is A Nationalist, too...A Black Nationalist
As Black Panthers Campaign For Her


Media Collusion Leading to Collision?

Why Isn't Anyone Reporting That Beto O'Rourke Is
Married To The Daughter Of A Billionaire

Pentagon says troops won't 'come in contact'
with caravan Illegals at Mexico border

Caravan arrives in Mexico City

Illegals Camp In Mexico City Stadium

100 Illegals In Caravan Kidnapped For Sex Slavery

Armed Patriot Militias going to PROTECT border
to be considered enemies of Zionist NORTHCOM

Is there really a 'militia caravan 'traveling
south to protect US border

Minuteman Project - Bringing national awareness
to the illegal alien invasion

Polio Cases - From Illegals - Jump Dramatically
...Almost 300 Cases And Rising


Ebola Case Found in New DRCongo - Outbreak Hits 285

Joe - A Clear Patriot Voice Of The Masses Warns Again,
Of Trump's Failure And The Invasion Of America - Vid

Icke - Tyranny Is Here...With Its Idiot Targets
Cheering Every Step - Vid

Tucker Carlson - Obama In South Africa Praises
White Genocide Leaders

CIA's 'surveillance state' is operating against us all

FDA - Why Do You Continue To Ignore
The Petition To Ban Aspartame?

Irish Singer Sinead O'Connor Becomes Muslim (Refuses
FGM, Of Course) And Now Says She Hates Whites (Who
Gave Her A Career) Adds 'They Are Disgusting'

Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches 'Magna Carta for the Internet'

Lawmakers Drafting Bill That Would Allow Social Media
Checks Before Gun Purchase

Hollywood Gala Raises Record $60 Million For Racist
Pro-IDF Group - Pics

US Ancient Natural Gas Infrastructure Keeps Killing People


Amazon Said To Pick Long Island City As Second HQ

North Dakota Farmers Hope Trade War Ends
As Soybeans Pile Up

'Kim Kardashian or girl next door': Sex doll company
makes models of women without their consent

Millennial Men Failing To Find Jobs Amid 'Hottest Market'

Professor Asks Students To Compare Trump, Nazi Policies

'Diversity Summit' Calls For Media To Use Terms
Like 'White Supremacist' And 'Nazi Sympathizer'

Foxconn May Bring CHINESE Workers
To Its New Wisconsin Facility

Tucker - Nationalism Is The 'Antidote To Tribalism'
Acts Like 'Kryptonite' To Globalists

Trump Supporters Sing Amazing Grace After
Elderly Woman Collapses At Missouri Rally... “

Our Plasticized Oceans - Cleaning Them Up
...One Pound at a Time


French President 'Mickey' Macron calls for creation of
A real EU Army to 'protect' Europe from Russia & US

Le Pen party overtakes Macron in EU Election Poll

US decision to quit INF Treaty puts Europe at risk — Macron

Pandora, anyone? Russia plans to set up
moon base inhabited by 'avatar robots'

Germany Considers Massive Military
Spending Increase Amid Hardware Crisis

Pentagon Socialism - Militarizing The Economy
In The Name Of Defense

Navy's Priciest Aircraft Carrier Delivered
Without Elevators To Lift Bombs

China Set To Unveil New Aircraft, Drones,
Missiles, & Lasers At Zhuhai Airshow

China's newest 5th-generation stealth fighter jets
perform stunts during airshow (VIDEO)

Russia to showcase latest medium-range
air defense missile system at Airshow China


Russian Naval Drills Demonstrate New Submarine
Drone with Extraordinary Capabilities

Putin Unveils Russia's Newest Underwater Drone - Vid

The Fourth Turning & War Of The Worlds

Russian Army Has 30 Times More Cruise Missiles
Than 6 Years Ago

Russia creates army groupings with 4,000 km range
precision weapons

Russian Ground Forces receive over 10,000 units of modern weapons, equipment

Range of Russian drones' electronic jamming
capability increased to 100 km

Self-sufficient military units established in Arctic, Crimea - Russia

Russian army receives over 1,800 UAVs in last 6 years

West's Bid for Global Dominance Triggered
Tensions With Russia – Russian FM


Jews Demand Sussex Prof Lose Status For Daring To
Say Israelis Blew Up Twin Towers With US Zionist Help

UK Professor Under Investigation for Claiming
Israel, 'Zionists in US Gov' Were Behind 9/11

Jewish groups call on UKIP to break up with 'vile'
Alex Jones' Infowars in anti-Semitism row

Saudis Escalate Terror-Bombing After
Hollow US Call for Ceasefire

The Tricks of Crown Prince MBS

Millions in Yemen are starving and UK, US & France
are 'behind this' – Oxfam representative to RT

Amid Saudi-led bombing, Pompeo pins responsibility
for starvation in Yemen... on Iran !

MBS launches nuke plant project amid Khashoggi crisis

UN Review Of Saudi Arabia's Abominable
Human Rights Record

Russia's UN envoy warns about fake chemical
weapons attack being prepared in Syria


Russian envoy, Iranian senior security official
hold talks on Syria in Tehran

Syrian Army Reportedly Seizes New
Cache of US-Made Weapons - Vid

Russian FM - Israeli Strikes in Syria Will Increase Tensions

Netanyahu Says 'Power' Key to Thaw With Arabs

Iconic Palestinian protester shot in Gaza – reports

White South Africans barred from registering
on government jobs website

EU lost over €100bn because of
its own anti-Russia sanctions

Are Trump Regime Hardliners Heading For Iran War?

US Won't Deploy More Troops to Persian Gulf
Amid Anti-Iran Sanctions

Iran's Zarif Mocks US Over Closed Bank
Sunken Ship on US Sanctions List


Trump Regime's Anti-Iran Agenda Likely to Fail

Pompeo and Mnuchin on Iran Sanctions

US will allow Iran's civilian nuclear projects
in Arak, Bushehr & Fordow to continue

France Proposes Boosting Euro in Retaliation
Against US Sanctions on Iran

UK, Norway vow expansion of Iran trade

South Korea, Japan say to resume Iranian oil imports

Erdogan: Turkey will not abide by US sanctions on Iran

Image of Bolsanaro's sons wearing pro-IDF
And Mossad shirts goes viral

Bolsonaro Engages in a Series of Unstrategic Diplomatic
Blunders re China, Egypt – But Status Quo Remains

Mysterious Opening In Antarctic Mountainside
With Metal Cover - Google Earth Images


'Threatening Modern Healthcare' - Superbugs
Killing Over 33,000 People Per Year in Europe Alone

Remains of German V-! Found In British Woods

Tight security in NYC as trial looms for El Chapo

'Trade war is the most stupid thing in the world' – Jack Ma

EU lost over €100bn because of its own anti-Russia sanctions – Lavrov

Russia & China show off life-size model of jetliner that will take on Boeing and Airbus

Silver poised to outpace gold in 2019 – experts

Lukoil, Eni, agree to swap shares in Mexican offshore blocks

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov calls US' pressure on SWIFT "unacceptable"

Pakistan, China Ditch US Dollar for Yuan in Bilateral Trade


De-dollarization & de-Americanization is an idea whose time's come

Financial Warfare and the Float of China's Yuan

Cannabis convictions - the push to clear
the records that ruin lives

The FDA Approves a Controversial
New Opioid Painkiller

Who Knew? Life Begins (Again) At 65

Scientists Weighed the Earth Using
Ghostly Particles From Space

Super-Ice Could Be Killing Off Alien Life-Forms

30 Year Old 'Mohammed' arrested for raping A
10 Year Old girl in Swedish courtyard

NASA smashed the record for the
fastest human-made object

An Explorer's Guide to Hidden Hollywood


The False Feminine

The Explosive History Behind Guy Falkes

Save Us From Freedom!

'Anchor Babies', Posse Comitatus & The Invaders- Part 1

'Anchor Babies', Posse Comitatus & The Invaders- Part 2

Trump Is Right About National Security Threat From
'Caravan' But Pentagram Twices Refuses Trump Orders

Pentagon Refuses Second Cmdr-in-Chief Trump Order
This Time To Build Tents And A 'Tent City' For Illegal Caravan
Should this Be A Constitutional Crisis?

NBC, Fox, FB Stop Running Trump's Caravan Ad

Obama Mocks Clinton Email Controversy And Trump's
Warnings About Caravan Invaders

Caravans, Narco-Oligarchs & The Soros 'Left'

US Militia Patriots Form Own Caravan to Secure US Border

Bankrolling the Resistance - The Soros Global Conspiracy
Finds New Fuel in GOP

Kavanaugh Probe Bombshells Surface

Immigrants Who Can't Vote Work To
Influence Midterm Elections

In 2016, Soros Boasted Of Spending $500 Million
On Illegal Migrants

This Is Exactly What Hell On Earth Looks Like - Vid

MidTerm Election WARNING And Martial Law Scenario

Warring Angels Seen Over Polling Stations!
Vote Red for God - Vid

The UN Wants To Be Our World Govt By 2030

Your Vote Is Who You Are - Thought-Crimes
And Hate-Week Are Upon Us

US State of Georgia Breaks Early Voting
Record for Midterms - Secretary of State


Trump Vows Maximum Criminal Penalties
for Illegal Voters

Final CNN & Rasmussen midterm polls vary wildly in
predictions as Americans prepare to vote

Early Voter Turnout Surges As Republicans
Hold Lead In Battleground States

NBC Runs 'Racist' Immigration Ad Rejected By CNN

Georgia Investigating Democrats For Allegedly
Hacking Voting System

Kellyanne crowns Hillary 'queen of abortion'
gets own titles in Twitter inferno

Papadopoulos Details Alleged Entrapment Scheme
By Undercover Deep State Agents

American Politics Is Now Just Civil War By Other Means

Senate Report Says 'No Evidence' of Sexual Assault
by Kavanaugh

'Die Jew Rats' synagogue vandal was anti hate crime
intern & Democratic activist


64yo teacher beats up student in class 'over n-word' –
then gets $25,000 from sympathizers - Vid

US Docs Criticize CDC for response to Polio Outbreak
And Make No Mention Of Illegal Aliens Bringing It Here

Gab Gets New Domain Host - Back Up

US Midterm Elections

Undercover Documentaries on the Diabolical
Israeli Lobby That Controls The US

US Navy Video Of Russian Jet 'Unsafe' Intercept
Of US Spy Plane Over Black Sea - Vid

WATCH Chinese, US Warships Narrowly Avoid
Collision in South China Sea

US, Japan Plan Armed Response to Potential
Chinese Threat to Disputed Islands – Reports

North Korea Issue Nuke Threat Ahead
of High Level Talks With US

Pompeo dismisses N. Korean nuke threats as
'stray voltage' ahead of meeting with Kim's No. 2


North Korea, China, Iran Hate Trump's US Policy

Two Koreas Raise Yellow Flags at Guard Posts
Along Fortified Border - Reports

Pompeo warns of 'severe, swift punishment'
as Iran sanctions reinstated

Trump Regime Blames Iran for Its Own High Crimes

Pompeo Reveals Countries Exempt From Iran Oil Sanctions

Iran foils Israeli cyber attacks on comm networks

Iran Claims Israel Was Behind Plot to Kill
Opposition Activist in Denmark

UK Will Continue Working With Iran Despite US Sanctions

US Decision on Anti-Iran Sanctions 'Absurd, Dangerous' - Russia

Iran's Powerful Hardline Cleric Threatens To
'Instantly' Create $400 Oil By Seizing Tankers


Intruder Tried Break In And Kidnap Assange - Report

Muslims In Germany Need Anti-Semitism Classes
Says Council of Jews

Majority of Muslims & African 'Refugees' Entered
Germany Without Identity Documents – Reports

Marine Le Pen Leads Creeper Macron
For First Time, Latest Poll Shows

Le Pen's Eurosceptic Party Beats Creep Macron In Polls

French policeman found dead in PM's residence

Ambulances block Paris highway to protest reforms

French far-right party gains lead before EU parliament vote

Muslims Stab 5th Brit To Death In 5 Days

'He Looks Like A 30 yo Man' - Parents Report 'Schoolboy'
to UK Authorities Fearing He's An Illegal Muslim


20,000 Armed Muslims Set To Break European Border

Trump and Netanyahu Want Saudi Crown Prince
MBS Absolved of Hideous Khashoggi Murder

Alwaleed Says MbS Will Be '100% Vindicated'
In Khashoggi Murder

Pieraccini - Untouchable US-Saudi Relation Is
A Core Element Of US Imperialism

Saudis Furious With Washington Post Coverage,
Call For Amazon Boycott

Israeli MInister Threaten To Destroy Syria S-300s
If Any Israeli Jets Are Hit

Israeli Man Charged for Plotting to Assassinate Netanyahu

Israeli forces seal off Palestinian city of al-Khalil

Israel Summons Syrian Reporter for Questioning Over
Coverage of Protests in Golan Heights

Israeli PM backs controversial death penalty bill


2 killed in car blast in Tel Aviv - Vid

US Uses White Phosphorus On Syrian Town

US Bombs Another Syria Town With White Phosphorus

Syria Detects No Israeli Attacks Since Russian
S-300 Arrive

Russia's Envoy Accuses White Helmets of
Plotting New False-Flag Chemical Attacks

Grotesque fish find fuels fears over Iraq water quality - Vid

Pepe Escobar: Under The Pakistani Volcano

Taliban Militants Capture Military Base in Afghanistan

British Gov't to Allow Foreign Nationals
From Abroad Into Its Military - Reports

UK Set to Open Major Permanent Base in Mideast


UK-Based Neocon Think-Tank Ridiculed for Claiming
Britain Has Up to 75,000 Russian Informants

Theresa May Reveals "Secret" Brexit Deal
After Winning Major Concession From EU

Blair Urges UK Parliament to Vote Down
Any Deal on Brexit, Let People Decide

42% of Tory Party Members Want Theresa
May to Immediately Stand Down as PM

Outraged Brits Flee Fireworks After
Union Jack Burnt - Vid

Secret Report Accuses UK Defense Ministry
of Five Nuclear Safety Breaches

'Arms Dealers': British Grandparents Convicted
of Supplying nuts and bolts for Iran's Nuke Program

The Malta Mafia Black Hole In The Sea

Here's China's Massive Plan To Retool The Web

Russian Official - US Actions May Render Null
OPEC Efforts to Prevent Oil Price Rise


Xi Tells China's Critics To 'Mind Your Own Business'
In Trade Expo Speech; Pledges $30 Trillion In Imports

Xi Calls on World States to Resist Trade
Protectionism Together

Russian Prime Minister welcomes financing in
national currencies between Moscow, Beijing

Ditching Dollar - Turkey Seeks Trade in National
Currencies With Russia, China, Iran

Russia-China trade may exceed $100 Billion in 2018

Russia expects China to enter Arctic LNG-2 project

Moldova's president to attend EAEU summit
in December

Israeli Foreign Ministry Says Talks With
EAEU on Free Trade Deal Moving Forward

Gazprom to boost gas supplies to Austria
by 1 bln cubic meters per year

California can't stop onslaught of seeping soil


Strong 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Philippines

Death Toll From Severe Storms in South Italy Rises to 32

WATCH Giant Wave Break Glass and Flood Italian
Restaraunt in a Split Second - Vid

Daylight Saving Time is Literally Killing Us

Does Sex Addiction Really Exist?

Some Fires Never Burn...

Now Pentagon Refuses Trump's Order To Build Tents
And A 'Tent City' For Illegal Caravan At The Border - Report

NBC, Fox, FB Stop Running Trump's Caravan Ad

Trump Is Right About National Security Threat From
'Caravan' But Pentagram Twices Refuses Trump Orders

Pentagon Refuses Second Cmdr-in-Chief Trump Order
This Time To Build Tents And A 'Tent City' For Illegal Caravan
Should this Be A Constitutional Crisis?

NBC, Fox, FB Stop Running Trump's Caravan Ad

Frightening Video From Mexico Shows
ENORMOUS Caravan Heading To US - Vid

Caravan Funding Lies Meet The Infowar - Vid

MSM Claims US Militia Groups Allegedly Heading
To Border, Stirred by Trump's Call to Arms? Really?

US Military Can't Patrol US border...Too Busy
Patrolling Border Between North Syria & Turkey

Fear On The Border In Fort Hancock, TX - Vid

Obama Mocks Clinton Email Controversy And Trump's
Warnings About Caravan Invaders

Caravans, Narco-Oligarchs & The Soros 'Left'


US Militia Patriots Form Own Caravan to Secure US Border

Immigrants Who Can't Vote Work To
Influence Midterm Elections

In 2016, Soros Boasted Of Spending $500 Million
On Illegal Migrants

This Is Exactly What Hell On Earth Looks Like - Vid

MidTerm Election WARNING And Martial Law Scenario

Warring Angels Seen Over Polling Stations!
Vote Red for God - Vid

Muslims In Germany Need Anti-Semitism Classes
Says Council of Jews

Majority of Muslims & African 'Refugees' Entered
Germany Without Identity Documents – Reports

Marine Le Pen Leads Creeper Macron
For First Time, Latest Poll Shows

Obama Mocks Clinton Email Controversy And Trump's
Warnings About Caravan Invaders

Now Over 12,000 In Biggest Caravan Heading
To Trump's Tent Cities With Free Everything

Third Migrant Caravan Forms - Heading For US
And A Free Ride In One Of Trump's Tent Cities

Caravan Moves Through 'Route Of Death' In Mexico

Soros Partners With Mastercard To Give Cash To Illegals

Reuters Admits Soros Funding Migrant Caravan
And Running Beto's Campaigns - Vid

The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried to Ban
An Atheist, Holocaust War Criminal & Nazi Collaborator - Vid

Congressman Gohmert Assures Lou Dobbs
'It's Not Anti-Semitic To Criticize Soros' - Vid

US border reinforced against 'migrant invasion' - Barbed Wire
For Show, No Armed Soldiers To Protect Us - Vids

Joe - Trump Will Let Them All In - Vid

Watch 'The Truth About The 'Caravan' - Molyneux - Vid

Why The Global Elite Want To Replace You - Vid


U of W Madison Issues Voter ID Cards To Foreign
Exchange Students Who Are Ineligible To Vote

Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief - Most Terror
Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI - Vid

Download Trump @War - A Film By Stephen Bannon - Vid

Icke - Why Are We Becoming Dumber? - Vid

Israeli Report admits they are Descendants of Khazars

Twitter Finds 'Grab Them By Ballot'
Photos of Dem Women Repugnant

Twitter deletes 10,000+ bot accounts
that 'discouraged US midterm voting'

Trump Slams Democratic Senator for
'Trying to Steal the Election' with Paid Ads

Armed With Assault Rifles, Black Panthers March
For Stacey Abrams

Pat Buchanan at 80 - 'Right from the Beginning' After All


Was Anti-Semitic New York Graffiti Attacker
A Liberal-Media-Darling Obama Volunteer?

2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Admits She Lied
Kamala's Office Involved

Judicial Watch Files FOIA Suit Over Hillary's
Security Clearance Records

Doom - Yale Survey Lets Us Look At Our Future Leaders

Sr Russian Diplomat Confirms 'Russia Is Preparing for War'
...Is Anybody Listening?

Drop sanctions & reach out to Russia
or drive it into China's embrace – Sarkozy

Treaties and Other Agreements US Consistently Breaches

Jeff Bezos Puts The Pentagon On His Monopoly Board

At Least 2 Dead As Amazon Warehouse
In Baltimore Collapses

Bill Gates predicts taxes on robots will help
people keep their jobs


US Reportedly Concerned It Can't Stop Iran Missiles

What's Behind US Sanctions on Iran?

Netanyahu hails Trump for reimposing Iran sanctions

Pompeo Vows to Confront Iran Aggressively

Iran Reportedly Turns Off Oil Tanker
Tracking Systems as US Sanctions Loom

Trump Wrong To Resume Sanctions Against Iran - Analyst

Obama's head of Iran sanctions grilled over
criticizing Trump's 'disgusting joy'

Iran's Khamenei claims Trump has 'disgraced' US
prestige as renewed sanctions set

NATO Plane Spotted Spying Near Russian Border - Pic

Russian Bear bomber crashes NATO's largest drill
since Cold War - Pics


US Aircraft Carrier Joins Largest-Ever Japan War Exercise

S Korea, US to Resume Drills Halted to Foster
Peace With Pyongyang - Reports

Cuban leader arrives in North Korea on a state visit

China Has 'Taken the Gloves Off' in
New Hacking Attacks on US - Report

US Vows Cyberattack if Russia 'Directly
'Interferes' With Midterms - Reports

Hollywood Cool guys more violent than supervillains

33 Trillion Reasons Why The New York Times
Is Wrong About Russiagate

How To Debunk Transgender Madness In 2 Minutes - Vid

Sustainable Deception

Assange Mother in Emotional Appeal For Son's Release


White Genocide Celebrated At The Eiffel Tower

Le Pen's Eurosceptic Party Beats Creep Macron In Polls

French far-right party gains lead before EU parliament vote

Muslims Stab 5th Brit To Death In 5 Days

'He Looks Like A 30 yo Man' - Parents Report 'Schoolboy'
to UK Authorities Fearing He's An Illegal Muslim

20,000 Armed Muslims Set To Break European Border

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Gaza
and US Treaty Violations

European Source - Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz to Replace MbS

Dissident Saudi prince freed amid Khahoggi fury

Saudi-led Yemen strikes destroy UK aid with British bombs'
...Oxfam slams London's 'incoherent' policy


US demand for Yemen ceasefire, new talks 'total farce' - Ansarullah

At Least 15 Civilians Killed in US-led Coalition
Airstrike on Deir ez-Zor in Syria - Reports

Northwestern Syria - Terrorists in Panic after
Details of Transferring Chemical Cargos Disclosed

Erdogan Part of the Problem in Syria, Not the Solution

Israelis Give Pal Cancer Patient 13 Months In Prison
...A Death Sentence

Israel settlers dump sewage on Palestinian school

Netanyahu hails Trump for reimposing sanctions on Iran

IDF soldier shoots 2 neighbors, attacks 3 with ax after
confiscated gun given back by 'accident'

Report admits Israelis ARE Descendants of Khazars

Le Pen's Eurosceptic Party Beats Creep Macron In Polls


French far-right party gains lead before EU parliament vote

Muslims Stab 5th Brit To Death In 5 Days

'He Looks Like A 30 yo Man' - Parents Report 'Schoolboy'
to UK Authorities Fearing He's An Illegal Muslim

20,000 Armed Muslims Set To Break European Border

'Threat to Rule of Law' - German Police Fail
To Take Down 'Armenian Mafia'

'I'm a Fascist' - Two 'Ukrainians' Assault
Commuters in Rome Metro - Vid

A Visual Guide To Europe's Member States

Ellen Brown - Trump's 'War' On The Fed

Will Your Retirement Efforts Achieve Escape Velocity?

Luongo - For Russia, Change Comes SWIFTly


Gold, Yuan & Why China's Monetary Policy Must Change

East trusts in physical gold while West prefers
'mindless optimism' – Claudio Grass to RT

Walking dead: Rise of 'zombie firms'
threatening global economic growth

California Hit By 39 Quakes In 24 Hours As Scientists
Warn Of "Movement Along The San Andreas Fault"

Volcano Ebeko on Kuril Islands Spews Ash 2.8 Miles - Vid

Fiery meteor shooting across Alabama & Arkansas - Vid

Shocker - Pentagon Refuses Trump's Order To Deploy
To Border - Trump Is Commander-in-Chief Of What?
Who Is REALLY In Control Of The US Military?

Pentagon Refuses Trump Orders For Combat Troops
Says The Invasion Is Just a 'Law Enforcement' Issue
Trump Reverses Statement To Shoot Rock Throwers

Joe - A Clear Patriot Voice Of The Masses Warns Again
Of Trump's Failure And The Invasion Of America - Vid

Illegal Immigrants Who Throw Rocks at Military Will Be
Arrested, But Won't Be Fired Upon by Military - Trump

First Troops Arrive At US-Mexico Border

Exposed - US Democrats Illegally Use Campaign
Funds to Assist Illegal Aliens

Beto Responds To Undercover Veritas Video
Insists Campaign 'Above Board'

Illegal Alien Caravan Still Long Way From Border - Vid

$145 Million Texas Border Wall Project Awarded

Trump's Long Relationship With Diet Coke
- A Gallon A Day


Trump said 'black people are too stupid'
to vote for him Says Ex-lawyer Cohen

Arpaio Hits NYT With $147 Million Lawsuit

Kavanaugh Accuser Admits Making False Rape Charges
Trump Challenges Dems After New Revelation

Another Kavanaugh accuser admits Faking rape story

No Matter What Happens With Midterms, Democrats Still
Losers After Kavanaugh Debacle: WSJ

How AI Allows Only Propaganda While Censoring Truth

After Neocon Think Tank Partnered With Facebook
Journalists Started Getting Censored

Trump wishes luck to his 'doppelganger' Alec Baldwin
as he faces assault & harassment charges

CNN racist Lemon defends claim that white men
are the 'biggest terror threat'

Twitter - Oops, we didn't really mean for you to 'Kill all Jews'


In California, Home Sales Are Plunging
Like It Is 2008 All Over Again

The Danger In Media Telling Only Half The Story
On Political Violence

Three Events That Could Change Face Of America

An Information Apocalypse Looms
- Deep Fakes And Political Manipulation

Ex-CIA Director's 'Nixonian Obsession With Leaks'
Drove The Obama CIA to Spy on Congress

'I'm not a vampire,' says billionaire Peter Thiel
after years of young blood injection rumors

Only opioid 'crisis' is not enough opioids? FDA approves
drug 10 Times stronger than deadly fentanyl

Names of 57 Catholic priests accused of abusing
New Orleans children revealed

Dead & duct-taped Saudi sisters found on banks
of Hudson could be...a suicide?

Three People Including Gunman Killed
5 Others Wounded in Shooting in Florida


Kim Threatens To Resume (He Never Stopped) Building
Nukes If Trump's Illegal Sanctions Aren't Dropped

N Korea Threatens To Build More Nukes If Trump
Won't Drop Sanctions - May Have Over 60 A-Bombs

China Takes Off Gloves In Hacking Attacks On US

Alleged UK-China Radar Deal May Be
Unpleasant Surprise for US – Academic

Beijing's J-20 Stealth Fighters and GJ-2 UAV
to Perform at Airshow China

'Your Pet Will Be Confiscated' - A Shocking Glimpse
Inside China's New Social Credit System

Dominican president in China after cutting Taiwan ties

As Taiwan Plans Live-Fire Drills in S China Sea
US Urges More Weapons Buys

N Korea 'to resume nuke development' if US sanctions
remain - (Kim never stopped building them)

Pyongyang, Seoul Hold Meeting
Amid Cross-Border Project Delay


Japan 'Loses Island' Near Disputed Kuril Territory

Russia to have permanent moon base

NATO membership for Ukraine & Georgia
would bring out the bear in Russia

US Trident, B61 Nuclear Weapons Upgrade
Costs Soar Up to $11 Billion

'Enrolled to fight in Mideast', not defend borders?
NYT roasted over anti-Trump cartoon of US troops

Trump Admin Readies Its Best Hackers
For Cyberattack Against Russia (War)

Harsh US Sanctions to Have Limited Effect on Iran

Trump: Sanctions Against Iran to Remain
'in Full Force' Until New Deal Reached

Trump to reinstate all US sanctions on Iran
targeting over 700 entities & individuals

US threatens to smack SWIFT with sanctions
if it fails to cut off financial services to Iran


US Grants Temporary Waivers on Iran Sanctions
to Eight Countries - Pompeo

Not finding itself on Iran exemption list,
Europe vows to defy US sanctions

Trump's Game of Thrones Meme Inspires Ridicule

Iranian general repels Trump's GoT-themed
attack with own meme

Iran launches mass-production of Kowsar interceptor jet

CIA's secret communication network was cracked
by Iranians using...Google Search?

Racist Israel Bars Entry to Foreign Nationals
Who Oppose Its Apartheid Ruthlessness

Al Jazeera's Expose Of The Diabolical Israeli Lobby

Erdogan Accuses Saudi Crown Prince MBS
of Ordering Khashoggi's Murder

Working with Saudis against Iran more important
than Khashoggi case - Netanyahu


Erdogan accuses 'highest level' Saudi officials
of ordering Khashoggi murder

'Wheels in motion to replace MBS with someone
compatible with West' - ex-Pentagon analyst tells RT

War In Yemen Rages After Hollow
US Call for Ceasefire

Starving Yemeni girl from shocking NYT
photo dies as bombing & blockade continues

Yemeni drone strike hits Saudi airbase in retaliation

Saudis want Yemen's oil & gas – Max Blumenthal

Russian Foreign Ministry has evidence proving
White Helmets are Jabhat al-Nusra's branch

Russia Isolated? US, UK Excluded From Syria Summit

Trump Imposes New Illegal Sanctions on Cuba & VZ

Russia May Lend $43 Million to Cuba Under
Defense Cooperation Program


France is threatened 'like never before,'
should stay vigilant– ex-French spy chief

You can insult The Christian but not The Muslim 'religion'

Mexico's highest court declares marijuana
prohibition unconstitutional

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 11-3-18

US trade deficit with China hits record high

China Willing to Resolve Trade Issues with US
Via Mutually Respectful Talks

China's Senior Leadership Prepares For
Economic Collision In Spring 2019

Washington to Engage Foreign Governments
Through Embassies in Promoting Deadly GMO Food

Central Banks Buy Their Most Gold In Years
As They Look To Reduce Risk

Preparing for Turmoil, Central Banks Turn to Gold


Mysterious interstellar asteroid could be a solar
sail from wrecked alien probe - astronomers

Pentagon Refused Trump Orders For Combat Troops
Says The Invasion Is Just a ‘Law Enforcement’ Issue
Trump Reverses Statement To Shoot Rock Throwers

Caravan Gets No Buses - Continues To Mexico City On Foot

Kavanaugh Accuser Admits Making False Rape Charges
Trump Challenges Dems After New Revelation

Kim Threatens To Resume (He Never Stopped) Building
Nukes If Trump’s Illegal Sanctions Aren’t Dropped

Obama Blasts Trump's Sending Troops To
The Border As A 'Political Stunt'

Illegal Caravan Members Sue Trump Over
'Shockingly Unconstitutional' Asylum Crackdown

WH Admits A 'Daily Caravan' Of Up To 2,000
Illegals A Day Cross Into US Over Border

Trump - Military Can Fire On Rock-Throwing Illegals

Fox News Pseudo-Journalist is Trump's Top Choice
For New UN Ambassador

How to spot Any Russian 'interference'
in the US midterm elections - Vid

US Homeland Security Sees No Foreign Attacks
on US Election Infrastructure – Secretary

Awkward - LA Times backs rival candidates in English
& Spanish editions of midterms voter guide

John Bolton Warns National Debt Is An
'Economic Threat' To US National Security

New York City Joins 'Imminent Bankruptcy' Club


Dartmouth Prof - 'If We Don't Abolish Capitalism,
Capitalism Will Abolish Us'

Mention Alex Jones On Twitter?
No College For You!

The American Dream Shatters
...The Death Of The Middle Class

Inventor Of The Internet - Facebook And Google
May Need To Be Broken Up

US Demonizes Nations Targeted for Regime Change

Russia And China Are Apparently Both Under
Impression That War With The US Is Coming...

China Successfully Launches 41st BeiDou
Navigation System Satellite

China vows to support Pakistan as Khan visits Beijing

DoD Official Urges Taiwan To Buy More Weapons
In Fear Of "Cross-Strait Invasion" By China

Pentagon Has Prepared a Cyberattack On Russia


Roberts - If A Kid's Fight Club is Child Abuse
What Is Bombing Children?

US touts interception of a medium-range
ballistic missile it should not have - Vid

Putin, Trump to Hold Long and Substantive Meeting
on Sidelines of G20 in Argentina - Kremlin

Russia Backs Making INF Treaty Multilateral
to Include NATO, China – Envoy

Professional dialogue on prevention of deployment
of arms in space is crucial, says Lavrov

Russia tests new methods of warship-aircraft
interoperability in Mediterranean drills

AZ Muslim Arrested After Showing Undercover
FBI How To Build And Detonate Bombs

Mass migration Destroyed the Roman Empire

Berlin calls for 'sex education' for Muslim
Rapists after Freiburg gang rape Horror

Thousands Of Europe-Bound Blacks And Arabs
Have Simply Vanished


War Secretary Mattis Says Assad Must Go

German Media Questions Israeli Claim on New
Strikes in Syria After S-300 Delivery

Netanyahu - Israel behind 'Iranian plot'
claims in Europe

Israel mission in Saudi Arabia as Netanyahu
asks US to back MBS

After 17 years of war, top US Cmdr In Afghanistan
admits Taliban cannot be defeated

At least 7 killed as bus carrying Christians
attacked by Muslims in Egypt

Saudi-led forces conduct mass strikes on Yemeni
capitol and beyond, despite US 'calls for ceasefire'

Changing Saudi Narratives on Khashoggi Murder

Please Don't! Internet Reacts to Rumors of
David Cameron's Comeback to UK Politics

UK Labour Party Under 'Criminal' Probe
Over 'Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes'


UK Foreign Secretary Meets With Leader
of White Helmets Group

UK Think-Tank Blames Hatred Of Islam
On Russian Twitter Trolls

US Manufacturers Not Coming Back To
North America - New Poll

Almost 1 in 5 Germans is 'at risk of poverty'
despite record employment

US sanctions entirety of Venezuela,
warns Cuba & Nicaragua 'you're next'

Venezuela wants to barter its crude for
goods to bypass US sanctions

Bolton Praises Bolsonaro, Calls Venezuela,
Cuba, Nicaragua 'Troika of Tyranny'

Bolsonaro wants Brazil's Israel emb in Jerusalem

Bolsonaro gives top justice role to judge
who jailed his rival Lula, sparking outrage

Russia's gold reserves smash Soviet-era
record as part of Moscow's de-dollarization drive


Russia's alternative to SWIFT payment system
poised to eclipse the original – MP

Trump Asks Cabinet To Draw Up Trade Deal
After Conversation With China's Xi

US, OPEC Flood Oil Market Ahead Of Midterms

US grants waivers to almost all Iran oil clients

The Yin and Yang of Pot

NZ Man says he spent 10 days in an alien civilization

UK towns, cities worse off than 100 yrs ago

The 25 Greatest Spaceships of Science Fiction

Deadly storms move through southeastern US

Sunshine Is The Ultimate Protection Against Eczema


SAD – The Winter Blues

Are You a Prisoner of Perfection?

Quantum Physics and Number 137

Busted! - Beto Campaign Funds Funneled To
The Honduran Caravan Heading To Our Border!

Trump Now Says Illegals 'Must Appear At The 48
Legal Ports Of Entry To Apply - Says If Rocks Are
Thrown At US Troops The Troops Are To Shoot Back

Trump Says Rocks Thrown By Illegals Will Be
Considered Firearms And Troops Will Shoot Back

Reuters TV Shows Caravan Moving Like An Organized City
Haircuts In Barber Chairs! Cell Phone Charging Stations!
4 Huge Power Generator Trucks - Cokes, Cigarettes! - Pics

Wooldridge - We Must Stop The Anchor Baby
Invasion of America

Muslim Refugee Rape Epidemic Coming To America

CDC Hides Polio Devastation - Over 190 Cases Now
Invading Illegals Brining Dozens Of Deadly Diseases

Appalling Sanitation Habits Of African Blacks - Why
They've Brought Polio & So Many Other Diseases In

Illegals Spread Murine Typhus Outbreak In LA
Numbers now over 107...LA Is like Third World city
Officials Now Blaming Cats And Rats...Never Illegals!

Joe - A Clear Patriot Voice Of The Masses Warns Again
Of Trump’s Failure And The Invasion Of America - Vid

No One Talks About Trump Saying He's Building Tent
Cities To Bring All The Caravan Illegals Across The
Border Into The US - Millions Will Now Follow Them


Orban - Europe must defend its cultural identity now

Islamic Conquests And 'Moderate Muslims'

Mass Migration Destroyed Ancient Rome
Will It Destroy America?

Watch Muslims Run Wild In French Streets - Vid

'Purge Night' Riots, Rapes Result In Arrests Of
Hundreds Of Black And Arab Muslims In France

Anti White Books Display At Barnes & Noble

DARPA Seeks FAA Approval For Military Drones
Over American Cities

Was NORTHCOM Created To Ignite War On Whites?
DARPA Demanding Drones Over US Is Part Of The OP

Trump - 'When I Can, I Tell The Truth'

Harry Reid Furiously Backpedals After Trump
Tweets 1993 Anchor Baby 'Mistake'


Trump 'wouldn't be surprised' if Soros & Dem
groups were paying for migrant caravans

Soros Indirectly Gave $1 Million to Trump-Russia
Collusion Dossier - Reports

Media more to blame for dividing US
than Trump, new poll suggests

Sen McCaskill compared to slave owner by fellow Dem

Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters Vow Revenge
And Ramped-Up Russiagate If Dems Take House

"Not For Them To Know" - Project Veritas Catches
Andrew Gillum Campaign Staffer In Racist Slur

Facts Of The 'Mail Bomber' Case Don't Add Up

WATCH US HS Brawl Sees Asst Principal Kicked, Punched

Weinstein Accused Of Sex Assaulting 16 Yr Old Virgin

Cultural Appropriation Turns Halloween Into Nightmare


62% Of All US Jobs Don't Pay Enough To
Support A Middle Class Life

Kavanaugh Declines $600,000 GoFundMe While
His Accuser Walks With Over $1 Million, Book Offers

Coder charged with leaking CIA hacking secrets to
WikiLeaks says he's being tortured in prison

The Senate Intel Committee Is Reportedly
Investigating Steve Bannon

Saudi Arabian Female asylum seekers found
duct-taped, murdered in US river

Trump's Saudi Pals execute maid
for killing her rapist

Trump pressured to suspend nuclear talks with Saudi

Washington Vows to Hold Khashoggi Killers Accountable

WaPost Claims MBS Told Kushner That Khashoggi
Was A 'Dangerous Islamist'

West Media Make One Death A Tragedy, Millions A Stat


Saudi Authorities Raid Halloween Bash in Riyadh
Arrest 19 Foreign Women - Vid

Fresh onslaught on Riyadh over Khashoggi's
murder threatens US ties - Saudi prince

Auf Wiedersehen Angela

Lame Duck Merkel Has Only Her Legacy On Her Mind

What Causes 'Anti-Semitism'?

Israeli Fake News About Hamas

Israeli labor unions to strike over construction deaths

Stuxnet 2.0: 'New Generation' of Likely
US-Israeli Attack Virus Hits Iran

Mossad false flags only encourage Iran to
boost ties with world - Zarif

How Google Wipes Palestine Off the Map


New Trump Strategy in Syria Bound to Fail

US Wants Endless War in Syria, Not Resolution

Multiple US Orchestrated CW False Flags Planned in Syria?

Why Is Social Media So Toxic?

Facebook's vaunted transparency tool spectacularly
fails to catch fake ads by 'US Senators & ISIS'

DARPA Created Facebook From Its 'LifeLog' Project
Same Day LifeLog Dumped Is Day Facebook 'Invented'

Tweets with US flags fooled gullible Americans
New 'deep' media analysis

Google staff stage worldwide walkout over
sex harassment, mistreatment of women

More than half of Russians believe their
private data on social media isn't safe

Ukraine and Georgia Joining NATO Crosses
an Unacceptable Red Line for Russia


Brazil Bolsonaro 'A Monster Engineered By Our Media'

Daylight UFO Zooms Low Over Lake Tahoe - Vid

Pascagoula UFO Incident – New Witnesses

UFO Drama Series 'Rendlesham' Stars
Noted Actor, Laurence Fishburne

Congress is Still Paying Attention to UFOs

Stiff New Illegal US Sanctions On Iran Imminent

Kudlow - Trump Hasn't Called Powell To
Discuss His Actions "Yet"

Further rate hikes will spark next stock market crash
Peter Schiff warns

Stocks Jump After Trump Says He Spoke To
President Xi 'On Trade' - Discussions 'Moving Nicely'

Martin Armstrong Warns Politicians Are Creating
The Worst Economic Crash In History


Rickards - Be Prepared For A Cheaper Dollar

John Mauldin Warns Debt Alarms Are Ringing

Exposing The Fed's Mandate To Pick
Your Pocket - The Real Price Of Inflation

The $80 Trillion World Economy In One Chart

Zimbabwe Defeats The Crown...Again

Trump Makes Determination to Continue
Oil Embargo on Iran

Bolton promises not to hurt 'friends & allies'
after Trump reaffirms Iran oil embargo

US agrees to grant India waiver from Iran sanctions

US Envoy to EU Voices 'Blatant Threat' to
Nord Stream 2, Promises Counteractions

Putin looks forward to development of business ties with Germany


Turkey to start oil & gas drilling in the Mediterranean

Saudi Arabia Mulls Investment in Russian Petrochemical Plant

Denmark, US Uneasy as China Eyes Greenlandic Oil as Part of Major Arctic Push

How Russia's Greater Eurasia Plan May Spell the End of EU-Centric Model

China's Yuan Exchange Rate Against Dollar Hits New Low Since 2008 Amid Trade Spat With US

India Calls Trump's Bluff, Will Pay For Russian S-400s In Rubles

Cuban leader arrives in Russia on state visit

UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution to Lift US Trade Embargo On Cuba

Trump Signs Executive Orders Targeting Venezuela Gold Exports

Venezuela mulls joint projects with Russia, China, Turkey


Venezuela expects to increase oil production
to OPEC+ quota in 2019

More Than Three Quarters of Venice Underwater

Bison Are Helping Rewild the Last
of the American Midwest's Prairies

UK Going to Pot

Google staff walk out over women's treatment

GMO viruses may be next generation of warfare

A wilderness 'horror story'

San Andreas fault mystery - The 'slow-moving disaster'

Small uninhabited island has disappeared in Japan

Unseasonal snowstorms hit France and Spain


How To Beat 'Cabin Fever' During The Winter

Flying Saucer filmed over Lake Tahoe

NASA Supersonic Technology Will Cut
Transcontinental Flights in Half

Cyber Security, Brain-Hacking & Memory Black Market

In the Snowflake Prison of Political Correctness

NAC – The Amino Acid That Turns Psychiatry on Its Head

Trump Says Up To 15,000 Troops May Go To Border
(To Process The Caravan Into Trump's Tent Cities!)

Trump At Halloween Rally Bashes Far Left Media - Vid


Mystery Polio Illness Spreading - Baffled CDC Under Fire
Says It 'Doesn't Appear To Be Transmissible' - Oh, Really?

Mattis Denies Troop Deployment At Border is 'Stunt'

No Denial From WH That Trump Is Building Tent Cities IN
The US For The Entire Caravan To Live In And Receive
Free Food, Medical - A GREEN LIGHT To MILLIONS More

Organized Busing Operation Exposed
...Moving Migrants Closer To US Border

Trump Slams Ryan - Says He Know Nothing
About Birthright Citizenship...Anchor Babies

Anchor Babies Are NOT Covered Under Constitution
And 'Will Be Ended, One Way Or The Other' - Trump

A Libertarian Critique Of Birthright Citizenship

Texas Border Residents Warned Of 'Armed US Civilians'
Confronting Caravan

Pentagon readies 7,000 troops for border duty
as Trump warns of 'gang members' in caravan - Vid

Trump's Deployment of US Forces on Mexico
Border to Stoke Immigration Fear - Pelosi


Trump has blood of Pittsburgh victims on his hands
Say Jewish leaders

'I've Been Used' - Kanye West Prompts Storm on
Twitter by Saying He's Out of Politics

GOP Candidate Portrays Jewish State Senate
Rival As Money-Grubber – Reports

Paul Craig Roberts Asks 'Is America Finished?'

CNN's Don Lemon wants to 'do something'
about white men, 'the biggest terror threat'

1st Amendment RIP - NYC Mayor DeBlasio
intervenes to cancel Yiannopoulos university talk

Brief History Of Leftist Political Violence This Year

Princeton Checklist For 'Inclusive' Halloween

Barbra Streisand says Trump is 'making her fat'
...And other celebrity midterm declarations

Is This The Reason Whitey Got Whacked In Jail?


Rapidly Eroding Freedoms in America

Amazing Photos From 'Hitler's Olympics'

Proof DARPA Created Facebook From Its 'LifeLog' Project
Same Day LifeLog Dumped Is The Day Facebook Was 'Invented'

Mark Zuckerberg Officially Called to Appear
in Joint Hearing by UK, Canadian MPs

One Million Users in Europe Leave Facebook
in 3 months After Data Breach Scandal

Hundreds Of Google Employees Plan Walkout Over
Accused Sexual Deviant's $90 Million Exit Package

Facebook Purges Proud Boys And Gavin McInnes
After New York Scuffle With Antifa

Russia 'Ready To Shoot Down' US Spy Plane
Behind Attacks On Airbase

Nuclear war - Hypothetical scenario & Russia's strike options

Trump to listen to his cabinet's advice before deciding
on INF Treaty - Defense secretary Mattis


Lavrov confirms Putin, Trump to discuss INF Treaty
at Paris meeting

Arkhangelsk FSB blast - 17 yr old carried bomb to
agency's premises, killed in explosion

FSB staff member in critical, two more shell-shocked
in explosion in Arkhangelsk

Russia's strategic bombers on mission
over Barents Sea & Norwegian seas

Russia Planning Series Of Missile Tests Amid NATO
'Largest Military Exercise Since The Cold War'

Moscow eyes military bases in Cuba after US INF pullout

Putin, Cuba's leader to discuss military cooperation

Russia signs $260 Million In contracts with Cuba

Russia Will Resolutely Protect Rights of Its
Compatriots Abroad - Putin

Senators push for chemical castration of
pedophiles to protect Russian kids


Russia's retaliatory sanctions target 360
Ukrainian companies & 50 individuals

Russian diplomat blames US, EU for Kiev's
non-fulfilment of Minsk accords

Western countries prohibit Lugansk election
chief from speaking at UN Security Council

Maduro Discusses Ways to Boost Venezuelan
Economic Independence With Russia

Venezuela Officially Launches Sale Of Controversial
Petro Coin For Fiat, Crypto

Ecuador Extends State of Emergency Over
Influx of Venezuela Migrants - Reports

Mexico's President-Elect Sees Cooperation With Russia
as One of Top Priorities

Escobar Blasts Brazil's Bolsanaro - Welcome To The Jungle

US needs 'offensive weapons in space'
for self-defense - Mattis

China's newest J-20 stealth fighter makes
rare appearance in the sky - Vid


China 'opposes any form of US relations with Taiwan'

DOJ Indicts Two Chinese Intelligence Operatives
In Corporate Hacking Scheme

North Korea Preparing Nuclear Site
for International Inspections - Reports

NYT Attacks Inter-Korean Peace Process

US Attempted to Put Brakes on Economic
Cooperation Between Two Koreas - Reports

Turkish Evidence - Khashoggi Strangled, Dismembered

Trump, Riyadh worked hand in glove in
Khashoggi murder Says Saudi dissident

Erdogan Suggests Saudi Crown Prince
MBS Ordered Khashoggi's Murder

Saudi Coup 'Imminent'? Crown Prince's
Uncle Arrives To Oust 'Toxic' MBS

France Mulls Hitting Saudi Arabia With Sanctions
Over Khashoggi Murder


Saudi Prosecutor Refuses to tell Turkey Location
of Khashoggi's Body

Will Saudi Crown Prince MBS Be Replaced?

Mattis Calls For Yemen Ceasefire Within 30 Days

Hollow US Calls for Ending The Horror
War in Yemen It Launched

State Dept Urges Saudi Coalition to End Strikes
in Yemen's Populated Areas

Arab Coalition Strike Kills 150 Houthis Near Hodeidah

Houthi official rejects US mediation in efforts
to resolve Yemen conflict

Mattis Says Syria's Assad Eventually Will Have
to Be 'Managed Out of Power'

Over 120 civilians killed by US-led coalition
airstrikes in Syria in 1 month - Russian military

Syrians returning to peaceful life, says Russia's top diplomat


Threat of attack halts aid convoy to Syrian refugee camp
says Russia's top brass

White Helmets Hiring Locals for Staged
Chemical Attacks, Paying in Food - MoD

DC Regime Change Heavyweights Promoted
ISIS Recruiter as a Syria Expert

German Schoolgirl Said Raped by Afghan Muslims
in Munich - Another Victim Of Angela Merkel

Denmark Sees Organized Crime Wave Amid
Influx of Georgian Asylum Seekers

Austria Won't Sign Global Migration Pact

Sweden's Largest Party Mulls Stopping Its
Youth Wing's Funding Amid Islamization

Bones found at Vatican embassy in Rome
could solve 35 Year Old missing girls cases

Merkel's blandness must not let her get away with
historic failure...And Destruction Of Germany

Pakistan's Islamist party says judges who acquitted
Christian woman 'deserve death'


At least 25 killed in Afghanistan military
chopper crash, officials reportedly on board

Treasury Announces Record Debt Sale In
Upcoming Refunding Auction

Market is now similar to worst crashes ever seen - Cramer

Dollars declined - India to pay for Russian
S-400 system in rubles

Rickards - China's Debt Bomb Is Ready To Explode

Yuan Drop is More of Internal Correction
as China Adjusts Its Economy – Prof

Cable Spikes After UK Raab Brexit Comments

'Uncontrolled Collapse' of Eurozone Looking
Increasingly Likely - Campaigner

Nearly $6 Billion Belonging To Ex Libyan Leader
Gaddafi Has Gone Missing - Looting The Dead

Putin launches giant gem mine in Russia Far North - Vid


Enormous 1.1kg emerald found worth $2.5 Million - Pic

Bitcoin's 10th Birthday - When Can We Expect The Next Boom?

Cryptocurrency mining may kill Earth faster than coal mining

A History Of Monsters

David Icke, David Bowie & The BBC

USGS - Yellowstone Super Volcano Threat Set To 'High'

Yellowstone volcano reaffirmed as 'high threat'
...but only 21st most dangerous Threat in US

Animal species facing 'mass extinction' in Haiti
as habitats stripped bare by deforestation

The Medicinal Power Of Nettles


Trump Slams Ryan - Says He Know Nothing
About Birthright Citizenship...Anchor Babies

Anchor Babies Are NOT Covered Under Constitution
And 'Will Be Ended, One Way Or The Other' - Trump

Trump's Idea Of Keeping Illegals OUT Is To Bring
Them All IN And Put Them In Tent Cities !

Trump - US Is Going To House Caravan Migrants
in 'Tent Cities' Until 15,000? 'Trials' Take Place!

Trump Is Going To Build 'Tent Cities' For The Caravan!
The Military Won't Be Used To Keep Them Out Of US
'And IF They Don't Get Asylum Then They Get Out' - Huh?!

US 'Charities' Most Likely Conduits For Cash
to Fund Migrant Caravans

Second migrant caravan storms into Mexico

Trump To Cancel Automatic Citizenship For Babies
Of Illegals Born In The US - Bravo Trump

Ryan - Trump Is Unable to End US Birthright
'Anchor Baby' Citizenship With An Executive Order

ACLU Calls Trump Plan to End Birthright Citizenship
an Attempt to 'Sow Division'

CDC Handling Of Devastating Polio Illness
Is Criticized By Its Own Advisers

Trump's Approval Rating Falls to 40% Week
Before Midterm Elections - Poll


Br Nathanael - How To Buy An Election - Vid

2018 Midterm Elections Editorial

Trump Is America's National Pinata

'Never wrestle with a pig' - FL Governor candidate
responds after Trump calls him a 'thief'

Ethnic Minorities Have Just Cause to
Fear Violence in America, Not Jews

Top Israeli MP bashed for calling on US Jews
to move to Israel after Pittsburgh attack

'Christian Rabbi' fails to name Pittsburgh victims
asks people to pray for GOP at Pence rally

US Justice Dept Launches Hate Crimes Website
in Wake of Synagogue Shooting

Fox Beats CNN, MSNBC Combined In October

Gangster 'Whitey' Bulger Murdered In Prison


Get Woke, Go Broke...Leftist School
Loses Most Of Its Students

FBI to Investigate Alleged Scheme to Pay Women
to Accuse Mueller

Journalist claims Trump radicalizes 'more people
than ISIS' - is forced to apologize

How The Government Uses Its Giant
Facial Recognition Database

NYT, Google cheerlead for #MeToo but
do they practice what they preach? - Vid

Nothing to see here, move along! Classes proceed
as usual after NC high school shooting

Anti-Vaccine Billboards Featuring Athlete's
Son Pop Up Across US - Pics

Trust each other or die? US political divide
might be bad for your health

Billions Missing From Frozen Gaddafi Accounts
Great Leader's Holdings Looted In Death

Why US Leaders Persist In Waging Losing Wars


NATO Is At War With NATO In Northern Syria

US Launches Global Military Exercises for
Strategic Nuclear Forces

US, Japan Launch Military Exercise 'Keen Sword'
to Test Combat Readiness

Japanese PM says US withdrawal from
INF Treaty undesirable

Military Escalation In Europe Is Like
Runaway Train - It's Time To Slow It Down

MQ-9 Reaper Kills Drone in Air Combat Test

China Preparing For Possible War With US

China's Xi tells military to prepare for war as
US Navy warns of high seas encounters

US, China 'Will Meet More and More on High Seas'
...Navy Chief Richardson

Chinese Military Scientists Have Infiltrated
'Five Eyes' Western Universities


S Korea Leader Says Kim Sincere - Critics See Deception

US Budgets $22 Billion for Military Intelligence
Programs in 2018 – Pentagon

US Allocates $40 Million to Global Engagement Center
to Counter Alleged Russian, Chinese Propaganda

Seoul Issues Japanese War Crime Ruling
Sparks Diplomatic Row With Tokyo

Russian-Chinese educational exchange programs to have 100,000 participants by 2020

Russia accepts China's invitation to pool efforts
in finding cure for cancer and AIDS

Russia's largest floating dock sinks with nation's
sole aircraft carrier still inside it

Russian ICBMs to be repurposed as
commercial launch rockets - Vid

Russians Turning Their Backs On Vodka

Putin calls for end to election rigging


Putin calls for tougher gun laws

FSB Bust of ISIS-linked cell - Video

Sleeper terrorist cells exist in over 60 countries

Most Internet resources for recruiting terrorists
located in Europe, reports CIS center

Saudi Death Squad Controlled By Crown Prince MBS

PLO Suspending Agreements With Israel?

Top Palestinian body suspends Israel recognition
until it recognizes Palestine

Palestinian Political Prisoners Resist

No plans for Putin-Netanyahu meeting in Paris

Tear Gas Attack, Scuffles Force Two Polling
Stations in N Israel to Close


Yemen death toll 500% higher than UN estimates

Syrian Foreign Minister Accuses US of
Allowing ISIS to Force Way to Iraqi Border

Syrian Army Shows Off Truckloads of Seized
US-Made Weapons in Golan

Russian long-term strategic interests in Latin America

US Treasury Official Believes Venezuela
'Clear Threat' to Regional Stability

Swiss Banker Sentenced In US To 10 Years Jail
In Venezuelan Money Laundering Plot

Brazil's president-elect says not planning
military incursion of Venezuela

Bogota Rejects Media Reports About
Colombia-Brazil Plans to Invade Venezuela

Bolsonaro Sees Gun Laws Liberalization
as Priority for Future Government

Anxiety as 'Serious Breaches' Disclosed in
Norway's Treatment of Nuclear Waste


Thousands Protest in Freiburg, Germany Following
Suspected Gang Rape by Muslims - Vid

'World's Best Country for Women' Sweden
Launches Hotline for Wifebeaters

UK PM - Snap General Election to End
Brexit Impasse 'Not in National Interest'

UK Begins Confiscating Wealth Without Criminal Charges

UK Considers Taxing Revenues
of 'Established Tech Giants'

Jeff Bezos lost record-breaking $19.2 billion
of personal wealth in 2 days

Trade turnover between Russia and Japan grows
by over 17% in 2018

Chinese yuan falls to lowest level since global
financial crisis as trade war with US worsens

Trump hits Chinese chipmaker with export ban
...still expects 'great deal' with Beijing

South Korea Presses US for 'Maximum Flexibility'
on Iranian Sanctions Exemption


China Ready to Produce Oil, Gas With
Philippines in South China Sea

China Just Took Delivery Of A Massive Amount
Of Gold From London & New York

Russian Arctic sea route shipping
more than quadruples in 5 years

Turkey president Erdogan opens Istanbul's
new airport, calls it 'world's new hub'

Russian-European Free Trade Zone 'Perfect Opportunity'

Japan turns to Trans-Siberian Railway to test
potential connection with Russia, China & S Korea

Big Oil lobbying for carbon tax - What's the catch?

European Ministers Pledge to Build
'Climate-Ready Future' via New Declaration

Can Trusting Others Add Time to Your Life?
This Study Says Yes

Death Toll in Italy Floods Climbs to Nine - Vid


75% of Venice under water after unusually
high tide strikes famed city - Vid

Coastal apocalypse: Luxury yachts, boats
destroyed after storm hits Italy - Vid

Massive Snowfall Hits Central France,
Disrupts Traffic - Vid

6.2 quake strikes New Zealand's
North Island, disrupts parliament session

Indonesia's Krakatau volcano creates its own
lightning during magnificent eruption - Vid

Hidden Passage to The 'Underworld' Beneath
A Mexican Pyramid Revealed

Dealing With Difficult People

Trump To Cancel Automatic Citizenship For Babies
Of Illegals Born In The US - Bravo Trump

General - 5,200 US Troops Heading To US Border
'Some Will Be Armed'

5,000+ US Troops To Be Deployed To The Border
Military Actively Moving Equipment

Censored Lou Dobbs Judicial Watch Report
On Who's Funding The Migrant Caravan - Vid

Border Caravan? Call It The George Soros Express

Caravan Migrants Beat Up Food Disperser

Migrant Caravan Moving Faster And More Rides Given

Another Caravan - This One Left El Salvador Heading
For The US, Protected By Salvador Police

Watch Dr Madeline Cosman on illegal aliens
carrying 9 dangerous diseases - Vid

What If The Caravan Is Let In?

Hillary's 2020 Waffling Confuses Democrats

Hillary Teases 2020 Run - 'I'd Like To Be President'


'Copycat' Bomber Emerges? CNN Intercepts
Another Suspected Explosive Device

Roberts On 'Mail Bombs' - Incompetent Culprit Or Patsy

Luongo - The Attack On Gab Proves Speech
Was Never Free

Europe's War On Free Speech Continues

Gab Goes Offline In Wake Of Synagogue Shooting

Rabbis Tell Trump He's 'Not Welcome' In Pittsburgh
Until He 'Denounces White Nationalism'

Pittsburg False Flag Another Operation Gladio 2.0 Massacre

Pennsylvania attorney asks Sessions
to approve death for synagogue shooter

Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Claimed
'Jews Committing Genocide' - Attorney

Four Shots Fired Into Florida GOP Headquarters

Trump calls Democratic Party megadonor 'lunatic'

Kanye West's 'Blexit' T-Shirts Call for African
American Exodus From Democratic Party


'Fake News' is True Enemy of the People - Trump

Kellyanne Conway Rips Media's Blame Game
Fake News, Hate Speech: 'Cut it out'

How The Media Encourages & Sustains Political Warfare

NYT's Thomas Friedman reminded about his
fancy mansion after sobbing about carbon footprints

53% of US undergrads afraid to disagree with
outspoken professors on political, social issues

Merkel To Step Down As CDU Leader In Dramatic Move

Merkel To End Her Destruction Of Germany In 2021

In Pig Heaven, Chinese Diners Remain
Ignorant Of The Swine Flu Epidemic

Atzmon - Cherev Gideon Pennsylvania's
'Israeli Tactical Training Academy.'

Putin Wants to Discuss US Exit From Nuclear
Pact With Trump in Paris - Kremlin

Russia has facts confirming US meddling
in its domestic affairs - Lavrov


Mattis Tries To Sell US Exit From INF Treaty to EU Allies

US pullout from INF Treaty to entail serious
consequences for Europe, says Shoigu

Russia Alarmed by NATO's Policy to Militarize
Europe - Russian Defense Minister

Are MBS Days Numbered?

The CIA Has Just Publicly Dumped MBS - Regime Change?

UK Knew of Plans to 'Kidnap' Khashoggi, Asked Riyadh
to Abort Mission - Reports

UK intel: Khashoggi murder ordered from 'royal circle'

Saudi Arabia Refuses Turkey's Request To Hand
Over Suspected Khashoggi Killers

Despotic Saudi Regime Is The Worst By Far

MidEast Destabilized Over Khashoggi Murder?


Yemeni missiles hit Saudi-paid mercenary base

Public outcry forces Facebook to stop banning pics
of starving Yemeni girl

'Twitter is a tool to silence us': Saudi women's
rights activist quits social media

Israel Has Conducted Strikes in Syria Since
Downing of Russian Il-20 - Israeli Official

Israeli Forces Will Not Target S-300s in Syria
If Used Appropriately - IDF Gen

Rabbi - Zionists hijacked Jewish identity to advance
occupation agenda

Israel Sells $250 Million Worth of Cutting Edge
Spy Systems to Saudi Arabia – Reports

Israel kills 3 Palestinian kids in Gaza

Israel to build 20,000 new settler units in West Bank

Tel Aviv Mulls Railway Project Linking Israel
And Gulf States - Transport Minister


Israeli settlers prevent entry of goods into Gaza

Putin appoints new ambassador to Syria

Russian diplomat warns UN of planned
chemical attack provocation in Idlib

Germany, France Just Broke The
US Boycott Of Syria

Daesh Surprise Attack Ousts US-Backed
SDF Forces From Eastern Syria - Reports

Syrian Foreign Minister: Terrorists With
Heavy Weaponry Remain in Idlib

US-Led Coalition Denies Reports it Used
Banned White Phosphorus in Syria

The Kathmandu Shuffle

Fascism Triumphs In Brazil Presidential Election

Lustig - The Hacking Of The American Mind - Vid


Watch A Robot Replacing Human Employee
At A Sams Club In Las Vegas - Vid

Trump Is Right - The Fed Is A Big Problem

European markets hail Merkel's looming
exit as German chancellor

Richest getting richer - Wealth of world's billionaires
surges 20 percent in 2017

Russia looks to eliminate US dollar from
trade with African countries - official

Russia-Germany trade up by almost 25 percent

German Media Admits Russia's 'Paradox'
Economic Growth Despite Sanctions

Moody's projects increase in foreign investments
flowing into Russia

Top of the world - Russia to build world's northernmost
railway in Arctic

Aeroflot can open four regional hubs in Russia


Silk Road on steel wheels: Belgium & China
launch new cargo train route

China leads global refining boom

China Unveils New Animal Feed Rules
to Reduce Soybean Imports Amid Trade War

Weakening rupee pushes India to settle
with China in yuan

No EU Member Ready to Host Mechanism
to Defy US Anti-Iranian Sanctions - Report

'Prepare For War': China Leader Warns
Nation's Military Command Over Taiwan

Beijing Warns US Against 'Showing Off Force'
in S China Sea

China Plans to Build Its First Airfield in Antarctica

Japan Set to Build Military Base in East China
Sea to 'Deter Beijing' - Report

India to Buy Two Russian Frigates Off the Shelf
for $950 Million


'Sri Lanka in political turmoil while US, China,
India fight for island with strategic location'

Violent Storms, Heavy Rain Devastate Italy - Vid

Russian scientists find new greenhouse gas sources
in the Arctic

A State of Everythingness

A State of Everythingness – Part II

The Psychology of Faking Your Own Death

Trump's Foundering North Korea Policy

North Korea Amps Up Currency Scams To Raise
Cash And Avoid Illegal US Sanctions


Mattis - Military Moving Equipment To US Border
Ahead Of Illegal Alien Invasion Caravan

DHS Nielsen - The Border Is in Crisis...Over 1,500
Illegals Trying To Cross Each Day

Trump Weighing Asylum Shutdown That
Would Close Southern Border To Migrants

Migrants Offered Mexico's Help, Rejected

VP Pence Says Migrant Caravan 'Funded
From Outside,' Organized by Leftist Forces

Watch Dr Madeline Cosman on illegal aliens
carrying 9 dangerous diseases - Vid

Zionist UK Professor Says Whites Are Being
Replaced in America And Europe

Caravan Refuses Mexican Welfare, Jobs...
'We Want America' - Full Invasion Is Planned

Bowers - Trump Betrayed Americans With Immigrants
MSM Smears Gab Over Non-Censorship Policies

Shooter Made Hate Post Against Trump
Didn't Vote For Him

Social Media FB Rival 'Gab' To Lose Hosting
Because Pittsburgh Shooter Had A Page There

PayPal Bans Social Network Gab.com
After Synagogue Attacker Revealed As User


Trump is controlled by Zionists & other anti-Semitic
conspiracies of synagogue shooter

Trump - synagogue shooting Little to do with
gun laws, it has to doe with hate in the US

Thousands Gather on US Streets for
Pittsburgh Shooting Vigil [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Texans Report Voting Machines Flipping
their Votes for Opposite Party

More TX Vote Fraud...Voters Are Enraged

Patsy Cesar Sayoc Told Feds He Didn't Do It

Feds Widen Search For ‘Mail Bomb' Conspirators

Obvious Signs Of False Flag Op In Fake
'Mail Bomb' Attack

Dem Rep Jared Huffman - Bombing Suspect
Is 'Right Out Of Central Casting...'

Family Lawyer Says Cesar Doesn't Have
Intellectual Capacity To Be Bomber

President's NC Rally - Media Attacks MAGA
Because It Gives Power Back To The People

Even After Acts Of Domestic Terror
Obama Still Trash-Talking Trump

The Targeting Of Alt-Social Media After Pittsburgh
Is 100% All About Silencing Free Speech

Facebook Censorship Of Alternative Media
'Just The Beginning' Warns Top Neocon Insider


Shadow-Banning Is The Tip Of The Iceberg:
We're All Digital Ghosts Now

Twitter Reminds Obama of Own 'Lies' as He Accuses
Trump of 'Making Stuff Up'

Retired Green Beret Warns That Mainstream Media
Is A Tool For Destroying America

Facebook bans Over 80 'Iranian-linked' accounts
it says masqueraded as US citizens

CNN, MSNBC & Liberal Media's Climate Of Hate

European Court of Human Rights Ruling -
Free Speech Bows to Sharia Law

Europe's War On Free Speech Continues

Allgire - Who Owns US? Is The US Corporation Bankrupt?
Is There A Lien Against The Entire Country? - Vid

Trump Claims Russia Seeking Economic
Aid From United States

Most Americans See A Sharply Divided Nation;
The Fourth Turning Is Here


Porn-Watching Federal Worker Infects Gov't Network
With "Rogue Russian Malware"

25% Of Millennials Claim They Have PTSD
From 2016 Election, Study Says

Libtards Take Offense To Term - 'America First'

Tom Tancredo - The Terrible things Pelosi
wants to do

Adenovirus Kills 9th Child At NJ Facility

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Afghanistan
and US INF Treaty Withdrawal

China President Orders Military To Prepare
For War Over Taiwan

Assad's future not discussed at four-way talks in Istanbul

Istanbul Summit On Syria

Putin - Syria peace a priority but remaining
terrorists must be destroyed


Leaders of Russia, Turkey, Germany, France
Commit to 'Syrian-Owned' Political Process

US Holds Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Hostage

UN aid delivery to Rukban camp in Syria
disrupted by US - Russian military

Dozens of drones shot down near Russian
base in Syria in past two months - Putin

ISIS Kills 60 SDF Militants in Surprise Attack

Israel Bombs Gaza Hospital During Massive
Response To 'Islamic Jihad' Rocket Attacks

Stunning Video Shows Iranian Boats Harassing
US Ship With CENTCOM Chief On Board

Yemeni army unveils new domestically-built
high-precision Badr P-1 ballistic missile

Turkey ready to deal with Khashoggi case if
Saudi Arabia reluctant - Erdogan

EU may decide to halt Saudi arms sales over
Khashoggi murder

Russia to Provide Cuba With Weapons
Worth Over $50 Mln – Reports

Jewish leader quits over accusations
he lied about heritage

Airbus, Dassault Slam Belgium's Choice
of US F-35 Jets Over Eurofighter Typhoon

Austerity doesn't work, say Scottish teachers

'People Losing Faith': Over 1Mln People Sign
Petition for 2nd Brexit Referendum

The 1916 Irish Uprising against British Imperialism

China Is Challenging The US In Central America
And Trump Regime Can't Do Anything

US to Give 'Strong and Vigorous Response'
to China's Actions Threatening US Interests – Pompeo


Trump Reportedly Rejects Invite to India Amid
Rift Over S-400 and Iran Oil

DPR militia shoots down Ukrainian army's drone

Russia 'Accidentally' Leaks Schematics Of New, High-Speed Helicopter

Merkel confronts Putin with startling question in Russian - Vid

US Shale Oil Industry Catastrophic Failure Ahead

landmark LNG deal will change energy geopolitics forever

Is The Long-Anticipated Crash Now Upon Us?

Gold & The Biggest Of Big Pictures

IMF Approves Upsized $56 Billion Bailout Loan
For Argentina - Here Are The Implications

FBI Conducting Criminal Investigation Into Tesla


Robots To Build Robots In New $150 Million
Chinese Plant - End Of Human Race In Sight?

Strange, Plume-Like Cloud Hanging Over Mars

'Perseverance' Reveals Earth's Long-Theorized
'Dust Bunny' Moon - Astronomers

Weed behind the wheel: Stoned drivers
now more common in US than drunk ones

Native Tribes May End Treaty With US Gov't
Due to Trump Policy - Yakama Nation

11 Dead, 6 Wounded, Suspect In Custody In Pittsburgh
Synagogue Shooting - Let's Not Forget ALL Other Mass
Shootings...Like The Las Vegas Massacre, For Example

'Screw Your Optics, I'm Going In' - Did Trump-Hating
Gunman Warn Social Media Ahead of Attack?

Trump Says Synagogue Shooting Had Little To Do
With Gun Laws - It's About Hate In The US

Shooter Said Trump Is Controlled By Zionist Jewish
Power And Other 'Anti-Semitic Conspiracies'

Zionism Won't Stop Until Whites Are Completely
Genocided From Europe, Canada And America

Erdogan Says He Will Reveal Who Ordered
Khashoggi's Murder

Mexican Police Stop Buses And Trucks To Load
Them With Illegals To Dump Off At US Border

Dr Madeline Cosman on illegal aliens
carrying 9 Major, dangerous diseases - Vid

7 Kids Rescued From Human Smugglers In Caravan

Ex Member Of MS-13 Says Trump Is RIGHT
Knows A Dozen Gangsters Hiding In Caravan


Confirmed: Open Borders Group Behind Illegal
Alien Caravan, Linked to Soros's Open Society

MIgrant Invaders REFUSE Offers Of Jobs And
Housing In Mexico - Say 'We Want America'

Caravan Migrants Reject Nieto Offer to Stay in Mexico

As We've Said Over And Over - Migrant Caravan
Could, Would, Will Pose Public Health Threat

Mattis Approves Security Reinforcement
at US-Mexico Border - Pentagon

Militia Groups Gear Up to Protect US Border
Against Migrant Caravan

Trump Thunders At Media For Smearing Supporters
MSM Are The Real Terrorist Sympathizers

Roberts - The Triumph of Evil

PsyOp Expands - John Kerry Threatened Online By
Faux Bomb Maker 'Special Deliver Cesar'

Establishment's Real PsyOp Is Targeting YOU...
Disagree With Them And You're A Terrorist

Dems Using Saul Alinsky Tactics to Polarize GOP


FALSE FLAG! We're To Believe A White Trump Supporter
Walked His 'Bombs' Into CNN And Soros NY Mail Box And
Mailed Others From FL With NO PAPER TRAIL? - No Postal
Date Stamps Or Currier Stickers! No Currier Would Deliver Them!

There Was No Time For Him To Drive To NY And Back To FL
Gosh...Did He Fly With His 'Bombs' To NY? No, This Was A
Stupid Caper To Sweep The Khashoggi Murder Out Of The News

Twitter was too busy banning 'Russians'
to notice #MAGAbomber's threats

Accused Mail Bomber Left Trail of Incoherent
Threats on Social Media

Professionally Done Graphics On Patsy's Van

Harmless 'Mail Bomb' Scare Suspect

Cesar Sayoc, package bomber - Pieces that don't fit

Former FBI Bomb Expert - Strange Clues In Bomb Cases
Indicate Possible Hoax, False Flag Motive - Vid

Make-Believe Bomb Cobbler 'Found A Father'
In Trump Says Family Lawyer Turned Psychologist

'Special Delivery Cesar' Sayoc Was Chippendales
Promoter, Appears To Have Fancied Muscular Men

Deep-State Prop-Bomb Maker Was A Stripper With
'Dangerous' Steroid Problem

CNN Shows Why Rense Was Right About The 'Bombs'
Not Being Mailed - So How Did ONE Patsy Deliver Them?
MSM Rage - False Flag Bouncer 'Bomber' Story Won't
Sway Trump Voters...And That CNN Still Sucks


US authorities warn of more explosive
devices by Trump supporters

Another False-Flag - But Who Is The Perp
...And Who Is The Target?

NSA Has Top Secret Documents on Seth Rich

Democrat Criminals Panic As Blue Wave Evaporates

TX Voters Claim Machines Are Switching Their Votes

Why Do We Even Have Voting Machines?

The RussiaGate Canard
Trump And The Russian Mafia

5G WiFi Will Be Inescapable - Vid

1977 Russian Study Of Biological Effects Of 5G Millimeter Wave - They KNEW 50 Years Ago!

WATCH - G5 Millimeter Waves 24-7...BAD News - Vid


'Lock Him Up!' WATCH Trump Laugh at
Anti-Soros Chant

John Bolton Behind 'Whisper Campaign'
To Oust Mattis

Posters in New York declare
Trump supporters 'trash'

Former Trump Aide Papadopoulos Says
He Was Framed by FBI in Russiagate

Depp Reportedly Booted From Pirates Films By Disney

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-27-18

Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030
the Elite Are Engineering For Us - Vid

Eighth child dies at NJ rehabilitation facility
From Adenovirus Outbreak - Poor Sanitation?

Doom - Mainstream Rag Asks Why College
Is Expensive...Has No Clue

Trump US Is Forcing Russia To Prepare For War


Trump Regime Has Launched a Nuclear Arms Race

A new arms race has begun
Gorbachev on Trump's INF pullout plan

'Undeclared war' forces Russia to boost defense spending

Military Risks in Black Sea Region Grow Due
to US, NATO Activities - Moscow

Russia FSB busts ISIS planning terror acts in Moscow

Google Covers Up Sexual Misconduct by Its
'High and Mighty' – Reports

US Nuclear Facility's Wall Begins to Crumble
Workers Told to Take Cover

AI-Generated Portrait Sells For $432,500
At Auction, Blowing Away All Estimates

Shall We Add A Little Lithium To The Water Supply?

Forced Sterilizations In Peru - Paid For By US Taxes


Globalization Has Hollowed Out Rural America

10 Numbers That Prove That We Are Rapidly
Becoming A Nation Of Government Dependents

"Delinquency Is At Crisis Levels" - Student Loan
Bubble Is About To Pop

Escobar - Who Profits From The End Of
The Mid-Range Nuclear Treaty?

UN Committee Votes Against Russia INF Resolution

US delivers largest ammunition shipment to Europe
since bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999

US Successfully Tests SM-3 Anti-Ballistic
Missile Off Coast of Hawaii - Pentagon

Pentagon Directed Terrorist Attack On
Russia's Syria Airbase

Coalition Denies US Coordinated Drone Attack
on Russian Airbase in Syria - Spokesman

India, Japan to Sign Military Pact, But France
Still Dominant in Indian Ocean


India Successfully Conducts Crucial Test
of Moon Mission-II Lander

Putin to Take Part in Quadrilateral Summit
With France, Germany, Turkey on Syria

Israel Terror-Bombs Gaza Ahead Of
31st Straight Bloody Friday

Israel Strikes Around 80 Hamas Targets in Response
to Overnight Shelling - IDF - Vid

IDF Blames Syria And Iran for Gaza Shelling

Palestinian Groups Resume Clashes After Reaching
Truce in Lebanese Camp - Report

Paul Craig Roberts On The Triumph Of Evil

Craig Murray - Khashoggi, Erdogan and the Truth

When Will Obama Aides Come Clean About
US-Saudi War Crimes?"

Pentagon Chief - US Revoked Some Saudi Visas,
to Take 'Additional Measures'


Fiancee of Jamal Khashoggi Rejects Trump's
Invitation Over US 'Insincerity'

Macron Says Arms Sales to Riyadh Have
Nothing to Do With Khashoggi Case (right)

Turkey seeks extradition of suspects in Khashoggi death

Illegal migrants in Europe 'need to go home' – Czech PM

Assange Ready to Turn Himself In to UK Justice System
If There's Written Deal That He Won't Be Extradited

Both Remain & Leave Were Sh*t n- Reactions
as Lord Sugar Demands Johnson & Gove Be Jailed

Global Bloodbath - World Stocks Puke
Over $8 Trillion As US Markets Collapse

US markets plunge into correction territory with
Nasdaq tech-wreck leading the way

The Jewish Ethnic Nexus of Bill Browder's
Financial Shenanigans

Moscow's Astonishing Infrastructure Boom - Vid


Russian-Germany trade up almost by 25% year-to-date

China successfully harvests saltwater rice that
could feed another 80 million people

Gold demand up 42% as countries abandon US dollar
in expectation of geopolitical shift

Germany Releases Strategic Fuel Reserve
to Cope With Record Drought

Iranian Oil to Be Available for Intl
Traders at Energy Bourse - Reports

Loch Raven Reservoir UFO Event Spurs
Air Force Investigation -1958

'Why Don't Astronomers See UFOs?'

UFO Psychology—Leo Sprinkle Papers

Aliens Are Out There, Astronomers Tell Congress - Vid


Authorities Say 11 Dead In Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Israel Smashes Gaza Palestinians After Rocket Fired

Bizarre Background Of Mail Bomb Suspect - Vid

FBI Continues 'Mail Bomb' Probe Even Though
Suspect In Custody

56 Year Old 'Mail Bomb' Patsy Arrested In Florida

CNN Shows Why Rense Was Right About The 'Bombs'
Not Being Mailed - So How Did ONE Patsy Deliver Them?

An Older White Guy In An Old Van - Frequent Flyer Miles?
CIA Rolls Out Its Patsy - Another Dumb 'B' Movie Plot

Professionally Done Graphics On Patsy's Van

MSNBC Idiot Says 'Suspicious packages' could be
A 'Russian operation' (!)

Alleged 'Mail Bomber' Only Follows
Left-Wing People on Twitter

Former 9/11 NYPD boss walks off CNN panel
says network 'politicizing' pipe bomb story

Washington, DC conservative radio station
evacuated over suspicious package

New evacuation at Time Warner Center,
home of CNN HQ, over 'suspicious package'

Florida courthouse evacuated due to
suspicious 'device with wires'


'Mail Bombs' to Trump Critics Reminiscent
of Post-9/11 Anthrax Attacks

Icke - Soros Money is Everywhere - What's Going On?

Reports That 'Over 40,000' Are Already In The Caravans
90% Are Men - Massive Border Invasion Planned - Vid

Trump Should Use This On The Caravan At Minimum
Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS) - Vid

US Guilty of Putting Migrants at Risk
by Prosecuting Aid Providers - UN Official

This should be on a rense page and also put in Devvy columnist box
A Bill - Stop All Public Welfare In Any Form For Illegals

Saudi Foreign Agents Political Donations
Top $1.6 Million In 2018 US Elections

NBC Admits 'Blue Wave Turning Purple' As
Republicans Outnumber Dems In Early Voting

Chelsea Clinton Hints At Run For Office

'Complete Bullsh*t' - Michael Avenatti Denies Saying
Next Dem Nominee 'Better be White Male'


Bolton Warns Russians About Chinese Missiles

TSA Confirms Biometrics, Facial Recognition
To Be Condition For ALL Air Travelers

Google CEO sends out sex harassment damage control memo

Is multimedia dulling your brain? Science review thinks so

Monsanto's Roundup Now In Pet Food And Cereal!

Stop sending women & children back to Fukushima
fallout (death) zone - UN expert tells Japan

US INF pullout will delight arms industry
as it threatens to reignite Cold War

Polio Outbreak Mapped - Which States And
How Many Victims So Far

CDC BS - Says Polio-'Like' Illness Is 'Puzzling'
These Doctors Disagree

Saudi Public Prosecutor Admits Khashoggi
Murder Premeditated


Kremlin - Russian President, Saudi King
Discuss Khashoggi Murder Case in Phone Talks

Saudi king 'will have crown prince replaced to
restore the credibility of the monarchy' - British Col

Erdogan - Saudis Must Reveal Who Gave
Order To Murder Khashoggi

Phony Bernie Sanders Concern About Yemen

Militants, White Helmets Move Unknown
Toxic Substances Across Idlib – Reports

Moscow Ready to Provide EU Data on
Chemical Attacks Violators in Syria - Envoy

Syrian Negotiation Comm insists Assad resign

Turkey gives 'final warning' to US-backed militants

Serial Killings of US-Backed SDF Cmdrs Continue in Hasaka

Erdogan Issues 'Final Warning' on East of Euphrates


Trump Signs Hezbollah Sanctions Bill,
Honors Victims of 1983 Beirut Attack

Israeli 'Spy' Firm Reportedly Went After Obama
Team on Hunt for Iranian Assets

'David fighting Goliath' - Image of shirtless
Gaza protester goes viral online

Muslim Drug Dealers Gang Rape and
Kill Teenage Girl in Rome

Austrian lecture slamming Prophet Mohammed for
marrying 6 Year Old Girl is 'hate speech' (!) – EU court

Feminists Set Sights On Classic Disney Films But Say
NOTHING About Islamic FGM Butchering Of Little Girls

NBC's True Double Standards Glare In Megan
Kelly Firing - Only Liberals Can Say 'Blackface'

Megan Kelly Booted By NBC, Show Canceled

America's Worst Ever Ecological Disaster?

Have No Fear, We'll Not Extradite You,
Britain Tells Assange – Reports


Your Thoughts Might Be Your Next Password

Tens of Thousands of Brexiteers Sign
Petition to Block Second Referendum

Hammer wielding man tries to steal Magna Carta
from Salisbury Cathedral

Pence Justifies Space Arms Race by Inflating
China, Russia Threat - UCS

F-35 Turkeys Grounded Again! Pentagon bans some F-35s
from flying after fuel system flaws discovered

Die-hard neocon think-tank is 'scrubbing the internet
of fringe views' – Max Blumenthal

US would face no 'threats' if it kept its troops
and war machines inside its own borders

Chinese Army Completes De-Mining Mission
on Vietnamese Border - Reports

NATO Drills Aggravate Military Situation
in North Atlantic, Baltic Sea - Moscow

UK Defence Secretary Opens All Military
Combat Roles to Women


'No Chance INF Will Be Renegotiated' Says Top Russian
Official Ahead Of Trump-Putin Meeting

Gorbachev hopes US allies will refuse to act as
launch pads for new American missiles

Czech President Says US Losing Credibility
Amid Plans to Exit From INF Treaty

Pakistan vs India - Conflict moves to outer space
as countries race to put human in orbit

Magnets to help protect cosmonauts from
solar wind in inter-planetary flights

OR Measure 105 to Stop Sanctuary For illegals

Dr. Russell Blaylock Warns Don't Get the
Flu Shot...It Promotes Alzheimers

Health Activists Say FDA Agent Admitted To
Promoting Aspartame To 'Depopulate' The Planet

The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton (Audio)

Stalled US-China Trade Talks


Futures point to another bloodbath on Wall Street

Google Parent Alphabet's Shares Plunge After
Missing Revenues

Amazon Plunges After Missing On Revenue,
Poor Guidance

Luongo - Germany Admits It Needs More
From Russia Than Nordstream 2

Dollar demise? China & Japan ink bilateral
currency swap deal worth up to $30 Billion

India Welcomes Improvement of Ties Between
Japan, China - Foreign Ministry

China to Hold Crucial Meeting with Indian Exporters
to Increase Shipments

Chinese Premier Rules Out Plans to Purposely
Devalue National Currency

EU plans to connect Russia, China to its future
international payment network

US sanctions are try to dominate global oil markets – Rosneft


Savage - False Flag 'Mail Bombs' To Distract From Caravan

Polio...Over 150 Stricken - What Are Symptoms?

Polio Outbreak In The US - Current Status

Georgia toddler paralyzed overnight as Polio Fears
Spread nationwide

Black Woman In Georgia Paralyzed By Polio

Trump Should Use This On The Caravan At Minimum
Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS) - Vid

Trump Tells Caravan To Turn Around As Troops
En Route To Border For 'Logistical Support'

Gingrich - What Trump Must Do If Caravan Hits Border

800 US Troops Heading To Border To Offer
'Logistical Support' to DHS And Natl Guard

Migrant Hordes Cross Southern Mexico Unimpeded
As Local Groups Offer Food And Moral Support


Marauding Illegal Alien Invaders Leave Juarez
Mexico Streets And Park A Garbage Heap

Migrant Caravan Pics Show Something
That Indicates Soros?

Half A Million Americas Are Homeless On Both
Coasts - Why Won't Trump Care for Them?

The Migrant 'Invasion' Summed Up In One Cartoon

Senator Obama Called Undocumented Migrants
'Illegal Immigrants' & 'Illegals' Disrespectful of US Law

Why Is This Caravan Migrant Carrying A Yellow Bag
That Says USAID?

Caravan 'Hell-Bent On Assaulting Our National Sovereignty'

521,090: Aliens Caught Or Turned Away at Southern
Border Up 25% in Fiscal Year 2018

In Just 17 Months, Illegal Alien Family Units Increased
By 960 Percent At The Border

Joe - Illegals Red Dawn - Whites Will Be Killed - Vid


Joe - Whites Will Be Butchered Just Like In S Africa - Vid

Don't Rely On Justice Kavanaugh To
Protect 2nd Amendment Gun Rights

1984: Twitter Removing Accounts That
Tweet Infowars Material

Google Shuts Down Advertising Campaign of Toronto
Mayoral Candidate Faith Goldy Before Election

Full Text Of Apple CEO Tim Cook's Keynote In Brussels

TomatoBubble - Rest In Peace, Robert Faurisson

Why Trump Is Getting More Popular

Trump Critics Face Angry Crowd At Debate
In Burbank, Booed And Heckled Off Stage

MSNBC Idiot Chuck Todd Fears Russia May Be
Behind Inept, Incompetent, False Flag Bomb Show

Florida Identified As 'State Of Interest' In Mail Bombs

Law Enforcement Has Surveillance Video Of
Courier Delivering 'Bomb' Package to CNN

X-ray Images Show Inside Of PVC Pipe Bombs
Including Sulfur And Glass - Like Match Heads

Match Head Composition And Reaction


Bomb-Mania - MSM Attempts To Divert Attention
From Mid-Terms Through 24/7 PsyOps

The Bombs That Weren't Ready For Prime Time

A Made For TV Theatrics - The False Flag Bomb SCARE

Bomber Likely Left Trove Of Forensic Clues

NY Times publishes Trump assassination short story

Idiot CNN Boss Suggests Trump's 'Attacks
On Media' Inspired (False Flag) Bomb Scares

FBI finds missing Biden 'bomb' in Delaware post office

FBI confirms interception of two More suspicious packages

2nd Suspicious Package To Slapsy Maxie Found

Google-backed smart city sounds like a nightmare


Google Wants To Be Your Media Mommy

Apple's Tim Cook Says Personal Data 'Weaponized
with Military Efficiency'

Facebook issued with £500,000 fine over
Cambridge Analytica scandal

China And Russia Eavesdrop On Calls Made
From Trump's Personal iPhone - NYT

Kremlin amused at report about Russian intel
Allegedly tapping Trump's phone

China Responds To Report It Spies On Trump's
Cell Phone - 'You Can Change To Huawei Phones'

Over Half Of America Gets More In Welfare
Than It Pays In Taxes

Progressive Activist Arrested For Attempting
To Possess Radioactive Material 'With Intent To Kill'

Hillary Clinton Was Against Unity And Civility
Before She Was For Unity And Civility

Biden Compares Women Who Report Sex Assault
To War Veterans (Pic Worth A Thousand Words)


Only The Left Can Stop Political Violence In America

Twitter Lets #MAGABomber Conspiracy Theory
Dominate Trending Topics

Sasse Is Everything Wrong With Elite Conservatism

Has America Become A Dictatorship, Or Are We
Living In A Scene From John Carpenter's 'They Live' ?

Trump Blames Media For (Inoperable) 'Mail Bombs'
Tells Journalists To 'Clean Up' Their Act

US Cyber Command Aims to Prevent Nonexistent
Russian US Election Meddling

NBC News - Megyn Kelly Split Seems Imminent

Twitters Goes Crazy Over Reports Megan Kelly
Leaving NBC After Blackface Comment

Polio Horror Spreads - GA Toddler Goes To Sleep
Wakes Up Paralyzed From The Neck Down

Is America headed for a new civil war?


The Trump Effect

US Market Meltdown Wipes Out 2018 Gains

Ecuador to Hand Over Assange to US?

Italian girl dies after being raped by
'Black Africans and Arabs' in Rome

Icke - The War On Men & Women - Vid

Trump Calls Jamal Khashoggi's Death
'Worst Cover-Up Ever'

Erdogan's Hypocrisy Over Khashoggi's Murder

CIA Director Hears Audio Evidence of
Khashoggi's Murder

CIA Director Gina Haspel 'heard Khashoggi audio'

Just imagine The response if Khashoggi had been Russian


CIA Boss To Brief Trump On 'Fact-Finding' Turkey Trip

MBS 'May Be Involved, but I want to believe he's not' - Trump

Erdogan's Aide Says Saudi Crown Prince MBS
Is Responsible for Khashoggi's Death

Saudi airstrike on Hudaydah kills 20 Yemeni civilians

Moscow Considers US Actions in S Syria 'Occupation'

Watch IDF Strike 8 Hamas Targets in Response
to Missile Launched from Gaza - Vid

Israel seizes privately-owned Palestinian land
for road expansion

Netanyahu claims plot by Israeli president to Oust him

Russian Anger Over US Spy Plane Coordinating
Drone Attack On Russian Base In Syria

Putin says Russia will target nations
who host US nuclear weapons


US-Led NATO Rehearses War on Russia

Media Ignoring Escalating Militarization Of The Arctic

The Truth About Global Warming - Vid

Titanic ll Set To Sail Again In 2022 Along Same
Ill-Fated Route Tempting Fate Yet Again

China to dethrone US as world's largest
aviation market by mid-2020s - IATA report

China to Build World's Largest Supercollider

Crimean bank to wipe out debts
of families of Kerch massacre victims

Cathay Pacific hack - 10 million customers
have data including passport and credit card details stolen

The Great Fall of China

How much interest does US pay on its massive
debt pile? RT's Keiser Report explains


US Futures Surge, European Rebounds As Market
Rout Fades After $7 Trillion Wiped Out

Volcker Reminds Panicked Elites- Trump's Not
The First To Attack The Fed, Reagan Did

In Major Concession, Trump Will Allow Iran
To Remain Connected To SWIFT

Saudi Arabia, Russia to Extend Agreement on
Preserving Oil Market Stability - Minister

Saudi Arabia to invest in Russian-Chinese
wealth fund

BP eyes entering several new Rosneft projects

Gazprom to Start Building Land Section of
TurkStream's 2nd Line in 2019 - Deputy Chairman

India Looks to Avoid US Dollar Payments
in Bilateral Trade With Russia

Gold to replace US Treasuries as
the 'ultimate risk-off asset' – strategist


800 US Troops Heading To Border To Offer
'Logistical Support' to DHS And Natl Guard

Trump Blames Media For (Inoperable) 'Mail Bombs'
Tells Journalists To 'Clean Up' Their Act

Russian Anger Over US Spy Plane Coordinating
Drone Attack On Russian Base In Syria

NBC News Declares War On Megyn
Kelly After Blackface Fury

Twitters Goes Crazy Over Reports Megan Kelly
Leaving NBC After Blackface Comment

Hillary 'Inching Closer' To Another Run...
Get Ready For 'I'm Still With Her' In 2020

2018 Gains Wiped Out - Dow Falls 600 More

FBI Releases Information On Five 'Mail Bombs' To Dems

False Flag, Inoperable, Made For TV 'Mail Bomb'
This Is Not A Bomb….IT IS A MEDIA PROP - Look!

None Of The Mail 'Bombs' Have Been Described Or
Announced To Have Been Operable - False Flags
Sent For Purely Political Reasons Before MidTerms

Law Enforcement Sources Now Say Package
Sent To CNN Was Delivered By Courier, Not Mail

Hillary On Bomb Scare Vote For Candidates
Who 'Bring Our Country Together'

Updates - Democratic Leaders Receive Mail Bombs

George Soros Son Blames Trump & 'Demonization
Of Opponents' For Bomb Packages

The Great False Flag Mail 'Bomb' Deception...
Strictly For Media Hysteria

'Bombs' Sent To Obama, Clintons, CNN And Others


US Presently Has Only 2,100 Mostly
Unarmed Guard Troops On Border

Caravan Members Being Raced Toward US On Trucks

Campbell Soup Blames Soros For Migrant Caravan

Tom Fitton Calls on Trump to Launch Criminal Probe
'Americans Likely Involved in Financing and Organizing
Migrant Caravan'

Caravan Aiders and Abettors Can Be Charged
Says Former DOJ Prosecutor

Caravan Jihad?

DHS Confirms There are 'Gang Members'
in Migrant Caravan Bound for US

'Shouting Match' Breaks Out Over Migrant
Caravan As Trump Admin Debates Response

Another Migrant Invasion Caravan Sets
Out for the US Border

Honduras President Says Migrant Caravan
Is Funded by Venezuela


On the road with US Border Patrol

US Slap on the Wrist Response
For Khashoggi's Murder

Trump - Saudi prince may have been involved

The US Has Enabled Saudi Crimes for Years

Trudeau keeps $12 billion arms deal with Saudis

Saudis Pour $24 Million to Influence US Policy
During 2018 Election Cycle - Report

Dozens Of Key Midterm Races Could Go Either Way
And Control Of Congress Hangs In The Balance

Facebook, Twitter Find No Evidence China Meddled
in 2016 US Election - Reports

Holder - A Minority In This Country Is 'Taking Power
That Is Not Legitimately Theirs'

The New Social Media - Alternatives To Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, And Other Big Tech Platforms


Unbending US Hostility Toward Russia

It's Like A Western Movie - Paul Craig Roberts
Fears A US-Russia Showdown In The Making

Bolton Firm on Exit From Arms Treaty
After Meeting With Putin

Trump Calls Europe 'Total Mess' for Its
Failure to Curb Illegal Immigration

Obama Calls Trump 'Tin-Pot Dictator'
Takes Credit For 'Economic Miracles'

As Trump Approval Hits Record High,
Dems Fear Low Millennial, Hispanic Turnout

Ex-Clinton Aide Cracks Up TV Host by Blaming
Trump for Bomb in Soros Mailbox

Hitler was BETTER than Trump, ex-Reagan
And Bush official hints in a tweet

I did it my way - Barack Obama gives
self-referential speech in Nevada

Trump threatens to cut federal aid to CA over
'lousy management' of water & wildfires


'Overheating' US Economy Sparks Buying Frenzy
For Private Jets

Trump Signs the Water Infrastructure Act

FBI Failed To Mention Trump Aide's Denial
Of Russian Collusion To Undercover Spy

You've been identified! NYT gushes over mystery
US op to stop Russian meddling

Russians did it! Media finds culprit behind NFL
national anthem brouhaha

263 San Francisco Bay Area priests branded
sexual abusers - Report

College Scraps Homecoming King, Queen
For Gender-Neutral Titles

Handcuffed woman steals police car right in front
of officers - Vid

Russia Committed to Eliminating Terrorist
Threat in Syria

Illegal US Presence in Syria Assures Endless War


Five times Israel 'had no choice' and went to war

Israeli forces arrest monk And forcibly remove
others protesting in East Jerusalem - Vid

200+ Palestinians killed since March...
IDF alerts PETA about plight of tortoise - Vid

Is Russia Curbing Israeli Aggression in Syria?

CIA director Gina Haspel is in Turkey
to talk Khashoggi murder. but why?

Turkish Police Receive Permission to Search
Well at Saudi Consulate - Reports

Trump - Khashoggi Probe, Initial Story 'One of
Worst Cover-ups in History'

Meet The Saudi "Hit Squad" That Murdered Jamal Khashoggi

Iran's Rouhani Claims Khashoggi
Murder Was Backed by US

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Designate Iran's IRGC
as Terrorist Organization - Reports


Half of Yemeni population survives on foreign aid

'Saudis have been helping US a lot with respect
to Israel, funding a lot of things' - Trump

Crown Prince 'All Smiles' As Saudis Sign
$50 Billion In Deals At "Davos In The Desert"

Spain Votes Against Blocking Arms Deal
With Saudi Arabia

US economy about to collapse

WV House Race Becomes Coal Industry Proxy War

Nationalism Has Been Given A Bad Reputation

Here's what the quantum internet has in store

Madhouse genetics

An Entire, Small Hawaiian Island Has Just Vanished


FB Censorship Of Alternative Media
Said 'Just the Beginning'

Globalist DC Think Takes Credit For Social
Media Purge Of Real News

Facebook Silenced Political Speech In America
And No One Seems To Care

Facebook Bans Another Popular Conservative Page,
Plus Its Admins, Until After Midterms

Doom - College Math Course = 'Hillary is Wonderful'

Doom - Student Loan Defaults Jump From 2% To 13%

No Good Bugs Left In Upper Peninsula Of Michigan

Microplastics Found In Birds, Fish And Now Humans

2 Bizarre Rectangular Icebergs In The Antarctic

Norway in the Middle of NATO Arctic War Games


The New Social Media - Alternatives To Facebook,
YouTube, Twitter, And Other Big Tech Platforms

The Wildly Unregulated Practice of Undercover
Cops Friending People on Facebook

Queen Elizabeth II Speaks About Brexit
Publicly for the First Time

UK Readies Apocalyptic Flotilla Of Emergency
Supplies In Case Of 'No-Deal' Brexit

Sunday Times' Liddle accused of 'inciting violence'
after telling Islamists to 'blow themselves up'

No more 'fake news' - UK govt bans Trump
motto from official documents

US economy about to collapse, taking down
dollar & American standard of living - Peter Schiff

Trump Escalates Attack On Powell - 'Every Time
We Do Something Great, He Raises Interest Rates'

Paul Volcker Trashes Fed, Washington Plutocrats
Says World's In 'A Hell Of A Mess In Every Direction'

What sanctions? US, Japan & India join new
Russian LNG project


Crop stop - Beijing plans complete ban on
American soybeans as trade war escalates

Russia to continue supporting Europe with
energy resources, says Putin

Polish President Urges Germany to Abandon
Nord Stream 2 Project, Buy More US LNG

Kyle Bass - Trump Has 'Strongest Negotiating
Position We've Ever Had' Against China

Nestle sued for perpetuating child slavery
overseas from headquarters in US

After all the climate warning predictions failed
IPCC rolls out new, scary 'climate apocalypse'

Winning $1.537 Billion Mega Millions Ticket Sold
In SC - Winner Has Option To Remain Anonymous

How Does Money Laundering Work?

How Can US, UK Transition From Coal?

The Bison Returns to the Great American Plains


What Is It About Bears?

Escalator at Italian underground station
Speeds out-of-control

China's Hidden Muslim Camps

A Complete Guide to Adopting the Right Hunting Dog

Single ticket wins $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot

Weird Blue Space Rock 'Phaethon' Gets a Close-Up

19 Foods That Eat the Stress Away

5 Things Canada Got Right When It Legalized Pot

Nestle Sued For Perpetuating Child Slavery


Secret Service Intercepts Suspicious Devices
Sent To Clinton, Obama - Day After Soros Got One

CNN Newsroom Gets A Suspicious Package

Trump To Caravan Invaders - 'We'll Do Whatever
It Takes…They’re Not Coming In'

MBS Says Khashoggi Murder Case Is 'Painful'
In His First Comment

Feds Confirm Caravan Includes Gang Members,
Mideastern Criminals

Trump, Pence Point At Leftists, Socialists Over Caravan
Marching To US - Who Is Feeding The Hordes?

Trump has 'alerted' US border patrol & military The
migrant caravan is A 'national emergency'

Trump Must Use Full Military Force To Stop
The Caravans And The Invasion Of America

Alien Declares That Trump Is 'The Antichrist'
As Caravan Swells To 14,000 People

Mexican news - caravans Now Number 14,000 people

Invasion Caravan In Photos - BBC

Bangladeshis Reportedly Spotted in Illegal
Caravan Heading Towards US

Another Invasion Caravan Forms...This One
In El Salvador - Soros Must Be LFAO

Total Impact Of Illegal Immigration $116 Billion


Trump Border Wall Would Cost $21.6 Billion,
And Take 3.5 Years To Build - Internal Report

Cost Of Wall Is Less Than Cost
Of Services For Illegals

Cost of Border Wall Less Than Cost of
Illegal Immigration

Trump's Border Wall Could Pay For Itself
By Cutting Welfare To Illegal Immigrants

How The Border Wall Will Pay For Itself

Hurricane Willa Barrels Into Mexico West Coast

Wiggington - The Brutal Engineered Drought
Continues...Target CA And The West Coast

Voting for Socialists is the Very Definition
of Absolute Stupid

Trump's Closing Argument

Trump's Approval Rating At Record High


Trump says he's a nationalist - Communist CNN
says the word 'nationalist' is racist

Trump Jokes Only Way to Probe Clinton
Is to Nominate Her to SCOTUS

WH chief of staff Kelly grabbed Trump adviser
by collar - Was separated by security – reports

Atzmon - Robert Faurisson and the Study of the Past

China Slams Pompeo for His Hostile Remarks

2 US warships pass through Taiwan Strait as
'freedom of navigation' feud with China escalates

Ecuador Won't Help Assange Negotiate His Way
Out Of Refuge In The Ecuadorian Embassy

The Taiwan Strait Is Getting Hot, Hot, Hot...

'Don't Turn Clock Back' - Japan's Atomic Bomb
Survivors Urge Trump not to Leave Nuclear Treaty

Neocons Pulling Trump's Strings to Axe
Reagan's INF Treaty

INF Treaty Break-Up - 'Hypothetical'
Thoughts on New Deal 'Dangerous' - Kremlin


China, other countries should join INF
Treaty, Russian senator says

China Will Not Tolerate Blackmail
on Joining INF Treaty

Brother Nathaniel - Attack Of The Algorithm - Vid

US Treasury Secretary Schmoozes
with Killer Saudi Crown Prince

21 Saudis Lose US Visas Over Khashoggi Murder

Trump Agrees With Obama '100%' On Immigration

Erdogan's 'Naked Truth' Revelations Fall Short

Khashoggi's 'savage' murder was pre-planned - Erdogan

Turkey Debunks Saudi Disinfo On Khashoggi Incident

Khashoggi's Body Parts Found?

Political Murders Like Khashoggi? US Is The Pace Setter


US has weapons to destroy world 10 times over
but Trump And His Generals want more

Will an Arms Race Follow Trump's INF Treaty Pullout?

Roberts - A Showdown Is In The Making

Bolton in Moscow

Bomb Found In Mailbox At George Soros's Home

Explosive device found at George Soros' Home

Antifa protester loses job for abusing 9/11 widow

Paid Protest Firm 'Crowds On Demand' Sued
In $23 Million Extortion Plot

America could be in 'last days of democracy'
anti-Trump filmmaker Michael Moore

#MeToo's Alyssa Milano accused of hypocrisy over
links to 'Sharia law-supporting' Muslim activist


Vandals Heave Giant Boulder Through Office
Window At Rep. McCarthy's Headquarters

Elizabeth Warren, My Fellow Okie

Doom - Student Loan Default Problem Is Actually
Worse Than Thought (No Kidding!)

NYC Has Record Number Of Homeless Students

Nearly Half of Americans and Europeans
Doubt Mainstream Media's Take on Russia

Putin Decrees New Sanctions on Ukraine

Amazon Pushes ICE to Buy Its Face Recognition
Surveillance Technology

Massive fraud by Muslim Migrants

Sweden Refuses White South Africans asylum

South African White Farms AFTER The
ANC Black Government Has Stolen Them


World War 2 Truth - Japan Was NOT The Aggressor

'Operational Emergency' At US Nuclear Weapons Plant

Fukushima Update 2018 - 'It's All Dead!' - Vid

60 Minutes Australia Feature On Fukushima
Claims Not One Death From Radiation! - Vid

Dana Dunford Exposes The Fraud 60 Minutes
Australia Report On Fukushima - Vid

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Russia Setting up Airbase in Central Syria

Turkey Gives Last Warning to Terrorists to
Leave Demilitarized Zone in Northern Syria

General Admits US Presence in Syria's al-Tanf
is Aimed Against Iran - Reports

'No choice but war' - Israel 'exhausted all options'
in dealing with Hamas, says defense chief


Trump to Pressure Netanyahu on
Israel-Palestine Peace Plan - Report

Iranian Attack Boats Reportedly Confront
UK Destroyer in the Persian Gulf

UN: 8.4 million war-hit Yemenis need urgent food aid

New Cold War In Africa? Russia Bolstering
Military Advisers To Central African Republic

Riyadh admits it can't compensate for Iranian oil

Saudis to invest $5 Billion in Russia's future
LNG project in Arctic

Washington fears Moscow may play spoiler to
US energy-related sanctions against Iran

Forget bars & coins - Digital gold will revolutionize
marketplace - claims precious metals trader

'This Is The Very Tip Of The Iceberg'
Spike In Tariffs Paid By US Businesses

'One Size Fits Germany' Math Impossibility
Mish Warns "Get Your Money Out Of Italy Now!


Monsanto loses appeal on historic
Roundup cancer verdict, owes $78 Million

New Zealand's Synthetic Cannabis Crisis

Monsanto Loses Appeal on Historic Roundup
Cancer Verdict

UN Orders France to Review Ban
On Full-Body Islamic Veil

This Weirdly Geometric Iceberg Is Freaking Us Out

17 Tr Old Boy Scout Built A Nuclear Reactor
In His Mom's Backyard

American Life Expectancy Will Rank
64th Globally By 2040

Six Children Dead In Adenovirus Outbreak In NJ
Long Term Care Facility

High Prevalence And Diversity Of Adenoviruses
(HAdV-D) in Sub Saharan Black populations

The Shadow of the Deep State Over Brazil


OR Governor Will Sign an EO Banning Offshore Drilling

New active fault lines discovered on Mount Hood, OR

Titanic II Will Set Sail in 2022 Following
the Same Route as the Original

Use the 'Five More Rule' When You're Feeling Stuck

Can I Afford Not to Reload My Own?

World's Longest Sea Bridge Brings
China Closer to Hong Kong

Giant centipede and snake battle to the death - Vid

World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered in Black Sea

Strong 6.0 Magnitude Quake Rocks Taiwan

Twice the height of Big Ben: Enormous sinkhole
reveals epic caves in China - Vid


From Earthquake-Sensing To Sex-Simulation -
Microchip-Implanted Biohacking Has Gone Wild

CDC's Salmonella Warning - Don't Dress Up
Chickens For Halloween

Trump Vows To Send As Many Army Troops As
Necessary To Keep Migrant Caravan Out Of US

Trump Holds TX Rally, Backs 'Lyin Ted' Cruz In Midterms

Trump Threatens To Build Up US Nuclear Arsenal

CDC Admits (African Muslim Vectored) Polio Worse
Than Said - Little Children In 22 States Now Paralyzed

Joe - Illegals First Target Is White America - Vid

Trump Teases 'Very Major Tax Cut For Middle
Income People' Before Midterms

Kamala Harris Rolls Out $6,000 Annual Tax Gimmick
Three Weeks Before Midterm Election

Trump's Ethanol Boondoggle Exposed

Cory Booker Accused Of Sex Assaulting Man In Restroom

Nikki Haley Urges Punishment for Foreign Diplomats
'Outrageous Behavior' at UN

Facebook's New Troll-Crushing 'War Room' Confirms
Surveillance By Corporation Is The New America


Johnstone - An Embarrassing End May Soon
Be Near For Russia-Gaters

Footage Of Two Men In White T-Shirts Doling
Out Cash In Honduras To Women In Caravan

Trump - US Will Cut CentAm Nations Aid Over Caravan
(US $22 Trillion In Debt - No Reason For ANY 'Foreign Aid')

Migrant Force Regroups - Queue Looks Like 16 NFL
Stadiums Released Crowds Simultaneously

Trump To Cut Central American Aid As
Mexico Loses Control Of Migrant Army

Trump Lacks Authority to Cut Aid to Central
America Over Migrant Caravan – US Lawmaker

Pat Buchanan - Caravan Is Trump's Chance to
Stop 'Third World Invasion'

President Trump Threatens To Turn Away Thousands Of
Illegal Aliens As Migrant Caravan Continues El Norte

Trump - 'Full Efforts' Being Made To Stop
Migrant Swarm In Mexico

Growing Horde Of Illegals Presses Ahead
Through Mexico Prepping To Storm US Border


Mexico LYING To Trump About Trying To Stop Caravan

Where Were US Intel And How Did They Not See
This Invasion Force Of Illegal Aliens Coming?

US Has Nothing To Worry About - DHS Secretary Nielsen

Caravan Of Border Invaders Swells To 7,000 People

LA Times - Marauding Army Of Illegals Goes For MILES

Photos Show Soros Caravan Of Soldiers Not Marching
But Being Chauffeured Toward America

AP savaged by critics for calling migrant caravan An 'army'

Saudi Crown Prince MBS Spoke To Khashoggi By
Phone Moments Before He Was Killed - Report

Saudi FM - Khashoggi Killing 'Terrible Mistake'
Crown Prince Was Not Aware


MBS guard Took part of Khashoggi body to Saudi Arabia

Erdogan talks with Trump, says he'll reveal
'naked truth' about Khashoggi's fate

Trump Reportedly Suspects 'Lies' in Saudi Version
of Khashoggi's Death

Kushner Tells CNN What Advice He Shared With MBS
After Khashoggi Killing

Sen Rand Paul Calls for Replacing Saudi Crown Prince
Amid Khashoggi's Death

Saudi Operative 'Dressed Up As
Khashoggi And Left Consulate

Saudi operative wore Khashoggi's clothes
....acted as decoy to fool Turkish police

Arab Analyst: Al-Saud May Face International
Criminal Court in Khashoggi's Case

Khashoggi's Murder Obviously Premeditated

Zionist Moves To Smear Khashoggi And Lessen
The Horror Of What Was Done To Him


Saudi to host 'Davos in desert' despite
outcry over slain journalist

Saudi Lies, Deception About Khashoggi Killing

There's a battle brewing over Google's
$1 billion high-tech neighborhood

Assange Should Be Thanked - Not Smeared

Putin to seek 'clarifications' from Bolton
in Russia as Trump ditches INF nuke treaty

Will An Arms Race Follow Trump INF Treaty Pullout?

US pullout from INF Treaty will trigger negative consequences
Chinese diplomat warns

Germany Encourages to Preserve INF Treaty, to
Reduce Arms Mechanism in Europe

Macron Stresses Importance of INF Treaty for
EU Security in Call To Trump

Trump administration considers
elimination of transgender recognition


Hollywood, Socialists Slam Trump's Plan
to 'Erase' Transgender Definition

More Than 100,000 Register for
Trump Rally in Houston

The Experts Are Wrong Again on Trump

Jordan Cancels Part of 1994 Treaty with Israel'

Let's Examine White Privilege, Black Privilege
And Brown Privilege
White supremacist or rising threat
to the establishment?

Danish Right-Wingers Want to Stop Immigration
From Africa in Hungary's Footsteps

Martin Armstrong Blasts 'Brainwashed Masses'
Calling For 2nd Brexit Referendum

Brexit Deal 95% Ready, May Set to Say Amid Rumored
'Coup' in UK Conservative Party - Report

Autonomous Vehicles to Roam London's Streets by 2021

US China Trade War Impact: China Removes
7 Year Old Ban on Indian Livestock Feed


The Chinese Model

'Malicious' Mike Pompeo slammed by China after he
warns Latin America to be wary of powerhouse China

Stronger Headwinds Ahead for Chinese Stocks

India Sees Chance to Cash In on
US-China Tariff Battle

Germany Stops Exporting Arms to Saudi Arabia

The Tax Reform Act of 1986
Undercuts Equality

Visualizing The 8 Major Forces Shaping
The Future Of The Global Economy

China set to open world's longest sea
bridge to Hong Kong & Macau

China Not Ready to Cut Trade With US Despite
Commercial War - Foreign Ministry

Germany Steps Up Fight Against Tax-Dodging
Tech Giants, Urges 'Unitary Tax'


Foreign Banks Are Embracing Russia's
Alternative To SWIFT, Moscow Says

US Treasury in Talks Over Disconnecting
Iran From SWIFT Amid Sanctions

India offloading US Treasuries to support
national currency & buy gold

The Biggest Winners In The Mediterranean
Energy War

US Cops charged with over 400 rapes

FL Cops defend punching of 14 yr Old girl
lying on ground during arrest - Vid

NYPD suspends body cams for cops after device explodes

NASA captures bizarre, perfectly rectangular iceberg - Pic

Rome battered by hailstorm & heavy rain - Vid

Centuries-old Arab Baths walls washed away by floods in Spain


'Extremely dangerous' - Hurricane Willa bears down on Mexico
as it nears category 5

Superbugs to Kill 10 Million People Per Year by 2050

Riyadh Has "No Intention" Of Repeating 1973 Oil Embargo

'Premature' to talk Saudi sanctions, says US
amid calls to ban oil imports over Khashoggi killing

Khashoggi controversy triggers Saudi capital flight

This Hidden Oil Spill Has Been Going For 14 Yrs

How a Gang of Hedge Funders Strip-Mined
Kentucky's Public Pensions

Musk Says High-Speed Subway Test
Tunnel Will Open December 10 in L.A.

Old age comes three years later
for every generation

California's Largest Proposed Water
Storage Project Hits Regulatory Hurdles


Trans Activists' Campaign has Become
an Attack on Science

Presentation Re UFOs to a US
Congress Sub-Committee

Dr. Garry Nolan Resigns From Tom DeLonge's
UFO Research Firm

Why We Haven't Found Aliens

42% of children under 6 in West Germany
come from migrant background

Woman hospitalised after being sexually assaulted
by group of migrants in France

Trauma and healing in a remote Canadian town

Congo in the Abyss

How a deadly pyroclastic flow is unleashed

5 (More) Foods That Last Forever


How the Brain Learns While You Sleep

Rome Turns to Ice

Footage Of Two Men In White T-Shirts Doling
Out Cash In Honduras To Women In Caravan

Trump - US Will Cut CentAm Nations Aid Over Caravan
(US $22 Trillion In Debt - No Reason For ANY 'Foreign Aid')

Bernie And DNC Boss Tempering Midterm 'Blue Wave'
Expectations - 'Tsunami' Appears To Have Vanished

Trump - Onslaught Of Illegals A Disgrace To Dems

Illegal Alien Invasion - Time For Military
intervention And The End To Foreign Aid

Soros Funded Caravan Swells to Over 7,200 -
Mexican Cops Stand Down, Illegals March Toward
The US Border Like A Plague Of Rats

Mexico Says Now Up To 10,000 Illegals In Caravan

Trump says US will 'turn away' caravan at border

A Ragged, Growing Army Of Illegal Invaders
Resumes March With Intent To Overrun US Borders

Caravan O Illegals Challenge American People, Law

Graham - Pelosi Will Welcome Caravans Here

Trump Approval Ahead Of Obama's Midterm Rating

77,000 Sign Up For Trump's Texas MAGA Rally
Monday In 18,000 Arena


Upbeat Trump Predicts Lots Of Republicans
Winning November 6

Michael Moore Sad About Trump...
'Republicans Will Probably Win Both Houses'

Beto O'Rourke Supporters Say They Will Vote For Him
Yet Can't Name A Single Thing He's Accomplished

House Democrats' Hope For Wave Election
Diminishes As Republicans Rebound

The Hill Will Print Anything To Avoid Acknowledging
The Coming Red Tsunami

Judge Orders Mueller To Prove Russian
Company Meddled In Election

China's Trying To Influence US Elections - Takes Aim
At Heartland Farmers With Propaganda Push

Communist Collaborator And Anti-First Amendment
Apple Inc, Urges Bloomberg To Retract Spy Chip Story

On This Day in History - NYT Election Forecast
Chance of Winning - Hillary Clinton 92%, Trump 8%”

OOPS - Sen Warren's Ex-Husband Founded
A DNA Testing Company


Senate Candidate Shiva Ayyadurai Blocks
Elizabeth Warren From Debate

Nitwit Communist Ocasio Compares Climate
Change To WW2 Germany

Andrew Gillum's Family Under Investigation
For Possible Voter Fraud

Andrew Gillum Graduated Training School
That Spawned Soros Army Of Revolutionaries

Nikki Says She Met With Kissinger Every
Two Months While At The UN

Nikki Refutes Trump Description Of Democrats As 'Evil'

Russian National Falsely Charged with
Interfering in US Midterm Elections

FBI Admits It Sent Multiple Spies Into Trump Campaign

Did The British Collude To Steal Election For Hillary?

Republican Ad Claims Minnesota Democratic
Candidate 'Owned' by Soros


'Reason to Vote Red' - Netizens in Uproar Over
Left-Winger Harassing Alleged 9/11 Widow

Erdogan Says He'll Reveal The 'Naked Truth'
Of The Khashoggi Murder

Saudi Dr. Death Reportedly Used
Bone Saw to Dismember Khashoggi

Trump Reportedly Suspects 'Lies' in Saudi Version
of Khashoggi's Death

Saudis Invent New Phony Explanation
for Khashoggi's Death

EU Insists on Investigation Into Khashoggi's
Death Says EU Foreign Policy Chief

Germany, France Demand Explanation
From Saudis Over Khashoggi's Death

Trump 'not satisfied' with Saudi Story On Khashoggi

Biden And Trump Duel In the Desert

Sex Allegations Made Against Sen Cory Booker


6 of the Worst Campaign Ads This Election Cycle

The evangelicals creating champions for Trump

FBI Admits It Used Multiple Spies
To Infiltrate Trump Campaign

What You Need to Know About Nuke Arms
Treaty With Russia Trump Is Quitting

Trump vows to pull US out of 'Unacceptable'
nuclear missile deal with Russia

US warned over threat to scrap nuclear deal

US leaving INF will put nuclear
non-proliferation at risk

Trump treaty 'withdrawal symptom' destabilizes The World

What's INF & why does it matter? Trump wants to kill pivotal
nuclear treaty that calmed the Cold War

US Exit From INF Treaty to Undo Decades of Arms
Control Efforts - Sen. Rand Paul


Moscow - US Exit From Nuclear Arms Treaty With
Russia to Be 'Very Dangerous Step'

Russia - US dream of unipolar world won't happen

Russian senator calls Trump's statement on
withdrawal from INF Treaty 'blackmail'

Facebook Sells Disabled Iraq Vet $300,000 In Ads
Then Deletes His Influential Pages

From 'Soft' Tyranny To Totalitarian Rule
America's Unrelenting Data Collection

US And China Agree To Aerial Defense Rules
To Avoid Fighter Jet Clashes

US Mulls Warship Passage Through Taiwan
Strait Risking China's Fury

In Latest Provocation To Beijing, US Plans New
Warship Passage Through Taiwan Strait

Indonesia to Stick to Su-35 Deal With Russia
Despite Looming US Sanctions

China Unveils World's Largest Transport Drone


Russian Pacific Fleet's ships arrive with visit to
Chinese port Qingdao

'No Annexation' - Anti-China Indy Protests in Taiwan

World's largest amphibious aircraft makes
maiden water take-off & landing - Vid

How the Corporate State Murders Free Speech

Madsen - Trump...Resurgent Cold War President Wayne

UK Warship Commander Paints 'Deeply Frightening'
Future of Warfare Amid NYC Visit

UK MoD Warns Space Station Nukes May Hit Earth

Love It or Leave It

30th Straight Bloody Friday In Gaza

Roberts - 'Anti-Semitic' is so overused,
it is now totally meaningless


Atzmon - Making a Massacre into a Lesson

Israel, US Secretly Trained Against
S-300 Air Defenses in Ukraine

Mnuchin - US will increase investments in
Israeli infrastructure projects

'Netanyahu's time is over' - Ex Israeli PM Olmert
calls for revival of his 2008 peace plan

Israel halts demolition of Bedouin village, for now

Syrians in occupied Golan burn Israeli election ballots

Netanyahu's Son Under Fire After Calling
Israeli Broadcaster 'Fat Cow'

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Crimea
Violence, and White Helmets

Syria writes to UN about US 'war crime' after strike

US forces Iraq to give $15 billion deal to GE
instead of Siemens


'Theresa May is in the killing zone'

Over Half a Million of Anti-Brexiteers Call
for Second Referendum in London Rally - Vid

Robinson Blasts UK Judge Over Giving Bail
to Muslim Gang Rapists, Denying One for Him

'Absolute Shambles:' UK Home Secretary Roasted
for Tweet on 'Asian' Pedophiles

Scotland First Minister Quits BBC Event
Over Bannon's Invitation

Scandal Erupts in Germany as Police Can't
Use New Rifles Due to Poisonous Ammo

Greece to Claim Territorial Waters To 12 miles Off Coast

Emerging economies stockpiling gold in expectation
of US dollar banking system collapse – analysts

Germany sees Russia as stable energy partner as US
demands Europe dump Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Nearly half the world lives on less than $5.50 a day


Sweden's Most Powerful Family Braces
For The Next Global Crisis

Minority Third World Tribalism Erupts In Las Vegas
High School Campus Brawl

Actual Scientist Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD
'Climate Change Is A Scam!'

Washington State Voters Could Be
The First To Approve A Carbon Tax

Trump Cuts Regulations Between
Western States And Water Supply

One marijuana company has a
bold strategy to save American cannabis

US Cops Sexually Assault At Least
100 Women Every Year

The Consequences of Amazon Dominating
Social Commerce?

French citizens Flee to Hungary to
escape from criminal Muslim suburbs

Remains of 63 Fetuses Found Hidden
in a Detroit Funeral Home

The blob that cooked the Pacific


How a Legal Case Changed Halloween

19 Quakes Rock Ring of Fire in 24 Hours

How Magma Builds Up Before a
Catastrophic Supereruption

Something is happening above
the moon (Raw footage) - Vid

Microplastics Found in 90 Percent of Table Salt

Pacific NW - A Cascadia Quake And Tsunami
Will Destroy Everything West Of Interstate 5

Duff - Khashoggi And Some Very Nasty Truth

Trump Wants to Keep Arms Deal With Saudis,
Blames Media for 'Hurting' Contract

Donald Says Saudi version of Khashoggi death 'credible'
...touts arms deals with 'great ally' (gross hypocrisy)

Shifting Blame For Khashoggi's
Saudi-Ordered Murder

US needs Saudi as counterbalance to Iran - Trump

Saudi King Salman Intervenes
To Handle Khashoggi Incident

US lawmakers skeptical of Saudi claim on Khashoggi

Saudi Claim of Khashoggi's 'Fist Fight' Death is absurd

Reactions to Saudi Explanation
for Khashoggi's Death


MBS put in charge of intel purge After Khashoggi death

MBS Bans Saudi Princes From Meeting King

Pieraccini - 'Mohammad bin Salman Must Go'
But US-Saudi Ties Are Here To Stay

NYT columnist Friedman gets Twitter-skewered
after defending his flattery of Saudi Arabia - Vid

Khashoggi - One very awkward 'death' for the
geopolitical hypocrites - Vid

Greenwald Outs WaPost - Reporters Eskew & Rogers
Were Paid Saudi Consultants While Writing For The Post

Saudis Pay UK Firms Millions To Boost Image

Mexico 'Opens Border' To Migrant Women, Children
Heading To US Border - Vid

Nearly 100 ISIS Terrorist Arrests Prompt
More Worries About Migrant Caravan

Gingrich - Migrant Caravan Is An Attack On America

Trump Declares 'War' On Immigration
In Fiery Arizona Rally


Trump - Caravan Is Full of 'Hardened Criminals'

Caravan Thugs Tear Down Guatemala Border Gate
Pour Into Mexico

Caravan of 3,000 Central American
migrants Blasts into Mexico

Joe - Soldiers From Hell Coming To Your Town - Vid

Joe - Murderers And Killers Are Coming - Vid

'Christmas Coming Early' - WH Spokeswoman on
Hillary Clinton's Possible Third Run

US National Debt Under Trump Rises $21.7 Trillion

Donald Trump More Popular Than Media
Wants You To Believe - Breitbart

Judge Dismisses Remaining Charges
Against Paul Manafort

Gov. Bill Walker Drops Out Of Alaska Gov
Race Less Than 3 Weeks Before Election


Turnabout Is Fair Play - Nancy Pelosi Shouted
Out Of Restaurant By Trump Supporters

Texas Democrats Caught Mailing Pre-Filled
Voter Registrations To Non-Citizens

No Hope For Dems - A Red Tsunami
Is Headed Their Way

Tulsi Gabbard Weighing 2020 Presidential Bid

Jewish Democrats Eye Historic Gains In
Congress As #BlueWave Builds

Neocon Trump Confirms He's Pulling US Out Of
Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia Next Week

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu,
Pentagon Chief Mattis Meet In Singapore

Apocalypse in 2019 - Is Russia-US war possible?

Trump US Madness - US Nuclear Missiles Deployed
in Italy - Against Russia

Pentagon Chief - US 'Cannot Accept' China's
'Militarization' in South China Sea


Zio-Globalist & Media Hack Wallace Calls Trump
'Preposterous' For Saying Dems Behind Border Surge

Satan's Handmaiden Bono Says Political Parties
Who Criticise Mass Migration Are Satanic

Assange Sues Ecuador For Violating 'Fundamental
Rights And Freedoms'

Most Repulsive 3 Minutes Ever Broadcast On TV

US Says Russians Interfering in Midterms (yawn)

Facebook Shuts Down Pages of Disabled
Veteran With 3 Million Fans

The Elizabeth Warren Fiasco Is Causing
Hell for Native American Voters

Native American Sovereignty Is Under Attack

US Birth Rate Slumps To Another All-Time Low

Putin's Remarks At The Valdai
International Discussion Club


US Combat Brigade in Poland Trains With
New Electronic Warfare Tech

US Sends Carrier Strike Group Above
Arctic Circle for First Time in 30 Years

General Petraeus Warns US-UK Military
Alliance at Risk

50% Of All US Troops Think Major War Is Coming

Pakistan Claims India's Purchase of S-400
to Disrupt 'Strategic Stability'

White Helmets Members, Experts Killed in Huge
Blast at Chemical Workshop in Northwestern Syria

Canada Working to Resettle Group of White Helmets

New US-led airstrikes kill 30 More Syrian civilians

UK Spy Plane Reportedly Spotted
Near Syrian Border Amid S-300 Delivery

Destruction Range of Russia's S-300
Sent to Syria Reaches 155 Miles


Russian Aerospace Forces Destroyed Over
122,000 Terrorist Targets in Syria

France, Germany to join Russia, Turkey in Syria summit

'Strong blow' looming? Israel masses tanks
And APCs on Gaza border

About 10,000 Palestinians Clashing With
Israeli Army on Border With Gaza - Vid

Trump Regime Closes Jerusalem
Consulate Serving Palestinians

Netherlands issues its first gender-neutral
passport after govt loses court battle

People Are Born Men Or Women - Hungary
Condemns Gender Studies at Universities

French Ruling Party Lawmaker Proposes
Law Against Mocking Accents (idiocy growing)

'Grooming Gang' - 20 Stone Age Muslims Guilty
Of Raping English Girls As Young As 11

UK Asian Grooming Gang Handed Total
Jail Time of 221 Years for Abusing Girls


UK Ex-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
'Delighted' to Join Facebook Team

Irish Border Issue Could Sink Brexit Deal

1939 - Hitler's Sincere Peace Letter To France

WW2 German Pilot Reincarnated as British Boy?

The Famous 'Siege' of Sarajevo 1992-95
Was No Such Thing

Germany's rich put their children in special
'migrant free' day care center

China, Mexico, Canada, EU Joined Forces
To Fight US Sovereignty, National Security

Pedophile Arrests Up Under Trump - Media Silent

Retirees Get Social Security Raise But Their
Bank Balance Won't Change

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-20-18


Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 40

Rise In Obesity And Diabetes Will Exacerbate
Future Flu And Other Pandemics

Internet Memes Are Making Teenagers Fat

Faithful dog drags 'drowning' girl to safety by her hair - Vid

Assassinating the Truth with Technology

The Coming Inflation Threat
The Worst Of Both Worlds

Luongo - Has China Finally Taken Its
Thumb Off Of Gold?

Russia welcomes foreign banks to join
its money transfer alternative to SWIFT

US Named 'World's Most Competitive Economy'
For First Time In 10 Years

Need Cash Fast? US Bank Unveils Payday Loan
Program With 88% APR


EU, Asia leaders urge Iran sanctions removal

The Global Dollar Shortage is Here –
And It's Becoming A Big Problem

Tesla is the most 'googled' car brand in the US

Ukraine government hikes gas prices for population
by almost 25% as part of deal with IMF

US-Polish 20 Yr LNG Deal Fraught With Risks

US gas for Europe will be 40% more expensive
than Russian, Medvedev says

Unknown People Blow Up Canada's Gran Tierra
Energy Oil Pipeline in Colombia - Reports

Saudi Arabia wants to build
a $500 billion megacity

The mystical world of crop circle tourism

Music Copyright Law Is Finally Out
of the Analog Age


The Questionable State of Medical Care
at Louisiana State Penitentiary

Website offering abortion drugs by mail
benefits hundreds of women in US

The Science Behind Happy Relationships

Aging Well in America Has Gotten Harder

Ticks Are Killing an Alarming Number of Moose

El Niño Looks 'Imminent'

Hunk of Metal Fell From Space and Landed in CA

This Was How A UFO Was Seen In The Buenos
Aires Sky During Mañanas Argentinas

Plane makes epic emergency landing
amid freeway traffic - Vid

The Arctic sky has turned red!


Stress and Sleeplessness are Surprisingly Lethal

Why I Turned to Cannabis for Morning Sickness

Saudis Now Say Khashoggi Died In A 'Fist Fight'
In The Saudi Embassy In Istanbul !

Caravan Migrants Smash Their Way Into Mexico
Ignore Trump's Warnings Completely

Chaos As Caravan Reaches Mexican Border

Trump Slams Democrats for Refusal to
Acknowledge 'Illegal Immigration Onslaught'

Trump Already Has Full Constitutional Power
To Stop Caravan Border Invasion

Illegal Caravans Encouraged by Honduras And Soros

Texas Dems Ask Illegals To Register To Vote
Send Apps With Citizenship Box Pre-Checked

Manafort Shows Up In Court In Wheelchair

To Understand Christine Ford
Take A look at Palo Alto University

White House Correspondents Assn Condemns
Trump's Comments About Journalists

Budget Deficit Explodes - Trump Spending US into
The Grave - Now Vows 'Big Cuts'


Eric Trump Hopes Pocahontas Runs For President
'It Would Be Amazing Comedy'

Bolton and Kelly exchange profanities
outside Oval Office over immigration policy

Nikki Talks Of her time in Trump administration
in private talk with conservatives

'Trump asked if I was from the same tribe as Warren'
Nikki Haley's top jokes at NYC fundraiser

Br Nathanael - The Dark Side Of Warren's DNA - Vid

DC Dave - Fauxcahontas and the No-Call List?

Communist Ocasio Refuses To Endorse Socialist Bernie
In 2020 - Calls For End To Electoral College

Who Knew The US Was Involved In
A UN 'Global Postal Service'?

Possible War With Russia In 2019?

O'Donnell Wants to Send Military to White House
to 'Get' Trump


What Exactly Are The King's New Clothes?

CNN's Acosta bizarrely tells former WH official
to 'Fu*k off' for teasing tweet

'Rot in hell!' - Kissinger heckled at NYU speech - Vid

'Modern exorcist' holds ritual to shield Kavanaugh
from coordinated hexing by witches & sorcerers

Big Coverup in Crimea Shooting Massacre

Top Saudi Intel Officials Fired - Going To Be The Fall
Guy In The Murder Of WaPo Columnist Khashoggi

Saudi State Media Admits Khashoggi Died In Istanbul

Icke - Jamal Khashoggi...Psychopaths
Protecting Psychopaths - Vid

Saudi Royal Family Considering Replacement
For Crown Prince MBS - Report

Is This Why Jeff Bezos Has Kept Quiet On WaPo
Employee Khashoggi's Disappearance?


Trump Bashed Sharia Law - Now He's in
Bed With Its Lethal Champion

Khashoggi's Saudi Criticism Made Him A Marked Man

How the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi
Could Upend the Middle East

Saudi Arabia Transfers $100 Million
to the US as Khashoggi Crisis Deepens

Mohammed bin Salman Was never a reformer

Obama's National Security Advisor Continues
To Work For The Saudis

Saudi Leaders May Blame Senior Official for
Khashoggi's Disappearance - Reports

Turkey to share new evidence on Khashoggi

Turkish Investigators Think They Know Where
Khashoggi Is Buried

UK, US Ministers Quit Saudi Summit
Over Khashoggi Disappearance


Netanyahu Regime Orders IDF to Attack Gaza
if Demonstrations Continue

Israeli Supreme Court Rules For Palestinian
American Student

Vandals destroy Christian cemetery in Israel
in clear hate crime

Indonesia warns Australia against Israel
embassy transfer

Trump Sending MORE US Troops To Fight In
Pointless 17 Year Long Afghan War

Russian S-300s Supplied to Syria Were 'Modernized'

US Setting Up New Bases, Sending Heavy Arms to Manbij

US Sends 400 Trucks of Arms, Equipment to SDF in Manbij

The Experts Were Wrong About the MidEast

Second Trump-Era Leaker Sentenced to Prison


'US Congress has no Russian policy
other than sanctions'

Roberts - Does Putin Have A Traitor
In His Government?

'Facebook really is finished'

South African city to begin confiscating
land from white citizens

Helicopter of most disastrous Seventh Fleet crashes
aboard USS 'Ronald Reagan' in Philippine Sea

Helicopter Accident Injures 4 French Marines on
Assault Ship in North Sea

US-Built Apache Helicopters for S Korea Turned
Out to Have Faulty Radars

Four of the UK's Major Warships Never Left Dock in 2018

Russia Spotted 19 Foreign Spy Aircraft Near Border
Over Past Week

China to hold first naval drill with ASEAN nations in
South China Sea


Former DHS Officer Reveals Who Keith
Ellison Really Is - Audio

'Child Muslim refugee' with Top Samsung phone
and gold watch complains about Swedish benefits

More Than Half Of Germans Want To Leave The
Country For A "More Stable Political Situation"

Joe - Illegal Invasion May Control America In 3 Yrs - Vid

OK Bystander Stops Sex Assault By Muslim

100 ISIS Terrorists Caught In Guatemala As
Caravan Heads Toward US Border

Trump Sticks It To Us - UN 'Refugees' Continue To Pour In

USMC General - American Complacency In
Fight Against Radical Islam Threatens US

could sink whole deal

Millions of porn videos will still be available for child
consumption in new UK rules


All N African States Reject EU Disembarkation Platforms

Islamist Preacher Who Recruited for ISIS Released
From UK Prison

Brazil's frontrunner Bolsonaro accused of 'fraud &
fake news campaign' ahead of runoff

Ecuador & Venezuela expel top diplomats after
minister in Caracas called Moreno a 'liar'

Army might have found its new rifle in
A Colorado Springs garage

Saudi Aramco Pulls The Trigger On $25 Billion
Chinese Megaproject

Russia negotiates new energy project with Exxon
despite looming US sanctions

Huge Iranian oil armada heads to China
before US sanctions kick in

US shale's glory days are numbered

Trump, Xi 'Tentatively Agree' To Talks At Nov G-20 Summit


China's GDP Growth in Q3 2018 Lowers to 6.5%
Amid Trade Row With US

Austrian Chancellor Kurz Calls for Free Trade
Between EU and Asia

From nuclear holocaust to playing hockey
Five takes from Putin's Valdai talk

Putin to Poroshenko - Don't be like Georgia's Saakashvili
who lost vast territories

Putin's Meeting With US National Security Adviser
Bolton Being Prepared

Fentanyl smuggled from China is
killing thousands of Americans

Inside the new battle for the American West

'Child Muslim refugee' with flagship Samsung phone
and gold watch complains about Swedish benefits

The top 5 startups disrupting healthcare within AI

Nebraska School Apologizes for Serving
Students Kangaroo Meat


Swiss Army Soldiers Stone Recruit - Vid

Japan's Integrated Approach to Human Security

Facebook's Chaotic Push Into Video Cost
Hundreds of Journalists Their Jobs

Tornado activity is shifting to the East, why?

Why Some Home Prices Rebound
Quickly After a Forest Fire

11 Spooky Urban Legends That Were True

The Normalisation of Madness

How to Request Your Personal Data from Apple

Earth's Core Is Actually Solid

The Very Base of the Arctic Food Chain
Is Being Transformed


How to Wear a Baby Carrier Like a Man

Orionid Meteor Shower 2018 Peaks This Weekend

Caravan Migrants Smash Their Way Into Mexico
Ignore Trump's Warnings Completely

Mexican Cops Clash With, Stop Migrants At Mex Border

Chaos As Honduran Caravan Reach Mexican Border

Caravan Heading For US Stopped At Mex Border

Trump - 'It Certainly Looks Like Khashoggi Is Dead'

Nikki Testing presidential waters? Spoke to secretive
conservative group before resigning UN - Report

Illegal Migration in US Hits All-Time Record High

Trump finally threatens to use the US military
to close Mexican border

Trump Threatens to Send US Military to Border
If Mexico Doesn't Stop Migrants

Roberts Fears Western Civilization No Longer Exists

Why Is WaPost Suddenly Promoting Trump As
'Most Honest President Ever' Ahead Of Midterms?

Trump Asks All Cabinet Members to Reduce
Budget Spending by 5 Percent in 2019

Treasury Official Arrested, Charged With Leaking
Confidential Info On Ex-Trump Advisers

Trump Regime Escalates Sanctions War


Trump Plans To Ditch a 144 Yr Old Postal Treaty

Trump's 'Arab NATO' Project Is Doomed

Rosenstein 'Hiding From Congress' Says GOP Rep

Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go

Putin does not believe Trump talks just to hear himself

A Politics That Requires Taylor Swift Is Not Healthy

'Go kill yourself!' - GOP candidates face attacks
as Dems urge end to civility ahead of midterms

Minority Of Radical Leftists Dominate Democratic
Party Agenda - Study

Federal Judge 'Shocked' To Find Obama State Dept
Lied To Protect Hillary From Email Server Lawsuits

Self-Censorship - Where The Real Damage
Is Being Done


Supreme Court Takes Case That Could End
Internet Censorship, Expand First Amendment

Why Won't Trump Condemn the Saudis?

US Intelligence Agencies Hold Saudi Crown
Prince Responsible for Khashoggi's Death

US Intelligence 'Increasingly Convinced' Saudi
Prince MBS Ordered Khashoggi's Killing

Suspected member of Khashoggi hit-team dies in
mysterious 'traffic accident' in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia delivers $100 million to US
as missing journalist mystery deepens

Saudis Likely to Follow Key Machiavellian Path
in Handling Khashoggi Incident Fallout

Trump Won't Change Logistical Support for
Saudi-led Operations in Yemen Slaughter

Pompeo warned Saudis they have 72 hrs to finish
probe into Khashoggi case, or risk blowback

US 'Outrage' over Killing of US Residents
Like Khashoggi Depends on Nation Responsible


Idiot Christian leader urges viewers to 'cool down'
anti-Saudi rhetoric, and protect vital US arms deals

In The World Of US Politics, One Khashoggi
Is Worth One Million Yemeni Lives

Zuckerberg, Soros and Steyer Spend Millions
on Out-of-State Ballot Initiatives

Major Facebook Shareholders Join
Call to Boot Mark Zuckerberg

Reddit Creates 'War Room' to Fight
Russian Election Meddling

How the FBI Silences Whistleblowers

Welcome to the G-20 From Hell

In Defense of Elon Musk

FBI Makes Major Arrest in Sessions's War on Leaks

Assange Planned an Escape to Moscow in 2017


Know Your State's Most Pressing Environmental
Issues Before Election Day

Wooldridge - Let's Open America's Borders
To Everyone in The World

Black African muslim who raped Swedish girl
and ruined her life, is allowed to stay in Sweden

Will Cholera Be The Next Disease
To Hit the US via Illegal Aliens?

Breakaway Caravan Group Reaches Southern Mex Border

Mexico Deploy Hundreds Of Riot Police To Try
To Control Honduran Mob Caravan

114,659 NY Public School Children Are HOMELESS
But Trump Give Illegals Everything In Life For FREE

Orthodox Jews Bring Measles to Brooklyn NY
and Rockland County NY From Israel

Will Cities Lease Old Cruise Ships To House Homeless?

California's homeless population up 13.7% in one year


Doom - $400k A Year Diversity Officers
Do Nothing For Diversity - Study

Massacre In Crimea

Death toll from Crimea college attack climbs to 21

Globalized senseless violence on social media
helped spawn Kerch shooting — Putin

Crimea leader asserts Kerch college shooter
could not have plotted attack alone

Moscow 'ready for larger-scale provocations'
by the West - Lavrov

Putin - Russia Will Only Use Nuclear Weapons
'If We Are Victims Of Aggression'

Lavrov hopes NATO 'wise enough' to prevent WW3

Half of US troops expect 2019 war with Russia, China

Advanced long-range missile for S-400
system accepted for service in Russia


Russian Aerospace Defense Forces to receive
S-400 and Pantsir-S missile systems

Russia surpassed rivals with precise hypersonic
weapons & will deploy more within months – Putin

Putin compares Khashoggi case to Skripal poisoning
asks why Russia condemned despite lack of proof

China Plans to Launch 'Moon Double' Into
Space to Illuminate Streets - Reports

NASA's 'Planetary Defense Coordination Office'
Budget Suddenly Spikes To $150 Million

Jam-Resistant US Military Satellite Blasts Off
From Cape Canaveral - Vid

US Flies Two B-52 Bombers Over S China Sea
Ahead of Key Defense Summit

Beijing Voices 'Solemn Concerns' After US Navy
Research Vessel Docks in Taiwan

Syria's UN Envoy Slams US-Led Aggression

Putin - ISIS took several US & European
citizens hostage in US-controlled part of Syria


US actions not conducive to resolving MidEast
terrorism issue, says Putin

Not up to Russia to push Iran out of Syria - Putin

Daesh expanding in US-controlled parts of Syria

Netanyahu vows 'Israel will act with
great force' against Hamas in Gaza

Israeli Security Cabinet Mulls Gaza Military
Operation After Rocket Launch

'Extremist' Sweden Finds New “God"

Hungary to shut down gender studies

California's mega-farms have a dark side

'Look at this f*cking white guy' - man brutally
sliced in New York pizza parlor attack

As Portland Cracks Down On Violent Protests,
Seattle Antifa Dox ICE Agents Over Twitter


'Soccer While Black' - 'Golfcart Gail' Calls Cops
on Supportive Dad Cheering on Son - Vid

Video Shows Chicago Cop Shooting Unarmed,
Autistic Teen

No Grounds to Declare Emergency Amid
DRC Ebola Outbreak - WHO

'There is no God' - Hawking thought alien life
or time travel more likely than divine creator

Scientists Nearly Eliminate HIV Reservoirs
in Patients Using Stem Cells

Ancient graffiti shows we've been wrong
about Pompeii doomsday date all along

Thawing underwater permafrost may cause
industrial accidents in the Arctic, scientists say

Putin drives Egypt's Sisi around F1
circuit in Aurus motorcade car - Pic

Putin says his love of Russia has grown
far stronger over recent years

Putin hopes to build relations with Ukraine's
new leadership after upcoming elections


Putin warns US-China trade wars will impact World

'I'd rather be poor and master of my own fate'
Multimillionaire actor Michael Caine on Brexit

UK press riddled with spooks, conduits for intelligence
agencies keen to score one for the Empire

UK Police Halt Facial Recognition Tech Trial
After Millions Secretly Snapped

Violent crime on the rise across UK

Russia & China preparing to ditch dollar
for national currencies in trade – top official

Russia liquidates nearly all its holdings of
US debt & invests money in gold

US to Impose Sanctions on Russia
'Every Month or Two' - Volker

United States shies away from calling
China 'currency manipulator'

Banks Steal 55 Billion Euros From EU States
Taxpayers Pay the Bill - Report


Iran Sends Record Amount Of Oil To China

S Korean firms to stay in Iran despite US sanctions

'Something Is Going On With The Chinese Yuan'

Pound Slides On Reports May 'Worried' EU Close
To 'Pulling Plug' On Brexit Talks

EU Slams Italy's 'Unprecedented' Budget
Deviation, Euro Tumbles

More Italians Move Savings To Switzerland

Best Wildlife Photos Of 2018

Is time a linear arrow or a loopy, repeating circle?

Where Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought

How to Buy Weed in Canada Now That It's Legal


Scorpion venom is most expensive liquid in world

TB came from Europe, but drug-resistant
strains are local affairs

Chinese City to Launch 'Artificial Moon'
Bright Enough to Replace Streetlights

What Should Be in Your Car Emergency Kit

India wants to turn its beaches into nuclear fuel

Israel - A Nation Of Moral Midgets

Weaponizing the Frequencies: the Coming Tidal Wave

How to Tell If Someone Is Manipulating You

5 Flu Vaccine Myths Every Person Should Know

Facebook Finally Admits That Its New Spy
Equipment Can Spy on You


Digital Free Speech Zones are Here

As Catholic Church Ignores its Pedophilia
A Bishop Warns Reiki Energy Healing is Satanic

The Year of Disclosures - Do You Consent?

The German Bankers who Helped Spain Conquer
the Americas and Poison the Poor

Japan to dump Vast Amount Of Fukushima Radioactive
DEATH WATER Into Pacific despite objections

127 People Now Stricken With 'Polio-Like' Illness

US doctors baffled as 'Polio-Like' spreads across 22 states

Trump Bows To Saudi Executioners

Does Saudi Arabia Own Donald Trump?

Trump's Clear Alliance With Body-Choppers,
Death Squads And Child Killers

Saudi Consul telling hit squad - 'Do this outside
Or you're going to get me in trouble"

Madsen - The Arabian Game Of Thrones Heats Up

What the Media Isn't Telling You About
the Jamal Khashoggi Affair

WaPost Publishes Khashoggi’s Last Column
…Calling For Free Expression In The Arab World

Bezos Has Been Very Quiet On The Disappearance (Murder)
Of One Of His Own WaPost Reporters...Jamal Khashoggi

Saudis Aid US And Combat Terror Says Trump
(No mention Of The Saudi Slaughter In Yemen)


Saudi Consul In Istanbul Relieved Of Post, To Face
Investigation Over Khashoggi Murder

Saudi Investigation Team Arrives at
Consul's Residence in Istanbul - Reports

Trump Says Saudi Crown Prince Denies Knowledge
of What Happened to Missing Journalist

Graham advises Saudi Arabia to dump bin Salman

Forensics expert 'cut to pieces' Saudi journalist's
body as colleagues listened to music - sources

NYT IDs Four Suspected Saudi Hit Squad Members
As 'Close Associates' Of Crown Prince MBS

Saudi Arabia Considers Itself Untouchable
Due To Oil And Money

Trump Calls Stormy Daniels 'Horseface'

Warren's Pow Wow Chow 'Cherokee' recipes were
word for word COPIES of famous FRENCH chef's

The Unhinged Elizabeth Warren


MSM Reverses course, Blasts Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren's DNA Is Not Her Identity

Fauxcahontas Warren Woke Up To A World Without Her

Pressure Mounts On Diane Feinstein From All Sides

YouTube users question sanity, reality as
service goes dark worldwide

Facebook shareholders move to oust
Zuckerberg as chairman...again

Institutional Investors Attempt To Oust Zuckerberg
From Facebook, There's Just One Thing...

Twitter Posts Millions Of 'Meddling' Tweets From
Russia, Iran 'Information Operations'

Amazon's Pay Raise Cuts Worker Compensation

The Kanye effect - Black Americans declaring allegiance
to Trump may mean disaster for Democrats


Trump Calls AP 'fake news' for changing his comments

Judicial Watch wants Hillary's deposition
on email scandal

Protester Tells alleged 9/11 widow
'Your husband should rot in the grave’

Teen Gunman Kills 19 In Crimea College Mass Shooting

Crimea terrorist attack - 19 killed, dozens injured

China To Unveil Next-Gen Stealth Bomber In 2019

Body of Missing MH370 Reportedly
Located in Cambodian Jungle

Russia must be in the know on foreign labs
dealing with biomaterials, says health official

Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left

4Chan Sparks Mass Triggering With NPC Meme
Twitter Responds With Ban Hammer


New York Times Forced To Cover Hilarious NPC Meme

7 Glimpses Into The Social Decay That Is Voraciously
Eating Away At The Fabric Of Our Country

No, Facebook Is NOT 'Private', Their Censorship
Arm Is Government Funded

Devvy - If You Think Identity Theft Won't Happen To
You, You're in Severe Denial - Shocking Facts

Amazon's Pay Raise Cut Worker Compensation

The People 'Stopping Election Interference'
Are the Ones Actually Rigging Elections

Missing MH370 Located in Cambodian Jungle?

Video Shows Women and Children In Honduras
Getting Paid To Join Caravan - Vid

America Overrun - ICE forced to release illegals in AZ
amid space crunch, migrant surge

Honduran Caravan Doubles In Size To 4,000
After Trump Warns It To Stop


Honduras caravan organizer detained
after Trump threats

Mexico Warns Caravan To Avoid Deportation
After Trump Threat

Canadian Police Warn of 'Incomplete' Security
Checks on Border Amid Surge in Illegal Immigration

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada

Best Way to Watch Porn? Pornhub Paid US
Academics $25,000 to Find Out

Professor Offers Extra Credit For Attending
Democrat Campaign Event

Israel Waging War on Gaza Without Declaring It

Israeli, Saudi army chiefs meet in Washington

Israel conducts airstrikes, shuts down checkpoints
in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza

Why Israel Gets Away with Murder
in Occupied Palestine


US Envoy to UN - 'Palestinians are not A UN Member
State or Any State at All'

ICC prosecutor 'alarmed' by Gaza violence

Deadly floods hit Texas after extreme rainfall

Drug gangs epidemic in UK towns

Space has become a playground for the rich

Should Canada's pot convicts get amnesty?

Vast cosmic explosions could be flinging
gold and platinum across the universe

US School bans Christmas carols containing
word 'Jesus' Out Of Fear Of Offending

2040 Life Expectancy Lower Than It Is Today

The flu that transformed the 20th Century


Norwegian 'Nazi Girls' Get State
Apology for 'Unfair' Persecution

Scientists Discover a Weird Noise
Coming From Antarctic Ice Shelf

Eerie Light Beam Shuts Down Electronics In
Automobile; Frightens Passengers

Three UFOs Encountered By Six
Passenger Planes Simultaneously

Announcement to End UFO Secrecy Anniversary – What Now? | VIDEO

Super Soldiers - Merging Human Beings & Machines

UFO Research Firm's $37 Million Deficit
A 'Blatant Lie,' says Tom Delonge

'Skull-Shaped' Asteroid Will Pass Earth
around Halloween

Cash for Citizenship, Golden Passport
Schemes Revealed in 21 Countries

Pepe Escobar: Welcome To The G-20 From Hell


China & Japan Dump Treasuries As Dollar's
Reserve Status Slumps To 5 Year Lows

Venezuela drops US dollar, will use euro
for international transactions

Expect US dollar to plunge 40%
against euro, forex analyst predicts

Putin backs creation of a free trade zone between
Egypt and Eurasian Economic Union

Mexico Confirms Plans to Assemble
Russian Helicopters

Nord Stream 3 project possible if gas demand
grows in Europe, Russian Energy Ministry says

Trump Names Federal Reserve as His 'Biggest
Threat' for Raising Interest Rates

Trump Goes 'Postal', Abandons 144 Year Old
'Unfair' Shipping Treaty With China

Washington may impose sanctions on
Russian, Iranian firms rebuilding Syria

New EU Emissions Ratings Cause Auto
Sales to Crash in September


Britain secretly training Saudi air force

American mercenary boasts of role in
'targeted assassination program' in Yemen

How Many Private US Hit Teams Are Under Gulf Regimes?

'US & UK throw money at Yemen's humanitarian
disaster while profiting from war'

Iran calls for Pakistan's swift action on
abducted security forces

Iran's land-to-sea missiles can travel 700 kilometers
Says Senior IRGC Commander

Hundreds of Syria 'White Helmets' leave for Life In West

Russia Wants White Helmets Removed From Syria
'as Soon as Possible' - Envoy to UN

US strike 'kills 60' in Somalia In increasing Africa presence

Zimbabwe's Radical Cure For Depression


How to Find Hidden Cameras in Your Airbnb

Why hurricanes hardly ever hit Europe

Real-Life “The Joker” Terrorises English Town

Something is kept hidden in the Nevada Desert

Humongous Fungus Is as Massive
as Three Blue Whales

Prepping for What's Most Likely

UN Climate Change Report - A Choice Between
'Mad Max And Hunger Games'

Tour boat almost lava-bombed by erupting
Indonesian volcano in stunning Video

India Fights Fresh Bout of Zika Virus Outbreak


YouTube Goes Down For Many Users WorldWide

Trump Now Moves To Protect The Saudi Government
In The Khashoggi Murder Case

Trump Again Suggests Trouble For Saudis If They
Knew About Khashoggi's 'Disappearance' (Murder)

Roberts - Western Civilization No Longer Exists

Br Nathanael - Does The Media Run America? - Vid

Consequences Of MSM polarized Trump coverage - Vid

Air Force Failed to Protect Frontline F-22
Stealth Jet Fighters During Hurricane Michael

US Border Bound Army Of Honduran Illegals
Heading To US Border Doubles In Size

3,000 Hondurans Make New Run For US Border
Trump Threatens To Cut Aid If Not Stopped

Most States Now Facing POLIO From African Invaders
Trump Continues To Bring Savage, Infected Somalis
To Our Cities & Towns Via The UN Refugee Program

CDC confirms 62 cases of 'polio-like' illness across US

Hillary's Big Van Has Fender-Bender
On Way To Menendez Event - Vid


Deranged Alex Jones Political Theory Of How
Hillary Could Run In 2020...With Michelle Obama

As US Polls Tighten, Signs All Point To Hillary

Trump Already Has $100m For 2020 Re-Election

TSA Announces 'Biometrics Vision For ALL
Commercial Aviation Travelers'

Pocahontas & MSM Use Discredited DNA
Results To Rekindle Trump Fight

Cherokee Nation Calls Warren's DNA
Test 'Inappropriate and Wrong'

Why Liberals Would Rather Identify Themselves
As 1% American Indian Than 99% White

Why Did Lizzie Warren Take Part In A 'Critical
Race Theory' Seminar?

Confirmed - Lineage Studies Reveal Warren's 1/32nd
Ancestor Rounded Up Cherokees During Trail of Tears

Warren Took An Ax And Gave Her Whiteness
40 Whacks, Melts Down in Wake of DNA Disaster


Trump, First Lady Visit Hurricane-Devastated
Florida and Georgia

Trump - 'Nobody treats us much worse than the EU'

Trump Administration to Require Medicine
Prices to Be Disclosed in TV Ads

Trump Rallies GOP To Bolster Senate Majority

Judge Tosses Stormy Daniels defamation suit
orders her to pay president's legal fees

Carter Page Sues DNC And Clinton Law Firm Over
Sham Dossier Used To Spy On Him

Veritas Undercover Exposes MO Sen. McCaskill
Hiding Liberal Agenda From Moderate Voters

Ex-Senate Intel Security Chief Pleads Guilty
to Lying to FBI About Media Leaks

Wooldridge - Turning America Into Everybody Else's
Country Is Cultural Suicide

Portland's Pro Anarchist Mayor Stands By Decision
To Allow Antifa Extremist To Terrorize Citizenry


Portland Mayor Scolded for Defending Lack of Police
Action Against Leftist Mob

Obese Millennials Are 'Threatening National Security'

Sanders is not a fan of 'disruptive and rude'
Democratic protesters

Why Open Borders Are Bad For America's Immigrants

Red Guards Austin Puts Severed Pigs Heads
In Front Of Campaign Offices

New Cold War With Red China - American Globalists
Of Both Parties Were The Enablers

HAZMAT Teams Called to Sue Collins'
Home After Holder Talks Violence

Super rich Hamptons homeowners installing
luxury panic rooms as fears grow over deadly MS-13

Google Finally Acknowledges Censored Chinese
Search Engine Project

No More Dissident Voices - Succumb to Facebook
And Twitter Demands


Facebook Censorship and the Atlantic Council

Facebook Bans Voting Misinformation Ahead
of November Midterms

Facebook Purged Pages Based On 'PropOrNot'
Blacklist Promoted By Washington Post

The People "Stopping Election Interference" Are
The Ones Actually Rigging The Election

Surveillance Capitalism - Monetizing Smartphone Users

These International Borders Are 'No Rights Zones'

Finnish Doctors Report Rise in Immigrant Mothers
With Hideously Mutilated Genitals

France deliberately dropped off migrants in
Italian woods, Salvini says

Ecuador wants Assange to stop talking politics,
pay own bills & look after cat - leaked rules

Russia Updates Maps Of Radioactive Debris
Sunk in The Arctic


Russia To Refine Iranian Oil For Export?

US Sanctions on Russia's Civil Aviation Are Laughable

China slams US claims on South China Sea

Russian Submarines Carry Out Mock
Nuclear Strike Against 'Enemies' (guess who)

'US needs to be defended' - Bezos explains
Amazon bid for DoD project

Woman smacks down banker's attempt to
get sex for loan approval - Vid

Top 10 Russophobes of 2018 - See who made
RT's prestigious list this year

US thanks Saudis for 'transparent' probe as new
evidence points to Khashoggi's murder in consulate

Police found evidence in Saudi consulate that
Khashoggi was killed there - Turkish official to AP

Some materials at Saudi Consulate in Istanbul where
journalist vanished were painted over – Erdogan


Saudis to Admit Khashoggi Killed
During Interrogation?

The Khashoggi Extortion Fiasco

Pompeo Took 12-Hour Flight To Saudi Arabia
For '15 Minute Meeting' With King Salman

Bin Salman wants to buy Manchester United

Saudis Have Likely Killed Hundreds of Thousands
in Their War On Yemen To Date

Saudi Arabia under spotlight over Khashoggi
but drastic Yemen famine ignored

12 Million Yemenis on brink of worst famine in 100 Yrs

Russian delegation visits Saudi Arabia for Syria talks

Two pilots killed in Saudi training jet crash

Qatar demands release of four nationals disappeared
in Saudi Arabia amid Khashoggi controversy


Schmoozing In Riyadh

Israeli cop shoots Palestinian for 'entertainment'

Israeli forces prepare to demolish Khan al Ahmar - Vid

Australia May move Israel embassy to Jerusalem

Australia 'open-minded' to moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

ISIS Kidnaps American Soldiers - US Army Retreats towards
Energy Rich Deir Ezzur

ISIS take 700 refugees hostage as US keeps 'imitating'
fighting terrorists in Syria - Russian MoD

What's Going On in Idlib, Syria's Demilitarized Zone?

US Reinvigorating Al-Tanf Base at Syria-Iraq Border

Terrorists Trading Idlib Civilians Body Organs in Turkey


UK Super Database Step Towards 'Minority
Report' Pre-Crime Policing

'Heading for Totalitarian State' - UK Anti-Hate
Crime Plan Stirs Adverse Reaction

Viral Video Shows Airliner Landing Sideways
At UK Airport In Extreme Winds

Macron reshuffles cabinet after resignations

First Le Pen, now Melenchon? Another Macron
critic has headquarters raided

Juncker Warns 'The EU Cannot Survive Without Italy'

Russian economy stable thanks to soaring
foreign reserves - Putin

Russia hammering out secret plan to rid
economy of US dollar

US sanctions policy against Russia undermines dollar's
reserve currency position – Goldman Sachs

US government budget deficit soars to 6 Yr high


World Finance Leaders Scramble For A Solution
To Escalating Trade War, Rising Rates

Hungary raises gold reserves tenfold on safety concerns

BlackRock Exposes Institutional Exodus From Stocks

China Faces 'Alarming' Local Government Debt
Amid Mounting Trade War With US

Four Chinese Initiatives Paving the Way for
EU Free Trade Amid US Tariff War

US shouldn't interfere in European
energy policy: German diplomat

US sanctions Iranian banks, factories & mines

Iran turns to new oil importers in the face
of US sanctions

Terrorists abduct several Iranian forces
near Pakistani border - IRGC

The TRUTH About Southern Lynching


RT tells of Cambodian girls turned into
sex workers by families

Inside China's first Mars simulation base

Denmark, Italy Fight Back Against Open Borders

Joe - Invasion Of The US - Pt 1

Joe - Invasion Of The US - Pt 2

The Inner Earth - My Secret Diary
Admiral Richard Byrd's Diary (Feb-March 1947)

Byrd's Inner Earth Secret Diary - Fact Or Fiction?

What Hurricane Michael Meant for Farms,
Oil and Nursing Homes

Cleaning Products May Alter Children's
Digestive Bacteria

Aussie Party-goers say alcohol prices
driving drug use


The sky's the limit for marijuana in Ontario

Everything you need to know about
cannabis in Nova Scotia

Hurricane Preparedness for Tech Gear

Rare New Discovery of Reidite

Drink Beer While You Can Still Afford It

Climate change will destroy beer as we know it

The man who defied the odds after
technically dying nine times

Deadly Ancient Bacteria in Arctic Ice Could
Spell Doom for Mankind - Scholar

Fluoride Linked With ADHD In Children

The Warrior Society Rises


Why Do We Remember Some Dreams But Not Others?

Cherokee Nation Slaps Warren Down Over DNA

Prominent Native American Activist To Elizabeth
Warren - Stop. Just Stop. Please Stop!

Pocahontas DNA Results Don't Show She Is
1/512 Native America, Rather That She's 1/1,024 !

Boston Globe Botches Math Correction On
Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Story

Lying Warren Says DNA Tests Prove She May Have
Native American Ancestry - ' To 10 Generations Back'

Is Trump For Real? That Question's Yet To Be Answered
Globalist Coins Are Only Minted With A Single Side

Trump - I'm A Globalist & Nationalist - Vid

Trump - 'I'm A Nationalist AND A Globalist' (huh?)

Trump on Jamal Khashoggi's Disappearance
And Likely Murder

Saudi king, Turkey's Erdogan discuss Khashoggi On phone


Body of Vanished Saudi Journalist Might
Have Been Dissolved in Acid - Reports

Whitewashing Jamal Khashoggi's Murder Likely

Trump Moves To Take Pressure Off Saudi Government
Says 'Rogue Killers' Might Have Murdered Khashoggi

Henderson - Ditch The Saudis

SA President Vows To Accelerate Theft Of White Lands,
Properties Without Compensation - Trump Says Nothing

Hawking - A Race Of Genetic Superhumans Will Rule World

Tucker - Big Tech's Threat To Elections

US Still Hasn't Finalized Election Security Plans
and the Midterms Are Weeks Away

Trump Hangs Painting of Himself With
GOP Presidents in White House

Trump On '60 Minutes' Tells Leslie Stahl 'I'm President
And You're Not' - In Heated Interview


Trump on 60 Minuttes

Trump suggests he does not know if
climate change is manmade

Trump Signs Bill To Clean Up Ocean Garbage

Hillary Says Bill Didn't Abuse His Power With
Monica Because She 'Was an Adult'

Rep. Ratcliffe On Seeking Answers From Fusion GPS - Vid

Soros, Bloomberg And Steyer. Are 'Trying to Buy Our Govt'

FBI Has Evidence That 'Directly Refutes' Premise Of
Trump-Russia Probe, GOP Rep Says

Nearly Every Member of the Congressional Progressive
Democrat Caucus Still Takes Corporate PAC Money

Fake News From CNN Anchor Claims Trump & Don Jr.
Said White Men Have A Lot To Fear Right Now…

Liberal Women Complain They Can't Stop Having
Sex Dreams of Trump - Vid


Hurricane Michael EMF Control Signatures And
Atmospheric Anomalies Caught On Video - Vid

What You Need To know About HAARP
And The Incoming STORM - Vid

New Portland, Oregon Tourism Commercial ! - Vid

MD At Top Of The List For The Most Refugees Resettled

1300 Hondurans Begin Trek To Cross US Border - Vid

Escalating Online Censorship

'Google Is the Most Powerful Mind-Control
Engine Ever Created'- And It Will Get Worse

Google's Eight Blacklists

Search Engine Manipulation Effect

Google CEO Tells Senators That Censored Chinese
Search Engine Could Provide 'Broad Benefits'


Paul Allen, Co-Founder Of Microsoft, Dead At 65

Succumb to Facebook & Twitter's demands
or get banned (or both)

Banned Facebook pages were featured on 2016 'blacklist'

Ecuadorian Govt Partly Restores Assange's Communications

You Want to Make America Great Again?
Start by Making America Free Again

Wooldridge - Turning America Into Everybody
Else's Country Is Sheer Cultural Suicide

The Frankenstein Culture Became The Xanadu Society

Santa Barbara Schools Teaching Racism
And Conspiracy Theories - Vid

Diamond And Silk Take On The Dummycrats - Vid

The Left In 2018 - Unhinged - Vid


NBC News Misrepresented Trump Talking About
Robert E Lee And General Grant - Vid

Selling Her Panties Online May Cause
Candidate To Drop Out Of Race

Are Men The Real Victims? After Kavanaugh
#HimToo Gains Notice

F-16 Jets Explode After Mechanic Fires Cannon
From Another Parked Jet - Oops

Stop K-12 Indoctrination

Doom - The Predatory Art School

NATO Tries to Secretly Move Troops, Armor
Through Czech Republic, Slovakia - Vid

Russian Legislator Boasts 'S-700' Air Defense
Could 'Shut Down' the Planet

China's Envoy to US - 'It's Not Our Warships
That Are Going to Gulf of Mexico'

Russell Napier - Mike Pence Announces Cold War II


NATO Coordinates Information War On Russia

Atzmon - Insightfulness And Palestine

Netanyahu Threatens Escalated Violence in Gaza

Star Arab-Jewish marriage not ok, because
'Jews didn't recover from Holocaust' – top Israeli MP

Netanyahu Says Israel is Preventing Radical Islam
From Overrunning Middle East

Tel Aviv regime approves 31 new settler units
in southern West Bank

Saudi source - Reconciliation with Iran possible
if sanctions imposed

Syria Another Likely US Forever War?

Merkel's Conservative Allies Lose
Ground in Bavarian Election

Act Now to Protect Our Right to Protest


Patriarch of Constantinople Is Tearing the
Orthodox Christian World in Half

Thousand Greek parents sign letter - 'We don't
want Muslim children in our schools'

Hungary brings in ban on rough sleeping

Flash Floods In France Kill At Least 13

WATCH - Waterfall Reversed By Storm Callum Winds

Santa Rosa - One year after California's
most devastating wildfire

Don't Blame Storm Victims for This

7 futurists on what they think will kill off humanity

No-deal Brexit is 'more likely than ever,' Donald Tusk tells EU leaders

'Catastrophe For Brexit' - Johnson Slams May's Plan
to Remain in Customs Union


Johnson EU Treating UK With 'Naked Contempt' in Brexit

Trump Says Not Prepared to Lose Trillions
Responding to Climate Change

The Inevitable De-Industrialization Of Europe

Independent Audit Exposes the Fraud
In Global Warming Data

US economy like the Titanic, moving towards iceberg
at full steam ahead - economist

Mauldin Warns - Trump's Tariffs Echo US Trade Policy
That Led The Great Depression

Sears Files For Bankruptcy Protection,
Lampert Steps Down As CEO

Science Seeks to Unlock Marijuana Secrets

Hundreds of diet supplements spiked
with hidden pharmaceuticals

Benjamin Franklin and History's Most
Dangerous Musical Instrument


How Chicago Transformed From a
Midwestern Outpost Town to a Towering City

Sunlight And the Brain

How To Maneuver and Drive During
Whiteout Conditions

High-speed Fastwalker caught by Drone

The Healing Power of Generosity

The Most Important Principle of Herbal Medicine

Marijuana is Emerging Among California's Vineyards


Trump Moves To Take Pressure Of Saudi Government
Says 'Rogue Killers' Might Have Murdered Khashoggi

Trump On '60 Minutes' Tells Leslie Stahl 'I'm President
And You're Not' - In Heated Interview

Warren Says DNA Tests Prove She May Have Native
American Ancestry - 'Six To 10 Generations Back'

SA President Vows To Accelerate Theft Of White Lands,
Properties Without Compensation - Trump Says Nothing

Hawking - A Race Of Genetic Superhumans Will Rule World

Omarosa - Trump 'Rubs Ivanka', 'Kisses Her On The Lips'
And 'Pats Her On The Behind' - Says It's 'Awkward'

Hillary Says Bill's Affair With Lewinsky
Was Not An Abuse Of Power

'Not Even Hillary Trusts Hillary' - Twitter On
Clinton's Security Clearance Withdrawal

Hillary Avoiding Political Limelight – Dem Strategist

Lil' Miss AIPAC Nikki Haley Ends Her UN Reign
Of Terror - Zionists Want Her After Trump

Departing Nutty Nikki Says 'I Don't Get Confused'

Trump On Mattis…'Everyone Leaves At Some Point'
Translation - Mattis Is Going…SOON

Trump on prospect of Mattis' departure - 'I Think He's Sort
Of A Democrat' - In Other Words He's A Globalist

Obama And Trump Supreme Court Picks
Agree With Each Other 93% Of The Time

America Has Given $115 Billion ($1 trillion) to Israel
Over Last 50 Years, $8.5 Million per Day


Saker - A Crash Course on the True Causes
of 'Anti-Semitism' - Part II

Trump - The GOP Now Includes The American Worker

Trump in Kentucky - We're Just Getting Started

1,000 Line Up In 46 Degree Weather 6 Hours
Before KY Rally - Vid

Racist Zio-Bolsheviks On NBC's Saturday Night Live
Mock Kanye West's Meeting With President Trump

Former NFL Star Herschel Walker Calls For Lemon's
Firing After Racist 'Minstrel Show' Comments

Study Finds MSM's Trump Coverage Just
Hit 92% Negative Ahead of Midterms

NYT Reveals Kushner's Tax Records - Here Is
How He Avoided Paying Taxes For Years

'This Is Only The Beginning' - Antifa Vandalizes NYC
Republican Club

Right-Wing Patriot Prayer faces off with
anti-fascist protesters in Portland. - Vid


Non-Stop Illegal US Meddling In Other Countries

Another Invasion Of The US To Be Tried By 100s Of
Invaders Heading To US Border From Honduras

Soros Funded Honduran Hoards About To Challenge
Trump's Tough Immigration Stance

Democrat Gov Candidate - Illegals Are Part
Of The November 'Blue Wave'

FB Isn't Just Banning People And Political Speech
It's Also Blocking Links To Its Competition

The NYT Supports Online Censorship

Facebook Traffic Stop Complaint Triggers Kentucky
Cop Assault Victim A Second Time

FBI Doesn't Want Users To Know Who Hacked FB

DARPA Says It Will Teach AI 'Common Sense' (oh?)

4 Women Accused In Paid Voter Fraud Ring


Disarm Americans Ensure Full-blown Submission

Portland Mayor Stands Down Police When Antifa
Thugs Block Traffic And Terrorize Helpless Citizens

Chicago protest draws 1000s to censure Trump's
'anti-woman agenda', urge midterm voting

Up To 22 F-35s - Billions In Stealth Fighters - Missing
After Michael Pounds Tyndall AFB…'A Complete Loss'

Hurricane Michael Was A Targeted Assault

Gore - Jet Stream 'Getting Loopier and Wavier'
Calls It A 'Global Emergency'

How Bad Global Warming Science Hurts
the Environmental Movement

Kneeling NFL Players Earn $16 Million This Year

US Carrier Off Norway's Coast Puts Russia 'On Notice'

China Developing New Sub-Killing Satellite


Exorbitant cost, multiple failures, years overdue:
A recap of the ongoing F-35 calamity - Vid

Japan Plans To Buy 20 More F-35A Turkeys
Amid New Defense Plan - Reports

New Af Helicopters Guarding Nuclear Bases

Details of WH Chief of Staff's 'Physical Altercation'
With Chinese Over Nuke Football Leaked

US Senators Warn Canada Against Creating
5G Network With China's Huawei

Joe - National Security And Donald Trump - Vid

Direct Admission Of Manmade Climate Change

EU to Formally Adopt Sanctions Regime for
Chemical Attacks on October 15

International Relations: The Calm Before The Storm?

Joe Biden Claims 'Putin Trying to Dissolve NATO, EU'
Slams China for 'Hegemonic' Ambitions


Danish Bill - 12 Yrs In Prison for 'Pro-Russia' Opinion

Cyberattacks May Trick British Missiles
Into Hitting Wrong Targets – Report

Biggest Criminal Investigation in UK History Is
Outsourced to Atlantic Council - Soros-Funded Blog

Trump-Loving, Assad-Apologist, Putin-Nazi Sleeper
Agents Posing as Regular Normal Americans!

Corpse of Ebola victim stolen by relatives during
funeral procession in Congo - How Ebola Spreads

MBS And Saudis Promise To 'Retaliate' If Trump
Punishes Them Over Khashoggi (Murder)

Khashoggi's Apple Watch Reportedly
Recorded His Torture and Murder

Saudis yet to cooperate in Khashoggi probe - Turkey

Saudi media calls Khashoggi disappearance 'conspiracy'

Saudi Royal Family Linked to 15 Member Squad
Suspected in Khashoggi's Death


Saudi stocks nosedive after Trump's threats to Riyadh
over missing (Murdered) WaPo journalist Khashoggi

All US presidents kowtow to Saudi Arabia
Trump is just honest about it - Vid

Canada is 'concerned' with Khashoggi's fate but
will sell arms to Saudis anyway – Trudeau

'Evidence' Saudi-led coalition aims to destroy food
production in Houthi-controlled Yemen

Saudi jets Hit Buses in Yemen, Civilians Killed

Yemeni missile hits gathering of Saudi-backed forces

Yemeni navy unveils domestically-built Mersad sea mine

Yemeni Houthis Destroy Saudi M1 Abrams Tank - Vid

Banned Weapons Used in All US War Theaters

US Coalition Conducts Airstrikes in Deir Ez-Zor
Province Using Prohibited White Phosphorus


US Sends 500 Trucks of Arms to PKK/YPG Militants
in Northern Syria in One Week

Syrian Army Digs Up US-Made Weapons in Terrorist
Arms Cache Near Damascus

Popular Uprising against US-Backed Militias
Reported in Northeastern Syria Again

British Journalist: 'Half of Those Evacuated
by White Helmets Are Nusra Terrorists'

DEBKA Claims Russia Imported Iranian Crews to
Operate Syria's New S-300 Anti-Air Missiles

Syrian Terrorists Partially Pull Weapons From Idlib

Christianity's Favorite Book, The Talmud

Gaza Strip to Get Fuel Deliveries Again
Only if Unrest Stops - Defense Minister

Iranians unveil copycat Lamborghini
Reverse-engineered from the ground up - Vid

Thousands in Pakistan Call for Execution
of Christian Woman for Blasphemy


May accused of lying about '30 Labour MPs'
backing her Brexit plan

Brexit Negotiators Poised To Miss Deal
Deadline As UK Hardliners Rebel

Russian Oligarch Flees London Assassins
for Safety in Russia

'Huge' amount of potentially carcinogenic
toxins found near Grenfell Tower site – expert

Russian FM on Syria, Ukraine, Alleged Cyberattacks

Blasts resume at north Ukrainian ammo depot
on fifth day of firefighting effort

2 women killed in LPR in shelling by Kiev troops

Somali Migrant Whose Deportation From UK
Was Blocked Turns Out to Be Gang-Rapist

WATCH 'Refugees Welcome' - Hundreds of
Thousands Rally Against 'Racism' in Berlin

Italy Declares War On Merkel And The EU


Mass Migration Planted 'Bomb' Under EU,
Borders Should Be Closed – Belgian Pol

Massive protest against right-wing surge hits
Berlin as ethnic tensions boil over in Germany

Poll says for 2/3 of EU citizens life
wouldn't be worse without the bloc

Warning shot? China sells US T Bills In trade war

Stock bubble bigger than 2008 & coming
crash far larger, warns Peter Schiff

Agriculture an Important Growth Driver
of Russian Economy - Putin

Trump - US Needs Space Force To Catch Russia's

Haley's Resignation Positions Her to Run
In 2020 Or 2024 - Zionists Like Her

Zionism Plans To Put Nutty NeoCon Nikki In WH
Israel's Plans For Haley To Be The 46th President

Did NIkki Write The Infamous NYT Op-Ed Piece?

Democrats keep 'kiss of death' Hillary
Clinton away from The campaign trail

Judicial Watch Uncovers More Classified Material
on Hillary Clinton's Unsecure Email System

New Update on Clinton Email Scandal...

Democrats Will To Eat A Lot Of Their Own
Words...Not To Mention Crow

After Taylor Swift Endorsement, Phil Bredesen (D)
Falls to -14 Against Blackburn (R)

Lying Globalist Mitt Romney Will Say Anything
Trying To Con Americans

Yawn... House Majority Leader Introduces
Legislation To Fund Border Wall


Demonically Possessed Anti-Pope Francis
Abolishing Family Norms?

100s Of Hondurans Marching To Crash US Border
...Let's See If The Donald Stops Them...

Illegal Aliens Are Critical Part Of The Blue Wave

George Soros Turns On The Spigot
GOP overwhelmed by Democrat cash

Even With Soros Cash, Without Illegal aliens
voting Benito can't win

Chief Justice 'Obamacare Is A Tax' Roberts Requests
Tenth Circuit To Investigate Kavanaugh Ethics Questions

Trump Promises 'Severe Punishment' To Saudis
If Found To Have Murdered WaPost Kashoggi

Trump Is Right - The Fed Is Crazy And Here's
101 Reasons Why It Should Be Shut Down

Fed Inspector Turned Whistleblower Reveals
System Rigged For Goldman Sachs

What Sears Bankruptcy Says About Amazon's Future

GOP Seizes On Left's 'Unhinged Mob' Mentality In Viral Video


NY 'witches' want to stop Kavanaugh with 'occult magic'

The True Meaning of Kanye's Visit to White House - Vid

Sarah Sanders' photo with Kanye is illegal, DC group says

Inside The Tense Standoff Between McCabe
And Rosenstein In Front Of Mueller

Jared Kushhner Paid Little To No Federal Taxes
For Years on End

Creepy survey asks 5th-graders about their sex lives

Poopocalypse - San Francisco Is Now 'Sh*t Capitol' Of US

Sales Of The World's Most Popular Handgun
Have Collapsed Under Trump Presidency

ABC Regrets Firing Roseanne
'We Didn't Think It Through Properly'

Hillary's Security Clearance Withdrawn - Af Her Request


Dimon Buries Trump Feud, Praises Trump China Strategy

Ganging up on Beijing? Five Eyes intel network
now looks at China

Bolton - US Sees China as 'Major Issue' of Century

Dramatic Footage Captures Hypersonic Nuclear
Aircraft Streaking Across China Sky

Inspection of mysterious ISS hole shelved as
spacewalks suspended after botched Soyuz launch

US Midterms: Soros, Democrats Likely to Lose
... Again – Wall Street Analyst

NYT Serves as Facebook's Mouthpiece
in Purge of Independent Media

Indie Media Expelled From Facebook After
Becoming 'Threat to the Establishment'

'Land of censorship & home of the fake'
Alternative voices on FB, Twitter crackdown

RT America correspondent silenced by
Facebook purge speaks out - Vid


Twitter Follows Facebook's Lead,
Purges Independent Media

Facebook's Long History Of Stopping Free Speech

Tucker Talks Google Censorship - Vid

Google Vs Trump - 'The Good Censor' On Collision
Course With The Patriot President

Johnstone - We're 'Trapped In An Orwellian Oligarchy'

Why The Coordinated Alternative Media Purge
Should Terrify Everyone

Senator Grassley Accuses Google of Misleading
Congress on Data Breach, Demands Answers

Facebook - hackers accessed data of 29 million users

Iserbyt - Don't Vote for Janet Mills
for Maine Governor!

The F-35 Turkey - A Fair Summary Of
The Unmitigated Calamity Of A Project


Who Really Owns The Military Industrial Complex

NATO Is A Globalist War-Making Scam

The Self-Defeating US Empire

Pentagon plans to ax large swathe of precious
EU-protected forest for its Poland base

Bolton Reveals Agenda Of Upcoming Moscow Trip

Pakistan Opposed To Russia's S-400 Sale to India

WaPo editor takes on 'Saudi murderers'
over missing columnist Khashoggi

Buchanan Blasts MBS - 'Saudi Prince Has Become Toxic'

Saudi Interior Ministry Denies Reports Alleging
Murder of Journalist Khashoggi

The Killing Of Saudi Journalist Khashoggi Could
Spell The End For Mohammad bin Salman


Khashoggi case causes media exodus from major Saudi
investment conference as CNN, CNBC, FT quit

US Lawmakers to Seek Release of Intel
on Saudi Journalist Plot - Letter

UK Drafting Saudi Sanctions List in Wake
of Khashoggi Disappearance - Reports

Saudi Arabia Prohibits Dissent

US arms companies worried about Saudi deals

US treasurer, banks to attend Saudi event amid
media, technology boycott

Trump using Iranophobia to sell American munitions to
Arab states

Israeli settlers stone Palestinian woman
To Death in West Bank

7 More Palestinians killed, 112 injured by Israeli fire

Israeli military suspends fuel delivery
to besieged Gaza Strip


Israeli Apartheid Viciousness

Jerusalem Post Erroneously Publishes
News Saying Russian UK Envoy 'Died' - Pic

US Congress Passes Bill to Impose New
Sanctions on Hezbollah - Lawmaker

Hezbollah Leader Responds to Israeli
Accusations of Building 'Missile Factory'

Syria, Israel Agree to Reopen Key Crossing
in Disputed Golan Heights – US Envoy

Amnesty 'shocked' by devastation caused by
US strikes in Syria's Raqqah

Bush & Blair's Iraq war was key that opened
door to Syria's current hell

Russia has information on upcoming chemical
weapons provocations in Idlib — envoy

Chemical Materials Handed Off between ISIS,
Tahrir Al-Sham in Northern Syria

Russian OPCW Envoy Slams The Agency


Western countries pretend not to develop Chemical
agents like Novichok — Russian diplomat

OPCW Experts Poorly Handle Evidence Collected
in Syria - Russian Envoy to OPCW

France to Erect Fence on Belgium Border to Keep
Out Plague Of African Black Muslims- Reports

Watchdog Slams 112 British MPs Urging Not
To Report Illegal Muslims to Home Office

'Islam Belongs to Merkel, But She Doesn't
Belong to Germany' – AfD MP

French courts won't leave Marine Le Pen alone

Time To Move World Economic Forum
To Some Faraway Place?

US Treasury Secretary 'Won't Lose Any Sleep'
Over China Selling US Bonds

Chinese Car Sales Suffer Record Drop
Set For Historic Collapse

'Nonsense' - German Politician Lambasts
Critics of Nord Stream 2


Russian PM backs switching to national
currencies in settlements between SCO countries

Russian PM backs switching to national currencies
in settlements between SCO countries

US Treasury Secretary 'Won't Lose Any Sleep'
Over China Selling US Bonds

'Nonsense': German Politician Lambasts
Critics of Nord Stream 2

6% Market Drop - Is this the Big One?

Russian Envoy - US, Russia Must Revive Communication
on Strategic Stability

Russophobia Digest Part 13 - The Beast is back, lights out
at the Kremlin and angry US senators

US Officials Say Russia To 'Seize' Syria's Oilfields
As Moscow Presses Europe On Reconstruction

UK government waging aggressive anti-Russia
campaign, says ambassador

Somali Muslim Illegals Likely Brought Polio to America
From 8 infected Children To Now Over 85 Infected


3 Yr Old Boy In NY Stricken With Polio (From Illegals)

Thousands of Mentally Ill US Prisoners
in Solitary Confinement

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 10-13-18

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 39

Independent Audit Exposes The Fraud In
Global Warming Data

'Apocalyptic' Post-Michael Scenes From Mexico Beach

A star is born: Astronomers witness birth of
binary star system for 1st time - Image

Norway burying WW2 German Sub in sand
to stem leak of toxic chemicals


Hillary's Security Clearance Withdrawn
- At Her Request

Hillary Urges Political War

Trump - Former FBI Head Comey Did
Clinton a Favor Because 'She Should Be in Jail'

Hollywood Donates Millions To Dems For MidTerms

'Mentally ill', 'illiterate', 'incel' - Liberals vent
fury as Kanye West visits Trump in White House

Kanye Has Finally Found a President
Who Can Stand Him

Empire Loyalists Grieve Resignation
of Moderate Psychopath Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley's Big Lies About Iran, Russia, Israel

Trump's lawyers preparing answers
to Mueller's questions

US-Saudi Relations Remain Unchanged

Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment
of Free Speech for 'Safety And Civility'


Facebook purges hundreds of political pages
some alt-media with millions of followers

Top 5 alt-media pages newly
banned by Facebook & Twitter

'Intolerant Culture': Facebook Engineer Quits
Over Firm's Liberal Bias

Two Black 'Men' Rape 9 Mo Old Baby In TN

'Free Speech': Trump Campaign Defends WikiLeaks'
Release of Hacked DNC Emails

Rand Paul Rages At Cory Booker's Rhetoric,
Warns 'Someone Is Going To Be Killed'

Martin Armstrong Lashes Out At Hillary
Advocating Violence Unless Democrats Win

Obama Reportedly Had Plan to Certify
Clinton Win if Trump Didn't Accept Results

Michelle Obama, Democratic Senator Blast
Hillary Clinton's Call to Dump Civility With GOP

Holder Backpedals, Says He 'Obviously'
Didn't Intend to Promote Violence


President Trump Unloads On Eric 'Fast N'
Furious' Holder's Call for Violence -

Do Mexico's Cartels Have WMDs?

The Immutably Comatose Supreme Court Justice
Ginsburg Delays Scrap Over Census Citizenship

Portland Descending Into Chaos As Leftists
Take The Streets With Mayor, Cops, AWOL

Reporters Asked Kid Rock If Sessions Should
Be Fired – He Tells Them THEY Should Be Fired

Harnett School Principal Forces Student To
Remove Trump 45 Jersey At Football Game

President Trump Signs Bill To Remove 8 Million
Tons Of (Mostly Chinese) Garbage From The Sea

Doom - College Credit To Harass Republicans?

Golden Shower For Trump? NY Trump Statues
Invite People, Dogs to 'Pee on Me' - Pics

Michael Cohen Switches Party Affiliation To Democrat


You get 'harassed and rushed off' if you
disagree with liberal elements, Ron Paul tells RT

Moment Soyuz rocket failed captured on
camera from SPACE - Pics

Roscosmos reveals cause for Soyuz launch failure

How Russian Launch Escape System Saved 6 Lives

What Will Europe's Internet Look Like After
Passage Of Orwellian Directive?

America's Fighter Fleets Are in Terrible
Shape but Mattis Wants Them Ready

Israel follows US in grounding F-35 fighters after crash

Britain Grounds Entire F-35 Fighter Jet Fleet

S-300 Vs F-35 - Stealth & Invincible Are Not Synonyms

US Sanctions Over S-400 Will
'Bring India Closer to Russia'


'Sooner than you think' - Trump vows swift reaction
to India's S-400 purchase from Russia

Meet The Hypersonic Missile

Cold War-Era 'Arms Race' With US Is
Back On, Russian Official Warns

Russian nuclear forces hold drills on Putin's order

Russia tests its NUKES in large-scale drills - Vid

Russian Aerospace Forces to get fifth-generation
fighter jets on schedule — ministry

NATO Big War Games Near Russia Borders Never End

US Army Wants 250,000 Next-Gen
Combat Rifles And 150 Million Bullets

Boston Dynamics Atlas robot can now
chase squishy humans up stairs - Vid

Employees fear robots will take their jobs
on the Las Vegas strip


Disgruntled Amazon Workers About To Be
Replaced By Fleet Of Robots

Hurricane Michael Microwave Manipulation

Creepy Robot Dog Showing Up At Construction Sites

Aerial Footage Shows Trail Of Devastation
Left By Hurricane Michael

'The Flight Line Devastated' As Hurricane
Michael Hits US Tyndall Air Force Base - Vid

Hurricane Michael's Remarkable, Terrifying Run

Imminent Trial Flights Expected Of Chinese
Stealth Bomber

US Responds to China by Deploying B-2
Spirit Bombers at Pearl Harbor - Vid

First ever 'Chinese spy' extradited to stand trial in US

The Pentagon Plans To Weaponize The Brain

Archbishop of Washington resigns
over sexual abuse scandals


US Imperial Aims In Syria

Syria War Won't End As Long As US Is There - Lavrov

Pompeo - The US Wants the Entire Middle East
to Look Like Israel

Israel Thanks Trump US for Recognizing its 'Right'
to Attack Pro-Iran Forces in Syria

Israel To Keep Syria Strikes Despite S-300 Delivery

Bibi Is Destroying Both Israel and Palestinians

Netanyahu Reportedly Said Trump Won't Ease
Pressure on 'Reckless' Erdogan

Israeli settlers, soldiers injure dozens of
Palestinian students in northern West Bank

IDF Says It Destroyed A Pal Tunnel on Gaza Border

Russia warns 'red line' crossed after Ukraine church split


Kiev keeps gathering its missile, rocket systems
near line of contact - Russian diplomat

Do Trump-Saudi Business Ties Influence His

MBS Ordered Op against Saudi critic Khashoggi - US intel

Turkey Claims it Possesses Video Proving
Jamal Khashoggi Was Killed - Report

Turks Had Saudi Consulate Bugged With Audio
Khashoggi Death Chronology Details Leaked

US Senators Urge Trump to Explore Sanctions Against
Saudi Arabia Over Missing Columnist Khashoggi

Moniz quits Saudi $500 Billion Megaproject over
journalist disappearance

Kiev stirring up anti-Russian hysteria ahead of presidential election — OSCE envoy

Virgin Galactic boss Richard Branson suspends
$1bn Saudi investment over Khashoggi disappearance

Saudi Delegation Arrives in Ankara for
Probe Into Missing Journalist - Reports


Erdogan Says Dissatisfied With Saudi Explanations
for Journalist Disappearance

Rand Paul suggests cutting off military aid to
Saudi Arabia until missing journalist is found

Trump Says Blocking Saudi Arms Sales Would Be
'Hurting Us' When Asked About Khashoggi

UK Warns Saudi Arabia of 'Serious Consequences'
if Khashoggi Suspicions True

Women Said Vegas Massacre Like 'Shooting Fish
in a Barrel' 30 Min BEFORE Shooting - Final Report

Legendary Technology & Intel Commentator
Tell's Of High Level Drug Trade Facilitation - Vid

The World Is Quietly Decoupling From the US

FBI Employees Recalled From Asia Amid Prostitution

A hologram of Ronald Reagan now greets
guests at the Reagan Presidential Library

DC Dave - Gatekeeper (song parody)


Jeff And Gerald Celente - The 9/11 Economy - Listen

Trump - Chinese lived too well for too long

Trump vows 'pain' as China's trade surplus hits record

China Sends Trump A Message - Fixes Yuan Sharply Weaker
Than Expected For 3rd Day

China Trade Data Suggests Trump
Is Not 'Winning The War'

Media Suddenly Warns Of Recession By 2021
That Will Be 'Worse Than The Great Depression'

Zimbabwe Spirals Into Economic Chaos As Fears
Of Another Hyperinflation Begin To Spark

Gold Set To Climb Over $1300? BofA Thinks So

The Gold Standard: Protector Of Individual
Liberty And Economic Prosperity

The Only Way Donald Trump Can Truly Put America First


Trump's willingness to antagonize the world
triggers China-India rapprochement

The Law Has Two Aims - to Weaken Russia,
to Make EU Dependent on US LNG – Prof

Abe, Putin to meet twice before year-end

Japan PM to make rare China visit in sign of warming ties

Japan asks US to ensure sanctions don't hurt Iran trade

Fort Trump & The Polarization Of Interests In Europe

Trump Insiders Ramp Up Rhetoric Against Russian Energy

US Senators Introduce Bill to Combat 'Russian Energy
Dominance' in Europe

United Nations - A $240 Per Gallon Gas Tax
Is Needed To Fight Climate Change

What is Really Happening at the Skinwalker Ranch?


Project Blue Book: Alien-Hunting Agents
Seek the Truth About UFOs

UFO Sightings in Project Blue Book Covered Up?

The online community where people
watch other people die

Washington State Ends Capital Punishment

A horse walks into a French bar...

Growing Evidence Suggests Why More People
Distrust Scientific Findings

Most Cannabis Strains Have Virtually
Identical THC And CBD Levels

7 Signs You're Too Hard on Yourself

The Fanciest New Ways to Get High


Hillary To Trump - You Asked Russia To Hack Me
On National Television!

Br Nathanael - Did Soros Hijack The ACLU?

How Astronauts Survived 6,000 kh Soyuz Rocket Failure

Vegas Massacre Conspiracy Proof - Two (Muslim?)
Women, Laughed Discussed Vegas Op As 'Shooting
Fish in a Barrel' 30 MINUTES BEFORE The Massacre

Kanye West Dominates Oval Office Meeting
With His 'Hero' Trump - 'I Love Him!' - Vid

Zionism Plans To Put Nutty NeoCon Nikki In WH
Israel's Plans For Haley to be the 46th President

Was Waffle House Star Nikki Haley Booted
for Writing Anonymous NYT Op/Ed?

Bannon Slams 'Horrific' Haley Announcement Timing

How Trumpism Will Outlast Trump

Brazil's 'Donald Trump' edges closer to presidency

Melania Says She Is The 'Most Bullied Person
in the World'

Melania - 'There Are People in the WH I Don't Trust'

Joe ('Perv') Biden leaves door open for
presidential run in 2020


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Paid Off Two Bank
Loans On The Same Day Imran Awan Gave Her
Laptop To Police In Bank Fraud Case

Dem Socialism Killing The Party - New Polls Spell
Doom For Senate Democrats In Midterms

O'Keefe Undercover Video Nails TN Democrat's
Senate Campaign For Lying About Kavanaugh Support

What Happens When Democrats Run Your State?
CA Is Now an Insolvent Zombie State

Yvonne Harper, Ohio City Councilwoman, Defends
Posting Meme Calling Red States 'Dumbfuc*istan'

Hillary Clinton Protégé Kirsten Gillibrand Holding Up
Navy Nominee Who Criticized Her Sex Assault Bill

Juanita Broaddrick Blasts CNN for Describing Alleged
Bill Clinton Rape As 'Harassment'

Hillary Clinton Protégé Kirsten Gillibrand Holding Up
Navy Nominee Who Criticized Her Sex Assault Bill

Miracle escape for Space Station astronauts
as rocket Booster fails In mid-launch

US, Russian Astronauts Make Emergency Landing
When Rocket Booster Fails Just After Launch To ISS


Chinese Man Charged With US Aviation 'Espionage'
...But Did He Have Help?

US Military Grounds Its Entire Fleet Of F-35 Turkeys
In The Wake Of South Carolina Crash

US And Israel Suspend F-35 Flights Worldwide

LA Typhus Outbreak - Mountains Of Garbage
And Countless Rats

Kavanaugh Backs Trump On Failing And Deporting
Illegals For Crimes Committed Earlier

Republican Leader McCarthy Files a 'Build
the Wall' Bill, But No Action Until December

Grandstanding Kevin McCarthy Has Done NOTHING
To Stop The Invasion Over Our Border

Senate GOP Ready To Limp Into Border Wall
Fight - Just Another 'Turn Out The Vote' Ploy

100 Sharia courts, 423 new mosques London
is more Islamic than many Muslim countries

The Marxist Myth of Norwegian Paradise


Facebook Is Still Thirsty for Your Health Data

WikiLeaks Releases Amazon Atlas

WikiLeaks Map of Amazon's Data Centers

South Africa's Death War Against White People

Property Rights Protections for South Africans
Are Moving In The Wrong Direction

Stop Military Aid to Saudi Arabia

Israel Gives Award to Israeli Snipers for
Deadly Crackdown on Unarmed Protesters

Germany sides with Greece and demands
billions be repaid after forced WW II loan

Hurricane Michael Downgraded Hits Georgia as Cat 3

Florida sifts through the wreckage left by Hurricane Michael


James Murdoch favorite to replace Elon
Musk as Tesla chairman

The Gold Standard: Protector of Individual
Liberty And Economic Prosperity

One Of America's Oldest Coal Companies
Filed For Bankruptcy

Amazon, Walmart Want to Read Your Vital Signs

Australia Plane Turn Meters Before
Reaching Skyscrapers - Vid

Japan set to allow gene editing in human embryos

Want Cannabis to be Reclassified?
Tell The Trump Administration

Manitoba scrambles to to prepare for Legal pot

Mount Etna Is Sliding Into The Sea

Fox News Forgets That Movies Aren't Real Life


Are the birds in Gilbert, Minnesota, actually drunk?

Here's Where Manual Transmission Cars Sell Best

Gamified Life – Games Are Agents Of Social Control

Coca-Cola and Nestle Among Worst Plastic Polluters

Duff - US 'Secret' BioWeapons Lab In Georgia
Draws Chilling Warning From Russia

Trump says 'no one more competent in the world' than
daughter Ivanka to replace Nikki Haley at UN

Nikki Haley's top threats & accusations at UN

The Short List to Replace Nikki Haley

Breaking - Rod Rosenstein Refuses to Turn Over
Subpoenaed Memos – Backs Out of Hearing

Tough-Guy Holder Rejects Michelle Obama's
Call For 'Civility'

Holder Tells GA Crowd To 'Kick Republicans' - Vid

Haley - 'Jared (Kushner) is such a hidden genius'

Hillary Says Bill's Sex Assault Allegations Are 'Different'

FBI Director won't answer if NSA or FBI is
listening in on Trump's Phone Calls

Tucker - The uncivil left reveals their real strategy - Vid


Bernie Calls For Communist NWO That Promotes
Shared Prosperity & Solidarity Over State Sovereignty

Socialist Agenda To Turn America Into A Third World
Country By Banning Gas And Electricity - Agenda 21 - Vid

A Most Stunning Example Of An A-21 'Stack And Pack' - Vid

Left-Wingers Caught Telling Bused-In Activists
NYC To Keep Quiet About Where They're From

Watch - 'Street Anarchy' As Antifa Attacks
Portland Drivers That Don't Obey

Communist Ocasio Says - the US Electoral College
Ia The 'shadow of slavery power'

Trump blasts Medicare For All As More In
US Embrace Socialism

Five Crazy Schemes Democrats Have Floated
To Sooth The Kavanaugh Defeat

Rage Over Kavanaugh Largely
About Trump Bashing

Roberts - Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth
...and Life on Earth


The Internet Is A Scam - And This Is Why

Kunstler - Civil War Two Looms As Deep State
Circles The Wagons

Home Depot Founder Slams Socialist Millennials
'I'll Put You On My Plane & Fly You To Venezuela'

Steele Breaks 18 Mo Silence With Swipe at Trump

'An Entire Generation' of American
Weapons Is Wide Open to Hackers

NATO Welcomes Another Military Midget

Bellingcat claims it has identified second
Skripal poisoning suspect as military doctor

Bellingcat Claims Alleged Salisbury Suspect
Bestowed Hero of Russia Award in 2014

Moscow Doesn't Plan to Create Stronghold in Libya

Google now plays 'Good Censor'


Globalist CFR - G9 Committee Must Save
'World Order' From Trump

Shocker Video Shows 3rd World Conditions In LA
Looks Post Apocalypse - Homeless Everywhere - Vid

Homelessness In the Bay Area - Vid

Hitler Debates Churchill

White liberalism is dying

The Joy of Hating White People - Vid

Georgetown Prof On 'Research Leave' After Tweet
'White GOP Senators Deserve Miserable Deaths'

Democrats Fear They're The Wet Rag Party

Ready for Spartacus 2020? Or Did He Say Asparagus?

ALIPAC Backed Candidates ask AG to
crack down on non-citizen voters


YOU MUST SEE This Video About The United
Nations Refugee INVASION OF AMERICA - Vid

500 Somalis Live In Radisson Hotel Toronto East
And Slaughter Goats In Nearby Public Restroom
Read These Deleted Reviews Of The Radisson

Muslim Rep Keith Ellison's ex-girlfriend posts
medical record alleging abuse

Rep McCarthy to Introduce Border Wall
Funding Bill This Week

Shock report - US paying more for illegal
Alien births than Trump's Entire WALL

20% Of US Births Are to Illegal Immigrant Mothers

Illegal Aliens Keep Pouring In And A
A Majority Have 3 US Destinations in Mind

Tucker takes on immigration amnesty advocate

DACA Applications Cost $316.5 Million

Trump Admin Releasing 100s of CentAm Illegals
into U.S - It's Time To Throw Them All OUT


How E-Verify Works Or Doesn't - Immigration
Labor Program Draws Scrutiny

Border Patrol Sector Chief: Wall Helped
Turn 'No-Man's Land' into 'Shopping Mall'

The Cost Of Food And Medicine For Africans?
... Everything They Own - Gates Scores Again

Mexican couple accused of killing, dismembering
at least 20 women, selling body parts

Can We Solve What's Happening To America?

Can We Solve What's Happening To America? Pt 2

What Does 'Multiculturalism' Really Mean?

An Irishman's insight on Africa As To
America's Immigration Predicament

Ghepardo - Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Ghepardo - Retroviruses And Human GMOs


Blackboard Transact allows university Cops to track
everything a student Buys & everywhere they go

It's Long Past Time To Start Treating China
As An Adversary

Leaked Transcript of Private Meeting Contradicts
Google's Official Story on China

Walmart just made an announcement that may
make you never want to shop there again

Is This Really What (and How) You Want
Your Children To Be Educated In America?

Video - The Pentagon's Insect Army

Establishment Media Has Abandoned Objectivity
and Engages Mostly in Agenda-Pushing

Facebook Hack Is Another Warning Sign
Against Online Centralization

Chaos in Paris as protests erupt
against French President Macron

No Russian Plans To Intervene Militarily in Libya


Israel, US Shock As Russia Imports Iranians
To Train To Operate S-300s Delivered To Syria

Israel Punishes Family of Palestinian Suspect

Russia will fight other nations' attempts to contain
its activities in global arena – prime minister

18,927 Ways Chinese Exporters Dodge US Tariffs

Pakistan To Request IMF Bailout Over US Opposition

US Freezes Deripaska's US Assets

Richard Branson says Virgin Galactic
will be in space 'within weeks, not months'

Unprecedented Public Confrontation On Display
In Beijing Between Top US, China Diplomats

Mysterious Humming Sound in the Sky
recorded in Sweden

Washington State Cannabis Board
Bans Most Weed-Infused Candy


This is the Best Wood To Heat Your Home

The Enduring Mystery of Pennsylvania's Twin Tunnels

Antidepressants Are Bad For The Environment

Fat Bear Week Is Over

World in mental health crisis of
'monumental suffering'

CA Diocese Releases Names of 34 Priests
Accused of Child Sex Abuse

Anti-Wind Farm Activism Is Sweeping Europe

Greece and the Lie of 'Overcome' Financial Crisis

CBD – 'Women Have Been Saying
it Works for 10,000 Years'

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome


When Things Gets Crazy – Take a Nap

Trump says 'no one more competent in world' than
daughter Ivanka to replace Nikki Haley at UN

Nikki Haley's top threats & accusations at UN

The Short List to Replace Nikki Haley

Haley - 'Jared (Kushner) is such a hidden genius'

Trump Talking To Goldman Alum, War Monger, Saudi Pal
Dina Powell About Replacing Nutty Nikki At The UN

Haley says she will not be running in 2020
will campaign for Trump

Nutty NeoCon Nikki Haley Resigns As Trump
Ambassador To The UN - Who Will Follow?

Nikki Quits 2 Weeks After Trump Tells UN America
Is Sovereign And Intends To Stay That Way

Trump to Discuss Chicago Violence,
Prison Reform With Kanye West - White House

Hillary - Democrats Can't Be Civil To GOP Anymore

'It Was All Made Up, It Was Fabricated'
Kavanaugh Victim Of Democrat 'Hoax' - Trump

'I like her music 25% less now' - Trump on Taylor Swift

MSNBC Panelist - GOP Seeking '1,000 Year Reich'
With Kavanaugh Appointment - Vid

Communist Ocasio-Cortez - My Job In Congress Is
About (Balkanization) 'Organizing' & 'Segmenting People'


Google Executive Slams GOP Over Kavanaugh
Nomination With Words 'Fu*k You All To Hell'

The Hidden Grammar of the Kavanaugh Hearings - Vid

Trump Admin Collecting $4.4 Billion From
Tariffs on Steel, Aluminium, China Goods

Ford Plans Layoffs After $1 Billion Trump Tariff

Will Donald Trump's Booming Economy Go Bust?

Rand Paul's wife - 'I sleep with a loaded gun'

What Ever Happened To Hope Hicks...
Playboy Bunny?, Penthouse Model?
No! Hope Takes Job As News VP At Fox

Gov Moonbeam - World 'Must Radically Change' Now to
'Totally Renewable' Energy Otherwise, It Won't Have A

Stormy Daniels Regrets 'Body Shaming' Trump

Pilot Shot In Helicopter Crash Which Killed
Senior Putin Prosecutor Linked To 'Dirt On
Hillary' Meeting At Trump Tower


Illegals Bring Murine Typhus To California And Texas

The Cost Of Food And Medicine For Africans?
Everything They Own - Gates Scores Again

UK Vomit, Used Condoms Found In Parliament
Offices - Cleaners Complain

FBI Informant Owner of Limo in Deadly NY Crash

Rose McGowan, the actress who triggered
Weinstein's downfall, says #MeToo is 'all bull'

SNL Star, Pete Davidson, Who Got a Hillary Tattoo
Called Kanye Mentally Ill for Wearing MAGA Hat

Ex FBI lawyer - Plot to record, Dump Trump was no joke

FBI Redactions protected political embarrassment,
not 'national security'

Doom - College Madness - A 'Fist Bump' Is Sex Harassment

Russians Have Hacked Theresa May
and Reprogrammed Her to Do Stupid Dances


Frosty Pompeo Reception in Beijing

Is China...Or Russia...America's Defining Rival

How the Tentacles of the US Military
Are Strangling the Planet

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Hear The Full Audiobook - Vid

Illuminati Usurpation Of The Yang

The Latest Skripal Incident Big Lie

Poland Not Joining US Nuclear Sharing Program

Ukraine Launches Large-Scale Air Drills
With US and Other NATO Countries

Ukraine Ammo depot rocked by huge explosions

Muslims Slaughter Goats In Public Bathrooms
At Toronto Hotel That Housed Them For Free


Students in Germany are now called 'Nazis'
for criticizing Muslim Savages Invasion

Australia May Restrict Where Muslims Live

US Student Denied Entry into Israel
Unless Condemns BDS

Netanyahu - World must recognize occupied Golan as Israel's

Israel set to deport hundreds of Congolese
migrants after scrapping protection

Israel arrests US student for supporting Palestine

Will Khashoggi Murder Be MBS Undoing?

Did the Saudis Kidnap and Murder
Journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

Ghepardo - Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Ghepardo - Retroviruses And GMO Dangers


Pope Francis Says The DEVIL Made Them
Sexually Abuse Children In Church

13 US States Now Investigating
Catholic Clergy Sex-Abuse Claims

Icelandic School Force Boys To Swap
Genders; Paint Their Nails, Etc

California DMV Admits 100s Of Non-Citizens
Added To Voter Rolls

Trans student barred from all locker rooms
left in the open at school shooter drill

NASA Moves To Save The World From
Yellowstone Supervolcano Threat

US Treasury reportedly pushing for to
keep Iran connected to SWIFT

EU Tries to Persuade US to Exempt
SWIFT From Iran Sanctions

'Biggest bubble in history of mankind': Ron Paul
says US stock market will soon plunge by 50%

New Evidence Of Chinese Spy Hardware Found By
Ex-Mossad Investigators; Super Micro Shares Plunge


Putin calls to expand presence of Russian agricultural
producers on international market

IMF downgrades international growth forecast
to 3.7% in 2018 and 2019

IMF Boosts Russia's growth to 1.8% in 2019

Putin - Russia to take measures limiting oil
products price hike

'Saudi Arabia tapping into, depleting national
oil reserves in anti-Iran bid'

Russia, Saudi Arabia to finalize several joint
projects by end-2018, energy minister says

US marks first retreat on Iran by allowing
Rhum gasfield to operate

India to Continue Buying Iranian Oil Despite
Possible US Sanctions - Minister

Gas supplies via Turkish stream might start from 2020

Russian energy minister says no need to join OPEC


Oil is dead, long live oil: Plastics to drive
global oil demand, say analysts

Clear Cutting Is Not A Cure For Climate
Engineering Caused Wildfires

Enforcement of drug-impaired driving
in Ontario could face roadblocks

A Star Surgeon Left a Trail of Dead Patients

Why a New Jersey Mudhole Contains
Baseball's Dirtiest Secret

Video Shows the terrifying moment a sinkhole
swallowed 4 people in China - Vid

Fascinating Story of the TX Archives War of 1842

Did 80,000 Americans Really Die From the Flu?

Antibiotic May Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

Coley's Dramatic Cancer Cure
Why Does His Method Work?


Sexuality – The Missing Guidelines

If I Get ED – What Will the Woman Think?

How Men Can Last Longer During Sex

Trump Talking To Goldman Alum, War Monger, Saudi Pal
Dina Powell About Replacing Nutty Nikki At The UN

Nutty NeoCon Nikki Haley Resigns As Trump
Ambassador To The UN - Who Will Follow?

Gordon Duff - America Has Become Even More Dangerous

'No plans' to fire Deputy AG Rosenstein
Trump amid wiretapping rumors

Angry Democrats Vow 'Day Of Reckoning
Coming For Republicans'

Trump Calls Democrats 'Too Dangerous' to Govern
Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation

Brett Kavanaugh Sets New Hiring Records
at Supreme Court - Reports

Justice Elena Kagan - Legitimacy Of The
Supreme Court Is Now At Risk

We're All Brett Kavanaugh - Vid

Jeff And Uncle Gordie - Warburgs, Protocols, & Israeli
Caused Shootdown Of Russian IL-20 - A Must Listen

Preston James - Secret And Silent Frequency Wars

Google's Dragonfly Serves Its Chinese Master
No Doubt Google Out To End Freedom Of Speech

5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves
As Pentagon Crowd Control System


Your Smart Phone Is A Mass Mind Control Weapon

Trump Wants 5G Deployed As Soon As Possible - Vid

Jeff Rense - Major Update On Exploding
Microwave Mind Control Technology - Listen

Gary Holland - Mind Control Update - Listen

Mind Control And Targeted Individuals - Vid

Raised by YouTube

Black Americans Are Reentering The
Work Force Faster Than Whites

CNN reporter admits use of 'ignorant'
gay slur as offensive tweets resurface

You can't win - Ex-top astronaut apologizes to
Twitter for citing Churchill, sparks more fuss

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran,
Skripal Incident and Hillary Clinton


Men Without Chests Threaten Our Culture, Civilization

Working Diligently To Destroy Our Nation -
A View From The Street Level

The 'Weinstein Effect' One Year Later

Is Something Broken Inside The Earth?

A deepening crisis on the streets of America

"Disappeared" Interpol Chief Abruptly
Resigns After Wife Reveals Chilling Text Message

SpaceX West Coast launch freaks ut CA - Pics, Vid

Musk's SpaceX rocket lights up California sky

SpaceX Lands Used Falcon 9 on West Coast
for The First Time - Vid

Tesla to end up like Lehman Brothers once
Musk's 'deception' revealed – investor


Tesla Tumbles To Post-Tweet Lows As Uncertainty Explodes

Elon Musk And America's Toxic Cult Of The CEO

Martini - New Evidence To Prove That Industrial
Sweeteners Are Cancer Risk, Harmful To Health

Muslim Savage brutally rapes 13 Yr Old Girl
Who Was Teaching Him German

Doyle Prediction Of Somali Muslims Bringing In Polio
Myelitis Comes True - 8 White US Children Have Been
Stricken And Are Now Hospitalized In Minneapolis

Typhus reaches 'epidemic levels' in parts LA Area

'We'll close our airports!' Salvini resists Germany's
plans to send migrants back to Italy

Italy resists Germany's plans to send migrants back

Police refuse to help Swedish journalist
who writes about muslim violence

Trump to reshuffle his advising generals


Trump-Putin meeting may take place, but no
preparations undertaken so far, says Kremlin

Condi 'Iraq War Architect' Rice Outlines
Plan for 'Containing Russia'

New Report Says Trump Wants Chinese
Parts Out Of American Weapons

Stoltenberg - 'We bombed you to save you'

'Press freedom has limits': EU's Juncker
takes shot at UK media

Saudi Women Who Fought for the
Right to Drive Are Disappearing

Silicon Valley-Loving Saudi Prince at
Center of Scandal

WaPost urges US to punish Saudi over Khashoggi

Advisor to Erdogan: Saudi journo killed in consulate

Israel places new restrictions on Gaza


Ahed Tamimi's Occupied Childhood

Netanyahu's wife goes on trial for fraud

University of Michigan Speaker Triggers Outrage
by Likening Netanyahu to Hitler

Israeli troops raid Palestinian village, detain several

Trump's Peace Plan Doesn't Include Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation – Envoy

'Foreign powers blocking Lebanon govt. formation'

Trump US Forever War In Syria, Elsewhere

US F-22s Will Not Evade Being Seen By S-300s In Syria

Three Russian S-300 battalion sets delivered
to Syria free of charge — Source

Fresh footage of S-300 system unloading in Syria
released by Russian MoD - Vid


Eastern Syria - Trump Conducts Another Helicopter
Operation to Rescue ISIS Terrorists

US Spying Drone Spotted Near Russia-Run
Base in Western Syria

US Army Sends More Military Convoys to Military Airport in
Northeastern Syria

Faked Concern Haley & corporate media bleating
about Idlib civilians, ignore terrorists' presence

Assad - Idlib Ceasefire 'Temporary', Government
Will Restore Control Over All of Syria

Militants hiding weapons, not leaving Idlib

Syrian Army Gives Crushing Response
to Terrorists' Recent Attack in Hama

400 Arab ISIS Terrorists Flee from Iraq to Syria

Italy's deputy PM predicts 'political earthquake'
for European Union

France's Le Pen Joins Salvini, Severs Ties With
Bannon's 'Movement' - 'He's Not European'


Bulgarian TV Host Who Reported Misuse of EU
Funds Raped and Murdered

Macron Courts UK Carmakers' Bosses to Lure
Them to France After Brexit – Report

Swapping gender norms in the name of equality
Icelandic school that makes boys paint their nails

Is Boris Johnson UK next prime minister?

Landmark Hearing Sides With Activist in
Battle Against UK 'Spycops'

British intelligence now officially a
by-word for organized crime

Social Media Devours Police Chief Who Cowered
in Car During Westminster Attack

'Mental health disorders rise among UK soldiers'

New Anti-Muslim Incident in London - Vid

Third of British Girls Sexually Harassed
While Wearing School Uniform - Report


Goldman Suddenly Turns Cautious On Consumer
Cuts Loan-Origination Targets

Ron Paul Warns A 50% Stock Market Decline Is
Coming...And There's No Way To Stop It

US Demands For More Oil Could Backfire

Second pipelay ship begins work on
Nord Stream 2 in German waters

Nord Stream 2 Project Ensures Energy
Security - German Economy Minister

Explosions rock Canada's largest oil refinery as
energy company confirms 'major incident' - Pics

Is The US Using Force To Sell Its LNG To The World?

De-dollarization does not mean refusal
of US dollar says Russian bank CEO

Russia wants to ditch US dollar in trade
with European partners

Turkey Never to Borrow From IMF Again - Erdogan


Turkey to limit foreign steel imports
in response to US metal tariffs

The Tyranny Of The U.S. Dollar

Foreign Automakers To Shift More Manufacturing To US

Danske Bank – Who Helped Them Launder?

Trader - Italy's Situation Is Truly Unprecedented

Australian dollar falls to 32-month low

Michael Is Now A Hurricane, Will Continue To
Strengthen As It Approaches FL Panhandle

Aspartame - New Evidence to Prove That
Industrial, Sweeteners Are Harmful To Health

Addressing Mental Health Effects, a
Year After Sonoma

Everything You Know About State
Education Rankings Is Wrong


Bacteria Floating 30,000 Feet Overhead
Could Be Influencing the Weather

Spanish Court Clears 'Stolen-Babies'
Doctor of All Charges

Fantasy Democracy in Brazil

Climate Fraud = Tax To Fund Global Governance

The Massive Battery Can Store Solar, Wind Energy

The Mystery of the Continuously
Functioning Battery From 1840

Jeff Bezos Is Planning to Ship 'Several Metric
Tons of Cargo' to the Moon

We Should Take UFO Sightings More Seriously

Black doughnut-shaped UFO flying above
the Moon's Surface caught by Skywatcher

Mysterious Object Washed Ashore
On Seabrook Island


UFO Followed Italian Jet – 1977

Classic Flying Saucer-Shaped UFO
Hovers Over Center of Town

The quest to predict – and stop – the spread of wildfires

How Engineers Dream of Stopping Tsunamis

Florida school ignores vaccine non-consent forms, parents erupt

Psychotherapy is not harmless

San Francisco's 'Early Days' Statue Is Gone

Chinook Wawa, North America's Forgotten Language

Combating Stress with Herbal Remedies


Americans Have No Say Over How They're Governed

US Citizens Have Even Less Freedom Thanks
To Alleged 'Russian Election Meddling' BS

Roberts - Everything Is A Hoax

Tucker Carlson's Conservative Revolution

Crucial Female Kavanaugh Confirmation Voter
Almost Changed Her Mind After Ford Testimony

Colbert Writer - 'I'm Just Glad We Ruined Kavanaugh's Life'

'Tremendous victory' - Trump On Kavanaugh win

Luongo - Kavanaugh vs Feinstein - Flawless Victory

The Damage Done By The Kavanaugh Hearings

Michael Avenatti Turns Radioactive As Liberals
Blame Porn Lawyer For Kavanaugh Confirmation


164 arrested at Capitol steps amid desperate
attempt to block Kavanaugh confirmation - Vid

Former Google Exec Exposes Silicon Valley
Hypocrisy In Scathing Essay

Roberts - There Was No Debate
When We Needed One

The New York Times Continues to
Outdo Itself in the Production of Fake News

Scathing Report Accuses the Pentagon of
Developing an Agricultural Bioweapon

Black Americans Increasingly Support Trump

JFK Forecasts Weather Control In 1961

LBJ - Control The Weather, To Control The World - 1962

The Skripals Are an MI6 Hoax

Great Short Putin Interview During
1st Days in Office in 2000


Former Fed Governor Warns Of 'Several
Decade Cold War' With China

Pentagon Accuses China Of Threatening
US National Security

Homeland Security Backs Apple, Amazon In Denial
Of Chinese 'Spy Chip' Infiltration

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip
to Infiltrate US Companies

Chinese 'aggressive industry' threatens US military
complex, 'stable budget' needed – Pentagon

Insane Trump US Openly Threatens Russia with War
Goodbye Diplomacy, Hello Stone Age

US Rotates To Ukraine As Location To Start War With Russia

'We know who killed Alexander Zakharchenko'

UK Troops Train Cyberattack on Moscow to
Counter Russian 'Aggression' – Reports

'I'm not ready for massive scolding of Russia'
EU Commission President Juncker


Globalism Free Trade Immigration Connection

Tens of thousands of Scots turn out in capital
demanding second independence vote - Vid

Russia Sets Up Weapons Maintenance
Database in Venezuela

Israel to Use F-35 Stealth Warplanes Against Syria

US Considers Lethal F-22 Jets to Destroy Syrian S-300s

S-300 Under Russian Protection - Why Israel Can't Strike
Syrian Air Defence Batteries for the Next Three Months

Saker - S-300s and Other Military Hardware for Syria

Russia Tests New Kh-35U Unified Cruise Missile

Haaretz Falsely Claims Assad Helped Create ISIS

Druze Gather in Israeli-Controlled Golan Heights
to Mark Support for Assad


Israel slashes Gaza fishing zone by 33% in
retaliation for weekly protests

Saudi cleric close to MBS calls for 'peace' trip to Israel

Preplanned Murder - Turkey Says 15-Member Saudi Hit
Team Murdered Journalist Inside Consulate

Saudi Source Denies Journalist Killed at Consulate in Istanbul

Russia Deploying Troops to Deir Ezzur Near Iraqi Borders

ISIS Asks for Surrender Terms as Syria Advances in Sweida Desert

Turkey behind Terrorists' Delay in Leaving Al-Tanf

Kurdish Media - Turkey Planning to Plunder $100mln of
Northern Syria's Agricultural Products

Engdahl - China's Unmentioned Uyghur Problem

Japan Joins War Exercises on Foreign Soil for
the First Time Since WWII - Reports


Chinese Authorities Suspect Interpol President
of Corruption – Reports

US general made preparations behind president's
back to nuke Vietnam, declassified memo shows

China pumps $109bn into economy as trade war bites

The CIA Finger in Brasil's Elections?

The Political Power of Weapons - Vid

Queens Of The Bronx? - Vid

'Don't complain – you're lucky' Idiot Macron
tells The French People after pension cuts

In 1945, the US Secretly
Gave 150 Warships to Russia

Martini - FDA Revokes Use Of Seven Food Additives

'737 Coming Out of the Sky'


Big Cannabis is Creating Big Waste

Canada - The buzz about online pot shopping

'Cop-killing' halftime show at Mississippi high school
leaves community and social media outraged

Vandal defaces Jewish center in Virginia with 19 swastikas - Vid

5.9 quake strikes northern Haiti, causing death & destruction

Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Targets
DuPont, Chemours And 3M

Latest 'Five Eyes' Statement on Evading Encryption
Will Send a Chill Down Your Spine

The FDA and the DEA Are Butting Heads Over CBD

40% of Americans Eat Fast Food Every Day

A fatty, sugary diet can damage your memory,
attention and mood in just four days


Billions are pouring into digital health

Something's Broken Inside The Earth?

100s of birds drop dead from trees in Poland

Haiti Earthquake - Magnitude 5.9 Tremor Hits
Deaths Recorded, Homes Destroyed

12 Secrets of Corn Maize Designers

How mapmakers help indigenous
people defend their lands

Why Mathematicians Can't
Find the Hay in a Haystack

These are the Most Wallet-Friendly
Places to Travel for the Holidays

What My Year of Solo Travel
at 64 Taught Me

How Safe if Your Gun Safe


The Reason Some Can't Keep A Secret

Critical Female Kavanaugh Confirmation Voter
Almost Changed Her Mind After Ford Testimony

Dems Already Demand Impeachment Inquiry
As Pelosi Talks New FBI Documents

Obama AG Holder Questions Entire Supreme
Court Credibility After Kavanaugh

Left Wing Celebrities React To Kavanaugh Confirmation

Kavanaugh Sworn In As 114th Supreme Justice

How Every Senator Voted on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Twitter Chastises Melania Trump for Wearing
'Colonial' Headgear in Africa

Trump signs law allowing US authorities
to shoot down private drones without warrants

US man who sent 'ricin letters' to Trump & Pentagon
also mailed toxins to Putin, Queen Elizabeth II

The Coming Singularity - Scientists Want to Turn
Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch

Globalization 2.0 - Weekly Standard

Is Trump Showing Republicans How To Win?

Twitter has locked my account – because I quoted a
liberal making outrageous statements

Soros Paid For Signs Protesting Kavanaugh


Trump Tweets - Anti-Kavanaugh protesters
Were 'Paid Professionals' By Soros

Are Democrats laying a perjury trap for Kavanaugh?

Now illegal aliens are altering the composition
of the Supreme Court

Prof who called for Republican deaths
placed on 'research leave'

Think You're Prepared For Next Crisis? Think Again

Why Oprah Is The Perfect Satanic Puppet - Vid

Shocking New Studies Find US Young Are Overweight,
Unhealthy, Suicidal & Addicted To Alcohol And Drugs

Roberts - The White Heterosexual Male
Has Been Renditioned To The Punishment Hole

'Make Them Scared' - Website Posts Uncorroborated
Sexual Assault Claims Against Male Students

Surge In New York City Taxi Driver Suicides
Has The City Talking


US Jailers Mock Veteran Dying From
Overdose While in Custody - Vid

Cop Who Shot Chicago Teen 16 Times
Found Guilty of Murder - Vid

Chicago Cop Convicted of Second Degree Murder

2022 - Palin Hints At Future Senate Run Against Murkowski

Trump Regime's New Counterterrorism Strategy?

Doom - College Sued For 'Stealing' Students
From Another School

Underwater Cuban Missile Crisis - Soviet Submarines
and Risk of Nuclear War

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 38

Global GeoEngineering News Alert News 10-6-13

Aspartame - New Evidence to Prove That Industrial
Sweeteners Are Harmful to health

Wooldridge - My Father Said If You Tell
a Lie, You Must Keep Lying To Cover It


President John Tyler vs The Rothschild Mafia

Trump US to send Israel more F-35s after
Moscow supplies S-300s to Syria – reports

28th Straight Bloody Friday in Gaza

Israel pounds Gaza in 'retaliation' as 3 Pal killed,
370+ injured in border clashes - Vid

Tehran Warns Israeli President Against Making
Anti-Iranian Remarks

IRGC Commander Says Netanyahu Will 'Flee Into Sea'
And Should 'Practice Swimming'

Russia Trying to Mediate Between Iran & Israel
as Syria Tensions Simmer – Report

German WKB Systems Offers Damascus
Aerated Concrete to Restore Buildings

India Buying Russian S-400s
Defies US Sanctions Threat

Deadly Chinese Drones Now Lurk Above
Mideast Battlefields


Kerry Reveals Egyptian, Saudi Ex-Leaders
Pushed US to Attack Iran

Saudi Arabia To Trump - Riyadh 'Will Pay Nothing'
To US for Its Security

Saudi Crown Prince MBS Slams Obama
Praises Trump, Claims Aramco IPO Is Back On

Is Saudi Arabia The Middle East's Next Failed State?

The Saudis Purchase A Colony - Bahrain's $10
Billion Bailout By Gulf Neighbors

Russophobia Digest Part 12 - Bots hate Star Wars,
Hillary's bitter and Russians with no conscience

'Russian hackers' mania spreads - Germany
joins accusations against Moscow

Russian Embassy in UK Demands Facts Amid
London's Claims About 'GRU Cyberattacks'

Bioweapon? Scientists Sound Alarm Over
DARPA Plans To Spread Viruses Using Insects

Scientists unveil plan to stave off global pandemics
with a Noah's Ark...of bacteria


'I Want Them to Be There' - US Admiral Wants
Russia to See NATO Exercise

Pentagon Unable to Fight Two Wars
Simultaneously – Report

US to Avoid Sea of Azov, to Keep On
Operating in Black Sea Region - Admiral

Kalibr missiles destroy 'enemy' facilities
during Caspian military drills

US on course to end INF Treaty, contain Russia

UK Admiral - Putin May 'Have a Bit of a
Laugh' at British Naval Power

Ukrainian forces shell LPR territory 6 times, 24 hours

Ukraine's minister looking at imposing criminal punishment
on holders of Russian passports

NATO Manipulation Of The Macedonian Vote
Exposes Its Modus Operandi

Russia vows to keep close eye on US-funded lab
in Georgia due to bioweapons threat


Georgia Ready to Allow Russian Experts
to Inspect Lugar Center

Macron slammed for telling retirees to stop
moaning about pension cuts

Conservative Brexiteers Give UK PM May
'Canada or Quit' Ultimatum - Reports

Universal Credit 'Managed Migration' Causing
Spike in UK Food Bank Use — Report

Google CEO Secretly Met Pentagon Leaders to Ease
Tensions Over AI Project Withdrawal - Reports

Digital strip search - NZ travellers to be fined if
they refuse to hand over passwords

China Announces New Cybersecurity Regulation
Letting Police Copy ISP Info

Brazil's 'Donald Trump' Dominates Key Presidential
Debate Despite Absence After Stabbing

Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry Reaffirms
Asylum for WikiLeaks Founder Assange

5 Of The 10 Wealthiest Americans Are Jewish


Goldman Sachs Launches US Dollar Coin (Fedcoin).=
Coinbase To Become The Crypto Regulatory Agency

Yale University Invests In $400 Million Crypto Fund

How Russia plans to disentangle its economy
from the US dollar

Russian Banks Open to Trading in National
Currencies With India, VTB Chair Says

Russian Exploration Company Discusses
Geological Exploration With Libya's NOC

US Mulls 'Poison Pill' to Counter China in
Future Trade Deals - Wilbur Ross

EU Open to Talks on Equal Car Tariffs With US
– German Minister

Erdogan tells ministers to stop using US financial advice

France - Row with US on Iran can boost
EU's financial independence

Germany, UK May Slap More Sanctions
on Russia Amid Hacking Accusations


Saudi Arabia says met US demand to replace Iran oil

Madsen - Hot Economic Warfare - Scrambling
For Rare-Earth Minerals

Graphene moves from hype to reality

Satanic - 10 decapitated goats found in Atlanta Area river

Caterpillar Robot to Crawl through Your Blood

Kavanaugh Confirmed After Bitter Fight

Senate Confirms Kavanaugh To Supreme Court

Trump Boards Air Force One With Toilet Paper
Stuck To Shoe - Air Force Number Two?

Kavanaugh Has The Votes - Nomination All But Cemented

Kavanaugh Set To Be Confirmed On Saturday

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters 'paid' by Soros - Trump

Obstruction of justice? Schumer, Ratajkowski
arrested at mass anti-Kavanaugh protest - Vid

Alyssa Milano Turns On Bill Clinton After Being
Slammed for 'Double Standard Bullsh*t'

DNC Collusion - FBI Met Dems Lawyer to Talk
RussiaGate Before Spying on Trump Campaign

Tucker Carlson's Profound Question From
His Opening Monologue Of 10-4-18

Nuclear Waste Shipments Expose Public To
Radioactive Death

Trump Reportedly Mulls Ousting Air Force Chief
Over Space Force Memo


Trump Says He Would 'Do Very Well'
in Boxing Match Against Putin

Trump Authorizes US to Admit 30,000
Refugees in Fiscal Year 2019 - Should Be NONE

'Largest Ever Homeless Camp' Suddenly
Appears In Minneapolis

Third World SF Allows Homeless To Defecate
On Public Streets Spreading Deadly Disease

John McAfee's Warning About That Presidential Alert

DEA official tasked with stopping DEA sex parties is
under investigation for procuring prostitutes for parties

FBI documents detail Clinton and Mueller's
own 'Russiagate' – but they're classified

Keith Ellison considering stepping down from DNC post

SJW and Toronto Hairdresser who roundhouse-kicked
pro-life girl identified, gets fired

Adam Schiff opens door to impeaching Trump
over family tax fraud


A Border Wall Thats Not A Wall At All !! - Vid

My husband, Rand Paul, and our family have
suffered intimidation and threats

Pentagon Ill-Equipped To Fight Two Wars

Latest US-Led Western Russia Bashing Episode

US Openly Threatens Russia With War
Goodbye Diplomacy, Hello Stone Age

'World knows who truly violates sovereignties'
Beijing blasts Pence speech on 'Chinese meddling'

A staggering number of US troops are
fat and tired, report says

Persistent Lies About Murdered US Secretary
Of Defense James Forrestal
Persistent Lies about James Forrestal

Venezuelan President Maduro's UN Address

Duterte Vows to Resign if He Has Cancer – Reports


Idiot NATO to deploy 45,000 troops near
Russian border, calls it 'defensive'

Unlawful US Global Operations

Russia Says Space Station Hole Was Deliberate
Sabotage After Formal Investigation

Dozens of Georgians likely killed by US toxin
or bioweapon disguised as drug research – Russia

Russia to take diplomatic, military steps in
response to US experiments in Georgia

Russia wants answers from US, Georgia
on bioweapons at Lugar Center

Russia Says US Boosting Number of
Labs Close to It, Pentagon Denies Accusation

UK Envoy Claims Russia's GRU Tried to
Compromise Foreign Office After Salisbury

US charges 7 Russian intelligence officers with
hacking OPCW and World Anti-Doping Agency

Dutch, British 100% Correct Attributing Recent
Cyberattacks to Russia - Mattis


Moscow Responds to Washington's New
Hacking Accusations - 'Building Up Tensions'

Mattis Says Russian GRU Caught Red-Handed
Hacking OPCW, Vows Cyber Support To Allies

Trump Regime Hostility Toward China Escalates

China Is Developing Space Lasers To
Detect Submarines 1,640 Feet Underwater

Russia to create Moon-linked transport system

Mig-29 fighter jet crashes in Moscow region,
both pilots survive – reports

EU Will Reach Long-Term Security Only in
Cooperation With Russia - Juncke

Russia Spotted 21 Foreign Spy Jets Near
Border Over Past Week

Russia's formidable S-400 Triumf
air defense missile system

US Supports Creation of Kosovo
Army With Limited Powers – Embassy


Pentagon Research on Insects Could
Yield Biological Weapon, Scientists Warn

NATO use of depleted uranium in bombing
Yugoslavia was ecocide on planetary scale

Kiev boosts its troops in Donbass with US weaponry

Russia urges Israel's 'good judgment' on S-300 delivery

Three Mass Graves Discovered in Syria's
Idlib Province - Pics

Turkish Forces to Withdraw From Syria
After Fair Elections Take Place - Erdogan

'Trump humiliates Saudis' - Iran FM invites SA
to jointly boost regional security, not outsource it

Lebanese Receive Anonymous Message About
Alleged Hezbollah Missile Site - Reports

Afghans angrily reject Blackwater plan to privatize war

Salvini Blasts Juncker Over 'Ruining' Europe and Italy


UK Student Kicked Out of Class for
Defending Tommy Robinson

Hard Brexit Better Than PM May's Chequers
Proposal – French Government

French Authorities Launch Probe Into Disappearance
of Interpol Chief in China - Reports

Atzmon - Smear and Shekels

World's Most Important Bank Issues
Urgent 'Zombie Alert'

Did 80,000 Americans Really Die From The
Flu Or Is This Big Pharma Propaganda?

India, Russia Formally Ink $5.4 billion
S-400 Air Defense System Deal - Kremlin

India Asks Russia for Help in Sending
Astronaut to Space in 2022 - Deputy PM

Putin: Trade between Russia & India will
reach $30bn by 2025

Russia to construct 6 nuclear power plant
units in India


Russian Railways Plans to Create
Joint Rail Freight Operator With India

Russian Railways Looking Into
Possibility of Rebuilding Syrian Railways

Putin urges India to join Russia's
energy projects in Arctic region

India, Russia believe it is necessary to
consolidate multipolar world

Russia reiterates support for India's bid
for permanent UNSC membership

Putin, Modi say foreign interference in Syria's
political affairs 'unacceptable'

Big Oil Is Back On A Spending Spree

VZ Has Officially Launched Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency

Saudis To Splash $20 Billion On Oil Capacity Boost

US Accuses OPEC Of Hiding Spare Capacity


India buys 75% less US oil, loads up on Iran crude

US dollar dominance 'idiotically' outsized

EU Firms Considering Ending Use of Dollar in Transactions With Russia – Russian Minister

De-Dollarization Needed for Ruble Stabilization,
Economy Development - VTB Bank Head

Head of Russia's largest commercial bank
sees no alternative to US dollar in global trade

Japan Creates Drywall-Installing Robot To
Defuse Demographic Time Bomb

Magnitude 5.3 Earthquake Rocks Japan's
Northern Hokkaido Island

Kong-Rey typhoon bolting towards Southern Sakhalin,
Kurils, landfall due over weekend

Bizarre Cosmic Rays Are Shooting Out Of Antarctica
And Physicists Can't Explain It

Bezos' Blue Origin Signs On to Ship
Supplies to Moon by 2023


Russian-Made Neutron Detector Finds Water Ice
in Mars' Subequatorial Areas

Brother Nathaniel - Dr Ford's Fatal Fixation - Vid

Iserbyt - Your Children's Futures Of A Free USA Are Dead

Jeff & David Oates - Kavanaugh-Ford Part 2 - Listen

Allgire - Comments On The Kavanaugh Circus - Vid

Trump Lusts For 5G (Total Control) - Wants It
Deployed As Soon As Possible - Vid

Lawyer For DNC, Clinton Camp Gave FBI
Russia Probe Documents

Ex Supreme Justice Says Kavanaugh's Performance
Disqualifies Him From High Court

WH 'Fully Confident' Of Kavanaugh Confirmation

Trump, Kavanaugh & America's Deplorable State

FBI Reached Out To 10 People In Reopened
Kavanaugh Probe - 'No Hint' Of Misconduct

'F*ck Kavanaugh' lipstick and 4 other below-the-belt
attacks on embattled Supreme Court nominee

1000 law professors sign letters rejecting Kavanaugh

Why Ford's High School Yearbooks Were Scrubbed - Vid

Trump Admin Just Ordered Google To The WH - Vid


CNN White Hosts Imply Kayne West Is Mentally
Unstable For Pro-Trump SNL Performance

Mauldin Warns - Trump Might End US Hegemony

After 17 Months, The Useless Mueller Probe
Is Finally Winding Down.

Top FBI Lawyer Flips - Russia Probe Was Handled
In 'Abnormal Fashion' And Rife With 'Political Bias'

GOP Senator - Democratic Activists Participating
In 'Paid Soros Conspiracy'

FBI documents detail Clinton and Mueller's
own 'Russiagate' – but they're classified

Democratic Staffer For Sheila Jackson Lee Arrested
In GOP Doxing

Creating A Suspect Society: The Scary Side Of
The Technological Police State

Surveillance State: Those Signs Showing
Your Speed May Be Spying On You

America gets a text from Trump, memes ensue


Amerika Uber Alles

Trump Regime Actions Further Isolate The US

Trump's Real Endgame With China?

Trump's Crazy-Stupid Ambassador to
NATO Must Resign..NOW!

Why are so few US politicians
from the working class?

Why Intellectuals Fall For Socialism

Roberts - Is the White Male Victimizer or Victim?

California Mandates Net Neutrality
Trump Regime Sues

Pilger talks MSM landscape & Assange,
Syria & US sanctions wars

Anthrax False Flag Redux?


How Amazon's Minimum Wage Hike Benefits Bezos

REAL Purpose of Chemtrails? Ozone Layer Destroyed

Third Biggest Meteor Of 2018 explodes with an
impact energy close to 1.9 KT

Physicists Can't Explain Bizarre Cosmic Rays Shooting
Out of Antarctica

Health Experts Warn that 'Fortnite' Video Game
is as Addictive as Heroin

Russian influence & meddling in US 'pales in
comparison' with China's - Pence

Pence Accuses China of Seeking to Change
US President And Of Tech Theft

US Navy Proposes A 'Global Show Of Military
Force' As A Warning To China

Explosive Report Details Chinese Infiltration
Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA

China says US canceled military talks, not Beijing


US, China Into A New Cold War - Jack Ma Warns
'When Trade Stops, Sometimes War Starts'

Moscow Calls US Actions Against China Frustrating

Pakistani Muslims arrested for sexually assaulting
women at German Oktoberfest

China to rename 'Arabic-sounding'
river to curb 'Islamic influence'

Trump Gives $10.4 Million US Tax
Dollars To Israel Daily

Israel deploys snipers, tanks, missiles to
face Palestinians In Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Accuses Palestinian
National Authority of 'Choking' Gaza

Netanyahu Vows to Counter Alleged Iranian
Forward Bases in Syria

Israeli Minister: S-300 Systems 'Cannot Detect
Our Stealth Fighters'

US May Scramble F-22 Fighters in Response to
S-300 Missiles in Syria – Reports


US Airstrikes in Syria Take Civilian Tolls Again

US to Stay in Syria Until US President Decides to
Withdraw - State Department

Militants Attack Humanitarian Crossing
Corridor in Idlib - Source

Putin -No military action in Idlib in near future,
focus is to help civilians wherever they live

Moscow Says New Measures Will Follow
Delivery of S-300s to Syria

Western Arms Discovered in Terrorists Bases in Syria

Syria Has Reached a 'Major Understanding'
With Hostile Arab States - Assad

World Court Rules Some US Sanctions
on Iran Illegal

Iran to Saudi - Let's build strong region, stop US conceit

Turkey summons Saudi envoy over missing journalist


Russian, Jordanian militaries ink memo on military cooperation

Iraq officially rejects US claim of Iran role in Basra violence

Eleven dead after US military transport plane
crashes in Afghanistan - reports

Video On Chapter 17 Of Illuminati Agenda 21

China halts all oil imports from US amid escalating trade war

Chinese Increase in Iran Oil Imports Could Offset
Impact of US Sanctions - Russian Energy Minister

Saudi Arabia And Russia Make Secret Oil Deal

Iran says oil price rally offsetting US sanctions impact

Uncertainty Around US Sanctions on Iran
Adds $5-$7 to Oil Prices - Russian Energy Minister

Why Europe Overlooks Trump's Threat, Increases
Russian Gas Imports


Russia's Gazprom, Austria's OMV Sign Agreement on
Assets Sales Following Putin-Kurz Talks

Norwegian Firms Keen to Participate in New LNG Arctic Projects With Russia - NORWEP

China Reportedly Mulls Second Dollar-Bond
Sale in 2018 as Trade Tensions Simmer

Switzerland would join new interbank
payment system independent of US

De-Dollarization: Top 5 States Drifting
Away From Greenback

Draft US Law Would Force Breakup
of Six Largest US Banks - Senator

Fed Chair Powell Hints He May Soon
Crash The Market

Tiny Estonia may have laundered a
staggering $1 trillion in dirty money

Danske Bank says US probing money laundering claims

Putin's 2019 Calendar Just Landed


Aggressive Mosquito Population 'Explodes'
Across Long Beach, California

Are You Kidding Me, Facebook

Yes, You Can Bring Weed to LAX
No, You Can't Actually Travel With It

While Nestlé extracts millions of litres from
their land, residents have no drinking water

The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood

Major early-season snowstorm shatters Calgary

An Active Shooter – The First Ten Seconds

Setting Boundaries – Are You Sick?

Sometimes Empathy Becomes Our Achilles Heel

Opening The Celestial Gate – A Key


Hunt for the Skinwalker & The Defense
Intelligence Agency (DIA) Connection

Eerie Light Beam Shuts Down Electronics in
Automobile - Frightens Passengers

The Mysterious Planet Nine and a
Newfound Dwarf Planet

5 things you didn't know about psychopaths

Canada is about to legalize marijuana
How did that happen?

Primer on Batteries for Use with Solar Storage

Navigating Mount Rainier's deadly ice caves

Liquid crystals and the origin of life

Astronomers cautiously claim the first 'exomoon'

Flames Coming Out Of AR Tree Stumps


Man attempts to dive off a roof into a swimming pool

Br Nathanael - Dr Ford's Fatal Fixation - Vid

McConnell Moves To End Kavanaugh Debate
and Set Vote For This Week

New Object Beyond Pluto Hints
at Mysterious 'Planet 9'

Your Cell Phone Is a Psychotronic Weapon
of Mass Mind Control

GOP Makes Gains In Key Senate Races - New Poll

Trump says Kavanaugh case erodes
presumption of innocence

Graham Urges Trump To Renominate
Brett Kavanaugh If Nomination Fails

Devvy - Kavanaugh's Destruction - Why It is So Badly Needed

In Mississippi, Trump Mocks Accuser's Dubious
Claims Against Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Allegations Are Psychological
Terrorism - It's Time They End

Ford Lied About Flying, Tight Spaces, Closed Quarters,
Polygraph Tests, Never Told Boyfriend Of Sex Assault

Ford refuses to hand over therapy notes
until FBI interviews her


Ford Ex Says She Helped Friend Prep For Polygraph

Blasey Ford's Attorneys Say They
Haven't Heard From FBI

Ocasio Accidentally Announces Soros-Activist Who
Confronted Flake in Elevator Is An Illegal

What's Most Troubling About Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh 'Gang Bang' Accuser Savaged By
Ex-Weatherman Over 'Penchant For Group Sex'

Blasey Ford's Kavinaugh Testimony Unravels
After Ex-Boyfriend Refutes Key Claims

Kavanaugh's Yale classmate admits he 'is not certain'
judge was in the house during 'shocking' party

More Holes Appear As Records Raise Questions
About Ford's Double-Door Story

'Opportunist': Senate Panel Sheds Light
on Kavanaugh Accuser's Sex Life

'Now that's objectivity' - MSNBC anchor
admits media 'going after' Kavanaugh


Is Kavanaugh innocent or guilty? Democrat senator
says it doesn't matter - Twitter outrage

Hillary STILL complaining about 2016 - 693 days later

Roberts - The White Heterosexual Male Has
Been Renditioned To The Punishment Hole

New Rules for Men

Infowars Sues Paypal for 'Viewpoint Discrimination'

Capitol Police Arrest 27-Year-Old Democrat Staffer
Jackson Cosko For Doxxing 3 GOP Senators

Amazon Warehouse Workers Lose Bonuses,
Stock Awards for Raises

Bezos Decision to Raise Minimum Wages is
Largely a Machiavellian Distraction

Gates, Zuckerberg, Soros, Bezos Destroying US Republic

Trudeau Tries To Slip The US The Big Salami
With 'Mega Energy Project' One Day After Trade Loss


Uranium One - FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen
Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia, Obama

New York authorities launch 'vigorous
investigation' into story on Trump finances

Trump to Sit Down With Tech Giants
and Those 'Dissatisfied' With Them

The Secretive Marijuana Committee
Operated by the White House

Soaring by $38,000 per second: US national
debt now exceeds $21.5 trillion

Tired of the political divide in America?

Are Violent Leftists Above The Law?

Sergey Skripal Rejects Official
Narrative About His Illness

Skripal is a 'traitor & scum'
not some rights activist – Putin

Moscow says London's refusal to cooperate
on Skripal case reveals desire to hide truth


Putin - Don't know if it would have
been better or worse if Trump not elected

Does S-400 Make F-35 Obsolete?
You Bet It Does - Vid

Putin says foreign forces need to leave Syria

Putin warns against external interference in VZ

Putin concerned about unpredictability in World security

Putin hopes Russian meddling 'madness'
gripping US will end

Kremlin confirms: Russia to sign India S-400 deal shortly

Russia's space-based communications
grouping to get over 20 satellites by 2023

Major military exercises held in Russia's south

Moscow to respond to NATO's
increased presence in Norway


Russia keeping close eye on US missile
banned under INF Treaty, says senior diplomat

Volcano Blows On Quake Ravaged Indonesian Island - Vid

Death toll from Indonesia's quake climbs to 1,400

Quake-hit Indonesia buries dead in mass grave

What Cars Are REALLY Like In Cuba - Vid

Six Approved Sweeteners Proven
Toxic To Human Digestion

Trump told Saudi King he wouldn't
last '2 weeks' without US support

IAEA Chief Refutes Netanyahu's Big Lies on Iran

Everyone washes their hands as
Gaza's economy goes into freefall

Israel Won't Stop Ops in Syria Despite
S-300 Delivery - Defense Minister


Malaysian PM doubles down on 'hook-nosed Jews'
comments, blames Israel for Mideast woes

'Unwavering support' against 'Iranian aggression'?
Israel welcomes record $38bn US military aid

Israel lays siege to Palestinian Bedouin
village ahead of demolition

US Department of State says Russia's S-300
deployment in Syria 'serious escalation'

Russian S-300s Arrive in Syria

Syrian military to be trained to use Russian S-300
systems within three months

Watch S-300 launchers, interceptors &
radars unloaded in Syria after Il-20 downing (VIDEO)

Syrian Army Seizes Terrorists. Warehouse Near Israeli Border

Notorious Terrorist Commander Killed
by Unknown Gunmen in Northwestern Syria

Iran Sent US 'Signal' as Syria Missile Strike Was
Mere Miles Away From American Troops


Iran Poised to Orbit 3 Domestically-Made Satellites

IAEA dismisses Israel's call to inspect Iran facility

Britain's Zombie Government Staggers
Toward Brexit Chaos

May rocked by 'no confidence' letter ahead of
crucial conference speech

UK Cabinet Official Slams BoJo Speech
Twitter Reacts With Praise and Putdowns

UK University Bans Clapping
Because It's Not 'Inclusive'

Suicide Rates Climb Dramatically Across US - CDC

CNN, Axios Suggest Trump Trade Tactics Working

Putin castigates US for single-handedly
undermining dollar's credibility

Putin to Trump - 'Donald, look into mirror
to find culprit for surge in oil prices'


Russia will continue to promote dialogue
with oil producing states — Putin

EU initiative to bypass US sanctions
against Iran is proper, Putin says

US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

Breaking with Wall St - LA Takes It to the Voters

Video of Putin Making Pilgrimage to
Stunning Monastery Near Finland

Aussie Banking royal commission
could trigger biggest housing bust in three decades

Photos show how close a Chinese
warship came to colliding with a US destroyer

Couples to be tested for 500 Childhood
Disorder genes before conception

Space Elevator May Be A Lot Sooner Than You Thought

Two Idiots Get Rid Of An Old Station Wagon - Vid


Billions of Mosquitoes Are Having
a Post-Hurricane Field Day

9 Million in the Southwest Face Flooding
From Tropical Depression Rosa

The Hottest Deal In Cannabis Markets Today

What to Know About Freezing and Unfreezing Your Credit

The Porn Star Teaching Frat Boys About Consent

The Healing Powers of Aloe Vera

Incredible moment woman surfer
conquers a 68-Foot wave

Ford Ex Says She Helped Friend Prep For Polygraph

Eerie, Huge UFO Ring of Lights appears again
in the sky over Minnesota

'Microwave Hearing' - Voice To Skull (V2K) Directed
Energy Weapons (DEW) Targeting INDIVIDUALS- Vid

Bernard Grover - Q Speaks

Trump Continues His Big Winning Streak

Trump 'insults' female reporter in tense
press conference exchange

Ford Published 2008 Article on Self-Hypnosis
Used to Retrieve and 'Create Artificial Situations'

Jeff And David Oates Reverse Speech Blows Open
The Surprising Truth About Kavanaugh-Ford - Listen!

Hillary Says Kavanaugh's Clinton Comment Deserves
A Lot Of Laughter - (She's biding her time...)

Here's the Case Against Kavanaugh
the FBI Can Make by Friday

Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick Credibility
Questioned Amid Changing Story

Trump 'wants FBI to interview' Julie Swetnick

Kavanaugh Circus Might Wrap By Wednesday


Deep-State Temptress Kamala Harris Presents Letter
Claiming Kavanaugh Raped 'Jane Doe' In Car

FordGate - A Dem Deep-State Scandal Also Designed
As A Distraction From Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal

'I Don't Know What He Did' - Kavanaugh Accuser
Backtracks On Key Assault Claims In NBC Interview

FBI Interviews Three Kavanaugh Witnesses
Who Don't Remember Ford's Mystery Groping Party

'A lying slip-and-fall con artist' – Kavanaugh
accuser savaged for TV interview

#NotHer: Kellyanne Conway's sex assault story
doesn't matter, because she's on the wrong side

Exposing Ford's Paper On "Creating Artificial Memories"

Americans brace for texts straight from Trump
– with no chance to opt-out

Pentagon Detects Substance in 2 Pieces of Mail
Suspects It is Poison Ricin

2 Hospitalized After 'White Powdery Substance'
Discovered At Ted Cruz Campaign Office


This Is What Donald Trump Must Do To Battle
The Deep State And Win

Purple-Revolution Warrior Cory Booker Trying To Keep
'Relationship' With Chanda Gibson A Secret, Why?

Matt Damon Accused Of Hypocrisy Over Kavanaugh
SNL Skit. But Was It Justified?

Rino Flake Jokes About Elevator Stunt While
Speaking At Communist Globalist Soros Event

Let's Play the World's Smallest
Violin for Joe Biden

Communist Albert Einstein vs Joseph McCarthy

'We Listened To Our Critics' - Amazon Hikes
US Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

The Secret Algorithm That Could Send You to Prison,
Take Your Kids, or Crash Your Car

Military and US Law Enforcement Establishing Joint
Communication Network for Biometric Databases

NAFTA overhaul paves the way for US, Canada
auto-manufacturing rally


Trump, Trudeau praise USMCA trade deal
they say will 'grow middle class'

The NWO In Panic Over 'Trump-Trade' Successes
Trump's Tariffs Will Protect America's Sovereignty

FBI 37 secret pages of memos about
Russia, Clintons and Uranium One

'Unashamed Russian Nationalist' Sergei Skripal
Did Not Believe Moscow Poisoned Him - New Book

'We'd take out Russia's nukes,' US NATO envoy says
And Claims 'banned' missiles are being developed

First Sarmat ICBM flight tests to begin in early 2019

Russia and China eye building joint Moon Base

People worldwide trust Putin more than Trump

Two Russian missile ships returning to Black Sea
from Mediterranean

China Condemns US For 'Provocative' Actions
in South China Sea


Chinese destroyer chases USS Decatur
in South China Sea

Haaretz Praises Netanyahu's Bald-Faced
Lies About Iran

Israeli PM Wanted to Travel to Moscow
Russia Turned Him Down

Iran Hits Back At London's Terrorists

IAEA Says Inspected All Locations in Iran
Required by Additional Protocol

Tehran coordinated its ballistic missile
strikes with Damascus - Syrian FM

Trump Regime Envoy for Syria Threatens Assad

Russia deploys S-300 to Syria by largest military
transport aircraft

Syria gets S-300 missile system And more
from Russia in wake of Il-20 downing

Russia's S-300 Delivery to Syria Hasn't
Changed Anything For US-led Coalition - Official


US starts training Turkish troops for joint patrols in Manbij

Al-Nusra Agrees to Leave Idlib Under Pressure From
Turkish Intelligence - Reports

WATCH ISIS Terrorists Leave Behind Weapons
... and Beards in Southern Syria

False Claims About Russia Mass-Killing Civilians in Syria

Saudi King Allocates $200 Million To Yemen Central Bank

Saudi charges economist critical of bin Salman's
reforms with 'terrorism'

Canada Suspends Islamic Charity Over Alleged
Payments to Kashmir Militants - Reports

Turkey arrests 417 for transferring foreign currency abroad

African Muslim threatens to set his foster home
Ablaze because he wants 250 euros Italian welfare

YouTube Scraps Top Channel on China Politics


Putin backs plan to de-dollarize Russian economy

Oil Markets Are Cooking Up Something Big

China Slashes Steel, Textile Tariffs

Cloud of sex abuse scandal hangs
over Vatican youth meeting

The DEA's surprising shift on marijuana


Soros Business Partner - Global Economic Storm Nears
We Did It To Ourselves

US Gross National Debt Soars $1.27 Trillion
In Fiscal 2018, Hits $21.5 Trillion

'They have to keep us happy': Trump brandishes
his 'powerful' tariff stick at India

Putin to Meet With OPEC Chief on Sidelines
of Russian Energy Week – Kremlin


Is China Turning Trump's Oil Weapon Against Him?

Oil heading to $100 & OPEC is 'powerless to prevent it'

How Much Spare Capacity Does Saudi Arabia Really Have?

Bin Salman Returns from Kuwait Empty-Handed

The Oil Industry Needs Large New Discoveries, Very Soon

India, Nepal Mull Cross Border LPG, LNG Pipeline

China's yuan strengthens as reserve currency
despite trade war while US dollar weakens

How Spanish Mass Media Outlets
Manipulate Information

Why US Cold War Nuclear Sites
Are Popular With Tourists

Seattle Police Department Launches Program
to Fight 'Swatting'


Passengers stranded as airline collapses

How Calls For Civility Led To The Civil War

Raid On Bermuda That Saved the US Revolution

How School Lunches Look Around The World

Inside Slab City, a Squatters' Paradise in SoCal

Ebola Regional Spread Risk in Congo 'Very High'

Why Your Water Footprint Doesn't Matter

September Of 2018 Australia's driest on record

Rare thermal activity reported near Old Faithful
in Yellowstone

Two more large earthquakes hit Indonesia


Is this the last chance to see the Titanic?

Survival Gardens - Bedding Down for Winter

Father Of www Launches Platform Which Aims To
Radically Decentralize The Internet

Snoop Dogg Writes 'Make Ya Music Great Again Nigga'
'Uncle Tom. Ass Nigga' for Supporting America First Agenda

Melbourne Zoo omits fruit from primates diets
because of sugar content

Coming off Anti-Depressants? - Welcome to Hell

A Pair of Monster Cyclones Have
Exploded in the Pacific

Child Abuse Leaves Molecular 'Scars' in DNA


Roberts - How American Media Was Destroyed

Icke - The End Of Justice - It's Rule By The Mob

Kavanaugh College Friend To Detail His
'Violent, Drunken Behavior' To The FBI

USA Today edits Kavanaugh piece with
'pedophilia' hints, gets even more backlash

Still Lacking Evidence Of Sexual Assault, Democrats
Now Want Kavanaugh Investigated For Perjury

Trump Says He's Seen Senators Who Are Against Kavanaugh...In Compromising Positions

Grassley Refers Potential False Kavanaugh
Accuser To FBI-DOJ For Criminal Investigation

WSJ Can't Corroborate Kavanaugh Accuser's
'Gang Bang' Account After 'Dozens' Contacted

#KillKavanaugh tops list of Twitter hashtags & autofills

Rachel Mitchell Memo Highlights Weaknesses
In Ford Testimony, Exonerates Kavanaugh


Georgetown Prof - White GOP Senators In Kavanaugh
Hearing "Deserve Miserable Deaths"

Martin Armstrong Warns Kavanaugh Is The
Tipping Point For Decline & Fall Of America

What's In The Envelope Rep. Sheila
Jackson Lee Gave To Ford's Atty?

Trump Aims to Use Kavanaugh Fight
to Bring Republicans to the Polls

How to Impeach a Supreme Court Justice

NBC Cuts Off Kanye West's Speech Accusing
MSM of Bullying Over Trump Support

Kanye West baffles fans with call to abolish
13th amendment that ended slavery

Sen Jeff Flake Attends Soros-Sponsored Globalist
Festival With Democrats

Trump shipping undocumented
kids to Texas desert camp at night

'Sunday Night Football' Ratings Hit Season Low
As Stadiums Fail To Fill Seats


Marxist Obama Backs Communist Ocasio

Huckabee Sanders Suggests Days of
Traditional Press Briefing Are Over

Trump Supporters in Missouri
Foresee a Red Wave

Finding billions for Trump's Space Force

US and Canada reach last-minute
deal to replace NAFTA

Trudeau Blinks - Canada Approves New NAFTA
Deal...Now Called USMCA

Melania departs for Africa on
first solo trip abroad

Army Black Haws Flying Crazy Low Over Chicago
This Past Weekend Dropping Off & Picking Up Troops

First American Lobby Campaign Against Silicon
Valley Censorship Begins Today

ALIPAC Packet Cover Flyer for Operation
Squeaky Wheel in DC On October 2-4

ALIPAC Report to Congress & Media on
Social Media Company Censorship

DOJ sues California over net neutrality law

Mysterious social media Rules lead to strange place


Father Of World Wide Web Launches Platform
Which Aims To Radically Decentralize The Internet

EU - Politicizing The Internet

Feds Force Suspect To Unlock
An Apple iPhone X With His/Her Face

Facebook Could Face Up to $1.63 Billion
Fine for Latest Hack

Tesla shares soar after Musk ousted as chair

US Government Will Soon Spend More
on Interest Than on the Military

Blockchain - the wonder weapon to defeat
state-sponsored cyber hackers bent on chaos

Our Delusional Economy Is Poised To
Slam Into The Brick Wall Of Reality

'They want us to be robots' - Whole Foods
workers fear Amazon's changes

'Historic Judgment' As India's Nationwide
Biometric ID Database Ruled Constitutional


Duff - Moscow Counters Israeli Steps in Azerbaijan

China Cancels Security Meeting with US

China Calls Off Talks With Pentagon Chief
as Row With US Spreads Beyond Trade

Chinese warship in 'unsafe' encounter with
US destroyer, amid rising US-China tensions

US Warship Comes Near Beijing-Reclaimed
South China Sea Islands - Report

UK Sending 800 Troops to Arctic
Citing Russian 'Threat'

Russia to Pay 'High Price' if Uses
Chemical Weapons - UK Foreign Secretary

Russian diplomat derides plans to 'rebrand' Salisbury

Ukrainian ex-MP arrested in Moscow for
attacking Russian Embassy in Kiev in 2014

McFaul Slams Trump's Lack of Russia-Bashing
Demands 'Preemptive Sanctions' Against Moscow


Pieraccini - S-300 May Destroy & Expose The F-35

Russia begins field tests of electromagnetic weapons

Russian Aerospace Force's airstrikes
flawlessly on target for three-year streak

Is Russia developing air-launched satellite killer?
Photo of mystery missile test sparks theory

WATCH Russian Combat Robots Participate in Military Drills

Israeli Home Demolition Terrorism Targets
Khan Al-Ahmar Village

Will Netanyahu Regime Increase War On Gaza?

Israel Seeks to Justify Another Aggression
Lebanese Foreign Minister

Palestinians stage all-out strike to protest Israeli law

Israel cries foul as Real Madrid hosts Palestinian icon


Israel prepared to reopen UN crossing with Syria

Iran Retaliates Against Homeland Terrorist Attack

Iran releases footage of US carrier chased by
Iranian speedboats in Hormuz Strait in March - Vid

Ballistic Revenge - WATCH Iran Wipe Out
Terrorist Ringleaders in Syria - Vid

Idlib pullout begins but US-backed Terrorists not leaving

Russia lost 112 servicemen over three years of
counter-terror operation in Syria - MP

550 people leave Syria's Idlib de-escalation zone in 1 day

EU States Ready to Finance Disarming of Terrorists in Syria

Militant groups refuse to implement Russia-Turkey deal

Former Miss Iraq Receives Death
Threats Days After Model Shot Dead in Baghdad


Macrons 'Middle finger affair'

Merkel is now more popular among
Muslims than among Germans

EU is the new Soviet Union! Jeremy Hunt in
ASTONISHING attack on Brussels over Brexit

Britain Would Be Out of EU If Nigel Farage Led Talks

Will Britain Ever Manage To Leave 'Hotel California'?

'Deranged' and 'preposterous': Divisions on show as
Boris Johnson slams May's Brexit plan

Ex-Brexit Secretary Davis to Vote Against
Chequers, Says Proposal 'Just Wrong'

Death Toll From Indonesian Earthquake,
Tsunami Exceeds 1,200 People - Reports

Aerial footage reveals scale of destruction from
Indonesian earthquake and tsunami - Vid

Indonesia - Fuel shortages cause huge queues
after 7.5 earthquake and tsunami


Escobar - Dollar De-Weaponized?

In Troubling Sign For The US, Reserve
Managers Plow Into Chinese Yuan, Dump Dollars

Goodbye Nafta, Hello USMCA, Trump's
'Wonderful New Trade Deal'

Russia's September oil production set for
post-Soviet record high

Iran considers SWIFT payment system
alternative to bypass US sanctions

Russian stocks smash another record high
as oil prices surge

Afreximbank: Ties with Russia Open Way
to European, Central Asia Markets

Libya Seeks 1Mln Tons of Russian Wheat,
Animal Feed for $700Mln - Economy Minister

High-Level Delegation From Libya to Visit
Russia to Discuss Railway Projects - Minister

Railroad link to connect Russia's St. Petersburg
with Germany's Berlin


India to present Russia with vintage MiG-21s as
gesture of appreciation – report

Vulture Funds Stand to Make Millions
in Wake of Hurricane Maria

What Will Happen Now That
the Farm Bill Has Expired?

Martini - Aspartame In Diet Coke And Other
'Diet' Drinks Is Death To Gut Bacteria

Martini - Chronic Consumption of Aspartame
And Acesulfame puts the brain at risk

How to Get Your US Passport Fast

Two Killed, Over 100 Injured as Typhoon
Trami Hits Japan's Mainland

typhoon is ripping through Japan

The greatest use of life

How You're Being Chemically Castrated
By These Everyday Products


Market for marijuana beverages
could explode to $600 million

20 Perishable Foods You Can Freeze For Later

Won $19 Million in the Lottery
- And Became a Bank Robber

Why Was Benjamin Franklin's
Basement Filled With Skeletons?

You Are Not Your Mask

The Surprising Truth about Loneliness

Prehistoric Art hints at Lost Indian Civilisation


Russia Says A Trump US Naval Blockade Would
Be A Declaration Of War

US Interior Secretary - A US Naval Blockade Is An
Option for Dealing with Russia

House Dumbs To Use 100 Yr Old Law To Reveal Trump
Tax Returns If They Win Midterms

Shimatsu - Blasey Ford Is An Old School Vampire

USA Today adds 'pedophilia' angle to Kavanaugh
saga sparks outrage

Comey Blasts Kavanaugh Probe Deadline

Now Conway Says She's A Victim Of Sexual Assault - Vid

Kavanaugh accuser Swetnick accused of 'unwelcome,
sexually offensive conduct at Business lunch'

Cotton - Feinstein to be investigated over
leaked letter from Ford

Did Maxine Waters' Office Doxx GOP Senators
During Kavanaugh Testimony?

Senate Judiciary Committee asks FBI, DOJ
to investigate Kavanaugh accuser for lying


ThinkProgress editor under fire after calling for
Republicans to be confronted 'where they sleep'

'Trump At War' - Full Movie - Vid

Presidents Are Selected By Blood And Banksters

How Executive Order 6102 Doomed America

CNN Founder Ted Turner: Network
'Sticking With Politics A Little Too Much'

48% Of US Residents In Top 5 Cities Don't Speak
English At Home - 67 Million Overall

Chinese Air Force Holds Live-Fire War Drill In
South China Sea Days After US Exercise

Russia, China Slam United States Over 'Baseless Accusations
Of Interference' And International Bullying

The Pentagon Is Building Technology Allowing Troops
To Control Machines With Their Minds

Russia's new rocket-launched drone to pierce
air defenses more easily — expert

Possible Muslim Car Bombing Kills At Least One
In Allentown, PA

Teddy Roosevelt - Globalist American Psycho


Doom - Bloom's Taxonomy - The Rubbish
Running US Education

Humpback whale sightings around Hawaii declining
(Humpback Whales Dying Off From Fukushima)

A 21st Century Alternative to the 1927 Big Bang Theory

US Military-Industrial Complex's Worst Nightmare
The S-300 May Destroy and Expose the F-35

What we know about Israel's murky 'nukes'
as Bibi points finger at Iran

Hezbollah rejects Netanyahu 'delusions' about
'hidden missile sites'

Iran's Zarif Shrugs Off Netanyahu's Secret Nuke
Storage Claims as 'Smokescreen'

Unconvincing Abbas General Assembly Address

'World no more takes anti-Iranian allegations seriously'

Netanyahu's Claims about Nuke House in Tehran Village
Ripple Wave of Jokes in Cyberspace


Syrian And North Korean UNGA Addresses

Syria a victim of wars fought in the name of oil
Says Nationalist Austrian Foreign Minister

Trump Builds New Military Base on Syrian-Iraqi Border

Over 300 People Left Idlib Safe Zone Over Past 24 Hours

Syrian Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Supporting
Terrorists in Country's South

US-led coalition does everything but fight terror - Syria FM

Report - Turkey Helping Terrorists Reinvigorate
Positions in Demilitarized Zone in Syria's Idlib

New WikiLeaks Release Exposes Corruption In
UAE Arms Deal Fueling War On Yemen

Trump pushing Saudis to buy more US weapons

Dubai airport hit in second Yemeni drone strike


Saudi Arabia most notorious terror sponsor - Iran

US approves sale of tactical missiles to Bahrain

4 years on...Germany's new warship postponed yet again

Serbia to host joint air drills with Russia

Serbia puts military on high alert over incident
involving 'Kosovo special forces'

Budapest Has No Idea What Kiev is Doing By
Placing Troops on Hungary's Border

Ukraine to deploy more border guards,
rescuers in Azov Sea — minister

Fugitive Georgian Ex-Prez Saakashvili Urges
Poroshenko to 'Find Good Lawyer' for 'Treason Trial'

Court Won't Let FBI Dodge Lawsuit By Removing
US Citizen From No-Fly List Shortly After Being Sued

The Battle for Our Minds


Stupid Euphemisms - George Carlin - Vid

Impossible, Huge Hairy Creature Washes Up
On Philippine Beach - Pic

Over 170 aftershocks rock Indonesia's Sulawesi after
deadly quake, death toll jumps to 832

Nearly 50 People Injured as Typhoon Trami Hits Japan

Doctors Can't Rule Out Outbreak of Rat Hepatitis E
in Humans After First-Ever Case Reported in Hong Kong


FBI Contacts 2nd Kavanaugh Accuser In New Probe

The Three Leading US Broadsheets on Kavanaugh

Details, Details - CNN Publishes Fifth Kavanaugh
Accuser Story After Person Recants

Kavanaugh Vote Delayed One Week As
Trump Orders New FBI Investigation

Former Employer Sued Third Kavanaugh Accuser
For Sexual Harassment Allegations

Is Dr Ford Deeply Tied To The CIA? ⋆ Savage

Ford's GoFundMe Page Soars Past $500,000
Where's All This Money Headed?

More Like a Hijacking Than A Democracy - Graham

All 51 GOP members of the Senate support
proceeding to nomination

Can Trump Still Save The United States?


Trump Signs 'Minibus'- CR That Funds Planned
Parenthood and Aborted Baby Parts Research

Roberts - Where Does Our Attention Belong
Kavanaugh or Yemen?

Traffic Stop Thwarts Potential Terrorist Attack
By Yemeni National in California

IP Address of Person Who Doxxed GOP Senators
Points to Maxine Waters' Office

Eroding Chain of Command By Trashing Trump

Soros Funded Women's Group Attacked Sen Flake

Who Is The Queens Activist, Ana Maria Archila,
And How Did She Get Near Flake In Elevator?

Two 'Brave' Women Didn't Confront
Jeff Flake In That Senate Elevator

Boston event featuring Jeff Flake
moved amid security concerns

Joe Arpaio - Flake Isn't Principled - He Only
Wants To Embarrass Donald Trump


Pelosi Calls GOP 'Despicable' In Misleading Email

Leftists openly plot mass executions of conservatives
As Dems release home addresses Of GOP Senators

Musk To Step Down As Tesla Chairman But Stay
As Company Head - Pays $20 Million SEC Fine

House Intel Committee Votes To Release
Long-Awaited Russia Probe Interviews

Rosenstein Agrees to Private Meeting
with House Lawmakers

MSNBC Star Joy Ann Reid Sued For Falsely
Smearing California Grandmother

Has the ADL Gone Into Hiding?

James - If I'd Only Known Then What I Know Now

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Becomes Shock
Bestseller in Netherlands

Reddit Now 'Quarantining' Users Who Question 9/11


Facebook Marks Articles About Data
Breach As Spam on Facebook

Facebook using phone numbers submitted
for security purposes to target ads

Facebook Collects Your Data From Your
Facebook 'Friends' And Sells It

Dear Arizona Voters - What in the Hell
is Wrong With You???

Orange County judge rules California's
'sanctuary state' law unconstitutional

Trump invited to visit Russia - Lavrov

Expert: Electronic warfare system in Syria capable of tracking planes in Europe, Israel

Russia's Lavrov meets with Henry Kissinger at UN

If US is all for sovereignty, it should stop meddling
in other countries' affairs – Lavrov

Lavrov Slams Western Unilateralism


West uses political blackmail, economic pressure,
force to stop multipolar world – Lavrov at UNGA

Lavrov at UNGA: Russia Warns Against New
Chemical Weapon Provocations in Syria

Venezuela 'a mess' to be 'cleaned up' says
Trump as Pence & Haley call for regime change

Russian Embassy Calls Situation Around Skripal
Case Well-Planned Provocation

'There are More Questions than Answers
in the Skripal Saga' – Politologist

Ukraine's Poroshenko accepts American patrol boats
after claim the deal was deliberately stalled

Russia to create new high accuracy
correctable trajectory shell

Israel Asking for $900 Million MORE in US Aid
And Trump US Will Trip in The Rush To Give it

7 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli Troops

27th Straight Bloody Friday in Gaza


Joe - Our Government Is Full Of Traitors, Pt 1 - Vid

Joe - Our Government Is Full Of Traitors, Pt 2 - Vid

Elon Musk tells employees to
'ignore all distractions'

AI doesn't think—it evolves

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 9-29-18

Lavrov - Drop the diktats, try diplomacy

China, You're An Embarrassment On Trade

'Treated' water at Fukushima nuclear plant
still deadly radioactive

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 37

Why Did US Send An F-35B To Hit Taliban?


Pompeo Evacuates Consulate in Iraq

Expert - Electronic warfare system in Syria
capable of tracking planes in Europe, Israel

S-300 delivery to Syria already started - Russia

Watch Syrian Army Strike The Last Terrorist
Stronghold in Country's South

US Officials Push Back on 'Showman' Netanyahu's
Claims of New Nuke Warehouse

Iran rejects BiBi's claim of a secret atomic warehouse

US Hosts 'Arab NATO' Ministers,
Moving Forward With Anti-Iran Pact

Pompeo warns Iran against 'attacks on
US facilities' after closing Iraq consulate

Muslims Stab 3 Germans In Ravensburg, Germany

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Becomes Bestseller in Netherlands


Video of 'attempted lynching' in Paris
lawless, no-go suburbs shocks France

Welcome To Sanctuary Sweden!

91% of Moroccan Muslims want to come
to Western countries

120 children of French jihadists detained in Syria

Jewish Pundit Kicked Out of TV Show for Saying
African Host Is An 'Insult to France'

Half of UK Public Believes Theresa May Personally
Inclined to Keep Country in EU - Poll

'We Have an Imported Anti-Semitism in Germany'
AfD Party Member

At least 384 dead in Indonesian Tsunami

Chilling Video Shows The Moment Tsunami
Tore Through an Indonesia Island - Vid

Four Navy officers accused of sex with a minor,
And pornography – report


1 In 4 Baltimore Hospital Admissions Are Babies
Addicted To Opioids

Bizarre Particles Keep Flying Out
of Antarctica's Ice

Trump's Plan to Boost (Engine-Destroying) Ethanol
in Gasoline Under US Oil Industry Criticism

High oil prices make Americans question Trump

Oil Market Shocked As China's Top Refiner
Halves Iranian Oil Imports

High oil prices make Americans question the
Trump administration's work – analyst to RT

Lavrov - You cannot lock Iran within its borders

EU, UK, Russia, & China Join Together To
Dodge US Sanctions On Iran

US Retailers Warn Trade Wars Will Unleash
'Unavoidable' Price Hikes Before Holidays

China Says It Won't Bow to 'Blackmailing'
Amid Escalating Trade Rift With US


WTO cuts global trade outlook over
escalating Trump tariff disputes

Sanctions on Russia have cost Hungary $8 billion

China Significantly Reduces Troops at
Border With India

China Is Building A Replica Of Shakespeare Birth Town

Earth's Memory Is Locked in Ancient Seafloor Muck

The Role of Women's Anger in Trump's America

What Are Quick Strains?

In NY war between cats and rats...the rats win

Nine new skyscrapers that will transform the
London skyline by 2020

That Viral Elephant Poaching Story
Has Gotten a Lot More Complicated


35 Most Frequently Banned Books In Past 5 Years

The Fastest Way to Save $1 Million

3 (More) Easy To Grow Medicinal Plants
For Your Home And Garden

Calculated Kindness Versus Kindness

A Multi-Tool Worth the Weight

The Deadliest Massacre in Reconstruction-Era
Louisiana Happened 150 Years Ago

Forgotten images of Vietnam


Gingrich - Is There One Dem Decent Enough Or Disgusted
Enough To End This Kavanaugh Travesty? - Vid

American Shame - No Justice Or Good Politics In Disgraceful
Kavanaugh Hearing Farce

Court Rules Congress Can Sue Trump
For Breaking Constitutional Laws

SOHO Shows Huge Object Moving Away From Sun - Pic

San Onofre Near Nuclear Disaster - Came Within
1/4 Inch Of Going Chernobyl On August 3, 2018

Trump orders Supplemental FBI Probe Of Kavanaugh
Before Senate Vote

Judiciary Committee Votes 11-10 To Send Kavanaugh
Vote To Full Senate

'He Will Not Serve For Life' - Democrats Are Already
Plotting Kavanaugh's Impeachment

What Was In The Envelope Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
Slipped To Kavanaugh Accuser's Lawyer?

'Biggest Double Standard': Bill Clinton Rape Accuser
Slams Democrats for Kavanaugh Treatment- Vid

Dianne Feinstein Recommended Attorneys To Ford

Dianne Feinstein Contradicts The Official Story

Trump won't abandon his man at the 11th hour


Roberts - Trump...An Assessment

Ex-boyfriend filed restraining order against
third Kavanaugh accuser

Senator Booker's column about groping a girl resurfaces

House Committee Subpoenas 'McCabe Memos' Said
To Detail Rosenstein's Attempted 'Palace Coup'

Suicide Rate Rises Among Young US Veterans - Study

Hacker Threatens Zuckerberg Over Data Breach

Facebook Admits Cyber Attack Exposed
Info From 50 Million Accounts

WhatsApp Founder Admits to Selling Users'
Privacy to Facebook

Execs selling off their company's stock at a record pace

Soros Confirms He's Funding the Ongoing
Trump-Russia Witch Hunt


House Intel Committee tees up release
of Russia probe transcripts

Democrat's 2020 stealth candidate comes out of the closet

Michelle Obama 'Voting Doesn't Require Special Expertise!'

Obama fantasizes about being president again

Russia Is Ready For War - Vostok 2018 Simulated
WW3 With Two Nuclear Strikes On US

Trump US to Intro Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2

Govt agency sues Musk for fraud, wants him
barred from CEO positions

The Most Ridiculous Quotes From
the SEC's Lawsuit Against Elon Musk

Moonbeam Signs CA Cannabis Equity Act

Sergei Skripal Worked for Four Different
NATO Intel Agencies – Reports


Latest Skripal Incident Big Lie

UK Authorities Identify 3rd Suspect in
Salisbury Poisoning Case - Reports

Fabricated UK Claim About A
Third Skripal Incident Suspect

Is Trump Eyeing A Coup In Venezuela?

Haley calls for Maduro's ouster after Trump's threat

Japan and US Jointly Conduct Air Force Drills
Over East China Sea – Statement

Frightening and dangerous future of warfare
as 'Robocalypse' is on the horizon

Brave New World Revisited Again

The Battle for Our Minds

Oh Great! – Now They Want To Block The Sunlight


Wooldridge - The Strange Death of the
United States By Immigration

Illegal Alien Charged With Multiple Murders
Had Been Deported Six Times

Agents Apprehend 2,000 Illegals in 3 Days
at Single Border Crossing

10 Romanians Caught sneaking into US from Canada

Tory Candidate in Hot Water After Sharing
'Islamophobic' Tweet About Londonistan Mayor Khan

Hungary - Brussels wants to speed up the suicidal
inflow of illegal Muslims From Mideast, Africa

Madrid and Barcelona under leftist
mayors see Muslim crime wave

Where 'Human Zoos' Once Stood, A Belgian Museum
Now Faces Its Colonial Past

White social studies teacher ousted over slavery lesson
plans to sue over reverse racism

Ninth Circuit Says No, You May Not Arrest A Bunch Of
Middle School Students To 'Prove A Point'


The Government Wants Airlines to Delay
Your Flight So They Can Scan Your Face

Netanyahu's Latest UNGA Ticking Iran Bomb Stunt

Pictionary diplomacy - Bibi's passion for presentations - Vid

Bolstered by 'unwavering' US support'
Netanyahu thunders from UNGA dais

Netanyahu slams Iran & anti-Semitism at UN

'Arts & crafts show' can't hide Israel's secretive
WMD program, Iranian FM says

Iran's IRGC to Saudis, UAE: 'You're Not Invincible,
Don't Cross Our Red Lines'

Is Wesley Clark's prediction
of US invasion of Iran at hand?

Damascus to Get New Missile Shields in Addition to S-300

Turkey Transfers Foreign Terrorist Commanders from Idlib


Iraqi Instagram model gunned down in Baghdad amid
spate of female activist assassinations

Saudi allies in Yemen cut cooperation with UN mission

Daily US-Led NATO War Crimes in Afghanistan - Russia

'I don't care if I incite fear of Muslims'
– Tommy Robinson in heated interview

EU Commission - EU Must Curb National
Sovereignty to Kill Populism

Europeanize America? Not on Your Life

Tory Candidate in Hot Water After Sharing
'Islamophobic' Tweet About Londonistan Mayor Khan

'Single Greatest Failing' of Gov't: Johnson Pans
'Invertebrate' May Over Brexit Plan in Fiery Op-Ed

Corbyn - Labour will vote against May Brexit deal

Syrian Detained in Berlin Suspected of Plotting
Chemical Attack in Israel – Reports


Dutch Police Arrest 7 People Suspected of
Major Terror Attack Plot

Italy Plunged Into Crisis After Introducing
Universal Basic Income

Polish Democracy Is Under Siege

Killer whales could be wiped out by banned
pollutants within decades - (BY FUKUSHIMA)

Seal slaps kayaker in face with a gigantic octopus

New $1200 Refrigerators Have Water Problems
No Manufacturer Cares

The Flu Killed More Americans Last Winter
Than It Has in Decades

Syphilis Rates In Babies Are At a 20-Year High

SF paid $400,000 for questionable research
that says its filthy streets are clean

Ford - Trump's Tariffs 'Took About $1 Billion in Profit'
The Solution - Move Your Plants Back To The US


Australia's financial sector's descent
to the fourth circle of hell

Several South American Countries
Struggle With Influx of Urban Refugees

Gold-Based Monetary System To Bring
Price Stability To Crypto

JP Morgan Just Launched The Largest Ever
Real-World Blockchain Application

Look How Well Gold Has Retained Its Value
From 1,000 Years Ago

Turkey plans to boost trade with China,
reviving ancient Silk Road

Belgium to sue Google for refusing
to blur military sites

Bizarre Particles Keep Flying Out of Antarctica's Ice
and They Might Shatter Modern Physics

Dr. Oz demonstrates how to save lives with CPR

RT sheds light on casual child abuse
by shamanic cult


Japan Braces For New Massive Typhoon

Super-Strong Magnet Literally Blew the
Doors Off a Tokyo Laboratory

Never a Choice (song lyrics)

The plane that shrank the world

Plane crash ends in miracle escape

Bird flu switches from chickens to ducks

First-Ever VIDEO Filmed From Asteroid Surface

Something Unexpected Has Been Happening
to Plants in The Arctic

The Mandatory Canteens of Communist China


Republican Senators Doxxed By Someone In House Shortly After Questioning Kavanaugh - Daily Caller

San Onofre Near Nuclear Disaster - Came Within
1/4 Inch Of Going Chernobyl On August 3, 2018

Kavanaugh Cries 'Circus!' While Ford Accuses
Him Of Sexual Assault

Highlights From Ford's Testimony

Graham Nukes Dems Over 'Sham' Kavanaugh Hearings

Kavanaugh Mayhem - Two Men Cop To Feeling Christine
Ford's Breasts, Contradicting Her Accusation

Judge Nap - Kavanaugh 'Convincing' And 'Believable'

Kavanaugh 'Gang Bang' Accuser Exposed
Restraining Order, Link To Blasey-Ford

3rd Kavanaugh accuser reportedly threatened
her ex-boyfriend & his baby

NC Sen. Tillis - 'Group Attacking' Kavanaugh Already
'Bought URL' for Next Opposition Website

Ford Says She Took 'Extremely Stressful' Polygraph
After Grandmother's Funeral

Ford Didn't Know Who Paid For The Polygraph

Democrats already fundraising off Ford-Kavanaugh hearing


Roberts - Chuck Baldwin Sums It Up...Trump Blew It

Trump claims women were paid to accuse him

Dems Choose To Stick It Out With Pelosi

Trump Speaks With Rosenstein Who Allegedly
Sought to Oust Him - White House

Trump At UN - We Reject The Ideology Of Globalism,
Must Defend Sovereignty - Americanism Over Globalism

Trump says China respects him because
of his 'very, very large brain'

Trump Falsely Accuses China of
Meddling in US Midterm Elections

Trump Rebukes China for Election Interference

Beijing Refutes Trump's Accusations of
Mid-Term Election Meddling

China's Meddling in US Affairs Reaches
'Unacceptable Level' Says Official


Beijing Demands Trump 'Stop Unceasing
Criticism And Slander Of China'

10 Ways Big Tech Can Shift Millions of Votes
in November Elections—Without Anyone Knowing

Trump Regime Extremists vs the World

Devvy - Civil War here In America? Talk Or Reality? (Part IV)

Soros Confirms Funding Ongoing Trump-Russia Hunt
By Ex-Feinstein Staffer And Fusion GPS

Trump trade wars - Ford reports $1 Billion lost profits

Trump Regime Rage Against
Sovereign Independent States

Trump's greatest hits from the UN press conference

SEC Sues Musk For Securities Fraud

Will the US Military Space Force's Reach
Extend to the Moon?


Committee Republicans' Addresses and Phone
Numbers Released on Wikipedia

Suicide rate spikes among young US veterans

The Big Thing FB Didn't Say About Oculus Quest

60 Years of DARPA's Favorite Toys

Shockwaves From WWII Bombing Raids
Rippled the Edges of Space

Beijing slams US military 'provocations' after B-52
bombers fly over South & East China Seas

Russia's Su-57 jet gets hypersonic missile that can
shoot down enemy aircraft '300km away'

Russia Releases Footage Of New Anti-Ship
Missiles Pounding Warships

Mysterious Rocket Facility in CA Sparks
Concerns Among Locals - Pics

CIA Used Criminal Probe of US Airline
for 'Torture Flights' - Commission


US has to come to terms with its place in the world
just as Britain did when its empire collapsed

Cooold War - Dutch troops have to buy winter
underwear on their own ahead of major NATO drill

CENTCOM Confirms First–Ever F-35 Combat Strike
Against Taliban in Afghanistan

Norway Launches 1st Domestically Produced
Rocket Into Space – Reports

Putin has information that Skripal poisoning suspects
Petrov and Boshirov are civilians - Kremlin

Williamson two-step: UK minister tweets & deletes
congrats on 'Salisbury suspect revealed'

Alleged Identity of Skripal Poisoning Suspect
Boshirov Not on Interpol List

UK Home Office Refuses to Cooperate with
Moscow on Skripals Case - Russian Embassy

Bolton and Pompeo Threaten Iran

Iran warns Israel it will 'regret' further
attacks on Syria & allies


Iran Leader raps West's double standards
on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Russia-Turkey Deal on Idlib 'Excellent'
'Positive Development' - Saudi FM

At UN, Iran, Russia, Turkey FMs exchange views on Syria crisis, Idlib situation

US General Claims Russian S-300s Will
Create 'Unstable Conditions' for Syria

Israel Ready to Open Quneitra Checkpoint
on Border With Syria – Defense Minister

Trump attests to Israel's malice in Netanyahu meeting

Nearly 1,000 Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque

'Yemeni ballistic missiles hit targets in Saudi Arabia'

'Not kosher'? Jewish-only section of Germany's
right-wing AfD raises eyebrows

Black rapper's 'hang white people' video triggers
meltdown in France


WikiLeaks Gets New Boss While Assange Remains
Cut Off From Outside World

Offshore Energy Richness And America's Mauritania Frenemy

Maduro Calls US Sanctions on Venezuela 'Economic
Trade Persecution' in UN Assembly Speech

Lavrov opposes new US sanctions against Venezuela

Airbus, China Set to Strike Major Deal Amid
Trade Row With US

US-China trade battle casts shadow over
Asia's 2019 growth – Asia Development Bank

India ignores US threat of sanctions as it
greenlights S-400 contract with Russia – reports

EU's special Iran payment channel could
take effect before November: Mogherini

Russia to boost China trade to $200 Billion by 2024

Google To Reverse Crypto Ad Ban For
Exchanges Advertising In US, Japan


Total - Oil Could Rise To $100 And That's Bad News

Norway's Central Bank Fears An Oil Price Spike

The Moon Is Open for Business

Top US Officials Say Drones Increasingly
Pose a National Security Threat

Government Wants Airlines to Delay Your
Flight So They Can Scan Your Face

Jeremy Corbyn Delivers the U.K. Labour
Party Conference's Keynote Speech

Mohamed number one baby boy
name in large Paris suburb

A 'Perfect Storm' Surrounds One Of The
Worst Ebola Outbreaks In History Right Now

Must See Movie - The Spider's Web

Gay Professor Officially Didn't Harass Gay
Student In Sexual E-mails - It Was 'Code'!


Idiocracy? Teacher Fired For Refusing To Give 50%
Grade To Students Who Didn't Turn In Homework

House Committee Finds 'Toxic' Misconduct
'Abysmal' Worker Satisfaction At TSA

The Neofeudal Privileges Of Class In America

Scientists expect lower temperatures in Arctic after 2030

Black rapper's 'hang white people'
video triggers meltdown in France

Uber pays $148 Million over data breach coverup

Woman Gets Arrested for Sheltering
and Treating Pets During Hurricane

Sex in Japan: Dying for company

Insulin prices could be much lower
and still be profitable

Global Human Population Isn't Going to Explode


NASA tests tiny satellites to track global storms

A Strange Neutron Star That "Shouldn't Exist”

Catholics - Your Saints and Your
Children are Crying Blood

Glowing UFO Lands on The Ocean,
Authorites Investigating 1956

Mysterious Men in Black Arrive
After UFO Activity 1990

Project A - An Academic UFO Study

Ice Cube Projectiles Could Be Intruments
For Starting War – 1955

Ford Testifies Kavanaugh 'Sexually Assaulted Me'
Rejects Mistaken Identity Theory

Kavanaugh And Accuser Ford…Live Updates

Trump Not Calling For Kavanaugh Probe Is 'Coverup'


Netanyahu Claims Iran Has 'Secret Atomic Warehouse'
Located In Tehran

Amazing Infrared Video Shows
Many 'Ships' Around Sun - Vid

Teacher exposes LGBT agenda coming into America's
elementary schools - Beyond Sickening - Vid

Trump Blasts Dems For pushing Sex Assault
Charges Against Kavanaugh

Graphic New Allegations On Kavanaugh Released

Trump's Mystifying Victory Lap at the UN

Trump Gets 100 Countries to Sign On
to His UN Drug War Plan

Trump Calls Kavanaugh Allegations a 'Con Game'

What the Media Isn't Telling You About Kavanaugh

Rosenstein Not Fired As Expected…So Far

Twitter Amazed - Trump Blasts China For Election
Meddling While Completely Ignoring Russia


Trump's General Assembly Dissembling & Rage

Trump leaves UN Security Council he was chairing

Russia, Iran & China on Trump's UN Address & Agenda

Nutty Nikki Lashes Out at EU's Mogherini Over Iran

World leaders laugh as Trump boasts of
accomplishments during UN speech - Vid

Trump at UNGA - OPEC nations to contribute
substantially to military protection from now on

Ukraine Diplomat Reveals How Clinton Team
Sought Dirt on Trump

Trump - Venezuela Could Be 'Quickly Toppled'

Twitter suspends VZ Presidential Press account

'No One Will Stop Us' - Venezuela's Maduro Slams
Trump's UN Speech Which Hinted At Coup


US Allocate $48 Million In Humanitarian Aid to
VZ Amid New Sanctions – Pence

Here's How China's 'Social Credit Score'
Punish And Reward Citizens - It's Terrifying

List of 71 Targets Censored By Silicon Valley
Released to US Media & lawmakers

The EU Wants to Control the Internet—and You

The Path to World War III?

China bans US Warship from docking in Hong Kong

Stone Age Somalis Riot at Minnesota Amusement
Park Forcing Evacuation Of Guests - Vid

Ellison Wants To Flood US With 100,000 MORE
Somali Useless Eaters To Riot And Take US Down

CA Muslim Had 2 IEDs In Car, Arrested 4 Felonies

Muslim Drives Car Into '100s Of Children, Teachers'
Story Coverup - Manhunt Underway


African Italian Ssys Close Borders Before Civil War - Vid

German Mom Viral Video - 'Only 2 Out of 25'
Kids in Son's Daycare Speak German

Sweden Manhunt Underway After Muslim Car Accelerates
Into 'Crowd Of 100 Children And Teachers'

Moroccan Royal Navy Opens Fire on Muslim Ship
1 Dead, 3 Injured

Austrian Interior Ministry memo urges police to disclose
citizenship (Muslim) of sex crime suspects

In socialist Spain, Muslims sleep in police
stations for weeks

Saudi Muslims Buying Up Land in Northern VA

Dr. Michelle Cretella MD On Transgenderism
- A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right

You Wanna Be A Hollywood Star? Better Watch
This Satanic Horror First - Vid

Fourth Veritas Video Reveals IRS Still
Targeting Conservatives


Voynich Manuscript Mystery Finally Solved
It's A Turkish Language - Vid

Allgire - The Curious Case Of Seth Tanner
Mystery In The Grand Canyon - Vid

US to Respond Swiftly, Decisively to Any
Iranian Attack on America – Pompeo

Iranian president promises response to
any subversive act in Persian Gulf

Iran's Top Security Official Blasts US
for Conniving with ISIS

UK Minister - Trump's Iran Rhetoric Could Cause
Confrontation With 'Major Powers'

ISIS Used Chemical Weapons in Syria and Iraq - Macron

Russia Warns West Against New Strikes in
Syria Under Far-Fetched Pretexts - Lavrov

Russia Starts Sending Advanced
Electronic Military Hardware to Syria

Leaked Photos Show Russian Military Likely
Delivered Advanced S-300 To Syria Already


Damascus is Safer Than Most European Cities

S-300s in, Patriots out - US to withdraw missiles
from 3 Middle East countries – report

S-300 Deliveries to Syria to Make
Russia Reliable Arms Supplier

Israel should 'reconsider' attacking Syria after
Damascus receives S-300s – Syrian deputy FM

'Al-Qaeda Goes to Hollywood': Mini-Doc
Exposes Syrian War Propaganda

Netanyahu Vows Continued Israeli War in Syria

Russia Rejected Offer to Talk to Netanyahu
After Il-20 Downing – Reports

Trump to Netanyahu - 'I Like A Two-State Solution' to
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Trump says ready to discuss Russia-Israel with Putin

Macron Urges Israel to Stop 'Fait Accompli'
Policy Toward Palestine


Work on Russia's New S-500 Air Defense
System Almost Complete - Deputy PM

Beijing Denies US Navy Request for
F-35 Carrier Port Call in Hong Kong

Japan Eyes Supersonic Glide Bombs to
Protect Disputed Islands from China

Moscow's eye in US sky - Here's what we know
about Russian spy plane cleared by Washington

Russian Deputy FM - US Base in Poland
Will Dismantle NATO-Russia Founding Act

Russia's Bastion coastal defense fires
supersonic missiles in first Arctic drills - Vid

Naked Emperors Don't Get Much Respect

UK Defense Minister Alleges 'True Identity'
of Skripal Case Suspect Revealed

Craig Murray - The Incredible Case Of The
Skripal 'Patsies' Visas

Argentine President Reiterates Sovereignty
Claim to UK-Ruled Falkland Islands at UNGA


Labour will recognize Palestinian state
if we win General Election - Corbyn - Vid

'Labour's Starmer may have just cost his
party the next election' – Galloway

Rand Paul wants to lift US travel bans on
Russian lawmakers if Moscow reciprocates – report

There Is A 'Profound' Danger To Dollar Reserve Status

India Builds Up Strategic Oil Reserve

Moscow: US Pressure on Europe Over Energy
Cooperation With Russia 'Unacceptable'

US won't sanction Russia's state debt & dollar transactions

Europe Unveils 'Special Purpose Vehicle' To Bypass
SWIFT, Jeopardizing Dollar's Reserve Status

Oil surges to 4 year high as investors see no sign of
production rise amid Iran sanctions

Iran Truck Drivers Go On Strike,
Crippling Oil Infrastructure


Erdogan to continue Iran gas imports despite US threat

Macron, Zangeneh say Trump behind oil price rally

Washington cannot dictate who Europeans
should and shouldn't trade with - Belgian PM

Activists in Oregon Fight for the Public
Consumption of Cannabis on 2019 Ballot

2,000 Pedophiles Set to be Chemically Castrated

Computer That Almost Started A Nuclear War

Which Milk Alternatives Are Worthy?

How Typical Is Bill Cosby's Sentence?

The Dead Beneath London's Streets

The Car Loans That Never Die


Why Japan is landing hopping
robots on an asteroid

Photos of Typhoon Trami Are Jaw-Dropping

How to Hunt With Just About Anything

Why is French Prostitution Ban Failing to Work?

The Man Who Beat Monsanto

Monsanto Glyphosate Linked To Global Decline In Bees

Super Typhoon Trami - Epic scale of 'unstoppable'
storm as seen from space - Pics

One in Three Older Americans Is Lonely

I'll Start Going Home With Drunk Guys
and Steal All Their Shit!


Graphic New Allegations On Kavanaugh Released

Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Set For Friday

Grassley Denies Dems Call To Delay Ford Hearing

Br Nathanael - Does The Media Run America? - Vid

Rosenstein to Meet Trump On Thursday
Amid Chaos Over Resignation

Axios Publishes Text Of Rod Rosenstein Resignation Letter

Emails Show Yale Profs Canceling Classes
For Kavanaugh Hearing

Over 120 Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Arrested On
Capitol Hill As "Resistance" Activates

Ted Cruz & wife harangued out of DC
restaurant by anti-Kavanaugh protesters - Vid

Confirming Assange's Assertion That WikiLeaks'
Source Was The DNC Itself

NYT tech expert ridiculed after 'fact-checking'
obviously fake Trump pic

World Leaders Laugh As Trump Boast Of His
'Accomplishments' At The UN

Trump Weighs Anti-Trust Probe Of Google
Facebook And Twitter


'Orwellian' move - Facebook teams up with US Govt
to police 'fake news' in foreign elections

3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming
An Arm Of The US Government

Instagram co-founders resign after alleged row
with Zuckerberg in latest blow to Facebook

Dr. Christine Ford Unredacted (raunchy) 1982-83
Prep School Holton Yearbooks

Why Ford's HS Yearbooks