Headlines 2

African Swine Fever Outbreak Threatens
Western EU Farms With Huge Losses

'Chlorine delivered' - Idlib Terrorists 'readying
false flag attack' on Syrian village – Russian MoD

John Kerry - Trump Has 'Maturity Of An 8 Yr Old Boy
And The Insecurity Of a Teenage Girl - Vid

Trump Might Criminally Charge John Kerry - Fox Friends

New Mexico Sheriff Describes Mysterious FBI
Tests Amid Growing ET Speculation In Shutdown
Of Sunspot Solar Observatory

CNN - Mysterious 'Security Issue' Cause NM Solar
Observatory To Be Shutdown And Evacuated.

Hollywood Celebrates Paul Manafort Guilty Plea
With 'Check Mate' And 'F*ck U Trump'

Trump Derangement Syndrome' and the
Liberal Resistance Movement

Manafort Deal Looks Like Good News for Trump,
Terrible News for Democrats

The Mueller Investigation Is Sending People to Jail
But Not For Collusion

Manafort Will cooperate with Mueller prosecutors

Pompeo Tears Into John Kerry Over Iran Meetings
'Unheard Of' Level Of Undermining White House

Strzok Wanted To Hunt Down Trump Ties Using
FBI 'Steele Dossier' Report Leaked To CNN

Strzok Wanted To Hunt Down Trump Ties Using
FBI 'Steele Dossier' Report Leaked To CNN


DiGenova on New Strzok-Page Texts
'Walls Are Closing In' on DOJ, FBI Officials

Deep State Does America - Big Time

TICK. TICK. TICK...We Are About To Unmask The Deep- State

Rush Limbaugh - Theories on Why Trump Doesn't
Declassify the FISA Documents

Greenwald - The MSM 'Allowed List' Of 'Real Reporters'

Politicians Warn Spy Chief - There Is A New Threat
Called 'Deep Fakes'

Why John Bolton Really Hates the
International Criminal Court

Curious case of the NYT and Nutty Nikki's curtains

Florence Death Toll Now At Least 11

Weather Channel Reporter Mocked For Over-Acting
In Winds Of Hurricane Florence


Florence - 'I can't afford to leave my home'

Nuclear Plant Still Threatened by Florence Rainfall

Will we soon see Category 6 hurricanes?

A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling The Globe
Has 'The Day After Tomorrow' Arrived?

Trump US Military intervention in VZ 'on the table'

Flight 93 Cover Story - The Crater was there in 1995

Moonbeam Says CA Will Launch Its Own
Satellite To Mock Trump

Majority of Americans Mull Voting
Against Incumbent US Congressmen - Poll

University Announces "White Awake" Safe Space
For White Students

Icke – The Internet Is A Scam


'Apple doesn't like to admit they copy anyone'

ThinkProgress gets censored by Facebook fact-checkers

Google China Prototype Links Searches to Phone #s

Forget the new iPhones - believe it or nor Apple's
best product is now privacy

Facebook Will 'Fact-Check' Images And Videos Of What
You Should See And Believe - MIND CONTROL

Google engineers and scientists flee
the company as EVIL takes over

Rothschild's New world Order - China -
and the Destruction of America

Bezos Proposal to Cage Workers in Warehouses

The Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal Is Growing
Beyond Containment

Doom - Girls Creeped Out By Old Scientists
Luring Them To STEM (?)


Russian diplomat accuses Bellingcat of leaking
special services' misinformation

Roberts - I Agree With The Saker As Far As He Goes

Russian 'hybrid warfare' targerting German
troops in NATO - Merkel

Murder of Donbass leader committed with help
of Western intel services - DPR acting head

Judge hearing case on 2014 Maidan killings
attacked in Kiev

Lockheed Martin Wins $7.2 Billion Contract
For Next Gen GPS Satellites

Russian Investigates US Lab in Georgia Where
Lethal Experiments On People May Have Occurred

Diplomat - Moscow won't react to US demands
concerning chemical weapons' inspections

Russophobia Digest Part 9 - Spy sex, no evidence
and the Manafort trial charade goes on

US Immigrant Numbers Hit 44.5 Million
Near 108 Year Record


Just Like Their Comrads In US, Lying German Press
Made Up Story 'Neo-Nazis' Were Hunting Migrants

Part of a bigger game? FBI & US Justice Dept accused
of deliberate media leak strategy

Kushner - Trump's measures against Palestinians
won't hurt peace - What 'Peace' Is That, Jerry?

Slum Lord Kushner Pretends Trump Toughness
on Palestinians Improves Peace Prospects

Syrian Air Defenses Stop Israeli Missile Attack
Near Damascus Airport

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Trump
Regime's Support For Terrorism in Syria

White Helmets, Tahrir Al-Sham Preparing New Scenes
for Real Chemical Attacks in Northern Syria

Trump Regime's Humanitarian Concerns
in Syria a Colossal Hoax

'Putin concerned by terror acts in Syria's Idlib'

Russia Is Working Overtime to Beef up
Syria's Air Defenses


Russia to create humanitarian corridors in Idlib
to prevent civilian casualties – Russian FM

Turkey Amasses Forces in Idlib Ahead of
Damascus Offensive

Popular Uprising Continues against US Occupation in Raqqa

US, UK, Saudis, UAE Want Yemenis to Starve

Saudi airstrikes kill 15 on Hudaydah-Sana'a highway

While all eyes are on Syria's Idlib, US continues
to decimate Yemen

Yemeni ballistic missile hits Saudi Aramco oil refinery

Trump Regime to Impose $200 Billion
More Duties on Chinese Products

Ten Years After Lehman Collapsed,
We're Still Screwed


Mexico City Is Sinking

Finnish Minister blames migration for
downfall of Sweden

Iran There Is No Spare Oil Capacity

US studying possible Iran sanctions waivers - Pompeo

'Not a love affair': Zarif says Iran to stay in
nuclear deal as long as its oil sells

Russia & Germany reaffirm support for
Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline – Lavrov

The Bailouts For The Rich Are Why America Is
So Screwed Right Now

Goldman - What Is Going On In The US Is “Usually
Reserved For Times Of War"

No lessons learned: Next financial crisis to be much
worse with US dollar collapse – Schiff

Wall Street bankers never punished for massive
fraud leading to 2008 financial crisis


Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 35

Can California Actually Achieve Carbon
Neutrality by 2045?

DC Sees Mass Synthetic Marijuana Overdose

Ambulance Shortages Could Create Major
Catastrophes During Disasters

Super Typhoon Makes Landfall in Philippines

The deadly warbirds of World War Two

Stunning Navy Pilot Video Of Triangle UFO
Parked On US Aircraft Carrier flight Deck? - Vid

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Trump And Pence
Of Shielding Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

Florence Now A Tropical Storm - First Fatalities

Trump and Breitbart Fall in Love Again

Woodward book reveals intimate
details of Trump's and Melania's relationship

We Already Have a Fake Billionaire President
Why Would We Want a Real One Running in 2020?

Americans Aren't Practicing Democracy Anymore

6 More Solar Observatories Closed - What's Going On?

US message is clear, do as we say or be punished

WaPo Calls for Legislating Greater Toughness on Russia


Largest US Weapons Store...in Italy - Vid

Drone Countermeasures

US Biological Warfare Program In The Spotlight Again

Space Station hole saga new twist - More drill scratches
discovered on outside hull

What Caused Boston Gas Line Blasts? - Vid

How to avoid AI dystopia

Trump Regime Undermining World Order - Russia

US and UK Media Scoundrels on Falsely Accused
Russians Denying Responsibility for Skripal Incident

No Official Data Showing That Skripal Case
'Suspects' Violated Law Anywhere - Kremlin

Interview With Russians Wrongfully Accused
In Skripal False Flag


Kremlin slams London's reaction to interview
with Skripal case suspects as ‘absurd'

Russia warns about US attempts to prepare
global public opinion for new attack on Syria

UK Wants Skripal Hysteria to Soften Public
Before Attacks in Syria - Scholar

On The Brink With Russia In Syria Again, 5 Years On

Russian helicopter gunship Ka-52 longer range weapons

Russia completes replacement of Ukrainian
imports in defense industry – deputy PM

Zimbabwe TV commentator explains how ruthlessly
China is ripping off their country

Israelis Shoot Dead 3 More Palestinians In Gaza

Tucker Boggled at Trump US Idlib logic
US to bomb Syria to protect Al-Qaeda? - Vid

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Accuses Trump And Pence
Of Shielding Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

Assault On Syria's Idlib Risks Scattering Terrorists
Abroad, French Foreign Minister Warns


US Troops Wrap Up Mass Drills With Terrorists
Near Syria's al-Tanf Base - Reports

Secret doc reveals Israeli military unprepared for war

Spain to ‘honor' sale of 400 bombs to Saudis
despite halting it over rights groups outcry

Trump Regime Lies About Saudi Aggression In Yemen

3 More Elementary School Girls FGM Butchered
By Muslim Cutter In Michigan

NY Court Rules Convicted Terrorist Is US Citizen
And Erases Deportation Order!

Dalai Lama - 'Europe Belongs to Europeans'

Islamist extremism caused 84,000 deaths
worldwide in 2017

Merkel Melts Down After Thousands Of
Germans Protest Violent Migrants

51% Vienna pupils don't speak German at home


Muslim Runs down 2 In France Yelling 'Allahu Akbar'

Italy's Salvini hits out at top EU official
over ‘little Mussolinis' remark

Jeremy Corbyn Ally Says Israel 'Created'
Labour's Anti-Semitism Scandal

London Downplays France's Warning to Block Planes,
Trains From UK in Case of No-Deal Brexit

Nevada Professor Shoots Himself On Campus
To Protest President Trump

UC Boulder Labels 'Illegal Alien' A 'Problematic Phrase'

Tesla Roadster 2020 - Vid

Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk

The Math of Jeff Bezos' Astounding Greed

What about your workers? Amazon's Bezos gets grief
for $2bn fund to help homeless & children

'The World Is Sleepwalking Into A Financial Crisis'
Former UK PM Gordon Brown


The 1% Will Own Two-Thirds of World Wealth
Within the Next Decade

Rick Perry Tells Russia To Stop Using
Energy As Economic Weapon

US Government Spends a Record $433 Billion
in One Month as Deficit Explodes

Taking Stock After 10 Years
The Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

The millions of 'missing' babies after 2008 crash

Russia learned most from 2008 financial crisis says
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

Global Shipping Rates Collapse As Trade War Spreads

China Offers Venezuela $5 Billion Loan
To Support 'Ideological Ally' Maduro

US behind ‘economic assassination attempt' on Turkey

At What Cost? - Vid


Denver International Airport Trolls Conspiracy
Theorists in New Ad Campaign

Brand New Bacteria Species Found On Man In Britain

Medicinal cannabis to be available
on prescription in UK

This Is What It's Like to Be a Teacher in America

These Cops Threw Their Lives Away for $20 Sex

Brits in India - Sozzled, sex mad and bloodthirsty

How the 2015 Santa Barbara Oil Spill Changed CA

OZ Dodgy food items passed off as the real thing

The Ancient Roots of Domesticated Dogs

The sad tales of Antarctica's deaths

An Amazing Reaction Happens
When a Plant Gets Hurt


BPA-Free Plastics Disrupt Fertility

How to Wake Up

Why Intelligent People Fear the Truth

Cat 1 Florence Finally Crawls Ashore

Manafort To Take Plea Deal To End Second Case

Duff - Will Russia Call America's Bluff?

Trump Regime Threatens War on Syrian Forces
if They Try Liberating Their Own Idlib Province!

Ex-US Intel Officers Warn Trump Over Syria Attack
'Don't Be Surprised Russians Fire Their Missiles'

Trump's Choice - WW3 Or Saving Face In Syria

28 FBI Agents With Knowledge of Clinton Scandal
Ask to Testify Against Deep State - Vid

Dozens of Agents Now Willing To Come Forward
And Help Put Hillary In Her Place

Sean Hannity expects Donald Trump to fire
Robert Mueller after Hurricane Florence

Hillary & Google Created Hidden Server to Hide
Secret Benghazi Emails from Congress - FBI Never Probed

How Anti-Trump Leakers Went
From Offense To Defense

Trump Hits Back, Says 'Nervous Mess' Jamie Dimon
Doesn't Have 'Aptitude Or Smarts' To Be President


Feinstein Throws Kavanaugh Hearing Into Chaos
With Cryptic Statement About 'Secret Letter'

Hillary Slips Up, Tweets Furious Screed Based
On Debunked Kavanaugh Smear

John Kerry Accused Of Violating Logan Act
After He Admits To Secret Iran Talks

Trump blasts Strzok-Page 'Leaking Like Mad' Text
As a 'disaster' And 'embarrassment' for FBI, DOJ

Ex-FBI Atty Lisa Page Interned 'Under Bill Clinton'

How Trump Can Strike Back At Deep State

Coulter Daydreams About Trump Whacking Kushner

Trup Regime Intends Sanctioning Russians For
Non-Existent Midterm Meddling

Lindsey Graham, Huma Abedin, And The Generals

What is up with Lindsey Graham?


Crown Castle & The 5G Beast

Pedophile's Decapitated Corpse Found On Judge's
Doorstep After Bail Hearing In Illinois

Secret letter accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual
misconduct when he was in high school!

Minions Feeding Vampires

Google Promotes White Genocide & Satanism

Major Trump Supporters Banned From Reddit
And Their Posts Erased

Twitter Accused Of Censoring Term
'Illegal Alien' As 'Hate Speech'

Google just gave a stunning demo of
Assistant making an actual phone call

Circuit Breaker - Google Assistant makes calls

ThinkProgress Censored By Facebook After
Cheerleading Facebook Censorship

Facebook - The New Tower Of Babel


Google hires head of major defense task
force as chief of cloud AI

'Panic And Dismay' - Leaked Video Reveals Distraught
Google Execs Grappling With Hillary Clinton's Loss

Ex-CIA Chief Endorsed Golden Showers Dossier
to Set Russia Probe in Motion - Woodward

Facebook Atlantic Council censors are more
interested in tanks than thinking

Amazon Delivery Drivers Suffer 'Inhumane'
Working Conditions

'Nobody Would Tell Us Anything' - US Solar
Observatory Mysteriously Closed by FBI

The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

Meteorological Strangeness Of Hurricane Florence

Florence - 83 Foot Waves Possible…That's BIG

Hurricane Florence Could Unleash
Pig Sh*t, Coal Ash, Industrial Waste


Putin- Russia will continue to strengthen armed
forces so that they can defend sovereignty

Putin reviews troops & armor on parade
during massive military drills - Vid

Vostok-2018 Drills Show Russian Army
Capable of Countering Significant Threats - Putin

US State Department Slams Announcement of
Donbass Elections Slated for November 11

Trump US To Impose 'Very Severe' Sanctions
On Russia Over Skripal Case

Russians Wrongfully Accused of the
Skripal False Flag Are Civilians

Wrongly Accused Skripal False Flag Civilians Interviewed

5 Things We've Learned From Interview
With Skripal Poisoning 'Suspects'

UK claims men in RT interview were GRU
intelligence agents despite their denial

UK Lied Saying That Names of 'Suspects' in Skripal
Case Were Fictitious - Russian Foreign Ministry


Having big goals, big dreams

SPLC Allies With Antifa Group That
Cheers The Death Of Trump Supporters

First 'red heifer' born in Israel in 2,000 years
triggers Armageddon fears

Majority of Israeli Jews Believe
They Are the 'Chosen People'

Syria Civil War Won't End In Idlib - Israeli Source

Israeli military sends reinforcements to
Palestinian village to begin its demolition

UN warns of 'catastrophic' situation
in Gaza amid Israeli siege

Israel Rejects Reported Selling of Its
Iron Dome Missile Systems to Saudi Arabia

12 Women Accuse Netanyahu Spokesman
David Keyes of Misconduct

Pentagon Says White Helmets Carry Out
Strictly Humanitarian Mission in Syria (!)


Idiocy - France Suspects Damascus of Possessing
Clandestine Chemical Weapons Facilities - Ministry

Russia, Turkey join to prevent humanitarian disaster in Idlib

Another US Coalition Strike On Yemen Civilian Bus

Senator eviscerates WH over Saudi crimes in Yemen

Iran's missile strike on Iraq-based terrorists
sends message to enemies - IRGC

Canada Muslim Charged In Murder Of 13 Yr Old Girl

Some Jersey City Muslims DID Celebrate 9/11

CA Terror-Linked Muslim Group Preaching At
Santa Clara Valley Public Library

Our Flimsy Wall Can't Stop Illegals At Chilton Ranch
Armed Camouflaged Men Invading America! - Vid

'Victory or Death' - Top Sweden Democrat Stirs Nation


EU's 'dangerous' move to punish
Hungary 'reveals its authoritarian grip'

German politician tells AfD leader
he 'belongs in dung heap' - Vid

French Don't Like Trump, no longer consider US An Ally

France Wants to Further Develop Economic
Cooperation With Russia – Ambassador

France admits enabling death by torture
during Algerian War of Independence

EU Passes Copyright Directive Including
Internet 'Link Tax' and 'Upload Filter'

China's 'Digital' Totalitarian Experiment

UK mass surveillance broke human rights convention,
European court rules

Bone-Chilling Footage From China Shows Reality of
Enslavement Supported By Big Tech Firms

The Real Wealth Gap… It's Not What You Think


Trump Tariffs Causing Scaled Pressure on
US Enterprise - Federal Reserve

Goldman Warns Of $6 Trillion In Losses
In A 'Severe Trade War'

Decade after financial crisis JPMorgan
predicts next one's coming soon

Eastern Economic Forum brings $42 billion
in deals to Russia

Russia warns US against using energy
as 'tool of pressure' on Europe

EU prolongs sanctions against Russia for six months

Putin to attend second Belt and Road Forum in China

China Completes First Physical Delivery For Crude Futures

Countries dumping US dollar in favor of
national currencies inevitable

The US - The Century of Lost Wars


The Typo That Helped End World War II

Putin - Russia Is a Peace-loving Country

EU Prolongs Sanctions Against Russia

US, Cuba to Meet on Mystery 'Health Attacks'

UK mass surveillance broke human rights convention
European court rules

Myth of UK's 'non-intervention' in Syria

The Senator Trying to End US Support
for the War in Yemen

Michael Moore Accused of
Stiffing, Smearing Vendors

Mysterious Environmental Incident
Leaves Crimean City Without Birds

Oregon first state to legalize
mass timber high-rises


Seven New York Police Officers
Arrested In Prostitution and Gambling Ring

The Only Loser At Apple's Latest
Event Is Your Wallet

'Nearly All' Computers Vulnerable
To New Data-Theft Bug

A Pair of WWII Bunkers in New Orleans
Contains 7 Million Fish

What To Do With Leftover Marijuana Stems

From Tree To Table - Tips For Fresh Maple Syrup

Bear Photobombs Couple's Wedding

How to Turn Plants Into Tinctures

German Catholic Church Abused Thousands of Children


Nutter NeoCon Nikki Now Threatens US Strikes
Over ANY Attacks On Syria’s Idlib Province

Terrorist Held Idlib Is Only Excuse For Illegal
US Presence In Syria

Another US Destroyer Arrives In Mediterranean

U.S - Foreign Policy, Trump And Influence - Vid

A Talking Cricket, A Self-Writing Quill
...And The Coming Hive Mind

Google Execs Called Trump Voters ‘Extremists’

Florence Weakens To Cat 2 - Storm Surge May Be Big

Florence Bears Down On 10 Million People - Trump Urges Safety

Mystery - National Solar Observatory Evacuated,
Closed Down Over 'Security Issue' - FBI Mum

National Solar Observatory Mysteriously
Closed As Geomagnetic Storm Looms

'Resistance' Runs Amok In The US Deep-Throat War

Trump's Wars And Threat to Free Speech


Conservative Free Speech Online Is
the New Civil Rights Movement

Trump Signs Order To Sanction Countries Caught
Meddling in US Elections

MSM Ignores Google Alleged Bias Toward Clinton In 2016

Ken Starr - Hillary Was Pathological Liar
And The 'Enabler' of Bill Clinton's Affairs

No Russian trace in Manafort case
but Moscow portrayed as villain – Lavrov

Br Nathanael - Trump's Row With Google - Vid

Google's The Selfish Ledger (Leaked Internal Video) - Vid

Sessions Open to Probe of Social Media Giants

Trump Under Fire as Disaster Relief Funds
Reportedly Diverted To Deal With Illegals

America Is Living James Madison's Nightmare


It's Time to Call an End
to the Omarosa Tapes Insanity?

Unless GOP Learns to Handle Anti-White Race-Baiting
Attacks, It's Done & So Is the Historic American Nation

13 Different FBI Agents Were Leaking Anti-Trump
Material to ONE Liberal Reporter

Deep-Stater Dana Perino asks but DOESN'T
Press John Kerry On Violating Logan Act

Controlled Opp Attempts To Mainstream John Kerry
& Obama Admin's Shadow Govt Syrian Machinations - Vid

State Dept Email - Bob Woodward Has
Been FBI Asset Since The 1970s

Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate
found by fisherman in Norway

More Yale freshmen identify as LGBTQ than
conservative - survey

What's With All The Planes Full Of Sick People?

Newest Wireless Device Designed To Kill
Is Coming - Bluetooth In Your Mouth


Papadopoulos Hints He Was Target
of Foreign Intelligence Operation

Corbett - 9/11 War Games - Vid

Pelosi Reveals Plans For Investigative
Gridlock If Dems Retake House

Brit Hume Proves Once Again that GOP Elites
Can Not Be Trusted

Gingrich, Republicans Float New Contract On US

No Russian trace in Manafort case
but Moscow portrayed as villain – Lavrov

Whole Foods Workers Revolt Against
Amazon Awful Conditions

Trump's Tariff War Slammed By New
US Industry Coalition

Grand Jury Finds cops Complicit in Covering
Up Massive Child Sex Ring in Catholic Church

Terrorists in Syria Intend Using CWs
That Mattis Denies They Have


Terrorists & White Helmets met in Idlib
to prep for final stage false flag chem attac

Lights, Camera, Action, False Flag in Syria

White Helmets making films of 'chemical attacks'
Using orphans in Idlib – Russian military

Damascus Has Many Eyewitness Reports
on Staged Chemical Attack Plot - Ambassador

West brings up new reasons for imminent strike on Syria

Russia Calls on OPCW Not To Allow
Provocation With Chem Weapons in Idlib – Envoy

'Something big is coming': French aid worker
in Aleppo says Syrians bracing for US attack - Vid

Russia to open 26 extra crossing points for Syrian refugees

West cries foul over humanitarian crisis in Idlib,
which isn't even happening – top Russia diplomat

Nearly 250,000 refugees return to Syria from abroad


The World Is Finally Watching South Africa

'Slaughter The Whites' And 49 Other Things
ANC Leaders Said

10 Years Of Murder In SA In One Terrifying Graphic

Locked & loaded: Russian S-300s & S-400s
roll out in huge military war games - Vid

Iskander-M systems to strike targets hundreds
of kilometers away during Vostok drills

Due to US Hostility, Historical Rivals China
and Russia Have Become Strong Allies

Thanks to Obama and Trump, The Five Largest
Banks Raked in $583 Billion Since 2008 Crash

Russia's Military to Build a Giant Orthodox
Christian Cathedral in Moscow

Putin offers Japan's Abe peace treaty
by end of year without preconditions

Putin - People named as suspects in Skripal
case are civilians


Gallup - Americans Don't Believe Trump
acted illegally with Russia

Group Threatens Sen. Collins with $1.3 Million
Donation Over Kavanaugh Vote

The Big Lie About Muslim Detention Camps in China

China Granting Easy Loans to African Countries
to Bankrupt Them And Capture Their Resources

China Bashing

UN Chief Guterres Opposes Syria's Liberation

ISS hole rumors undermine relations among crew

America's $20 trillion debt makes
US dollar a risky asset – Putin

Russia's wealth fund boosting ruble-yuan
trade with China to substitute US dollar

Siberian Gold - BRICS Launches First
Joint Project in Russia – Indian Businessman


Russia, Iran, EU, China work to counter US

Russia says halting Iran's oil sales 'not feasible'

Phishing Is the Internet's Most Successful Con

Mysterious, Large Orb Appears - Vid

Mysterious Light Flashes Are
Coming from Deep Space

'Oblate Spheroid Space Ships' From Older
Planets, Says 'Teleportation' Expert 1947

Canadian Village Where Sasquatch Roams

Big Oil's Black Mark On CA Climate Record

44,000 Catholic Women Demand Answers
From Pope Francis

Apple launch - Bigger! Faster! Pricier! Innovative?


The US is facing a doctor shortage

More Than 800 Egyptian Tombs Revealed

Biggest gold nugget ever is found in Australia

10 Ways to Catch a Fish Without Any Equipment

Florence Now Cat 4 And Heading To The East Coast

Trump To Sanction Anyone Found Meddling In Nov Voting

Mattis And His Consultants Are Putting Together
A 2020 Presidential Campaign vs Trump - Vid

High Treason - Strzok-Page texts reveal 'coordinated'
FBI leak strategy to harm Trump

Trump Jr.- Only Small Group Can Be Trusted in WH

Bill Kristol 'Hopeful' James Mattis Will Be 2020
Running Mate in Bid Against Trump?

Trump has only one path to save America
from a deep state takeover - Vid

Warmonger John Bolton's Rage

Chaos in White House is not just about Trump
but A flawed US political system

Tucker- Google Meddled In The 2016 Presidential Vote

Revealed - Google Tried To Boost Latino Voting


15 Million Illegals In The US Give Blue States
20 Congressional Seats

Bay Area city Stops 5G deployments over cancer concerns

Florence Is A 'Monster'

1 Million Ordered To Flee Florence

Florence Looks Truly Terrifying From Space

US Navy Evacuates 30 Ships Ahead
of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence - LIVE

Most Americans Believe Anonymous NYT OpEd

Roberts - Armageddon Rides In The Balance

9/11 - The Day Rule of Law in America Died


Roberts - The Costs of 9/11 Continue to Mount

Reply to Paul Craig Roberts Crucial Question

Trump has only one path to save America
from a deep state takeover - Vid

9/11 Conspiracy Theories, by Ron Unz

Architects And Engineers For 911 Truth - Vid

9/11 Inside Job Conspiracy Blown Wide Open With
Hard Evidence Indicting The Usual Perps

Christopher Bollyn Explains Who REALLY Did 9/11

Nine Eleven IS the LitmusTest

Win every 9/11 debate with this one fact!

Amongst The Rubble (What they don't want you to see) 9/11


9/11 survivor censored by media

9-11 Photos The Networks Will NOT Show You
Remembering The Jumpers

Devvy - Top Priorities For State Capitols, Jan 2019 - Pt 2

Bill Clinton Leering, Drooling At Ariana Grande's A**

Hillary Was Enabler Of Bill's Affairs - Starr

The NYT Reinvents War Criminal Obama


Papadopoulos Suggests British Conspiracy
Targeted Trump Campaign

25 quotes on the power of imagination

The next potential superpower ?

'TR-3B Monitoring' - Triangular Object
Above Texas Claimed to Be US Spy Aircraft


Beware The American Snake Oil Salesman

DARPA Designs 'Glide Breaker' Interceptor
To Hit Enemy Hypersonic Missiles

Stone Age Muslim Stabs, Wounds Seven In Paris

A Month Of Islamic Hell In America - August 2018

Islam's 1,000 Year War On Islam

French kids should learn Arabic?

NeoCon Nikki Warns Russia And Iran Of
'Dire Consequences'

Filming Of Fake Chemical Attack On Idlib Done - Russia

Flashpoint in Syria Risks Global War

YouTube Bans Media Supporting Syria's
Liberating Struggle


Russia Says Has to React to Aggression
as Terrorists Entrench Positions in Idlib

Syria Accuses US of Pursuing Israel's Interests in Syria

Turkey Sends Reinforcements to North of Syria - Vid

Daesh Militants Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Iraq's Kirkuk

Iran's IRGC confirms firing 7 missiles at Iraq terrorists

IAEA - Iran in compliance with nuclear deal

Iran builds hall for manufacturing modern centrifuges

Dissent in Riyadh - Saudi Royals Bicker
Over Yemen War Atrocities

Saudi King's brother 'considering self-exile' after
Yemen war criticism – report

New UN rights chief urges Saudi accountability on civilian deaths in Yemen


Saudi Arabia arrests man for…
having breakfast with woman - Vid

Google targets India's lucrative mobile market

How the West Was Lost

'Snow Dragon' - China launches first
domestically built Arctic icebreaker

Beijing Tests Its First Amphibious Plane
Amid Heightened Conflict in S China Sea

US behind 1988 Pakistan plane crash that
killed Gen. Zia - Pakistani senator

Taliban captures 8 police security posts
in N Afghanistan amid insurgents' offensive

Indian army to replace 150,000 personnel
with high tech weapons

Eyewitness Account of Pinochet's Coup 45 Ys Ago

IBM Pitched NYPD Facial Recognition Software
With Built-In Racial Profiling Options


Police shootout at point-blank range - Vid

The Real Reason for the 'Anti-Semite'
Campaign Against Jeremy Corbyn

'Close friend' Britain doesn't object to
Israel's vicious piracy, nor does the EU

UK Launches New Wave Of Anti-Russia Hysteria
To Pursue Its Own Hidden Agenda

Britain: No-Confidence Motions Passed A
gainst Leading Zionist MPs

'Detonator handed to Brussels': Boris Johnson
calls May's Brexit plan 'suicide vest'

May Could Face 'Massive Problem'
as 80 Tories Ready to Bury Her Brexit Plan

UK Trade Union Slams May's Brexit Strategy
Threatens to Back Second Referendum

Crying wolf over looming economic and climate crises

Insider Selling Soars In 'Cautionary Sign' To Market


Trump Prolongs Trade Embargo Against Cuba
for One More Year - White House

Cuba Lost $4Bln Over Last 12 Months
Due to US Embargo

Russia, Turkey & Iran speeding up efforts
to drop US dollar from trade - official

Iraq officially removes US Dollar from Iran trade

'Just the Beginning' - Trump Praises Ford
Dropping Deal With China Due to Tariffs

India not to fully comply with Iran oil sanctions

Iran's oil revenues up 60% year-on-year

India's Crude Oil Bill Set to Cross $115 Bln
Mark as Rupee Slumps to Record Low

Fed Should Buy Stocks In The Next Recession - Former IMF Chief Economist

'Just gold everywhere' - Australia gold rush heats up
after 2 nuggets worth $11Million found 4 days apart


VW investors seek $11bn in damages
over emissions-cheating scandal

'Ghost ships' filled with dead sailors make landing
on Japanese shores - Vid

Israeli moon lander to ride SpaceX rocket in
Spaceflight's first move beyond low Earth orbit

A Solar Storm Is Coming

Two Spiral Galaxies Collided. NASA Captured the Result

Oh My God Look at the Atlantic Ocean Right Now

When Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms

Health Benefits of Kratom


NBC Hack Scarborough Says Trump 'More
Damaging To American Dream Than 9/11'

Russia Begins Biggest Mass Military Drills In Decades

Fake Film Of Fake Chemical Attack On Idlib Ready
For Worldwide Distribution Late Tuesday - Russian MoD

Michael Caputo Says He Knows Who Wrote The
Anti-Trump NY Times OpEd...and it's a Woman - Vid

Pence would take lie detector test over
anonymous OP-Ed

Did Nominee Kavanaugh Commit Perjury?

Strzok-Page texts reveal 'coordinated' FBI leak strategy
to harm Trump - GOP congressman claims

The Five Blast Slapsy Maxey Over Anti-Trump Comments

Butine Prosecutors Wrote Own James Bond Novel
With Sex Allegations

Duff - The Monster Of Idlib

Trump Fires Back At Obama - Boasts He's Got
A 'Magic Wand' On Economy

DeSantis resigns House seat to focus on governor's race

'Fiction!' Trump says he'll write 'real book'
in response to Woodward's publication

'Steady State' Or Deep State? Ron Paul Crushes
The New York Times' Hate-Driven Coup


Roberts - More Jobs Fictions

Primetime NFL Ratings Down 9%
As Trump Trashes Kneelers

Liberals 'Disheartened And Disturbed' After Facebook
Adds Conservative Voice To 'Fact-Checker' List

New LAPD Chief Cancels Kamala Harris' 'Unprecedented'
$50,000 Traveling Armed Bodyguards

Papadopoulos Defends Trump, Insists He
Never Told Campaign About Russian 'Dirt'

Trump To Declassify Bruce Ohr, Carter Page
Documents As Early As This Week

Destroying Trump Destroys More Than America

US Midterms Threatened By Russian Meddling?

Joe Biden returns to Instagram and draws
1 million followers

US senator claims Britain's MI6 is planning
a fake chemical weapons attack on Syria


Trump Admin - Stop Investigating American War Crimes

Netherlands Ends Support For White Helmets Since
'Assad Will Soon Win'

Trump Regime Shutting PLO Mission In DC

NYT Supports Sinister Plot To Oust VZ's Maduro

US Officials Held Secret Meetings With
Military Coup Plotters in Venezuela

Cat 4 Florence Could Bring Harvey-Like
Rain, Winds To NC, VA

Hurricane Florence 'Nightmare Scenario' Could Be
'Worst Natural Disaster' For Carolinas And Virginia

US Navy Evacuates Ships, 200 Troops
Activated Ahead of Hurricane Florence

How Omorosa Got Hold of Duncan's Fortune

Trump US Not Ruling Out Strikes on Russian,
Iranian Targets in Syria


Trump US Says Assad Has Approved Gas Attack In Idlib
(Bullshit) Setting Stage For Major Military Conflict

Trump US Reportedly Reinforces Base on SDF-Held
Territories in E Syria Amid Looming Idlib Offensive

UK's MI6 planning chemical attack in Syria - US senator

Young blood an elixir that prevents
age-related diseases

GMO Salmon Maker Refuses To
Disclose Who They Selling To

National Prison Strike Spotlights Toxic Conditions

The Tropics Are in Trouble

How much sugar is actually in some of
the biggest drinks in the US

Huge gold-encrusted rocks unearthed in Australia

Turning the Sahara Green
Scientists Announce Plan


Antarctica In Unprecedented Detail

The Fall & Winter Prepper Checklist

Reasons It's Hard to See Your Own Strengths

The Forgotten Tax on Americas Poor

Sweden's Socialist PM Clings On

John Kerry Suggest Trump Is Unfit For Office

NYT Op-Ed Author Is 'Not A Generally
Recognizable' Sr Administration Official

NYT Says Op-Ed Investigation Would
Be A 'Blatant Abuse Of Power'

'If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama'

NYT Answers 9 Questions About Anonymous
Op-Ed After Trump Demands DOJ Investigation

Pat Buchanan Exposes Regime Change - American Style

CNN Tapper to Conway - WH gave OpEd credibility

Rep. Kevin McCarthy fires back at anonymous
NYT OpEd author

Who Is The New York Times Anonymous?

Bannon Weighs In On Anonymous Anti-Trump Op-Ed


Graham - Trump-trashing OpEd is a clue-filled
'signal' from Mueller - Here's what it means…

Obama's Back Even Though He Never Really Left

Twitter Eliminates Benghazi Hero
After He Criticizes Obama

The Untold Truth About Obama's
Former CIA Director, John Brennan

Missing Link In Papadopoulos Conspiracy Deceased?

Criminalizing Childhood - School Safety Measures
Aren't Making Students Any Safer

Treason - Trump, Devos And Their Vile
Trained Neocon Lab Rats

Tucker Carlson Teases Nutty Dumpster
Fire Man About Draining Swamp Water - Vid

Kavanaugh Hearing is about Political Posturing
Not Keeping a Political Hack Off the High Court

No Bugs In Florida!

College Course - Heterosexuality Is 'Not Natural' !


'Morality test' on topics like incest and puppy-killing
judged 'not OK' by students' parents

Trump To Send 1,500 More US Troops To Germany

UK Abandons Plans to Fully Withdraw Troops
From Germany by 2020

Judaism for Non Jews – The Messianic Zionist religion
that wants to recruit 7 billion members

'Get Out, Jewish Pigs' - Restaurant in Chemnitz, Germany
Survives Anti-Semitic Attack

China joins Australia's largest drill for first time

Facebook & Instagram remove deputy Duma
speaker's posts about murder of Donetsk leader

Zionist Jews in Germany whine about Germans protesting
Third World Muslims destroying their country.

African Muslims Spread First Case Of Monkeypox In UK

Italy's Interior Minister Salvini Joins Bannon's
Right-Wing Pan-European Group


Sweden Democrats Leader Gets ISIS Death Threat

In Search of an Ebola and ISIS Free Zone

NYT Anti-Syria Rage

Trump F-15s Bomb Syrian Town With White Phosphorus

Battle For Idlib begins as Syrian, Russian
forces unleash massive attack

Hundreds of families flee Idlib as airstrikes resume

Terrorists' Chemical Weapons Expert Escapes
from Northwestern Syria to Turkey

Syria final showdown - What's the worst case?

Czech PM claims Syria and other world
major crises can't be solved without Russia

The Trump Regime and Imperial Partners
Against Syrian Liberation


Russian FM on Syrian Liberating Efforts

US Admits Al Qaeda Runs Idlib
And That They Want To Protect It

Trump Regime Intends Permanent Occupation Of Syria

UK Submarine Reportedly Enters Mediterranean
Amid Expected Provocations in Syria

Germany May Join Possible Western Airstrikes
on Syria in Case of 'Chemical Attack' - Reports

France Vows to Respond If 'Chemical Attack' in Idlib

Terrorists & White Helmets met in Idlib to prep for
final stage false flag chem attack – Russian MoD

Chemical Weapons Provocation in Idlib to Occur After
Signal of 'Foreign Friends of Syrian Revolution' - Russia

Syrian state YouTube channels 'terminated' amid fears of
looming false-flag chem attack

US Sends Troops to its al-Tanf Base in Syria After
Moscow's Alleged Warnings of Attack – Reports


US Military Preparing For "Options" In Syria

US Not Going to Cooperate With Russia on Idlib

Curfew in Iraqi Basra Lifted Following Normalization
of Situation - Source

US diplomatic missions behind Basra unrest - Iraqi group

Trump Regime's Palestinian Agenda
...Slow-Motion Genocide

Israel should not have to ask US permit
for 'settlements' - Ambassador Friedman

Trump's Israel embassy move To Jerusalem
Is Irreversible - US ambassador

Trump US to cut off aid to Palestinian hospitals

Iran FM To Trump Admin - 'Make Up Your Mind'

Turkey urges world nations to form
united front against Trump US


Scores of Saudi soldiers, mercs slain in
Yemeni army attacks

Covert US Plot For Venezuela Coup
Detailed In Explosive NYT Report

US doesn't deny meeting VZ military coup plotters

VZ FM Exposes US Plans To Support Coup

Cantwell - Does A Germ Cause Alzheimer's?

Insider Selling Soars In 'Cautionary Sign' To Market

Hong Kong tops NY as home to world's wealthiest individuals

Trump Suggests 'Easy Solution' for Apple
to Avoid Tariffs Amid Trade War With China

US can't subsidize India & China says Trump

Global Trade Decline As 'Supply Chains Seize Up'


First India, Now Japan – Gold Smuggling On Rise

Free cheese for Swiss? Hundreds sign up to get
$2,500 a month under basic income trial

Stunning images As Glider Hits 76,000ft

Trump To Send 1,500 More US Troops To Germany

NYT Trump Bashing Continues - For Wrong Reasons

Sen. Warren says Trump may be unfit for office
as hysteria over NYT op-ed reaches fever pitch

If Trump Is 'Psychotic' And Mentally Out Of Touch
With Reality... What Does That Make This Guy?

Trump Against The Subversive Deep-State
Fifth Column Sleeper Cell's NYT OpEd

Deep-State Psyop Against The American Voter
...Finding Anonymous Op-Ed Author Impossible

Is Fifth Column Subversion Inside WH Only
Justified When 'Classified' Info Compromised?

Deep State Soft Coup Against Trump In Critical Phase

Watergate Redux

Cohen Offer to Nix Hush-Money Deal With Stormy


To Q Or Not To Q

Sixty Seconds With John Barbour - Nike & Kaepernick - Vid

Communist Obama Rips Trump, 'Nazi Sympathizers'
In Fiery Speech Warning Of 'Dangerous Times'

Obama refers to himself 102 times In 64 min speech

Dem Socialists Blast The Party Leadership
For Failing To Stop Kavanaugh

Protesters at Supreme Court Nomination Hearings
Are Antifa in Disguise Led by Feminist, Lacey MacAuley

Deep-State Operative Sen Ben Sasse Bolsters Globalist
Brett Kavanaugh In Conformation Hearings - Why?

Even CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Forced To Rip Kamala
Harris' Kavanaugh Questioning

UK Prof Who Told Papadopoulos Russia Had 'Dirt'
On Hillary May Be Dead... How Do They Know?

Apple Permanently Blacklists Infowars App from Store


The Kennedy Family LOVED Joseph McCarthy

We Found the 'Plaid Shirt Guy' Who Trolled
Trump's Rally With Hilarious Faces

Border Wall Coming...Military May Build Part Of it

GOP Prepares Post-Election Border-Wall Trap for Trump

Saudi Muslim Terrorist 'Bomb Wizard' Who
Targeted Chicago Killed By Drone Strike

MN Appeals Court Upholds Sentences For 3 Muslims

Alberta, Canada Biker Reports Massive Bug Disappearance

EU Enters 'Final Stage' Of Crafting Bill
Forcing Big Tech Censorship

China's richest man Jack Ma to step down
from Alibaba for 'philanthropy' – report

Jeff Bezos makes over $11,000,000 an hour
lowest paid Amazon worker gets $12


Amazon Far More Dangerous Than You Want to Admit

Bad Day for Tesla - Shares Drop, Executives Quit While
US Air Force Processes Musk Smoking Pot

Roger Waters - Neoliberal propaganda keeping voters
asleep like Orwellian sheep

Toxic Food for the Masses - Part Three
Where Does Your Food Come From?

Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 9-8-18

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 34

Russophobia Digest Part 8 - Skripal claims open
floodgates, and Pearl Harbour compared to tweeting

UK Media Claims Alleged Skripal Killers
Traveled to Geneva Before Poisoning

NYT proposes strained Kremlin motive in
Skripal case, but analysts don't buy it

Russian satellite crossed orbit To Spy On French - Report


US - Russian National Extradited From Georgia

Xi to hold summit with Putin in Russian port city

BBC accused of lying in its anti-Corbyn campaign

Israel First MP spearheading anti-Corbyn campaign
faces deselection by local members

Israel Censors News On Its Support Of Militants In Syria

Israel - Settlers, soldiers In 'joint assaults' on Pal village

Chemical Weapons Provocation in Syria
to Start September 8 - Russian MoD

White Helmets In Final Stages Of False-Flag
Chemical Attack Plot in Northern Syria

A Year After Calling Idlib 'Al-Qaeda's Largest Safe
Haven Since 9/11' the US Govt Is Trying to Save it

US Marines in Live-Fire Exercise in Southern Syria
in 'Warning to Russia'


Trump US Expanding Military Build-up in E Syria

US Announces Military Exercise in Syria
After Russia Warns of Possible Attack

1900 Trucks Carrying Military Hardware
Sent by US to Deir Ezzur in 40 Days

Trump Still Supplying Weapons to SDF in Hasaka

US-Backed SDF Goes on Alert, Arrests Raqqa Residents

Russia & Iran vs Turkey - Strange Bedfellows on Syria

Russia helping Syria modernize its air defense system

Russia Says US ordered Israel air strikes on Syria

Syrian Army Pounds Tahrir Al-Sham Positions in Hama

What's Going On in Iraq?


ISIS remnants still waging their terrorist
campaign against innocent Iraqis

Blair confirms receiving millions from A Saudi

Yemeni Rebels Fire Missile Injuring Saudi Troops

Houthis Missing Geneva Peace Talks Because
Saudi-Backed Government Won't Let Plane Leave

Turkish Filmmaker Gets 6-Year Prison Sentence
For Depicting Execution Of Erdogan

Guatemala's deadly & unstable volcano triggers
massive pyroclastic avalanche - Vid

Opioid Magnate Sackler Poised to Get
Richer With Patent on Addiction Treatment Drug

Meet the Sacklers - Zionist family feuding
over blame for the opioid crisis

The End Of Cheap Debt - The Fall And Rise
Of Interest Rates

Iran, Russia, Turkey agree to ditch dollar in trade


China defies US with record 874,000 bpd Iran oil intake

China's surplus with US hits record amid trade war

Man Records UFO Over Melbourne Home - Vid

When UFOs Buzzed The White House

Flying Saucers From Beyond the Earth
A UFO Researcher's Odyssey

Men Taken Aboard UFO? Nearby Radar
Jammed - Pascagoula UFO Incident 1973

Ways To Protect Your Family From In-house
EMF And Microwave Radiation

Ex CIA Chief Brennan Warns Of 'Looming Disaster'
Inside The Trump White House

Pentagon 'Routinely' Briefs Trump On Military Options
In Case Of Syria (False Flag) Chemical Attack

To Q Or Not To Q

Sixty Seconds With John Barbour - Nike & Kaepernick - Vid

White House Fallout Over NYT OpEd Letter

Roberts - The Op-Ed is an obvious forgery
(But Does That Make It Less TRUE?)

The unprecedented Whodunnit

Trump's Response to Anonymous Op-Ed Writer

Trump Demands Sessions Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed

Trump Blames 'Deep State' For NYT Op-Ed
And Other Insider Attacks

'Not Watergate, just gossip' Says Pulitzer winner
on Bob Woodward's new anti-Trump bombshell

US Is a Mental Patient in Russian Straitjacket

"This Is War": Michael Moore Compares
Trump To Hitler In New Documentary

Secret Grand Jury Proceedings Underway Against
Andrew McCabe; Witnesses Summoned


Mueller's Master Prosecution - George Papadopoulos
Gets14 DAYS in Jail For Lying To FBI

Kavanaugh Hearings Day 4 - Dems Score No Points

Trump Praises Brett Kavanaugh's Progress

DC Dave - Open Letter On Kavanaugh-Foster

Iserbyt - Treason, Trump, DeVos & Their Vile
Trained Neocon Lab Rats

Obama Blasts Trump While Trump Says Obama's
Speech Is Good For Sleeping

Obama's Friday Attacks on Trump Were Purposeful
He Knows He Will Soon Be Exposed in Spygate

Where is Eric Schmidt now?

Dem Candidate Ayanna Pressley Held Event With
Nation of Islam Members Outside Radical Mosque

US Businesses Warn 'Reckoning Is Coming' If
Trump Moves Ahead With $200 Billion China Tariffs


How Kissinger And Washington Sold Greece Out

Germans Fear Threat Of Trump AHEAD of terrorism
and even immigration - Polls

Western UK Allies Support The
Skripal Incident Big Lie

Russian embassy urges UK government to
declassify Skripal case papers

Skripal Skeptics - Which Countries Didn't Agree
With UK's Assessment of Case at UN

Skripal Worked With Spanish Intel in Recent Years

US F-22 jets shadowed Russian Tu-95 Bear
bombers patrolling Arctic airspace – MoD

Russian senator slams proposed blacklisting
of RT And Sputnik in France

Turkey Begins Construction of Site for Russian S-400

Big Brother is keeping 'Five Eyes' on you


Boris Johnson Gets Tossed Out by His
Wife After Cheating Accusation - Reports

Media and Politicians Created UK Drug
War but Police Fighting Back

Swedish Mosque Caught 'Selling' Votes in Exchange for Construction Permit

Reports of 'Extremists' in Chemnitz Likely to be
Misinformation - German Intel

Br Nathaniel - Messianic Jew Or Orthodox Christian? - Vid

Israelis Kill Another Palestinian, Wound 100s More

Netanyahu Regime Secretly Arming and Funding
12 or More Terrorist Groups in Syria

Israel Sees No Difference Between Lebanon
And Hezbollah - Senior IDF Officer

Israel completes 11 km of border wall with Lebanon

Israel bans Palestinian icon from traveling abroad


US 'strongly encourages' Paraguay not to move
its embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv

Israel's Undeclared War on Syria

Israel Evacuated Islamist Terror Commanders
From Syria Alongside White Helmets

Russia Vows To Fight Terror In Syria Until It's Gone

Encore? ISIS to Attack US with Ebola? Jihadists 'to Send
Infected Militants' to US to Spread Disease, Death

Top US Envoy Says 'Lots Of Evidence' Assad Prepping
Chem Weapons - Russia Threatens Attack On US Base

Russia Calls on US to Release Targets in Syria
Tied to Alleged Chemical Weapons

Putin - Russia has proof that militants prepare
provocations with chemical weapons in Syria

Putin hopes terrorists in Idlib will wise up And Quit

Putin urges Russian special services, military
to closely cooperate with Iran, Turkey


US narrative on Idlib resembles Agatha Christie
novel Says Russian UN envoy

Most of Syria's Idlib De-Escalation Zone
Still Controlled by Militants – Moscow

Terrorists occupying Idlib lay waste to infrastructure

Russian diplomat calls on UN to probe into
where terrorists in Idlib get weapons from

Merkel Agrees With Putin on Importance of
Fight Against Terrortis in Idlib – Reports

US Military intervention in Syria should be
stopped immediately – Iran President

Turkey Has Reportedly Proposed Evacuating
Terrorists From Syria's Idlib

Arming of Kurds by US in Syria a
major concern for Turkey – Erdogan

It's Time for Turkey To Help Assad – Turkish Politician

US Embassy In Baghdad Green Zone Under Attack


Shocking Footage Shows Iranian Consulate In
Basra Exploding In Massive Blaze

Iran, China Talk defense cooperation, terror fight

Putin arrives in Tehran for trilateral
talks on Syria's fate

US Needs New Ways to Tackle
China's Military Challenge

Africa's Choice - AFRICOM Or China's New Silk Roads

China Just Tested Several Dozen Hypersonic
Missiles The US Has No Defense For

China Daily lets rip at UK-US relationship

US Businesses Warn 'Reckoning Is Coming' If Trump
Moves Ahead With $200 Billion China Tariffs

US Treasury Sanctions Target Syrian Government's
Petroleum Procurement Network

Russian Finance Ministry Considering
Abolishing VAT on Gold to Help Return Capital


Exports by global grain superpower Russia soar 80%

Iran Legalizes Cryptomining, Moves Toward
National Cryptocurrency

Iranian oil exports plunge despite
'creative solutions'

Indian Traders Up in Arms Against
Walmart's Entry in Country's E-Commerce Space

US lawyers claim to have 'explosive' documents
about Monsanto's activity in Europe

Deutsche Bank's Top Investor Selling Its
Entire Stake Under Orders From China

Police Raid Home of Couple Who Spent
Homeless Man's $400,000 GoFundMe Cash

Watch - Brave OH Cop Tasering 11 Yr Old Girl - Vid

US govt blocks info release on thousands of
kittens experimented & killed at MD lab – lawsuit

Quakes shake Panama, Ecuador & Chile - Vid


Britain Will Retaliate Against Russian Threat

UK Labour Party leaders surrender to Zionist diktat

Battleground London

Shocking moment Brazil presidential candidate stabbed

Spain's new socialist government has reversed a positive economy

The Divided Legacy of Lyndon Johnson

Museum Boss Fears Philly Insect Heist Was an Inside Job

Crazy weather sends Sydney into chaos

Strong M6.5 earthquake hits Ecuador

5 Hurricane Aftermath Scenarios To Prepare For


Change in rural America - Captivating photos

Mobile Spyware Maker mSpy Leaks
Millions of Sensitive Records

NASA's Lucy in the sky with Trojans

Jupiter's Magnetic Field Is Super Weird

Elon Musk smokes a joint live on YouTube

Doctors Find Spider Spinning Webs
Inside Man's Ear

Raising Healthy Backyard Chickens

Led Zeppelin at 50 - Good Times Bad Times

The Gentle Power Of Kratom

When You Break Up With a Narcissist


10,000 Steps Is a Bullshit Goal

What To Do With Your Spare Weed Seeds

Oz - Proof Big Four bank is gouging you

One Word Has People Convinced Mike Pence
Wrote Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed

'There Are Dozens And Dozens Of Us' - 2 More Anon
WH Officials Confirm They're Sabotaging Trump

'Dozens' Of White House Staffers Say They
'Wish We Had Written NYT Op-Ed' Piece

$50,000 Reward for Identity of Anon Op-Ed Writer

Rand Paul Suggests Lie Detector Tests
to Find Anonymous Op-Ed Author

'A Stunning Betrayal' - Hannity Slams 'Swamp Sewer Creature'
Behind Anonymous NYT 'Hit Piece'

"Covert Coup" From Inside Trump White House
Sparks Constitutional Crisis

NYT Part Of A Diabolical Anti-Trump Cabal

Is it Treason or Defense of the Constitution?

Sarah Sanders Tweets NYT Op-Ed Desk Phone
Number to Ask About 'Gutless Loser'

LA Times Calls OpEd Writer 'A Coward'
Greenwald Talks Of 'Unelected Cabal'


Revenge - Trump Threatens 'Deep State' With
Declassification 'To Find Additional Corruption'

Ex Rep - 'The Deep State Is Real...And They Don't
Like Donald Trump's Disruption'

Trump Looking For Replacement For SecDef Mattis - Report

Trump has fallen out with his military chiefs

Man Caught Paying Off Kavanaugh Protesters
Works For Soros-Funded Organization

Paid protesters at Kavanaugh hearings? Twitter abuzz
after photo shows activist receiving cash

Why Was Kavanaugh Obsessed With Vince Foster?

Anonymous Leakers Leak Anonymous Leak Anonymously

Dems Flaunt Rules In Data Dump On Kavanaugh Hearings

NYT OpEd, Kavanaugh Hearings, Woodward Book
Prove Washington Elite Have Gone Barking Mad


Bombshell - Rosenstein Said To Be Under investigation

Kasick Says McCain Was 'Put To Death' -Vid
Q Fans Will Go Wild Over This One

Mind-Boggling Daylight UFO Over Japan From Airliner - Vid

Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and
Infowars for 'abusive behavior'

Zuckerberg Admits Social Media Is A Weapon

Zuckerberg Defends the Indefensible

Watch — @RepMullin reads Sarah Jeong's tweets

Must See - US Sheriffs Cheer Trump — Announce
Crowdsourcing Page to Fund Trump Border Wall - Vid

Have YOU been investigated by the FBI? Google
sends email to notify affected Gmail users

Are We Due for a Pandemic Flu? Here's How to Prepare


'Mr. Transparency' - Obama's Try to Hide Details
of Speech Contract

Bernie Sanders introduces 'Stop Bezos Bill'

What The Bernie Sanders Amazon Welfare
Fight Is Really About

The 9/11 Commission 'Script' Was Fabricated

Revisiting The Dark And Evil Larry Silverstein - Vid

Planes With Sick Passengers From Three Different
Nations Quarantined in US

Violently Ill Passengers on UAE Flight land in NYC
Allowed To Deplane And Start Spreading Disease

More Sick Air Travelers - 12 On two flights
arriving at Philadelphia airport

US Airports Should Be Under Major Disease Alert - Ebola, Etc

UK accusation of Russians in Skripal case A 'cocktail
of lies' timed with Idlib false flag op – Moscow


Waves Up To 80 Feet As Florence Heads To Shore

Hurricane Florence Turns - Nuke Plants To Shut Down

Why Did FEMA Simulate A Category 4 Hurricane
Striking East Coast Just Months Before Florence?

Florence – Worst Storm In US History

5.4 Million in Hurricane Florence's Path

FEMA Is Almost Certainly Not Ready
for Hurricane Florence

White supremacist conspiracy theory erupts over
hand signal at Kavanaugh hearing

In Latest Shock Upset, Democrat Backed By Communist
Ocasio Topples 10-Term Incumbent In Boston Primary

Trump accuses social media firms of election meddling

Facebook building a physical 'war room'
for US midterm elections 'arms race'

Small Businesses Flee Facebook After
Algos Hobble Revenue-Generating Traffic

Google Notifies Users Of Court-Ordered
Data Demands In Secret FBI Investigation

Krieger - Amazon Is Far More Dangerous And
Powerful Than You Want To Admit

Elon Musk triples down on 'pedo' claims,
calls Thai cave rescuer 'child rapist'

Goldman predicts more trouble for Elon Musk
as Germans prepare to challenge Tesla in e-car market

Twitter Suspends 4,000 Accounts Allegedly Linked
to Russian Internet Research Agency – CEO


White Heterosexual Males Are Becoming An
Endangered Species In The Democrat Party

White Christian Women Also In The Cross-Hairs Of Dem
Identity Politics - Social Media Posts Of Pelosi Banned?

Pope Caught in Act of VIP Pedophilia Coverup - Gives
Code To The CIA's MSM - Desperately Needs Protection

'Never Forget': Govt Said The 9/11 Air Was Safe,
Now Thousands Of First Responders Have Cancer

College Says 9/11 'Never Forget' Poster Is
'Biased Against Muslims'

'It's All Gone' - New Jersey Couple Spent Homeless
Vet's $400k GoFundMe Cash

'Tree-###ging?' Prof Touts 'Ecosexuality'
As An 'Environmental Activist Strategy'

Tokyo admits 1st death from Fukushima radiation
- One of The Biggest Lies & Coverups In History

UK PM Says Two Skripal Suspects Are Russian Officers

No One Is Sad to Say Goodbye To Rahm Emanuel


Roberts - What Should Putin Do?

Anti-Zionism, Anti-Israel, Unrelated to Anti-Semitism

Putin Sacrifices Political Capital
to Enact Necessary Pension Reform

African leaders leave Beijing hailing 'new world order

John Kerry Slams Netanyahu

One dead, four wounded in new Israeli
air strikes in Syria - state media

Did IDF admit giving weapons to Islamists in Syria?
Explosive Israeli news report vanishes

IDF Forces Removal Of Jerusalem Post Story That Israel Was Supplying Terrorists In Syria But WE HAVE THE STORY ! Click Here

But We Found The Scrubbed Story That The IDF Tried To Bury...HERE IT IS !

Israel Admits Aiding Anti-Syria Terrorists

Report on IDF funding Syrian rebels
pulled on request of 'army's censor'

Israeli army gives ammunition, money
to terrorists in Golan Heights

Israel admits 200+ strikes against 'Iranian
targets' in Syria over 18 months


Army Ready for Any War Scenario Amid
Watchdog's Gloomy Report - IDF Chief

Israeli court upholds order to raze Palestinian village

Battle to Liberate Idlib, Syria Begins

Russia 'resumes airstrikes' on Idlib
despite warnings from Trump

Russia's fighter jets wipe out Terrorists'
drone assembly workshop in Syria

Turkey And Trump Regimes Ally Against Syria

Four Russian Warplanes Hit Positions
of Nusra Front in Idlib Province – MoD

Syrian Conflict Won't be Settled Until Idlib
Issue is Resolved - Russian Official

US demonstrates 'subtle desire' to rescue
terrorists in Idlib, Syria – Lavrov

Putin to hold bilateral talks with Erdogan,
Rouhani, Khamenei in Tehran


Why Mideast Arabs Will Never Forget John McCain

Saudi king's brother blames King & MBS
For devastating Yemen conflict

Yemeni army, allies hit Saudi Aramco
oil facilities in Jizan border region

Saudi Arabia To Punish Online
Satire With Five-year Jail Term

A Diabolic False Flag Empire

The Germans are Sick of Muslim Violence

Germans Shocked as Police Drop Case After
Berlin Boy Raped by Afghan Classmate

Melania - From Model Student to Cover Girl

Toxic Food for the Masses - Part Two
The Gut & Fake Proteins

Brits Would Now Vote 59-41 to Stay in the EU - Oh?


British Jews Slander Jeremy Corbyn as 'dangerous'
'anti-Semitic' and a 'friend of terrorists'

American wheat can no longer compete with Russia

Sicily's mafia and The big squeeze

Alaska Volcano Restless Again

The sinking islands of the Southern US

Theranos is about to shut down for good

Refugees May Not Necessarily Develop PTSD

Facebook's New Office Looks Like a
Tree House Built by an Incompetent Dad

Popular painkiller linked to cardiac risk

Amazing animation shows 100 days of activity at Kilauea


Body Shields for Home Defense

Three Carriers To Use for Making Herbal Remedies

Protestors Rage And Shout At Day Two Of
Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

Hillary Says Kavanaugh Will Help Overturn Roe v. Wade

Trump Wanted To 'Fuc*ing Kill' Assad After 2017
After FALSE FLAG Chem Attack - Mattis Refused Order
Belligerent Trump vs The World - US Turns Into Rogue State

Stormy Daniels Gives New Details Of Claimed Trump Affair

Sanders Says Woodward's New Book On Trump Is
Full Of 'Fabricated Stories'

Woodward's New Book Rreveals a 'nervous breakdown'
of Trump's presidency

Woodward - Trump aides stole papers 'to protect the US'

Woodward book reveals 'crazytown' White House

Woodward's New Book Scorches Trump
With Kelly Proclaiming, 'We're In Crazytown'

Exclusive - Listen to Trump's conversation with Woodward - Vid

Chaos Erupts During Kavanaugh Hearing
After Hecklers Begin Shrieking, 22 Arrested

Elon Muck To Pedo Guy - I Fuc*ing Hope He Sues Me


Moscow has noticed US attempts
to meddle in Russian election process

Mysterious Object in N Carolina Sky
Prompts Rumors About Secret US Spy Plane

Trump Threatens NBC's Broadcast License
After Network Killed Weinstein Story

Democrat-Allied Media Slams Exposure
of Governor Candidate's Use of Soros Cash

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Won't Seek Re-Election

Nike's Kaepernick Ad Has Cost The
Company Over $4 Billion So Far

The New Yorker Magazine Drops Steve Bannon
from Its Festival After Backlash

'Populist national revolt' grips west and is
coming to Australia - Bannon warns

Facebook - No One Man Should Have That Power

Br Nathanael - Zionists Love A Witch Hunt


Zionist Wars for a Greater Israel

David Ray Griffin's New Book - The American Trajectory
Divine Or Demonic?

'Five Eyes' govt spy ring seeks laws to make
big tech companies share encrypted messages

WhatsApp 'suicide' game: Disturbing 'Momo'
craze claims lives of 2 Colombian children

'Incurable' & drug-resistant - Deadly superbug
colonizing hospitals across globe

Syphilis Is Attacking People's Eyeballs

The Europe Muslim Catastrophe - Critical Mass Reached

Germans killed by muslims highest in years

German Police Free '10 Yr Old' Muslim
'Boy' After Raping A Classmate

'Insults' to Islam were motivation for Afghan
man's attack on 2 Americans in Amsterdam


Sweden's Anti-Immigration Party Set For
Record Wins As Election Days Away

Italy's Salvini Scolds Merkel for 'Underestimating'
Risks Posed by Arab and Black Muslim Immigration

No Citizenship Without Handshake,
Danish Immigration Ministry Says

Trump Regime Aiding Kiev Plot
To Escalate War on Donbass?

Ambassador Kurt Volker: US To Drastically Expand
Military Assistance To Ukraine. = War

Russia vows to help Donetsk People's Republic
investigate Zakharchenko assassination

Ukraine facing labor 'catastrophe' as millions
of citizens flee country

Pentagon awards Boeing $800 million contract
for refueling drones

Justice Ministry seeks tougher control over foreign-sponsored
anti-AIDS campaigns in Russia

Russia Blames Google of Interference in Russian Elections


How The Department Of Homeland Security Created
A Deceptive Tale Of Russia Hacking US Voter Sites

Asia's Shifting Alliances In The Time Of Trump

US hampering progress in inter-Korean ties: Paper

US Envoy to UN Demands Immediate Myanmar
Jailed Reuters Journalists Release

Icke - Israel & Trump US Want War With Iran - Vid

Will Trump Regime Clash with Russia & Iran
Over Syria's Offensive to Liberate Idlib?

Israel Warns It Could Attack Iranian Military
Assets In Iraq

Israel Closer to Arab World Due to 'Bad' Iran
Nuke Deal - Netanyahu

Israel to construct more settler units in E Jerusalem

Syrian Air Defenses Down Several Missiles
Fired by Israeli Warplanes – Reports


Trump warns Assad against 'reckless'
attack on Syria's militant-held Idlib

Despite Trump Warning, Russia
Resumes Major Airstrikes On Idlib

The NYT Opposes Syria's Liberating Struggle

US, Allies Supply Arms to Nusra, ISIS Through
Third Countries, Like Ukraine - Damascus

Advanced weapons were supplied to terrorists
in Syria via bogus companies, says Lavrov

Ron Paul: Why Can't The US Just Leave Syria Alone?

Kremlin: Drones Launched by Idlib Terrorists
Threaten Russian Bases in Syria

US-Led Coalition Denies That Terrorists
Operate Base Near Syria's Al-Tanf

Hezbollah: US can't set conditions for Syria war victors

Western Intel Suspects Iran Smuggling
Arms to Lebanon by Air - Reports


Trump to preside over UN Security Council's
meeting on Iran in September

US Cairo Embassy On Lockdown After
Police Foil Suspected Suicide Bombing

Spain cancels €9.2mn deal to sell Saudis
400 precision bombs

South Africa slides into recession amid
failing government reforms

FTC's Andrew M. Smith

White Powder Letters Sent to US, Israeli
Embassies in Berlin

Macron Loses His Two Highly Ranked Ministers

Bogus anti-Semitism smears unmask UK democracy
as little more than a fraud - George Galloway

European Press Agencies Slam Google
and Facebook for 'Plundering' News

UK Home Secretary Steps Up Plans to
Give Police More Stop & Search Powers


France Ready to Deploy Warships in
Scallop Wars With UK – Reports

New 3D 'human replica' technology could take
Fake News worries to new heights

Is UK Labour now Zionist-occupied territory?

Joe - Last warning to the Trump - Vid

Robert Reich - We Might Be Heading For
A Crash As Bad As 1929

China defends plans to spend $60 Billion
in Africa over three years

Russia Working to Ditch Dollar, Euro in Trade
With Asia, Africa

China's actual gold reserves mighty
enough to kill the US dollar – Keiser Report

India Accumulates Gold, Sells US Treasury
Securities to Insulate Country

India to build 100 new airports in decade
as domestic air travel demand soars


China pledges $60 Billion to Africa,
rejects 'debt trap' claims

Chinese Company Signs $4.4 Billion Deal for
Coal-Fired Power Plant in Egypt - Reports

Russia's oil production nears record high

Bypassing US Sanctions, India Allows Oil Refineries
to Use Iranian Tankers to Deliver Crude – Reports

Turkey says to start controversial drilling for
gas in East Mediterranean

Why Hawaii Is Burning Its Massive Mangroves

Giant Antarctic Iceberg Makes Dramatic About-Face

Elvis Presley: King of the Comeback

Video shows cops repeatedly tasering
black man who later died in hospital - Vid

Cuddly lion tries to 'hijack' Crimean safari
buggy full of tourists - Vid


Musical pleasures

Why we do not prepare for earthquakes

A Short History of America's 'Tamale Wars'

Inside the Chaotic World of Whale Shark Tourism

Working in America in 2018

Strategy That Helps Prevent Injuries at Work

Spontaneous Combustion – Spiritually

'Just Shut Up and Pray!'

Australia's Supermarkets Selling Fake Honey


Dem Protests Disrupt Kavanaugh Hearing - Arrests Made

Kavanaugh Hearing Chaos As Dems Protest,
Object And Interrupt proceedings

Trump Goes After Jeff Sessions Over
Indicted GOP Congressmen

'Fire Jeff Sessions The Shill Now'

How Robert Mueller Outfoxed Donald Trump

'Civil war' Warning For Trump's Enemies

Jerry Kushner Amassed More Than $350,000
In Unpaid New York Fines

Dem Socialist Candidate Busted By Her Own Family
For Claiming To Be Jewish, Lying On Resume


President Trump Abruptly Cancels Labor Day Road Trip
Gets Out of SUV & Returns to White House For The Day

WATCH - Stunning - Zuckerberg, Larry Summers And
The Incredible Wow Sheryl Sandburg Timeline - Vid

Trump Lashes Sessions For 'Hurting GOP In MidTerms'

Intel Officials Refuse To Do Damage Assessment Of
Clinton Email Hacks Even After US Agents Killed

Ellison Confronted Over Domestic Violence Allegations

Intel Creation David Hogg, Parkland 'Survivor' Moving
Into Big Politics With Billboard Campaign To Unseat Cruz

McCain's funeral was a disgusting exercise
in gross historical revisionism

Huma Abedin breaks 2-year silence to join new
John McCain fan club. Message reads like a joke

Shameful McCain Memorial Service Spectacle

On Labor Day, Trump trashes AFL-CIO head
Richard Trumka - Unions 'doing so poorly'


If Obama AG Lynch Pushed Thru Original FISA Warrant
to Spy on Trump - Did Sessions or Rosenstein Renew it?

Ohr kept Mueller deputy 'in the loop' on dossier - Report

Jeanine Pirro says Trump was 'framed'

Trump says 'no political necessity' to keep
Canada in new NAFTA deal

MSM Destroys Trump for opposing NAFTA

The CIA's Presidents

Communist A-21 Plan To Ban Gasoline, Electricity? - Vid

Why NYT Latest Attempt To Scare Readers
About Global Warming Is A Waste Of Time

Violent Left Says They Want a Civil War
Meanwhile Antifa Forming A 'Red Army'

Deep State Planning System Similar to
AMBER Alerts to Influence Mid-Terms


Tucker - Big Tech is spying on you

Global Intel Agencies Seek Encryption Backdoors

Israel Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons
To 'Wipe Out' Its Enemies

Gilad Atzmon - Back To The Future

Israel & Trump Hardliners Control US Foreign Policy

Censored Documentary Shows The Real Nation
That Meddles In US Elections - Vid

Liberal Left Succumbs to Anti-Russian Hysteria

Kavanaugh hearing will be a Big battle

Mexico Signs Wall Building 'Check'

Unexpected Tax Savings - Illegals fearing Trump
crackdown, drop out of free food programs


Facebook's definition of terrorism helps
governments Censor And silence dissent

Putin Sneaking Up on Europe from the South?

EMF Attacks on US Embassy Staff Could Have
Been Weaponized Microwave Radiation

NYT - Putin 'Mind Control' Weapons Used To
Carry Out Mysterious US Embassy Attacks?

Russian Oligarch And Putin Pal Admits
To Collusion, Secret Meetings

WSJ Exposes Dirty Tactics Of 'Steele Dossier' Firm

Hold off on Trump impeachment for now - Panetta
urges US Democrats

California Votes To Ban Schools From Early
Start Times To 'Give Students More Sleep'

New Video Shows More Atrocities by a
Key US Ally in Drone Warfare

Over 80,000 Paedophiles Operating in Britain


OJ's Lawyer and the Woman-Abusing
Princeling of Silicon Valley

Macron says EU can't rely on US for security
is it time to start wooing Russia?

Macron claims Putin's dream is to dismantle EU
Kremlin says it wants cooperation

China unilaterally increasing military activities
in disputed East China sea - Japan defense chief

US receives advanced air defense radar from Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence agency involved in
slaying of Donbass leader – FSB

Ukraine's army planning offensive under command
of foreign instructors, says DPR

'The city is orphaned': 120,000 mourners bid farewell
to murdered Donbass leader in Donetsk (PHOTOS)

Saudi Regime Calls Premeditated Mass Murder
in Yemen 'Mistakes'

US Threats to Strike Syria Over Alleged Chemical
Weapons Won't Stop Damascus From Idlib Op


US wants terrorists to stay in Idlib; just imagine
what Pompeo would say if they were in Oregon'

Idlib Militants Dig Huge Tunnel Network, Plan Chem
Weapons Provocations – Source

Russian Anti-Submarine Aircraft Arrive In Syria
To Participate In Massive Naval Drills

The Struggle for Syria's Soul

US Cmdr Calls for End to War in Afghanistan

Myanmar sentences Reuters journalists to
7 years in jail, prompts reactions

Data Overtakes Oil as Leading Global Commodity

Australian dollar falls to 20-month low

Australian farmers battle life without rain

We don't want to live in Mideast & Africa - Czech PM


Muslims Don't Like The Food, Set Fire In Greece

Muslim Migrants Are 'Threat' to Euro Civilization - Czech PM

Afghan Refugee Jailed for Murder of 15 Yr Old German Girl

Muslim Suspects In German Murders Skyrocketing

Anti-Muslim Anger Grips Sweden

Swedish Right-Wing MP Visits Syria
To Discuss Sending Refugees Back

UK Defense Secretary Warns Afghan ISIS
Terrorists Threaten Whole Europe

'Only the Start'- Norway Gets Its First Hijab-Wearing Model

Muslim student will be first Miss England finalist In hijab

Chiappalone - Dissolution…Total And Final


The American Dream Is Getting Smaller
And The Reason Why Is Painfully Obvious

How Money is Made & Printed And By Whom

Turkey will ban dollar in trade transactions - Erdogan

Turkey's Erdogan calls on global trading partners
to smash US dollar's 'monopoly'

World leaders who challenged reliance on US currency

US police arrest 'China's Jeff Bezos'
over suspected sexual misconduct

China Doubled Its Battery Storage Capacity
In Just Six Months

China's New Silk Road Project Hits Debt Jam

China quickly catching up to EU in trade with Russia

Peso Set To Disintegrate After IMF Tells Argentina
To Stop Supporting Currency


Argentine President Admits 'More Poverty' To Come,
Announces Price Controls, Higher Taxes, Smaller Govt

'We should not sit like rabbit in front of snake'
Says German FM on US sanctions

Qatar looking to invest billions more in Germany

Euro Firms Hit Hard By Trump US Sanctions On Iran

BMW Agrees to Pay $11.5 Million Over Diesel Emissions

Evidence For Planet 9 Mounts - May Be Behind Neptune

Mystery radio signal from space detected

Earth Landscape Set to Undergo 'Major Transformation'

The Computers That See Through Walls

Human Rights Alert: Woman Files Discrimination
Complaint For Right To Work Braless


OH officer shoots K9 partner after Dog attacks Him

Experts in Israel uncover tunnels they say could
be the spot where Jesus turned water into wine

Large Hadron Collider to Search for Dark Matter

On going on and on and on

Millions of people will be deficient
in 2 key nutrients by 2050

How Escaped Pets Took Over Florida

A Bit Above the Heart

Moment Navy divers blow Up WW2 German bomb - Vid


Email Logs Reveal Mails Between Clinton Associate,
Fusion GPS And Russians at Trump Tower Meeting

Desperate for collusion proof, Agents Tried to Flip
Russian Oligarchs & The Fallout Spread to Trump

Will Someone In Washington Play The Ace Of
Spades Before November?

New Documents Show Pentagram Wanted To
Nuke China and Russia Into Oblivion

Did Trump Regime Order Donbass Leader's Murder?

Lavrov calls murder of Donbass leader 'blatant provocation'

Trump Allies Fume Over Political Grenades Thrown
At Hyper-Partisan McCain Funeral/Globalist Rally

Uninvited Princess Ivanka Texting
During McCain's Funeral!

Trump's Four Word Response To McCain's Funeral

Twitter Goes Crazy As Donald Goes Golfing
During McCain's Funeral


WATCH G.W. Bush Passes Something
to Michelle Obama During McCain's Funeral

Samantha Power On McCain's Final Message To Putin

McCain Funeral Marked the End of an Era
for the Globalist War Party

The Beatification of John McCain

How the progressive left brass 'Cat Balloued'
Senator John McCain's Memorial

Saint Joseph McCarthy vs The Deep State
Zionist Bolshevik Communist Globalists

Kanye West announces 2024 presidential run

Lightning Round - The Mooch Takes On
The Hottest Topics In America

Unbelievable - Bank Tells SA White Farmers They Will
Have To Pay Debts On Property Stolen By The Govt

Trump Regime Pressuring Nations To
Stop Funding UNWRA


Iran Stuns Enemies - Moves Ballistic Missiles To Iraq

UAE Paid Israeli Firm to Conduct Illegal Spying - Suit

IDF Uses Tear Gas On West Bank Palestinians

White Helmets Change Plan for False-Flag
Chemical Attack in Idlib

Russian Evidence Shows Chem False Flag
Is Planned For Syria

Turmp US has already drafted list of targets
for potential strike in Syria

Trump Regime Considers Liberating Syrian Conflict Escalation

Trump US Strategy In Syria - 'Create Quagmires
Until We Get What We Want'

Russian Navy, Warplanes Start Massive Drills in Med

More Russian Ships Head to Syria Fearing US Attack


Syria has right to drive terrorists out of Idlib - Russia

Trump US-trained terrorists planned to carry out
terrorist attacks in Palmyra

The caricature of Assad is a deflection from the
reality on the ground in Syria

Trump Regime Halts All Funding for
Palestinian Refugees

US stops funding to Palestinian refugee agency
due to 'irredeemably flawed operation'

Trumps Cuts Aid to Palestinians,
Threatens Regional Peace - Moscow

China Moves Into Afghanistan As
Part Of Global Expansion Mission

Top Saudi Pushes Plan to Make Qatar an Island
And Put a Nuclear Waste Dump Next Door

Fisk - Lebanon is on a tightrope

Brazil Court Bars Lula From Presidential Election


Rigged Brazilian Tribunal Bans Lula's
Legitimate Right to Run for President

September is Aspartame Awareness Month
Plus the John McCain brain tumor issue

Looming Health Crisis in the Aftermath
of the California Wildfires

Most Powerful Storm of 2018
Is Headed Toward Japan

Toxic Food for the Masses, Part One
GMOs, Glyphosate and You

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 33
Plus More New Cities Added

47,000 Detroit Students Can't Drink Their
School Water Because of Lead and Copper

AI Singularity - Unmanned Airport Control
Tower Installed In Northern Colorado - Vid

Montana Collects $1.8 Million in Medical
Cannabis Tax Revenue

How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World


Who Really Put up the Berlin Wall?

Moon landing movie Leaves out The American flag

What taking a vacation does to
your body and brain

Older Americans Are Overdosing on Opioids

da Vinci's Newly Digitized Sketches

This Is Our Best Look Yet at Saturn's Aurora

North America's 'First' Sex Doll Brothel Fails

Solve one of these 6 major math problems
And you'll win a $1 million prize

Apple Self-Driving Car Rear Ended During Road Test


The Strange True Story of the
Godfather of Conspiracy Theories

Pascagoula UFO Incident: Scientist Term Past
UFO Report As True - 1973

Whistleblower To Disclose 1000s of UFO Files?

UFO's Over San Diego? - Vid

US Arrests 20 MS-13 Gang Members in California

Earth's 'Big Freeze' Looms As Sun Remains
Devoid Of Sunspots For Most Of 2018

Google's New AI Can Predict Earthquake Aftershocks

Flesh-Eating Genital Infections Caused
By Common Diabetes Drugs

47,000 Detroit Students Can't Drink Their
School Water Because of Lead and Copper

Joe - America Is Dying - Part 1


Joe - America Is Dying - Part 2

Ariana Grande Groped At Franklin Funeral
Black Bishop Says He’s 'Sorry'

Obama, Meghan McCain Blast Trump At
John McCain's Funeral Service - Vid

Bill Clinton Ogling Ariana At Aretha Franklin Funeral

Leader Of DPR In Free East Ukraine Killed By Cafe Bomb

Muslim Stabs Two Americans In Amsterdam

Trump Noticeably Absent at McCain DC Ceremony
But Look Who Is in Front Row

Eulogizing War Criminal McCain

Witness says Natalie Wood was heard
crying for help for 20 minutes

FBI Arrests 5 NM Muslim Terror Suspects After
Judge Dropped Earlier Charges

US-Canada Talks Break Down With No Results

Trump's Harsh Comments About Canada Leaked

Mike Pence and His Talent for Being Absent

Two of Mueller's Prosecutors Quit Office
of Special Counsel

Jeff Sessions was a Trojan horse

Meet Google's Deep State Policy Manipulator
Big League Politics

Trump Preparing Prosecution Of
'Corrupt Deep State Actors'

Mapping The Countries Shutting Down
The Internet The Most

Trump Ignores Outcry Over Yemen Slaughter
Will Train Saudi Pilots In US

Russia Will No Longer Take US Astronauts
To The Space Station As Of April

The ISS sprang a leak yesterday

China's Ministry of State Security Is Operating
in Silicon Valley

Coalition Asks Congress To Stop Silicon Valley
Corporate Civil Rights Abuses

The Communist Origins of 'Labor Day'

Doom - Poo-Bah Overrules Vote, Removes Statue
Of Thomas Jefferson's Grandson

San Diego mom Is Community Gang stalking Victim - Vid


The Things They Lost in the Fire

Who Was Francis Before He Became Pope?

New Zealand Council Plans to Ban all Pet Cats

DOJ Accuses Harvard of Racial Bias in Admissions

Schools, Universities Are Liberals' Trojan Horse
For New World Order Indoctrination

College Bans 9/11 Memorial Citing Muslims Feelings

Responding To The 'Nothing To Hide' Argument
In Support Of Mass Surveillance

'Hard To Refute' FBI Leaked Stories To Media
And Used Them To Obtain FISA Warrants

Trump Warns of Personal Involvement
If FBI, DOJ Don't 'Start Doing Their Job'

Democratic Congressional candidate says
Trump is like Bin Laden – audio recording


China Using Fake LinkedIn Accounts to Recruit
Americans as Spies - Reports

China Launches Special Online Source to
Track Down Fake News

'Scapegoated' China Stunned By Trump Tweets
"From Some Alternative Universe"

Targets For Next Trump Syria Attack Said Already Drafted

Claims of Syrian CW Use Are Bald-Faced Lies

Syrian Convoy Heads For Idlib 'Final Battle' - Vid

After Failed Attempt At Syrian Regime Change,
The Next Target Is Hezbollah

US Media 'Conditioning' Public For Bombing Syria

UN Chief Sides with Aggressors in Syria

President Erdogan: Turkey's S-400 purchase
a 'done deal' - will get them soon


Turkey Working With Iran, Russia to Avoid
Provocation in Syria's Idlib - Erdogan

Netanyahu - The Weak are Slaughtered
...the Strong Prevail

Israeli Officials Are Warning That Trump's
Moves Against Palestinians May Backfire

Israel says not bound by post-war Syria deals

Netanyahu's Wife Suspected of Bribery as
Part of Corruption Probe - Reports

Iran Moves Missiles to Iraq in
Warning to Enemies

US Hits Al-Qaeda With Serial Airstrikes in Yemen

Yemen - 19 fishermen missing after Saudi airstrike

Russian Embassy in US Slams State Dept for
Shielding Kiev's Actions in Azov Sea

Ukraine May Become NATO-Russia Buffer
State After 2019 President Vote – Diplomat


Ukraine Tests New Anti-Ship Cruise Missile - Vid

Illegal Alien Kills OR couple riding Motorcycle - Pic

German City Erupts in Spontaneous Protest
Against Muslim Violence

Muslim in Germany accused of 542 crimes
But can't be deported

Another day in Wild West Britain

22 cars burned in Sweden by muslim criminals

Swedish right-wing parliamentary candidate
attacked by muslim during campaign meeting

2 injured In Muslim stabbing at Amsterdam
Train station suspect shot by police

Wilders cancels Dutch Mohammed cartoon
contest after 'threats & violence'

Another Boat Full of African Blacks
Landing on Spanish Beach - Vid


UN Human Rights Committee Rules for
Lula's Right to Run for President in Brazil

Crucifying Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May in Africa: Cynical
post-Brexit development agenda

NBC Threatened Ronan Farrow if He
Kept Reporting on Harvey Weinstein

IMF backs South Africa's Communist Govt Plan To
confiscate land from white farmers With No Compensation

US Military Presence In Africa - All Over Continent And Still Expanding

'Not good enough': Trump rejects EU offer
to dump auto tariffs

Trump Threatens to Pull US Out of
World Trade Organization

Venezuelan power station explosion
illuminates night sky - Vid

US Sanctions Have Virtually destroyed Venezuela


Dean Henderson - A Federal Reserve Talk

Homemade Electromagnetic Plasma Rifle Test Fire

Childhood Obesity Rates Expected to
Grow 10-Fold By 2020

Top 10 secrets about stress and health

How wonder works

The 5 Main Cultural Influences Controlling
Your Subconscious Mind

The surprising origins of the TV remote

France hit by brutal thunderstorms

One bite from this tick could ruin
red meat for the rest of your life

Poppy genome reveals opiate evolution


How to scout a cosmic monster

Shocker - IMF Backs SA Plan To Take White Farms
And White Property Without Compensation

New Israeli Missiles Have Longer Range Than Disclosed

Russia To Stop Ferrying US Astronauts To ISS In April

Firefighter Reveals Lady Di's Final Words

Catastrophic Extinction Of Bugs And Birds Documented
On 6 Round Trips From Las Vegas To LA And SoCal

FBI Finds No Evidence Clinton's Server
Compromised by Alleged Chinese Hackers

Trump Unleashes On 'Degenerate Fool' Carl Bernstein
Over 'Fake News' - CNN Responds

Trump Says CNN Chief Should be Fired
After Channel's Failure to Admit Flaw

Trump Slams Heads Of CNN, NBC; Says Media
Only Cares About 'Hatred And Agenda'

FBI Doubts Dossier's Truthfulness, DOJ Confirms

Roberts - NYT Says Putin Rules America

Christopher Steele Worked For Sanctioned Russian
Oligarch While Composing Sham Dossier: Solomon

'It Was All A Set-Up' - Pentagon Whistleblower
Exposes Russia Probe Reality

Allies fear Trump Not Ready for
gathering legal storm


White House Wants to Pick Fight With Legal Weed

John McCain's Imperial Complex

Deceptive Tale of Russia Hacking US Voter Sites

Why Technology Favors Tyranny

Facebook Whistleblower Exposes Company's
Bias Against Conservative Views

Facebook Staffers Create Closed Group
Opposing Company's 'Political Monoculture'

Twitter tests 'unfollow' suggestion feature

Snap Slumps After Map Hack
Renames NYC - 'Jewtropolis'

FB Sorry for Pulling Anne Frank Center's
Post With Nude Holocaust Victims

Almanac Predicts Bone-Rattling Cold Winter


Roberts - A Book For Our Time?

Idlib to become Syria's final battle with terrorists
... if the Trump-US & West stays out of it

Some 10,000 Nusra, Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib
Have to Be Defeated - De Mistura

Russia warns US not to 'play with fire' in Syria – Lavrov

Russia gives US intel on planned chemical
weapons provocation in Syria

Will Russia Challenge US-Led Aggression in Syria?

Syria - White Helmets Kidnapped 44 Children to Stage
Chemical Attack in Idlib

Syrian children kidnapped to be used in false chemical
attack in Idlib - Report

Syria's top diplomat reiterates Damascus does
not posess chemical weapons

Iran Nuclear Deal May Die


Netanyahu Threatens Iran Over Its
Defense Pact with Syria

Netanyahu threatens Iran & Syria at
nuclear reactor ceremony

Leaked footage reveals US Israel lobby
astroturfing student event - Vid

US, Israel form new joint task force to take on Iran

Censored documentary a testament to 'incredible'
power of Israel lobby - Blumenthal - Vid

Israeli shooter Azaria - I have no remorse for
killing wounded Palestinian

Israel controls UK politicians' speech - Corbyn

Corbyn claims NATO founded to 'promote Cold War
with Soviet Union' in 2014 video, is he right?

Anti-Semitism Accusations Against Corbyn
Seek to Harm Palestinians - JVL

How many people are on psychiatric drugs?


Face of Longest-Reigning Ancient Maya King?

Furious Saudi Arabia Condemns UN Report on Yemen

Corbyn Is Being Destroyed

Roger Waters takes aim at 'scripted' White Helmets

Toxic pesticides found in most CA illegal pot farms

How Napalm Bombs Intensified US WW2 Attacks

F-35 Gets a Try out at Sea

Tom Carper & Rise and Fall of the Delaware Way

How America's 'most reckless' billionaire
created the fracking boom

Great Viral Song About John McCain


The Rise of Democracy in Turkey Threatens Erdoğan

Chelsea Manning Will Be Denied Entry to Australia

A new permafrost gas mysterium

A Fight Over Killing Bobcats Is Raging
Across the Midwest

How States Are Dealing With Teacher Shortages

The Surprising Role of Cheese in Human Evolution

Midwest: Severe storms lead to widespread flooding

Frightening Concerns Elderly Disaster Victims Face

Modern Scarecrows Use Lasers


Trump Calls on FISA Judge to Call in Comey, Yates,
McCabe, Rosenstein and Press Criminal Charges

Trump ramps up attack on Google, Twitter & Facebook

Bannon On Facebook, Twitter and Google…
'These People Are Evil'

Trump - 'I just cannot state strongly enough how
totally dishonest much of the Media is'

CNN Lashes Out At President Trump 'We Don't Lie!'

Bombshell - John Brennan's Disturbing Connection
To 9/11 Will Forever Convince You He's A Traitor

Sarah Palin - Loyal Running Mate, Excluded
From Bigoted, Sexist McCain's Funeral!

Gingrich - Mueller's Fatal Mistake

Sanders Continues to Slam Jeff Bezos


Chinese Hackers Got Every Hillary Email In Real Time
That Means They Are Getting Trump's And Everyone's

Trump Says Reports on China Hacking
Clinton's Classified Emails 'Very Big Story'

Beijing Not Surprised by US Blaming
China for Hacking Clinton's Emails

Civil Unrest Is Brewing, Trump Warns Violence
Is Coming If Republicans Lose In November

As MSM & Hollywood Distract, US Government
Quietly Prepares For Nuclear War

Russia's 'Nuclear Combat' War Games
Largest In Nearly 40 Years

Trump Warns Tech Companies After Google Tweets

LV Shooter’s Girlfriend Lists FBI As Place of Employment

CNN own source says Cohen story is fake news

AZ Elects Another Amnesty Supporting
Republican To Replace Senator Jeff Flake


Roberts - According to NYT Putin Rules America

NYT Calls Russophobia A Conspiracy Theory

Is the US in a new Cold War with China?

Empire Spymongering, Elite Conspiracy Practitioners

Washington Silent Weapon for Not-so-quiet Wars

Trump Dubs Reports Relying on Anonymous Sources 'Fiction'

No political bias at Facebook? Employee claims
company suffers from liberal mob-rule

Facebook Engineer's Stunning Admission -
'We Tear Down Posters Welcoming Trump Supporters'

‘Imperial arrogance’ - Fake FB accounts spewing
US propaganda at Cubans fit the pattern

Instagram take aim at ‘bad actors’ in new verification update


Ivana Trump’s Post-Divorce Glamour

South Africa’s ruling ANC says land expropriation
bill withdrawn for further ‘reconsideration'

Trump’s tariffs may kill farming in South Africa
sooner than land confiscation

How to create a US-backed government
coup for fun and profit! - by Lee Camp

‘Embodiment of ideals’? Polish ex-president
nominates convicted terrorist for Nobel Peace Prize

Visualizing World Arms Sales -
US Vs Russia, 1950-Present

Attack on Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer

Pennsylvania AG says Vatican helped
conceal abuse of over 1,000 children

Vatican doctors Pope's remarks on ‘psychiatric
help’ for gay children, says he did not mean it

The Pope Is Turning a Blind Eye to Abuse


Pedos Only Dance to the Devil’s Drum

Americans Are Getting STDs at Record Rates

STDs Hit Record Highs As Antibiotic Resistant
Gonorrhea Concern Emerges: CDC

The Real Culprit May Not Be Gluten At All

2,456 Cases Of Hepatitis A In West Virginia

State sponsored German news service refuses
to report on doctor murdered by Muslim

Anti-Muslim Protests in Germany

Why medically caused deaths continue to be ignored

Iran to Take ‘Controlling Measures’ if States
Break Int’l Law in Strait Of Hormuz - Official

Fissures Grow At Top Of Iran's Government
As Rouhani Censured, Top Officials Sacked


Twitter Co-Founder's Medium Website
Slams Truth-Telling On Syria

Mattis Hypes up 'Looming' Chem Attack in Syria

Russia Deploys Fleet of Warships to Syrian Coast

Russia bolsters navy presence in Mediterranean off Syria

Syrian Documents Reveal Chem False Flag
Attack Coming

Russian military say White Helmets hand
toxicants to Ahrar al-Sham grouping

Planned chemical weapon provocation in Idlib
aimed to prevent removal of terrorists – Lavrov

Lavrov says US attempt at ‘regime change’ in Syria failed

US Rejects Russia's Data on Chemical Weapons
Provocations Being Prepared in Syria - Lavrov

ISIS and Al-Nusra Operate in US-Controlled
Rukban Refugee Camp

Time Travel - What Our Government Knows
And Hides - Full Documentary


America’s Fall From Space

Russia, Europe to Hunt for Lunar Ice

New Witness Angle To Nimitz Tic Tac UFO

Eerie Sky Glow 'Completely Unknown' to Science

Hickson Recounts His Alien Abduction
with Dr J Allen Hynek - Vid

NASA Reveals Plan For Permanent Moon Base
'We Want Lots Of Humans In Space'

Japan to Remove Controversial ‘Sun Child’
Statue from Fukushima - (Vid)

Perth residents shocked by BOOM of meteor - Vid

Ruble gains ground against dollar and
euro after Putin’s address

The Trend Toward De-dollarization Accelerates


Is The World Ganging Up Against The Dollar?

US files WTO lawsuit against Russia
over import taxes on American goods

‘UN was obliged to punish US for
sanctions against Iran, but did nothing’

Trump Tariffs on Canadian Paper Worth
$1Bln Reversed by US Trade Commission

Iran LPG exports soar; Saudi official spurns US bid

Japan tests freight transportation
across Russia via Trans–Siberian Railway

Sinkholes - When the Earth Opens Up

CERN scientists are about to cool down antimatter

The macho sperm myth

The Power of Anomalies


How Bad Policy Ends Up on Our Sidewalks

Mississippi Inmates Are Dying in Custody

Military Meditation Routine to Fall Asleep Fast

Fossils Show Ancient Parasitic Wasps
Still Inside Their Unfortunate Hosts

Dangerously Horny Dolphin Ruins
Swimming for French Town

California Might Make Conversion
Therapy Consumer Fraud

Swarm of 20,000 bees attack NYC hotdog stand

Bees are becoming ‘addicted’ to the
pesticides blamed for wiping them out

The Dangers Of Disaster Shelters

Prepping - Is America Ready?


The True Story of 'Operation Finale?'

How the British Navy Camouflaged
Their Ships Using Art

Surfer collapses with heart attack during a
FIRST DATE and is saved by his doctor sweetheart

Of The Real Jesus
Messenger, Rescuer And Destroyer - Pt 1

Of The Real Jesus
Messenger, Rescuer And Destroyer - Pt 2

McSally, Sinema Win AZ Sen Races - Will Face Off November

Trump Backed Rep DeSantis Wins GOP Primary
In Florida - Rick Scott Wins GOP Senate Nomination

Comey, Ohr's Scheme To Clear Clinton, Hurt Trump

CA Mom Bitten, Infected By (Illegal Alien) Chagas Bug

Trump Blasts Google For 'Fixed Search Results'
And 'Illegal' Censorship - Vows To Take Action

Google Responds To Trump Says It 'Doesn't
Bias Its Search Results' !

Trump Slams Google CEO For Refusing To Testify

Jimmy Carter Tells Dems Trying To Impeach Trump
Would Be A Big Mistake

44% of Americans say Congress should impeach Trump

Br Nathanael - The Missing Link In Cohen's Plea - Vid

Bombshell or nothingburger? DC in a frenzy
over Bruce Ohr's Steele dossier testimony

Remember When Obama And His Supporters
Hated And Mocked John McCain?

McCain: A War Criminal, Not a Hero

McCain Said the Darndest Things About Russia

Princess Ivanka Slammed for Jacksonville
Mass Shooting Tweet


High Price of Speaking Out Against Stormy Daniels

Abominable New US-Mexico Trade Deal

Atlantic Council accuses RT of pro-Republican
bias in midterm election coverage - fake news

At least Trump is not a 'zombie' telling 'beautiful lies'
– Tech investor Peter Thiel

CNN, Other Media Under Fire For Spinning
New Mexico Radical Compound Story

Lanny Davis Admits Being Source For CNN
Trump Tower 'Bombshell' Fake News

China Hacked Hillary's Private Email Server

Comey Lied About Searching Clinton Emails
on Sex Offender Weiner's Laptop - Report

NEW Information Suggesting FBI-DOJ Leaked
To Press, Used Articles To Obtain FISA Warrants

Doom - CA U - We Must Remove Whites From Campus


SHOCKER - UK Supports South African Land Reform
(THEFT!) - PM Theresa May

South Africa Civil War Looms As White Farmers
'Black Hitler' Is 'Willing To Die' Over Property Confiscation

As Land Confiscations Loom, SA Rules 300,000
Gun-Owners Must Turn Over Their Weapons

South Africa Exempts Zulu Lands From Theft Scheme

Retired Green Beret: Was Congo's Ebola
'Bungle-In-The-Jungle' A Planned Mishap?

'Appalling politics' & 'phony science' is why Monsanto
is still afloat Says lawyer suing chemical giant

Vietnam Demands Monsanto Finally Be Held
Liable Over Agent Orange

Trump gives US farmers $6 Billiion in emergency
relief to help Withstand The trade war

Chris Hedges Warns 'Ignore Reality At Your Peril'

US guided-missile destroyer leaves Black Sea — Navy


Mattis: 'US does not recommend' Turkey buys
Russian missile defense system

Poroshenko vows abrogation of Ukrainian-Russia
friendship treaty will begin shortly

The Tectonic Plates Of Geopolitics
Are Starting To Shift

Israel Denies Hamas Relatives Permission
to Leave Gaza for Medical Treatment

Trump Regime Terror-Bombing of Syria Imminent

US army accuses RT of 'ridiculous misinformation'
over Syria, but not UN or NBC

Syria presents UN with data proving plans for
terrorist chemical weapons attack in Idlib

Russia Doing Its utmost to Thwart False Flag
'Chemical Attack' in Syria, Says Diplomat

Kremlin Denies Reports on Bolton's Warning
About Strikes on Syria - Spokesman

Militants in southwestern Syria surrender
11 tons of ammunition in 24 hours


Iran Unable to Close Strait of Hormuz Completely
or Partially - Saudi Energy Aide

Pentagon May Stop Supporting Saudis Over
Civilian Death Toll in Yemen - Reports

Saudi-led coalition conducts air strikes on Yemen's airport

Bin Salman threatens to target Yemeni women, kids

Israeli forces shoot Norwegian peace
activist twice in one week - Vid

Israeli forces demolish home of slain Palestinian teen

Libya Erupting Into New Civil War As Rival
Factions Battle On Streets Of Tripoli

'Highly medicalized culture' in US leads to high risk
of multiple drugs fatally interacting – study

'They Busted His Face' - US Cop Caught Beating
Handcuffed Suspect - Vid

Top Student Loan Official Quits, Blames Trump;
Warns "The System Is Rigged"


Earthquake 6.4 Magnitude Strikes Off
Indonesia's West Timor - USGS

Pollution 'hugely' impacts intelligence with
language skills most affected, research reveals

'Classy Woman Does It in Heels!'

'Appalling politics' & 'phony science' is
why Monsanto is still afloat

Experts doubt EU's ability to stand up to Washington

How Mexico Stabbed Canada in the Back
to Get a Better Trade Deal

Stock markets rise after US-Mexico deal

Can US bring Iranian oil exports to zero?

Ron Paul Warns 'Turkey Now, America Later'

Germany Considering Bailout For Turkey To
Prevent 'Full-Blown Economic Crisis'


German energy giant says Russian gas
Absolutely vital for continent

Gazprom sets global record in laying offshore gas lines

Russia to Respond to New Set of
US Sanctions on Reciprocal Basis - Lavrov

Lavrov believes US wants to make EU finance
infrastructure for American LNG

Lavrov slams 'absurd' assertions that
Russia trying to split Europe

'We feel like foreigners': Mother in Germany on
son's daycare where Only '2 out of 25 speak German'

African thugs attack two policemen
as they pin down suspect in McDonald's

China Is Preparing to End Draconian Family
Planning Measures

What would Modern Zen look like?

Putin Chills in Tuva Forest During His Trip to Siberia


Who is Carlo Maria Vigano, the man accusing Pope Francis of covering up sex abuse?

Divisions within the Catholic Church explode into view

Bloomberg Reportedly Threw Its Reporter Under the Bus

Houston Passes 'Historic' Flood Reforms

'Hunger Stones' With Dire Warnings Have Surfaced in Europe

Guide: CBD Oil For Dogs

Kids With ESP – Be Scared

'Hunger Stones' With Dire Warnings Have
Surfaced in Europe

Guide - CBD Oil For Dogs

Kids With ESP – Be Scared


Exotic pets transform into invasive pests

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Time

Secret Tunnels Between The Skull And The Brain Found

Could Rising CO2 Levels Trigger a Nutritional Crisis?

All About the Power of Pot

How to Make Economy Class Tolerable on a Long Flight

The strange truth about the pill


Huge Win As Trump Replaces NAFTA In New
Trade Deal With Mexico

Trump Announces US-Mexico Trade Agreement
As He Terminates NAFTA - Canada Left Out

In Stunning Reversal, Michael Cohen's Attorney
Backpedals On Trump-Russia Claims

Paul Craig Roberts - Watching America Collapse

Burning hatred of Donald Trump motivates
so many to crowdfund crooks & undesirables

Warding off witchcraft? Pastor calls for prayers
to protect Trump from occult evil - Vid

Arms giant Lockheed Martin's tribute to
John McCain goes down...badly

Trump Rejected Plans For White House
Statement Praising McCain - WaPost

How Will The World Remember John McCain?

'Where do you think we live?' Geraldo Rivera Hit
for suggesting McCain widow take Senate seat


Anti-Trump Witness Buying

Comey never examined Most Of Weiner's emails

Censorship and the decline of civilization

On Corrupt Narratives and Choices

Assange and the fate of journalism

Soros Role In Social Media Censorship
Exposed In Leaked Document

Is The Social Media Crackdown On Conservatives
About To Get Even Worse?

US Didn't Expect Russia To Grow So Strong In Arctic

Mass Murder Plans - 'Terrorist Attack' Manual
Targeting Atlanta Hospital Found At NM Compound

'He lost & went crazy' - Witnesses describe killing
spree at Florida video game tournament


NRA Calls to End Gun-Free Zones After Deadly
Jacksonville Mass Shooting

Antifa protesters clash with cops during
Blue Lives Matter counter-rally - Vid

A Chaotic Culture from a Jacobin Mob

US sanctions against Russia over Skripal
case enter into force

Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters Slams
Skripal Case as 'Nonsense'

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters added to Ukraine's
Mirotvorets website database

WATCH - Sweden...Horror & Death By Muslim
'Multitculturalism' - Vid

Swedish nationalist party leader says Hitler Was A
'good person surrounded by lies' during interview - Vid

East London Muslim family turns their yard into
Animal Slaughter, meat production line

Italy Vows To Veto EU Budget Over Muslim Clash


Iraqi, Syrian Suspected of Killing German in
Saxony Arrested, Police Brace for Protests

Chaos, Fights Break Out In German City After
Muslims Stab German Man To Death

Police Officer Shot Dead in Belgium When
Checking Driver's License - Officials

WATCH Muslim Invaders Storm Beach,
Shock Tourists at Luxury Spanish Resort - Vid

Pope must resign over sex abuse crisis

Pope Francis 'won't say a word' about
sex abuse cover-up allegations

Iran Claims It Has Taken Full Control of Gulf
and Strait of Hormuz

Iran Has Total Control of Gulf and Strait of Hormuz
- Revolutionary Guards Chief

Iran's Control Pushes Tensions Of A US Armed Response

New Iran-Syria Defense Agreement Signed


Roberts - Israel Tried To Assassinate US Ambassador

Hackers compromised IDF recruit files & had been
selling private data to 3rd parties for years

New Israeli Ballistic Missiles 'Can Reach Anywhere
in the Middle East' - Defense Chief

Arab MPs in Israel push UN resolution on
Israeli 'apartheid' Nation State law

Mattis - US military to step up South America role
amid 'power competition' with China

South African president defends Land Theft

WaPo Opposes Syria's Liberating Struggle

Macron - France Ready For New Strikes On Syria

Trump Regime Planning Another CW
False Flag in Syria

Syria Never Used And Will Not Use Chem Weapons


Iran, Syria sign new deal for defense cooperation

Syria's air defense on 'highest alert' in case US Strikes

US Destroyer Can Strike Any Part of Syria
From Mediterranean - Russian MoD

Russia, China discuss military cooperation

US Special Ops drones from Syrian war displayed in Russia

Head Of ISIS In Afghanistan Killed After Terror Attacks

Yemeni forces launch drone strike against
Dubai International Airport

EU Prevents Iran-Berlin Escalation by
Quick Reaction to US Sanctions on Tehran

Iran hauls US before World court over 'illegal' sanctions


US to confront Iran at World Court - Pompeo

Turkey Slams US Sanctions, Says Dollar Losing
Status as Global Trade Tool

Saudi King Shelved Aramco IPO To
Teach His Son, MBS, A Lesson

World Bank, CBA Launches First 'Bondi'
Blockchain-Backed Bond

BIS Warns Of "Perfect Storm" For Global Economy

Gold-Backed Ruble Could Become Game
Changer for World Monetary System

With all eyes on Russia, China spends millions influencing US

US struggles with punishing large Russian businesses

Glioblastoma Brain Tumors And Aspartame

CA pledged to protect net neutrality
showdown Time

Most Americans & MDs Support Universal Healthcare


Swedish nationalist party leader says Hitler Was
'a good person surrounded by lies' during interview

'Proud to defend Italy's borders' - Salvini 'ready' for
arrest as prosecutors proceed with inquiry

'Go Back Where You Came From':
Polish Reality TV Show Retraces Refugee Routes

'Misinformed' vs 'braindead'? Swedish neo-Nazi rally
And counter-protesters call each other out - Vid

The Venezuelan Migrant Crisis Is Leading
To The Revival Of 'Gran Colombia'

Argentinians Protest US Facility
Suspected of Being Military Base (VIDEO)

Mexican City Legalizes Street Sex
Oasis of Freedom or Hotbed of Violence?

Murderous Mexico - July Most Violent Ever As
Country Descends Into Chaos

Not Just China Anymore: "Facial Biometrics”
Scan Used To Catch Imposter At DC Airport

2 Japanese nuclear plants hold simultaneous
tsunami & multiple meltdown drills


2 killed, 240+ injured in 6.1 quake in western Iran's border with Iraq

When paper money goes to zero value -
Venezuelan hyperinflation explained - Photo

Is China secretly building up its huge gold stockpile?

Escobar - Sun Tzu And The Art Of Fighting A Trade War

'Toronto First' Says Goldy In Criticizing Open Borders

Vietnam demands Monsanto pay Agent Orange victims

UK Labour self-destructs under 'anti-Semitism'

Sodding The Australian Voter

Only the Players Change

Two 'Nessie' Pics Taken In One Day - Photos


Harvey Is Houston's Unending Nightmare

What Is Burning Man?

Stop Overpaying for Lightly Used Cars

Mysterious violet ring appears in the sky over Russia

People really do love dogs more than
other humans - Dog's Won't Lie To You

Do Animals Experience Grief?

Americans Are Selling a Lot of Dead Giraffes

Why Do So Many Of Us Have Slowness Rage?

Oldest Mummies in The World Are
Turning Into Black Slime

Potentially hazardous asteroid on close approach


CME sparks G3 Strong geomagnetic storm

CME sparks G3 Strong geomagnetic storm

Claim of 'Alien Abduction' By GOP
Congressional Candidate

Climate Change Killed the Aliens

Roswell Documentation vs Roswell Eyewitnesses

John McCain Dead At 81

The Q Prophecy

Increasingly Isolated Trump Sees closest
Advisors Turn on him and Sell Him Out

Donald J. Trump's Terrible Week

Team Trump Is Different...
They Stab Each Other In The Front

Fears Trump Will Pardon Manafort? Read What
Pardon King Bill Clinton Did!

Roberts - Watching America's Collapse

Brennan Says Trump Presidency Is Third Great
Crisis In American History

'Treasonous' Trump creating political unrest - Brennan

Trump Rips Sessions Again - Says He Has No Idea What
Is Happening In The DOJ

Democratic senators ask Pompeo for translator's
notes from Trump-Putin meeting


MUST READ - Stunning Dot Connecting

Trump - Reality Winner's crimes 'small potatoes'
compared to Hillary Clinton

Trump Organization CFO Weisselberg Granted Immunity
By US Prosecutors In Cohen Investgiation

Germany Calls for New Global Payment
System Independent of the US

Pence Acting 'Presidential'? Calls For
Permanent US Presence on Moon

The Big LIE of 'Nazi-Looted Art'

10 Yr Old 5th Grader Punished For Calling Teacher 'Ma'am'

Utah College Instructor 'Quarantines' Gun-Owners
To Back Of Class

Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Frequencies

Abandoned Salt Mine 1200 Feet Underneath Detroit - Vid


Former MI6 spy v WikiLeaks editor - Who really
deserves 1st Amendment protection?

'It looks like spam' - Facebook hit with more claims
that it unfairly censors conservatives

One Minute To Midnight - Latest US Sanctions
Propel Nations Towards Risk Of War

Reactivated US 2nd fleet returns to
North Atlantic 'ready to fight'…Russia

Thermonuclear Bombs On The 60 Largest US Cities
FEMA Heightens Nuclear Response Readiness

Massive Russian-Chinese Joint War Games Will
Feature Nuclear Exercises

Russia Restores Defunct Soviet Network to Monitor
Near-Earth Objects

China launches new BeiDou-3 navigation satellites

Russian Intent To Subvert US Democratic Institutions?

Joe - Everything Is NOT Okay - Vid


Global GeoEngineering News Alert 8-25-17

Doom - 'Healthy' Students Don't Benefit From
ADHD Drugs...Does Anyone?

Bolton Threatens Syria

Terrorists readying chemical attack to frame
Syria As pretext for US strikes?

Bolton calls on Al-Qaeda to stage more chemical attacks in Syria

Bolton Warned US Will Hit Syria with Greater Force Than Before
if Chemical Arms Used by 'Syrian Government'

Terrorists readying chemical attack to frame Damascus
And provide pretext for US strikes – Russian MoD

Moscow Warns Washington, Allies of New 'Reckless Steps'
in Syria - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

Western-Made Weapons Discovered Near Deir ez-Zor in Syria

Is 'Assad curse' to blame for Aussie PM Turnbull's
ousting? Meme-magic strikes again…


Bolton Slams EU 'Dependence on Russia',
Suggests EU Should Buy Israeli Gas, US LNG

State Dept Representative Claims Iran to Conduct More
Assassinations Due to EU Funding

Lendman Interview With Tasnim News Agency
on the Iran Action Group

Move over Brexit & US election meddling
Russian bots are here to 'fuel anti Vax debate'

'Information ops' - Secret meeting of social media
And tech giants to tackle midterm elections

Corbyn under fire for saying 'Zionists don't understand
English irony' in old Video

Second Brexit Referendum Not 'Off the Table'

'Dig Him Up': Spanish Parliament Amends Law
Orders Franco's Exhumation

AZ Ilegal Muslim Lied About Somail Terror Ties

NY Muslim Charged In Plot To Blow Up
Staten Island Gas Station


MI Muslims Arrested For FGM Butchery
Claim Law Is 'UnConstitutional' !

Berkeley Suspends Muslim Prof For Sex Harassment

IN Muslim Gets 15 Years Over Sharing Explosives Info

FL Muslim Who Killed 5 In Airport Terror Escapes
Death Sentence - Gets Life...At Our Expense

Italy PM Slams EU As Muslim Ship Row Escalates

First Video Game Depicting Swastikas Set to Be
Released in Germany

Hockey coaches in Ontario to hold mandatory
gender diversity conversations with players

'Rich' Americans Have Never Been More
Comfortable Relative To 'Poor'

Majority Of Young Americans Live In A Household
Receiving Welfare

'They're Getting Eaten Alive' - Morgan Stanley Warns
Of Momentum In Hospital Closings


Mass Layoffs At Wells Fargo As A Result Of Slumping
Housing Market

A Man's Best Friend: Dogs Being Trained to Sniff
Out Cancer in UK Patients

Seismic Shocker: The Number Of Global Earthquakes
Over The Last 30 Days Is Over 50% Above Normal

De-Dollarization Long Overdue

Weaponizing The Dollar Is Accelerating
Global De-Dollarization

Mexico Dumping US Treasuries In Global Cool
on US Bonds

New US anti-Russia sanctions ban loans, arms exports
and dual-use goods

China Saves The World As Gold Gains Most In 5 Months

Russian Central Bank building goes up in flames

Tesla Auto Maker to Remain Public Company – Musk


Kalashnikov to sell electric cars & bikes to UAE

Amazon paying employees to tweet nice things
about warehouse working conditions

Bayer's Monsanto faces thousands of glyphosate
cancer-risk lawsuits

Vietnam demands Monsanto compensate Agent Orange
victims after US cancer ruling precedent

Putin visits site of decisive WWII battle in Kursk

No Way Pope Can Dodge Predator
Priest Rot in Ireland

Elon Musk is worth about $23 billion and
has never taken a paycheck from Tesla

Indicted Vaping Congressman Blames
His Wife for Everything

Why Vienna Is the Spy Capital of the World

UK city under siege from a new drug 'monkey dust'


Thousands of Amazon workers get food stamps

A World On Fire

Strong and deep M 7.1 Quake hits Peru-Brazil border

The Opioid Crisis Is Also a Crisis of Speech

Super-snake: hybrid pythons could pose
new threat to Florida Everglades

Are We Due for a Pandemic Flu?

Revisiting a 1958 Map of Space Mysteries

This Town Went Off the Grid To Study Stars

WATCH Pastor Being Bitten by Deadly
Snake During Church Ritual

A Buddha in Oakland Neighborhood Brought
Crime Down by 82%


New Method For Having Lucid Dreams Discovered

UK Women Are Among World's Heaviest Drinkers

Brennan Says Trump Presidency Is Third Great
Crisis In American History

Trump Rips Sessions Again - Says He Has No Idea What
Is Happening In The DOJ

Disease ridden Illegals infect over 300,000 Americans
with a DEATH SENTENCE known as Chagas

'Kissing Bugs' Brought By Illegals Spreading Chagas
Across US... Over 300,000 May Die Already

Trump Rightly Accuses Social Media Giants Of
Mass Censorship Of 'Millions' Of Users

Rage to Impeach Trump...for the Wrong Reasons

Connecting The Dots Behind The Curtain

CFO Of Trump Org Given Immunity In Widening Probe

Whistleblower - It Was A Failed Coup, Mainstream Media
Are Covering Up Phony DOJ Dossier

The 10 Primary Directives of Mainstream Media

National Enquirer In-House Safe Contained Evidence
Of Trump-Porn Star Payoffs - AP

Senate wants to know about Cohen's 'Trump evidence'
as his lawyer denies 'mixed up' Russia claims


Trump's Lawyer Warns of 'Revolt' If Trump Impeached

Trump Urges Sessions To Look Into
The Corruption 'On The Other Side'

'All he did was threaten people & assume we control
the world' - Ron Paul on Bolton's Russia meeting

Pence vows US will regain manned space flight
capability 'very soon' & reconquer Moon by 2024

Outcry after study shows Google's Android
collects ten times more data than Apple's iOS

Exposing InfoWars And Alex Jones, Pt I - Why Did
Big Tech Platforms REALLY Take Down Info Wars

Ex-Facebook Boss Says It's 'Too Late' to
Protect 2018 Midterms from 'Bad Actors'

Facebook apologizes for mistaken Hate Speech
but fails to restore censored post as promised

Facebook admits error in deleting conservative
immigration comments after Mollie Tibbetts death

Waxing Indignant Over 9/11 Truth - Vid


Muslims Burn Buildings, 7 cars & pizzeria Overnight
In Sweden as arson attacks continue

Italy Threatens to Halt EU Payments Amid
Illegal Muslim Row

The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting
Of Rudolf Hess In England - Part 3

How America's Wars Have Created Piles Of
Debt (And Little Strategic Benefit)

State Dept Warns of Possible US Sanctions on
Any Country Purchasing Russia's S-400s

Trump US Threatens To Sanction Any Nations
Buying Russian S-400 Systems

Inside America's Meddling Machine - Max Blumenthal
Exposes The Regime Change Promoting 'NED'

Review Of Dean Henderson's 'Illuminati Agenda 21…
The Luciferian Plan To Destroy Creation' - Vid

Is Europe Making Plans For A New World Order?

In The New "Multipolar World" The Globalists
Still Control All The Players


'You Made Us a Colony' - Duterte Refuses
to Buy US F-16s 'After They Humiliated Us'

Iran's "Brand New" Fighter Jet Actually
60 Yr Old American Design

Russia's 5th-gen Su-57 fighter will have AI combat

Russia to start trials of most advanced Katran combat drone

Russian Navy to focus on unmanned warships

Russia's new anti-radar missile outshines
predecessor 150% by combat efficiency

Dozens Of Saudi Political Prisoners
Await Death by Beheading

'Gaza to be uninhabitable in less than two years'

Trump Pulls $200 Million In Aid To Gaza & West Bank

Netanyahu Regime Imprisons Ahed
Tamimi's Brother Waed


Netanyahu Still Hopes US Will Recognize
Israel's Claim to Golan Heights

Netanyahu in Baltics to 'balance unfriendly' EU ties

US-backed body covering up Saudi war crimes: HRW

Cancer-Causing Monsanto Roundup found in
Children's breakfasts

List Of Diseases Caused By Glyphosate In Roundup

Biochemically Quashing Roundup's Carcinogenicity

How Scientists Engineer Foods to Make Them
Dangerously Addictive

Is Pastor Lindsey Williams right again?
This Super Basin Is About To Make An Epic Comeback

Alaska's Oil Renaissance

Small Business Ownership Among Black Americans
Jumps 400% Since Trump's Election


Time for Russia to finally ditch US dollar – Foreign Ministry

'No Further US-China Trade Talks Scheduled'

Probe Launched After Swiss Banker Arrested
For Laundering $1.2 Billion Out Of Venezuela

Lawmakers Urge Treasury to Cut Off Iran From SWIFT

Suicide Prevention, Psychiatry and Antidepressant
Use All Fail to Reduce Suicide Rate

Cancer Link Confirmed in Largest Ever
Cell Tower Radiation Study

How Scientists Engineer Foods to Make Them
Dangerously Addictive

Personal Initiation as Key to Global Transformation

5 Fast Facts about Pesticides in Cannabis

Hurricane Dumps 31 Inches Of Rain On Big Island Now
Slowly Churning Toward Honolulu And Oahu - Vid

Hawaii - Hurricane Lane Slowly Moves On Islands
Now Cat 3 - Could Bring 30 Inches Of Rain - Vid


Tibbetts Murder Suspect Eluded Bad Immigration System

After Tibbetts Murdered By Illegal, White House Tweets
Video Of 'Permanently Separated Families'

Trump Promises Market Crash in Case of Impeachment

Is Trump Impeachment Possible?

Is Trump An Illegitimate President?

Trump May Be a Criminal...But So Is Everyone Else

Trump says the only crime he committed
was to beat 'Crooked Hillary' in 2016

Is Paying Hush Money to Trump's Paramours
a Criminal Offense?

New poll Shows Bernie Crushes Trump 44-32

Sessions Fires Back At Trump's Latest Slam


Trump Considers Manafort Pardon

Fear Trump will pardon Manafort? See what pardon
king Bill Clinton and these other decision makers did

Proof that Manafort & Cohen are criminals adds
no weight to Mueller's Russia collusion probe

Lanny Davis Destroys CNN's 'Bombshell' Report
On Trump Tower 'Collusion' Meeting

Cohen subpoenaed in Trump Foundation Probe

Cohen Pled Guilty to Charges That Are Not Crimes

Voters Split On Confirming Kavanaugh Nomination

Luongo - 'Humanity Has Had Its Fill Of George Soros'

Details Of Communist Ocasio-Cortez's Ties
To George Soros Exposed

Censorship in America - The New Normal


Life and death in the fake news business

Facebook Censors Post Urging Color-Blind
Response to Mollie Tibbetts' Murder

Facebook attack on ALIPAC Breaks National Press

CIA-Backed Firm Tipped Off Facebook to
'Inauthentic' Accounts

Feds Investigating DoD Contacts With News Media
Amid Security Clearance Checks

San Francisco 'Poop Patrollers' Making $185,000 A Year

Millennials Say America Was 'Never That Great'

US Has Frozen 100s Of Millions in Russian Assets

Twitter freaks out over Russian-made telecom
equipment installed in WH

Trump FINALLY Orders Pompeo to 'Closely Study'
SA Communist White Land Theft & Farm Murders


The Time Richard Nixon Told Trump He'd Be a Star

Hurricane Lane: Cat 4 to Sweep The Hawaiian Islands

Amazon Bans Hoffman's 'Judaism's Strange Gods'
But Continues To Sell 100s Of Hateful Books

Br Nathanael - Chinese Face Reading In The News - Vid

New B-2 'Earth-Penetrating' Nuke A Game Changer

Why We Love to Hate Whistleblowers

Militarization of Police Does Not Reduce Crime

Stabbings By Muslims in Paris Suburb
Latest Attacks to Shock Europe

2 people killed, one injured in Muslim knife
attack near Paris - police

French terrorism suspect walks free - twice - due
to bureaucratic 'dysfunction'


More Than 50% of Convicted Rapists
in Sweden Are Africans And Arab Muslims

80% of UK population growth due to Muslims

Verizon under fire for 'throttling' firefighters'
data in California blaze

Pentagon lab shows B61 nuke
test-drop in slow motion - Vid

How Russia's Capitol Plans to Survive If
Trump US Launches a Nuclear Strike

Jeremy Corbyn on Media Reform

Atzmon - Now, This is Racism!

Pompeo, UK FM discuss Iran, Russia 'threat'

EU Earmarks $20 Million For Iran in Effort
to Offset US Sanctions

Turkey will not 'stay silent' as Trump wages
'economic war' against a NATO ally


Turkey Prepares For First Batch Of Russian S-400s

Russian military shoot down three UAVs launched from
Idlib area under Terrorist control

Washington stands in the way of fight
against terrorists in Idlib - Russia

All foreign forces staying in Syria without invitation
must leave - Lavrov

ISIS leader Baghdadi dwells on group's field defeat
in unverified audio address

Syria finds Israeli medical equipment in militant hospital

UK Minister Urges Israel to Stop West Bank
Settlement Construction

Head of UN panel probing Israeli crimes resigns

Rand sinks after Trump questions Murders and land left
from white farmers in South Africa

SA Rand Rebounds As South Africa Strikes Back
At Trump - 'Reminds Us Of Colonial Past'


Trump orders Pompeo to 'closely study' SA land Theft

The Geopolitics Of Energy

The Weaponization Of The Dollar

Corporation Building Spy-Grid In China Also
Creating Drivers Licenses In The US

How A Free Market Inevitably Produces Dictatorship

US Bank Profits Hit A Record $60 Billion In Q2

China's Mobile Ecosystems Are Making Banks Obsolete

Trade War Escalates As US, China Slap Each Other
With Fresh $16 Billion In Tariffs

China Furious After Australia Bans Huawei
From Mobile Network Project

Russia accelerating efforts to dump dollar, warns top diplomat


Russian Central Bank Stops Buying Foreign Currency
Amid Possibility of New US Sanctions

Russia choosing projects for $40 Billion
infrastructure upgrade mega-plan

Goldman, JPMorgan object to Russian proposal to limit
their ability to move money out of the country

Credit Suisse freezes $5bn in Russian money
in compliance with US sanctions

Over The Last 7 Days Our Planet Has Been
Violently Shaken By 144 Major Earthquakes

Prime Ministerial Chaos in Australia

The Wacky, Risky World of DIY Submarines

Over 300 reindeer were struck by
lightning in the same spot in Norway

Norway's plan for a fleet of electric planes

Was Napoleon Defeated By The Weather In 1815?


The Swiss Man Who Built a UFO Landing Port
in Argentina Because Aliens Told Him to

What Drove Freud to Write a Scandalous
Biography of Woodrow Wilson?

Trump Weighs Manafort Pardon On Fox News

Trump FINALLY Orders Pompeo to 'Closely Study'
SA Communist White Land Theft & Farm Murders

Bernie Crushes Trump 44-32 In One-On-One Poll

Grover - The Silence of the Q

Mollie Tibbetts' Illegal Alien Murderer Was Vetted
through the Government's E-Verify Program

Mollie Tibbetts murder by illegal alien
indicative of much wider problem in America

Trump - rather tolerate 'fake news' than see 'censorship'

51% Of Republicans - Media Is An Enemy Of The People

Trump accuses Cohen of 'making up stories' to get a 'deal'

Cohen's Lawyer - Trump Directed Cohen To Commit Crime

Cohen bombshell sparks fresh Trump impeachment Calls
– but what happened to Russia collusion?

Cohen Willing To Tell Mueller About Trump's
'Conspiracy To Collude' With Russia

Cohen's Lawyer Tells Congress To Investigate Trump
Calls For Impeachment


"Trump-hating Dems who pursue
impeachment will be punished"

RussiaHoax Ringleader, John Brennan,
Is Guilty of War Crimes

Unjustifiably Slamming John Brennan's Defrocking

Trump Praises Manafort - 'Such Respect For Brave Man'

Trump On Manafort Verdict - 'Nothing To Do With Collusion'

Internet Buzzing After Julian Assange's Mother
Implicates Seth Rich In DNC Leak

Is This the Endgame for Trump?

Will Trump remain bulletproof?

Cohen Won't Accept Pardon From 'Criminal' Trump

To MSM, A 'Regime' Is Any Govt At Odds With US Empire


Roberts - Western Civilization Is Now A
Caricature OIf Absurdity

Facebook won't tell users their 'trustworthiness'
score as it introduces new 'rating'

'Plain wrong' - Facebook slams WaPo for
'misleading' headline In article on users' ratings

Facebook Bans 'Activist Mommy' Elizabeth Johnston
As The Purge Of Conservatives Accelerates

Facebook, Twitter take down 'inauthentic Iran-linked'
accounts... but Russia takes the heat

Facebook - The New Tower Of Babel

Elizabeth Warren's Phony Populist Crusade

Kids at hacking conference show how easily
US elections could be sabotaged

US funds organization to sow chaos abroad…
but complains about Russian 'meddling'

Trump vows to slap every European car
with 25% tariff, but gives no time frame


Russia stockpiles gold as US Readies new sanctions

Are All Sanctions Against Russia Based On Lies?

Putin - US establishment behind 'senseless' sanctions

US Sanctions War on Russia Escalates

Washington is always assessing new targets
in Russia for sanctions

Understanding Putin Is Easy…Unless...

US-UK-Israel Axis of Evil Against Russia

The secret circle that controls governments

Doom - $100,000+ Student Debt Stories

One Million Americans Default On Their Student
Loans Each Year Now


Hurricane Lane grows to Cat 5 as it nears Hawaii

Russian Nuclear-Powered Missile 'Lost At Sea'
Recovery Efforts Underway, Says US Intel

'Someone watched too much Robocop'
Kalashnikov's walker robot causes meme frenzy

Semper fat? Marine Corps to overhaul chow
In bid to curb obesity

Jeremy Corbyn, Jewish Assimilation and the Lobby

Venezuela's Earthquake - Natural or Engineered?

WATCH The Tower of David in Caracas Tilt
After 7.3 Quake Shakes Venezuela - Vid

Thousands of Venezuelans rally in
support of Maduro's economic plans

No timetable for Trump's Mideast peace plan

Bolton - Russia stuck in Syria, US can now push for Iran exit


Russia slams Bolton's Syria claim - We're not stuck

Bolton - EU has to choose between Iran and US

If US Attacks Iran, Its Allies in Region Including
Israel Would be Targeted - Senior Iran Cleric

Russia to keep developing military, defense
cooperation with Iran

Syrian terrorists Declare Preparation for
Offensive on Govt Troops - Russian Military

'Saudis urged Assad to sever Iran, Hezbollah ties'

Russia says its Has killed 83,000 Terrorists in Syria

Israel's friend Trump now wants 'fair play' in MidEast

Turkish Police Boost Security Around
US Pastor Brunson's House - Reports

South Africa's land Theft could trigger default
warns agricultural bank


Craig Murray Rages At Britain's 'Gangster State'

German Court - Bring Back Deported Terrorist

Twitter Brewing as Farage Says 2nd Brexit
Referendum Would Be A 'Soros Vote'

300 Black Muslims storm Spanish exclave of Ceuta,
attack police with acid - Vid

Beautiful German town 'unrecognisable'
after it accepted 1,200 Muslims

Hawaii Braces For 'Life-Threatening' Cat 5 Hurricane

Typhoon Headed for S Korea Has Freaky Huge Eye

Venezuela hit by worst Quake since 1900

Seized Cocaine Burned in Argentina in
Presence of Russian Ambassador

Quake sees pro-West Venezuelan guest
replaced with one critical of US


Why China's Expansion in Latin America
Should Concern Both Taiwan, US

Polar ice on Moon raises hopes for
lunar colony with water - Pics

Rense – 'If This Is The New Normal?'

We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before

The US Is Building a $280 Million Drone Base in Niger

US Special Forces Soldier Arrested for Trying to
Smuggle 90 Pounds of Cocaine into Florida

Nationwide US prison strike demands
end to 'slave labor' & 'racist' sentencing

Krieger - It's Time To Focus On Localism,
Decentralization, And Community

WATCH - US Officer Runs Teen Down With SUV
Over Bicycle Violation - Vid

China ditching US coal imports for domestic supply


China considers construction of high speed
railroad to Russia's Far East

Shipping giant Maersk to transport its first cargo
via Russia's Arctic sea route

BoE Chief Economist Warns Of Big AI Threat
In 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'

US To Release 11 Million Barrels From Strategic
Petroleum Reserves

Saudi Arabia Calls Off Aramco IPO, Disbands Advisors

Most Decorated Military Unit In US History

Colombia Is Testing Drones to Drop Herbicide
on Crops Used for Cocaine

Japan fleet kills 177 whales in latest hunt

These Ancient People Built a Lasting Memorial

Sleep deprivation can kill you


Two-Year-Old Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

Effective Nutrition - Scientists Establish How
Diet Affects Intestinal Microflora

Sub-human Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Mollie
12 Americans A Day Killed By Illegals - Deport ALL Of Them
And Shut Down The UN 'Refugee Resettlement Program'

Manafort Guilty On 8 Counts, Others Mistrial

Trump - Manafort Verdict 'A Very Sad Thing'

Ex Trump Atty Cohen Pleads Guilty To 8 Counts
Including Paying Off Stormy And Ex Playboy Model
All Said Done At 'Trump's Direction'

Hannity - There Is a Sequence of Emails That Prove
Brennan Is Lying About Dossier - Vid

Trump Lawyer Challenges 'Blowhard' Ex-CIA
Director to Legal Battle

Trump sends dollar tumbling Down

Trump US Addiction to Sanctions Is
Digging Its Own Grave

Trump Not Considering Lifting Sanctions Unless
Russia Does Something Good For US

Majority Americans Want Diplomacy With Russia
Not Sanctions - Gallup


Trump US Freezes Russian Assets In The US
Worth Hundreds Of Millions

US Treasury - Russian businessmen Deripaska And
Vekselberg have their Cyprus accounts frozen

US sanctions 6 Russia-flagged vessels,
4 companies And 2 individuals – Treasury

Buchanan - In Spies Battle, Trump Holds The High Ground

Russia Cyberattacking America's Political Process?

The Atlantic Council's Russophobic Rage

Bernie Sanders Supporter Beaten By Antifa Thugs

Trump Admin Proposes Replacement For
Obama-Era Climate Policy

Chelsea Clinton Says Might Run For Office One Day
Gosh... Do Ya Really Think She Might?

In Monsters We Trust - US MSM No Friend Of American People


Johnstone - How To Get Rid Of Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists

Facebook's Secret 'User-Reputation Score' Exposed

Robots Can Brainwash Children Into "Mindless Conformity"

'Extremely Marginal' - Noam Chomsky Slams Media
Obsession With Russian Meddling

Ron Paul On US - 'Protectionism Abroad & Socialism At Home'

Denmark As A Model For American Socialists?

What if the world started using US logic in its
relations with America?

The Telltale Signs Of Imperial Decline

The Metaphysics To Our Present Global Anguish

Lavrov Slams US and UN Chief


Insects And Animals Gone In Auburndale, MA

Memo Reveals Soros-Funded Social Media Censorship
Plan By google, FB To 'Eliminate Right Wing Propaganda'

'Soros Flouted US Charity Laws, Deserves Scrutiny'

Google's Sneaky Location Tracking Could
Be A Major Game-Changer

Trump Honors ICE and Border Patrol
Slams 'Open Border Extremists'

The 'dependent victim' PsyOp

'We Are Not Going Bankrupt' Musk Vows As Tesla
Suppliers Panic Over Stopped Payments

86% Of Tesla Model 3s Produced to Meet Musk's
5,000 Cars A Week Goal Need Rework, Repairs

'Zimbabwe-fication' Begins - White Farmers Panic
As SA Communists Steal First White-Owned Land

Inadequate Pope Francis Apology For Pedo Priests


Russia to hold biggest military drills since Soviet Era

NATO training Latvian military to quell 'civilian unrest'
during largest drills in decades

Pentagon Falsely Claims China Threatens America

Sweden In Crisis: Leading PM Candidate Vows
Migration Reforms As Nationalism Surges

Swedish fighter jet crashes after collision with birds

Social media mocks Swedish paranoia
after birds take down fighter jet

Pentagon - US To Stay In Iraq 'As Long As Needed'

Duterte hits back after US warning to stay away
from Russian arms

Russia Building vertical take-off plane on Putin's instruction

Invisible army? Rostec unveils chameleon
camouflage for combat vehicles, uniforms


US Marines' Presence in Norwegian
Arctic Is Actually a Big Deal

Arctic's Strongest Sea Ice Breaks Up for First Time

Israel eases gun control rules, allows 500,000
Citizens to carry weapons

Still too lenient? Israeli cop who killed Palestinian teen
gets sentence doubled to 18 months

ZioCon Intelligence Grooming Public for Iran Operation

DOJ Indicts Iranians Accused Of Spying For
Iran On Jewish, Anti-Khomeini Groups

Iran Unveils New Domestic-Made Fighter Jet
Amid Rising Military Tensions

Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet

Iran could trade with Crimea using
Russian river system

Interest in S-400 soars after operation in Syria


Russia Says Trump US refusal to rebuild Syria
Is a ploy to slow refugee return To Syria!

Western media frames jihadist-controlled Idlib as
'peaceful enclave under assault by Assad' - Vid

Russia, Saudi Arabia discuss situation in Syria & Yemen

Saudis May Execute First Woman For Simply
Supporting Political Protests

Houthi leader hails defeat of Saudi, allies on Yemen west coast

Yemeni forces shoot down two Saudi-led spy drones in Jizan

Taiwan vents anger after losing another ally to China

Taiwan Says Beijing Stepping Up Pressure as El Salvador
Establishes Relations With China, Breaks Ties With Taiwan

Pentagon - US Forces To Stay In Iraq 'As Long As Needed'

Duterte hits back after US warning to stay away
from Russian arms


Russia Building vertical take-off plane on Putin's instruction

Invisible army? Rostec unveils chameleon
camouflage for combat vehicles, uniforms

Kindergarten children dressed as ISIS Killers
for Indonesian independence day parade

Moscow Confirms Taliban's Participation in
Meeting on Afghanistan

Massive missile attack launched near
presidential palace in Kabul

Genoa Bridge At Moment Of Collapse - Vid

UK Foreign Secretary - No-Deal Brexit Will be
Geo-Strategic Mistake for Continental Europe

UK 'Novichok victim' Rowley back in intensive care

CNN's Philip Mudd Blows Up at Paris Dennard for
Telling Truth About 'Profitable' Security Clearances

Prince Charles Proclaimed 'Savior Of The World'
Statue Planned For Him


Joe - Illegals Are Killing Our Children - Vid

Brave MI Cops taser man holding 2 Mo Old Baby - Vid

TX father stabs toddler to death while screaming
'Jesus is coming'

St. Louis teen posts 'I made it to see 17'
Then gets shot & killed on birthday

WATCH Communist Protesters Topple Confederate
Monument at University of North Carolina - Vid

US inmates stage nationwide prison labor strike

Watch Out California! 53 Major Earthquakes
Just Hit The Ring Of Fire In A 24 Hour Period

GeoEngineering May Lead To Lower Crop Yields

'Boys Town' Sex Horrors - A Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

Despite CA privacy law, marketers are still
scheming to snatch your data


BP & Big Oil Drive Society Over 'Climate Cliff'

Venezuela Slashes 5 Zeros From Currency In
'One Of Greatest Devaluations Ever'

Brazil Deploys Troops To Venezuela Border Migrant
Chaos - "This Is Going To Turn Into War!"

As Lira Collapses, Turks Are Piling Into Cryptocurrency

Lebanon to hold oil and gas fields tender by year-end

Escobar - So What Will 'The Sanctioned Supergroup' Do?

'Cursed' Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Reveals Secrets

More 'Sky Blankets' Strange Square Clouds - Start at 7:30

Ice found on moon's surface

Alien Abductee, Calvin Parker Breaks Silence
On The Pascagoula Incident - Vid


A Mysterious UFO and a Priest

Russian Space Weapon Now in Orbit?

The Decline of Roswell - Pt 2

Sugar water may improve memory w/o increasing effort

High Meat, Low-carb diet linked to early death

US inmates stage nationwide prison labor strike

Can We Afford to Keep Rebuilding
in the Line of Wildfires?

A Nazi War Crimes Suspect Has Been
Deported From the US to Germany

The marijuana industry is gripped by a deal frenzy

Walker robot concept among Kalashnikov projects


The most honest millennial CV ever?

What Sexual Fantasies Can Do
for a Relationship

Does Weed Make You Live Longer?

Watch - Banned Video Of Muslim Invasion Of
Europe Back Online - Vid

Gingrich - Mueller's Fatal Mistake In Trump Probe

Trump - Mueller Is Trying to Swing the Midterms
For The Dems - Why Don't You FIRE HIM, Donald?

Giuliani - 'truth isn't truth' in the Mueller investigation

Trump Taunts 'Worst CIA Director' And 'Political Hack'
Brennan Over Lawsuit Threat

Brennan May Sue To Keep Security Clearance

Brennan Stands By His Claim That Trump's
Behavior Is 'Treasonous'

Clapper Turns On Brennan - 'John And His Rhetoric
Have Become An Issue'

Trump Slams Spygate Operative Bruce Ohr
Says Twice-Demoted DOJ Official Should Be Fired

The Myth of Foreign Meddling in US Elections


The Enigma of Orwellian Donald Trump

Roberts - The CIA Owns The US & European Media

Bannon - Republicans Must Rally Behind Trump to Survive

What If Russiagate Is The New WMDs?

The Moon's Role in the New U.S. Space Force

Italian Actress Who Accused Weinstein
Paid $380,000 to Teen She Abused

Chelsea Clinton - Abortion adds trillions to economy

Social-media censorship - here are the deep basics

Twitter 'Endorses' NYT's Sarah Jeong "Being Cruel
To Old White Men"

In Stunning Admission, Jack Dorsey Acknowledges
Twitter's 'Left-Leaning' Bias


Creepy realistic humanoid robot footage
sends shivers through Twitter

Power-Hungry Amazon Sticking Rural Americans
With Tab For Data-Center Expansions

US Democrat Aide Busted for Smuggling Putin
Portrait into Colorado Capitol

New Study Finds Explosion In US Concealed Carry
Permits - Especially Among Women

Wisconsin Company Injecting RFID Microchips
Into Hands Of Employees

China is using drug trade to destroy America

Cohen's Alleged Bank Fraud May Amount
to More Than $20 Million

Torture and Abuse in America's Global Gulag

US Seeks Facebook Help to Wiretap Messenger

South African Communist Govt Oks First White Farm
Theft From Leaked List Of 190 Farms


Knife-Wielding Man Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'
Attacks Spanish Police Station, Gets Killed

Three injured as Muslim car rams into
pedestrians in Spain's Zaragoza - media

Spain Is A New Window For African Immigrants

Swedish Police to Allow Neo-Nazi Group
to Hold Rally in Stockholm - Reports

ISIS Sex Slaves: Condoned by Washington?

Bloody Missions of Misadventure in Iraq

US Forces to Stay in Iraq “as Long as Needed”

Tehran Accuses US of Attempt to Overthrow
State Amid Iran Action Group Creation

Iran Sees No Point to Rouhani-Trump Summit
After US Withdrawal From JCPOA

Iranian MP Demands Over Trillion Dollars in
War Reparations From Iraq


'Not Negotiable': Tehran Warns Merkel Not
to Link Its Missile Program to JCPOA

Bolton and Netanyahu Plot Anti-Iran Strategy

Bolton repeats anti-Iran threats in Israel visit

Bolton Claims US, Russia, Israel Want Iran
Driven From Syria

Israel's On-and-Off Reopenings of
Gaza's Border Crossings

Israel Closes Gaza Border Crossing, Responding
to Rallies – Palestinian Ministry

Trump says one-state solution could lead
to Israeli PM called 'Mohammed' - report

Israel to build over 100 new settler units in West Bank

Iran Supreme Leader Message to Hajj Pilgrims

Turkey's Erdogan says attack on economy no
different from attack on flag amid US pressure


US Embassy in Turkey attacked by
gunman in passing car – reports

Turkey, Qatar central banks ink currency swap agreement

Bolton Open to Hiring For-Profit Mercenaries in
Washington's 17 Year Afghan War

Yemeni forces hit Saudi base with ballistic missile

'Secret directive' bans UN agencies from helping
rebuild Syria until 'political transition' – Lavrov

UN Secretary General Secretly Prohibited Int'l Body
to Restore Syrian Economy - Lavrov

'No Troops in Syria': China Refutes Media
Reports Alleging Conflict Involvement

Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead
of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

Vostok-2018 exercise to be unprecedented in scale

China to take part in Vostok-2018 strategic drills in Russia


Varyag and other Pacific Fleet ships to conduct live firing exercises in Sea of Okhotsk

Troops in central, eastern Russia go on high alert
in snap combat readiness check

Kalashnikov gunmaker unveils assault rifle
chambered for NATO cartridge

India defies US threats, poised to sign deal
for Russian S-400s in October

Liberal project of new world order has failed
...top Russian senator claims

Pro-Christian Russian MP threatens Facebook
with boycott over pro-Nazi memorial page

2 knife-wielding men killed in attempted attack on police station in Russia's Chechnya

Two thirds of Russians believe secret groups
conspiring to rewrite history & harm nation

Occupy London attacks Facebook after temporary ban - Vid

'Be careful about what you believe' - Ken Livingstone on US
And UK media bias & lies


'The UK Has Flushed It's Reputation Down
the Toilet with Skripal Affair'

US sanctions scare Total Oil Company out of Iran

Greece's Decade-Long Economic Crisis

Russia & Japan plan to launch freight route
via Trans-Siberian Railway

Market logic trumps politics - US Pacific Northwest
dependent on Russian oil imports amid shortage

US Dollar Unreliable as Payment Currency
in Defense Industry - Russian Official

Canada's Pipeline Crisis Is A Boon For Russia

Dollar out, Yuan in - Iran changes benchmark currencies

China using Iranian ships to avoid US oil sanctions

US sanctions scare Total Oil Company out of Iran
despite Brussels 'protection' pledge


Sales of 'dumb phones' rise by 5%

Charity Slams London's Inability
to Tackle Forced Marriages

Bedbug Infestation Spreading Across U.K.

Why a sense of authenticity takes its time

How well do you think about risk & uncertainty?

The Meg! When the giant prehistoric shark bites

First satellite to measure global winds set for launch

Italy Used Human Torpedoes to Attack Brit Ships

Plane Makes Emergency Landing on FL Highway

A previous universe existing before ours?


Scientologists' Bizarre Plot to Sell Bogus Meat to the Poor

Music Reduces Pain – Even in Newborns

Self-Neglect Undermines Partnerships & Parenting

Analyzing Q Analysis

Omarosa Believes Trump Admin Would Like A Race War

Bolton - Brennan May Have misused Classified Data

Bolton Warns Not To Focus Only On Russian For
Election Meddling But to Watch China And N Korea

Chris Christie Blasts Trump’s Former ‘C Level’ Attorneys

Accused Russian Agent Butina Now Being Held
In 'Borderline Torture Conditions'

The NYT vs Trump on RussiaGate

Trump Backed 'space force' after Major lobbying

Roberts - The CIA Owns the US and European Media

Dems And The MSM Shaming Themselves

Is Jared Kushner the Antichrist?

Facebook 'censors' conservative education page,
says it was a mistake, but few are convinced


Trump Accuses Media of Discriminating Against
Conservatives And 'Doing Nothing to Others'

Wordpress Joins The Censorship War On America

Wordpress Serving Who And For Whom?

Twitter Is Left-leaning but Does Not Censor
Based on Politics (Sure)

Facebook Says It Censored Conservative
Nonprofit by Mistake (Sure)

Seymour Hersh And The Death Of Journalism

Hollywood Still Glorifying MONSTER Churchill

A Country of Nihilist Oligarchs

Musk Admits He Saw Azealia Banks,
Unclear If He Was Tweeting On Acid

Clinton Saga Continues - Watchdog Publishes
New Batches of Hillary’s Emails


Judicial Watch Demands Re-Opening Of Hillary
Email Probe After More Classified Info Found

Trump Slams Ex-CIA Chief Brennan As A
'Political Hack Who Cannot Be Trusted'

FBI Dealt Blow By DC Judge - Must Address
Measures Taken To Verify Steele Dossier

Torture And Abuse In America’s Global Gulag

The American Empire And Its Media - All In One Chart

At Least 3 Arrested as Neo-Nazi 'Patriot Prayer' group
Hosts Pro-Gun 'Liberty or Death' Rally in Seattle - Vid

Army must explain about lead poisoning of children
at its bases - US senators

Have You Committed Your Three Felonies Today?

Could The Genoa Disaster Happen In The US?

What Happens if a US Navy Aircraft Carrier Is Sunk?


VIP guest Putin brings big bouquet of flowers
dances with Austrian FM at her wedding - Pics

Ron Paul Interviews Rand Paul on His Russia Visit

Is US Government Developing Real-Life Supersoldier,
Wonder-Dog In New Research Program?

Trump Suggests Russia Critics Switch
Their Attention to China

Watch BUK SAM System Crash Into Building in Kiev

UK Leftist politician’s life became 'nightmare’ after
telling truth about Muslim rape gangs in UK

Muslim Stabbing Attack in Southern France Kills One

Putin Warns Merkel That Europe Can’t
Afford A New Syria Refugee Crisis

Europe’s handshake rows - Suicidal Sweden says
Muslims have a right to refuse, Switzerland Says No

Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship
over handshake refusal


Doom - Student Says Rape, Jury Says Rape,
Poo-Bah Says 'Nope. Case Closed'

Russia Offers 2.5 Million Acres
of Farmland to China

Chinese FM Says Beijing Ready to Boost
Ties With Iran Amid US Sanctions

Iran's Reply - No War and No Negotiations

Iranian Naval Destroyer Reportedly Gets
1st Locally-Made Ship-to-Air Missiles

Iran to unveil new fighter jet, boost missile power

Syria stabilization fund was ridiculous,
let the Saudis pay it, Trump says

Daesh Attacks US Forces in Deir ez-Zor

Syria warns of Saudi plots as Daesh 're-emerges'

Israel rejects UN call to protect Palestinians


Abbas makes rare appeal for 'popular resistance’

World Humanitarian Day Ignores Crimes
of War and Against Humanity

The Monsanto legal battle has just begun

Nice guy Jeremy Corbyn needs to get mean

Corbyn’s Labour Party Is Failing – by design

The US Destroys Venezuela’s Economy

Buy a few carrots for THREE MILLION Bolivars

How The Catholic Church Keeps Surviving
Sex Abuse Scandals

The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting
Of Rudolf Hess In England - Part 1

UK Military Academy Cadets Investigated for Waterboarding


Mexico Seizes Record 50 Tons Of Meth From Superlab

Admitted Ebola Death In DR Congo Rise To 49

Drone Company Says Pizza Deliveries 'Further Out’

How much does a Mecca pilgrimage cost?

How Christians Can Take Back Modern Culture

You don’t Think earthquakes can be man made?

Global Finance Downgrades Turkey To Below
Investment Grade

Erdogan Accuses US of Plotting 'Economic Coup' in Turkey

Erdogan Administration Accuses NY Times of
'Whitewashing Terrorism'

Malaysian Prime Minister, Turkish Politician
Speak The Truth About Jews


Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions...
The Final Demise Of The Dollar Hegemony?

We're All Lab Rats In The Largest-Ever Monetary
Experiment In Human History

Luongo - Looks Like Italian Default Is Back On The Menu

Rapid Rise In Water Production Signals
Bakken Oil Red Flag Warning

US Could Lay Sanctions On Nord Stream 2 Operators

Putin, Merkel Agree Nord Stream 2
Should Not Be Politicized - Kremlin

Nord Stream 2 is purely economic project, doesn’t
prevent gas supplies through Ukraine – Putin

Energy is one of the priorities of Russian-German cooperation

Russia Offers 2.5 Million Acres Of Farmland To China

Rupee depreciation to raise India’s oil bill by $26 billion


US Prison Inmates to Strike for Humane Reforms

The US Navy Is Having a Hell of a Time
Dismantling the USS Enterprise

Deadly, 40,000 foot fire tornado in new videos

Baptists and yogis join to fight a pipeline

Ecuador tightens entry rules for VZ migrants

The Rise of the Sex Worker Rights Lobby

Brazil Is Forcibly Taking Indigenous
Children and Putting Them Up for Adoption

Amazon Apparently Wants to Destroy TiVo Now

Moral Outrage Can Backfire When It Goes Viral

25 Yr Old Man Stuck in Body of a 12 Yr Old Boy


DMT Mimics Near-death Brain Experience

The Nastiest Feud in Science

What Is the Shape of the Universe?

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week

What makes horror movies tick?

Nobody really wants to look at Kevin Spacey

The Incompatibility Of Fear And Freedom

Powerful Things That Extend Your Life

How to Stop Overreacting to the Small Stuff


Gingrich - Socialist Democrats Have 'Absolutely
No Idea What Demons They Are Releasing'

Trump Again Blasts Brennan As A 'Political Hack'
Who 'Cannot Be Trusted' With Secrets

White House Reportedly Preparing More
Security Clearance Cancellations

Dems to Propose Constitution Amendment to Block
Trump From Revoking Clearances

Trump Expects to 'Quickly' Revoke Clearance
DOJ's Bruce Ohr, Whose Wife Worked For Dossier Firm

DOJ's Bruce Ohr Reportedly Behind Publication
of Scandalous 'Steele Dossier'

'Career over!' Trump raps Gov Cuomo over 'greatness'
Statement, compares it to Clinton's 'deplorables'

Top Dems For 2020 All Hit For 'Collective Bashing' Of US

Latest On The 'Q Show' - Bernard Grover And
Jeff Analyze New Q Video Titled 'You Are Witnessing
The Largest Mass Treason In History' - Listen

2nd Special Counsel, Assange, & The 'Free' Press


The Rare Blue the Mayans Invented

'The Devil's Aspirin' - Why Do So Many Blame Ambien?

The Crusader Who Exposed Pennsylvania's Sadistic Priests

Judge In Manafort Trial Says He Has Been Threatened

What Was Bruce Ohr Doing?

Omarosa's Tapes…Many More To Come?

Benghazi Hero Blasts Brennan Over Security

The NYT Gives Defrocked John Brennan
Plenty Of Op-Ed Space to Lie

Senate Intel Chair to Former CIA Chief Brennan
Put Up or Shut Up About Collusion

Russophobe Joe Scarborough's Big Lies

Trump condemned by 12 former CIA chiefs

Trump-supporting Pentagon analyst stripped of
security clearance after Stefan Halper complaints

Trump - 'We Aren't Going To Take' US Pastor's
Detention By Turkey 'Sitting Down'


Roberts - Is Capitalism Killing Us?

Trump Blames Washington Greed For Military
Parade Cancellation

Taibbi Warns Censorship Does Not End Well

Boston Globe Gets Bomb Threat Following Trump Tweet

US Senate Opposes Trump's Statements About Press

New Q Anon Video Seems A Response To Critics
...Refers To NSA As The Friend Of Patriotism - Vid

'Seth Rich Confidante' Escaped To Russia

National legal immigration group - With Republicans
like Rauner, who needs Democrats?

CNN Español uses photo of pro-government rally
In report about protest against Nicaraguan president

Facebook removes pro-Pal Occupy London page


'Too Big To Fail' - RussiaGate, One Year After
Intel Vets Showed A Leak, Not A Hack

Steele Hopes 'Important Firewalls Will Hold'

Trump Continues To Bring In Muslims From Africa And
Mideast - Over 2 Million Now In US, No Slow Down

New Mexico Jihad Compound Mysteriously
Destroyed By Authorities (To Hide Evidence)

From Boston To Ferguson To Charlottesville
The Evolution Of A Police State Lockdown

Pentagon Whistleblower Demoted After Exposing
Millions Paid To FBI Spy Halper, Clinton Crony

Monsanto's Carcinogenic Glyphosate Found
in Popular US Consumer Products

Shocking List Of Foods Found To Contain
Deadly, Carcinogenic Glyphosate

Schoolboy superfan cracks Apple security

Hundreds of Newspaper Editors Defend
Press Freedom They Privately Abhor

Censorship Is Latest Front In War On Consciousness


Accused 'Russian agent' Butina subjected to
excessive strip searches in US jail – embassy

Musk 'Breaks Down' During Interview

Musk's 'Personal Pain' Spooks Investors

New Roscosmos chief says Russia mulls reusable rockets,
slams Elon Musk for 'killing competitors'

Fired Tesla employee alleges company spied on workers,
knew of drug dealing at plant

Second Tesla Whistleblower Alleges Mexican Cartel
Drug Trafficking Ring At Nevada Gigafactory

America the Punitive

Defunct San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant on CA
Coast Is a 'Fukushima Waiting to Happen'

Black 'Motel Rapist' Named 'Rasheed' Gets 147 Yrs

Putin to attend Euroskeptic Austrian FM's wedding


France is sinking into violence

China 'training for strikes' on US targets?

China's Long Range Bombers 'Likely Training
For Strikes' Against The US - Pentagon Warns

Pentagon Hypes China's Strategic Threat To US

'Could Be a Real Flashpoint' - Beijing to Launch
Satellite Network to Monitor South China Sea Traffic

Oz Rapid, Costly Naval Expansion Aimed at China

Shocking Report Details How CIA Hubris Exposed
Agents In China, Resulting In 30 Executions

Deputy Governor, Mayor Sacked, Officials
Censured Amid China Vaccine Scandal

Experts Baffled By US Fears Of New Russian Satellite

Russian heavy bomber Tu-160 executes
mid-air refueling before landing in Arctic - Vid


Russian Warplanes Practice Landing on Road - Vid

German broadcaster publishes map
showing Crimea as part of Russia

US violated international law over Russian
diplomatic missions, Moscow tells Washington

Kremlin declines to comment on Putin's alleged
support for Iran's exit from Syria

Russian Syria base attacked by 'sophisticated' drones

US Anti-Iran Action Group for Regime Change

Israel's new expansion plan 'declaration of war'

Protest in Israel as Netanyahu faces graft interrogation

Police again question Netanyahu in corruption probe

Laser Attacks on US Pilots Rising
Sharply in Middle East


Fake News - Iranian-Backed 'Sleeper Cell'
Hibernating in US, Positioned for Attack

Yemeni civilians trapped as Saudis
ramp up attacks on Hudaydah

Corbyn's wreath row crusade: Labour leader
files complaint with regulator against right-wing media

Manchester Imam's 'Call for Jihad' Caught on Tape

EU bites back at Salvini's claim that it's
responsible for Genoa tragedy

British and Canadian Governments Accidentally
Exposed Passwords and Security Plans

Peter Schiff - We Are Seeing A Lot Of Warning
Signs Of A Financial Crisis

Feds Aim For Dumb Americans To Buy Its Debt

The Looming Economic Collapse - The $250 Trillion
Dollar Worldwide Debt Crisis

CEO compensation surges dramatically while
average workers get no significant pay raise – report


Japan & China slashing US sovereign debt

CEOs Got a Big Raise in 2017

US Mulls New Sanctions Against States Importing Iranian Oil

Pompeo Forms 'Iran Action Group' To Coordinate
All Iran Strategy, Reports Directly To White House

Turkish Court Rejects US Pastor Brunson's
Appeal for Release - Reports

Arab League Opposes Iran's Threats to Block
Navigation in Hormuz Strait - Envoy

Escobar - All Hands On Deck As The Caspian
Sails Toward Eurasia Integration

Japan & China slashing US sovereign debt
is Washington's worst nightmare

'This Is A Very Dangerous Ebola Outbreak'
WHO Chief 'Worried' Over Ebola In DRC

The Oldest American Combat Ship Ever Found


Almost 20% of hospitals in the US are in bad shape

Thousands of children on US Army bases
may have been poisoned by lead

Satanic Temple Brings Baphomet Demonic
Goat Statue to Arkansas Capitol

Terrifying New Footage of CA Fire Tornado

People Are Stealing Their Pets' Opioids

Online security cameras let Californians
livestream the burning of their homes

FDA Finally Approves a Cheaper,
Generic Version of the EpiPen

Two French rivers disappear underground
in large cracks and sinkholes

Are You Prepared For A Flash Flood?

How To Choose the Right Gun Safe


Seven Awesome Solar System Destinations
That Will Kill You

Mantle xenon has a story to tell

Aretha Franklin's final days

Calculated Goodness

'You Can Rape but You Can Not Steal'

Sydney's Mysterious Miracle House

Huge Daylight UFO Over North Carolina Lake - Vid

Omarosa Releases Another Secret Tape Causing
Lara Trump To Go Nuclear On Her

Brennan Goes Nuclear After Losing Security
Clearance, Pens Furious Screed In NYT

Trump Underestimates Brennan If He Thinks
He Can Gag Ex-CIA Chief - Biden

After security clearance pull, Democrats rush to back Brennan
– who spied on them!

Defrocking John Brennan Not Good Enough

'America was never that great' Imbecile: NY governor
bashes his own country to get at Trump

A Trip Through New York City In 1911
Found And Restored Incredible Film Of NYC When
We Were Still A Civili And Civilized Nation - Vid

'Media Proving Trump Right' - Twitter Abuzz Over
Outlets Campaign Targeting US President

Trump Rages 'Honesty Wins' As Nationwide
Anti-Trump Editorial Blitz Strikes


Google Admits It Tracks Users Even When
Location History Is Turned OFF

Facebook Using Russia To Censor Online Information

Facebook Restores Telesur Page - For How Long?

Facebook restores Telesur page with vague
explanation of controversial block

Facebook Zoo exposing the truth about Facebook

Facebook legal team shopping for Zionist judge to
shutdown 'Facebook Zoo' for exposing truth about It

From 'menace' to assets - Soros is now
buying social media shares

Five examples that show internet censorship
is as much a threat to the left as the right

Corporate MSM Join in Editorializing For Press Freedom
...For Themselves

Tesla Whistleblower Releases VINs Of Model 3s
With Punctured Battery Modules


Twitter Promptly Suspends Tesla
Whistleblower Following Tweets

Apple says buildings at its new billion dollar
headquarters worth just $200

Progressive Insurgency in America?

Whistleblower makes shocking IRS,
insider trading allegations

Trump US Threatens More Turkey Sanctions
Unless US Pastor Released

New Illegal Trump Regime Sanctions on Russia, China

New Mexico Terrorist Compound Mysteriously
Destroyed By Authorities - Evidence Coverup

After 80 cars were destroyed, Idiot Swedish cops
'want to talk' with the Muslim parents

Former Yazidi slave girl flees Germany after
being confronted by her ISIS captor-turned refugee

US-bound child migrants 'at mercy of traffickers'
WHO is forcing these 'children' to Crash US Border?


Sessions - People Who Make 'Undetectable'
Plastic Firearms Will Be Prosecuted

'Homeland Defense'...Militarization of America

Assange should be given immunity if US wants
him to testify – Rand Paul

Ex NBA star Abdul-Jabbar draws parallels between
national anthem and slave songs (oh, please!)

$125,000: The Pension-Debt Each Chicagoan
Is Really On The Hook For

Beyond an artificial world

Cancer-Causing Monsanto Roundup found in
Children's breakfasts

SF Forms Poop Patrols As Illegals Dump Feces,
Urine On City Streets Raising
Threat Of Disease And Contagion

IMPORTANT - This happens to a child's body
every time you give him Or Her Coca Cola

Dangerous 'forever chemicals' have been
found in US drinking water at very high rates


Doom - Jon Stossel On The College Scam

Fracking Operations Using More and More Water

BC state of emergency as 600 wildfires burn

Venezuela Asks Peru to Hand Over Suspected
Plotters of Assault on Maduro

Exiled Venezuelan Court Sentences
Maduro to 18 Years in Prison - Reports

Mexico Captures Drug Lord Linked
to Cartel Violence on US Border

SA Govt May Seize 195 Farms From White Owners

'Us Kids Knew Some Priests Were Monsters'

China To Launch Satellites To Monitor S China Sea

Russia rolls out upgraded supersonic strike bomber


Russia opposes blanket ban on AI weapons

Drivers stunned as Russian military planes
practice landing on busy road - Vid

Russian pilot gets no medical aid in US jail, says wife

Russian missile frigate holds live-fire drills in Black Sea

Trump Reportedly Greenlights Use of Cyberattacks
Scrapping Obama-Era Directive

Israel Absolves Itself of August 2014
Black Friday War Crimes

Anti-Semitism 'Invented to Prevent Criticism of Jews'
Says Malaysian PM

Israel to build 20,000 MORE new settler units
in occupied East Jerusalem

US lying about trying to improve Gaza situation - Abbas

Israeli naval forces detain four Gazan fishermen


Unlikely Allies: Will Israel Join 'Arab NATO'
Aimed Against Iran?

Lawmakers Demand Answers About US
Role in Yemen Massacre

Yemeni Deputy Minister Accuses Iran
of Supplying Ballistic Missiles to Houthis

Saudi Authorities Exchanged Fire
With Daesh Supporter Near Riyadh

Saudi Arabia preparing for the arrival
of over two million Muslim pilgrims

More than 650 militants surrender arms and
return to Homs Province from Idlib

Gunmen Attack Intel Service Center in
Kabul Day After Deadly Blast

German Cabinet Approves Third Gender
Legal Designation

German children are drowning because parents
are obsessed with smartphones, lifeguards warn

Bomb Detonates At Italian Headquarters
Of Salvini's League Party


NINE bridges in Italy have collapsed in 5 years

EU Fears British Spies "Bugged" Secret Brexit Talks

Majority of British People Do Not Trust
Big Banks, New Poll Says

London Mayor Wants A Car Ban, Since
Regulating Guns And Knives Failed

Turkey follows Russia in dumping US Treasuries

World drowning in debt and it spells disaster

Economic War on Iran Is War on Eurasia

Ford Has $17 Billion - Says It Needs Tax Breaks!

US Sanctions Foster Emergence of Multipolar World

US Rules Out Removing Steel Tariffs To Turkey
Even If Pastor Is Released


After raising tariffs on Turkey, US raps Turkish retaliation

Turkey follows Russia in dumping US Treasury securities

Turkey to Challenge US at WTO Over Steel, Aluminum
Import Tariff Hike – Minister

Turkey Stocks, Lira Slide After Mnuchin Threatens
More Sanctions

China Crushes Yuan Bears As Cost To Short Yuan
Soars Most Since 2016

Pepe Escobar: Economic War On Iran
Is War On Eurasian Integration

US driving Turkey to quit NATO, boost business
with Russia & China – Marc Faber

CA Homeowners Struggle to Stay Insured

Faroe Islands slaughter 180 whales

Why Is FL Red Tide Outbreak So Bad Right Now?


When Staying Awake Really Counts

NZ bans sale of homes to foreign buyers

What Am I Worth to Advertisers?

Chiappalone - Exposing The Falsehood Of

The Decline of Roswell

The Paranormal Radio Host
and the Money Scandal

Human Subjects Research Continues at DOE

Giant Fur-Covered Creature Found On Siberian Shore
What is it? An Ancient Life Form That Still Survives?

Threat of powerful eruption at Kuchinoerabu
volcano prompts evacuations

Mummy Yields Earliest Known Egyptian
Embalming Recipe


How to Build a Rocket in 3 Easy Steps

FCC Shuts Down Liberty Radio

Women Stepped In to Fill WW2 Pilot Shortage

Trump (Finally) Cancels Brennan's Security Clearance

NY Gov Cuomo Says 'America Was Never That Great'!

Roberts - Patriotism Has Been Turned Against Patriots

Bernie Doesn't Rule Out Running In 2020

Has Bezos Become More Powerful In DC Than Trump?

Even The Washington Post Admits 'Trump Wins
Big In Tuesday's Primaries'

Ex-White House Aide Says Trump Knew About Clinton
Campaign Emails Before WikiLeaks Posted Them

Was Hillary The Real Colluder?

Russian Collusion Probe - 'It was Hillary All Along'
...Article Published, The Quickly Deleted By Yahoo

Prosecutors Brand Manafort A 'Liar' As Trial Wraps


Trump Labels Slapsy Maxie' Waters 'Leader Of The
Democrat Party' In Wishing Her A Happy Birthday

US Contrived Russophobia Bringing US-Russia
Relations To Brink Of Disaster

Trump's Defense Department Is Actually
Preparing for Climate Change

5 Times the US Clearly Meddled in
Foreign Elections Since 2005

Trump Regime Suspends Open Skies Treaty

Trump Wants to Make Asbestos Great Again

Cushy job offers for discarded Trump staffers

Roberts - Patriotism Turned Against Patriots

The Ten Theses of American Empire Building

RBS bankers joked about destroying
the US housing market


Radioactive sheep boost claims of
secret Israeli nuclear Bomb test

More than 300 Pennsylvania priests
abused 1,000 children over decades

Musk says Tesla privatisation plan
is based on Saudi backing

SF sidewalks are covered with human feces

Brave US Cops Taser 87 Yr Old Woman Cutting Flowers

Devvy - Internet Censorship Onslaught - Here's The Solution

Br Nathanael - The Grand Upheaval Begins - Vid

George Orwell Warned us of the Most
Dangerous Type of Censorship

Despite legal threat, new anti-Facebook site launches
And claims tech giant is 'killing the internet'

Facebook becoming 'US govt's censorship vehicle'


Facebook an Anti-Social Media Censoring Machine

Twitter To "Suspend Accounts For Trying To
Evade Suspension"

BBC Caught Cherry-Picking Anti-Privacy
Computer Scientists for Segment

Seal Pups In Maine Dying From Fukushima ELE Radiation

China is the threat, and it may be too late

U.S. National Debt Now Equivalent to the
Amount of Money Missing from the Treasury

Putin's teacher opens up about her famous pupil

Art of the Deal Russian-Style

Madam To The Stars Leaves Tell-All
Shocking Book Behind

13 Yr Old Phoenix Teen Survives Lighting Strikes
Says He Feels Like Superman


Antifa, Democratic Socialists And NWO All Want
Same Thing - 'No Borders, No Wall, No USA At All'

New Mexico Judge Releases Black African Muslim
Terrorist Camp Suspects Despite Pleas By Sheriff, FBI

Judge Who Freed NM Terror Camps Suspects
Receives Death Threat

Zionist Judge Backus And The NM Keystone Sheriffs

US State Stand Your Ground Laws Tie
'Back to White Supremacy' (Oh?)

Pedophiles Infest Catholic Dioceses

Nebraska Police Mull Arming School Guards
With Assault Rifles - Reports

LA Subway To Deploy Portable Body Scanners

TSA Breaks Silence, Defends Secretive Domestic
Surveillance Program

Evacuations as 'historic' floods hit northeastern US


Lightning storms mass over CA And OR as wildfires blaze

Japan Sets Up a Crisis Center Over Severe Volcano Threat

Zakharova - US military budget reaffirms Washington's
world domination policy

Mexico interested in developing security cooperation
with Moscow - Russian ambassador

Putin set to attend Austrian FM's wedding this weekend

Russia - UK poisoning incidents reminder of Iraq WMDs tale

State Dept official denies suspension of Open Skies treaty

US Officials Warn Of 'Disturbing' Russian Space
Weapons At UN Conference

French TV Admits Mistake in Story About
Putin 'Hunting Tiger'

UK Royal Air Force intercepts Russian jets


US Experts Think China Using Belt, Road
Initiative for Cyberespionage - Reports

Beijing fumes at new US defense bill, warns
against interfering in its internal affairs

India to Launch Manned Space Mission by 2022

5 Times The US Clearly Meddled In Foreign
Elections Since 2005

Mysterious Vehicle Follows Failed Terror Plot
Car to Westminster

Suspect in London Parliament car crash
Is Sudanese Black African

'Furious' Swedish PM Rages At Violet Muslim Gang Rampage
'What The Hell Are You Doing?' (Shall

UN Supports Disinformation Campaign About
White Helmets - Russian Foreign Ministry

US changing its tune in Afghanistan as 'barbaric'
Taliban becomes bulwark against ISIS

US, Israel too weak to wage new wars - Nasrallah


Zionist Ideologue Lauder Defends the Indefensible

Israel Closes War Crimes Probe of 2014 Gaza
Conflict Without Criminal Charges

4 Signs We Live in a Profoundly Sick Society

8 Things You Need to Know (But Probably Don't)

Internet Causes Sleep Deprivation...
and Not Just in Teens

New Source of Non-Cannabis, Non-Hemp
Derived CBD Discovered

What Doctors Say Are CBD Benefits Observed
in Actual People, not Mice

Freaked out by Elon Musk's exuberant tweets...
Tesla board is lawyering up

Deteriorated US Relations with Turkey

Russia proposes deal with Turkey to ditch US dollar
for lira-ruble trade amid currency crisis


Turkey favors switching from dollars to national
currencies in trade with Russia & China

The End Of The US Unipolar Moment Is Irreversible

What Will Happen if Gulf States Leave Dollar?

Gold futures trading in Turkey doubles
during raging currency crisis

From Nigeria to Iran, nations begin ditching dollar

Indonesia's Muslim Council Supports Ankara
Amid Tensions With US - Reports

Crimea ditches Visa & MasterCard in favor of
Russian national payment system

Turkey Increases Tariffs on US Imports
Including Vehicles, Alcohol, Tobacco

Trump Has 'Great Deal Of Frustration' With Erdogan
As White House Warns More Sanctions Coming

Lira Surges After Turkey Crushes Shorts, Imposes
New US Sanctions, Denies Brunson Appeal For Release


Qatar pledges $15 Billion of direct investments in Turkey

Lira Surges After Qatar Pledges To Invest $15 Billion

Intll Currency Exchange Runs Out Of Turkish Lira

Snubbed By Trump, Erdogan Turns To Merkel

US sanctions on Iran may push oil prices
above $150 Say Hedge funds

US targets Russia and Chinese firms over
North Korea sanctions breaches

Silver Slammed To Lowest Since April 2009

Hong Kong Intervenes To Defend US Dollar
Peg As Yuan Crashes

Emerging Market Massacre Returns: Rand
Routed But Yuan's Collapsing

What caused the Genoa bridge collapse?


Fix Social Security Before It Goes Broke

Carbon Monoxide from CA Wildfires Drifts East

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Crossing the Atlantic

More Than 50% Of This CA County
county has burned since 2012

How To Get Ready for a
Rapidly Spreading Wildfire

Japan Hikes Volcanic Warning Level

Tips for Defending Your Bug Out Location

Homo erectus were lazy folk

The unreality of luck

America's hottest export? Sperm


Deadly 18th Century Disease Is Coming Back

Is Vaping Safe?

Toxic 'red tide' algae bloom is killing FL wildlife

The Record-Breaking Flight of the
High-Altitude Forever Drone

Why the U.S. Military Pushed $10 Million
Worth of Helicopters Overboard

Parrot trapped on roof tells rescuers to 'f**k off!'

Science may be closer to halting ageing process

Statue draws outcry in Japan city hit with nuclear crisis

When It Pays to Buy a One-Way Plane Ticket

Continued Destruction of The Great Barrier Reef


David Crosby Talks Marijuana

Omarosa's Shocking Interview on the Today Show - Vid

Omarosa's Book Bashes 'Mob-Like' Trump
Exposes Family Drama, Hits Ex-Colleagues

Omarosa Says Trump Is Being Puppeted By Kelly
And 'Has No Clue What's Going On' - Vid

Listen To "Lowlife" Omarosa's Secret Recording Of
John Kelly Firing Her From The White House

Omarosa's tape from inside the Situation Room fuels
massive freakout over security

Ron Paul - Is Donald Trump Fighting His
Own Administration?

FBI fires Peter Strzok, months after
anti-Trump texts revealed

Strzok Sets Up Go Fund Me Page Seeking $150,000

Brother Nathaniel Targeted By Microsoft

Br Nathanael - BrotherNet And Alternative
Internet Can Happen!

Trump US Declares Economic War On Russia
Moscow Vows to Fight


Russia to dump more US Treasuries
in retaliation against sanctions

CaseLabs - 'Trump tariffs have forced us into bankruptcy'

Trump - Planned Boycott Of Harley Davidson By
Harley Owners Is 'Great!'

Trump engages in racism 'constantly' - Pelosi

Chicago's Obamaland 'Scam' Reaches Mainstream Media

The Swamp - 'As Soon As You Want Something
'They' Have You' - Vid

Pro-Hetero Professor Wins Supreme Court Case

Marilyn Monroe's lost nude scene re-discovered

Video Of Baltimore police repeatedly punching man
in the head - Vid

Psycho Insane Cops brutally smash window and drag man
from car...for seat belt violation - Vid


Toxic 9/11 dust & smoke linked to nearly 10,000
cancer cases in New York

Trump - Sessions Is 'Scared Stiff' Of 'Rigged' DOJ

Bill Clinton Helped Pave the Way for Trump

Roberts - The Self-Imposed Impotence of the
Russian and Chinese Governments

America on trial

Roberts - The Law As Weapon

The Next Populist Revolution Will Be Latino

FB Exec - Zuckerberg 'Doesn't Care' About Publishers

Facebook Brags It Can Change 'Any Public Opinion'

Jonesing For Q

Infowars Website Traffic Explodes After Silicon
Valley Blacklists Alex Jones Empire - (Greatest
Free Publicity One Could Hope For)


Democrats hire 'battle station organizers'
to shape midterm elections public debate

Over 100 Newspapers Collude To Decry Trump's
'Dirty War On The Free Press'

Experts Bribed to Lie for Corporate Predators

Hacker kids poke hole in MSM narrative that
it's Russians who are the US election threat

NYT Russophobic Rubbish

NY Mag - Trump-Putin-Russia-Collusion

Russian Embassy refutes allegations about Moscow's
'influence' on Charlottesville protests

Controlled Virtual Reality by Algorithms

Putin to visit Germany for talks with Merkel


Russia's chemical disarmament confirmed by OPCW
while US has 'problems' in the area – Lavrov

Lavrov: US Accusations Against Russia in
Skripals Poisoning Case Absurd

Moscow to Respond to US Guided Destroyer's
Entry Into Black Sea - Russian Lawmaker

US military taunts China after plane warned off

US Working Hard to Cease Reliance on
Russian Rocket Engines – NASA

Globalist Pope Upholds 'Rights' Of Muslim Invaders
at the expense of European civilization

Vatican continues to struggle with pedophilia
and sex perversion and abuse scandals

Trump Regime Pressure to Back Anti-Iran Agenda

Zuesse - The Real Reason Why Trump
Cancelled The Iran Deal

Rand Paul Preventing War With Iran?


Iran unveils next-generation ballistic missile

Iran Reportedly Ready to Share New Military Tech
With 'Brotherly Countries'

Iran to Sell Discounted Oil, Gas to Asia
Amid Trump US Sanctions

Iran Wants US to Pay $110 Billion As Compensation
Amid Nuke Deal Collapse – Reports

Turkish currency Plunges To Historic Low After being
hit by perfect storm of US sanctions, tariffs and debt

In Furious Rant, Erdogan Lashes Out At Trump
'We See The Game You're Playing, We Dare You'

Burn It Down, Rip It Apart: Turks Destroy
US Dollars Amid Trump's Sanctions

Turkish State Media Exposes The
American Empire & Its Media

South African Rand Flash-Crashes 10%
As Turkey Contagion Spreads

Saudi Arabia Starts To Weaponize Its Wealth


Saudi-Canada Row

Saudi authorities arrest another professor
in widening crackdown on dissent

Erdogan - Turkey Hits Final Stage of Preparations
for New Military Operations in Syria

Maduro permits FBI agents conditional Venezuela
entry to probe assassination attempt

US bomb pieces found at Yemen bus strike site

US-Backed Prisons in Yemen - Bone Smashing,
Rape And Electrocution

PetroChina To Impose Temporary Halt
On US LNG Purchases

Russia may ditch dollar in oil trade as it is too risky

Russia to dump more US Treasuries
in retaliation against sanctions

Russia Seeks to Use National Currencies
in Trade With Turkey - Kremlin


Germany's Economic Minister Calls On Europe
To Defy Trump's Iran Sanctions

Trump's Trade War 'Destroys Economic Growth'

Leader of German Left Slams US 'Aggressive Ways'
Urges Closer Ties With Russia

Back US on Iran sanctions or face 'serious
consequences' for business – amb to UK

CA wildfire lead to massive tourism losses
for businesses near Yosemite

Weeds growing in poor city areas more
nutritious than store-bought produce

Is There a Strange Source of 'Negative Gravity'
All Around Us

Ozone detectives hunting ozone-killing chemicals

Strongest-ever earthquakes hit Alaska's North Slope

Canadian Cannabis users drive into murky territory


Massive dust, wind and rain storm hits Southern NV

CA wildfire lead to massive tourism losses
for businesses near Yosemite

Weeds growing in poor city areas more
nutritious than store-bought produce

How Could Soren Have Known?'

World's most dangerous venomous animals
are all Found in Australia

Supplies Donated to Puerto Rico Were Found
Abandoned and Rotting

People are having less sex than you think

Did This Couple Steal a $160 Million de Kooning?

Vegas mystery: Slot machines suffer bizarre meltdown

Frozen Wooly Mammoth Found In Siberia


'Product of chemical synthesis': Russian lawmaker
targets artificial food additives in new bill

Britain's Biggest Home Improvement Chain May
Dump Monsanto's 'Roundup' After Cancer Lawsuit

Central Alaska Hit by Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake

Greek Authorities Order Mass Evacuations
as Fires Rage on Evia Island - Pics

Google Earth Reveals A Bizarre Secret Base In
The Gobi Desert - UFOs? Planes? Strange Glyphs

Omarosa Releases Tape Of 'Kelly Threatening Her'
In White House Situation Room

Ex-White House Aide Omarosa Claims She Saw
Trump Chew, Swallow Secret Document

Trump Slams Sessions - 'He Is Scared Stiff And Missing
In Action' - (So Why Not Fire Him, Donald?)

Trump Alleges FBI, DOJ 'Had a Program' to
Prevent His Presidency - Newsmax

Trump Says He 'Condemns All Types of Racism'

The True Racists - Why Liberals Bash Trump
but Ignore Dictators

Trump blames 'clowns and losers' Comey & co
for loss of FBI's 'stellar reputation'

Inside a VERY Sleazy FBI Sting

Florida And DHS Refute Democrat Congressman's
Claim That Russia "Penetrated" Election System


The Blame Game Against Russia

Dem Socialists Suffer Loss In Hawaii
As Center Dems Gain Elsewhere

US Democrats Launch Software to Identify Social
Media Bots Ahead of Midterms - Reports

Google Censorship Plan 'Not Right' and 'Stupid'

'Free, Independent' Boston Paper Urges
Collusive National Media 'War' Against Trump

Conservative Twitter voices say they are being
attacked with malicious 'abusive speech' complaints

Free-Speech Monopoly - The Game Is Rigged

In Our Faces...Fascinating Ex Top Secret 1919
Document From US Intel Officer In Russia During
Bolshevik Jew Takeover Of Russia

Suckering the Public on a War of Terror

Twitter Bans Gavin McInnes, Proud Boys After
They Denounce White Supremacist Rally


A White, Trump-Voting Charlottesville Survivor Reflects
On "An Entire Failed System Propped Up On Lies"

Look Who's Still Schmoozing With the President

More Than 100 Large Wildfires in US
as New Blazes Erupt

20 More Shot In Chicago - 'I'm Scared To Walk To The Store'

CO Shooting - One Woman Dead, Others Wounded

'It's abuse': School officer forces 10yo with autism
to ground, handcuffs him - Vid

'Trigger-happy' US cop tells suspects he'll get a
'ton of money' if he shoots someone - Vid

14 Yr Old Girl Raped By Sub-Animal Muslim In Hamburg

China's Third Aircraft Carrier Could Give It Elite Status

China could build world's longest tunnel...to Taiwan


70,000 people protest US army base in Okinawa

Topless Oz Ladies Rally Against 'Sexual Objectification'

NZ To Ban Foreigners From Buying Homes
Amid Doomsday Price Surge

Joe - Invasion Of America By Illegals And Nanotech - Vid

Iserbyt - The Hidden Education Agenda

Iserbyt's Crucial 1995 Letter To Phyllis Schlafly
With Critically-Important Attachments

Saudis Looking Into Musk's 'take Telsa Private' Deal

Russia's top 5 trump cards in the US sanctions game

American ship carrying $20 Million in soybeans
in sea limbo, a victim of US-China trade war

'Americans lack honesty' - No meetings planned
with US at UNGA, Iran FM Zarif says


Iran Sanctions Fallout - China Takes Over French
Share In Giant Iran Gas Project

Enraged Turks Burn US dollars In Streets

Luongo - Lira Collapse To Jump The Mediterranean

Erdogan Calls Lira's Collapse 'Currency Plot'
Amid Fight With Trump US

'We'll get new friends' - Upset Erdogan lashes out at Trump US in speech and article in US paper

Turkey Ready to Conduct Trade With Partners
in National Currencies – Erdogan

Two thirds of Russian air force personnel
received in-theater experience in Syria

Russian weapons sales up 11% per year in past 3 years

US Military Bases at Caspian Sea 'Out of the Question'
- Kazakh Foreign Minister

Airbus Spy Drone Pushes Flight-Endurance
Record To 25 Days


Russian missile frigate on anti-piracy mission
holds drills in Gulf of Aden

Russian Northern Fleet warships enter
Mediterranean in Atlantic voyage

Russia downs 4th armed drone in 3 days targeting
its Khmeimim air base in Syria

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Political
Prisoners and Sanctions

Mass Rage Against Israel's Racist Nation-State Law

Netanyahu Says Protests Of Racist 'Nation-State'
Law Are A Threat To Israel's 'Existence'

Israeli soldier filmed hitting anti-occupation activist

Arabs, Jews join Tel Aviv rally against 'apartheid' law

US, UK, French Arms Fuel Mass Slaughter in Yemen

Saudi side agrees to new Yemen talks amid backlashes


EU to Saudis: Clarify activists arrests

Over 100 Dead, 133 Injured During Attack
on Afghan City of Ghazni

More Than 400 Injured in Violent Protest
in Romania - Vid

10 Wounded In Manchester Carnival shooting – police

Controversial Germany-Spain deal on Muslims In force

Tourists brawl over selfie hotspot at Rome's Trevi Fountain - Vid

Venezuelan President Plans to Create Agency
for Fight Against Colombian Terrorism

Venezuelan President Says Some Perpetrators
of Assassination Attempt on Him Are Hiding in Peru

'A Devastating Scenario' - Brazil Breaks Own Record
For Number Of Murders, Ahead Of Election

US Jury Rules Against Monsanto


Bannon warns Boris Johnson not to 'bow at
the altar of political correctness'

'I do apologize for my brother Boris…
he didn't go NEARLY far enough!'

How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing Housing

40,000-yo foal unearthed in Siberia's 'Gateway
to the Underworld' in perfect condition - Photo

Ad of clothing brand featuring little girl
in Islamic veil shocks France

Giants - The Global Power Elite

Creative Ways Your Boss Is Spying On You

The TSA Won't Make You Remove Liquids
From Your Bag at These Airports

The 'Fossil Fuel' Propaganda Machine
Is Still Playing the Victim

How Furniture Demand in America
Thins Forests Across Central Africa


Aussie Teens racking up thousands
in debt while parents unaware

Is the Dinosaur-Apocalypse Story Wrong?

Amazon drought leaves long legacy of damage

How to programme your winning mentality

Decades of Warnings About Our Salt
Intake Might Have Been Wrong

Can you read at superhuman speeds?

Solve The Arithmetic Problem
That's Stumping the Internet?

72 People Got Sick After Swimming
at a Minnesota Campground

Armadillos (& Illegals) infecting humans with leprosy

How Doughnut-Loving Cops Became a Stereotype


Before becoming LAPD chief, Moore retired,
Got a $1.27-million payout, then was rehired

Morph In Plain Sight

14 Things Highly Sensitive People Need

Why Doctors Have a High Rate of Suicide

SeaTac Tragedy - Rich Russell Made This Video - Watch It
See What Was Important To Him (And Many Of Us) - Rich Was
A GOOD Man, Crushed By Our Cold, Cruel, Empty Society - Vid

Stolen Plane Pilot ‘Rich’ Represents A Mass Cry For Help
In This Horror Culture - He Also Drew Attention To Grieving
Mother Orca Pushing Her Dead Baby Calf Over 1,000 Miles

About Rich - A Tribute To A Sky King

Budget Deficit Under Trumps Skyrockets
To Worst In Six Years

Trump Calls Ex Aide Omarosa ‘A Lowlife’

Trump Gives Huge Gift To Military Industrial Complex
With New US ‘Space Force’

Trade War, Space Force Creation Driven by
US Fears of China’s Dominance?

US Sanctions Are Acts of Political
and Economic War

Giving Trump Carte Blanche For War

Jeff Sessions Calls SPLC A 'Hate Group’ - DOJ Targets
Slanderous SPLC For Using 'Hate Group’ As A Weapon


Trump to NFL - Stand for Anthem or Go Without Pay

Latest Sanctions Against Russia Show Trump
Is Not in Control of His Administration

The Grand Irony Of RussiaGate - The US Becomes
More Like The USSR Every Day

Roberts - Is There Enough Of America Left To Be Saved?

Orwell On The Media's Toxic Self-Censorship

The Real Victim Of Social Media Censorship
Is Personal Responsibility

US Retail Collapse - 2018's 57 Biggest Store Closings

David Stockman - The World Economy Is
Now At An Epochal Pivot

FBI agent found not guilty of lying about gunshots

Read These Shocking 9 Ingredients In Coca-Cola
And You Will Drink It No More...


Emails Show Fusion GPS Lied About 2016 Contacts
With DOJ, Faces Imminent Subpoena - Reports

Conservatives Sound Alarm Over 'Unite The Right II’
Rally Organized By Known Provocateur

Listeners Attack Left Lib US Public Radio for
Interviewing ‘Unite The Right' Organizer

Congressman claims He Was Told Russia Was
‘Involved' In Charlottesville - More Indiocy

Twitter Gives Proud Boys the Boot Ahead
of Charlottesville Anniversary Rally

Scientist Blasts Media ‘Misinformation' Linking
Wildfires To Global Warming

Why Is The Department Of Energy Conducting
Human Experiments?

One Man’s Suffering Exposed Monsanto’s
Evil, Genocidal Secrets to the World

Roundup DOES Cause Cancer
Monsanto Loses Epic Trial

Professor Gets Probation For Bludgeoning
Conservatives With Bike Lock


Social media posts could ruin your college
dreams, lawyer warns

PETA will attend white supremacist rally
to call for equal treatment of animals

Apocalyptic Clouds In Illinois Sky Leave Shock Behind

Kilauea Lava Threatens Cow - Chopper To Rescue - Vid

Hawaii Lava Continues Toi Flow into The Ocean - Vid

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 8-11-18

Scientist Blasts Media ‘Misinformation' Linking
Wildfires To Global Warming

Mysterious Tentacle Creature Washes
Up on Vietnam Beach - Vid

Casting The Worldwide Inter-Net Pt II - Sound Frequency

Shocker - Judge Orders Plane Turned Around And
Fly Deported Illegal Aliens Back To US


Decision to bring White Helmets to Canada
Is dangerous and criminal

BoJo could be sent for DIVERSITY training!

Italy needs soldiers on its streets to stop
Black And Arab muslim Third World Violence

NFL Introduces Male Cheerleaders

'The world’s most prominent male feminist’
accused of sexism, homophobia toward students

China begins naval drill near Taiwan, warns US aircraft

In Shocking UN Accusation, China Said To Hold 1 Million
Uighur Muslims In "Massive Internment Camps"

World Remains Blind To 'Ticking Time Bomb'
Counting Down To War On Australia's Doorstep

Russian missile boats attack simulated enemy’s
warships in Sea of Japan drills

Russian Embassy Slams UK Defence Secretary
Over ‘Belligerent’ Anti-Russia Rhetoric


Russia shares with US information about
two air pilots shot down in Korea

Paramedic on duty among two killed
by Israeli fire in Gaza, 121 more injured

Israeli bullets take three more Palestinian lives in Gaza

Farcical Ceasefire in Gaza

Majority of Israelis Dissatisfied With
Netanyahu Policy on Gaza - Poll

Ahed Tamimi Explains The Scourge Of Zionism

Palestinians Play Music in Protest Among Ruins
of Cultural Center Leveled by Israel

Secret Israeli Report Reveals Armed Drone
Killed Four Boys Playing on Gaza Beach in 2014

China - We Might Help Assad with War in Syria

The Russia-Turkey-Iran 'Triple Entente'


Iran Will Safeguard Trade in Territorial Waters
Amid US Sanctions – Admiral

Iranian Ballistic Missile Flew Over Strait of Hormuz
During Recent Drill

Iran & Venezuela prime examples of intrinsic
value of money vs gold

Russia may stop using US dollar for mutual payments

US Spending On Interest Hits All Time High As
Budget Deficit Soars To $684 Billion

The 2008 financial crash - Punishing the victims,
Rewarding the perpetrators

The Unpleasant Truth About the 1941
Parachuting of Rudolf Hess in England

NASA gave $44 million to 6 private companies

Italy needs soldiers on its streets to stop
Black And Arab muslim Third World Violence

Apocalyptic Clouds in Illinois Sky


Wealthy Nations Hoarding the World's Fish Supply

When Did Ajit Pai Know?

Track the key details on California's fires

Aerial Photos Reveal the True Horror of the Carr Fire

Millions Of Android Devices Are
Vulnerable Right Out Of The Box

Why the USSR’s First Nuclear Submarine
Was a Disaster

Just How Bad an Idea Is the ‘Carnivore Diet’?

7 Missing Historical Treasures That May Never Be Seen Again

Sometimes, Gas Stations Are Beautiful

19 Of The Most Mysterious Places On Earth


Shipping Containers for Preppers

The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old

Breaking Rules Frees Up Your Mind

The Effects of THC On Sex

NASA package that fell from sky with note
mentioning Trump sparks alarm in New Jersey

The Moon Isn’t What We Think
...Someone Might Have Put It There

Evidence Of An ET Ship In Bermuda Triangle?

Bizarre 'Rogue Planet' Puzzles Scientists

Details of Largest Mass UFO Sighting in Australia

UFO And Alien Contact At Susitna Valley Alaska


How to Photograph a Meteor Shower

What you're really seeing during a meteor shower

Mysterious Tentacle Creature Washes
Up on Vietnam Beach - Vid

Chinese Heart Drugs Linked to
Cancer Recalled Across Europe

Troubled Young Man’s Conversations With Air Controllers
Talked Of Anti-White Job Biases And Min Wage Struggles

29 Yr Old Airline Employee 'Just A Broken Guy'
Steals Horizon Air Turboprop From SeaTac - Crashes

Watch - Troubled Employee Does Amazing Barrel Roll
In Stolen Horizon Airliner Shortly Before Crashing - Vid

Roundup DOES Cause Cancer
Monsanto Loses Epic Trial

Trump Gives Huge Gift To Military Industrial Complex
With New US 'Space Force'


Trump Doubles Tariffs On Steel And
Aluminum Imports From Turkey

New Unlawful Trump Regime Sanctions on Russia

Russia to treat further US sanctions as an open
declaration of economic war – PM

Russia firmly rejects new US sanctions - Lavrov To Pompeo

Sanctions-Happy US Uninterested in Actual
Skripal Case Evidence

Maloof - Latest sanctions against Russia show
Trump not in control of his administration

Hello, Russia! Here’s a nice letter for your president,
and a bird-flip from the US State Department

Roberts - Is There Enough of America Left To Save?

Trump Will Fold if Mueller Calls His Bluff

Emails Reveal Steele Had Extensive 2016 Contacts
With #4 DOJ Official While Creating Dossier


Manafort Trial Resumes After Mystery Delay

Mueller To Subpoena Roger Stone's Alleged
‘Backchannel' To WikiLeaks - MSNBC

‘Evil genius’ Trump will be ‘last president of US’
Warns filmmaker Michael Moore

Dem Revolt Against Pelosi Grows As Midterms Near

Obama Policies Aided Muslim Brotherhood
in Infiltrating the Clinton Foundation

Obama Ignores Genocide Of Whites In South Africa

Jim Kunstler Rages At US 'Anything-Goes-
And-Nothing-Matters' Society

Twitter Uproar as US Salon Workers Fight
Clients Over Bad Eyebrow Job - Vid

Watch Antifa Storm Portland City Hall
Smash Security Guard In Head

Colleges Now A Force For Evil


Gender Pronoun Obsessed School
Loses Students (Shock!)

'Revolutionary' Professors Allow Students
To Pick Their Own Grades

Women’s Studies Professor Predicts Trump
Voters Will Riot When He Leaves Office

US Judge Overrules Trump EPA By
Banning Neurotoxic Pesticide

Tesla Board Confirms It Never Saw
LBO "Financing Plan" From Musk

Muslim arrested at NM compound is son of imam
with possible link to 1993 WTC bombing

Popular, Outspoken Anti-Muslim Dutch Politician Suicides
After Kidnapped, Gang-Raped & Then Warned By Muslims

Sheer Insanity - Oz Nurses Being Asked to Apologize
to Minority Patients for Being White Before Treating

Arab kills man in Paris for reminding him
of a public transport rule

Big Rise in Muslim crime makes 73% of Swedes
think country is going in the wrong direction


Astronaut Says He Saw ‘Organic, Alien-Like’ Creature
In Shuttle Cargo Bay - NASA Says It Was Just ‘Ice’

Bizarre Mystery Tentacled Creature Washes Up On
Vietnam Beach - Half Plant, Half Animal? - Vid

Pence outlines plan for weaponizing Space

Dancing with the Beast - Military Industrial Empire

Princess Ivanka ‘to be dispatched to suburban districts’

Senator - Russia has 'penetrated' Florida
counties ahead of midterms (Oh, my!)

On Russians, Warmongers, Election Meddling
And Fair Play

Social Media Hostility To Speech & Press Freedoms
...And Part Of It Is AI At Work

Facebook leans on NATO think tank to
‘Sort out the Russian bots’

Acclaimed Venezuelan News Site Latest Victim
in Facebook Censorship Spree


Russophobia Digest Part 4: Fear-mongering on
the high seas & illegal ‘penetration’ in Florida

French Twitterati furious over ‘Russophiles’
report, launch ‘Russian bots’ flashmob

‘Sick of media lies’ - Thousands protest state broadcaster
bias in #BBCswitchoff

The Social Darwinism Fraud

11 Surreal Scenes Showing Fires Are Unleashing
Hell on Earth in California

14,000 Fight Devastating California Fires
2 Arsonists Charged As Death Toll Rises

Fire Closes Yosemite Valley Indefinitely

15 photos that show the record-breaking
heatwave is affecting the world

Our First Good Weather News All Summer

A Pesticide Scott Pruitt Had Supported
Just Got Struck Down in Court


'This Crisis Is Created By America'
Turks Blame Trump For Economic Collapse

Restoring Iran bans entails 'destructive’
repercussions, Russia warns US

Hamas & Israel Agree to No Ceasefire-Ceasefire?

'Hamas, Israel agree Egypt-mediated truce’?

Israeli Minister Reportedly Urges Targeted Killings
of Hamas Leaders After Gaza Violence

Israeli journalist - UAE aircraft took part in Israeli
air raids on Gaza Palestinians

Iran Test Fires Ballistic Missile First Time In 2018

Drone strikes on Yemen don’t make it safer

Saudi Regime Terror-Bombs Yemeni School Bus

Saudis Intercept Two Ballistic Missiles Fired by Houthis


Iran urges global action on Saudi war crimes in Yemen

Russian warship tracked down And watched
'stealth' US nuclear sub in Med for hours

Rickards: U.S. Must Turn To Russia To Contain China

60,000 Pakistani Troops Headed To The
Durand Line With Afghanistan

Taliban Storm Ghazni Provincial Capital in Afghanistan

Canada’s liberal image gets snared
by $11.5 Billion Saudi arms deal

Cables Detail CIA Waterboarding at Prison
Run by Torture Queen Gina Haspel

Conservative Students Feel Pressure To Self-Censor
And Gag Themselves To Succeed On Campus

Is Apple Really Your Privacy Hero?

Blue Light from Smartphones and Laptops
Accelerates Blindness


Get Rid of Water – It Makes the Desert Feel Offended

Joe - The Invasion Of America - Vid

Black Cops Are Just as Likely as White Cops
to Kill Black Suspects

A Song For Hillary (Lyrics)

We Need to Ban Asbestos Completely

TN Executes Its First Inmate in Nearly a Decade

Amish Man Launches Uber-Like Service
with Horse and Carriage

How To Overcome Betrayal in a Prepper Group

'Heavily Armed' Muslim Extremists Arrested In NM
Trained 11 Children To Commit School Shootings
Trump Continues To Bring Muslims In Under UN Program

Muslim cultist arrested for training children to kill whites
Trump Won't Stop The Spread Of Muslim Terror In US

'It's Going To Blow Up On Them' Giuliani Says
Mueller's Team In Deep Trouble


Conservative Students Feel Pressure To Self-Censor
And Gag Themselves To Succeed On Campus

Students Say 'Young Democratic Socialists Of America'
Are Not Socialist Enough

Americans Are Nearly Begging Government And
Corporations To End Free Speech

Russia Threatens To Cut Off Supply Of Rocket Engines
To US Space Program Over New Trump Sanctions

Russia Condemns New 'Draconian' Sanctions,
Weighs Banning Rocket Engines To US

US State Dept sanctions against Russia aimed
at 'undercutting' Trump - analysts

Moscow to work on retaliatory measures in
response to new US sanctions – Foreign Min


Russia lashes out at Trump US over 'categorically
unacceptable' new sanctions

Lavrov Slams White House for Running a Leaking Ship

Russia to retaliate if US bans Aeroflot flights to US

Fear and Loathing in and of the USA

Assange's Senate testimony could 'destroy conspiracy
theory that Russia hacked DNC' – journalist

The Senate Call For Assange To Testify

Is BBC Spying on WikiLeaks Founder Assange
in Ecuadorian Embassy?

Ten Bombshell Revelations From Seymour
Hersh's New Autobiography

Russophobe Says Putin Politically Assaulting the US

Dem Senator Claims Russia Has Penetrated
Florida Voter Registration Systems


US Dropped Mutual Assurances of Election
Non-Meddling from Helsinki Declaration

Alexis de Tocqueville Was Wrong

Ecuador Hit for saying refugees Can't talk politics

China Just Tested A Hypersonic Missile
The US Can't Defend Against

Smart Ballots - W VA To Privatize Your Vote with Voatz

VP Pence Unveils Trump's Space Force
Will Cost $8 Billion Over 5 Years

Russia's air defense system Tor-E2 can be
interfaced with NATO air defense standards

Estonia struggles to find missile accidentally
fired by NATO jet policing Russian border

Russia slams UK for arbitrary interpretation
of Chemical Weapons Convention provisions

US Urges Russia to Allow Chemical Weapons
Inspections Amid Skripal Sanctions


Haley hands $9mn to Venezuelan refugees And Talks
regime change days after attempt on Maduro's life

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency in 3 Regions
Over Venezuelan Refugee Influx

Why the United States won't sanction Venezuela's oil

Br Nathanael - Alex Jones Makes NYT Headlines - Vid

People's Internet Radio - Wake Up!

NY Times and Marxist Jews Started Holocaust Hoax

How Kabbalah Wizards & Christian Zionists
Are Trying to Build a Third Temple

Israel Terror-Bombs Gaza Overnight - World Yawns

Israel strikes Gaza 140 times, threatens new war

Israel Killing Record Numbers of
Palestinian Children


Video captures chaotic scenes in southern Israel
as 150 rockets fired from Gaza - Vid

Pregnant Pal mother, toddler killed in Israeli strikes

'Step Back From The Brink' UN Warns As Major War
Looms After Overnight Gaza Airstrikes

Norwegian Daily Outrages Israel With
Netanyahu 'Swastika' Cartoons

Corbyn's ally defends calling out Israeli 'genocide'

Deliberate Lies - Israel Accuses BBC of Biased Coverage

Colombia recognizes Palestinian state, then abruptly
vows to Reconsider It amid Israeli outrage

Dozens of children slaughtered and injured in alleged
Saudi airstrike on a bus in northern Yemen

Saudi-led forces say strike that killed
Yemeni kids was 'legitimate'

Saudi Arabia Crucifies Man In Mecca
While Decrying Canada's Human Rights


Saudi-led forces kill Yemeni captives Daesh style

Houthi Missile Interception Results in One Death,
11 Injuries Says Saudi Coalition

Turkish attorneys seek arrest of US officers in Incirlik

Pakistan's New Leader Imran Khan Is A
Democratically Elected Populist-Visionary

Khan favorite of Goldsmiths, Rothschild Says ex-wife

Yazidi Slavery, Child Trafficking, Death Threats
To Journalist - Should Turkey Remain In NATO?

Chiappalone - The Culling Of Humanity - Part III

Rothschild worried about new world economic order

Norwegian Daily Outrages Israel With
Netanyahu 'Swastika' Cartoons

White House Is Using California Wildfires as a
Pretext to Seize Control of State Waterways

Life under California's massive blanket of smoke


Smoke From CA Fires Spreading Across US - Vid Map

The Government Is Running Out of Money
to Fight California's Wildfires

Sydney sucks and this is the proof

Shut Up About the F*cking Green Party

Syrian Muslim family receives 5239 Euros in
benefits every MONTH in Germany

Afghan whose deportation was blocked by crying
Swedish girl, whipped his wife and daughters

Rothschild worried about new world economic order

China vows to maintain trade with Iran, ignoring
Trump's 'with us or against us' threats

India Folds - Top Refiner Buys US Oil To
Partially Replace Iranian Crude

Iraq to Stop Trading With Iran in US Dollars
Due to Sanctions - Gov't Spokesman


US Mulls More Sanctions Against Turkey
as Talks on Pastor Brunson Fail – Reports

More Trouble For Musk As Another 'Untruth' Emerges

5G Telecoms Networks May Be Frontline
in China-US Trade War

Why Foreign Investors are Fleeing US Securities,
And Turning to Gold, Chinese Bonds

Angelina Jolie Is Such a Dick

Toxic Friends are Obsessively Needy

How CBD Can Help With Anxiety

TX Man to Pay $8.8 Million for Seducing
Another Man's Wife

The Dark history of Hollywood's Walk of Fame

New York City Votes to Cap Uber


Burqa 'Hideous Ninja-Like Garment' Not 'Integral to Islam'
Poses Security Risk Says UK Imam

Was Boris Right About The Burka ?

Beatings, harassment & bullying - Germany's
anti-Semitic hate crimes soar by 10%

Germany Lifts Longstanding Ban on Nazi Symbols
in Video Games

Norwegians Divided as Muslim Man Fired for
Refusing to Shake Hands With Woman

Cocaine Deaths In Britain Reach All-Time High

New strong quake hits Indonesia, levels buildings

Lombok hit by second earthquake

Month's worth of rain hits Toronto in 3 hours

Men's Underwear Does Affect their sperm count


NASA sets the controls for the heart of the sun

Saharan dust arrives in Southwest Florida
after a 6 thousand miles journey

Israel Bombs 140 Gaza Targets After '150' Hamas Rockets

Q And The Plan To Control The World
...A New Q (Video) Drop! - Watch

Dem Socialists Lose Big In Tuesday Primaries
Despite Bernie And Ocasio 'Helping'

'Russian meddling' - Alyssa Milano floats Moscow-
Green Party conspiracy after Ohio vote

'Truth is treason in empire of lies'
Ron Paul on Big Tech censorship

Censorship the New Normal in America

Who Will Dare Tell The Truth About Government?

Roberts - Elite Are Shutting Down The Truth-Tellers

Washington Post Continues to Peddle
Fake News Russian Conspiracies

Trump US To Impose New Sanctions On Russia
Over Skripal Poisonings

UK Def Sec Accuses Russia Of 'Maligning Behavior'
Hints at Skripal Poisoning Link

A Four Person NATO-Funded Team Advises
Facebook On Flagging 'Propaganda'


The Facebook Path To Corporate Fascism

43% of Republicans say Trump should
have power to shut down media

Trump Tweets For World Peace While
Waging Endless US Wars - Facts Are Facts

US Senate Calls On Julian Assange To Testify

Trump Regime An Enemy of Peace, Equity & Justice?

Putin offered Trump a number of arms control
initiatives at Helsinki summit

Rand Paul Delivers Letter From Trump To Putin

MD Dem Gov Cand Backed By Communist Sanders
Curses Reporter For Asking If He Is Socialist

OH special Election - Trump narrowly
escapes humiliation

John Bolton Threatened to Murder Children


Rick Gates admits to falsifying documents
during testimony

Twitter mocks US journalist's bafflement
at Speed Of t-shirt showing On Russian TV

Is Democrat Senator Mark Warner Mastermind
Behind Weaponizing US Tech Giants?

Apple Vows iPhones Do Not Listen In On Users
... But Its Apps Are Another Story

Apple Denies iPhones Can Record
Users' Voices Without Permission

Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans For
Government Takeover Of The Internet

Trump Has Reportedly Handed Over Control
of the VA to His Rich Mar-a-Lago Cronies

Elon Musk is playing a dangerous game

Elon Musk may be in hot water if his claim
of secured funding to privatize Tesla is false

Canadian Journalist Raped 15 Months by Somalis


Black African who abused four boys
in France says 'it's normal' Behavior

14,000 firefighters Against 18 Major CA Blazes

Arid and ablaze, Europe battles deadly heat

A scenario scientists call 'Hothouse Earth'

Human-Caused Fires Are Destroying the Amazon

New South Wales drought now affects entire state

Japan Bracing As Strong Typhoon Heads for Tokyo

Was The Titanic Switched For The Olympic?

The Titanic (Olympic) Sinking Was Done To Clear
The Way For The Federal Reserve - Vid

Intelligently-Designed Metallic Object On Mars - Vid


Another Stunning Object Photographed On Mars - Vid

Venezuelan leader says two opposition
MPs involved in assassination plot

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Calls for New
Presidential Vote After Drone Attack on Maduro

Russia Warns Against Georgia Joining NATO

Blowup With Canada Is the Latest Saudi Overreach

'What They Did Was Unacceptable' - Saudis To Dump
Canadian Assets 'No Matter The Cost'

Saudi air raids kill more civilians in northwest Yemen

Israel's War On Palestinian Truth-Telling

Syria building up army beyond pre-war size
Says Israel's Lieberman

Israeli soldier who killed stone-throwing Palestinian
promoted to head of IDF infantry brigade


Israeli minister says Iran should 'disappear' from world
('Kind Of Like...Wiped Off Face Of The Earth')

Israel to build 3 new settlements in Negev desert

Syrian army finds Israeli-made arms in Terrorist Positions

Young Swedes Disillusioned With 'Democratic'
Rule, Want 'Pundits' to Take Over

Poisoning the Elixir Part III - Water is Alive

China Giant To Buy $4.5 Billion Israeli AI Company

New Iran Sanctions Inflame Tensions, Isolate US

Turkey vows business as usual with Iran
despite US sanctions

Tehran Says 'Impossible' to Halt Iran's Oil Exports
Warns US of Consequences

Iran FM Zarif says world is sick Of US unilateralism


China, Russia defend trade ties with Iran
after US sanctions

Luongo - No Peace In Strengthening Iran Sanctions

Johnson Reportedly Refuses to Apologize
for Burqa Remarks Despite Backlash

British Public Largely Against Burqas,
Don't Think Johnson Should Say Sorry

EU Patients May No Longer Receive
UK Medication Under Hard Brexit

Biased Coverage: Corbyn Interview Emerges in Which
He Accuses Israel of Pressuring BBC - Vid

Nigel Farage Rages At Conservative Censorship
'This Isn't Capitalism, It's Corporatism & Autocracy'

'Fascism' - UK Right Wing Activist Robinson
On Instagram Shutting His Account

German Gov't Sued Over Spying on Encrypted
Messaging Services

The Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine


Germany treats Ukrainian soldiers but can't tell
if they served in Nazi-linked battalions

10 years since Georgia attacked South Ossetia
and Russia – not the other way around

Was the modern concept of 'fake news' born
in Georgia a decade ago?

Condi Rice told me Saakashvili was 'off the leash'
– Russia's ex-defence minister on S.Ossetia war

Bigger Is Not Better - Comparing Nukes In 1945 & Today

Britain's £31 billion next-gen nuclear missiles
at risk of delay due to faulty US welding

Michael McFaul, what have YOU done to help
improve US-Russia relations?

Turkey to launch own space agency 'as soon as possible'

Gold prices to jump after US loses trade war
And its debt bubble blows – Peter Schiff to RT

China retaliates with 25% tariffs on $16 billion
worth of US goods, including oil and cars


Russian reaps benefits from trade war between US & China

Gold prices to jump after US loses trade war

Watch Out for These Banking and Investment Fees

Disabled Brits Lead Fight Against Austerity

New Blood-Sucking Invasive Tick Species
Spreading Across United States

Bizarre Phenomenon That Intrigued
Leonardo Da Vinci Explained

A New Mother Failed a Drug Test After
Eating a Poppy Seed Bagel

New Iran Sanctions Inflame Tensions, Isolate US

Photos of Abandoned Russia

These Cities Have The Nicest Weather in America


Whatsapp Flaws Let Hackers Manipulate Chats

'Lunatic Farmer' Warns Of The Rise Of Rogue Food

FDA to use aborted fetus parts to breed
'humanized mice,' pro-life lobby outraged

Astronaut Shows Europe Devastated by Intense
Drought and Wildfires - Photo

Death toll Now 347 in 6.9 Indonesia earthquake

Jupiter's Moon Ganymede Generates
Incredible Magnetic Waves

Intense, mysterious radio signal coming from space

Will Medicine Ever Recover?

Big Psychiatry Want More Kids On ADHD Drugs


'Blue Wave' Goes Flat - Dems Losing In Key Elections

US Senate Intel Committee Calls Assange To Testify

Mattis Calls Space A 'Developing War Zone'

Feinstein's Chinese Spy Wasn't Her Chauffeur...
He Was Her Office Manager!

America Is Not Ready for Exploding Drones

Watch The Power Of Death Drone Explosion - Vid

Thousands Rally in Caracas in Support for Maduro
After Drone Assassination Attempt

Venezuelan Gov't Says to Put Blame for Any New
Aggression Against VZ on Colombia

Rick Gates Testifies Paul Manafort Broke the Law

Berkeley CA Cops Arrested 17 Antifa Members
Their Mugshots Tell Quite A Story

Manafort Stares Daggers At Gates In Court

Trump Accuses CA Of Causing Wildfires
By 'Diverting' Water To Pacific

GeoEngineering Watch Exposes Photo Fraud Of DEW
'Directed Energy Beam Starting A Forest Fire' - Pics


The Mendocino Complex Fire
Is Now the Largest In CA History

California Wildfires Seen From Space

Musk Talks About Taking Tesla Private

US Finalizing New Tariffs On $16 Billion In Chinese Goods

Trump - anyone trading with Iran will not trade with US

How The 50 Largest US Companies Are Connected

EU to Defy Illegal US Sanctions on Iran?

WH Won't Stop Melania From Contradicting Trump

Donald Trump Jr could be in trouble with the law

War On Dissent In America


Facebook Wants Your Bank Account

Krieger - 'Stop Complaining And Just Delete Facebook'

Trump Walk of Fame Star to be permanently removed

Sick Satanic 'Teen Vogue’ Writes That Abortion Is Funny

Border Hawk Candidates Kelli Ward & Joe Arpaio
Asked to Unify Against DC Establishment

Watch Millennials Try To Explain First Amendment - Vid

'Their Wealth Has Vanished' - Baby Boomers
File For Bankruptcy In Droves

US Police Kill Three Men Each Day, Twice as Many
People as Official Records Show - Study

It's the Wrong Time to Be Russian in America

Defending America Against Nonexistent
Russian Activities

University Gives Pay Raise...Only To Non-Males


Never Forget - Watch 'Brave' US, UK Bombers Slaughter
Over Half Million Innocent Human Beings In Dresden - Vid
Gen Patton - We Fought The Wrong Enemy In WW2

Here Are 410 Movies Made Under The Direct
Influence And Supervision Of The Pentagon

Twitter suspends Ron Paul Institute executive's account

Female Senator Asks Male Judges About Their Sex Lives

Hawaii wrestles with Lave, Hurricane, Election

Lava From Most Active Fissure Slows Dramatically

Poisoning The Elixir Part II – Fluoride

Sub-Animal Muslim, 25, Rapes 74 Yr Old Brit Woman

More infectious third world disease Now in
Europe Than In Africa

Sky News suspends program after interview
with anti Muslim immigration activist


AMEX Pulls Advertising With Sky News After Interview
with Right-Winger Aired

Daily Mail pulls story about Black And Arab Muslim
infested Paris suburb after backlash

British MEP - 'If we import the Third World, we get
Third World problems' (What a smart fellow)

German Spy Chief Warns, Muslim Children
'Pose Real Threat' To Nation

Puerto Rico to move 3,200 inmates to Arizona!

UK Discrimination Against Christian Refugees

Swedish Police Claim Syrian Orthodox
Church Set Ablaze in Arson Attack

French feminists spark Twitter war after
call to ban 'sexist' postcards

Why Has Magnitsky Film Been Banned In US & EU?

Embassy says The Guardian's report about extradition
request for two Russians is fake news


Israel 'Welcomes' Murder Of Syrian Scientist But
Denies Any Involvement whatsoever …

Israel Assassinates Syrian Scientist

Israel releases first pictures of armored,
'anti-terrorist' sea wall around Gaza

Israeli High Seas Piracy and Brutality

Ultra-Orthodox Jews clash with police over Israeli
military draft law - Vid

Israel sentences Palestinian minor to 18 months in jail

US Bombs, Kills Friendly Afghan Troops

Media darling 'Aleppo survivor' praises jihadi
mercenaries training anti-Assad rebels

The US Is Now Allied With al-Qaeda in Yemen

US envoy who enabled Yemen war suddenly
horrified by Saudi crimes


Study finds Saudi collusion with al-Qaeda in Yemen
Is under US supervision

Saudis suspend educational exchanges with Canada
as diplomatic row grows

New cholera outbreak spreading fast in Yemen: UN

Global Warming Is Coming & Russia Is Rejoicing

EU to punish own companies if they bow to US sanctions on Iran

Rouhani blasts Trump's 'psychological warfare' as Iran braces
for US sanctions

Dollar dictatorship is the foundation of American empire
Says Iran's Ahmadinejad

Iraqi PM: We Won't Interact With Anti-Iran Sanctions

China Winning The Trade War Without Firing A Shot

China's petro-yuan oil contracts surge as US sanctions hit Iran


Prepare for $90 oil after Trump US sanctions on Iran take hold

Goldman Sachs Expects “Very, Very Tight” Oil Market

China threatens 25% import tariff on US LNG

Scientists Want Oil Drilling Ban In British County
After Series of Earthquakes

EU Counts Losses as Russia Marks 4th Anniversary
of Embargo on Western Food

Bring Back Our Stars

UFO Misinformation: Relevant as It Ever Was

Gimbal Video & the Misinterpreted 'Fleet' of UFOs

Stanton Friedman's Last Visit to the
Roswell UFO Festival

Number of Danes Hospitalized for Drinking Too Much
Water Amid Heat Wave Soars


European heat wave kills ton of Swiss fish

New Zealand sets sights on Antarctica

Should Convicted Felons Lose the Right to Vote?

Hiroshima Child

Softball-sized hail hits Colorado Springs - 8 Hurt

Self-Sufficiency Superstars – Pickin' A Chicken

'Living bridge' built by a MILLION ants clinging
to each other to attack a wasps nest

Mysterious Roman Objects Baffle Archeologists for Centuries

The Men of Fifth World


Anonymous Vows To Take Down, Expose Q Anon
Staged Fight Between CIA-Mossads Assets ‘Anonymous’
And Q Anon Gives ‘Credibility’ To Both Creations

Twitter Suspends Black Conservative For Changing NYT
Bigot's Tweets From ‘White' To ‘Jewish’ And ‘Black'

‘NY Times Jeong Affair' Represents 'Peak SJW Bullshit'

Facebook Asking Major US Banks To Share User Data

Roberts - Americans Live In A World Of Lies

Video Of Drone Blast In Sky Above President Maduro - Vid

Did DARPA create Autonomous Drones To Hunt Humans?

US Had nothing to do with drone attack on Maduro – Bolton


Moscow condemns drone attack on Maduro

Bolivian leader says US plotting intervention against VZ

Probe into attempt on Maduro’s life indicate US involved

Trump Just Made 2 Problematic Admissions
About The Trump Tower meeting

Don Jr admits son's meeting with Kremlin linked
lawyer was to 'get information' on Hillary

Melania Did Not Deliberately Call Donald A Shit

Trump To Override Rosenstein And Declassify
Remaining DOJ FISA Docs

Trump Mocks Feinstein For Hiring Chinese Spy As Driver

Chicago Bloodbath - 30 people shot in 3 hours

Coming American-Russian Alliance Against China


More fine print with Trump health care options

The Myth of a Russian Threat

Steven Seagal's Impossible Mission

Its ok to be racist…as long as it is towards whites

Marxists (Zionists) Lie, Defend Jihadis in US

Britney Spears Forgets The City She Was Performing In

Hero Armed Citizen Stops Gunman Slaughter At
Crowded Back To School Event At Florida Park

Bin Ladin’s Son Reportedly Marries Atta’s Daughter!

Poisoning The Elixir Part I – Water

Video Of Soros Antifa Thugs Smashing Windows Of
US Marines Recruiting Office In Berkeley - Vid


Skynet - Illuminati Agenda 21, 5G & City Of London

Raging CA Fire Destroys Homes, Towns - Now 5th Biggest

Yosemite Valley Closed Indefinitely Due To Raging Wildfires

SA Ruling Party Calls All White People ‘Murderers'

Insanity! - Muslims Tell Germans, Austrians
To Give Muslims 'Their Homes And Money'

2 Dead, 55 Hurt In Massive Highway Blast In Italy - Vid

Bologna Blast - Enormous Crates Left In Highway - Vid

Britain Welcomes Radicals - Again And Again

Alarm Bells Over Polygamy Becoming ‘Common
Practice' Among Denmark's Muslims

Anglo-Zionist Attack Options Against Iran


Iranian Navy Threats To Block Strait Of Hormuz

Iran Deploys 50 Small, Fast Boats In Hormuz Drill

Iranians Switch Money For Gold Ahead Of US Sanctions

Afghanistan Confirms US Special Forces On Iran Border

Trump Warns Allies 'Risk Severe Consequences’
If They Violate Iran Sanctions

Iran Should 'Come to the Table' If Wants to
Avoid Trump US Sanctions - Bolton

EU blocking Trump US sanctions On Iran
to protect EU companies

Pompeo - US will ‘fully’ enforce sanctions on Iran

Pompeo - US Worried Over Deaths Of Unarmed In Iran

Germany to Protect Its Companies’ Exports,
Investments in Iran From US Sanctions


Zionist Servant Trump Increases Funding For
Israel's Killing Machine

Futile Hamas-Israeli Ceasefire Talks

Flotilla sails from Gaza to break Israeli siege

Pro-ISIS media vows unleashing bio warfare on West

Why Washington and Ankara won’t go cold Turkey

Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador

Polygamy Is 'Common Practice’ With Denmark Muslims

Spain Divided Over Plan To Dig Up Franco’s Body

Millennials Can't Be Bothered to Vote

People Seek Surgery To Look Better in Selfies


Tourists flee Indonesian island after powerful
magnitude 7 quake kills at least 91

The US-Italy 'Special Relationship'

NASA $850 million mission to Mars is about to launch

Hiroshima Marks 73rd Yr Since US Atomic Slaughter

Chilling Testimony in a Tennessee Trial Exposes
Lethal Injection as Court-Sanctioned Torture

The Coming Worm Apocalypse Should Terrify You

Ghosts On The Shore

How to Use Self-Doubt To Catalyze Positive Change

What Exactly Are THC Pills?

Lionel Nation Addresses Climate Engineering Head-On


Hurricane Hector Heading Toward Kilauea Volcano

Hurricane Hector Heading toward Hawaii

Dead Whale Washes Ashore In Japan - Radiation?

Record-High Heatwave Dries Rivers,
Exposes WWII Mines, Grenades In Germany

Finnish Supermarket Stuns Public With Sleepover
Amid Sizzling Heat - Vid

Russian Astronomers Warn of Green
'Incredible Hulk' Comet in Night Sky

Bright fireball flies across Siberian sky - Vid

Trump Says MSM Is 'Very Sick And Dangerous'
And Can Cause War

Trump Atty Blames 'Bad Information For
Trump Tower Statement Mixup

Trump Says Donald Jrs Trump Tower Meeting With
Russians To Get Dirt On Hillary Was 'Totally Legal'

MSM Begins To Cover Q Anon At Trump Rallies

FBI Conspired with DNC and Hillary Against Trump

Trump declares California wildfires a 'major disaster

Mendocino Complex fire explodes to 229,000 acres

The 2018 Wildfire Season at a Glance

The Project for the New American Century - PNAC

Pro-Islamic State media outlet calls for BIO Attacks
On the West, posters Show San Francisco As Target


MI Muslims To Turn Another Church Into A Mosque

Foiled Assassination Attempt of VZ President

Post Attack Speech - Maduro Blames Colombia, 'Ultra Right'

Musk Uses Meme Hitler Video Shorting Tesla Stock

'They Will Pay Us Vast Sums of Money'
Trump Defends Tariffs In Twitter Tirade

Canadians Begin Boycotting US Goods

Facebook's Attention Machine Explained

Apple Chipmaker Crippled By Computer Virus

Anarchy In Portland...With the Mayor's Blessing

Iraqi Muslim Who Reportedly Shot CO Cop Had 5 Years
Of Criminal Acts...But Was Never Deported


BIG Names Said Jewish Power Caused WW 2

Political Assassination - Terror Or Plots

Russia Names Seagal as 'goodwill ambassador' to US

'The Sun King 2.0' Macron Heading Down
Path of Authoritarianism

The Scaremongering Over 3D Guns
Has Little to Do With Reality

Here's Why 3D-Printing Guns Are A Win For World
Peace And A Potential Death Blow To Tyranny

Nearly 100 Dead In 6.9 Indonesia Quake

Two Mile Wide Lava Flow Continues Entering The Sea - Vid

Hundreds fall ill eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill in OH

Almost All 'Salisbury Case' Evidence Being Destroyed
Says Russian Envoy to UK

Russian Envoy Suggests NATO Prevents Allies
From Urging UK to Probe Skripal Case


There Will Be No American-Russian Alliance vs China

The 'Magnitsky Trio' Pushes For War With Russia

Protests In Iran Being Orchestrated From 'Outside' (CIA)

Russia Slams Leak Of Secret Memo On US-Moscow
Cooperation in Syria

Kushner Wants Effort To Dismantle UN
Palestinian Refugee Agency

Slum Lord Kushner Wants UNRWA Eliminated

Kushner Reportedly Asks Jordan To End
Refugee Status For 2 Million Palestinians

A New Bill Would Boost US Tax Money To Israeli
Military To More Nearly $4 Billion

19th Consecutive Bloody Friday in Gaza

Thousands of Israelis Protest New Law That
Makes Arabs 'Second-Class' - Pics


'Marching to Zion' - Official Full Film - Vid

Full Audiobook Version Of Martin Luther
'The jews and their lies' Now on youtube

Why Does Iran Need The Atomic Bomb?
Deterrence? War? How About Fracking!

Iran, Then Turkey. As The Hot War Gains
Ground In Washington

Saudis Stop All Trade With Canada

Saudis Resume Oil Exports Via Bab al-Mandab Strait

Yemeni combat drone strikes Saudi base in Asir

New Severe Ebola Outbreak Hits Eastern
Congo Killing at Least 33

United States X-Planes - Experimentals, Concepts

The invisible tank PL-01 unveiled


9 Ingredients In Coke Which Should Make You Quit

Five biggest financial scams of all time

Casting The World Wide Inter...Net – Pt I

Flight MH370 Becomes the Cold Case
That Nobody Wants to Solve

Drone footage captures flooding in Lynchburg, VA

How to See the Wolves of Yellowstone

Twenty dead in WW2 plane crash In Swiss Alps

Turin Shroud - Believers hit back in almighty row

Superfoods you should be eating more of


Trump Revokes Obama Rule And Opens Door For Use
Of Pesticides And GMOs In US Natural Wildlife Refuges

A Chinese Spy Worked In Senator Dianne Feinstein's
Office For Twenty Years!

NYT New Editor Hates Cops, Men...And The NYT

Doom - Professor Says 'It's Logical To Hate Men'

Outrageously Racist Reporter Hired by Odious NYT

Cory Booker Backtracks After Being Photographed
Holding Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israeli Wall Sign...
Says He Now Believes in Border Walls... For ISRAEL

Stephen Paddock's Brother Big 'Oops' - Says Clear As Day
'Steve Was An Arr…' Stops, Begs MSM Not To Use Clip
- Because He Was Saying... 'Steve Was An Arms Dealer'

Melania Backs LeBron After Trump Insults Him

Communist Socialist Ocasio Ducks Hollywood
Elite On West Coast Tours

Gangland Wars And The Status Q


FBI paid dossier author Christopher Steele, heavily-redacted
documents shown

Abuse of Russian Political Prisoners in America

Bill Binney In His Own Words - A ;Collaborative Conspiracy
To Subvert The US Government"

Revolving Door: How Security Clearances Perpetuate
Top-Level Corruption In The US

Neocon Nutcase Haley Reinterprets Aggression in Yemen

Senators Slam Google Plan For Censored
China Search Engine

Latino Groups Blast Zuckerberg For Requiring ID
To Buy Facebook Political Ads

Andrew Sullivan booed over criticising 'racism' at NYT

Visualizing The Print-pocalypse Of US Newspapers

German Court Rejects Appeal Of Elderly Holocaust
Questioner...Saying Free Speech Not Applicable


Communist Merkel German Government Is PAYING
For MUSLIMS To Return Home For 3 Week Vacations !!!

American Tourist Severely Assaulted By Black
African Muslims In Heart Of Barcelona

Germans Fear New Black, Arab Muslim 'Anchor Centers'

Watch - 'There's No England Now' - Music Video Shows How
Third World Black & Arab Muslims Have Killed England - Vid

Spain to Set Up Central Operational Command to Tackle Migration Crisis

Public Reacts to Denmark's First Fine
for Violating Full Veil Ban

Cracks In 'invincible' Xi Jinping's Rule Over China

Mysterious Gigantic Planet 12x Bigger Than Jupiter
20 Light Years Outside Our Solar System

Israel Wreaks terror on another harmless mercy ship

Israel forces kill one, injure 120 Palestinians in Gaza


Israel closes field hospital treating terrorists in Syria

Israel seizes second Gaza-bound Flotilla boat

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 8-4-18

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 29

Fire siege leaves Yosemite empty of humans

90% Of Wildfires Caused By People, Not 'Climate"

Killer Spanish Heatwave Fries Europe

Unusually high sea water temperature forces
Swedish nuclear power plant to close

People Need a Social Media Detox

US used Hiroshima atomic bomb victims
as 'guinea pigs', survivor tells RT


Hiroshima Revisited - Memorializing The Horrors
Of War...With 10 Must-See War Films

Pompeo Pledges $300m In Security Aid to SE Asia

US Navy Considered $1 Billion Plan for Breaking
Down Old Nuclear-Powered Carrier

US 'defense' bill mainly targets Russia, China, Turkey

US approves sale of Black Hawk helicopters to Latvia

Pieraccini - Two Knockout Blows To US Imperialism
...De-Dollarization And Hypersonic Weapons

The Ongoing Decline Of British Power

Fantasy Prosperity in America

Unemployment Rate Drops Below 4% for July

Turkish lira Down to all-time low as US sanctions bite


Turkey to Issue Yuan Bonds for 1st Time - Erdogan

Erdogan Says Turkey to Freeze Assets of US Justice,
Interior Ministers

US to Review Turkey Trade Preferences After Its Retaliation

Turkey joining BRICS could be 'serious shock' for US, EU

Bank of England Chief Warns of 'Uncomfortably
High' Risk of No-Deal Brexit

Putin approves special tax zones for foreign companies

Russia's move to ditch dollar in favor of gold minimizes
risk of Trump US political blackmail – analyst

Bulgaria Opens Gas Pipeline Extension for
Russian Gas From TurkStream - Reports

Hormuz Strait's Security Will 'Influence Those Who
Threaten Tehran With Petrodollars' – Iranian Navy Chief

India to Impose Increased Tariffs on US Imports In Fall


Shanghai Confirms Tesla to Build Plant in China
Amid Record Corporate Losses

Iran Girl With Horror Face Reveals Her Real Self - Pics

100 goats mysteriously descend on Boise

WATCH: US Cop's 'Savage Beating' Of Naked,
Mentally Ill Woman Sparks Criminal Probe

NYPD Hunting Black Man For Punching
'White Bitch' On Brooklyn Bus

NRA Suing New York Governor for Causing
Financial Troubles, Discrimination

Floods NW China Leave 20 Dead, 8 Missing

The causes and symptoms of every common
type of food poisoning


Outrage - Judge Orders DACA Program Fully Restarted
Major Blow To Trump & The War On Illegal Invaders

Gangland Wars And The Status Q

Vegas Massacre - Cops 'Unable To Determine Motive'
For Paddock - Patsy Who Likely Never Fired A Shot

Why Did The Air Force Say NOTHING After A
2.1 Kiloton 'Meteorite' (?) Blast Near A US Base?

NASA Scientist Puzzled By Meteorite (?) Explosion
Suspicious USAF Silence On The Explosion

'Fake, Fake, Disgusting News' - Trump Slams Media
for Bad Coverage of His Summits

Trump - 'Fake news media is enemy of the people'

The Real "Fake News" From Government Media

Reporters & Celebs Call Trump-Supporters 'Nazis', 'KKK'
...Want Them All 'Euthanized' After Tampa Rally

CNN's Jim 'Sissy' Acosta Has A Short Memory
Fox News Crew Attacked At DNC In Denver 2008


Democrat And Nazi Policies Are 'heavily aligned'
...Donald Trump Jr sparks wrath of Twitter

Eric Trump Says Entire Trump Family Receives Threats

Maxey Waters Hit With FEC Complaint After Daughter
Rakes In $750,000 From Campaign Funds

Oops - Russian 'Spy' In US Embassy In Moscow Was
Hired By US SECRET SERVICE - The Guardian

US Secret Service Slams UK Media Report on
'Russian Spy' as Irresponsible and Inaccurate

Manafort Accountant With Immunity Had
'Reservations' About Tax Filings

Manafort's 'Blame Rick Gates' Strategy Will Fail

FBI Releases Almost 100% Redacted Steele Documents

Atzmon - The Holocaust And Its Deniers

Joe McCarthy vs Joseph Welch - The REAL Story


Socialist Communist Ocasio Once Saw Herself As
A Capitalist, Viewed Feminism As An Antique

NYT Stands By Hiring Of Racist, White-Hating Asian Woman

Mass Incarceration in America

America Is The Largest Prison Camp In The World

A Real Russian Threat? Lies, Lies, More Lies

Absurd - Designating Russia A State
Sponsor Of Terrorism - How Low Can It Go?

US Plan To Ship Nuclear Waste Through
US Midwest Endangers Great Lakes

Inside Bannon's next campaign

Kavanaugh Hits Hurdle On Road To High Court

Who Really Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.?


Alex Jones Sandy Hook Trial Could Change History

Beware The Slippery Slope Of Facebook Censorship

Fighting Fake Accounts? Facebook Deletes Anti-Racism
Activist's Page

'Screwed Over by Facebook' - Blackout of 'Disingenuous'
Event Censors Real US Activists

Smart tech voice Assistants Called threat to news pluralism

Cops Probing WhatsApp Bot 'Momo' Potentially
Involved in Argentinian Girl's Suicide

Congress Demands Regular Reports On China
Military Activity In South China Sea

China Threatens Tariffs On $60 Billion In US Goods

Trump's Hostile Trade War on China

Turkish Political Party Demands Erdogan
'Seize Trump Towers Istanbul' After Sanctions


Turkish FM To Pompeo - US Threats, Sanctions Won't Work

Victor Orban's Five Tenets To Rebuild Europe

Spain - New Gateway For Mass Black, Arab Invasion

Support for Merkel's Alliance Hits Record Low

French MPs Okay fines of up to €750 for
street 'harassment' of women

US Secret Service Slams UK Media
Report On 'Russian Spy' As Irresponsible

NATO Is a Goldmine for US Weapons' Industries

Roberts - South Africa Is On The Road To
Barbarism and So Is the Rest of the West

Take away land & the poor will starve
...South African farmer

Just A Matter Of Time Before Kilauea Lava
Consume Pohoiki Beauty Spot - Vid


Kilauea Is Making Hawaii Bigger Every Day - Vid

Hawaii Eruption Sets New Record - Vid

Australia's Terrible Drought - Dramatic Aerial Photos

Iran's Zarif Blasts US Gulf Buildup Notes US Navy
is Over 7,000 Miles From Home

Israel threatens military intervention in Bab el-Mandeb

Netanyahu Now Threatens To Deploy Israeli
Military To Yemen

Israel Tightens Illegal Gaza Blockade

Kushner's cynical 'deal Of century' for Palestinians

Saudi Led Airstrike On Yemen Hospital Kills 42

Haley Finally Expresses Concern For Yemen Civilians
...After 8 Million Officially Starving


Israel Threatens Military Response Against Houthis

Hollow. Worthless EU Criticism Of Israel

China Willing to Assist Syrian Army in Upcoming Offensive

Israeli Recon Drones Shot Down Over Damascus - Vid

Syrian Army Finds US-Made Weapons, Israeli Food
n Terrorist Depot in Golan Heights

UN Mission Arrives at Foot of Golan Heights
Via Syria 1st Time in 7 Years

Israeli Embassy - Russian MP Deployment to
Golan Heights Coordinated With Israel

US money For Afghan irrigation helped poppy cultivation

Robinson Describes Brutal Incarceration,
Claims Inmates Threw 'Excrement' at Him

Baffled Political Class Dreads Prospect Of Jeremy Corbyn


Entire Police Force Quits In Massachusetts Town

"In Government, Scum Rises To The Top"

WHO to Deploy Anti-Ebola Vax to Affected DRC Areas

Superbugs Becoming Resistant To Alcohol Disinfectants

Russia Plans to Send Capsule Of Microorganisms to Mars

The U.S. Oil Production 'Mirage'

Trump vs Iran - A War Of Words

China rejects US demand to cut Iran oil imports

EU Seeks to Continue Cooperation With Iran
Despite US Sanctions

Booming Ag Transforming Russia energy driven economy


China threatens tariffs on $60 billion in US goods

China Loses Spot as World's No.2 Stock Market
Amid Sino-US Trade Row - Reports

How To Tell If You're In A Toxic Relationship

Drought Brought Down The Ancient Maya?

Steve Jobs Daughter Speaks

Alaska Raked in $11 Million in Marijuana Tax Revenue

DNA-testing company 23andMe signed
a $300 million deal with a drug giant

Osama bin Laden's Mother Speaks

Deutsche Bank Reports Show
Chinks in Money Laundering Armor

Are we losing the art of telephone conversation?


Cracking The Secrets of Old Faithful's Geyser Eggs

What To Know About West Nile Virus This Summer

Imbecile On Cam Taunting a bison at Yellowstone

Judge Warns Mueller Team Manafort Trial Could Tank

The Trial Of Paul Manafort

Netanyahu Threatens To Nuke Iran

Iran - 'Either Everyone Sells Oil Through
Strait of Hormuz or No One Does'

Iran's Navy Assembles Near Mouth of Persian Gulf
US Is 'Monitoring it Closely'

Iran Preparing Massive Military Exercise
To Show It can Block Persian Gulf

UK Heathrow Staff Claims to Intercept Shipment
of Missile Warhead Parts Intended for Iran

Netanyahu Unexpectedly Scraps Colombia
Trip 'Due to Situation in South' – Report

New Radio Telescope Picks Up Mystery Signals
Detected From Deep Space - Vid

Congress Passes $716 Billion 'Defense' Bill For 2019


Pentagon To Slash US Troops Fighting In Africa
To Focus On Russia, China 'Threats'

Why USAF May Buy The All New F15X Jet Fighter

US Was Always Great Spending Money On Its Military

New Shield Will Make US Tanks, Armor Far Safer

The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles
'Explodes' As The US Middle Class Destroyed

Wildlife Extinction Catastrophe In The Florida Everglades
The Fukushima ELE Continues To Wipe Out Life

The big one - How environmental killing
becomes a medical disease

Aspartame - Suicide And Depression

What Stupid Americans Are Doing To Themselves
In PC Renaming Frenzy Rewriting History

'Twitter interfering in elections on Dems' side' –
Republican candidate banned over Stalin gif

'Hilarious & Paranoid' - Lavrov laughs at idea that Russia
uses memes to destroy US democracy


US Social And Other Major Media vs Russia

Russia Again Attacking America's Electoral System?
The Big Lie Continues

Microsoft Rolls Out 'Election Defense Technologies'

'Prolific' Hackers Infiltrated US Targets, Posed As Russians

Russia is Not the Only Country Interested in Influencing
US Elections - US National Security Chief

'Lying bullsh*t' and 'propagandist for profit' - Hannity-Acosta War

NYT Hires Truly Sick Asian Female Editor Who
Absolutely Hates 'Dumbass Fu*king White People'

Connected To The Matrix - Americans Spend Most
Of Their Waking Hours Staring At A Screen

'Fake News' Photographer Admits - 'We Lost Control
Of Climate Narrative.

'They Tried to Mentally Destroy Me'
Tommy Robinson Speaks Up After Release


Another Muslim Stabbing Attack Kills Man in S. London

Black African Illegals in France Getting Full Welfare
protesting 'lack of meat' and having to WORK everyday

Pro-Muslim Libtard group forced to end its crucial
work in Paris due to Muslim Horror and violence

Sharia law recognized by British court for
first time in landmark divorce case

Italian Deputy PM Banned from Spanish
Island of Mallorca for His Stance on Invasion

Clashes Intensify at Finnish Reception Centers
With Up to 60 Cases Recorded Monthly - Migri

Deadly World Heatwave Finally Getting Some Coverage

How identity politics makes the Left lose its collective identity

The Origins Of Our Second Civil War

Dem Socialists Set Up Shop On Campuses Nationwide


The History of 'Stolen' Supreme Court Seats

The Battle Over 3D-Printed Guns Is Getting Serious

More Than 1,000 Homes Torched In NoCal Blazes - Vid

New NoCal Wildfire Forces More Evacuations - Vid

Red Flag Conditions Continue To Feed NoCal Wildfires - Vid

Inside the Secret Taliban Talks to End
America's Longest War

After 17 Years And Billons Wasted, Countless Lives Lost,
US Now Wants Peace With Taliban

NATO troops partaking in major drills In Georgia

China's 'Secret' Space Control Listening Base
In Argentina Now Alarming US Officials

Philippines Won't Give Up On Russian Arms
Despite US Threats - Foreign Minister


US missile 'defense' system in Romania threatens
Russia's security says diplomat

Israel blocks fuel, gas shipments to Gaza again

Israel Confirms Elimination of 7 Suspected Daesh
Members in Syrian Golan Heights

Israeli Defense Chief - Syrian Front Will Be More
Quiet With Assad Rule Restored

Jordan's Military Kills Daesh Terrorists
Attempting to Cross Border From Syria

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Drones Over Damascus

UN Office Falsifies Facts Accusing Damascus
of Daesh Transfer to Southern Syria

Damascus Regains Full Control Over Syrian-Jordanian
Border - Russian Gen. Staff

More checkpoints to open amid flow of refugees
returning to Syria

Syrian Government Launches Aleppo Reconstruction


Saudi Airstrike Kills 9 Yemeni fishermen

Dozens of victims in reported Saudi-led coalition
bombing of Yemen hospital

US-Supported Tyranny in Egypt

Outrage as Tokyo medical school caught
tampering with exam results to keep women out

Apple Just Became First Trillion Dollar Public Company

Huawei Dethrones Apple To Become #2 Smartphone Brand

Tesla loses $717 Million In Q2, breaking record from last quarter

Are Tesla Car investors losing touch with reality?
Musk apology enough to send stock skyrocketing

Russia exports record amount of gas to Europe

China Gives Pakistan $2 Billion Emergency Loan


Satellite shots show epic scale of world longest oversea bridge

New Pak PM Imran Khan tells Britain to return looted money

Bank of England Hikes Interest Rates to Highest Level
Since 2009 Economic Crisis Amid Brexit Fears

US Sides With Russia... Against Ukraine In WTO Case

GE engineer charged with stealing trade secrets
encrypted in sunset Photograph

British tourist slaps an immigration officer

Who Does America Belong to?

How Big Tech are shaking up healthcare

Catholic Diocese Names Dozens Accused
of Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania

Australia's drought seen from the air


Experts warn of 'serious health effects' across US West

Will CA Be the First State to Repeal Rent Control Limits?

What You Should and shouldn't do in a heatwave

4,000 Yr Old Trade stretched from Carolinas to Great Lakes

Japan's Unusual Obsession with Moss

The Ultimate Survival Flashlight - the Fenix TK-25

The evangelical women who visit strippers

Kids, Look Up From Your Screen

Why Ginger Work So Well For Bad Breath

Extreme Heat Wave in Spain and Portugal


Netanyahu Threatens To Nuke Iran

Trump Tells Sessions To End Mueller Investigation 'Right Now'

Mueller Prosecutors Rebuked Repeatedly By Judge

Chomsky accuses Israel of 'brazenly' meddling in US elections

Obama Endorses Dozens Of Democrats But
Completely Snubs Socialist Ocasio

Court Of Appeals Rules Trump Sanctuary City
EO Is Unconstitutional

Illegals, Non-Citizens Have No Trouble Registering
To Vote And Then Voting In Our Elections

Manafort Placed Himself 'Above The Law'
Amid Lavish Lifestyle, court hears

Roberts - The US Is The Largest Prison Camp In The World

Trump Extends Proclamation 7463, Post 9/11 Emergency Powers

Roberts - Who Does America Belong to?


Br Nathanael - Controversy Of The Russian Czar Today - Vid

Atzmon - For The Few, Not The Many

Jewish Group Accuses Labour Party of Being
'Institutionally Anti-Semitic'

50,000 More Stone Age African Blacks Waiting
To Invade Spain From Morocco

How Gaddafi's Grim Prophecy for Europe is Coming True

Austerity And Mass Migration

Watch CNN WH Reporter Acosta Booed At Trump Rally - Vid

Buchanan - Will Tribalism Trump Democracy?

The Truth About Vladimir Putin And The FBI

Five Trillion Dollars! Doomed US Pensions Shortfall
Now The Size Of Japan's Economy


You Are Criminalizing Diplomacy

WaPost Declares War On Q Anon

Jones Seeks $100K From Sandy Hook Family

Trump Signs Bill To Close Skills Gap

Towards A World War III Scenario?

Scott Walker Is Desperate

Trump - Mexico's Violence Is A Threat To The US

SCOTUS Wrestles With Americans Right To Privacy

Former Trump Strategist Bannon Warns GOP
Candidates Against Kochs' 'Toxic' Money

Real skill of US 'disinformation experts' is spreading disinfo


Globalist CFR President - There Is a 'Serious Degree of Anarchy'
on the Wild West internet (Clearly Wants More Censorship)

FB Latest Ban Nets Resistance Pages, Anti-Trump Events

Facebook deletes more 'inauthentic' accounts '
...but stops short of blaming Russia

Not a spy novel - Butina's lawyer reminds public that
client isn't charged with espionage (VIDEO)

Republicans Abuzz Over Ex McCain Strategist And
Globalist Op Howie Schmidt's Divorce From GOP

NATO 'News Hero' #PropagandaWatch - Corbett - Vid

Shimatsu - Bill Gates Slaughter Of Innocents Linked
To Tainted Vaccines In China

Remember that pandemic that was going to
wipe out humanity? We're still here...

Chiappalone - The Culling Of Humanity

Doom- University Of Chicago Heads For The Abyss


Doom - Identity Politics Destroying Science

50,000 More Stone Age African Blacks Waiting
To Invade Spain From Morocco

Assange May Leave Ecuadorian Embassy
In UK Soon Due To Health Problems

EU May Provide Funds to Morocco,
Tunisia to Stop Black Invasion Of Spain

Spain can't absorb 'millions of Africans,'
new opposition leader tells government

Ban on Muslim full-face veil takes effect in Denmark

Edward Snowden's most important revelations

Google Secretly Planning Censored
Chinese Search Engine

CalExit Backers Want To Split CA In Two, Create A Separate
Nation For Native Americans

SA To Change Constitution To Legalize Taking White
Farmlands And Possessions Without Compensation


Great Pyramid Of Giza Able To
Focus Electromagnetic Energy

Manhattan Decriminalizes Smoking Marijuana

Mark Cuban On AI - 'If You Don't Think A Terminator
Will Appear, You're Crazy!'

This is the one with the pdf
Superb Overview Of The Threats Of AI
2,400 Teachers Fail NC Math Exam To Teach!
Skinner Workforce Training Produces 2,400 More Idiots

USAF destroys Minuteman III ICBM after
'Anomaly' During Test Launch

US Military Bases In Europe Depend On Russian Energy

'We are world leaders in new military hardware' – Russia

Russian jet obliterates ship with supersonic missile In drill - Vid

India To Purchase US Missile Shield For National Capital Region

'Defend the nation's sovereignty' - Iceland wants to stop
foreign land ownership


Israel Prefers Old F-15s To F-35 Turkeys

Labour's Corbyn Apologizes for Speaking
at Event Comparing Israel to Nazis

Kidnapped Humanitarian Activists
to Gaza Still in Israeli Gulag Hell

Ahed Tamimi Seeks Law Degree & Political Future

Israel Criminalizes Palestinian Poetry

'Chilling attack' - Amnesty says employee Was targeted by
'hostile government' using Israeli-made spyware

Holocaust victim-blaming? College textbook claim sparks outcry

Russian embassy raises questions about hasty cremation
of Amesbury poisoning victim

France Hopes To Get US 'Permission' To
Supply Jets To Iran Amid Sanctions Threat

Iran's Elite Guards Shoot Down Trump's Meeting Offer


Iran Unimpressed As Trump Predicts 'Talks Soon'

Why Trump's Offer of Talks With Iran Triggers Strong Sense of Déjà vu

Iran seizes huge cache of weapons in province of Kerman

Thousands of refugees return to Syria from Lebanon

600,000 Syrians Return as Deir ez-Zor Liberated
From Terrorists - Moscow

Tillerson 'stopped invasion of Qatar' by Saudis & UAE,
may have been fired for it

Yemen's Houthis Declare Two-Week Halt
of Military Ops in Red Sea

Mysterious Algae Bloom 'Whirlpool' In
The Baltic Sea As Big As Manhattan

Denmark - Contentious 'Burqa Ban' Comes Into Effect

State Of Emergency in Michigan After Public
Discovers Entire Town Has Toxic Water


US Insurers Grilled On Exposure To
$4.7 Billion J&J Talc Verdict

Illegal Aliens Spread Fecal Parasitic Disease
To Trader Joe's, Kroger And Walgreens

Petition to Bar Bannon From UK Entry Signed
by 10,000 Needed for Gov't Response

Tommy Robinson Out On Bail After Court Orders Retrial

UK Navy's rescue of Muslim who Killed 23 Brits In
Manchester sparks further hatred Of Muslims

Trump Regime Plotting Another
Giveaway to Super-Rich Americans

Escobar - How BRICS-Plus Clashes With
The US Economic War On Iran

Did Russia's dumping of American debt force US
Treasury to borrow more money?

World May Be Heading For Currency War
India's Central Bank Warns

Trump May Put Even Higher Tariffs On Chinese Goods
Beijing Vows To Retaliate


White House Announces Sanctions On Turkish
Ministers Over Detention Of US Pastor

Florida Launches Gun Confiscation Program,
467 Forced To Surrender Guns

UGA Dean Attacked On Twitter For Having GOP Friend

Ron Paul - Govt-Funded 'Free' Healthcare
Is 'Preposterous & Deadly'

Universal Healthcare Could Save
Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually

Terrifying Video From Mexico Plane Crash - Vid

Scientists Claim Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

Huge UFO Sighted Over New Mexico 1951

'Flying Saucers, Like Girls, Are Here
To Stay' – Frank Scully Papers

'Metal Scrapings' From Socorro Craft
Collected From Landing Site 1964


Ironman-Like Flying Suit is Here Now - Vid

LA County Sheriff Probe Into Secret Societies
Of Deputies And Their Matching Tattoos

Dramatic video shows LAPD officers fatally
shooting a man and his Female hostage - Vid

Death Valley Will Have The Hottest Month
Ever Recorded on Earth

Mysterious Algae Bloom 'Whirlpool' In
The Baltic Sea As Big As Manhattan

Natural Burials Are Rising

Our Universe Could Perish At Any Time

Speedboat Thieves Steal Priceless
Swedish Crown Jewels

Governor Calls For Calm After New Ebola
Outbreak Confirmed In Eastern Congo

'There's Just No Slack In The System'
The Real Perils Of Pandemic Risk


Man Has Limbs Amputated After
Dog Lick Caused An Infection

Preserving the Harvest – Canning & Dehydrating

Trump-Pompeo Fighting Over Preconditions For Iran Talks

Trump Willing to Meet with Iran to Improve Ties?

By End Of Year, US To Borrow Most Money Since 2008

Trump Brings In Tens Of 1,000s Of White-Hating Black
& Arab Muslims, Gives Them SSI & FREE EVERYTHING
For LIFE - While Americans Starve & Must Live In Cars

Ex UN 'Refugee' Worker Tells Horror Of Trump
Sneaking In A Flood Of Diseased Africans Giving
Them FREE Housing, Welfare & SSI For LIFE - Vid

Federal Judge Blocks Release Of 3D
Printed Gun Plans…For Now

Congress Passes Record Amount For Militarism
And War-Making

Beijing Warns US Against Stationing Marines
At De Facto US Embassy In Taiwan

Devvy - Members Of Congress - Alcoholics, Dementia,
Alzheimer's – How Many Are There?

Israeli Intervention, Meddling In American
Elections 'VASTLY Overwhelms Anything Else'


Trump - Border Illegals Use Children
For Their Own Sinister Purposes'

Trump Makes Extraordinary Attack
On Koch Brothers

Manafort Trial Should Be Slam Dunk For Mueller

The Schizophrenic Deep State is A Symptom
Not A Disease

Looney Lindsey Graham Vows 'Sanctions Bill From Hell'
Introduced Against Russia on Thursday

Graham Tells Trump To Fix US Immigration Laws

Brussels Hits 6 Russian Companies With
Crimea-Related Sanctions

Smart Italy PM Calls For Easing Russia Sanctions
Trump Says No, They Will Remain

Russia Explains Why It Liquidated Its US Treasurys

Ron Paul - Trump's Tweets End Myth Of Fed Independence


Italy's Conte Praises Trump As A 'Strong
Advocate' For Americans

Trump Declares War On The Koch Brothers

US Supreme Court - GOP likely to lock down majority
as Rand Paul lends support to nominee Kavanaugh

'Better Bring Our Own Guns' - Portland Antifa Plotting
'Direct Confrontation' At Pro-Trump Rally

Millennial Socialism - Stupid, Evil, Or Both?

Opioid-Related Deaths In Maryland Are 'Staggering'

'I Go Days Without Eating' - Some Amazon Workers
Left Homeless After Workplace Injuries

Bank of America Freezes Kansas Family's
Bank Account After Demanding Citizenship

Philadelphia Plunders Its Property-Owners For Cash

US Debt Sales To Surge - Treasury Raises
2018 Borrowing Need To $1.33 Trillion


The NYT vs Trump On Fake News

20 Still Missing After Redding Carr Fire

Carr Fire Evacuations Now Lifted For Redding

Over 800 Homes Destroyed In Redding Fire

The common thread in California's wildfires

BC Coast Before & After Fukushima
Staggering Photographs Of A Dead Coastline

The Individual vs The Reality Machine

OR Candidate For Congress Calls Melania A Whore

All-Ways Pursuing Truth - The Black Nobility

Pentagon to Spend $885 Million On AI Systems
To Compete With Russia And China


China To Soon Conduct Diplomacy With AI

Superb Overview Of The Threats Of AI

'Doomsday weapon' - How could the West
respond to Russia's nuclear underwater drone?

Russian rocket engines to continue Putting US in space

NATO Is A Goldmine For US Weapons' Industries

US Congress Pushes Ballistic Missile Defense
Program Based on Laser-Armed Drones

Boat Ramp Still Standing As Hawaii Lava Advances - Vid

Lava Flow Not Slowing - Vid

Lava Surging Out Of Kilauea Fissure 8 Engulfs
All In Its Path Including 700 Homes - Vid

Atzmon - Is It Zionism Or Jewishness? You Decide

Israel Using Pegasus Spyware On Own Citizens


Israel Is Embracing Fascism In Europe

Israeli Soldiers Reportedly Post F-35 Sensitive Data Pics

Over 50% Israelis Support Jewish Racist Nation-State Law

Here's Why The U.S. Will Soon Make A
Face-Saving Exit From Syria

Syria Regains Control Over Border with Occupied Golan

Russian military shoots down another Terrorist drone
near Khmeimim base in Syria

Iran's presence in Syria legit - boosts fight On terror

3 Prominent Russian Journalists Killed
In Central African Republic

Young Geniuses - Russian School Kids Bad Gold
And Silver At World Science Competitions

Kissinger's 'Secret Ploy' - Why Russia Won't
Become US' 'Hammer' Against China


Russia, Turkey Urge US to stop threatening rhetoric
over arms deals

How To Use Putin In The Brexit

The Business Roundtable

BRICTS - Turkey Is Getting Off The US Reservation

Euro Tumbles As IMF Warns On Greek Debt Sustainability

China Oil Futures Contract Beginning To Show Its Teeth

Malaysia 370 Was 'Steered Off Course Deliberately'

Deadly plane crash in Brazil caught on terrifying Video

Teen Damaging Their Memory With Smart Phones

Quietest Place In America Is Becoming A Warzone


Hope and Change in an Alabama Coal Mine

Air Rifles - Giving You An Edge In Survival

The Capital Cites With the Deadliest Air Pollution

A siege. A bomb. 48 dogs

6 myths about getting pregnant

Introducing the Scutoid, Geometry's Newest Shape

Colombian Sniffer Dog Is So Good
Cartels Put a Price on Her Head

Breathtaking Bridge In Vietnam Opens

Blue Meteorite Crystals Reveal Sun's Wild Youth

Trouble With the Pineal Gland?


Spy Free Email – Check Out 'Runbox'

New Zealand Jail - Yoga, Herbs And Sunshine

Mystery - Largest penguin colony Has shrunk by 88%

No Doubt Humans Are On Mars - Photos
And Eyewitness NASA Employees Prove It - Vid

Here's What We've Lost In The Last Decade

The Imperium Censorship Of YouTube

Avenatti Challenges Giuiliani Over 'Stupidity Of Trump'

Is Trump Planning To Bomb Iran's Nuclear Facilities
In August? Big Fallout From Australian News Report

Trump Offers To Meet With Rouhani - No Preconditions

It's Now Or Never For Trump

Trump, The NY Times And Fake News

Why Trump Must Pardon Julian Assange

Britain didn't accept a single Christian refugee
accepted Only Black And Arab Muslims


Communist Macron Allows 300,000 White-Hating Illegal
Blacks And Arabs To Invade, Capture Suburb Of Paris

Support For Communists Merkel, Macron Hit All-Time Lows
But It Is Too Late - Both France And Germany Are Dead

Sanders Socialist Medicare For All To Cost $32 TRILLION!

Giuliani - 180 tapes seized from Cohen
but Trump only speaks on one

Pence Defends White House Banning CNN Reporter

Sanders Socialist Medicare For All To Cost $32.5 TRILLION!

Denver Man Just Back From Congo Isolated For
Possible Ebola - Testing Says 'Negative' (?)

Bannon's urgent 'wake up' warning to Republicans

Roberts - US Is The Only Remaining Colonial Power

An Angry Trump Responds After NYT Publisher
Says President Is 'Putting Lives At Risk'

Trump urges Mueller to admit conflict of interest
in pending investigation

Western Collapse... Scapegoating Trump & Putin


Martin Armstrong: Is CNN Creating A Civil War?

Fruits of the Great 2017 GOP Tax Cut Scam

More 30 Yr Olds Still Living With Their Parents

Blue Lives Matter claims Facebook's 'fake news'
rules have halved its audience

Cop Assaulted, Head-Butting And A Bloody Nose After
Another Brawl At Trump's Hollywood Sidewalk Star

Nunes - Americans 'Will Be Shocked' By
Info Hidden Beneath FISA Redactions

Air marshals have conducted secret in-flight
monitoring of U.S. passengers for years

Putin - The Trump US Made a Huge Mistake in
Weaponizing the Dollar Against Russia

Russia is aware of US & Western military plans

Yosemite Evacuates During a Deadly Fire (in Photos)


Denver Man Just Back From Congo Isolated For
Possible Ebola - Testing Says 'Negative' (?)

Spec-Q-Lating On Q

Ginzburg Says She'll Stay On High Court 5 More Yrs

Globalist Psychopaths Brag 'Clade X' Virus
Could Wipe Out 900 Million In Pandemic

Stunning Photos Of A New 5G Tower In Las Vegas
Blasting Deadly EMF Into All Who Are Near It - Pics

The US Military KNEW 50 Years Ago How EMF Destroys
Human Reproduction And Breaks The Entire Body Down
Read This US Naval Medical Research Institute Report 1971

5G Is An Israeli Creation Of Mass Mind Control And More
Key Companies Involved All Traceable To Israel

Dana Durnford New BC Coast Expedition Results
A Vast Wasteland…The Coast And The Pacific
Destroyed By Ongoing Fukushima Radiation - Vid

The Worldwide Media Blackout On The
Fukushima Extinction Level Event Continues
There's MUCH More That Radioactive CA Wine

CA Woman Finds Fukushima Radiation In Backyard
City Officials Order Her To Dig It All Up & Bury It ! - Vid


The FAANG-nary In The Coal Mine

20% Of Young People Don't Know What An STD Is

Neither German Nor UK intelligence Can Prove
Russia is behind Skripal poisoning - Germany

EU trying to cheat UK out of Brexit, May should
walk away with no deal – Salvini

Project Fear Out To Overturn Brexit Vote

UK Out To Steal 2022 World Cup From Qatar

Crime Rate In The U.K. Soars While 90% Of
Recorded Crime Goes Uncharged

Russian Emb in Estonia blasts gathering of Waffen SS veterans

Putin: Russia's Navy Successfully Ensures
Country's Defense Capability - Vid

Russian Navy to get 26 warships, boats this year - Putin


Russia is aware of US & Western military plans

Medvedev - Crimea fully integrated into Russian Federation

Russia's newest Kalibr cruise missile-capable
corvettes may be offered to China & India

US confirms deployment of armed drones in Niger

Japan May Withdraw PAC-3 Missile Interceptors
As Korean Tensions Ease

India to Set Up Missile Shield Around Delhi

Ted Cruz...Just Another Israeli Mouthpiece

ADL Zionist Gestapo Says Intellectualy Questioning
Their 'Holocaust' Is 'Hate Speech' That 'Attacks Jews'

Irrefutable Photo Proof Of Hitler In Argentina AFTER WW2

Henry Ford's Book 'The International Jew'


Israel Kidnaps Humanitarian Activists to Gaza

Israel arrests 4 Hamas-affiliated TV journalists

Ahed Tamimi - Palestinian Resistance Symbol Now Free

Riyadh to US: No Peace Plan Without East Jerusalem
as Palestine Capital – Report

Saudi flag-bearer runs from Israeli flag
...to stand next to Iran's - Vid

Saudi-led Coalition Destroyed Yemeni Missile Launch Site

Yemeni ballistic missile targets Saudi mercenaries

Trump Regime Wants TB Drugs Kept Unaffordably High

Brown - Trump Takes On The Fed

Jeff Bezos' Paper Tells You Not To Worry
About Those Billionaires


FB, Zuck Sued By Shocked Shareholders As 'Truth' Emerges

China Touts Possible UK Trade Deal, Offers Talks With US

Sanctions against Russia do not work, new measures
should be introduced - US senator

US Senators Warn Germany, France, UK
Against Bypassing Sanctions on Iran

US Should Quit its 'Addiction' to Imposing Sanctions - Zarif

India's Crude Imports From Iran Jumped 48%
in June Despite US Pressure -Minister

Iran eyeing “oil for gold” barter plan with Africa

Iran's currency Rial down in historic depreciation

Erdogan tells BRICS leaders Turkey wants to join

Vatican Ignored Sex Assaults On Nuns For Decades


Oz Archbishop Resigns Amid Sex Abuse Coverup

The Most Unhealthy Meals In America - Ranked

Malls Begin Using Facial Recognition On Shoppers

Over 500 Climbers Trapped On Indonesian Mountain
After Earthquake - Vid

Great Pyramid Found To Be A 'Concentrator' Of Radio Waves

Government-Pharma Collusion In Mass Deaths By Opioids

Rival Opioid Makers Used the OxyContin
Panic to Cash In

Conflict over the history and origins of money

Can You Get Sick From Air Conditioning?

Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan - things to come?

Second earthquake swarm in one week
hits off Oregon coast

The commas that cost companies millions

Love And 'The Stick In The Wheel'


Trump Threatens To Shut Down The Government
If The Democrats Won't Fund The Wall

Ocasio And Backers Clueless How To Fund Socialism

Socialism Leads To Misery And Destitution

The Deep State's Absorption Of Donald Trump

'Deep State social media meddles in US elections'
Kim Dotcom slams 'Zuckerspy & Jack the Ripper'

Targeting Assange Threatens Speech,
Media And Academic Freedoms

Weird, Defective Sessions Says Federal Government
May Override The States Marijuana Laws

Battle over pot pits Mormon Church Against Mormons

Icke - Iran & WW3

Jerry Kushner And The Princess 'Ready' To Play
'Bigger Role' In Father Trump's White House


Giuliani - Trump-Cohen Tape 'Was Tampered With'

Redding Fire Keeps Growing - Five Now Dead - Vid

Grandma Did Everything She Could - 3 More Die In
Redding Inferno.- Blaze Spreading In All Directions - Vid

Evacuations Remain For Redding As Carr Fire Rages - Vid

Third World Stone Age Black Soldiers (Males)
Invade Spanish Beaches On Soros Inflatables
Using Sticks, Clubs And Chemical Weapons

German woman receives large fine for
criticizing Muslim Invaders On Facebook

Police Have Lost Control Of Amsterdam After Dark
Beautiful City Now A Jungle Of Blacks And Arabs


Sweden Will Remain Sweden In Name Only

'Christian democracy' to crush multiculturalism in
EU vote next year – Hungary's Orban

Czech PM - Muslim Migration Should Be Fought at All Costs

Hawaii Volcano Starts Biggest Brushfires Yet - Vid

New Lava Webcam Launched

'Quiet Skies' TSA surveillance team targets Americans
on domestic flights without warrant – report

The War On Procreation - Insane College Course Disputes
Idea That Normal Hetersosexual Sex Is 'Natural'

Russian hackers Said focusing And attacking US power grid

This week's top Russophobia scare stories in the MSM

UK Lawmakers Claim Alleged Russian Meddling
Evidence Might Be 'Tip of Iceberg'


Trump Regime's Controversial Superfund Nominee

Duff - Iran Promises Trump The Mother Of All Wars

Will Next Steps On Iran Point Towards
A New 'Big Three'...Or World War III?

Trump Regime Seeks Creation Of An Arab NATO

How Did Zionists Trick US Into World War I?

Macron greenlights military budget boost, but Why?

Erdogan states intention to hold summit of Russia,
Turkey, Germany and France on Syria

Erdogan warns US will lose a 'strong & sincere ally'
accuses Trump of waging "psychological war"

'Mossad's Playground' - France is Israel's 'Center Of
International Activity'

Palestinian Teen Freed After 8 Months In Israeli Jail


Italian artist who painted mural of Palestinian
heroine Ahed Tamimi arrested in Israel

Israeli Intelligence Analyst Fears Full-Scale War
in Gaza May Be Just Around the Corner

Two Palestinians Killed in Israeli Airstrikes Overnight

Activists expect Israeli raid as Aid flotilla nears Gaza

Palestinian MP quits 'racist' Parliament

Pakistan's opposition parties reject election results

Golan Heights' Liberation Possible With
'Endeavor of Syrians' - Iranian Lawmaker

Terrorists give up heavy weapons in southwestern Syria

Kurds reach deal with Damascus to end Syria conflict

Yemen Faces Another Possible Cholera Crisis


Virgin Galactic Space Plane Sets New Altitude Record

Five Most Secret Aircraft In The World - Vid

Biotech's Dark Promise - Involuntary Cannibalism For All

Social media manipulating British public - Report

Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros

World Goes Mad With New SM Kiki Challenge,
Getting People Robbed, Injured, Arrested

Tech Firms Should Be Made Liable for 'Fake News'

Near-Lowest Ever US Corporate Taxes

The Way it is - Corporatism and the TRFA

The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy


Iran To launch national crypto to ditch dollar in oil trade

New 'bubble' looming - How dangerous are tech giants
that don't make profits - Vid

Companies that have more money than entire countries

Investors Dump US Treasury Bonds, Buy Dollars After GDP Data

G-20 Delays Crypto Crackdown Decision (Again) To October

The Beaches Are Vanishing - Vid

Overlooked Children Working US Tobacco Fields

Kissing up to the boss takes a toll

Microdosing Psychedelics To Enhance Focus
and Ease Anxiety

China is desperate to win its war on drugs


US Cardinal Quits Amid Widening Sex Scandal

6.4 magnitude earthquake leaves 10 dead
'at popular Indonesian island of Lombok

Typhoon Jongdari Hits Western Japan
Leaving at Least 16 Injured - Reports

Seismic anomalies & pieces of Earth's mantle rising

'Sharp Objects' & Hollywood's Warped Vision Of Missouri

Kangaroos are taking over an Aussie city

'The Bleeding Edge'

Trump Threatens To Shut Down The Government
If The Democrats Won't Fund The Wall

Trumps Would Shut Government Down Over Immigration

Ocasio And Backers Have No Clue How To Fund Socialism

Palestinian Teen Freed After 8 Months In Israeli Jail

Dozens Of Iowa Children Have Vanished In Just
The Last TWO WEEKS - Who Is Taking Them?

Trump Cites 9/11 To Back ICE Against Dem
Calls To Abolish The Agency

Paul Craig Roberts Exposes The
All-Pervasive Military-Security Complex

US Deep State Desperately Needs A Russian
Villain To Cover Its Tracks

Maddow Fake News - WH Did Not Edit Trump-Putin Video

US Economic Growth Up Fastest Since 2014

Booming US Economic Growth? For Whom?

Excellent Film Exposes Browder as Total Fraud

With Michael Cohen As (Ex) Personal Attorney
Donald Trump Needs No Enemies

In Bizarre Response, Twitter Tells Trump It Does Not
'Shadowban'...While Admitting It Does


What Does Google Know About You - A Complete Guide

Trump Against the World Order?

Trump Supporters Can Sue San Jose Cops
For Attacks By Protesters - Court

Trump Open To Visiting Moscow
Hopes To Host Putin After January 1

Putin Invites Trump To Moscow

Trump, National Security Council Discuss
Protecting Elections From Hackers

US Defense Secretary Considers First Talks
In Years With Russian Counterpart

US Wasted $15.5 Billion In Afghanistan

ISIS 'Victories' Are US, Israeli Western 'Victories'

Watch Ocasio-Cortez Flub Her Way Through
Simple Question On Democratic Socialism - Vid


Do Ocasio Supporters Even Understand Socialism? - Vid

Millennials - We Have No Savings But Want To Retire At 61

Duff - Time To Finish Off Facebook...Not Iran

110 Degree Temps, Winds Push Enormous Redding Blaze

Killer Redding CA Blaze Doubles In Size Overnight
Entire Subdivisions Burned To Ground - Vid

More Homes Burning In Redding - Inferno Rages

Watch - 'Fire Tornado' Spirals Through
Massive Redding Wildfire - Vid

Joe - America Will Keep Burning Thanks To Illegals - Vid

How corruption fanned the flames of
the Greek Firestorm tragedy

Thomas Merton's Death and Fake Opposition

Children Hack The Election And 'Mess With
The Public' At DEFCON - Corbett Report


The age of cyberwar is here

Most Amazing Military Vehicles - Vid

Over 300,000 Illegal Blacks And Arabs
Are Living In One French suburb

Spanish mayor warns his town is the new
Illegal Black And Arab crisis epicenter

Dozens of Black Muslims Storm Spain Nude Beach - Vid

Mutated HIV strains in Canada may cause quicker illness

Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going
To War With Iran - New Poll

Mattis - Report Of US Military
Action On Iran Is 'Fiction'

US Seeks To Create Anti-Iran 'Arab NATO'

Israel's Unchecked Killing Machine


Mossad Is the world leader in assassins

Israeli Cops Seal Gates To Al-Aqsa Mosque
After Clashes With Muslims - Vid

Palestine Will Reject US As Unilateral Mediator
In Any MidEast Peace Talks – Envoy

Mass Casualties from Southwest Syria ISIS Attacks

Chinese, Syrian Diplomats Hold 'In-Depth' Talks

US-Turkey To Conduct Joint Patrols In Syria In Weeks

Controlling Idlib Province - Syria's Final
Liberating Battle?

House Dems Push Pentagon To Probe Illegal
US, Saudi Activity in Yemen

Yemeni Army Downs Saudi Spy Drone

Saudi economy headed for troubled waters


'Assange Days In Ecuadorian Embassy Numbered' – Correa

Over 300,000 Britons Demand 2nd Brexit Referendum

Italy's ruling parties recognize Crimean referendum

Almost half of Swedes & Danes reject EU
prefer their own 'Nordic Union' – poll

Record Murders Plague Mexico In First Half
Of 2018 - 'The Figures Are Horrible'

American Society Would Collapse
If It Weren't For These 8 Myths

Chicago Funnels A Third Of Property Taxes
To Mayor-Managed Slush Funds

Taiwan To Increase Defense Budget By
$598 Million In 2019 - Prime Minister

US Army Program Converts Tanks Into 'Robot' Tanks

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 28


Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 7-28-18

Where Does Russia Keep Its Gold Reserves?

Germany Defends Country's Major Power
Provider From Chinese Investors

France, Spain To Build Gas Pipeline
Connecting Two Countries - Macron

Global Oil Discoveries See Remarkable Recovery

Russia Aid To Africa Exceeded $1 Billion In 2017, Putin says

Mystery As DAY Turns Into NIGHT In Arctic Siberia

'Blood moon' takes over night sky in longest
lunar eclipse of the century

World Marvels at Longest 'Blood Moon' Eclipse
Expected for a Century - Pics

Why You Need to Check Out Mars This Weekend


Former Intel Officer Demands USAF Show UFO Evidence

A Photographer's Trip Through Heart of UFO Country

Socorro - UFO Landing Heard Around The World

Key Pentagon UFO Study Documents Revealed

Psychopaths Are Unable To Love Their Children

Americans Stubbornly Continue to Overestimate
Their Intelligence

Sharks Are Creeping Into the Northeast

Your 'Gut Feeling' is Smarter Than You Think

Legal Weed – Where To Stash The Money?

Why Do Americans Have Such Contempt
for the People Who Feed Them?

China Built a Waterfall on Side of a Skyscraper


Q The LARP Carp

Most Russians Believe NASA Moon Missions Were Staged

The First Orca Calf Born In THREE YEARS Dies
Fukushima Has Destroyed The Pacific Ocean

Stormy Daniels Attorney Says He Reps 3 More
Women Who Were Paid Hush Money

WH Says Trump 'Open' To Visiting Moscow

Trump Set Up, Framed & Relentlessly Persecuted

Trump Accuses Cohen Of Lying
'I Did NOT Know Of The Meeting'

Team Trump Prepares to 'Bury' Cohen

Cohen Debuts The Art Of The Squeal

Why Russian Election Meddling Big Lie Won't Die


Trump Assassination Market Appears On
Blockchain Platform Augur

The Madness Gripping Washington

Roberts - The Treasonous Democrat Party

America A Nation In Decline

Sessions Defends Rosenstein From House Impeachment

CNN Or Trump Derangement Syndrome?
Battle rages between Trump and network

Rand Paul Rages - Brennan's Security Clearance Is A Danger

Judge Forces Fusion GPS To Disclose Murky Details
Behind Steele Dossier

US Media Claims to Have Found Link Between
Maria Butina And Rockefeller Heir

Obama Approved $200,000 for group Tied To Al Qaeda


Bernie Says Bail Is Racist

ALIPAC Endorses Kevin Hern For Congress
In Oklahoma 1st District

ALIPAC Endorses Danny Morales For Congress
in Arizona District 2

Massive Shasta Blaze Destroying All In Its Path
From Boats In A Marina To Historic Buildings

Joe McCarthy Was Right About The Betrayal Of China

Are Big Social Media Companies Being Used To
Advance The NWO Agenda? Is Grass Green?

Facebook's value crashes $119 Billion

Twitter Shares Crash 17% After Users Drop,
Company Warns More Declines Expected

Amazon's quarterly profits soar past $2 Billion

Google-Linked '23andMe' Sold 5 Million
Users Gene Data To Big Pharma


New US Bomb Penetrates All Bad Weather

Robert F. Kennedy Jr On The Roundup-Glyphosate Horror

Leishmaniasis Now In US, How Do You Suppose It Got Here?

Surveillance Cam Of Ex Sr Obama Advisor Caught
Stalking And Taking Picture Up Woman's Skirt - Vid

Cops In America Kill With Impunity

Trump Admin Issues Lion Trophy Hunting Permits

First 50 White South African Families
Start Resettlement In Russia

Assange Will Eventually Have To Leave Our
Embassy In London – Ecuador President

Prosecuting Assange For Journalism a move towards
'Dark Ages of ignorance' say whistleblowers

Russia - Military confrontation in space could be
As bad as the nuclear arms race


After Delivery, China Gets Ready To Test Russian S-400s

US 'Prepared' And May Attack Iran Next Month

Trump Regime Planning to Terror-Bomb Iran?

Trump US Iran Strategy May Be Lose-Lose For All

Iran 'Preparing Ground' For National
Cryptocurrency To Dodge US Sanctions

Israel Vows Still More Settlements In W. Bank,
says it's The 'Best answer to terrorism'

17yo Palestinian kills 1, injures 2 Israelis
in knife attack in West Bank settlement

Cartoonist fired from Israeli mag for drawing
Netanyahu as an Orwellian pig

Israeli minister threatens 'broad military operation' On Gaza

The faulty logic behind the Zionist attack on BDS


Ahed Tamimi to be Released on Sunday

Why Is Macron Publicly Denying His Mysterious
Bodyguard Is His Lover?

Germany Will Suffer For Decades Because Of Merkel

Putin - Russia Will Light Up Africa

The Government Is Creating New Gen Of ISIS

Russia Is Preparing For A 'Perfect Storm'
in the Global Economy

US to Provide Jamaica With $4.5 Million
In Battle Against Human Trafficking

US Is The Most Dangerous Developed Country
To Give Birth In

Worms unfrozen after 42,000 years are alive & eating

Moscow may hold Russia-Africa summit — Putin


'EU Spends Billions On Blacks - Better to Invest
That money in Africa' – Italian Deputy FM

Russia does not renounce dollar as universal reserve
currency Says Putin

US making mistake using dollar as political weapon - Putin

Russia Is Preparing For A 'Perfect Storm'
In The Global Economy

Mexico turns to Russian wheat amid escalating
trade spat with The United States

China planning to develop tourist routes
across Russia's Arctic region

Yuan Is Plunging To Fresh 13 Month Lows

China Industrial Earnings Slow Down to 20%
in June Amid Trade Woes

Defying Trump, US Senate Votes to Cut Tariffs
on Hundreds of Items Made in China

The 4 Key Chokepoints For Oil


Nord Stream 2 Not Viable, US Gas to Be
Major Player in Europe - US Energy Secy

WSJ - Trump proposes scrapping gas licenses
for export to Europe

"I Was In Shock": Woman Finds Her BofA Safe
Deposit Box Has Vanished

Trump vs The Fed - America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

3 Things Happening Right Now That Could
Wreak Havoc On The Economy

Britain's On Fire

Coal Mining Has Destroyed 1.5 Million Acres
Of Appalachian Forest

The First Marine Wilderness Map Shows
There's Not Much of It Left

Dark Ribbon Around Jupiter Reveals Magnetic Mystery

The Damn Bloody Moon Apocalypse Is Here


Moonstruck, We Become

The Mysterious Aztec 'Death Whistle'

Worms Thawed After 42,000 years are alive & eating

32 Meter Hole Swallows land In Russian Countryside - Vid

Facebook Loses $150 Billion - 20% Of Value - In 2 Hours
Over Growth Slowdown Projection

Zuckerberg Loses 16 Billion In 5 Minutes As FB
Shares Crater - Big Stockholder Calls For His Head

FB Insiders Sold $4 Billion Weeks Before Record Crash

Facebook Cracks Down On Right Wing Group In
Brazil Ahead Of Elections, Sparking Outrage

FaceBook Shares Dive 20% As User Growth Fades

Rat Ryan Blocks House GOP Rosenstein Impeachment

MSM Goes Bat Sh*t Crazy Over 'Bugged' Soccer Ball
Given To Trump By Putin At Helsinki

Putin 'Spy-Ball' gift to Trump found to contain
transmitting device - fitted to ALL World Cup balls

World Murder Statistics - Read To The Bottom

Hungary Officially Quits UN Muslim Invasion Pact
Too Bad Trump Is Too Cowardly To Do The Same


Suicidal Swedish Student Single-Handedly
Stops Deportation

700 African Blacks Storm Spanish Enclave
Some Use Home Made 'Flamethrowers'

Trump's Border Wall A Disaster For Wildlife?

Iran Cmdr Warns Trump 'War Will Destroy Everything You Own'

Iran Responds To Trump's Hostile Tweet

Iran Elite Army Chief Lashes Out At Trump - Oil Threat
'Can Be Easily Answered'

Russophobe Pompeo's Endless Lies About Russia

Pompeo Accuses Russia Of 'Occupying' Crimea

Russia Skeptical About US Crimea Declaration
Says US Fails To Stick to commitments

Trump delays 2nd Putin summit until 2019
over 'Russia witch hunt' - Bolton


Putin-Trump Summit 2.0...Postponed Or Cancelled?

The Burden Of Proof Is On The Russiagaters

Putin - Master Of Judo...And Politics

Kissinger Pushed Trump To Work With Russia
To Box In China

US Tries to Gag Russian National Mariia Butina's Atty

Washington Post CIA Connections - Back To Basics

Look Out When Soros' Frozen Brain Rules the World

Kushner's Publisher Pal Lost WH
Spot After Harassment Probe

How A Simple Trip To Nashville Became
A Missed Opportunity For Melania Trump

$40 Million Yacht Owned By Betsy DeVos Cut Adrift


What to Do If Your Student Loan
Servicer Screws You Over

BoA Caught Stealing Deposit Box Contents

Google Wants You To Use Physical Security Keys

YouTube Suspends Jones InfoWars

Doom - Racist Banana = Spend $121,000,000 On Diversity

Trump Slams Twitter Over 'Shadow Banning'
Prominent Republicans

NY AG Candidate - Time To Break Up Facebook, Google

Facial Recognition Fail - Amazon Project Mistakes
Lawmakers With Criminal Suspects

Lawmaker Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen Resigns

China Gets First Batch Of Russian S-400s


Russia Unveils 20-Ton Sixth Generation Drone Fighter

Truth-Telling About Palestinians Criminalized By Israel

US Blocks Russia's UN Motion On Palestinian Peace

Gaza Nears Collapse

Syrian Flag Seen Flying Over Long-Abandoned
City In Golan Heights - Pic

White Helmets Knew Too Much

Yemeni drone pounds Abu Dhabi International Airport

US Dirty Hands Behind ISIS Attacks

Incinerated Landscape From Greek Inferno - Vid

Wildfire Drone Footage Shows Incinerated Landscape
From Greek Fire Inferno - Vid


Flash Floods Hit N Athens Following Heavy Rain - Vid

Boris Johnson, Steve Bannon Held Secret Talks - Reports

Not Too Late for UK to Overturn Brexit Decision,
Remain in EU – French Minister

Ecuador FM - Assange Can't Enjoy 'Eternal Asylum'
in London Embassy

Venezuela removes five zeroes from national currency

New Venezuela Cryptocurrency in August - Maduro Says

Saudi Arabia Halts Oil Shipments through key
waterway after attack on tanker

Top US Shale Oil Fields Decline Rate Reaches
New Record...Half Million Barrels Per Day

Why EU Unlikely To Become 'Massive Buyer Of US LNG'

EU Chief Presents Cemetery Photo To Trump


BRICS Trade Surges by 30% as global market influence
of developing economies grows – Putin

China sees Trump's trade war as an opportunity
to boost ties with Africa

Mercedes May Move Some US Production To China

Turkish Lira Plunges After Trump, Pence Threaten
'Large Sanctions' If Pastor Not Released

Why Is No One Talking About Tom Cruise
And Scientology?

In Case You Missed It…Fukushima Radioactive Cesium-137
Found In California Wine - Just As We Warned About

Bloody Lunar Eclipse Prompts Doomsday Prophecies

Blood-Curdling Video Shows Near-Earth Asteroids

Mars - Discovery Of An Underground Lake

There's Water On Mars


Eight Year Old Asks - Why Hasn't Anyone Been
To The Moon In Such A Long Time? - Vid

UFO Crash In La Graña, Spain – 1966

'Demonic Virtual Reality' Bigfoot
& UFO Conspiracy Theories

MSM Ineptitude In Covering
The UFO Phenomenon

Of Genocide And Those Who Do Nothing

The Lines Around Healthcare Are Being Redrawn

Malaysian Airlines MH17 As A Prism Of Disaster

Could New Bill Free Puerto Rico From Its Debt?

This May Be The Most Dangerous US Volcano

Hurricane Maria Influenced Evolution Of lizards


'Plague Of Rats' Heading To Britain

Drought Devastate Corn In El Salvador

'Amazing Dragon' Fossils Unearthed in China

NASA Remakes The Airplane Wing

Has Silicon Valley Really escaped history?

Can Border Agents Search Your Phone
Without A Warrant?

Einstein's Theory Survived An Insane Test

Why Do Mouth wounds heal so quickly?

Antibiotic Resistance Can Spread Through The Air

GPS Hacks - 5 essential things about your GPS


Construction On Rome's Newest Subway Line
Is Revealing a Trove of Ancient Treasures

Elderly man suddenly swallowed by sinkhole

What Fish Oil Is Doing To Our Health & The Planet

The Dark Side Of Naples

Facebook Loses $150 Billion - 20% Of Value - In 2 Hours
Over Growth Slowdown Projection

Zuckerberg Loses 16 Billion In 5 Minutes As FB
Shares Crater - Big Stockholder Calls For His Head

FaceBook Shares Dive 20% As User Growth Fades

Rat Ryan Blocks House GOP Rosenstein Impeachment

Trump Announces Big Trade Concessions From EU

US-EU Trade Announcement 'Just Political Theater'

Pompeo - US Will Never Recognize Crimea
As Being A Part Of Russia

Maddow Claims White House Edited Trump-Putin
Helsinki Press Conference Video

Is Bill Browder the Most Dangerous Man In The World?

Br Nathanael - Will Mueller/Putin Investigate Browder?

Military Industrial MSM Deep State Dictatorship Blocks
Puppet Trump Second Summit With Putin

Majority Of Americans Ready To Welcome
Vladimir Putin To The White House

Roberts - The All-Pervasive Military-Security Complex

WaPost - 'God Bless The Deep State' For Standing
Between Us And The Abyss


CNN Leaks Confidential Trump-Cohen Recording

Trump Said 'Pay With Cash' In Leaked Recording?

Trump Expands US Military Presence Abroad
With 300,000 Troops In 177 Countries

Duff - Trump, Putin And The White Helmets

Philosophy Lesson - Why Are So Many Politicians Psychos?

Denver Post Runs Letter Suggesting Trump's Execution

Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Destroyed

The 'News' In America - MSNBC Covered
Stormy Daniels 455 Times, War In Yemen 0

US Officials Leak 'Secret' Information
To Media When Convenient

Quasi Cop, Clinton Adviser Rakes In $100,000 For
'Occupy' White House Protests


Resolution Would Make Declaring War Without
Congress an Impeachable Crime

Army Selects Firms To Design Next High-Tech
Assault Rifle For 'Decades Of Hybrid Wars'

Moon-Strzok No More, Lisa Page Spills The Beans

Fusion GPS Had Major Doubts About 'Pee Tape'
Dossier Source, Included Anyway

Julian Assange And The Dying Of The Light

EX-Trump Aid Sounds Alarm Over WH Cyber Policy

Ivanka To Close Fashion Brand After
Consumer Backlash

Dem Congressman Intros Bill To Stop Trump
From Using Office To Enrich Himself & Family

Violent Mob Beats Trump Supporter At Oakland Protest
Before Chasing Group Down The Street

Nuclear watchdog warns of radioactive leak at
South Carolina fuel factory


Jimmy Carter - US Is No Longer Leader In Human Rights

Seagram Heiress Arrested In Sex Cult Investigation

Child Abuse Reports In US Surge After High-Profile Tragedies

OK Girl Catches Fish With HUMAN TEETH
Did Black Ops DNA Games Get Loose?

Russian Embassy points to new contradictory
theories in Amesbury incident

Kremlin Aide Says Putin, Trump Discussed Issue
Of Donbass Referendum At Helsinki

Pentagon Awards $300 Million To Deliver Javelin
Missiles To Ukraine And Five Other States

Former Ukrainian DM charged with inciting
terrorism over calls to bomb Russian trains

Trump Enlarging Biggest Mideast military base (In Qatar)

Trump Ready To Make A 'Real Deal' With Iran


Iran Sues Trump Regime Over Illegal Sanctions

US politicians & media talk of Iran regime change
as if it's their divine right

Iran's IRGC upgrades Sukhoi fleet

Zionist Jew Billy Joel To Trump 'Nazis Are bad' - but says
nothing about Jewish genocide Of Palestinians

Ex-UK Diplomat - Israel Has Record of 'Lying'
About Combat Engagements

Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion

Britain's Zionist Inquisition In Full Cry

Damascus - Syria's Sovereignty Over Golan Heights
Not Up for Negotiation

Disgracefully Demonizing Hamas

US Sent BioWar Materials To Iraq


Syria - The White Helmets Final Performance

White Helmets flee Syria for fear of being exposed - Russia

Over 90 killed in string of attacks in Syria's
southwest, ISIS behind carnage

ISIS kidnappings soar in Iraq, despite declared victory
over Terrorists - 'media stays silent'

ISIS Defeated In Iraq And Syria?

US Southwest Suffering Searing Heat And Drought
Not Seen Since The 1930's Dust Bowl

Where Flames Are Scorching Europe

Fire Apocalypse In Greece

NASA satellite captures devastation of Greece wildfires

Tragic Viagra Trial Baby Deaths


People Breathing Antibiotic Resistant Genes
In Major Cities Around The World

People's Internet Radio - City PsyOps - Vid

Black African Teens Raped, Given AIDS Every 3 Min

Spain's New Socialist Govt Causing Explosion
Of Illegal Crossings

Feds Spending Watchdog Site Riddled With Errors

Russia's Gold Reserves Near 2000 Tons
To Set Historic Benchmark

American Steelmakers Are Thriving

The Trade War Has Evolved into a Currency War
Despite What The Elite Say

Trump Proposes Mutual Removal Of All Tariffs
in Trade With EU Ahead

US Lawmakers to Introduce Bill to Sanction
Russia's Sovereign Debt


Regulation that could push oil to $200
and trigger global economic collapse

Iran 'extremely important for ensuring
Japan energy security'

'Who will heat us during winter?' Turkey rejects
US plan to torpedo Iran's oil exports

Germany, France, Italy become biggest foreign
investors in Moscow's economy

China to invest $15 billion in South African economy

BRICS-Africa Partnership steadily developing - Russia

BRICS launches practical dialogue on mutual
payments in national currencies

The "Petroyuan" Might Save Nigeria And
Avert Another Migrant Crisis

Russia building gigantic railroad artery
to connect Arctic regions

US Family Explains Why They're Planning
To Move To Russia


New Jersey Is On Way To Legalizing Weed

The $190,000 Job No Aussies Want

Breastfeeding In Public Now Legal In All 50 States

Fixing America's Forgotten Places

Highway Noise Barriers Are A Lie

Inside the Murky World Of Butterfly Catchers

Survival Tools You Can Make Out Of Scrap

Did the moon once support life? It's likely,
according to a new scientific study

Scientists discover underground 'lake' at Mars south pole

Blood Moon - About This Week's Lunar Eclipse

Common Painkillers Triple Side Effects Of Dementia


Ex NJ Republican Governor Calls For Trump To Resign
Says He Is Completely Unfit To Remain In Office

Donald 'Very Concerned' Russia Will Be 'Fighting Hard'
To Influence US Midterm Election zin Favor Of Dems

Nutcase Neocon Nikki - Russia 'Never To Be Fiend Of US'

Trey Gowdy - There's No Russia Collusion Evidence
'Or Adam Schiff Would Have Leaked It'

Most In US Support Latest Trump-Putin Summit

Is Trump Using Netanyahu And Israel As Soldiers
In His Trade War With China?

Roberts - More Lies From The Corrupt Elite

Silicon Valley's Elite Plans To Escape Disaster

Trump 'Looking Into' Revoking Security
Clearances Of Former Officials

Trump Wants To Revoke Comey Security Clearance


Roberts Rages - 'Arrest Of Maria Butina Is Another Hoax'

Butina Attended Meeting With US Officials
At Invitation As An Interpreter

Devvy - Killing The US For Our Own Good

Ninth Circuit Court Upholds Second Amendment
Right To Carry Arms For Self-Defense In Public

Jeff And Gordon Duff - Monday 7-23-18

Tulsi Gabbard's Mixed Record

'Lock Her Up!' AG Jeff Sessions Laughs As
Students Chant Anti-Clinton Slogan

Democrats Turn On Comey For His Warning
About Communist Socialist Left.

Young Boy Pinned By Brave Cops For Trying
To Talk To His Detained Father

US News Outlets Slashing Staff Left And Right


Zionist US MSM Now Claims Russia-Backed Hackers Will
Break Into US Energy Networks, Plan Massive Blackouts

Loony Left And Rabid Right...Common Ground?

The Army's Advanced New Night Vision Goggles

Will Boiling Tokyo Be Too Hot For The 2020 Olympics?

Trudeau Govt Admits Terrorist Auxiliaries To Canada

Prosecutors In Cohen Probe Get 12 Audio
Recordings To Review

US Drones Hunt 'Criminal' Arsonists Behind
Gale-Driven Greek Forest Fires That Left SIXTY Dead

Brain DEAD Sweden Giving Black Muslims Sex Course
On How To (Rape) White Girls

Adult Muslim Men Are Marrying Children To
Qualify For EU Passports In Sweden

'I Wrote It' - US Waiter Who Played Victim Of Racist
Note Admits Whole Thing Was Hoax


Toronto Muslim Mass Shooter Identified

Escobar - Real Reason The US Must Talk To Russia

Putin Might Visit US At End Of 2018

Putin Orders Construction Of World's Longest Bridge

Russian Communist Party Seeks Major Investigation Of
Bolshevik Jew Role In Romanov Family Massacre

Russia Beefs Up Western Border With 70 New Military Units

Russia Concerned By Efforts To Draw Finland, Sweden
Into NATO - Defense Minister

Bolton Doubles Down On Trump's Iran Threat

Pompeo Speech Marks Start Of Broader
Campaign For Forced Coup In Iran

Iran Responds To Trump Regime Rage


'Unstable Iran Good For Peace' - Former Bush
Press Secretary Backs Iran Overthrow

Iranian UN Envoy Decries US Support
For Mojahedin Terror Group

Trump Regime Anti-Iran Rage

Iran's Growing Cyber Capabilities Pose Danger

Trump Admits 'Putin Loves Israel, Loves BiBi' - Vid

Netanyahu Lashes Out At Erdogan
After He Calls Israel 'Fascist State'

Israeli regime 'Most Fascist, Racist' Of All - Erdogan
FAR Surpasses Alleged Evils Of Nazi Germany

Lavrov In Israel

Online Tracker Able To Show Complete 'Invisible'
Israeli F-35 Track Over Syria!

IDF Knew Jet Was Syrian, Not Russian


Pilot Of Syrian Fighter Jet Downed By Israel Dead

Israel Waging Undeclared Naked War On Syria

Israel Rejects Russian Plan To Keep Iranian Forces
100km From Golan Border

Syrian Army Finds Israeli-Made Medicines
In Terrorist Field Hospital

Turkey Refuses To Join US Sanctions On Iran

More Shocking Details Of Jewish Rescue
Of White Helmets From Syria

New Law Shifts Israel Away From Democracy

The New Israeli Racist Law Makes
Me Ashamed To Be An Israeli

Suspicion About Russian Interference in
German Parliament Elections Proven Wrong

Europe Can't Rely On The US To Maintain
World Order, Merkel Warns


Amesbury Man Confesses He Gave 'Perfume Bottle'
With Novichok 'Nerve Agent' To Girlfriend As Gift

May Personally Takes Over Brexit Talks

BBC Was in Bed With The Govt To Flush Out 'Subversives'

With a Little Help From the Govt - How UK Media Operates

Is There a British Assassination
Campaign Targeting Russian Exiles?

US To Unveil Plan To Provide $12 Billion In
Aid To Farmers Hit By Drought

'Tariffs Are The Greatest!' Trump Tweets Tough
Ahead Of Trade Negotiations With EU

Trump - The De-Globalizer!

Jeremy Corbyn Slams UK Govt's Industrial Policy
And Its Reliance On Imports

Turkey Refuses to Join Trump Sanctions On Iran


South African Gold Industry In Decline

Chinese Gold Market - Still In The Driver's Seat

Venezuela Heading For 1,000,000% Hyperinflation - IMF

Japanese 'Facing Extinction' - Humans Prefer Silicon Sex Dolls -Vid

The Japanese Silicon Sex Dolls Crises

11 Babies Die After Dutch Women Given Viagra

Rather Than Teach Better, NV Sets Lower
Standards For 11th Grader ACT Tests

Diversity Over Intelligence In UNLV Medical School
Will Sharply Increase Medical Negligence In Future

With 22% Of US Population Not Speaking English
At Home - US Becoming Tower Or Babel

How FDR Took The First Steps Towards
Ending Prohibition


What the Mainstream Media Won't Tell You
About Immigration And MS-13

'How Can I Have A Servant Who Keeps
Their Own Passport?'

How Is This Shit Legal

Inmate Firefighters Battle Flames in Yosemite Fire

There Might Be Shark In Your Sunscreen

What Happened When I Gave Up Dairy For 6 Weeks

Preparing For A Future Grid Failure

Top Crops For Any Growers

100s Of Galah Birds Fall Out Of The Sky In Australia

Giant Dinosaur Foot Identified in Wyoming


NASA Video Shows All KNOWN Asteroids In Solar System

25+ Idiot Dogs That Will Crack You Up

The Beauty That Hides In A Garden

Ninth Circuit Court Upholds Second Amendment
Right To Carry Arms For Self-Defense In Public

Poll - Hillary Already Number 2 Strongest Dem 2020 Pick
Biden Is First But Is Just Being Used To Shield HRC

Comey Warns Dems Not To ‘Lose Your Minds’
And Vote Socialist - Party Must Be Pulled Back

Zionist-Backed Ocasio And LatAm Socialist
Communists Are US Nightmare Third World Future

Trump Is President For The Same People Hillary Would
Have Served - Did The Helsinki Photo Op Even Matter?

Sanders Reveals Six Ex Obama Officials Trump’s
Taking Security Clearances From - Vid

GOP Senator Suspects Ex-CIA Chief Brennan
Using Security Clearance To Attack Trump

Rand Paul Asks Trump To Revoke Brennan’s
Security Clearances Over Psychological Issues

Trump Wants To Take Security Clearances From
Ex Obama intel officials - What Took So Long?

Trump Says He 'Gave Up Nothing' At Putin Summit

The US Indictment Of 12 Russian Intel Officers
Is A Ludicrous Fraud


Trump Improving Relations With Russia Pressures China

Trump Backer Casino King Adelson Opens Israeli Spy School

Clapper - Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing

Why Did 'Russian Agent' Butina Meet
With Obama's Fed, Treasury Officials In 2015?

Trump Slams WaPo As 'Lobbyist For Amazon’
Hints At Bringing Antitrust Claims

Trump’s Support Among Republicans Hits
Record High Despite Media Scorn

Approaching The Singularity Of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Slapsy Maxey Calls Trump 'Putin's Apprentice’ - Vid

Why The Federal Government Broke
The Law For 30 Years

New York Daily News Fires Half Of Its Staff

US Papers Cutting Staff - People Don’t Read Lies Anymore


Toronto Mass Shooting Deaths Now Three

The US Officials Who Now Lobby For China

Doom - Prof Probed For Saying Moon
Landing Was Fake

‘Trump Chicken’ Blimps To Be Sailed Around SF Bay

'Get the F*ck Out Of This City’ - Seattle Teen
Attacked Over MAGA Hat - Vid

Duped US Lawmaker Screams N-Word,
Scares Off ’Terrorist’ Sacha Baron Cohen

F-35 Stealth Jet Modernization Program Will Allow
For Directed Energy Weapons

NSA Sets Up Task Force To Fight ‘Russian Cyberattacks’

IRGC Commander Slams Trump's Anti-Iran Remarks
As 'Psychological War' - Reports

Iran Will Close Strait Of Hormuz If Country's Oil
Shipments Threatened – Army


Iran Opens Missile Production Line, Rejects Trump's Threat

Iran Hit By Another (Suspicious) Quake In Last 24 Hrs

Kushner Threatens To Abandon Rebuilding Gaza Plan

Phony US Plan To ‘Rebuild’ Gaza

Falsely Blaming Hamas For Israeli High Crimes

Netanyahu - Trump & Trudeau Asked Israel
To Save White Helmets In Syria

State Dept Welcomes Evacuation Of White Helmets

Damascus Calls White Helmets' Evacuation
From Syria A 'Criminal Op' By Israel

Israel Evacuates Infamous White Helmets

Terrorist Commanders Flee With White
Helmets During Syrian 'Evacuation'


White Helmets Must Be Tracked Down And
Prosecuted For War Crimes – Syria’s Grand Mufti

Top 5 Facts To Know About the White Helmets

Israeli Forces Storm Refugee Camp On West Bank

Israel Threatens Hamas With More Powerful Attack

Baghdad Won’t Allow US Bases To Be Deployed In Iraq

Over 1,200 More Found In Raqqa Mass Graves

Sub-Animal Musim Arrested For Raping
A 13 Yr Old Swedish Girl

Half Of ‘Deported’ Refugees Never Left Germany

Hungarian Government Warns Migration
Giving Rise To Anti-Semitism in Europe

Italian Minister Accuses Turkey Of Failing To
Fulfill Migrant Deal Despite EU Money


Russia Is 10 Times Freer Than Interracial Germany

UN Chief Guterres - An Imperial Tool

Martini - Schweppes Removes Aspartame, Acesulfame
Potassium And Cyclamate

Bang - Another China Vaccine Scandal

China Rocked As Shady Vax Given To 3 Mo Old Babies

Chinese Govt Censors News On Fake Killer Vaccines

China Government Tries To Coverup Vax Deaths

Chemicals In Food May Harm Children Says Dimwitted
Pediatricians' Group - Gosh, Ya Think?

Dying Groundskeeper To Testify In Roundup Cancer Trial

Iserbyt - On 3D Bullis & Origins Of ‘Mental Health’ In Schools


Severe Storms To Precede Sweep Of
Cooler Air In Midwestern US

UK issues Amber Heatwave Alert
Warning People Not To Go Out

Deadly Japan Heat Wave Continues As
Temperatures Reach Highest Ever

The Big Heatwave - From Algeria To The Arctic

Boris Johnson Lines Up With Trump in Attack
Against 'Pathetic' London Mayor Khan

Brits Reject May Brexit Plan, Want BoJo To Lead Tories instead

Disaster For Theresa May: Brits Overwhelmingly Reject
New Brexit Plan - Turn To Boris, Farage (And Bannon?)

Amazon's UK Head Warns Of 'Civil Unrest’
In The Event Of No-Deal Brexit

'Pure Evil': Three Men Arrested in UK Over
Acid Attack On 3 Year Old Boy

Rothschild Bank In Money-Laundering Scandal


Trump Trade War - Billions Of Pounds Of Meat Fill
US Warehouses With Nowhere To Go

G20 Finance Ministers Fail To Defuse Trade War Threat

G-20 Communique Removes Pledge To Refrain
From Competitive Devaluation

Chinese Overwhelmingly Ready To Boycott US Goods
In Trump’s Big Trade War

EU Parliament Study: Central Bank Digital Currencies
'Will Reshape Competition' In Crypto Market

Three Urban Legends Of Bitcoin Debunked

Russia Ditched Billions Of US Bonds For Gold

Majority Of Germans Believe Nord Stream 2 Gas
Pipeline Is The Way To Go

China Launches Dumping Probe Into Steel
From Indonesia, EU, Japan And South Korea

Consciousness vs Intellect


The French Village Where No One Will Pay Tax

The Secret Internet Arms Race

Radical Sheriff Who Gives Offenders A Chance

Fight For 'World's Richest Shipwreck' Heats Up

Probing The Mystery Of Pluto’s Glaciers

We Should Think Twice About Colonizing Space

A Conspiracy To Suppress Mary Magdalene?

Largest Great White Ever Photographed - Vid


Trump Tweets Iran - 'Never Ever Threaten The US Again
Or You Will Suffer Consequences The Likes Of Which Few
Throughout History Have Ever Suffered Before' (Israel Smiles)

400 White Helmets Fail To Leave Syria Via Israel Evac

Obama Ex National Intel Director Says Barry Is
Behind The Entire Russian 'Witch Hunt'

Dems Panic Over 'Rising Star' Ocasio
'Abolish ICE' Group Beheads Fake Trump

James Comey Warns Democrats - 'Don't Lose Your Minds
And Vote For Socialists' (Communists)

MSM In Worst Trump-Hating Meltdown Since Election Night

The First US Civil War Is Here…The Real Civil War
The One Between We The People & The Govt Itself

Tucker - Brilliantly Explains Trump's Groveling
& The US Intel 'Community's' Control Over US - Vid

Clinton Alleges Putin Knows How To 'Manipulate' People
Due To His Training And KGB Past

Hillary Getting Stronger In MSM - Blasts Trump In NY

Obama Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice Says
Trump's Putin Summit An 'Historic Mistake'
...Zionist Stooge Would Rather Have WW3

Trump Was Forced To Make U-Turn On Russia

Republican Lawmakers Call On White House To Disclose
Helsinki Summit Mysteries

WSJ Asks: Was Brennan's Action The Real 'Treason'?


Congress Wants To Grill Ex CIA Boss Brennan
Over His Trump Treason Remarks

Americans Brainwashed To Be Hostile Toward Russia

Soccer Ball Given To Trump By Putin Gets Security Screening

'Trump 2020' Hats Held At US Customs By US-China Trade War

'Conspiracy' To Destabilize The Trump Presidency

MSM Wants War With Russia? A Dangerous New Narrative

Loony Left And Rabid Right Common Ground?

US 'Derangement Syndrome' A Danger To World Peace

Ecuador's President To Give Assange To UK
During London Visit – Greenwald

Diabolical Plot To Extradite Assange To US


Facebook...The Ultimate Government Surveillance Tool

Facebook Allows Radio Liberty To Promote Illegal
Political Ads While Touting Stricter Rules

Big Brother Surveillance Begins As Cuomo Unveils
Facial Scanning At New York Toll Plazas

Trump Waives Atty-Client Privilege On Secret Cohen Recording

Trump Says Massive Google Fine Proved Him Right

The Name Of The Q - Must Read

The Jewish Role In Murder Of The Last Tsar

Br Nathanael - Shakedown At The Summit - Vid

Trump Ramps Ups Scrutiny Of Legal Immigrants
But Refuses To Stop UN Muslim 'Refugee' Flood

AZ Dems - Pro Third World Communists -
Boo Dem Candidate For Supporting ICE


China Waging New 'Cold War' To Topple US

China Must Speed Nuclear Development To Deter US

Trump Tells NFL Commissioner To Take A Stamd

Admin Releases Documents About Ex Trump Adviser

'House Of Rothschild' - Amazing 1934 Hollywood Film

John Barbour's Open Letter To His Wife! - Vid

Dust Storm Loaded With Fukushima & Chemtrail
Poisons Covers Vegas - 114 Degree Heat Coming

Fukushima Radiation Found In CA Wines

Hawaii Volcano Lave Engulfs Another Road
Eruption May Last For YEARS

Lava Tour Boats Only See Slight Drop Since Accident


Best Aerial Footage Of Kilauea Eruption

New Video Of Huge Lava Rivers Flowing - Vid

Henderson - Royal Anunnaki Bloodlines & David Icke

Icke - Archons, Gnosticism & Reptilian Agenda - Vid

Think Your Twitter Account Is Shadowbanned? Test It Out

US Oil Companies Allegedly Lobbying Congress
Not To Ramp Up Russia Sanctions

Iran Supreme Leader Threatens To Block All Gulf Oil Exports

State Dept Insider - 'Eerily Familiar Drumbeat Of War
Intensifying' Ahead Of Pompeo's Iran Speech

Zio Trump Regime Plot To Topple Iran Government

War With Iran Would Be 'Mother Of All Wars,'


Russian Air Defenses Destroy Unknown Drones
That Attacked Base In Syria Two Days In Row - MoD

US-Led Coalition Reportedly Targets Civilians in Syria

Argentina Ready To Host Several US Military Bases

Israel Evacs 800 White Helmets From Syria To Jordan

Israel Confirms Evacuation Of White Helmets
From Syria At Trump US Request

God Of Israel Is A Bloodthirsty, Vindictive Sociopath

Russia's Foreign Ministry On Syria, Gaza And UK

Palestinian Authority Says Foiled US 'Conspiracy'
But Threat Stil Exists

UK Threatens Not To Pay EU Divorce Bill
If Trade Deal Not Agreed Upon

'Soros Brilliant But Evil' - Bannon To Rival Soros
Open Society Foundations In Europe


Ex-Brexit Minister Slams Use Of Minors In Spy Ops

Brazilian Real, Other LatAm Currencies Rise
After Trump Makes Comments

​Why The Old Guard Hates Bitcoin

Are You Prepared For The End Of Fake Money?

Saudis Struggling To Sell Oil, Regret Opening Taps 'Too Quickly'

McDonald's Salads Sicken 163 People In 10 States

Aspartame - What Cardiologists Warned About Diet Drinks

Into The Cave Of Chile's Witches

Did Grad Students Really Help Plan The Gulf War?

US Drinking Habits Are Killing More Young People


Millions Of US Students Face School Lead Exposure

Modifying Human Embryo DNA - 'I Think it's Irresponsible
And Dangerous' Says Prof

Video Shows All The Quakes That Hit Kilauea
Volcano Between April 1 and June 30, 2018

How Astronauts Train For Deadly Space Missions

The Name Of The Q - Must Read

Ecuador's President To Hand Assange Over To UK In Days

Trump Ex-Atty Questions His Fitness To Serve

Trump Slams His Ex-Atty Cohen For Taping Their
Phone Calls As ‘Inconceivable’ And Maybe ‘Illegal'

Roberts - The Coming Coup To Overthrow Trump?

Bernie & Ocasio Take Communist Road Show To Kansas

SF Chron Laments - 'It Should Have Been President Hillary’

Duff - Russiagate…The Comedy Of Errors

Henry Kissinger Laments Putin-Trump Summit
Submerged By US Domestic Issues

White House Reportedly Furious Over US Intel
Chief's Remarks On Trump-Putin Meeting

CNN Idiot Host Cuomo - Trump's Aversion To
‘Fake News Media’ Means He Hates America!

Here We Go Again - DHS Chief Suggests ‘Foreign Influence’
Behind Deadly Charlottesville Violence


DC Group Wants to Strip Trump Hotel’s
Liquor License Over 'Bad Character'

Facebook Suspends World's Largest Data Harvesting Firm
Over Kremlin, USG-Linked Contracts

A-Marketing We Will Q

US Lobby Groups No Longer Have To Disclose Donors

Bannon's Plan To Hijack Europe For The Far-Right

Mocking Helsinki - The NYT And WaPo In The Vanguard

The Prophecy Of Orwell’s 1984

Banned 9/11 News Stories - The Entire Flt 93 Jetliner Left
Only A 10’ By 15’ Hole In The Ground & No Wreckage!

5 Top FBI Officials Exit Bureau

Lavrov Calls For Swift Release Of Russian Woman
Arrested On Fabricated Charges


This One FBI Text In The Russia Probe
Should Alarm Every American

Forget Trump - The Military-Industrial Complex Is
Running The Show With Russia

Schizophrenic Deep State Is A Symptom, Not The Disease

10 Lessons From History That Will Destroy
Your Trust In The CIA

The Very Unhinged John Brennan

What's Next, Air? - NJ Dems Weighing Water Tax
To Help Fix Looted Pensions

Students Demand University Cancel Pence Event

Yale Law Prof Tells People To Hide Illegals From ICE

Disney Fires ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director
Over Tweets About Pedophilia & Rape

America The Insolvent


War On Poverty In America Won? No Chance

Germany Promotes A Culture Of Degeneracy
And Inter-Racial Rape

Putin Warns Of ‘Consequences’ If NATO Develops
Closer Ties With Ukraine And Georgia

Mattis Slams ‘Authoritarian’ Turkey But…

Israeli Wages War On Gaza Over Kites?

Hamas Slams Kushner As 'Spokesman For Israeli
Occupation' Amid Gaza Violence

Israel Lanches Massive Air Raid Gaza

IDF Tank Strikes Hamas Outpost In Gaza Strip

Israel, Hamas Declare Truce But Lieberman Threatens War

Israel Has List Of Iran Targets In Iraq For Potential Strikes


Terrorist Attack Leaves 10 Iranian Forces Dead

US Officials Warn Iran Preparing Large-Scale Intl Cyberattacks

Good News And Bad In Syria

Trump US Gives $200 Million Military Aid To Ukraine

Ukrainian Army Shells Donetsk Republic
Seven Times In 24 hours - DPR Official

Lawyer Of Russian Woman Arrested In US
Calls Case Against Her ‘Very Weak’

UK To Deploy Supercarrier To South China Sea

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation - Week 27
More Cities Added To Report!

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 7-21-18

Shedlock - Global Warming Hysteria, Record Heat,
Vanishing Sunspots, CO2 And Lawsuits


Australia Farmers Face Worst Drought In 100 Years

30 Meter Long Rock Cracks Open Up Near
Yellowstone Supervolcano

Iowa Nightmare As Tornadoes Ravage Towns

FDA Mulls Redefining The Term ‘Milk’ - May Ban Use Of
It In Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Hemp Milk, Soy Milk, Etc

Largest Sugar Surplus In Recorded History Plagues World

Lobbyists Rejoice As US Sells More Death
In 6 Months Than In Whole Of 2017

Trump Sets His Sights On The Fed’s Tightening

'US Monitoring China Currency Manipulation’
...Mnuchin Confirms Trump's Concerns

Goldman - Currency War Has Erupted

6 Reasons Why Trade War With China Is Pointless


Trump’s Trade War Will Accelerate Decline Of US Empire
As China & India Dominance Grows

War Of Words Between China Central Bank, Ministry Of Finance

S&P Affirms Russia's Credit Rating, Says Moscow Is Able
To Weather New Trump Ssanctions

Banks Should Prepare For A 'Hard Brexit’ - UK Financial Regulator

The Cerro Plateado UFO Video - Argentina

New UFO Drama Series 'Project Blue Book'

The Paranormal Radio Host & The Money Scandal - Pt 3

Why You Really Are Only As Old As You Feel

A Summer Letter From Orlino, Russia

The Problems With Supersonic Flight


The Billionaire Who Bought The LA Times

Yellowstone Region Called The 'Zone Of Death’

NASA Deals With The Massive Martian Dust Storm

Why Life Gets Better After 50

Where You Can Legally Enjoy Marijuana In The US

Keep Kids Safe When They're Swimming In Open Water

Looking For Travel Bargains? They Do Exist

The Real Problem With Palm Oil


Sanders And Ocasio Say Their (Communist) Agenda
Is Now Democrat Mainstream

Communist Ocasio-Cortez Calls For The 'Resistance' To
Occupy All Border Crossings And ICE Facilities

Soros - Obama Was The 'Greatest Disappointment'

Time Magazine 'Creepy' Putin-Trump Cover
Is What Media Subversion Really Looks Like

Roberts - Russiagate Is Pure Bullshit, No Facts

Trump Flips The Script In CBS Interview...
Blames Putin Personally, Teases Mueller Meeting

Forget Trump - The Military-Industrial (-Media)
Complex Is Still Running The Show

Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Knew About
'Russian Meddling' in 2016 US Election

Atzmon - Zuckerberg On Denial and Being Wrong

Less Than 1 Percent Of Americans Believe
Russia Is A Top Problem


Moscow Is Open To Putin Visiting Washington

Tensions Rise As Trump Invites Putin To Washington

Moscow Fears Backlash vs Trump Will Bring 'Problems'

Does A JFK Moment Await Trump For
Pursuing Improved Relations With Russia?

Trump White House Rejects Putin's Proposal To
Have Russian Investigators Interview Americans

Guilty Until Proven Innocent - US Rejects Putin's
Joint 'Interrogations' Plan To End Russiagate

Pompeo Has 'Great Confidence' Russia Will
Attempt To Interfere In West's Affairs Again

Pompeo - Trump Set Up Communications Channel
With Russia IN Helsinki

Ron Paul Praises Trump Peaceful Negotiations With Putin
Damns Deep State Media Warmongers (Made Trump Recant)

Rand Paul - Hatred For Trump Means 'Partisans
Would Rather Risk Nuclear War Than Talk To Russia


Media Hysteria Over Follow-Up Putin-Trump Summit

Christopher Ruddy On Brett Kavanaugh

CNN Uses Discredited 'Hamilton 68' Website To Claim
#WalkAway Campaign Hijacked By Russian Bots

Twitter Caught Censoring Conservative Journalists
With Site-Wide Shadowbans

Trump - 'Not One' Euro Country Improved By Muslims
...So Why Is Trump Bringing Them In HERE?

Muslim Attacker Stabs 14 On German Bus

Australia Could Add 'Values' Test for Muslims

Thinking Differently Is Now RACIST

Stunning Video Of New Hawaii Eruption And Lava River
Flowing Directly Toward Pohoiki - Vid

Hawaii Town Hopes Lava Tourism Will Bring Help

Kīlauea Volcano Influencing Locally Excessive Rainfall


22% Surge In Number Of Older Homeless People In LA

Over 400,000 Living In 'Modern Slavery' In US

Russia Fears Leak Of Hypersonic Missile Secrets

'US Wants Very Much To Have A Strong Russia'
Trump Tweets Old Clinton Russian TV Interview

NATO Hits Trump - Article 5 Invoked Once To Support US

Seems To Be Growing Concern About Bio Attacks
What Do They Know That We Don't?

Ecuador Is Going Hand Over Assange To UK
'In Weeks Or Days' - Source To RT Editor-In-Chief

Pope Francis - A Clear And Present Danger

Prince Charles Didn't Know Bishop Was Pedophile

First 50 Families Of Farmers From South Africa
May Soon Resettle In Russia


Putin Allegedly Proposed Referendum In
Eastern Ukraine To Trump - Reports

Russia Urges OSCE To Promptly Report On
Kiev's Military Preparations In Donbass

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Disagrees With
Journalist Calling Crimea Referendum 'Fake'

Russian Hypersonic Weapon Files Leaked To West
Russian Intel Agents Seek Mole - Report

Russian Troops Get Over 600 New Weapon Systems

Russian Navy Gets 49 More Cruise Missiles

Russian Army Gets Seven ICBMs This Year

Russian Okhotnik Attack Drone To Be
The Prototype Of 6th Generation Fighter

Russia Aerospace Force Gets Peresvet Laser Complexes

China Building 8 Submarines For Pakistan
As China-Pakistan Projects Flourish


Spain's New Submarine Is Too Big To Fit In Its Dock

RIMPAC-2018 - What Makes It So Special This Year?

2 Keywords For US Imperialism - Justification & Plausibility

Israel Launches Massive Air Raid On Gaza

Israel's Cold-Blooded Murder Pal Paramedic
Rozan al-Najar In Gaza

Gaza A Perpetual War Zone Under Constant Siege

US Rushes To Withdraw White Helmets As Govt
Forces Advance In South Syria

Liberating Southwest Syria - It's Coming

Terrorists In Syria Surrender Heavy Vehicles, Munitions - Russia

Syria Tries To Take Golan Heights From Terrorists


Blast Hits Oil Depot In Central Iran - Reports

Mossad Admits Working With MKO On Anti-Iran Plot

Saudi Arabia Hires UK's The Independent
To Launch Persian News Site

Amazon Now Accounts For 49% Of Online Retail

Why Are 'Thousands' Of Teslas Sitting In A Field In CA?
Low Demand, Refunds Ahead Of Deposits, Dark Days

Trump Slams Currency Manipulation By Brussels & Beijing

Trump Says 'Ready To Go' With $500 Billion In Tariffs
On All Chinese Imports To The US

Russian Energy Chief Blasts 'Absurd' US Bill
To Sanction Nord Stream 2 Investors

Russia Set To Wean Economy Off US Dollar
As Trump US Ratchets Up Sanctions

China Commerce Ministry - Beijing Will Continue Trade With Tehran


US Sends Team To Turkey To Talk Iran Sanctions

Bernanke, Geithner & Paulson Warn - 'We've Forgotten
The Lessons Of The Financial Crisis'

Bitcoin, Blockchain, And The Re-Ordering
Of Political And Financial Power

Aspartame - Effects Of Soft Drinks

Flesh-Eating Bacterial Infection Killed
Man in Florida Because He Ate Oysters

Raw Turkey Is Spreading Superbug Salmonella

Videos Of Massive Tornadoes Ripping Thru Iowa

What To Expect From FEMA After A Disaster

Dazzling Views Show Titan's Surface Like Never Before

Downloading 3D Printed Guns To Be Legal Next Month


More Evidence CT Scans Increase Brain Cancer Risk

Scandinavia Is On Fire

Donald Dupe Now Threatens Putin, Says He Will Be
His 'Worst Enemy' If US-Russia Relations Go South

Dim Donald Also Invites Putin To Washington This Autumn
...Thing Are Getting To Be Weirder By The Day...

Trump Says Looking Forward To 2nd Meeting With Putin

Dems Now Rumbling About Impeaching Trump Over Summit

Trump - 'Reckless' Media Pushing For Confrontation
With Russia That Could Lead To War

Mulvaney Emerges As Possible New WH Chief Of Staff

West Wing-Bipartisan Rage Over
Trump Getting Along With Putin

Few Americans Really Care About The 'Russia Problem'

Russian US Election Meddling Big Lie Won't Die

Roberts - America Overrules Trump...No Peace With Russia


Turning Over Ex-US Envoy McFaul To Russia 'Beyond Belief'

Browder 'Appalled' By Trump Reaction To Russian
Interrogation Request

US House Republicans Block Motion To Subpoena
Trump's Translator - Congressman Schiff

FBI Found No Trace Of Russian Meddling
In Midterm US Election 'Infrastructure'

Wave Of Violence Is Threatening Trump Supporters

Trump - 'Where Is The Server?'

Russiagate Is A Left Liberal Religion

Putin - Powerful People In US Sell
Their Anti-Russian Stance To Their Nation

Tucker's Interview With Trump On The Summit

Scoundrel Media Complicity in
Framing Russian National in US


Germany Rages Over Zuckerberg's Facebook Policy
Of Not Deleting 'Holocaust Denying' Posts

Zuckerberg Rules Out Banning Holocaust
Deniers From Facebook

Another Head-Scratcher - US PAC Sets Up
Billboard Implying GOP Is...Communist? - Pic

Slapsy Maxey 'Hustler Of Hate' Of Dem Nominee In 2020?

Slapsy Maxey Now Fears 'Armed Protests'
As Oath Keepers Descend On Los Angeles

CA Supreme Court Illegally Blocks Initiative
To Split State Into Three States

PAC Calls For Removal Of ALL Illegal Voters
Before The US Midterm Elections

Communist Run, Feces-Ridden SF Begins Registering
ILLEGAL ALIENS To Vote In American Elections - This Is
UnConstitutional And Should Nullify All Such Elections

Natalie Wood Murdered? Bruises Consistent With Assault
Was She Cheating With Walken? Did Wagner Find Out?

Martini - Aspartame And Deadly Toxins In Vaccines


Swedish Dentist FIRED For Revealing That 80% Of
Black & Arab 'Child Migrants' Are Actually Adults

Peaceful Multicultural Societies Don't Exist
Dutch FM Says In Explosive Leaked Speech

Hungary To Pull Out Of 'Extreme' UN 'Refugee' Program
Calls It A 'Threat To The World'

Swedish Govt Target Soaring Muslim Polygamy

100s Of Illegals Settles In Nantes Public Park
After Being Tossed Out Of Local Home - Vid

Engineering And Shaping Perception For The New World

RFID And The Automotive Tire Industry

FBI Director - Chinese Espionage 'Most Significant'
Spy Threat Facing US

FBI Chief May Quit If Trump Invites Russian Agents To US

NYT Reporter Probed For Breaking Into GOP Staffer's Home


Israel Adopts Jewish 'Nation State' Law

Apartheid Rule Over Palestinians Enacted
Into Israeli Basic Law

'Defining Moment In History Of Zionism'
As Israel Passes Jewish State Law

Israeli Army Told To Prep For Major Invasion Of Gaza

Female IDF Soldiers Banned From Removing Their Bras,
Smoking & Wearing White Due To Orthodox Soldiers

Israel Acts As US Proxy In Syria By Escalating Strikes
On Iranian Infrastructure – Report

Palestinians Fire Shells At IDF Near Gaza Border - IDF

Ireland's Senate Approves Bill Banning Israeli
Settlement Products

Spain To Build Five Warships For Saudi Arabia

Iran FM - US Destabilizing World Through Massive
Arms Exports And Sales


Tehran - WMDs 'Against What We Stand For'

Home Secretary Under Fire For Suggesting Corbyn
Has a 'Problem With Jews'

Putin Vows Proportional Response To NATO
Bases Near Russian Borders

Putin Notes Serious Risks Of Escalation
In Southeastern Ukraine

Russia Launches Trials Of Poseidon
Underwater Nuclear Capable Drone

Russia Gears Up To Test 'Invincible'
Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile

Strange Black Sarcophagus Opened - Boring Results

Coast Guard OK'd Tour Boats To Be Near Lava

Giant Beach Resort Built By Hitler Will Open
Doors To German Vacationers

Spain Promises New Sex Consent Law


Penniless British Students 'Use Their Bodies'
To Financially Make Ends Meet

'Tragic Scale' Of Modern Slavery In Britain Revealed

Trump Hits Out At EU After $5 Billion Google Fine

Trump Says China's Currency 'Dropping Like A Rock'

Zuckerberg Warns That Breaking Up Facebook
Will Yield China Tech Dominance

Russia Plans National Road Infrastructure Reconstruction
Project Essential To Economic Growth

VZ Will Refine Gold In Turkey To Protect Reserves.
From US Sanctions

Russia, China Block Trump US Request To Ban
Oil Product Deliveries To North Korea

The Cashless Society Is A Con...Big Finance Is Behind It

You'll Never Guess Where Next James Bond Villain Is From


Yosemite Blanketed In Smoke As CA Burns

Activity At Kilauea Unprecedented In Over 200 Yrs

Why Are Free College Programs So Successful?

Never-Before-Seen Structures In Sun's Corona

Why We Should Take UFO Sightings Seriously

27 Of The Most Iconic Photos Of The Earth

Russian Warship With £100 Billion In Gold Found

Is Canada On Verge Of Decriminalizing Drugs?

Never-Before-Seen Structures in Sun's Corona

Women Of The Roman Mafia Are Turning Their Men In

Brussels Warns Euro Businesses To Prep For Chaos

How To Make Your Wifi Router As Secure As Possible


Br Nathanael - Trump Grovels To The Zionist Deep State - Vid

Devvy - Kavanaugh Nomination Hearings
...Another Ugly Fight Dems Can’t Win

Communist Run, Feces-Ridden SF Begins Registering
ILLEGAL ALIENS To Vote In American Elections - This Is
UnConstitutional And Should Nullify All Such Elections

Pitiful - Puppet Trump Now Says He Holds Putin
PERSONALLY Responsible For Election Meddling!

Trump Crumbles, Now Says Moscow Meddled In Election

Trump Claims Another Of His Words 'Misunderstood' And
Has To 'Clarify' Another Statement - The Walk Back King

'Important Verbal Agreements' Made By Trump
At Summit - Russian Ambassador To US

What Did Trump Promise Putin? Dems Want
To Haul His Interpreter To Congress To Find Out

Trump Crumbles, Now Says Moscow Meddled In Election

Trump's Groveling Election Meddling U-Turn
Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy

Russia Demands US Show Proof Of Election 'Meddling'

Ex-Chief Of Russian Security Service Says US
Intel Working Against President Trump

Charting The 'Victory' Of The Deep State


Psycho Dems Call Russia 'Meddling' An 'Act Of War'
Urge Cyber Attack On Moscow Banks In Retaliation

Congressional Shame Over Putin-Trump Summit

Albright Goes Off On Trump, Calls Him The
'Gift That Keeps On Giving...To Putin'

Whoopi Goldberg Demands DHS Stage Trump Intervention

Trump Says Haters Would Rather Go To War Than
See Him Get Along With Putin

Majority Of Republicans Back Trump Handling Of Russia

Comey Urges Voters To Back Dems - Rips 'Incapable' GOP

Comey - Anyone Voting Republican
This Fall Is Un-American

'Utter Loss Of Shame In Political Leaders'
Obama Pipes Up Afterr Trump-Putin Summit

Obama And Clinton, Not Trump, Sold Out To Putin


Raging, Ridiculous Russophobia In America

US, UK Intel Wary Of New Russian 'Anti-Western' Ops
After Helsinki Summit - Reports

Nervous, Are We? Ex-Ambassador McFaul On
Defensive Over Russia's Wish To Question HIm

Organized Criticism Of Trump Growing

NYT- Putin's Plane Illegally Crossed Into NATO Airspace

Russiagate - A Vile CIA Concocted Hoax

Lunatic Politics (Pt 1) - Russiagate Is A Religion

Escobar - Russophobia Is A 24/7 Industry

Rickards - Trump-Haters Don't Get 'Art Of The Deal'

Russian National Arrested in US On False Charges


Progressives Promised An Army To Fight
Kavanaugh But No One Came

Ex-Senator Lieberman Urges Dems To Vote Crowley Over
Socialist Ocasio-Cortez

CA Supreme Court Blocks Measure To Split State
Into Three From Appearing On November Ballot

Space Wars - Russia Reveals New Russian
Anti-Satellite Warfare Plane

Russian Strategic Bomber To Extend Kinzhal
Hypersonic Missile's Range

China Plans Launch Of Blackwater-Style Agency
For Offshore Security

Global Growth Of US Special Operations Forces

US Army Gets Furious Response After It Tries
To Celebrate Emoji Day

Psychoanalysing NATO - Gaslighting

Pentagon Wants Quantum Computing As Key
Weapon For Space Wars


Musk, Others Pledge Never To Make Lethal AI
...Never Mind, AI Will Make Itself Lethal

What's Going On With Elon Musk?

Can AI Compete With Real Doctors?

Senators: Your Smart TV Might Be Spying On You

EU Slaps Google With Record $5 Billion Fine
For Android Antitrust Violations

Walmart Considers Streaming To Rival Netflix, Amazon

Chris Hedges - The War On Assange Is A War
On Press Freedom

The Most Powerful Jew In US History Was...

Knesset Revokes Israel PM's Power To Declare War Alone

Israel Preparing For Large-Scale Offensive In Gaza


Israel Passes Law Banning Sympathy For Palestinians

I Stood Up For The World' - Bibi Says Israel
Convinced Trump To Dump Iran Nuke Deal

Congressman Pushes For US Recognition Of Israeli
Golan Heights' Annexation

Syrian Troops Now Control 90% Of Daraa Province - Russia

Unknown Military Aircraft Crashes In Northern Syria - Vid

Iran Builds New Rotor Factory For Centrifuges

Iran Ready To Increase Enrichment If Deal Fails

Iran To Overhaul And Build Up To 800 Tanks

Houthis Claim Drone Attack In Saudi
Aramco Refinery In Riyadh

America's 'Long War' Against Humanity


Amesbury Poisoning - Deceased Woman Reportedly
Sprayed Novichok Nerve Agent On Herself

China Built An Army Of Influence Agents In The US

Part Of Grand Teton Park Near Yellowstone Closed
After Massive Fissure Opens In Ground

Russian Prosecutor Gen Says Browder Financed Dems

Russia Ready To Send Request To US Over
Questioning In Browder Case

Chicago Considers $6 Million Universal Income Pilot

Republican Rep Urges America - 'Do Not Repeat The
Nightmare Of Socialism'

Number Of Muslims Running For US Public Office
Hits Record High Since 9/11

US Military Invasion Of VZ 'Possible' Says Russian Amb

Mexican President Gives Himself 60% Pay Cut


Rare 25,000 Foot 'Firenado' Captured In Epic Footage - Vid

Massive Tsunami Hits Touristy Spanish Resorts - Vid

UK Set To Become A Blockchain And Crypto
Economy Leader - New Report

What's Up With Blockchain? Report
From San Jose - Vid (187)

Remote Viewing For Crypto Currencies
And World Events With Dick Allgire

Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings

US Sanctions Will Help China Buy More Iran Oil - WSJ

Boeing To Spend $27 Billion On Purchases In Russia

US Launches Natl Security Probe Into Uranium Imports

Houston To Get Its Own Crude Oil Futures As Exports Rise


US Trying 'In Vain' To Split EU On Trade

12 New Moons Spotted Around Jupiter
...But One May Destroy Them All

Climate Engineering Coverup - GeoEngineering Over Oceans

The Dark Side Of California Mega Farms

Hot Dogs And Beef Jerky Linked To Mania

The Mathematics Of Flu

Over 60 Forest Fires Burning In Sweden

Google Hit With $5 Billion Fine Over Android

NYC Extreme Heat Makes Apocalyptic Cloudscape

The Brain Growth Hormone


How To Choose the Best Instant Tent

Ethics Council Approves Genetically-Edited Embryos

CRISPR DNA-Editing May Cause Bad Genetic Damage

Right-Fighting Or Fighting Right

How The Payment App Exposes Our Private Lives

Heatwave Revealing Long-Lost History Of British Isles

Russian Fishermen Film Stunning Waterspout Catch Them

Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century Is Coming

Impending apocalypse? Egypt Poised To Open
Mystery Black Sarcophagus & Twitter Freaks


SHOCKER - Trump Forced To Say He ‘Misspoke’ At
Summit - Proving Deep State Intel Totally Controls Him
We Live In A Zionist Military-Industrial-Media Dictatorship

Good Little Scout Trump Reverses Almost Everything
He Said During Joint Putin News Conference

Trump Forced To Walk Back Remarks
From Shared Putin News Conference

Lights Go Out At The Very Moment Trump Says He Has
'Full Faith And Support...For American Intelligence Agencies'

Trump Disregarded 100 Page Briefing Defied
Advisers At Summit - Got Ass-Kicked On Return

Globalist Newt Gingrich - Putin Press Conference
‘Most Serious Mistake' Of Trump's Presidency

Did Dem Cohen Just Call For Military Coup vs Trump?

Comey Calls For Coup? - 'Patriots Need To Reject
The Behavior Of This President'

Pompeo To Testify Before Senate On Russia

Putin Says Meeting With Trump Was More Substantive
Than Expected - Wonder What Putin Thinks NOW?

Ron Paul - The Mueller Indictments And
The Triumph Of The Deep State


MSM Trying To Make Russia The Enemy
And That’s Wrong’ - Ron Paul to RT

Trump Admits Germany's Right To Be In Nord Stream 2
After Helsinki Summit - Will He Renege On That, Too?

Mueller Probe Is Driving US, Russia Apart - Trump
Will The Donald Be Forced To Walk That Back Too?

Putin Says US Intel Agents Funneled
$400 Million To Hillary Clinton Campaign

Bourdain Slammed The Clintons In Final Interview
Before ‘Hanging Himself On A Doorknob'

Bourdain's Parting Words - 'Piece Of Sh*t Bill Clinton'
Is 'Entitled, Rapey, Gropey, Grabby, Disgusting'

Congress Willing To Mull New Russia Sanctions - Rat Ryan

Lindsey Graham Says Russian ‘Spy Ball’ Gift
From Putin Can’t Be Trusted

Roberts - Is President Trump A Traitor
Because He Wants Peace With Russia?

Trump Must Be Removed For ‘Treasonous Conduct’
Says Ex WH ‘Ethics Chief Says


Pompeo To Testify Before Senate On Russia

Rod Rosenstein Summoned To White House

Oops - Identical Anti-Kavanaugh Letters Published By
Newspapers Across The Country

Soros Group Pledges $5 Million To Defeat Kavanaugh

Antifa Groups Tweet Threats, Smears Targeting GOP

America's Media - A Travesty And Tragedy

US Media Lost Its Mind Over
Trump-Putin Press Conference

Trump Blasted With Bipartisan Condemnation

Rand Paul Slams Bi-Partisan Critics Of Trump
Sides With President On Russia

Trump - NATO Meeting ‘Great’,Putin Summit Even Better


Reaction To NATO Membership For Georgia,
Ukraine To Be ‘Extremely negative' - Putin

They Are Fear Mongering Peace

Giants - The Global Power Elite

US Treasury Moves To Hide Identities Of
‘Dark Money’ Political Donors

Dark Money Secrets - NRA, Planned Parenthood
And Others Can Now HIDE DONORS.

Russia Wants To Question Christopher Steele, McFaul

Trump Bringing Endless Diseased Muslim Blacks
And Arabs Into The US - The Biggest Betrayal - Vid

EXPOSED - Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked
As Obama,Brennan's Envoy To Iranian Regime

UK, Ecuador Conspiring To Extradite Assange To US

Soviets Microwaved US Embassy - 1962 Sonic Weapons
Are Microwave Weapons


Trouble Ahead For The Housing Market

Doom - Which Colleges Are Losing Students…And Why

AI And The Future Of Medical Treatment

MGM Sues Vegas Shooting Victims To Avoid Liability!

Israeli Law To Deny Palestinians High Court Petitions

Netanyahu Hails Trump-Putin Summit, Thanks
Leaders For Discussing Israel’s Security

Israeli Minister Calls EU ‘Blind To Hatred’

Hamas Warns Of Consequences As Israel
Tightens Gaza Siege, Cuts Off Fuel Transfer

Syrian Forces Find Israeli-Made Bombs In Terror Cache

Trump Hails Good Start With Putin
But Hold The Cheers


'Naptime Nancy’ Video - Harvard Research Head
Ridiculed For Confronting Mom, Biracial Child

Afghan Adult Escapes Expulsion From Sweden
By 'Crying Inconsolably' - Reports

Swedish Broadcaster Deletes Piece On Muslim
Anti-Semitism After Threats

Insane Confusion As Sweden's Largest Right-Wing
Party Endorses LGBT Adoption And Muslim Migration

Austria Refuses To Accept Muslims Who Landed In Sicily

May Tries To Shut Parliament Early As Brexit Tensions Boil

Cops Attempt Gun Confiscation Without Warrant
This New Jersey Man Said ‘No'

Dirty Money & The Anunnaki

Ron Paul - When The 'Biggest Bubble In History' Bursts,
It'll Cut The Stock Market In Half

Amazon’s Bezos Becomes Richest Man In
Modern History - Wealth Tops $150 Billion


Syrian Army Gains Control Of Strategic Hill
Near Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights

Rage In Iraq Over Regime Indifference
To Public Needs

Make Britain Great Again - Ex-FM Boris Johnson
Delivers Major Pep Talk for UK

Theresa May Rules Out 2nd Brexit Referendum
'Under Any Circumstance'

British PM May Faces 'WhatsApp Rebellion'
Over Chequers Brexit Plan

UK To Earmark $3.3 Million For Building
New Spaceport In Northern Scotland

Watch Brave TX Cops Use Taser On Autistic Teen - Vid

CO2 Caused Spider-Like Mounds On Mars Surface - Photos

60% Of Russians See Czar's Family Homicide As Atrocity

Google Engineer Beaten To Death, 3 Critical,
In Indian Lynch Mob Attack Fueled By Rumors


Europe Cringes Before Emperor Trump

Secret Trade Talks At Heart Of Trump UK Visit

How Much Damage Will Trump's Trade War Do?

US To Be World's Top Oil Producer Within Year

There Is Now Officially 3 Times More Debt
In The World Than There Is Money

Bitcoin Bounces Back Above $6500 After
BlackRock Creates Crypto Team

Amazon's European Workers Go On Strike
As Bezos' Net Worth Tops $150 Billion

US-Rwanda Trade War ?!

China Launches WTO Action Against US
Over $200 Billion Tariff Threat

Tehran Files Complaint With Intl Court of Justice
Against US For Unlawful Re-Imposition of Sanctions


EU's Tusk Warns Trump Trade Wars 'Often'
Turn Into Real Wars

World's Largest Shipping Company Collapses
As Trade War Reality Strikes

Chinese Refiner Replaces US Imports With Iranian Crude

Fitch Economist Blows Lid Off US Dependence
On Russian Oil

Yosemite Fire Latest

Plutonium Stolen From Back Of Van At TX Marriott

Nuclear Weapons As Confusing As Deadly

US Govt Warns 'Do Not Eat This Cereal'

How NYC Is Tackling Extreme Heat

What Flint's Mayor Wants Elon Musk To Do


Where The Ancient Egyptians Mummifed Their Dead

Lost Stanley Kubrick Screenplay Found?

Can You Name A Country?

Indonesia - Hundreds Of Crocodiles Killed
After Deadly Attack

How To Have A Successful Summer Vacation

Both Parties Pound Trump For Putin News Conference
...McCain Calls It A 'Disgrace', Flake Says 'Shameful'

Brennan Blasts Trump's Press Conference
As 'Nothing Short Of Treasonous'

Maher - Trump Is The Most 'Aggressively Stupid'
President In American History

Trump Whacks Mueller Probe, Putin Denies Election Meddling

Putin Says 'I Wanted Trump To Win' - Vid

Putin Invites Mueller To Question Suspects

US-Russia Ties Never Worse Thanks To US
'Foolishness And Stupidity' - Trump

Trump - Russian, US Militaries Get Along 'Better Than
Our Politicians' - Vid

'Beautifully Done' - Trump Congratulates Putin
On 'Great' World Cup - Vid

TIMELESS Words Of JFK Regarding Zionism And Nukes
Kennedy Was The Last American President - Watch This Vid

The Gospel According To Q - A Must Read

Putin Already Scoring Prestige Points At Summit

Trump Said Enraged By Russian Video
Showing Missiles Hitting Florida

Two Big 'Russia! Russia! Russia!' Stories Released
Just Days Before Trump-Putin Summit

Nunes - Indictment Of Russians Leaves
Out Targeting GOP

5 'Sticking Points' Could Cause Summit Trouble

Trump–Putin Meeting - The Key Issues

Trump-Putin Summit - Major Diplomatic
Progress Unlikely Over Crimea

Trump Calls EU A 'Foe'


US Media Nearly Lied Us Into WW3 Thinking
Nuclear Winter Is Good TFor Ratings

Trump Favors Improving US, UK Ties With Russia, China

Russia Is Back On The International Scene,
Whether EU Likes It Or Not - Spanish FM

The Historic Spirit Of Helsinki

Germany Warns Trump Against Making
Any Unilateral Deals With Russia

Up Close And VERY Personal With
The Donald On Air Force One

Trump Envoy Warns UK To Treat Jailed
Robinson 'Sympathetically' - Reports

Pro-Israel Think Tank Funds Robinson's Legal Costs

May Brought In 'Etablishment Elite' To DESTROY
Hard Brexit Plan, Minister Reveals

Theresa May - Trump Told Me To Sue The EU


Bannon Echoes Trump's Hope For May's Ouster

Dianne Feinstein Loses California Democratic
Party Endorsement To Upstart Progressive

Rod Rosenstein Impeachment Plans Drawn Up - Report

Roberts - Trump Should Fire Rosenstein Immediately

Rep. Ratcliffe On Why Strzok's Credibility Is Important

After The Strzok Stonewall - WSJ Says Trump Should
Declassify This To Expose The Truth

Majority Of Clinton Emails Funneled To 'Foreign Entity'
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