Headlines 3


The Unanswered Questions Of 9/11

Fetzer - 9/11 'Massive Deception, Hoax’ By US, Israel

Pundits On 9/11 - Links Instead Of Thoughts - Vid

Pediatrics Journal - Fraud, Brain Damage, Follow The Money

No Apple A Day For Steve Jobs’ Children

Two US Navy Jets Crash In West Pacific


Solar Storm Begins - What Does It Mean To You? - Vid

Europe To Fight US Internet Beasts

China Seeks Expansion Of Strategic Iran Ties

MPs Claiming More Expenses Than In 2009 Scandal

Queen Eliz II Requested 'Poverty Funds' For Heating

CAFR1 Revisited - SPOTLIGHT Newspaper

'Magic Mushrooms' Help Addicts Quit Smoking

Superfoods Can Help Keep Body Healthy

Threat Of Being Fired Forces Vax On Workers

Photo Of Bellocq, Argentina UFO Confirmed

Photo Analysis Of Bellocq Argentina UFO - Pic


US Created ISIS To Take More Iraqi Oil - Vid

CIA Says 30,000 ISIS Fighters In Syria, Iraq

Obama Takes Hypocrisy To New High Levels

Scots Bombed With Fear Stories By Brits - Vote YES

US Threatened Yahoo Huge Fines Unless Data Given

Big Japan Newspaper Retracts Fukushima Report

Virologist - Expect 5 Million Dead From Ebola

Obama’s Head Of Horns

Obama’s Rise Of The Machines

Watch 4 Presidents Announce We're Bombing Iraq

Entire Leadership Of ISIS Oppositon Killed In Syria

The Real Goal Of ISIS

Obama Uses ISIL In Speech On Purpose


Kirwan - The Ruins Of Lawless Wars

Paul Craig Roberts - 9/11 After 13 years

Hoffman - The Message Of The 9/11 Conspiracy In 2014

Corbett's Stunning 9/11 Summation In Under 5 Minutes - Vid

9/11 - The Mysterious Plane Crash Site Without A Plane

No Airliner Black Boxes Found At The World Trade Center?

Will Silverstein Face Justice For 9/11 Insurance Fraud?

Nation Reflects On 13th Anniversary Of 9/11 (False Flag)

Bldg #7 - Obvious Controlled Demolition On 9/11

FBI Whistleblower - Pentagon, CIA, NATO & MI6 Lords Of 9/11

9/11 US Govt Criminal Conspiracy - THERE IS NO DEBATE

NYC Watches WTC Bldg #7 Come Down Again This 9/11/14

9/11 Mythology - The Big Lie of Our Time

Over 2200 Architects/Engineers Demolish 9/11 Report

9/11 False Flag Pretext By USA/UK/EU To Terrorize World

New York Pauses To Remember 9/11 Horror 13 Years On

9/11 Syndrome - Serious Resp Condition That Requires Detox

Cheney Issued 9/11 Stand-Down As Missile Neared Pentagon

WHO Died In The 9/11 Attack On The Pentagon & WHY?

9/11 Fact - Pentagon Hit By US Military Cruise Missile

9/11 Truth Movement Sends Urgent Letter To American People

9//11 - Celebrating Israel's Attack On The USA!

What Didn't Really Happen On 9/11? - Vid


Gaddafi - US Hanged Saddam, We Could Be Next

Happy 13th Year Of Too Many Treasons To Count

US Military's New Laser Gun Zaps Drones

CO Gov Candidate To Take National Parks From Feda

EPA Wants To Define Water In The United States

Another Massive BP Oil Spill Cover-Up? - Vid

This Bacteria Could Eat Nuclear Waste

Detroit, Argentina And Europe, Play Monopoly

China's Housing Market Is On The Brink Of Collapse

What The Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like

McDonald’s Points To Market Collapse

Why Indy Bookstores Are On The Rise Again


10 Low-Tech Tactics For Everyday Life

Neighbors From Hell In California

Honolulu Wants Homeless Aways From Tourists

US Real Estate The New Swiss Bank Account - Vid

Police Brutality Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

4 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Brain

Dopamine Makes Brain Take Risky Chances

How Intuition Reveals Your Brain’s Best Decisions

9 Reasons You Should Eat Turmeric Daily

Bad News For Beer Drinkers

9 Ways Processed Foods Are Killing People

Canadians Kept In Dark About Defective Drugs


Formaldehyde And Cancer Risk

Physicist - ‘Your Mind Can Control Matter’

Information Theory And The Origin Of Life

Edgar Allan Poe - Cosmologist & Big-Bang Philosoper

Big Bang Mystery Extends Into Nearby Galaxy

Are We Doing Enough To Learn UFO Truth?

The Cult Of Busy

Meadow Fire In Yosemite - Pics

The Lost Libraries Of The Sahara

New Evidence Lost Civilizations Really Existed

And One By One They Too Shall Fall

9/11 - The Mysterious Plane Crash Site Without A Plane

Will Silverstein Face Justice For 9/11 Insurance Fraud?


Obama Declares Open-Ended MIddle East War

Obama's Speech To US - Stop ISIS By Funding ISIS

ISIS Ranks Have Doubled...CIA - Vid

Obama Again Shows He's Clueless About Mideast

Obama - Shoot, Bomb ISIS First, Ask Congress Later

Boehner - Obama Plan Can't Destroy ISIS

Majority In US Feel Obama Presidency A Failure

Obama, Kerry Near Mum About Saudi Beheadings

Hamas, Hezbollah Fighting Israeli, ISIS Terror


The Roots Of ISIS

Lavrov On Syria, Ukraine And Terrorism

Putin Promises New Weapons For West Threats

Syria, Russia Oppose Unilateral US Strikes On ISIS

Syria - Unauthorized US Action Is Aggression

Assad Means Lion…And US Will Bomb Syria - Vid

Reflections On Israeli High Crimes vs Peace

Sotloff Was An Israeli Agent, Beheading Staged

EU Report Sign Of Shifting Sands Against Israel

Israeli Cop Charged With Beating American Teen

Amnesty Intl A Front For Globalist Power

Salmond Blasts Treasury Over RBS Tipoff To BBC - Vote YES

Scottish Indy - RBS Move Won't Impact Jobs - Vote YES


Chunkymark - Westminster RBS Tactics An Outrage! - Vid

Financial Chief Blasts Post-Indy Business Scares - Vote YES

Aberdeen Asset Mgmt Boss Backs Indy Scotland - Vote YES

Euro Banks Fear Recession Over Scot Indy - Vote YES

Scots Subsidy Junkie Lie Exposed - Vote YES

Biggest UK Private Healthcare Company Backs No

Cameron Begs Newsnet Scotland Editor To Back No

English MPs' fury over Scots' new powers

Weegingerdug - Fat-Cats And Hangdog Looks - Vote YES

Scotland - Vote YES For World Peace

Chunkymark - This Is Your Time Scotland - Vid - Vote YES

READ - Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Walter Bowart - The Invisible Third World War - pdf

US Mass Killings Often Go Missing In FBI Data

Head For The Hills

Big Problem In News Video Of Sandy Hook School

Judge - 1st Amendment Doesn't Go To Sleep At 5pm

FCC To Restrict Free Speech Online To Quell Dissent

Insane Brazil Continues Destroying Its Rainforests

Doom - College Students Are Cash Cows

Russia Cuts Gas Exports To Poland

Russia New Reply Measures Sanctions Ready - Kremlin

EU Avoids Sanctions Against Russia's Gas Sector


‘Extreme’ Solar Storm Heading Towards Earth

Possum Feces Has 'Flesh Eating' Bacteria

Bank Of Japan Drives Rates Below Zero

Summer Snow Hits Rockies - Canada To CO

Some Of The Scariest Emerging Viruses Worldwide

Smartphones Ruin More Than Your Sleep

How To Stop Shrinking Your Brain


Bee Bacteria Possible Alternative To Antibiotics

Civil War Veterans Doing The Rebel Yell - Vid

Triangle UFO Reported Hovering Over IN Town

UFO Escorted By 2 Military Jets, Claims Eyewitness

Implant Memory-Enhancing Devices Coming Soon

Was Joan Given The Drug That Killed Michael Jackson?

US Military In War Planning To Support Corporations

9/11 Experts Speak Out - With Indisputable Authority

Obama Declares 'Long & Limited War' In Iraq, Syria

Obama - We Will Degrade And Destroy ISIS

UK Plans 3 New Bases In Mideast To Fight ISIS

The Attack On ISIS Expands To Syria


Dutch MH17 Report...Too Many Questions - Russia

MH17 - NYT Finds Report Conclusions Where None Exist

US-UK Brain Mapping To Control Your Very Soul

Is It Time To Indict Barack Obama?

Michelle Pushes Class Warfare On Children

DHS: Watch Customers For Terrorists Clues

The Popularity Of Congress Rivals That Of Ebola

$2.3 Trillion Missing From Pentagon Day Before 9/11

NASA To Open 'Air Highways' For Drones

Russia Successfully Tests New Bulava ICBM

Partitioning Russia After World War III?

Strong Solar Storm Heading Towards Earth

Harvard Admissions - Ignoring Elephant In Room

Fracking Co Sues Man For Lighting Water On Fire

Billions Withdrawn From Scotland’s Banks

Dangerous And Deadly Smart Meter Effects - pdf

Ozone Beginning To Recover - Report

9 Reasons The Economy Stinks

33% Of Nurses Quitting, & Losing Vaccine Faith

European Jews Are All Related

Corporations Not Recruiting Enough Weirdos

18 'Very High Threat' Volcanos May Erupted In US

What 15 People Did With Shipping Containers

British Weather To Get Even Worse

India, Pakistan Worst Floods In 50 Years

Harvest Moon In Pictures


Turning Moon Into A Cosmic Ray Detector

81⁄2 Reasons To Step Off The Beaten Path

Changes For The Penny & Nickle Coming Soon

Products Made With Recycled Waste Oil Recalled

6 Things Happiest Families All Have In Common

The Video Coca-Cola Doesn't Want You To See

Never, Ever Touch Possum Feces, Scientists Warn

Why Raw Honey So Effective On Infections - Vid

9 Commonly Abused Food Industry Terms

The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth

Transparent UFO Caught On Night Vision - Vid

NJ Diamond-Shaped UFO At Tree-Top Level - Pic

20 Yr Mystery Of Universe's Brightest Objects Solved


Kirwan - Silencing The Internet

Joan Rivers Died From Unauthorized Biopsy

More Smart Meters Replaced Because Of FIRES

Marxist Media Seeks To Destroy The Rice Family

Lavrov - Throwing Russia Off-Balance Is Aim Of West

Dean - West Destroys Its Moral Authority


Role Of The Pentagon & CIA In Somalia

9/11 Used As Pretext For Launching Imperial Op

9/11 The Mother Of All Big Lies

Paul Craig Roberts - 9/11 After 13 Years

Enterovirus 68 Now Strikes Utah

US Bans Europol From Releasing Its Own Docs

Missile Defense 'Kill Vehicle' Years & Years Of Failure

Cops Using Military Gear May Have To Repay Grants

Cuba - 55 Years Of US Embargo Has Cost $116 Billion

'Arrest Kissinger For Both 9/11s'

Ukraine's Whitewashed Odessa Massacre

ReportIran, Russia Sign 70 Euro Trade Projects

Br Nathanael - Nuland's Jewish Hubbie Wants War


US Will ‘Deepen, Broaden' Sanctions Against Russia

German Businesses Hurt By Sanctions On Russia

Unidentified Fragments Found In Bodies Of MH17 Crew

Israel Committed Genocide In Gaza - EU Delegation

Each Israeli War Toughens Hamas - Israel's Lieberman

Palestinian Shot Dead By Israeli Forces In West Bank

Steven Salaita Goes Public

Lavrov - West May Use ISIS To Bomb Syrian Govt forces

Sotloff Sold To ISIS By ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebel Group

Obama Says Can Widen ISIS Campaign w/o Congress

Salmond - ‘Team Scotland vs Team Westminster’ - Vote YES


Salmond Hails Day The NO Campaign Fell Apart - Vote YES

Salmond - €3.5 Billion Independence Bonus For Farming

Half Of Scottish Oil Reserves Yet To Be Touched - Vote YES

Oil Expert - Scotland Set For New Oil Bonanza - Vote YES

Leading Energy And Defense Figure Switches To YES

Scotland's Women Are Swinging To Vote YES

Murdoch Hints At Support For YES Vote

Scottish independence Would Be Highly Contagious

Goldman Sachs & Age Of Parasite Capitalism

Usury Allowed For Goyim When A Business Loan - Vid

Healthy Asians - Gang Rapes A Hoax - Vid

Brit School Children Taught About UFO Crashes, ETs - Vid

Palace - Queen Will Stay Out Of Scottish Referendum

Cameron Close To Tears - Don't Vote YES Just To *** Tories

Miliband's Flag Plan Fails - No. 10 In Satire Malfunction

US Napping As Scots Prep To Vote On Independence

If Scots Vote Yes, Whitehall Won't Know What To Do

Ridden Hard And Put Away Dead

Stonehenge Stone Sibling Just Two Miles Away

UK Winters More Volatile In Last 10 Yrs Than Last 100

Moscow, Kiev Agree On Bids To End E Ukraine Crisis

Bomb Kills 45 Top Leaders Of Syrian 'Rebels'

Obama Ready To Authorize Airstrikes In Syria

Cheney - Obama Supported Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Signs $8.7 Billion Food Stamp Cut

Socialists Call For Universal Basic Income

Leftists Suggest Printing Money & Giving It Away

World Bank Warns Of Global Jobs Crisis

Russian Bank Hires Two Former U.S. Senators

Is Portugal Next For Wealth Confiscation?

Breitbart Says IRS Targeted It For Audit

National ID Card System Finally Takes Effect

Mexico Owes US Millions Of Gallons Of Water

Wars In West Asia Threaten World Food

Class-Action Smart Meter Suit To Be Filed In OK - pdf

Sandy Hook - 10 More Proofs That Vitiate Official Account


Apple Just Got Its Mojo Back - Vid

Apple Pay Aims To Revolutionize Mobile Payments

New Scot Poll - Another Surge Toward YES - Vote YES

How Govt Stole Scot Oil Reserves In 1999 - Vote Yes

Latest Bribes Just More Empty Promises - Vote YES

NO Try To Wheel Out The Queen? - Vote YES

Devo-Max? Devo-Won't - Vote YES

MSM Trying To Scare Scots Into Voting No - Vote YES

The Breakfast Revolution - Vote YES

Turning The Tide On Corporate Disinformation

Cause For Concern For America's Birds

Textbook Volcano Theory May Be Wrong


More In LA Become Street Vendors - Economy Dying

What Will Doom The Death Penalty

Spain Prepares For Autumn Of Unrest

Battle For Benghazi Could Break Up Libya

11 Reasons To Boycott Apple

Lost Ship From 1840s Arctic Expedition Found

The Scapegoat - A Brief History Of Meaning

They Fought The Law - Who Won?

Sleeping Pills, Anti-Anxiety Drugs Tied To Alzheimers

10 Simple Health Checks You Can Do At Home

10 Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen


Kirwan - Infamy Ignored

DHS - Obama Not Eligible To Work In The US?

Obama Commits US To War vs Russia For Baltics

Satellite Images Of Alleged Russian Artillery - Fail

Obama Intends Escalating MidEast Aggression

Skepticism Reigns Over Obama ISIS Strategy

Lavrov - West May Use ISIS As Pretext To Bomb Syria

10 Signs That ISIS Is A Scripted Psyop

Hezbollah, Russia Changed Balance In Syria

US Jets Bomb ISIS In Western Iraq

Br Nathanael - Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11? - Vid

Gaza Criss Far From Over

Apple Unveil iPhone 6

Japan Economy Continues To Collapse

Japan Nuclear Plant To Get Restart OK This Week

Clinton Serves Us Kissinger Kool-Aid

Profiting From America's Misery

Can Christie Save Atlantic City...And Himself?

FL Newspaper Touts Smart Meters, Ignores Scientific Data

A YES Vote In Scotland Would Unleash…HOPE

Scotland - When The Push Polling Has To Stop

Please Scotland, Blow Up The European Union


3 Stooges To Make Emergency Trip To Scotland

Scotland Promised Devo Superman but Divorce Still On

NO Campaign Treating Scotland Like Fools - Scot MP

'England Soccer Fans Sing ‘F**k Off Scotland’

Beyond Scotland - 4 More Indy Referendums

Currency Union With Indy Scotland Unworkable - Bank Boss

Desert Brit Economy Over Fear Of YES Vote

26% Of Scots Feels Brit Spies Working Against Vote YES

Murdoch 'Scottish Sun' Leaning To YES Vote

Get Your Money Out Of Britain - Global Banks Warn

UK Gold Ownership Up For Negotiation If Scots Vote YES

Scotland's Incredible Landscapes - Pics


Dick Cheney And The Dead Pool

The Media Is The Enemy Of The American People

The Hypnotic Power Of Germ Propaganda

Japan Economy Continues To Collapse

Japan Nuclear Plant To Get Restart OK This Week

Living As A Peaceful Warrior

Dark Tale Behinds The Golden Bowl Of Hasanlu

3,900 Yr Old Bone Armor Found In Siberia

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms and Diagnosis

How THC Cures Cancer

MH17 Shot Down By 'Large Number' Of Objects

Donetsk's Rebels Celebrate Expelling 'Fascist Kiev Cabal


Sex 'Cult' Uncovered In Israel

Israeli Forces Arrest 7 Yr Old Kid In West Bank - Vid

More US Troops In Iraq

NYPD Officers Assaults - 'Taking Turns Like Gangs'

US Amb To UN In Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

UFO Photographed Over Kennewick, Washington - Vid

Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal? - Vid

NASA & SETI Question Managua Meteorite - Vid

The Spiritual Side Of Elvis - Vid

DOE Fukushima Supercore Release Underestimated?

California’s Fukushima Just An Earthquake Away

Br Nathanael - Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11? - Vid


Obama's Chilling Plan To Shred The Constitution

Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama

Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?

Russian Bombers Practices Strikes On US

US Fears ISIS Has Radioactive Materials

Israel Shares Intel On ISIS With US

Iraq Peshmerga Reveals ISIS Weaknesses

Closing In On Foley's Killer - Vid

Staged Foley, Sotloff Beheading Vids ‘Not Evidence’

ISIS Kills Iraqi Kids, Uses Them As Bombers


Fetzer - A Sampler Of Sandy Hook Videos - Vid

California's Fukushima Just An Earthquake Away

LA Times Reporter Cleared Stories With CIA

Want To Reform The NSA? Give Snowden Immunity

Swiss Offer Snowden Asylum For Testifying vs US

Germany Won't Tolerate 'Sharia Police'

Opinion - Stop The 'Sharia Police' & Germany's Muslims

Bush Memos - WH Barely Able To Justify Spying On Us

Big Cyber Attack On St. Louis, Seattle & CA 9-8-14

Children Hit By Rare Virus In 12 States - Vid

Kids Respiratory Virus In At Least 12 States

Hate Crime? Black Mob Attacks Kroger Workers


Ten Things FEMA Doesn’t Want You To Know

What's Due At Apple's New Product Launch?

Harvard - Gap Between Rich & Poor Unsustainable

Dark Money Hits $50 Million

They’re Coming For Your Accounts

Tasmania To Remain GMO Free For 5 Yrs

Meteorite Hits Nicaragua Capitol, 16' Deep Crater

Russian Asteroid Largest Impact In Century

Mind Control - It’s All Around You

Busy, Teeming, American 'Whirl’ After WW2 In Pics

Rapidly Vanishing in America - Dark Spots


What If Your Small Town Suddenly Got Huge?

When You Live In A Country Run By Idiots

How Modern Medicine Is Reinventing Death

8 BEERS You Should Stop Drinking Immediately

Easy - Remove Pesticides From Fruits, Veggies - Vid

14 Things You Don't Know About Your Fav Foods

Please Stop Eating These 14 Foods

Front Lines Of Rhino Genocide - Death To Poachers

Viking 'Ring Fortress' Discovered In Denmark

Siberian Hero Warrior Reveals 1,000 Yr Old Secrets

Sweden Recycling 99% Of Garbage, Near Zero-Waste


Plate Tectonics Found On Europa

Multiple, Pulsating UFOs Affect Electronic Equipment?

Wanted - Astronomer With Top Secret Clearance

12 Ways Television Stifles Awakening

10 Facts About Consciousness

Turning Adversity Into Alchemy

3 Videos Show How Small We Are in the Universe - Vid

Blue Lotus - The Entheogen Of Ancient Egypt

Is Everything About Treating Depression Wrong?


Kirwan - NATO In Context

Reinventing NATO?

Lendman - Obama Threatens War On Humanity

Obama Finally Speaks Illuminati Truth (Satire) - Vid

EU Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom, Neft, Transneft

EU New Sanctions To Start In 'Few Days'

Russia May Shut Airspace In Response To New Sanctions

Russia Expert - Ukraine Joining NATO Will Start Nuclear War

Putin Action In Ukraine Was Predictable And Provoked

20 Kiev Troops Freed By Resistance

Russia - US’ Geopolitical Engineering Harms Global Security


Ukraine Conflict Death Toll Rises Above 3,000 UN

Missing Radioactive Material & Dirty Bomb Threat

The ISIS (Mossad) Bogeyman Can't Be Killed

Israel Obstructs Gaza Rehabilitation

For Israel, Time To Admit Its Mistakes

US Rabbi Quits For Criticizing Israeli Policy

Gaza Crisis Appeal In Scotland Raises £930,000

Prank Caller Threaten WTC With 'Nuclear Bomb'

Facts Suggest Hunter S. Thompson Murdered - Vid

America Is On Its Way Out As A Culture

Al-Qaeda Suspects Tortured To Near Death By CIA


Suckering The Public On A War Of Terror

US Warned To Stay Out Of South China Sea Issue

Kirwan - Going Back To The Future

Mysterious Virus Infecting Children All Over The US

Vax Fraud? What About Psychiatric Fraud? Staggering.

How One Father Told His Pediatrician 'No' To Vax

How To Stop A Thermal Hack On Your ATM PIN

How One Father Told His Pediatrician 'No' To Vax

Falling Pound Shows How Scots Prop Up UK Economy

Pound Tanking After Scotland Poll Stunner - Vote YES

Osborne Offers Scots New Power But Won't Share Pound


Chunkymark - OMG! Osborne Breaks Election Purdah Laws - Vid

'Better Together 'New Powers' Claim Collapses In Hours

Tsunami Of BS Is Heading To Scotland - Residents Warned

London Press Reflects Panic At Poll - Vote YES

NO Vote Campaign In Meltdown - Border Gaffe Disowned

Scottish Independence - NO Vote Camp 'Engulfed In Panic'

Salmond - NO Campaign 'Spiraling To Self-Destruction'

Salmond Will Show A Scotland You Won't Believe

Scottish Independence - ‘Positive YES Sways Voters’

Lindorff - Oil Revenues To Help Independent Scotland

Chunkymark - Scottish Independence YES! - Vid

Jeff & Dr. Chiappalone - Terminal Madness Of The End Times


Get Back To The Garden

Fee Fi Fo Fum More Dead Lizards & Then Some

How To Prevent A Thermal Hack On Your ATM PIN

UK Wasps Gone? Concern They Have Vanished

Finding 'God' Particle Could Destroy The Universe - Hawking

‘Humanitarianism’ Is Not As Begin As You May Think

Activists Promise Biggest Climate March In History

What's Inside Biggest Ancient Greek Tomb?

Five “Free Energy” Devices Could Save You $1,000s

New York Cops Beat Young Man During Arrest

Police intelligence Targets Cash

Brazil Drought Crisis Leads To Rationing And Tensions


Severe Weather Warning For Western Oz - Vid

Yosemite Wildfire Leads To Helicopter Evacuations

Kids Were Rarely Allergic To Things In Old Days

Mammography Is Being Abolished In Switzerland

Bees Give This Honey A Psychedelic Buzz

‘Soul Contracts’ – Is Freedom Really That Scary?

UFO Filmed Over Lake Havasu City - Vid

Quick Response Team To Investigate UFO Sightings

UNIDENTIFIED - The UFO Phenomenon - Review

Multiply Your Plants the Cheap, Easy Way

The Sound Of Nature


Few Thought E Ukraine Ceasefire Would Last

Kiev Refuses To Give Prisoner List - DPR Keeps POWS

Reality Is Kiev Has Lost Donbass - Vid

Russia To Send Aid To SE - Kiev Must Repair Damage

Obama Plans Year Long Effort To Destroy ISIS

Israel - Hamas Disarmament Unlikely

Snowden Gets Swiss Asylum If Testifies va NSA

Bill To Campaign With Hillary For Her 2016 Bid

MasterCard Rolls Out Orwellian National ID Card

King Putz Regrets Golfing After Foley Death

Town Seeks Ban On Videos After Obama Rant


Internet Slowdown' Is Coming

Mystery Virus Infecting Children All Over The US

Respiratory Virus Outbreak Hits 10 States

Major Outbreaks Of Mosquito-Borne Diseases In NZ

Pentagon Giving Grenade Launchers To Campus Police

9/11 - MSM Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History

Was Joan Given The Drug That Killed Michael Jackson?

US Military In War Planning To Support Corporations

DARPA To Develop Brain Implants For Mental Disorders

To Stop Govt From Accessing Your Wi-Fi

What Is Organized Gang Stalking?

25% Of Grads Say College Wasn’t Worth It


Doom - 80% Of Community College Students Are Victims

Dollar Stores Now Outnumber McDonalds In US

What One Dollar Used To Get You

How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM PIN

US Banks Closing Middle Easterners Accounts

City Offers Homeless One Way Ticket Out Of Town

No Work, No Pay For The National Guard

Ecuador To Create Its Own Digital Currency

Why Time Flies As We Age

Toxic Decayed Meat Being Sold As Fresh

US In Danger Of Losing Biotechnology Edge

Unexpected Astronomical Event Coming 9-9-14?

The Curious Case Of Space Plankton

Barbour - A Happy Ending…Finally!

JoeTalk - The Big Picture - Treason Rules - Vid

The Leaning Tower Of Gucci?

Meet Marm Mandelbaum - NYC First Mob Boss

1,000-Year-Old Viking ‘Parliament’ Found In Scotland

Laser-Spitting Fish

Profound Dreams May Be More Than Dreams


Happiness Comes From New Experiences, Not Objects

Turmeric - The World's Most Important Herb

Amazing Polar Bear Photos

The Moment Before Us

Kirwan - Deconstructing NATO

Fighting In Donetsk, Mariupol As Ceasefire Weakens

Few Believed Ceasefire Would Last

Putin On Western Propaganda And Media Lies - Vid

Russia Warns Against New EU Economic Sanctions

Ukrainian Church Leader Likens Putin To Cain

No One Wants A Ceasefire In Ukraine - Vid

Israel Steals Gaza’s Offshore Natural Gas


Poll - 30% Of Israelis Favor Leaving Israel

Israel Continues West Bank Land Theft, Destruction

Charade Of 'Anti-Semitism' Champions Continues

Abbas Scuttles Fatah-Hamas Unity

US Creating Pretexts’ To Attack Syria

Kissinger Urges Strong Attack On ISIS

US Not Serious About Fighting ISIS - Iran's Zarif

Economic Growth Key To Fighting Extremism In The Region: Iran

Iranian Nuclear R&D Center Visited By UN Inspectors

Joan Gets Red Carpet Send-Off At NY Funeral - Vid

Celebrities Swarm Joan Rivers Funeral - Pics/Vid

Shock - New Poll Says Scots To Vote YES

YES Votes Lead As Campaign Nears End

Scotland - The Hills Have Ayes - Vote YES

Scots To Be Offered Radical New Deal To Save Union

UK Media's Vile Attacks On Scottish People - Vote YES

Anti-Scottishness Seeping Into English, Scottish Media

I'm English, I Feel British But I'll Still Vote YES

NO Campaign Claims And Why They Are Wrong - Vote YES

5 NO Campaign Economics Scare Stories Debunked - Vote YES

Scottish independence, UK Dependency

Why An Indy Scotland Could Be The Ruin Of The UK

What If 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America ?

How The US Govt Admits Vaccines Cause Autism

Bankruptcy Of Detroit & The Division Of America


New Witnesses In Michael Brown Shooting?

Ferguson, Foreclosure Crisis & Hedge Fund Landlords

Hollywood Celebs Besieged By Paparazzi Drone Cams

The Makers - Escaping The Pull Of Big-Business

Protection Sought For 90% Gone Monarch Butterfly

The American Dream Formally Ended November 6, 2012

How Christian Kids Should Deal With ‘LGBT’ Peers

A Crisis Of Rising Seas

They Did It! They Do It AND...That's It!

UK Police Let Off Rapists With Slap On The Wrist

Police Chief In Rotherham Child Abuse Gets Death Threats

Panicking Tory MPs Demand Farage Be Deputy PM


Is This Jack The Ripper? Top DNA Expert Says Yes

DNA Finally Reveals Identity Of Jack The Ripper

Sellafield Nuclear Clean-Up Bill Will Soar By Billions

New Report Claims Darling’s Deception Cost £25bn

Carl Sagan On Life, Learning And The Universe

'Mirage Men’ Operates On Premise UFOs Are Hokum

UFO Filmed Over Villaguay, Argentina - Vid

The Movie Hollywood Isn't Allowed To Make

Twice As Many Cases Of Early Dementia Than Thought

Independent Lab Confirms Viral DNA In Merck Vaccine

What Type Of Person Works At A Butterfly Farm? - Vid

UN Members To Restore Woodland, Save Rain Forests


NATO Stages Massive Drills In Latvia - Pics

Trapped Ukraine Troops Talk Overthrowing Kiev

Peace Plan - Special Status For Donetsk, Lugansk

Globalist George Will - Putin = Hitler

Milliband Threat To Put Army On Scot Border If YES Vote

Scot Independent Camp Ahead In Poll - Vote YES

US Strikes ISIS Near Key Iraq Dam - Vid

Is This Who ISIS Really Is?

'Good Kill' - Searing Indictment US Drone Warfare

Obama Won't Act On Immigration Before Election

US ‘Creating Pretexts’ To Attack Syria - Vid

Veolia Caves To BDS - Buys Into Israeli Desal Plant

Br Nathanael - NATO Is Good Jewish Business

90% Chance Of Severe 10 Yr Drought In US Southwest

Rotgut Aspartame - Methanol Mania

Oil Boom Leaves Dakota Farmers With Pollution

The Strange Death Of Joan Rivers

1,000 Food Brands Verified NON-GMO

Jack The Ripper Unmasked

Foreign Powers Buy Influence At Think Tanks

Weird Orange Ball Of Light Over Ontario Lake - Pic

You Can't Tell Buster Keaton He Can't Do A Stunt - Vid

Back Of The Mic - Old Time Radio Sound Effects - Vid

Bad Day At The Car Show - Vid


Out Of Body - Details Verified

A Report From A Victim of Modern Toxicity - Vid

Why It's So Hard to Deceive Children

False Fronts For Wall Street

Seven Ways We Can Get Energy From Water

The Psychology Of Oversharing Facebook Couples

Can You Really Know An Extraterrestrial?

Humans Wired For Bad News, Anger, Sad Memories

Top 10 Legal Rights Everyone Should Know

Oversized Alien-Like 'Shrimp' Caught Off FL

KY Bans All Tobacco Products On State Properties


Kirwan - Divide & Conquer is Complete!

Pepe Escobar - NATO Attacks!

NATO Summit Day Two

Ceasefire A Trick To Let Porky To Regroup Army

Talk Of Nuke War Over Ukraine Mainstream Media

Obama Readies New Sanctions Despite Peace Agreement

Donetsk Source - Kiev Troops Continue Attacks

Pro-Russians Accuse Kiev Of Breaking Ceasefire


Blame Traded On Ceasefire Violations

Ukraine Peace Plan - Hold The Cheers

Russia Blasts NATO 'Spearhead Force' In E Europe

What Russian Invasion? Ukraine Ceasefire Still On

There Never Was A Ceasefire To Begin With - Vid

Tightened Borders Good Business For Defense Industry

US Has Continually Bombed People For Decades - Vid

Cameron Vows To Eliminate ISIS - Vid

'3 Year Battle To Degrade And Destroy ISIS'

Obama Announces 'Core Coalition' To Confront Isis Threat

Al-Shabaab Leader Killed By US Airstrike In Somalia


30% Of Israelis Favor Leaving Israel - Vid

Jerusalem Archbishop Slams Israeli al-Aqsa Raids

YES Vote Leads In Scots Poll

Cameron Warns Scotland Of Terror Attacks If YES Vote!

Scottish Independence...My Generation - Vid - Vote YES

England…Listen To What Scots Are Actually Saying

Chunkymark - A Message To The People Of Scotland - Vid

UK Govt To Offer Jam For NO Vote - Vote YES

Britain Loses Scotland It'll Be Like An Amputation

The Debate Has Intoxicated Scotland

NO Campaigners Ask Farage To Stay Clear Of Scotland

'Better Together' Pulls Flyers - More False Claims Shown

BP Woes & Welfare Oligarchs

Guatemala Rejects US Protecting Monsanto GMOs

USAID - ‘In Desperate Need Of Adult Supervision’

Proud Black American Tells It Straight

Murdoch To Back UKIP?

UK Banks Admit Using Fake Debt Collection Letters

Dancing With Lord Aya Amidst The Apocalypse

'Forgotten' Vials Of Ricin, Plague, Botulism Found In US Lab

Neocons Confess: "We did 9/11-anthrax"

Gitmo - An Untold History Of Torture And Resistance

Earth Faces 100 Yrs Of Killer Asteroids Starting 2017


Top 10 Greatest Problems Humanity Currently Faces

Fluoride, Fluoride, Everywhere - Vid

How Diet Drinks Can Make You Fat

Cancer Can Heal On Its Own

Debunking The Paleo Diet

Two Boomerang-Shaped UFOs Over Cowpens, SC

Triangular UFO Caught On Night Vision - Vid

Top Scientists Gathered For 'Secret' UFO Conference

'The Science Of Ufology Is Dead'


Russian ‘Invasion’ Shifts Momentum In Ukraine

Crimea Confiscates Billionaire Kolomoisky's Assets

Ukraine Killing Fields - Ten Stories - Vid

Russia To Deliver 'Superjets' To Vietnam

State Dept Releases Anti-ISIS Video - Vid

Snowden Leak - US To Spy On Foreign Businesses

45' 9/11 Truth Billboard To Go Up In Times Square

SITE Intel Group Released Beheading Vid Before ISIS

Who Is SITE Intelligence Group?

How An Iraqi Soldier Survived An ISIS Massacre - Vid

Obama Makes Unannounced Visit To Stonehenge

Americans Must Revolt Over US Govt 'Craziness' - Vid

How Could Minor Surgery Have Killed Joan Rivers?

Why Is Independence So Frightening To Some?

Nature's Out To Kill Us

Languages Being Wiped Out By Economic Growth

Harvard Money Connected To Payday Loans

Drought Causing Billion Dollar Rice Industry Losses

Army May Cut 20,000 More Jobs After Elections

Google Reads Your Email Before You Do

Google Massive Investment In Solving Death

Hitler’s Nightmare - The ‘Kinderladen’ Movement

School Bans Unsupervised Playground Cartwheels

Planned Parenthood Created To Kill Black People

Lead Is Falling From The Sky

WW2 Vet Selling Car Collection And More - Vid

'Last Supper' Papyrus Oldest Christian Charm?


How Consciousness Could Exist In A ‘Cloud’

So, How Do We Stop The Spraying?

5 Things That Seem Like A Nuclear Explosion

New Sleep Disorder Affects One In Seven

Pregnant? Failed Drug Test = Child Endangerment

The Doublespeak Dictionary - Vid

Rock May Rewrite Chapters Of World History

Atlantis May Have Been In Bolivia?

Celebrating Wild Places Across America

France's Top Chef Reduces Meat On The Menu

The Health Benefit Of Juicing Dandelion Greens


Jeff & Dr. Chiappalone - Terminal Madness Of The End Times - Vid

Kirwan - Stalemate In Ukraine?

Kiev, Separatists Sign Ceasefire

Resistance Holds Over 1,000 Kiev Troops Prisoner

Heavy Fighting Near Mariupol Just Before Ceasefire

Russia Works Ceasefire - NATO Sends w/Troops, Sanctions

NATO Accuses Russia Of Depening Ukraine Crisis

McCain Wants US To Send More Arms To Kiev

NATO Agrees On Rapid Force For East Europe


UK To Send 3,500 Troops To NATO Force

Blaming Russia For US-Led Western Crimes

Putin Awards Killed Journalist 'Order Of Bravery'

Putin - Stenin's Work Shows Truth About Ukraine

Russian, Indian Troops Learn To Fight In Cities

Protests Flare Over Latest Israel Land Theft

Rebuilding Of Gaza To Cost $8 Billion

Ghoulish Israelis Armed With Binoculars

FBI Hunts Boston Man Running ISIS Media

Why Is ISIS Against Hamas?

Cameron REJECTED Plan To Crush ISIS 2 Yrs Ago


Lebanon Christians Rush To Arms Themselves

Escobar - Will NATO Liberate Jihadistan?

UK Doesn’t Need Assad’s OK For Airstrikes

Cameron Must 'Consider Working With Syria' On ISIS

Orcas Dying Along W Coast - Decline Began After 2011

Scotland Indy - 'Kick Then Where It Hurts' - Vote YES

A YES Vote Makes A Leaner, Meaner Scotland

Scottish Independence - Rail Union Backs YES Vote

Sky News Scotland Megamix On Sept 18 Vote - Vid

Mystery Small Plane Crashes Off Jamaica - Vid

CDC In Billion Dollar Scheme To Sell Vaccines

TV = Weapon Of Mass Deception


Lava Warning For Residents On HI Big Island - Vid

DE Gov Tweets Pic Of Blonde In Bondage Gear

100s Fast Food Wage Protesters Arrested

Ferguson Rebellion Rips Cover Of Media Lie

US Commandos - CIA Delayed 2012 Benghazi Rescue

4 Horsemen, Mossad & The Colombian Coca Express

PBS Lies For FDR Over Whittaker Chambers Allegations

Outrageous Solution In Lieu Of Family Dinners

Praise Ye The Psychopaths Here Below

Kubrick's TIMEDOORS - Vid

Did Columbus Have A Map Of US When He Sailed?


Six Light-Balls & Dazzling UFO Make 2 Crop Circles

Way Too Close - 18 Meter Asteroid Between Earth & Moon

Elephants Regaining Strength In Chad

The Awakening – Star Across The Bow Of Illusion

Want More Joy? Change Your Perception

City Of London Lord Mayor To Lead Pedo Ring Whitewash

UKIP Welcomes Another 'Friend Of Israel'

EU Pressured To Take US/Cdn GMO Food Imports

ECB Cuts Rates To Help Boost Flagging Eurozone

UNICEF Report - ‘Staggering’ Violence Against Kids

UFOs Over San Francisco de Bellocq, Argentina?


Results Of NATO Summit's First Day

Russia Bans All Confectionary Imports From Ukraine

McDonald’s Sues Russia’s Pension Fund

Iran Building Radar-Evading Helicopter

Obama OKs Libyans Attending US Flight Schools

Obama Plays Down 11 Missing Libyan Airliners

Syrian Arab Army Left Tabqa AirBase - Vid

Rep Intros Bill To Allow US Military Force Anywhere


BP May Be Fined Up To $18bn For Gulf Spill

George W. Bush Daughters Not Republicans

Is Rand Paul Just Another Republican?

Billionaires Quietly Prep For Stock Market Dive

Did Routine Procedure End Joan Rivers Life?

How To Not Pay Taxes

One Percenters Behind Fast Food Protests

Shrinkflation Hits The Supermarket

Are Chemicals In Tap Water Harming You?

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Plastic Bags, Nuclear Waste And A Toxic Planet

Quake Directed Its Main Force At Napa


Dark Energy Hunt Gets Weird

Asteroid To Pass Near Earth On Sunday

Brain-To-Brain Communication Achieved

Sleep Paralysis - Psychological Or Spiritual?

Lively Ethnic Cambodian Fish Market - Vid

Expanding The Narrow-Minded Search For Life

Jeff & Jim Marrs - What We Think We Know Is Wrong - Vid

Kirwan - Living In Infamy!

Roberts - Warning To World Of US, NATO, EU Insanity

Kiev Zionist Maniacs Shell Donetsk Again

Porky Promises To Do Everything To End War (right)

DNR Separatists Declare Full Independence From Kiev


Mocking Putin's Good Faith Ukraine Peace Plan

US Prepping MORE Sanctions Against Russia

Who Is Telling The BIG Lie On Ukraine? (easy call)

NATO To Give More Weapons To Kiev

Russian Lawmaker Suspects Google Spying For Kiev

More NATO Ships Into Black Sea - 'Peace & Security' (bs)

Russian Nuclear Forces To Hold Major Exercise

Putin Lays Out 7 Step Plan To End War In E Ukraine

France Halts Delivery Of Warship To Russia

Br Nathanael - The Four Curses On Judaism - Vid


Anti-Russian Sanctions Wars Continue

EU And Russia Policy - Happily Forgotten Lies

Far From Keeping Peace, NATO Is Threat To It

NATO Chief Says Russia Attacking Ukraine

Obama Hints At NATO Membership For Kiev

Obama Pledges To Send More Aircraft & Military To Estonia

Expert - NATO Has No Capability Against Russian Force

Obama Efforts Against Russia ‘Height Of Hypocrisy’

Israel Used Banned Weapon On Gaza

Top IDF Official -'Tactical Assessment Mistake' In Gaza

Homeless In Gaza


Salbuchi - Israel's Wars And The 'A' Word

Israel’s Crimes In Gaza – Extraordinary Tribunal Session

Sao Paulo Art Biennial Dissociates From Israel

How America Made ISIS

Can You Smell What The Caliph Is Cooking?

$1 Trillion Trove Of Rare Minerals In Afghanistan

Appreciating Joan Rivers…Gone At 81

Comedy Legend Joan Rivers Passes On

NY To Probe Joan Rivers 'Procedure' & Anesthesia

Med Examiner To Investigate Joan's Death

Wake Up! - Fukushima C-137 In US Beef And Fish NOW

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

Jan 1st - July 31st - Unaccompanied Alien Children Releases


Illegals Bring Disease To Schools - Our Kids At Risk

Illegal Kids Likely Bringing 'Rare' Virus To Ohio

ChildrenTwo 'New' Viruses Hit Children In Kansas City

Citizen Stands On Rights, Shuts Cops Down - Vid

Hackers Used Govt Spyware To Data-Rob iCloud

NY Homosexuals To March In St. Patrick's Parade

NY Gays To March In St Patricks Day Parade

ISIS threatens ‘To liberate Chechnya And Caucasus’

Obama Knew About ISIS For At Least A YEAR

Obama, Cameron Seek Coalition Against ISIS

Billington - ‘Anglo-Saudi Terror Machine Funds ISIS


Sotloff Beheading Video Maybe Staged By Rita Katz

Scotland Set For £300 Billion Oil Boom - Vote YES

The English View On Scottish Independence - Vote YES

Why 'YES' Vote Would Be Great EVERYONE - Vote YES

Goldman Sachs - Scare Tactics Over Scot Indy - Vote YES

Cameron Won't Resign If Scotland Goes Indy - Vote YES

Highest Ranking NSA WhistleBlower On UFOs

Dramatic Photos Of California's Historic Drought

Why Social Engineering Is The Top Security Concen

UK Treasury No Plans For Scot Independence - Vote YES

Farage - Salmond Stirring Up Anti-English Hate - Vote YES

Chavez’ Legacy - A Free Venezuela

Japan Invests In Nukes, War But Not Education

Ashya King And Parents Reunited

UK Schools Forced To Separate Students By Ability

Rotherham - Child Safety Officers Won't Get Dsicipline

Police Tell Victims To Solve Crimes By Themselves

Obama’s Paralyzed Presidency And Push For War

50 Million Americans Have Food Insecurity

Mega Drought Threatens Western States

Guatemala Defies ‘Monsanto Law’ Pushed By US

Suicide Kills One On Planet Every 40 Seconds

Rick And Poor Diet Quality Gap Doubles

CDC Whistleblower Goes Further - Mercury CAUSES Autism


Bay Area News Service Being Pushed Out Of SF

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

Doom - Easing Education Standards For More Revenue

Hidden Agenda Behind Eliminating Export-Import Bank

US Bankers Assn & The Quiet War On Students

'Mystery Chemical' In Hay Causing CA Horse Illnesses

Cdn Beekeepers Sue Pesticide Ghouls For $450 Million

Down And Out In Rio de Janeiro

The Perpetuating Agony Of Relentless Quest

Kindness Generates Kindness

'Avoid Contact With The UFO Elephant In The Room'

'Astoundingly Huge' Dino Discovered In Argentina - Vid

Texas Keeps Its Reputation As UFO Country

How Pollution Travels The World's Oceans

Laniakea – Our Supercluster Home - Vid

Geologists Unravel Circleville Mystery Crater - Vid

The London Rocket Conspiracy

More Workers Are Claiming ‘Wage Theft’

A Horrifying Miscarriage Of Justice In NC

Watch Aerial Footage Of Iceland's Lava Fields - Vid

When Thousands Pf Cables Crowded The Skies - Vid

City Stops Everything For 1 Minute Every Year - Vid

Tainted Fruit - Watch Out For This Hidden Ingredient


Obama- Calls To Putin Going Straight To Voice Mail

Sorry, Porky, No One's Coming To Save Your Fat Ass

Troops From 15 Countries - Exercises In W Ukraine

Putin, Porky Agree On Outlines Of E Ukraine Peace

Crimea Looking To Create Silicon Valley

NATO Mission Creep Moving To Russian Border

Israeli Warships Open Fire On Gaza Fishermen

UK-US Jewish Mercenaries Serving In Israel’s Military

Liberal Zionists Enable Israel’s Genocide


How US Support Of Israel Undermines The US

Did Israel Offer ISIS $10m For Steve Sotloff?

McCain Slips - Obama Didn’t Want To ‘Arm ISIS’

Nobel Comm Asks Obama 'Nicely' To Return Prize

Obama WH Won't Tell Congress Where Illegal Kids Went

Soros Signals Argentina Is The Place To Be

Military Working On Mind-Controlled Drones

Detroit On Fire: 29 Arsons Set In One Day

Judges Authorized To Carry Weapons w/o Permit

Grand Jury Group Labeled 'Extremist' By ADL

Limits To Growth Was Right - We're Near Collapse


Soros Signals Argentina Is The Place To Be

Hold Onto Your Gold - Shortage Is Coming

The Only Trillionaire Family In Modern History?

Joan Rivers Moved Out Of ICU To Private Room

Tesla May Move To Nevada

The Food Gap Is Widening

What The Frack Is In PA Water? - Radioactive Gas

UK Fracking To Destroy More Jobs Than It Creates

Tidal Wave In China Catches Citizens By Surprise

1,000s Drug-War Corpses In Mexico Mass Graves

Inside Australia’s Ghost Towns

Best Things To Buy In September


Infectious Disease, Fear & The Stock Market

Why Good People Lie, Cheat And Steal

Man Who Makes Living Making Wooden Creatures - Vid

Christian Farmers Big Fine - Won't Host LGBT Wedding

HS Sr Says She Was Suspended For Saying 'Bless You'

Where Coke Thrives And Belongs - In The Toilet

The Incredible Celestial Phenomenon Called 'Airglow'

How Advanced Are We? Here’s A Cosmic Yardstick

Simulation Resolves Time Travel Paradox

7 Ways To Set Yourself For A Total Mental Breakdown

30 Million Americans On Antidepressants


Wheat Is One Of The Worst Carbs Your Health

Still Eating One Of The Worst Carbs For Health?

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick, Fat

Unusual Respiratory Virus Hits 100s Of KC Kids

'New' Virus Keeps Child Visitors Out Of Illinois Hospitals

Younger Blood Can Reverse Aging Effects

Wheatgrass Turns Gray Hair Back To Natural

The Battle Against West Nile Virus

Iboga And The Roots Of Self-Destruction

Does DMT Expand Consciousness?

11 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate

False Flag Ops, State Sponsored Terrorism…Huge Blowback

Israeli Collaborators, Provocateur Rocketeers, Cynical Ceasefires


Russian Citizens Joining Ukraine Resistance

Ratsenyuk - Ukraine To Build WALL On Russian Border

Western Hypocrisy Sinks To New Depths

Putin's Ukraine Peace Plan

US Testing New WMD In Ukraine

Kiev Killer Fascists Murder Russian Journalist

Missing Photojournalist Stenin Confirmed Dead

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Kiev To Reduce September Power Supplies In Crimea

Cameron Cynicism Of Comparing Putin To Hitler

Biden - US Will Follow ISIS To The 'Gates Of Hell'

ISIS Execution Videos Are Sly Propaganda

US Invades Iraq…Again And Secretly

Ashya King's Dad - Docs Would Turn My Son To A Vegetable

English Scots For YES Vote Open Letter To England

Scotland Set For 100 Year Oil Boom - Vote YES

SW Scot Coast Oil, Gas Worth TRILLIONS - Vote YES

Scottish Independence - NO Falls To 6% Lead - Vote YES

Scottish Independence - Late Surge In Voter Reg

Scots Voting NO Would Be Astonishing Self-Harm


Project Fear Has Eaten Itself

Independence Could Save Scots $1 Billion A Yr

Four NATO Warships To Enter Black Sea By Sept 7

'Al Qaeda Is Like AOL. The Islamic State Is Google'

Kurds - US Commandos Fighting ISIS With Them In Iraq

Officials Warn Over 11 Missing Airliners

ISIS Is America's New Terror Brand

Kazakhstan Alert - Radioactive Container Missing

Sandy Hook - 10 More Proofs Vitiating Official Account

Debt Collectors - Business Booming - pdf

Escobar - Obama's 'Stupid Stuff' Legacy

Atty Quits Show Trial Of Accused 9-11 Mastermind


US Apparel Ads Banned For 'Sexualizing School Girls'

DNA Clears NC Inmates After 30 Yrs In Prison

Halliburton Pays $1.1b To Settle Gulf Of Mexico Suits

Call Off Pentagon Dogs!

Preparing The Ground For More Whistleblowers

Mysterious Fake Cell Phone Towers Discovered

Bloody Blair Named 'Philanthropist Of The Year'

Brit Sheeple Readied For Winter Power Blackouts

UK Military Orders 600 Armored Vehicles

Met Took Private Phone Records Of Sun Pol Editor

Rotherham - 12 More Child Sex Victims Come Forward


High Level UN Ebola Update 3500 Cases & 1900 Deaths

AI Could Co-Pilot Future Combat Jets - Navy

Global Warming Has Been On Pause For 19 Years

Misleading Pro-Fracking Newspaper Ad Banned By UK

Oz Man Wakes From Coma Speaking MANDARIN

A Darkness Blacker Than Night. The Horror!!! The Horror!!!

Food Forests - Healthy Organic Food To Everyone?

NCAA College Sports Oligopoly

Nikola Tesla's Life New Documentary Full

UFO During A St Louis Newscast? - Vid

Huge CME Headed Towards Earth? - Vid


11 Jetliners Missing - Islamists Take Tripoli Airport

Authorities Hunt Missing Radioactive Container

Kremlin Demands Investigation Of Russian Journalist's Death

Zionist Cameron Warns Of 'Appeasing Putin'

Baltic States Demand West Get Tougher On Russia

Obama - NATO Will Oppose Russian Aggression

Obama Orders 350 More Troops To Iraq

Obama's Vile, Weird, Cukcoo Happy Talk

NATO Cyber Battle Rules - More Qs Than Answers

Jewish Army Razes Orphanage W Bank Dairy Factory

The Holocaust Mystery - Reconsidering The Evidence

France Bans Muslim Worker From Nuclear Sites


US Muslims Condemn US Reporter Beheading

Was The Steve Sotloff Beheading Staged?

IRS Ghouls Wants To Tax Free Food

Mandatory Fingerprinting For Food Hits VZ

State Dept Can’t Find 6,000 Foreigners On Visas

Who Is Putting Up Interceptor Cell Towers?

Geraldo - Second Amendment Is Blind & Stupid

FBI Has Own Radio Show For Public Service

Bloody Blair Handed Philanthropist Of Year Title!

UK Plotted To Invade Germany Before It Hit Poland

MD Gives Soviet-Style Punishment To Novelist


Humanoid Robot In US Stores Within 12 Months

Robot Labor Is The Future Of Capitalism

Human Farms Could End Animal Testing In 3 Yrs

Fed - US Consumers Hoarding Money

Will The 7 Year Cycle Crash The Economy?

FB Class Action Suit Passes First Court Hurdle

10 Popular Mind Control Techniques Used Today

Rep Lamar Smith Rips EPA Water & Regulatory Maps

Rep Cramer - (Illegal) EPA Secret Maps Should Worry All

How US Higher Education Was Destroyed In 5 Steps


HAARP, Chemtrails And Full Dominance Of Earth

The Homeless Are Human, Too - Vid

Hammerhead Shark Very Close To Waders In Ocean

Daylight Disk Over UK - Pic

MDs Worry About Disease From Illegals

Illegals Gift TX With Sometimes Fatal Chagas Disease

Feds Bend CDC Rules For Sick Illegals

100s Of Kids Sickened By New Respiratory Virus In MO

Kindergartners' Vax Rate Dive Worries Health Officials

14 Foods That Cleanse The Liver

3 Vaccines That Should Be Banned


Filer’s Files # 35 2014 War for Men’s Souls

Filer’s Files # 34 – 2014 – Extraterrestrials are On Earth

Filer’s Files #33 -2014 – Faster Space Travel

Kirwan - Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen

Kirwan - NATO's Rapid Response Force To Counter Putin

NYT Uses Sales Trick To Sell NATO War

Castro Compares NATO To Nazis

NWO Rothschild Enforcer - NATO Threatens WW III

Russia To Release Putin-Barroso Phone Call

Kremlin - Barroso Quoting Putin On Kiev Out Of Context'

Russia - Attack On Crimea Constitutes An Attack On Russia

NATO ŒMilitary Hysteriaà Forcing A Response Á Russia

Separatists Lower Demands In Talks


Only US Can Stop Kiev 'War Party' - Lavrov

Kiev Blasted For Mass Civilian Deaths In Lugansk

3 Russian Mobile ICBM Regiments To Go On Combat Duty

Fetzer - US, Euro Allies Can't Defeat Putin Over Ukraine

Ukrainian Oligarch’s Property In Moscow Seized

Kiev Boosts Gas Storage In August

EU Pumps 7 bcm Gas into Underground Storage

Entire World Threatened By Radicalism - Iran

Israel Breaches Gaza Ceasefire Agreement


Gaza Aerial Footage - Zionist Footprint Of Death - Vid

Gaza Kids 'Rubble Bucket Challenge' Using Dirt

Tel Aviv Demolishes Gaza Archaeological Sites

Israel New Land Theft Draws World Condemnation

Israeli Forces Abduct 6 Palestinians In West Bank

ISIS Claims Second American Journalist Beheaded

Saudi King - ISIS 'Will Reach Europe In A Month, US In Two


Saudis May Demolish Prophet Mohammad’s Tomb

Abbott - 'Extreme Force' Justified Against ISIS Threat

Jordanian City Copes With Islamic State Threat

France, UK Going Mad Over Syria

Syrian Refugees Trigger Child Labor Boom In Turkey

US Attacks al-Shabaab In Somalia

US To Open Second Drone Base In Niger

How The US Government Tracked Me Overseas

First Video Interview With George Galloway - Vid

British MP Galloway Physically Assaulted - Vid

Years Of Rape And ‘Utter Contempt’ In Britain

Br Nathanael - Ukraine's Agent Of Suicide - 'Winter'

The Disturbing Case Of Ashya King

Ashya King Parents Still In Spanish Custody

'Ashya MUST Be Reunited With His Parents'

Scottish Independence - YES Vote Up 8% In 3 Weeks

BBC Struggles To Find NO Voters In Scotland 4th City

Scottish Police Rip Media & NO Campaign 'Carnage' Claims

Scottish Indy NO Campaign - Media Try To Incite Violence

Roberts - Will American People Ever Rise Again?

Record Number Americans In Extreme Poverty

US Should Cancel Federal Reserve Debt

Unregulated VA Daycares Scene Of 43 Child Deaths

China Accuses UK Of Hong Kong ‘Interference’


Cameron STOPS Move To Ban Brit Jihadis Returning To UK

China Executes 4,000 A Year - 100 Times More Than US

Vaccines Cause Brain Damage - The Mothers Know

TIME Accidentally Reveals Greater Autism Fraud

Amazing Bosnian Pyramid Ultra/Infra Sounds

Doing The Backstroke In A Swamp Of Neutered Nutrias

World’s Biggest Mysteries Science Can’t Solve

Detroit On The Edge

10 Cities Most At Risk For Natural Disasters

Military Hospitals Put Patients at Risk

Mexico Investigates Huge Fish Kill In La


1833 Meteor Storm Started Citizen Science

The Mystery Of Saturn’s Expanding F Ring

Japan Launching Asteroid Mining Space Program

Saucer-Shaped UFO, Spike In Queensland Sightings - Vid

UFO Hoaxer’s Documentary Win’s Best Picture - Vid

Sniffing Out Alien Life - Vid

Reincarnation, Karma & Destiny

In Africa - Close Your Heart

Experiment To Answer If We Live In A Hologram?

Why You Never Judge Someone By Looks

Canned Food & Wine Ingredient - Adverse Reactions


Kirwan - Playing At Global War

Russian Military Back From China War Games 9-4-14

Russia Outraged - Kiev Says Russia Threaten Nuke

2 Kiev Navy Cutters SUNK - Russian Air Strikes? - Vid

'I Will Take Kiev In 2 Weeks' - Putin Warns Barroso

Jews, Hollywood And Gaza

190 Hollywood Actors Sign Petition To Support Israel


Elizabeth Warren - Hold Your Cheers

Atzmon - Premiere...Extraordinary Tales, Extraordinary Writers

Why The Silence On The Attack On Galloway?

Jewish Terror Alert

Syria 'Rebels' Clash With Assad Forces In Golan

The Last Speech Of Qaddafi

In The Sahara, More Pentagon Drones

Saudi Proposal To Move Mohammed's Tomb

Obama - Revving Economy Calls For Higher Wages

Big Corporations Guilty Of Wage Theft

Interpol Arrests Parents For Disobeying Doctors


Does Sand Control Your Life?

Fake Cell Towers Are Intercepting Your Calls

Putin Interested In Cloning Wooly Mammoth

Doom - Higher Education Fails Leftist Students?

JoeTalk - Time Is Short…Churches Will Fail - Vid

The Transhumanism Trap

Evil Eye' Box Found in Nile River Cemetery

Tourists Flock To Gun Ranges

Dental Products Actually Destroying Your Teeth?

9 Natural Foods Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s


Kirwan - Separatists Smash Kiev's Morale

1,000+ Kiev Troops Killed, Hurt, Captured In 3 Days - Vid

Donetsk, Lugansk Republics Want Special Status

Ukrainian Nuke Plant Could Be Hit By KIev Artillery

EU Ignores Ukraine Targeting, Killing Civilians - Putin

Kiev Defense Boss - Europe On Brink Of 'Great War'

Russia Ready To Respond If More Sanctions Levied


Russia Will Protect Rights Of Crimeans To Travel

Donetsk Puts Ukraine Battalion Cmdr On Wanted List

EU, West After Russia's Unlimited Resources

NATO Summit - Obama, Cameron Want More Military Spending

NATO May Hold Drills, Set Up Military Training Centre In Georgia - Rasmussen

NATO Summit - War Of Peace?

When The BBC Doorstepped Vladimir Putin

EU Gives Russia One Week To Back Down

Documents Show How US Allowed Israel To Have Nukes

Huge New Israeli 'Settlement' In W Bank 'Condemned' By US

Israel's Latest Land TheftZionist 'Settlers' Dig Israel’s Grave


US Urges Israel To Stop Massive W Bank Land Theft

Russia Mourns Beslan School Massacre 10 Yrs On

Putin Starts Russia-China Gas Line - World's Biggest

Obama 'Being Pushed To War On Syria'

ISIS iIs America’s New Terror Brand

ISIS - Frankenstein's Monster Unleashed

Iraq Will Be Graveyard For ISIS - Maliki

CIA Created Afghan Heroin Trade

Japanese Told To Stockpile Toilet Paper

Mass HK Protests Over China Barring Free Elections

Army Drills To Fight Political Dissent, Crime In Cities

Video Clears Man And Cops Are Charged - Vid


Town Law - Everyone Must Own A Firearm

The 'Reversible False Flag' Scheme

BRICS Plays Leading Democratization Role

Non-Violent Activists On Drone King's Kill List - Vid

Zionist Lobby Behind Anti-Iran Bans

Libya Destruction Result Of Obama Policy

BBC Reveals Sir Ian Wood Backed Scot Govt Oil Figs

60% Of Scots Support Currency Union With UK

Indy Scotland Can't Be Thrown Out Of EU

N Ireland Kids Sent To Australia Were Sexually Abused

Another Loving Family Criminalized Over Cancer


Ashya King Brother Defends Parent’s Actions - Vid

Organized Labor In America Today

Chiappalone - Toward The Final Countdown - Part 3

Change In Plans For Mars Rover

Solar Flare Flurry Footage Released By NASA - Vid

How Safe Are Your Pictures? Apple Under Scrutiny

Google Glass App Rates Human Emotions - Creepy

Do You Want To Eat Hot Dogs After This? - Vid

Tales From The Morph IV

Truth PsyOps And The Awakening

Jumping Jeremiah's Fishsticks & Sundry

10 Shocking Societal Facts We Accept As 'Normal'

Eerie Pages From 19th-Century Occult Calendar


Hurricane Katrina Then And Now

Conspiracy Of Silence - Full Banned Documentary (1994) - Vid

Ecuador Volcano Spewing Ash 28,000 ft High

Yellowstone Super Eruption Would Cover US in Ash, Stop Flying

Eating Meat Causing 'Dangerous Climate Change' - Scientists

Why We Can't Cure Cancers

Energy Drinks Cause Heart Problems

5 Plants To Boost Your Sex Life - Vid

'I Thought I Would Die Because Of My Hair Dye'

Mystery UFO Sighting Over Cinnamon Brow

The Roswell Rock

Replicating the Roswell Rock - Vid


Russia - US, EU Must Demand Kiev Stop Killing

Lavrov - Kiev Demands Militia Lay Down Arms Absurd

Kirwan - Western Projections Has Failed Across The World

Israel Steals Big Piece Of West Bank For 'State Use'

Malloy Wipes Floor With Pinhead Israel Apologist - Vid

Conniving Jewish Caucus In CA State Legislature

Obama Turnes Prepper, Warns Of Coming Crisis

Scientists - Prepare For More Riots, Brace Yourself - Vid

SHOCKER - 24 Yrs Of US Unemployment In 10 Sec - Vid


CA Lawmakers Pass Draconian Groundwater Rules

CDC Whistleblower Story Just Keeps Getting Better

China Refuses Open Elections For Hong Kong

Cameron OKs Surveillance Of Airline Flight Lists

Australia To Send Weapons To Iraq - Vid

Abe's Stupid Political Strategy Backfiring

The Foley 'Crisis Actor' Video - Interesting But Wrong - Pics

Pentagram Actually Has A 'Battle Plan' For Zombies

What's Behind The Pentagon Zombie (Training) Plan

Eat The Rich!

Atlantic City Facing Unprecedented Econ Collapse

San Bernardino Bankrupt And Flailing


Fed's Database To Track “Subversive Propaganda” Online

Police Brutality Is Not New…Now It's just Militarized

Watch - Common Sense From Young American Black Man - Vid

Deek Jackson - Fake ISIS Execution - Vid

Nurse Won't Force Feed At Gitmo - Court Martial

Largest Online Privacy Breach? - Stars Private Photos

Water ATMs Bring Relief To Thirsty Country

Walmart Offers Health Care For $40

Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Kill Babies?

Slip Into Your Mind For A Few, If I Might...

Threats To Free Press, From Ferguson To WH

Napa Quake Not All Shaking The Vineyards

Fast Food Ice More Bacteria Than Toilet Water

Will New 4D Coaster Terrify People To Death? - Vid

Most Powerful Commercial Satellite Images

How Does Our Sun Shine?

Ten Incredible Texts From Our Ancient Past

Broken Promises On National Service

What To Wear In Space - Vid

Is Medical Pot The Answer To Pain Killer Epidemic?

340% Higher Risk Of Autism In Boys From MMR Vax

Next Steps in Near-Death Experiences Research


Lawson - The Legend of 911 - 13 Years On - Vid

Ron Paul - US Govt Knew About 9/11

More Than 100 Kiev Troops Surrender

Militia Releases Over 220 Kiev Soldiers

Russia Sends Back 63 Ukrainian Soldiers

Putin Calls For Talk On E and S Ukraine Statehood

Obama Using Putin To Hide US Intervention - Vid

Kiev Used Ceasefire To Bring In More Troops - Putin

Only 1/3 Of Donetsk Population Remains

Putin Says Nothing About Novorossia Statehood


Russian Bloc Ready To Send Peacekeepers

Ukraine Is A Crimean War 2.0 - Vid

Russian Efforts To End Ukraine Crisis Heroic

Two Chance Meetings While Traveling In Europe

MSM Suppresses Hard Truths On Ukraine

Iraqi Forces, Volunteers Break ISIS Siege Of Amerili

2 Month ISIS Siege Of Amerli Broken By Iraq

Jewish ISIS Wear Gloves To Conceal Skin Color

ISIS Sells Izadi Women For $1,000 Eech

Kerry - 'Airstrikes Alone' Won't Defeat ISIS Genocide

12,000 Killers From 81 Nationalities Fighting In Syria

Netanyahu Threatens Reoccupation Of Gaza Strip

Israel Takes More Palestinian Land In West Bank

Israel's Thermonuclear Blackmail

US Military On Israel Nuclear Blackmail Of America

Israel Downs Drone Near Syria

Israel Gaza Fiasco Results In New Sanctions On Iran

Hamas Backs Abbas Plan To End ‘Israeli Occupation’

NATO Chief Wannabe Barroso Threatens Putin

NATO Bases For Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Poland

Cameron Wants FIFA Take 2018 World Cup From Russia

Kick Russia Out Of SWIFT, UK Demands

US To Blame Russia For Coming Dollar Collapse!

Dean - EU Will Go Broke Over Russian Sanctions

Roberts - West Legitimacy Gone (won't talk 'Zionism')


Roberts - EU Is US Puppet On Russia Sanctions

Obama Using Putin To Mask US Interventions

Feds Run 'Illegals Can Return' Ads In Border Towns

Mind Control - 24 TV News Stns...EXACTLY Same Script - Vid

PMs Of Canada, Oz Reading Exactly Same Speech - Vid

CDC Whistleblower Confession - He's Still In Danger

Joan Rivers Daughter - 'Fingers Crossed' - Vid

Joan And Melissa 'Bucket List' - Vid

Google Censorship Deletes 19 Million Results

Monsanto Trickbag 101

Central Bankers Warn Of 'Perfect Storm'

How To Survive The End Of The World


Ortho Jews Expelled From Guatemalan Refuge

BBC Scotland Blatantly Lying To Skew Indy Debate

Stiglitz - Scotland Near New Peiod Of Enlightenment

Scotland's NO Campaign MP Terrified Of Groceries

Salmond - 'Missing Million' Poised To Speak

Scottish Women May Swing Vote - 3 Weeks To Go

The Roots Of Police Militarization

Ferguson Is Everywhere Now

Fee To Renounce US Citizenship Up 400% To $2,350

Satellite Pics Show MYTH Of Arctic Ice Meltdown

What Did Blair Know About Rotherham Child Sex?


UK Cops To Raid Mainly Asian Child Sex Gangs

Argentina May Move Capitol From Buenos Aires

China, HK Poised For Showdown Over Democracy

Mystery UFO Caught Baffles Police - Vid

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne - Vid

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

Woodstock, Losing The Name, Transcending The Negative

Why Humanity Must Come Through

10 Commandments American Indians Live By

How We Told Our Kids About Sex

Drinking Tea Drops Non-CV Mortality By 24%

18 Healthy Reasons To Sip Kombucha

11 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic

Fighting E. Coli Outbreaks With Cinnamon

Early Use of Antibiotics Alters Immunity Later On

Physically Fit Kids Grow Stronger Brain Performance

Sexuality – The Missing Coordinates

You'd Have To Be Insane ToFollow MSM Med Advice

$10,000 Blood Test - Why Are Some Prices So High?

Gold Therapy Hope For Brain Cancer

Senator’s Thesis Not Plagiarism, More Likely Fraud

Junking Down Our Food Supply

Eight Diseases To Watch Out For At the Beach

40% Of Americans Will Develop Diabetes

Cannabis Continues to Eradicate Disease

Malaria's Strongest Drug Is Becoming Obsolete

Top 15 Lies About Health & Mainstream Medicine

The Visionary Nature Of Plant Medicines

7 Essential Foods For Healthy Lungs

Diabetes Wonder Drug Can Have Serious Effects

Officials Warn Of Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Why Brain Tumors Are More Commen In Men

10 Things People Have No Clue Are Inside Meat

5 Reasons To Juice Your Cannabis

Homemade Natural Sunscreen

Natural Remedies To Treat Your Migraine

Family Stopped Eating Sugar For A Year - The Results

Dementia Cases Soar 60% In Just SEVEN Years

Why Rechargeable Batteries Lose Charge So Quickly Revealed

Hiccups Are Still A Mystery

What’s Killing 5500 Aussies Each Year?

Top 15 Lies You're Being Told About Mainstream Medicine

Is Marijuana The Future For Epilepsy?

Kids Lose Their Memory If They Drink Too Much Sugar

Have You Had A Cancer Latte?

New Found Gut Virus In Half Word Population

Food Allergies Silently Making You Fat?

Elixir Of Long Life Recipe In Unearthed Bottle

Kale Shortage Goes Worldwide As Popularity Soars

6 Reasons You Should Eat Avocados

How And Why To Boycott Factory Farmed Chicken

10 Young People Who Are Improving Food System

Raw Milk Versus Pasteurized - Which Is Safer?

5 Ways Corrective Lenses Ruin Your Eyesight

Life Expectancy Threatened By Chronic Conditions

11 Health Benefits Of Cherries

Grow Your Own Painkillers

Dietary Supplemennts Reduce Processed Meat Cancer Risk

So Where Did HIV REALLY Come From? Manmade?

60% Of UK Bread Has Pesticide Residues

Drug-Resistant Superbug Cases Rise Significantly In SE US

Curcumin Kills Throat Cancer Cells - Study

Top 7 Natural Remedies For Bronchitis

12 Negative Aspects Of Consuming Cannabis

Advantame – 'New & Improved' Artificial Sweetener

If Tuberculosis Spreads

Malaysia DengueCases Reach Endemic

Wheat - 200 Confirmed Reasons Not To Eat It

Better Than Vitamin D?

Summer Guide To Healthy Produce

11 Characteristics Of Happy People

US Food Manufacturing – Scientific Or Reckless?

Some States Insane Number Of Painkiller Rxs

Foods To Reactivate Your Pineal Gland

Cannabis May Cure Addiction To Hard Drugs

Welcome To The Party, Alzheimers & Diabetes

Antibiotics Causing Transgenerational DNA Damage

The Truth About Fruit Juice

7 Reasons To Stop Eating Bread

The Link Between Oral Health And Your Heart

US Work Obsession Killing Our Quality Of Life - Vid

You’re Eating Human Hair - Hidden Ingredients

Social Robots Will Change Your Life

Everything About Colloidal Silver

Healthiest Foods To Stock In Your Kitchen

Coconut Water Replace Your Sports Drink?

Could Cannabis Prevent Alzheimers?

CDC Coverup Autism, Mercury Link Via Vaccines

Crohn's Hospital Admissions Up 300%


UFO off

‘Huge’ UFO Reported Over Texas Town

Airline Pilot Photographs UFO Triangle Over MD

UFO Photographed At Van Lake In Turkey? - Pic

Churchill Misinformed About The UFO Issue?

Three UFO Lights In Daylight Clouds - Vid

UFO Cam In PA As Reported On GMA - Vid

'Space City' - Houston Looks For Explanation - Vid

Pilots Baffled By Orange And Red Lights In Dead Of Night

Pilot Photos Mysterious Red Glow Over Pacific

Re-Entries Of Rocket Boosters…And UFOs

UFOs Over Russian Nuclear Weapons Test Site - Vid

Do We Need A UFO Threat?

UFOs Over San Diego - Vid

Giant UFO Looked Like ‘Star Wars’ Ship - Vid

Deputies Chased By UFO 1965

Apollo 11’s UFO . . .

UFO Mystery At Peggy's Cove Solved - Military

Police Constable Abducted By ET?

The Committee To Study ETs, UFOs Is Real

NASA Debunks Mars' Alien Bone Claims

UFO Spotted By Japanese Jet & US Radar 1986

Pilot - UFO Dwarfed His 747 - 1987

Curiosity Photo Of 'Thigh Bone' On Mars?

UFOs Over Ocean Isle? - Vid

UFO Captured On Video In Amarillo

Three UFOs Baffle Shropshire Resident

Google Moon Shows Alien Base? - Vid

UFOs Over Sevenoaks, UK - Vid

Mystery Cloud Or UFO Over Sacramento? - Vid

Shoot Down ONE UFO, Face Space War - Ex-Cdn MOD - Vid

LA Protest Of LAPD Execution Of Young Black Man

ETs Are Already Here

MUFON's 'Hangar 1 - The UFO Files' Gets 2nd Season

UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew | VIDEO

UFOs Photographed By Father And Son

Controversy Over Mysterious UFO Lights Continues

The Coyne Helicopter UFO Case


25 Years Of UFO Sightings In Canada

UFO Watchers Accuse NASA Of Big Coverup

UFO Flies Behind Anchor In Live Oz Newscast

Secret UFO / Alien Files Viewed At McClellan AFB

Police Officer Reports Sphere UFOs Over Illinois

UFOs Photographed Over Houston

V-Shaped UFO Over Burlington, Canada

Roswell’s Aliens - Where Are They Now?


FUKU off


Whitebait Fishing Resumes Off Fukushima

Orcas Dying In Puget Sound - Top Of Radiated Food Chain

Fukushima Governor OK Nuke Waste Storage For $3 Bn

Seals, Whales, Birds Dying En Masse On West Coast

ST-90 Now DOUBLE Cesium - 2 Trillion Bq Into Sea A Month

ST-90 Founds Along W Coast, Plutonium Suspected, Too

Big Meeting On Radiation And West Coast Wildlife

Physicists - Fukushima Reactors Pose An ETERNAL Threat

Experts Worry About CA Only Nuke Plant After Quake

US Hit With'VERY High Levels' Of Fukushima Plume

CA - 'Biotoxins' ...Deadly Seal Seizures, Sea Food Scare

Mass Die-Off Of W Coast Sea Llife...Fukushima Rad, Or?

Fukushima R3 Was Likely A Nuclear Explosion

TEPCO Failed To Deliver Needed Equipment On 3-11

Fukushima Releasing 8 Billion Bq A Day Into Pacific

Fukushima Rules Against TEPCO In Suicide Suit

Fukushima High Number Or Disaster-Related Suicides

Mass Animal Deaths For 2014

Only 1% Of Sockeye Salmon Return To US Waters

Jelly Fish-Like Creatures Wash Ashore In Puget Sound

5 Quakes Hit Osaka Bay In 16 Hours

Wipp - Radioactive Foam With Plutonium In It Blew Out

Massive Radiation Spikes From All Nuke Plants Hidden

30,000 Tokyo Households Moved From Rad Fears

Workers Consider Removing Cooled Melted Fuel

Japan Increases Use Of Rainwater

Japan Paper - We'll Never Know How To Stop Fukushima

316% Over BG Radiation In Central Illinois Rain

S Korea Returns 20 Tons Radioactive Japan Seafood

Huge Amount Cs134/137 From R3 In 10 Min Year Ago

Fukushima Rad Damager Showing In Entire Ecosystems - Vid

ABC Reports Of Strange Del Mar Race Horse Deaths - Vid

Nuke Plants Crumbing To Dust Worldwide

TIME - Fukushima Far From Fixed

Life In A Fukushima World

Jeff & Dana Durnford - Our Legacy...A Dead Pacific- Vid

Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster - Vid

West Coast Rad Exposure 500% Higher Than Stated

US Officials Visit Fukushima - 'Like A Sci-Fi Movie


Ebola off


Liberia MoH&SW September Ebola Reports

Ebola Outbreak & Quarantine - In Freetown SL

Brit Ebola Case ex-Sierra Leone Discharged After ZMapp

A Good Death - Ebola And Sacrifice - NE Journal Medicine

CDC Chier - Ebola Is Out Of Control

US HHS Funds ZMapp Development

United Nations Special Briefing On Ebola

Ebola Confirmed In US SIM Dr In Monrovia

Suspect Ebola In Zaria Kaduna Nigeria

Another US Doctor Infected With Ebola In Liberia

Ebola Has Put W Africa's Entire Food Supply At Risk

MSF Calls For UN Troops In W Africa To Help

Market Goers Flee Ebola Victim Looking For Food - Vid

Ebola Death Toll In DR Congo Increases To 31

Sister of Fatal Port Harcourt Ebola Case Symptomatic

Nurses Go On Strike In Monrovia Over Lack Of PPEs

Liberia Ebola Deaths Increase 202 - Cases Up 212 - 67% CFR

DR Congo Ebola Cases Increase to 53

Experimental Vaccines, Major Quarantines, Ebola Rages

Human Ebola Vax Trials To Begin This Week

Guinea Ebola Case Fatality Rate at 76% for 460 Deaths

Smuggled Bushmeat - Ebola's Back Door To America

Man Hospitalized In Sweden With Suspected Ebola

Sweden May Have First Ebola Case

3 Patients In Port Harcourt Nigeria Center

Liberian & Congolese HCWs Recover With ZMapp

Ebola Senegal Case Raises Alarm

Senegal Puts 20 Under Surveillance For Ebola

Scientists Says Ebola Virus Mutating Rapidly

WHO Confirms Ebola In Senegal ex-Guinea

Ebola Spreads In Major W Africa Cities

Worst Ebola Outbreak Moving Into Africa's Cities

What Drives Ebola Doctors?

Reported W Africa Ebola Cases Up 550 In A Week

5 Co-Authors Of Latest Ebola Study Die Of it

ZMapp Protects Monkeys Up To 5 Days After Infection

Suspected Ebola Case in Gatineau, Quebec

Ebola In Senegal - Interesting Oil And Gas Map

Suspected Brussels Belgium Ebola ex-MSF W Africa

Ebola Confirmed In Senegal Ex-Guinea

Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Spreads To Senegal

Confirmed Ebola In DR Congo Increases To 13

Ebola Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Over W Africa

MSF Reinforces Response To DRC Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Rumor Riot In Nzerekore Guinea - Shots Fired

Guinea Riots - HCW Blamed Spreading Ebola In Market

WHO Ebola Response Roadmap Situation Report 1

ZMapp Reverts Advanced Ebola In Nonhuman Primates

Ebola - Awful West Point Quarantine Photos

Is There A Big Oil Angle To The Ebola Outbreak?

Oil, Gas Discoveries In W Africa Ebola Hot Zone - Maps

FDA Warns Of Online Ebola 'Cures' Or 'Prevenitves'

Nigeria Jails Anyone Claiming A Cure For Ebola

Will Ebola Be Pretext To Chip Us All?

Ebola Virus Has Mutated During Outbreak

West Point Ebola Quarantine - Formula For Disaster

Liberia West Point Quarantine Sows Social Chaos

Monrovia, Liberia…'The Gates Of Hell' - Nightline

99 Sierra Leone Ebola Sequences Published

WHO Issues Road Map On 20,000 Ebola Cases

WHO Liberia Update 70 New Deaths 296 Cases

US Ebola Vaccine Trials To Begin Next Week

Ebola Exposed CDC Worker Flown Home To US

Ebola Patient Arrives In Germany For Treatment

First Ebola Vax Trials To Begin In US

Dr Richard Besser On Ebola Quarantined West Point

Thousands Of Ebola Cases In Monrovia - MSF Employee

West Point Ebola Clinic 'Looters' Now Have Ebola

Confirmed Ebola & 42 Total Cases In DR Congo]

Zaire Ebola Confirmed In DR Congo

Ebola Cluster In Port Harcourt Nigeria

3rd Doctor Dies From Ebola in Sierra Leone

WHO - Ebola In Democratic Republic Of Congo s

Donetsk Residents Stick Together To Survive

Kiev Releases All Detained Russian Paratroopers - Vid

New Sanctions vs Russia May Mean Full Scale War - Vid

Putin's Electoral Rating Peaks At 71% - Poll

Putin Talks Ukraine, NATO, Crimea - Vid

Kirwan - Secrets And Lies!

US Military Hits ISIS With Airstrikes Near Iraq Town

ISIS Using Weapons From CIA - Lindorff

Saudi King - US And Europe Next ISIS Targets

It Will Take 20 Years To Rebuild Gaza - Vid

UK Spends $80 Million On NATO Summit Fence

Selling NATO's Killing Machine

America's 'Worst President' Was Actually Very Good


Social Media Barons Pushing The New Barbarity

Cop Who Pointed Rifle At Ferguson Protesters Quits

Suicide Hijacker Killed 43 - Media Silent

Joan Rivers On Life Support - New Report

Joan Rivers Condition 'Serious' Says Daughter

Home-Flipping Collapses In SF Losses Spread

Rent Or Buy? Look At The Math

LA Schools Need To Think Outside The iPad

Last Surviving Hindenburg Crew Member Dies At 92

‘Huge’ UFO Reported Over Texas Town

Airline Pilot Photographs UFO Triangle Over MD

Strange 'Spikes' Spotted In Siberia By ISS Crew

Woman Working 4 Jobs To Make It Dies In Car Mishap

Convicted Spy Family Rngleader Dies In Prison At 77

Ellis Island In Reverse

Wide Methane Seepage On Atlantic Ocean Margin

A Truck Driver's Life

JoeTalk - Someone Has To Do Something - Vid

5 Things To Know About Earthquake Faults

Secret Tunnels Of Ancient Mesopotamian Cult

The Universal 'Anger Face'

Widespread Methane Seepage On Atlantic Ocean Margin

NDEs Shouldn’t Be Treated As Crazy


Euro Volunteers Fighting With Kiev In East

EU Volunteers Join Both Sides In E Ukraine

Donetsk Resistance Downs 4 Kiev Assault Planes

Russia Demands Release Of MH17 Recordings

7 Die As Ukraine Cargo Plane Crashes In Sahara

2 Russian Emb Guards Held In Kiev Now Released

Ukrainians Taught Energy Saving, Alt Heating

Polish Anti-Russia PM Tusk To Be Top EU Official

Irresponsibly Challenging Russia

ISIS Selling Yazidi Women In Syria

Why Does ISIS Fit Perfectly With The PNAC?

Iran Tests Bavar-373 - To Substitute Russian S-300

Obama - Trojan Horse, Warmonger And Deceiver

Meltdown Of The Scottish Independence NO Campaign

Cameron Said To Be 'Nervous' Over Scottish Vote

Brit MP Galloway Brutally Attacked For His Views - Vid

Galloway Jaw Broken By 'Holocaust'' Raving Attacker

Ex Brit Amb Says UK A Rogue State, Danger To World

Scandal Over Rotherham 'Deleted Child Abuse Files'

Cameron Plans To Seize Terror Suspects' Passports


Illegals The Reason British Schools Drowning

More Armed Police To Hit Brit Streets

Kissinger - New World Order At A Turning Point

CA Lake Lost 63 TRILLION Gallons Of Water

CA Tough Measures To Limit Police Drone Use

OK Cops Charged With Raping Abusing Black Women

Vid Shows Thugs Cops Tasering Black Father On Bench

Scientist Telepathically Sends Message 5,000 Miles

China Warns Foreign Powers Not To 'Use' HK

Time-Warner Customers Of The World Unite!

3.5 Yrs After Fukushima Towns Eerily Empty - Vid


7 Scary Ingredients In Food

Chile Sea Bass Even More Mercury Than Thought

US Stops Over 1,000 Rat-Sized Snails

100' Sea Critter That Deploys A Net Of Death

Why Doctors Are Sick Of Their Profession

Angst And The Empty Set

Billions Of Locusts Invade Madagascar Capitol

Sensing Sacred Objects

Why You Feel Tired All The Time And How To Beat It

This Simple Mind Trick Puts Stress To Sleep

Spain Health Ministry Confronted to Ban HPV Vax


Jeff & Preston James - A Higher Order Of Conspiracy - Vid

Putin Tells Zio West Don't Mess With Nuclear Russia

Ukraine Troops Get Anti-Tank Weapons - Are Surrounded

Russian Kiev Diplomats Kidnapped - Declared 'Missing'

NATO Plans 10,000 Rapid Deployment Troops

Eliz Warren OKs Israel Slaughter Gaza Schools, Hospitals

3,000 Unguided Rockets Fired On Israel During Gaza 'War'

Kerry Decries ISIS Genocide Agenda

Brown's Criminal Record Includes 2nd Degree Murder?

MSM Ignores White Marine Beaten By Blacks

MN Cops Violently Arrest Black For Sitting On Bench - Vid

20 Illegals Beach Boat, Walk Up Beach In San Diego - Vid


Joan Rivers Still In Medically-Induced Coma

N Ireland Dad Tries To Stop WiFi - Forced On Psych Meds

Apollo Astronauts Describe Lunar Aroma

Huge Plasma Filament, Storm Alerts - Vid

Why So Few Doctors In Rural America?

Why Aren't All US Active Volcanoes Monitored?

If Half of All Species Go Extinct, Will One Be Us?

Your Bacterial ‘Aura’ Follows You

End The Tyranny Of 24/7 Email

Hurricane Marie Could Swallow Smaller Storm Karina

Silent, Triangle-Shaped UFO Hovers Over Neighborhood

UFO Spotted Near Homes In New Jersey


Secret X-37B Space Plane Passes 600 Days In Orbit - Vid

Scientist - We'll Find Life By 2034 - Vid

Daily Habits That Cause Cancer

8 Reasons Why You Should Have Apple Cider Vinegar

China Facing A 'Time-Bomb' Of Health Crises

What People Cured Of Blindness See

Trans Fat In Food Despite '0 Trans Fat’ Labeling

20% Of People Ready To Adapt Bugs In Thier Diet

15 Health Foods That Are Really Junk Foods

Acupuncture As A Preventative Medicine

Shaken By Doubt?


Ukraine Death Toll Tops 2,600

Moscow Demands Release Of Kiev Embassy Staff

US May Give Ukraine 'Special Ally Status' Outside NATO

Putin Calls On KIev To Stop MIlitary Action In East

Br Nathanael - Fed Bail-Ins Coming For Your Cash - Vid


Ukraine Refugees In Russia Nearly 1 Million - Lavrov

Putin Likens Ukraine's Forces To Nazis

None Would Even Think Of Large-Scale Conflict With Russia - Putin

Crimea Avoided Kiev's Military By Rejoining Russia

Lavrov - No Proof About Russian Troops In Ukraine

Online List Of Russian Army Units Near Ukraine Said Fake

Who’s Real Aggressor In Ukraine? (Hint - Not Russia)

Illiegal Kiev Regime Calls For MIlitary Help From EU

Russia Has 100 Tanks Fighting In Ukraine Says UK

Obama - US Not Taking Military Action In Ukraine

Obama Ramps Up Anti-Russia Rhetoric

Don't Mess With Nuclear Russia


Kirwan - Deconstructing The Spin

Big Lies Risk Confrontation With Russia

Putin - Anything US Touches Turns Into Libya, Iraq

Brzezinski Family Business – Cold War

Netanyahu Faces Political Turbulence After Gaza

Islamists Take 43 UN Golan Peacekeepers, 81 Trapped

Gaza 'War' Postmortems

Al-Qassam Brigades Cmdr Enjoys Good Conditions

Atzmon - Holocaust Fashion Is Back

Atzmon - Chased By A Klezmer

Middle East Friendship Chart

Syria - 3 Million Refugees Displaced By War


Duff - More Than Drones Over Iran

Iran Warms Against Violation Of Its Territory

US Allows Intelsat, Eutelsat To Continue Iran Channels

Obama - No Strategy Yet To Deal With ISIS

Lendman - Fact-Checking Obama

Kim Jong-un's Banker Defects In Russia - Reports

Henry Kissinger On The Assembly Of A NWO

ACLU Sues Feds To Ensure Illegals Get Legal Svcs

How Does A Tanker With $100m In Oil Vanish Off TX?


Roberts - Israel Lobby Eliminates Another Critic

Israeli Blackmail - Clintons Weren’t The Only Ones

Roberts - Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie On Us

How US Is Using Foley And McCain To Sell War

CNN Asks Serial Liar To Comment On CDC Scandal

US Police Cmdr Puts Gun In Suspect's Mouth

Davis, CA Tells Cops To Get Rid Of Armored MRAP

CA Drought Causing Ground To Move?

All Natural' Bee-Saving Pesticide Is GMO

Bee Die-Off Proble Just Got Much Worse


IMF Calls On US To Raise Minimum Wage

Enron, Taliban & Warburg - The Untold Story

Who Killed James Forrestal? - Part 2

Boston Bombing Treason - Shocking Truths, Top Results

Practical Guide To Protesting In A Police State

Robots Could Learn To Herd Humans Like Sheep

Smart Social Policies In Finland, Dumb Here

CA Report OKs Fracking - Oil, Gas Leasing Resume

Five Ways Social Media Is Killing Dating

Evictions Soar in Hot Market, Renters Suffer

Support For Scottish Independence Surges 4%

YES Voters Say Poll May Be ‘Nobbled’

In The Limbo Inbetween

Cameron Humiliation At Scot Business Chiefs Visit

UK Terror Threat Raised From Substantial To Severe

Socialism For The Brit Rich And Capitalism For The Rest

Zombie Britain

More Tories May Defect Over Cameron Immig Open Door

Rotherham Cop Charged With Child Sex Offence

Officials Knew Rotherham Children Were At Risk

Rotherham: Cops Tried Hard To Disprove Abuse

English Children Among Unhappiest In World

One In 5 Big City Rapes, Robberies Written Off By Cops

5.7 Quakes In Southern Greece

Eruption Near Iceland Volcano - Aviation Warning

New Guinea Volcano Rruption Diverts Intl Flights

Researchers Say Our Solar System Is Inside A 'Bubble'

NASA Expert - Mystery Pacific Lights May Be HAARP

£25bn Built In Desert For 2022 Qatar World Cup

EU To Ban 'Hi Energy' Hair Dryers, Smart Phones

New 'Star Wars' Hover Bikes Can Go To 100mph

2.5 Billion On Planet Have No Toilets - UN

Simulation Theory & The Nature Of Reality - Vid

UFO Photographed At Van Lake In Turkey? - Pic

Churchill Misinformed About The UFO Issue?


Suspected Brussels Belgium Ebola ex-MSF W Africa

Ebola Confirmed In Senegal Ex-Guinea

Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Spreads To Senegal

Confirmed Ebola In DR Congo Increases To 13

Ebola Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Over W Africa

MSF Reinforces Response To DRC Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Rumor Riot In Nzerekore Guinea - Shots Fired

Guinea Riots - HCW Blamed Spreading Ebola In Market

WHO Ebola Response Roadmap Situation Report 1

ZMapp Reverts Advanced Ebola In Nonhuman Primates

Ebola - Awful West Point Quarantine Photos

Is There A Big Oil Angle To The Ebola Outbreak?

Oil, Gas Discoveries In W Africa Ebola Hot Zone - Maps


FDA Warns Of Online Ebola 'Cures' Or 'Prevenitves'

Nigeria Jails Anyone Claiming A Cure For Ebola

Will Ebola Be Pretext To Chip Us All?

Ebola Virus Has Mutated During Outbreak

West Point Ebola Quarantine - Formula For Disaster

Liberia West Point Quarantine Sows Social Chaos

Monrovia, Liberia…'The Gates Of Hell' - Nightline

99 Sierra Leone Ebola Sequences Published


US - 1,000 Russian Troops Have Entered Ukraine

Russia, Ukraine Are Now In A Shooting War?

Russian 'Invasion' Shifts Momentum In Ukraine

Donetsk To Offer Corridors For Trapped Kiev Troops

Porky, Mrs Merkel Discuss Donbass Dilemma

Will Sanctions Sideline The US Dollar?

UN Warns ISIS Violence Against Syrians Worse


Israelis Demo Several Pal Homes In Jerusalem

Tanker With $100m Iraqi Oil Vanishes Off TX

Obama - 'We Dont Have A Strategy Yet'

Support For Scotland YES Votes Picking Up

N CA Counties Petition To Form Jefferson - 51st State

Scientists Warn CA Drought Could Last 35 Years

Bottled Water Given As Wells Run Dry In CA

Deadly Brain Eating Amoeba Found In Water Supply

Joan Rivers 'Critical But 'Resting Comfortably'

More Gun Suicides Than Murders In US

Banks May Seize Your Money To Recapitalize


Helsinki’s Plan To Make Private Cars Obsolete

Killer Robots Must Be Outlawed Says UN

Hollywood Stars Endorsing Carbon Tax Takeover

Univ Files Charges Against Student For Joking

Blacks Must Confront Reality

New Stonehenge Discovery Changes Everything

Mineral Deficiency - Tied To Every Disease, Illness

Misdiagnosing 1 Million Kids With ADHD

Algorithm Could Turn Us All Into Sheeple?

The Historic Return Of The American Bison

Photos Of 'Yeti Footprints' Hit Auction Block

India To Give 1.3 Billion People Bank Accounts

Iran’s Great, Dying Salt Lake

Swapping Good & Bad Memories In Mice

Simulation Theory And The Nature Of Reality

Narcotic Drugs Manufactured By Yeast?

Scientists Fix Memories - Unhappy To Happy In Mice

How Has Stephen Hawking Survived 40 Years?

12 Stephen Hawking Quotes

Strange Facts About The Psychology Of Risk

How to Recognize an Energy Vampire

'Spooky' Quantum Entanglement Reveals The Invisible


Putin Calls For Trapped Kiev Troops Safe Pass To Russia

Kirwan - Zionist Ukraine Has Failed

Porky Screams 'Russian Tanks Are Invading!'

Invisible Russian Army Invades Ukraine

The Russians Are Coming...Big Lies

Duma Speaker Dismisses Porky's Claims Of 'Invasion'

Idiot Obama Threatens More Sanctions On Russia

No Sharp Food Prices In Russia After Embargo

Belarus To Send 70,000 Tons Of Cheese To Russia

NATO Forces In E Europe May Lead To Endless War

Anti-Russian Rhetoric PRE-Dated Ukraine Crisis


Moscow Not Interested in Sanctions - Lavrov

Unlike NATO, Russia Accepts Different Opinions - Lavrov

James Foley Execution A Fake? - Look At This - Vid

Israel’s 50 Day Gaza Holocaust By Numbers

Netanyahu Blasted At Home For Ceasefire Deal

US Rabbi Slams Israel’s ‘Bloodshed’ In Gaza

Resistance Weapons Are 'Sacred' - Hamas

Fisk - No Victory For Israel

First UN Aid Convoy Arrives In Gaza Strip

Palestinians Win - Giant Step Toward Final Victory

SD Football Broadcaster Suspended For Jewish Joke

Bombs On Syria - Washington Gone Mad

US Exposed - Iraqi Izadis Abandoned On Mountain

ISIS Burn Down Marijuana Farm In Syria - Vid

CIA Analyst - US War Plan Involves Syria, Turkey, Jordan


ISIS Completely Created By The US - Ex-CIA Contractor

ISIS - We Will Attack Saudi Arabia

Targeting Syria

Obama To Sign Climate Agreement Without Congress

Did The CIA Poison Hugo Chavez?

Paul Craig Roberts - US Manifestation Of Leninism

America’s Obsession With War As Foreign Policy

Obama Foreign Policy - Disaster On Top Of Disaster

Blacks Think Race Relations Worse Under Obama

US White City Districts Pulling Away From Black Cities

Another US Police State Civilian Execution

Joan Rivers To Hospital - 'Critical'….'Stopped Breathing'

Mind Control - Scientists Zap Emotion Link to Memories

Getting Inside The Mind Of Mainstream Media

Why Is Homelessness A Crime In Many US Cities?

5 Companies That Control The World's Food

China To Respond To US Surveillance Flights

China Criticizes Abe For Honoring 'War Criminals'

France Unemployment Rate At New Record

IMF Chief Confirms She Faces Fraud Case Charges

BRICS Counterbalance To Anglo-American Hegemony

Doom - Kangaroo Campus Courts

Epigenetics And Implications For GMO Crops Using RNA

Analyst - GMOs Could Destroy Life On The Planet

Scottish Vote - NO Campaign Convinces New YES Votes


BBC Skewing TV Debate With Schizo Heckling

Cameron Scotland Visit Problem For NO Campaign

UK Exit From EU In Hands Of Scottish Voters

Orkney health chief backs Yes to protect NHS

Panama - 'Scotland Can Have Strong Economy Like Ours'

Rotherham Child Sex Tip Of Iceberg - Activists

Closed Shop At The Top In Deeply Elitist Britain

Top Of British Society A Racket For The Privileged

Things David Cameron Missed While On Holiday

Tory MP Douglas Carswell Defects to Ukip

Net Migration To UK Soars By 40% To 243,000

UK’s Cameron Follows Blair Script On Terrorism

Pot-Smoking Couples - Less Domestic Violence

Intention And The Rite Of Disengagement

Three UFO Lights In Daylight Clouds - Vid

UFO Cam In PA As Reported On GMA - Vid

'Space City' - Houston Looks For Explanation - Vid

Welcome To The Integratron!

Southeast Louisiana Is Disappearing

The Earth Uplift Legend

USGS - Yellowstone Blast Will Send Ash Across US

Pitt and Joie Marry In France

TED Talk On MS Comes With A Warning

Butchered Chickens Scare Meat Eaters - Vid

3 Children Whose Stories Support Reincarnation

Quantum Mechanics - How We Are All Connected

5 Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed?

Artist Suffers Cancer Of The Pineal Gland

Big Brother Paranoia, Surveillance & The Drug War

3 Vaccines That Should Be Banned Forever

Back-to-School Vaccines - Know The Risks

'Burning Man' Freak Show - Cutting Edge Of The END

Mystery Illness Hits Girls In S American Town

Are We More Narcissistic Than Ever Before?

Healthy Glow From Veggies Better Looking Than Tan


WHO Issues Road Map On 20,000 Ebola Cases

WHO Liberia Update 70 New Deaths 296 Cases

US Ebola Vaccine Trials To Begin Next Week

Ebola Exposed CDC Worker Flown Home To US

Ebola Patient Arrives In Germany For Treatment

First Ebola Vax Trials To Begin In US


3,000-4,000 Russian Vols Fight With Donetsk Resistance

Ukraine Troops Cross Into Russia Seeking Refuge

McGrath - Monsanto, IMF, NATO, Etc, To Own Ukraine - Vid

3rd New Sub For Russia Black Sea Fleet To Launch Soon

Russian Hackers Hit JPMorgan Over Sanctions

The Big One - CDC Whistleblower Goes Public Now

CDC Cover Up Extends To Media And Journals

Is Miami On The Brink Of A Nuclear Disaster?


Obama Names Soros-Backed Wonk To Labor Dept

Obama Admin Sued Over Common Core

Mind Control & Remote Control Humans -: Estulin - Vid

Internet Outage Hits Millions In The US

Shortage Of Truck Drivers Hits US

Supermarkets Suffer Ice Shortage

Experts Expect Markets To Drop 60%

Homeless Camps Spread Throughout PA

What Happened To All The Gun Buyers?

Smartphone Kill Switch Now Required In CA

Inside The Hidden Cellphone Network SS7


Mega-Rich Pastor Uses Drones To Spread Word

Mysterious Flashes In Sky From Napa Quake

Mom Arrested For Cursing In Front Of Kids

FDA - Tell TSA About Prescription Drugs You Have

Campaign Finance Fix

Dengue Fever In Japan - First In 70 Years

Pornstar Explains College... Almost

Climate Change - The Primary Causes Of Global Warming

Death Valley - Mystery Of 'Sailing Rocks' Solved (?)

Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs

Report - Panda May Have Faked Pregnancy For Food

Barney Oldfield's 1917 'Golden Submarine' Race Car


Jeff & Texe Marrs - Elite Push US, Canada, Mex To NAU - Vid

Dr Richard Besser On Ebola Quarantined West Point

Thousands Of Ebola Cases In Monrovia - MSF Employee

West Point Ebola Clinic 'Looters' Now Have Ebola

Confirmed Ebola & 42 Total Cases In DR Congo

Zaire Ebola Confirmed In DR Congo

Ebola Cluster In Port Harcourt Nigeria

3rd Doctor Dies From Ebola in Sierra Leone

WHO - Ebola In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Ebola Efforts Overwhelmed in Liberia

Suspect Fatal Ebola In Port Harcourt ex-Lagos Nigeria

People Paid 4 Pounds A Day To Bury Ebola Dead


Kiev Army Burns 3 Alive In Car In Center Of Donetsk

US Says Russia 'Opens New Front Against Ukraine'

Nato Plans East Euro Bases To Counter Russia 'Threat'

Red Cross To Accompany Next Russian Aid Convoy

Nearly 1 Million Ukraine Refugees Now In Russia

Ukraine Not Responsible For Gas Delivery To Europe

NATO Powerless To Stop Russian Invasion Of E Europe

Putin Threatens Trade Sanctions Over Kiev EU Deal

US Intel - 300 Americans Fightings With ISIS

Greeks Fighting Alongside Donetsk People’s Militia

ISIS Ends Syrian Air Defenses - US Surveillance Starts

ISIS Insanity - Executions, Amputations, Lashes

Israeli Officer Hit In Syria-Rebels-Israel Battle


Myth Of ‘Limited’ US Airstrikes In Syria

US Starts Reconnaissance Flights Over Syria

Peace President Plots War On Syria

Kirwan - Holding The World Hostage

Gaza Truce Holding - Netanyahu's Support Not

Don’t Let Israel Get Away With Gaza Massacre

Israel's Unconditional Defeat In Gaza - Vid

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?

Financial Crisis Explodes In Austria

Send Humanitarian Care For Iraq

Gaza Ceasefire - Hold The Cheers

First Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


IAEA Audit - US Is The Problem, Not Iran

CDC Whistleblower's Contact Censored

Update- CDC WhistleblowerTalking With Congress

Mercury, Vaccines, Autism - More Fraud At The CDC

The Monopoly Of The Govt Education Cartel

Googly-Eyed Warmonger Hillary - Dumbcrat Darling

Dozens Of PDs Lose Military Weapons Given To Them

Kansas Cops Execute White Teen With 16 Shots - Vid

Ex Oz FM - NeoCons' Bankrupted US, Drained Its Military

If You Promote Ebola Cure, Armed Men May Visit You

Detroit Resumes Shutting Off Water Service


Jewish Protesters Set Fire To Israeli Passports In NYC

Washington Imam Says Attacks Are Coordinated By FBI, CIA

US Among Top Child Porn Distributors - Russia

All US Cars May Have To Broadcast Speed, Location

Coroner - Hands Cuffed Behind Back - Man 'Shot Self In Chest'

Atlantic Whales, Woolly Mammoths & Chemtrail Extinction

Salmond Claims Momentum With Scottish YES Vote

Independence Not Just For Scotland - Russell Brand

Free Health Service At Risk If Scots Vote NO

YES Vote To Make UK Look Foolish

Experts Worry About CA Only Nuke Plant After Quake

Physicists - Fukushima Reactors Pose An ETERNAL Threat


China’s Nuclear Power Growing - US Report

China Has Lost 55% Of Its Water

1,400 Rotherham Children 'Sexually Exploited Over 16-year Period'

Rotherhan - A Putrid Scandal Of A Broken System

Rotherham - Threats And Collusion Kept Justice At Bay

Establishment Uncovered - How Power Works In Britain

UK Would Be The Poorest State If It Joined The US

UK 5 Wealthiest Families Worth More Than Poorest 20%

100 UK Cops Suspended Yearly On Corruption Suspicion

Ex-Roth Banker Named To French Cabinet In Shake-Up

CFR Proposes 'Central Banks Hand Consumers Cash Directly'

Lagarde Alleged Role In Political Fraud Case


UBS Urges Investors To Join Renewables Revolution

Proof People Are Reversing ALS, Lou Gehrig's

Bill Hicks Rips Jay Leno - Vid

Pilots Baffled By Orange And Red Lights In Dead Of Night

Pilot Photos Mysterious Red Glow Over Pacific

Re-Entries Of Rocket Boosters…And UFOs

UFOs Over Russian Nuclear Weapons Test Site - Vid

Tell USDA To Reject Dow’s 'Agent Orange’ Crops!

Putin - Russia Can't Set Ukraine Ceasefire Conditions - Vid

Russia And America - Geopolitical Opposites

ISIS Executes Scores Of Iraqis Near Fallujah


Israel vs Palestine - MSM Unreported Truths

Ultra Orthodox Jews March Against Israel - Vid

Corbett Report - Final, Shocking Truth About MH17 - Vid

IRS - Lois Lerner's Blackberry Deliberately Destroyed - Vid

The Real Reason They Killed Gaddafi

The 'War On Terror' Is A Fraud - Webster Tarpley - Vid

IRS - Lois Lerner's Blackberry Deliberately Destroyed - Vid

DOJ Atty Admits Lois Lerner Emails Exist!

McGrath - Keep The Faith - Vid

Rumsfeld’s Roadmap To Propaganda

DHS Warns Of 'Domestic Violent Extremists'


10 George Orwell Quotes That Predicted Life In 2014

CA Gov Brown Signs Smartphone 'Kill Switch Bill

Does Your FB Account Pass The Billboard Test?

Bill, Mindy Gates Donate $1 Million To Gun Control

Chicago Crime Rates Drop Since Concealed Carry

The War Against Whites Is Massively Incentivized

Cop Attacks Man For Not Fully Rolling Down Window - Vid

School Orders 'Med Eval' For Teacher Who Wrote Book

OR High Ct Gives Animals Rights...Same As Humans

Govt Requiring REAL ID To Access Federal Bldgs

Retirees SS Checks Taken For Student Loans


CNN To Dump Staff As It Falls To The Basement

Physical Silver Inventory Declined By 24%

The Sound Of Nature

Dogs Eating The Bodies Of Ebola Victims In Liberia

Ebola Fatal Cytokine Storm

CDC Director - West Africe Ebola Worse That Expected

DRC - 13 Probable Ebola Deaths & 565 Suspect Cases

13 Probable Ebola Deaths & 565 Suspect In Congo

WHO Closes Post In Sierra Leone Due To Ebola

Liberian MDs Scheduled For Discharge After ZMapp

MSF Cites Four Lab Confirmed Ebola Cases In DRC

Liberia Health Care Under Siege - Monrovia Ebola


Liberia Fires Officials Who Defied Ebola Emerg Order

Suspect Ebola 65F in Mbandaka DRC

MSF Cites Four Lab Confirmed Ebola Cases In DRC BREAKING

Donetsk Militia Claims 2 More Wins Over Kiev Troops

Donetsk PM Says They'll Never Return To Ukraine

Kiev Detains 10 Russian Soldiers In East - Vid

Putin Meets Porky For Talks In Belarus

Nutty Kiev - 'Ukraine Battled Russian Armor'

Kiev Ballistic Missile Falls On Donetsk For First Time

Sanctions Fallout Could Go Nuclear

Kirwan - Hints Of Change

Israel Oks Egypt's 'Infinite Ceasefire' Proposal For Gaza

Gaza Palestinians Celebrate Latest Ceasefire

Gaza Damage, Disaster 'Beyond Imagination' - Vid

Lendman - Another No Peace Ceasefire


Israel Annuls British Law on Arabic Language

Israeli Soldiers Clash With Palestinians In Jerusalem

Israel's End - The Countdown Has Begun - Vid

Film-Maker Calls For Cultural Boycott Of Israel

Obama Declares War On Syria

US May Finally Strike Syria - Assad Not Worried

Obama Admin Using Foley To Intervene In Syria

Foley Murdered By ISIS 1 Year Ago – Assad Rep

ISIS Demands $6.6 Millon For American Woman

Obama Spy Planes Prep For Attacks On ISIS

Ex CIA Chief Hayden - ISIS Attack On West Coming

ISIS Training Camp Found Using Online Services!


ISIS Horror In Shia Prison Massacre Emerges

Kirwan - The Death Of War

Iraq's Once Diverse, Robust Society Faces Extinction

CIA Islamists & The Destruction Of Somalia

US Military 'Ready' For Tranny Troops

Hoyer - Obama 'Can’t Legalize' Illegals

Devvy - A Bill To Stop ALL Public Welfare For Illegals

Ice Age - If It Looks Like A Duck, It Must Be A Turtle

CDC Whistleblower Is Just Tip Of The Iceberg

Another OCare Net Site Suffers Delays, Problems

GMO-Free Popularity Rising - Take THAT. Monsanto!

US Judge Overturns Law Curbing GMO Crops in HI


Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency In Gaza

Cornel West Slams 'Counterfeit' Obama Presidency

Sharpton - 'Something is wrong in America' (yeah, HIM)

White Man Suffers Brain Damage, Attacked By 20 Blacks

Black Against White Beating Forces Brain Surgery

NSA Search Engine Lets Cops Scour Data On Us

Totalitarian State More Dangerous To US Than ISIS

Pentagon Secret Hypersonic Weapon Explodes Over AK

Sovereign Debt For Territory - New Global Elite Strategy

Argentina - Odious Debt, Fiscal Mismanagement Or Pillage?

Brown - Colonization By Bankruptcy

Zero To Stupid In 4 Sec - These People Vote - Vid

Do We Need A UFO Threat?

UFOs Over San Diego - Vid

Giant UFO Looked Like ‘Star Wars’ Ship - Vid

Sunset Magic Island - Vid

Salmond Debate Win Has Boosted Scotland YES Vote

Scottish Independence Debate - Bloodsports For Vegans

Scottish Independence - Stiglitz Attacks No Camp

Photosynthesis Replicated In Lab - Limitless Hydrogen Fuel

Humans Must Quit 50% Of Planet To Save Animals

Was Big-Pharma Behind Robin Williams Suicide?

Weird Al Yankovic Hits #1 With 'Mandatory Fun'

Windowless Jets Coming - But No Talk About Vertigo?

UN Agency Calls For e- Cigarette Regulation


Iceland Volcano Hit By 5.7 Earthquake

Olive Oil Prices Set To Rise Sharply

Private Companies Offer Worldwide Spying Tools

WHO Working To Fortify Condiments, Seasonings

Medical Pot States Have 25% Fewer Opiate Deaths

Ebola Outbreak In DRC - Same Virus But Different

Ebola Case In Russia Not Confirmed

Push To Increase Access To Ebola Drug

McGrath - Proof Of Police State Rising - Vid

Obama Orders Surveillance Flights Over Syria

US Must Work With Assad Against ISIS In Syria - Vid


McGrath - Here We Go Again Into Iraq - Vid

Bombings Kill Scores More In Baghdad - Vid

New Israeli Raid Kill Two More In Gaza

A Jewish Defector Warns America

Interview With Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe - Vid

Kiev Releases Two News Reporters

Futuristic China Sub Could Reach US In 2 Hours

OKC Bombing - Claims Of 2nd Bomber, FBI Intimidation

CNN Anchor Shows Off Firearms Ignorance - Vid

Medieval Forced Blood Draws Now The Rule In GA - Vid

Neocolonialism In Malaysia

Never Buy Seafood From Big-Box Stores

CDC Vaccine-Autism Fraud -What Victory Looks Like

Hospital Using Organic Produce To Help Patients


How Fluoride Affects Consciousness & Will To Act

More Proof That NDEs Are Real

Nazca - Decoding The Riddle Of The Lines

What A Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

Unprecedented Number HCW Ebola Infected - WHO

Two MSF Workers Died From Ebola…Guinea, Liberia

Liberia Loses ZMapp Recipient Doctor To Ebola

Despite ZMapp, Liberian MD Dies Of Ebola, Deaths In Congo

Liberia's President Apologizes To Mother Of Dead Child

Ebola Contacts In Africa Go Missing - Victims Lie

Ebola Alarm Grows, Flights Canceled, Borders Closed


Kirwan - Flipping The Script

Iran May Arm Palestinians After Israeli Drone Downed

Iran Releases Pics Of Downed Israeli Drone

Hamas Captures Israeli Drone In Gaza

Netanyahu Warns Pals To Leave Gaza Targeted Sites

Tel Aviv Demo Decries Israel’s Genocide In Gaza

IDF Soldier Of The Prisoners Pics Scandal Hit by Hamas

Fascism Grips Israel

Hamas Leader Pleas To Obama To Stop Israel

The Lynchings Of American Critics Of Israel

Is Gaza Part Of War Of Arab Extinction? - Vid

We Are All Gaza Palestinians Now - Vid


Death Of James Foley - A Lot Of Questions, No Answers

Foley 'Beheading' Done AFTER His Death - Forensics Pro

Islamic State ISIS Crazies Seize Big Syrian Air Base

Syria Loses Major Air Force Base - Huge Loss - Vid

Israel, ISIL Have A Lot In Common

Isis & Social Media Don't Mean Imminent Apocalypse

Libyan Capital Of Tripoli Now Under Islamist Control

How The Brutalized Become Brutal - Chris Hedges

Porky Dissolves Parliament, Announces Elections

US-NATO To Hold Exercises vs 'Unnamed Enemy'

Porky Whines About (Alleged) Russian Border Breach

Lavrov Lashes At Kiev Shelling Civilians In E Ukraine


Russia To Send Second Aid Convoy To E Ukraine

Russia Aid Distribution Begins In E Ukraine

Russia - Red Cross Wins Aid Convoy Battle

China’s Starts Building $520m Car Plant In Russia

Russian MPs Ready Bill To Have Russia Quit The WTO

French Government Dissolved

How The Brutalized Become Brutal - Chris Hedges

Thousands Mourn Michael Brown

St. Michael Brown Was Actually A Holy Prophet

Why The CA Quake Is The Start Of Shaking In CA

Farmers Almanac Predicts 'Bitter, Frigid' US Winter

Common Core To Eliminate 'White Privilege'?


Farmers Almanac - 2015 Winter Forecast

Hillary Is A 'War Hawk' Says Little Rand The Zionist

TX Gov Perry Files Motion To Dismiss Charges

Nader - Corporations Spy On Nonprofits With Impunity

Police Militarizing With Few Checks On Power

China May Unveil OS Rivals To Apple, Google, Windows

People Don't Want More Apps

How The Internet Lost Its Way

New Social Media Surveillance Violates Your Privacy

CDC Whistleblower, Watch Out…Here Come The Mothers

Robots Receive Internet Brain For Machine Learning

Prohibition Laws And Agency Regulations


Escape From NY - City Dwellers Prep For Doom

Younger Gen Comfortable With Employer Spying

Raising A Child Is A Rigged Game In The US

What’s The North Pole Worth?

Boris - 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' For Terror Suspects

Westminster Talking Down Scottish Economy - Salmond

Academics, Industry Figures Challenge 'NO' Campaign

Economist - Scots Would Be Right To Refuse UK Debt

Wood, Oil, And Spooky Coincidence

No Oil, No Pound, No Balamory…It's All Jackanory

UK Economy Remains On Life Support

Russian Rocket Worked Perfectly In Galileo Deployment


Deputies Chased By UFO 1965

Apollo 11’s UFO . . .

Successful, Working Organ made From Laboratory Cells

What Exactly Is Reality? No Metaphor Can Describe It

DIY Mosquito Trap Catches Thousands Per Night

The Significance Of The Virgo New Moon

Wilde – Things Will Change

Strange Story Of An Artist With Pineal Cancer

Transparent Solar Concentrator - Turn Windows Into Power

Who Liberated Paris In August 1944?

How Long Do CDs Last? Not Forever

Dealing With Digital Cruelty

Where Have All The Wild Horses Gone?

How To 'Waste' Time Properly

Br Nathanael - Is Michael Brown A National Hero? - Vid


Powerful New Strain Of Gonorrhea Found In Oz

The Man Who Believes Sugar Is Poison

Mom Treats Son's Injury With Cannabis Oil, Faces Jail

Surprise - Students Aren't Getting Enough Sleep

7th Grader Finds Origin Of Mystery CA Infections

Mayan Chocolate Therapy - Vid

WHO Awaits Lab Results Proving Big Congo Ebola Outbreak

Gaza Resistance Fires 135 Unguided Small Missiles

Anonymous Strikes At Israel Over Rape Of Gaza

Israel Demolishes More Gaza High Rise Bldgs

Jerusalem More Divided Than Ever

7.0 Quake Shakes Peru

CA Quake Damages Many Historic Buildings - Vid


Quasi-Governmental PsyOps Deployed To Steal Our Future

Robots Could End Up Murdering Humans

Crazy, Insane Humans May Try To ''Hack The Planet''

Retromingent Insanity Of Dick 'Lord Of Darkness' Cheney

Hillary To Help Midterm Candidates

Methane Up From The Sea Floor…NOT Good News

The Dumbing Of America, Who Profits?

Chiquita Cocaine & Zionist Death Squads

Portals - Government Weapons ’Top Secret ‘Energy’

Violence Against Homeless May Be Classed 'Hate Crime'

Most Stylish Gym Workout Of The Year - Vid

Seed Saving Time - Ripe Seeds And The Float Test


2 New Cases Reported In Dem Republic Of Congo

Ebola Confirmed In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Brit Ebola Victim Flown Home

Sudan/Zaire Recombinant In DR Congo Outbreak?

Shortages Of Health Workers, Supplies Grow In Liberia

SF-Napa 6.1 Quake Injures At Least 120 - Vid

Biggest Quake In 25 Years Hits SF - Dozens Hurt

Dozens Captured Kiev Troops Paraded In Donetsk

Separatists Trap 1,000s Kiev Troops, Take 2 Tank Bat - Vid

Fighting Resumes In E Ukraine Near Checkpoint

Porky To Mark $3b For Army Rearmament

Ukraine's Independence Day

English Language Ukraine Today TV Now On Air

Russia Sanctions - UK Dairy Market Collapses

Kirwan - Actually, There's Much, Much More

Holocaust Survivors Accuse Israel OF Genocide

Israel Kills 7 More In Strikes On Gaza


Israel Now Leveling Hit-Rise Buildings In Gaza

Hamas Fires Volley Of Small Rockets At Israel

Lebanese Missile Lands In Northern Israel

The Destruction Of Palestinian Life In Gaza

Ferguson, Beheading To Distract Us From Gaza - Vid

Israel's Genocidal Killing Machine

US Journalist Freed In Syria After Nearly 2 Yrs

ISIS - Israel's Stick In Battle With Syria - Vid

Roi Tov - Iran Destroyed Israeli UAV

Israel Spy Drone Downed Near Iran Nuke Plant


Israel Budgets $3b For Iran Strike (your money)

Brooklyn DA Exposes Orthodox Jew Sex Cases

Gaza, Essentialism And Jewish History

In 2008, Israel Agreed To Protocol For Port Of Gaza

Syrian Jets Bomb Caliphate Capitol

Fierce Fighting Between Syria, ISIS Over Military Base

ISIS - 'Kill The Blondes' - True Story Of Genocide

Savage ISIS Murderers Are US And Israeli Agents

ISIS Hype Is To End Rule Of Law - For Them And Us - Vid

Obama Heading For War On Syria?

Staged Beheading Reason To Attack Syria - Vid

Global Elite Plan For A 'Middle Eastern Union'

NATO Behind Creation Of ISIlL - Tarpley


Significant Force' Of UK Elite Troops In Iraq

UK Reportedly Identifies Foley Executioner

Brit Youth Lured By Psychotic Death Cult - UK Imam

Why Washington's War On Terror Failed

Boko Haram Declares Caliphate In Nigeria

Young Black American Blasts The Ferguson Riots - Vid

Blame Poverty, Not Race - Ferguson's White Minority

Flagrantly Fabricated Ferguson Phenomenon

America's Long, Dark History Of Police Violence

How The Defense Industry Corrupts State Politics

Police Killings Now Epidemic In America

CNN Censors, Deletes Report On CDC Whistleblower


VT Flexes Its Nuclear Muscle

Smoking Gun On CDC Vaccine-Autism Fraud

Scots Beware - English Backlash About To Begin

Icke Vidoast - Scotland: Independent Of What?

Germans Fed Up With NATO Allies & US Wars - Vid

China Requests US Stop Surveilling Its Territory

US Warns China About jet Provocation

FBI Toi Guard UK Airports Against Jihadi Fanatics

Swedish Horse Police Trample Anti-Nazi Rally

Misrata Fighters Seize Tripoli's Main Airport

Transhumanism - From MK-Ultra To Google

Price Of the Internet Is Deep Personal Surveillance

Net Giants – 'We Won't Make You Think For Yourself'


Iceland Volcanic Eruption Under Glacier - Red Alert

Icelandic Volcano - Is This 2010 All Over Again?

Why A Man Should Always Let A Woman Speak First - Vid

New Gen Of American Train-Hopping Hobos

2 Ancient Mayan Cities Found In Mexican Jungle

20 All Purpose Remedies Using Essential Oils

UFO Mystery At Peggy's Cove Solved - Military

Police Constable Abducted By ET?

The Committee To Study ETs, UFOs Is Real

How Intuition Reveals Your Brain’s Best Decisions


3 West Point Residents Shot By Quarantine Guards

Kirwan - Is This All There Is?

Lendman - Israel Murders Journalists

US Terrorist Jews Throwing Stones At Palestinians - Vid

Zionist Forces Use Pal Child As Human Shield In Gaza

Holocaust Hoax & Jewish Promotion Of Perversity

RAPA - A Direct Path To Nuclear War With Russia

Iraqi Forces Secure Mosul Dam - Vid

MH17 Shootdown 'Classified' By Kiev, 3 Other Nations

Baghdad Was Beautiful...Once - Vid

Absolute Proof Of MASSIVE Government Conspiracy

Whistleblower Reveals Subliminals Added To TV - Vid

Wind Energy Capacity Outdoes Nuclear

Nuclear Waste Storage Ruling Could Be Catastrophic

China 2nd Test Of New Ultra High-Speed Missile

Anti Police State App - See Something, Say Something

'Sidekik' Anti-Police State App - Vid

SWAT - Hands Off Our Mine-Resistant Vehicles!

Staged Reality Of The Medical Cartel

DHS Official Busted In Child Porn Ad Sting

Woodstock Downpours GeoEngineered

Agenda 21 - The NWO Depopulation Plan - Vid

Bi-Polar? - Or Waking Up? - Vid

Transmutations Of Nuclear Waste

Fukushima, Mon Amour

Wonderful Story Of Not Saying 'Can't' - Vid

Plant Consciousness - Vid

Raising A Child To Age 18: $245,380

Clouds, What’s Real? What’s Not?

New Top Predator Taking Over The Northeast

How Plagues Really Work


Why Do Landslides Happen?

Moving Out Of Brooklyn Because Of High Prices

Obama-Netanyahu Dysfunctional Tango

Entrepreneur Creates $10m Stealth Navy Warship

Two Galileo Satellites End Up In The Wrong Orbit

Puerto Ricans Flock To US Mainland

NASA Debunks Mars' Alien Bone Claims

UFO Spotted By Japanese Jet & US Radar 1986

Pilot - UFO Dwarfed His 747 - 1987

Pregnant Women Told To Avoid Tuna…'Mercury'

Health Benefits Of Maca


Infected Brit Medic Flown Home From Sierra Leone

'Underestimated' Ebola Outbreak Spreads Fast

Sierra Leone - Jail For Hiding Ebola Patients

If They Survive The Ebola Ward, They Work On

Shelling Kills Hundreds In Besieged Luhansk In East Ukraine

Moscow Confirms Delivery Of Aid To E. Ukraine, Trucks Return To Russia

Russian Convoy Exits Ukraine

Irresponsible Putin Bashing Escalates

Russian Economist - True Causes Of Ukraine War


Russia Wants Regular, Transparent Reports on MH17 Crash Probe

Russia To Build Oil Hub For 750 Million Euro In Netherlands

Israel Bombs Drop 12 Story Tower In Gaza - Pic

New Ground Invasion Of Gaza Likely - Vid

Israel Bombs Still More Residential Areas In Gaza

Family Of Five Killed in Israeli Airstrike On Gaza

Israel Faces Big Deficit Due To Gaza 'War' (US will pay)

Last Family Deserts First Kibbutz in Greater Gaza

ISIS Surrounds City Of 17,000

US Considers Broad Military Action vs ISIS In Iraq, Syria

Fisk - Talk Of An 'Apocalyptic’ ISIS Threat Is Simply Childish

ISIS Part Of US, Israeli Agenda To Reshape Mideast

Behind Obama’s ‘Chaotic’ Foreign Policy

ISIS An Obvious CIA-Mossad Proxy

Russia Company Confirms Galileo Deployment Error

Scotland Should NOT Fear Independence

BBC Aims At YES Vote As Oil Seeps Into Debate

Scottish Independence Opportunity For Gas, Oil

Scottish independence - The McCrone Legacy

No Group Losing Out In Scotland's 'Democracy Carnival'

Kirwan - Racism & Hypocrisy Rule

Brave, Remarkable Statement From A Black American - Vid

St Louis Cop - I'm Into Diversity, I Kill Everybody - Vid

MO Cop Suspended After Radical Views


Roberts - Ferguson: No Justice In US Police State

11 Facts About America’s Militarized Police

And Don't Forget About Rex 84

25,000 DHS Staff Records Stolen In Cyber Attack

Goldman Sachs agrees To $1.2b Mtge Settlement

Chase Manhattan, God’s Banker & Arming Saddam

China Jet In 'Dangerous' Stunts Near US Plane

Are Smartphones Emotionally Stunting Young? (zombies)

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn - The Other Pedo At Maggie's Side

Spain Farmers Burn EU Flags Over Brussels Russia Policy

The Why & The Wherefore Of Whatever

Disease And 3 Recent Social Engineering 'Challenges'


How Your Morning Coffee Can Prevent Tinnitus

More Countries Close Borders Over Ebola

Ebola Outbreak Unprecedented - WHO

25% Of Americans Think They Will Catch Ebola

WHO Not Sure When Ebola Outbreak May End

Pentagon Funds Program To Track, Kill Activists

Obama Had Sharpton Report To Jarrett On Ferguson

Merc Contractor On CNN Video At Ferguson - Vid

Cop - 'If I Need To, I'll Kill A Whole Bunch More' - Vid

John Barbour On Israel And 'Anti-Semitism' - Vid

How To End The War Crimes In Gaza


Historical Perspective Of 2014 Gaza Massacre

US Strongly Hints It Will Bomb ISIS In Syria

Obama Giving ISIS Chance To Blow Up US City'

ISIS Could Shows Up At A US Mall With AK-47

US Top Brass - Striking Syria Back On The Table

Zio US Condemns Russia Relief Convoy In Ukraine - Vid

Food Embargo On Russia Barely Changes Prices

What CDC whistleblower Thompson Needs To Do Now

ABC Reports Of Strange Del Mar Race Horse Deaths - Vid

Global Warming Goes On Vacation Until 2030

Drought Sucks 63 Trillion Gallons From West US

Space-X Rocket Explodes In Flight - Vid

Court Rules: Companies Can Legally Lie To Workers

SC - Silence Of A Defendant Can Be Proof Of Guilt


The Last Time This Happened Gold Soared 80%

American Company Dropping Dollar For Bitcoin

Here Come The Robots In Retail

What Is Ice Bucket Challenge Really Supporting?

Giant Fish Swallows A Shark Whole - Vid

Fluoride Effect On Consciousness & Will To Act

Thomas Edison's House Of Wizardry

DEA Puts Restrictions On Hydrocodone

Why Are There So Many Sinkholes In FL?

Graphic Shows The Size Of Rosetta's Comet

Rescued Sea Turtle Says ‘Thank You’ - Vid


Strange Sounds In The Ocean, Source Unknown

How To Tell When A Scientific Study Is Total BS

Why Was Stonehenge Built?

This Is Your Brain On Silence

Creature Feature

‘Tube-Like’ UFO Spotted Hovering Over Town

The Integratron - Designed By An ET?

Scientists Searching For Alien Air Pollution

46 Incredible Photos You May Not Have Seen Before

The Game Of Us And Them

Yoga On The Go

Mossad Agent Admits They Did 7/7 London Bombing


UN Intensifies Ebola Response In Liberia

Young Man Wounded In West Point Quarantine Protest Dies

Soldiers Shoot Into Liberia Quarantined Crowd - Vid

Liberia Ebola Spikes - 48 Dead, 110 New Cases, 2 Days

Invisible Ebola In Liberia

How Liberian Quarantine May Help SPREAD Ebola

WHO Ebola 47% Solution - Fake CFR Numbers

Two More Confirmed Ebola Cases In Lagos - Contacts

Suspect Cases In Ireland Tests Negative

Ebola Toll - Little Boy Abandoned In West Point Died

Liberia Struggles Tp Stop Ebola Spreading

Hospitalized H3N2v in Ohio

CDC Whistleblower Thompson In Grave Danger


Russia Sends Troops, Artillery Into E Ukraine - NATO (?)

NATO Claims Russia Artillery Firing At Kiev Army

All Russian Aid Trucks Now In Lugansk

Kiev Calls Aid Convoy 'A Direct Invasion'

Porky Whines Convoy Is Intl Law Violation

CIA Analysts Won't Support WH Claims va Russia

Kirwan ...And Obama Just Plays Golf

Kirwan - Stuck In A 2,000 Year Quagmire

Netanyahu Threatens Hamas After Jewish Child Killed

Pro-Israeli Security Council Gaza Resolution

Israel To Call Up 10,000 Reservists (To 'Finish The Job')

Odd Day In Gaza - Attrition War & Occupation Money


More Than 360 Gaza Factories Destroyed, Damaged

Hamas Executes 18 Suspected Informers

469 Gaza Children Killed, 370,000 Need Psych Aid - UN

Israeli 'Settlers" Unleash Dog Pack On Palestinian Kids

Jerusalem - The Sacrificial Altar of War - Vid

World Must Suspend Arms Sales To Israel

Stop Israel At Los Angeles Port!

Pentagon - Islamic State Threat Beyond Anything Seen

US Realizing ISIS Worse Than Syria's Assad

UK Must Work With Assad To Stop ISIS

The ISIS Conspiracy Explained

Islamic Terrorists Already Over US 'Border'? - Rick Perry


Pentagon - Islamic State Threat 'Beyond Anything We've Seen''

Former Top General Calls On Obama To Wipe Out ISIS

US Considering Hitting ISIS In Syria

Hagel Calls Foley Rescue Mission 'Flawless'

Fisk - Air Strikes? Talk Of God?

US, UK Should Back Assad To Defeat ISIS - Sr UK MP

Escobar - The Killer On The (Saudi) King's Hwy

Why Wolfowitz Declared Victory in Iraq - JP Sottile

Cargill, Kissinger & The Arming Of Iraq

Sunnis Kill Dozens In Iraq Mosque

Jeff & Dana Durnford - Our Legacy...A Dead Pacific Ocean - Vid

Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster - Vid

World Humanitarian Day Hypocrisy


Cheney CERTAIN Of Another Mass Casualty Attack On The US

Western Drought Makes Earth's Surface Rise

Ferguson - National Guard Troops Stood Down

Support For Ferguson Police Officer Passes $190,000

Journalism Is Under Attack And Not Just In Ferguson

'Naked' Airport Scanners Fooled By A Simple Plastic Sheet

‘Drone-Free LAPD!’ LA Residents Protest Cop Spy Drones

Historian - Why I Now Say Yes To Scotland Independence

1 Million Scots Sign Declaration For Independence

Scottish Independence - 'Yes' Hashtag Takes Twitter

British TV Industry At Risk From US Tech/Media Giants

More Britons Suffering Malnutrition From Poverty


Martin - A Tale Of Two Obituaries

End Of The Line - GMO Production In China ENDED

Rising Political Candidate Blasts GMOs

6 Biggest Lies To Convince You GMOs Are Safe

CCD Is Only The First Alarm Bell On Bee Disaster

Why Intelligent People Fear the Truth

Researchers Achieve First Successful Telepathic Transfer

Thought Implants – Is This the Future of the Mind?

Encore - Enormous Crack In The Ground In N Mexico

Fracking Possible Cause Off 20 OK Quakes In One Day

The Counter Revolution Of 1776 - Vid

EU Ban On Powerful Vacuums Cause Rage

Thigh Bone In NASA Photo Of Mars Terrain


India Blocks Film On Indira Gandhi Assassination

China’s Hypersonic Aircraft Fails Second Test Launch

Ed Gein In A Skin Suit & Louboutins

Steps In Removing Smart Meters

JoeTalk - Death Of America - Pt 1 - Vid

JoeTalk - Illegals Taking Over America - Vid

Fire Ants Invade Hawaiian Islands

UFO Over Ohio Town - Vid

Manhattan Project Had More Than 1,500 Leaks

An Astrophysicist On Hunt For ET

Mystery Rise In Penis Birth Defects In Sweden

Biker Crashes Into Car, Flips Over Roof, Lands On Feet

Sexually Assaulted At 40,000 feet


Sacramento Ebola Tests Results Are Negative

CDC Answers Ebola Vector Questions, Sort Of

Fresh Israeli Attacks Kill Four In Gaza

Israel Defense Chief Wants 10,000 Reserves Called

Israel Has Killed 469 Gaza Children So Far - UN

Pentagon - To Get ISIS, We'd Have To Hit Syria

Hagel - Islamic States Poses Long Term Threat


TX Gov Perry - ISIS May Already Have Crossed Border

Weather Mod Using EMF Beams 'Common Knowledge'

GAO - Pentagon Broke Law In Bergdahl Swap

Wilson Suffered Orbital Eye Socket Fracture By Brown - Report

China Stops ALL GMO Production

Proof - Sandy Hook Was A Staged Media Hoax

Napolitano - Obama Deserves 10-Life In Prison

Bush League Criminals & The Arming of Saddam

MD Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Fed Gun Laws

CA Bill Lets Cops Shut Off ALL Cell Phones Remotely

CA Lawmakers To Give Legal Aid To Illegals

OK Gets Hit With 20 Earthquakes In One Day


Detroit - A Prelude To The Privatization Of Water

Scientists Developing Cow Free Milk

100,000 Elephants Killed In Africa In 2 Years

Mussel Production Falls By 90% On French Coast

Sears More Irrelevant By The Day

Atlantic City Oks $19 Million Electric Rate Hike

Farming To Be Destroyed By 3D Printer

Your Boss Will Run Your Life In A Few Years

Gates Foundation Funding Fingerprint Vax Program

Chilli Pepper Wonders - Why You Should Eat Them

Gates Foundation Funding Fingerprint Vax Program

'Young Blood' Used In New Alzheimer's Trial

MH17 Was Shot Down By Kiev Mig-29 - Top Expert

CIA Leak - Absolute Evidence 9/11 Was Inside Job


Ebola ‘Secret Serum’ From Soviet BioWar Lab & Monsanto GMO

Two US Ebola Patients Released In Atlanta

Ebola Suspect Dessie Quinn - Mountcharles, Dublin

Suspect Fatal Ebola Case Mt.Charles, Donegal, Ireland

Police Fire On Slum To Keep 50,000 In Quarantine

Ebola - Why '75%' Of Victims Are Women

Kiev Sheeling Kill More Civilians In E Ukraine

West Media 'Shockingly Dishonest' On Russia In E Ukraine

'Putin Won't Be Lured Into Invasion Of Ukraine'

Paul Craig Roberts - What Russia Can Do About Ukraine

Russia Approves Fines For Improper GMO Labeling

Porky To Dissolve Entire Ukraine Parliament Next Week


3,000 Cops Dismissed Or Quit In E Ukraine

First S-500 Missile Complex To Be Put On Alert In Russia

Kirwan - Boycott, Boycott, BOYCOTT Israel

Israelis Kill More Gaza Civilians

3 Added Assassinations Led To Netanyahu Public Panic

Israeli Gaza Genocide Intensifies - 2,065 Now Dead

Hamas Leaders Die In Waves Of Israeli Strikes

Hamas - Talks Over - Warns Of Major Airport Target

Israeli Citizens Hold KEY US Govt Positions

US Supplied Most Of Weapons For Gaza Slaughter

Western Leaders Support Israeli Genocide

The American Cult Of Bombing

Journalists Killed Working Syria, Iraq In Last 3 Yrs


British Moslem Fighters Are 25% Of Foreign Jihadists

Fisk - Who Are Isis?

Protests Continue In Ferguson Despite Holder’s Promise

Is This Proof Ferguson Was Planned? - Vid

Did Ferguson Cops Use Kill Switch On Livestream?

US To See More Fergusons If Govt Doesn't Change

Moscow Points Out Harassment Of US Journalists In MO

Cop Suspended For Threatening Ferguson Protesters

Kirwan - When Laws Were Few

Drastic Militarization Of Police In The US - Vid

Just How Dangerous Is It To Be A Cop?

Student Arrested For Writing Of Shooting A Dinosaur - Vid


Boy Arrested For Bringing The Word 'Gun' To School

Software Tracks People On Social Media Sites

Stop Using Facebook As Therapy

Target Stores Profits Down 62%

30 Stats Prove Middle Class Is Being Destroyed

The Worst Company In America

Argentina Moves To Cut Out US Hedge Funds

Where The Five Day Workweek Came From

A World Full Of Creepy Robots Is Coming

Russia Calls On Banks To Create Alternative To SWIFT

Dutch Rabobank Warns Of Ukraine Fallout

China, India To Replace US, Oz, Cdn Meat For Russia


4 Moscow McDonalds Shut By State Consumer Agency

EU Farmers Being Destroyed By Stupid West Sanctions

West Wants Sanctions War With Russia

Independent Scotland 'Stronger' Using Pound w/o Permission

Salmond - Indy Scotland Would Be Wealthiest Country On Earth

UK DWP Tells Scot Staff To Vote NO

North Sea Oil Revenues £200b Over Next 20 Yrs

Stiglitz - Westminster Currency Threat Is 'Bargaining' Stance

‘Youths Face Gloomy Future In Cameron’s Britain’

Undercover UK Cops Not Charged Over Sex With Women

The Disease Of American 'Democracy'


Pride And Prejudice - Scotland Independence Vote Soon

Vaccine-Autism Connection - Congressman Stonewalled

Are Cell Phones, Smart Phones Making Us Obnoxious?

Revealed - Why It Is So Hard To Sleep In Old Age

Riding On The Grief Train Across No Neck Planet

When Patients Rise From The Dead

Cell Phone Cancer Warning Stickers In Berkeley?

Curiosity Photo Of 'Thigh Bone' On Mars?

UFOs Over Ocean Isle? - Vid

UFO Captured On Video In Amarillo

Three UFOs Baffle Shropshire Resident

Voyager - A History


Seasonal Affective Disorder Escapes The Winter

7 Animal Rescues

New 'X-Vehicles' Take Stealth To The Extreme

Raytheon Wins $130m Contract For MA Turnpike Toills

Dirty Ankles Were Our Badges Of Honor

Fear The Math Teachers Next

Billions Mystery Jelly Fish Wash Up On W Coast

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

Common Antibiotic Linked With Heart Deaths

Suspect Fatal Ebola Case Mt.Charles, Donegal, Ireland

Police Open Fire To Enforce Liberia Ebola Quarantine

365 Ebola Deaths Traced Back To One Healer

Shame On Putin - Injured Girl Tells Of Kiev Killings - Vid


Obama Vows To Fight Islamic State

US Special Forces Tried To Rescue Foley

Israel Airstrikes Kill 3 Top Hamas Leaders - Vid

Israeli 'Settlers' Unleash Dog Pack On Pal Kids

Israel's Genocidal War Continues

Brits Continue Selling Arms To Israhell

Mercenaries & Ex Navy SEALS Deploying To Ferguson

Video Of St Louis Cop Shooting Raises Questions - Vid

Presidential Hopefuls Already In Iowa!

Do We Have A 'Medical Edward Snowden?'

Wells Fargo Funding 'Eye Verify' Technology

Does Store Video Show Brown Paying For Cigars? - Vid

Japan Resumes Rice Exports From Fukushima

Pelosi’s City Exempted From Water Restrictions!


CA Gave Right To 5x More Water Than It Has

5 Ways We Can Have An Icelandic Revolution

Rand Paul’s Russian Connection

UN Grabs For Internet - CFR & Global Governance

FB, Twitter Control What You See Of Ferguson

Did The NSA Design Bitcoin?

Russia To Pass Oz As World #2 Gold Producer

The 35.4 Percent - 109,631,000 On Welfare

Profit Down 62% For Another Major US Retailer

Staples To Close 140 Stores This Year

30 Reasons Why The Middle Class Is Done


Study Finds 25% Of Troops Use Food Banks

EMF Radiation Effects On YOUR Body

Crop Circles Of 2014 - Pics

100,000 Elephants Killed In Africa, Study Finds

Giant Earth Crack Opens Up In Mexico

We Only Tak Half Of Our Paid Vacations

The Mysterious Origin Of The Jade Discs

2014 Crop Circle Gallery - Pics

Water's Hidden Crisis

The Last Time Civilization Collapsed

Burying Your Dead Without Religion

How Many Of Us Are Killed By Cops Each Year?

The Murder Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - Pt 1 - Vid

Losing Eden

What $100 Buys You, State By State

Why Is The New York Times Pushing Pot?

Landslides Hit Hiroshima, At Least 36 Dead - Vid

Astronaut In Space Drives Robot On Earth - Vid

Family Raises Pack Of Wolves At Pets - Vid

Worst TB Outbreak In 5 Yrs Hits AL Prisons

Big Pharma Is Retreating From Antibiotics

17 Most Underrated Medicinal Plants In World

The Real Dangers Of Cosmetic Products

15% Of Americans Avoid Organic Food

Marijuana Demystified - 5 Health Myths Debunked

6 Foods Your Digestive System Loves


95 More Ebola Deaths, 126 New Cases In Liberia Alone

Liberia Quarantines West Point Slum

Shots Fired Into Crowd In West Point, Liberia

Ebola - 10 Yr Old Boy Abandoned, Dying In West Point

Ebola-Like Deaths In Congo, Including HCWs

New Patient Tested For Ebola - In Sacramento

Five New Suspect Ebola Cases In Lagos

Russia To Deliver Mobile Lab For Ebola In Guinea

Ebola Fright Spreads Worldwide

Israel Murders Gaza Army Commander's Wife, Son

IDF Targets All Hamas Leaders And Famiies

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Hamas Leader's Wife, Child Targeted, KIlled By IDF

Israel Out 'To Finish The Job' - Kill Dozens More In Gaza

Israel A Country Of Genocidal Psychopaths

Gaza Eyewitness - Crimes Against Humanity

Israel Wants More And Bigger Nukes

'Jews Can Make Any Govt Submit To Their Will'

Port Of Oakland Picket To Stop Israeli Ship - Vid

Kirwan - Putin Must Say NO – Again!

Russia Launches Military Drills iIn South

Kiev Kills 34 More Civilians In East - Russia Must Move

Fighting Kills 9 Kiev Troops In Key Ukraine City

Kiev KiIlls 15 Refugees - World Wonders Where's Putin

Kiev Admits Su-25 Shot Down By Lugansk Fighters

Kiev's Dirty War

Donetsk-Moscow Train Passengers Flee Carnage

Poland Denies Reports Mercs Fighting In Ukraine

Classified Info On MH370 Case Stolen

Fraud! - Brown Autopsy 'Expert' No Doctor - Fake Degree


Column Defending Ferguson Cops Sparks Rage - Vid

Cop 'Go F**kYourself' Threat To Kill Live Streamers - Vid

‘Apartheid In Flourishing’ In US Claims UN

Ron Paul - US Cops Not Supposed To Be Military

US Cops Trained To Kill, Not Wound - Dead Can't Talk

Ferguson Police Use Military Weapons On Protesters

Pentagon Defends Giving Weapons To Cops - Madness

US MIlitarized Police Now A Murder Machine

Shakespeare - Zionism Behind ISIS Surge

ISIS: Genocide Portended In 2007 Now Here

ISIS Beheading Scam? - CIA Funniest Home Movie?

British Extremists Among 'Most Vicious' In ISIS


UK Warns Of ISIS Intl Murder-Tterror Attacks

ISIL Is Enemy Number One Of Islam - Saudi Mufti

Snowden - NSA Building 'MonsterMind' Cyberwar Bot

Cyborg Moth 'Biobots' Ready For Flight

A Decade Of Drones

US Congress Stirring On 9/11 Truth

Russia Continues To Move Against GMO

Are The Dollar And Equities Ready To Crash?


My Prediction About Facebook Came True

Autism, MMR Vaccine, CDC Coverup

India Supreme Court HPV Vax Controversy


Oz Poultry Farm Denies Cruelty To Chickens - Vid

Income From UK Private Patients Soars

Dimon’s $13 Billion Secret – Truth Behind JPM Settlement

Gold's Sudden Ignorance Of Geopolitical Risk

EU Got Over 150,000 Submissions Against TTIP

Snow For Scotland - 'Coldest August In A Century'

BBC Biased Against Scottish Indy - Media Expert

Scottish Indy - A Devastating Impact On The BBC

Scotland Adviser Says It Could Renege On UK Debt

Relocating UK Nukes To Spark Debate

Most Teens Think Net Porn Is Damaging

Suspected Case Of Mad Cow vCJD In Italy

New H7N9 Case In Urumqi NW China

Kismet Cowboys & Cryptic Digressions

Materialism Posing As Mysticismi?

Savile And The 9th Circle - Vid

Robin Williams, Mental Health & Social Insanity

Endangered Dugong Spotted

Japan Killing Whales - Why? - No One Wants The Meat

Hundreds See UFO Over Houston - Vid

Enter The Rightful Role Of The Truth Warrior

Trends Monthly Debuts

Jumpstart Gardens - Regrow Veg Food Scraps - Vid


Patient In Sacramento CA Tested For Ebola

Latin America Prepares Hospitals, Airports

West Africa Ebola Death Toll Tops 1,200

5 Viruses Just As Dangerous As Ebola

N Korea Says US Troops In S Korea Top Targets

NY Times: If Kiev Says So, It Must Be True

Ukraine’s Next Crisis? Economic Disaster

Galloway - Israel Is COMPLETELY illegitimate - Vid


Police Brutality In America

Foreign Militaries Share Blame For Ferguson - Vid

Has The Gold In Fort Knox Disappeared?

EU Pays Farmers To Destroy Food In Russian Ban

Obama Planning Massive Land Grab Out West

Obama Back To Fun After Unexplained DC Trip

Obama To Reid - ‘You And Mitch Work It Out’

Price Off Beef Keeps Rising To All Time Highs

The Engineered Incineration Of California

World To Run Out Of Drinkable Water By 2040

Iraq, Afghan, Libya - Did You Expect A Different Outcome?

Big Oil’s Central Asian Mafia

Mass Produced Security Robots Introduced in U.S.


Life In Space? Plankton Found On Outside Of ISS

Electric VW Beetles - Vid

Childhood Mental Disability Rates All-Time High

Google Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

How To Scam Medicare In 4 Easy Steps - Vid

LA Schools Decriminalize Fights, Minor Offenses

Women In Hollywood Are Doomed Forever

Music Artists Expose Satan's NWO & Industry - Vid

Satanic Preachers…$3 Billion Industry - Vid

FL Wins Right To Front Yard Veg Garden - Vid

Robots Are Ready To Take Your Job

Adolf Hitler...The Greatest Story Never Told - Vid

Judge 'Electro-Shocks' Defendant In Bizzare Case

Heavy Military Presence In The Twin Cities

America Is A No Vacation Nation


Economic Gap Between White & Black America

Google Moon Shows Alien Base? - Vid

UFOs Over Sevenoaks, UK - Vid

Mystery Cloud Or UFO Over Sacramento? - Vid

Nat Geo - Awesome Animals - Vid

Cannabis Batteries Could Change Power Storage

Bacterium From US Hits Italy’s Olive Trees

NJ 'Kennedy Center' To Be Renamed Obama

Jet Skier Collides With A Humpback Whale - Vid

Rising Sea Forces Pacific Is. Capitol To Relocate

The Strange Saga Of Abducted Amish Girls

Boat Sinks, 3 Mi Swim, Land On Erupting Volcano

Iceland Raises Volcano Alert To Orange


The World's Most Expensive Hallway In NYC

‘Who Speaks Wukchumni?’ - Vid

10 Facts About Fluoride - Video

How Much Fluoride Is In Bottled Water?

18 Healthy Reasons To Sip Kombucha

11 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic

Fighting E. Coli Outbreaks With Cinnamon

Early Use of Antibiotics Alters Immunity Later On

Physically Fit Kids Grow Stronger Brain Performance

Sexuality – The Missing Coordinates

Sun's Activity Influences Natural Climate

50 Ancient Greek Inventions Brought To Life


Situation Deteriorating In Liberia - Curfew Imposed

Ebola Is ‘Disaster’ Of Scale Still Unknown - NYT

3 New Suspect Cases In Nigeria

Fifth Ebola Death In Lagos

WHO Says Ebola Has Killed More Than 1,200

Liberia Govt Says Missing Ebola Patients Found

WHO Releases New Numbers - 53 More Dead In Liberia

Suspect Germany Case Contract With Other Cases?


Japan Govt Committing Crimes Against Humanity

St. Louis Man Shot Dead - Ferguson Worsens

Kirwan - Eight Days In August

Ferguson Cops Come Under Heavy Gunfire'

Ferguson - 31 Arrested Huge Force Fails To Stop Violance

33% White America Thinks Ferguson Cops Went Too Far

Kirwan - The Courts Are Dead In America

Roberts - World Must Brand US, Israel As Criminals

Roberts - Murder machine: Militarized US police

Obama - Time To Review Police Militarization

US Intel Warns Greater Danger Than Before 9/11


Gaza Truce Dies - Israeli Airstrikes Kill 5 Yr Old Child

Hamas Fighters Try To Defend Gaza From New Attacks

Israeli Gaza Airstrikes Kill Three Including Infant - Vid

Netanyahu Orders Resumption Of Gaza Genocide

Israel To Prosecute Pal Member Of The Knesset

Israelis At Forefront Of International Organ Trafficking

Israeliis Inflict Heavy Damage On Gaza's Shejaiya

Israel Bans Amnesty, HRW From Entering Gaza

Kiev Slaughters Dozens - Blasts Refugee Convoy

US Threatens Russia With Military Response Over Ukraine

Kiev 'Guarantees Safety' Of Russian Relieve Convoy

Civilians Wounded As Kiev Killers Shell Donetsk


Explosiona Rips Besieged Donetsk - Vid

No Weapons Seen Crossing Russia-Ukraine Border - OSCE

Ukraine Grain Harvest To Drop 15%

Bulgaria Stops Pipeline As NATO F-15s, Troops Arrive

Ukrainian ATC Sent MH17 Over Danger Zone - Russia

ISIS Beheads American Journalist

ISS To America - 'We Will Drown You All In Blood'

US Bans Flights Over Syria As Report Warns Airliner Threat

Iraq Mosul Dam Could Be Blown Killing 500,000

County Officials Refuse To Pay For Toddler Burned By SWAT Grenade

Israel Must Be Prosecuted On Multiple Levels

Picketers At CA Port Keep Israeli Ship From Unloading

Manmade Quakes Weaker Than Natural Of Same Magnitude

Iceland Volcano Eruption Risk Level Raised For Aviation

Control The Language And You Control The Mind

Scottish Govt Says No To Whitehall Fracking Plans

UFO Above Houston's Stormy Skies - Pic

Kirwan - Murdering The Pacific Ocean

Kiev Still Holding 270 Truck Russian Aid Convoy At Border

Gaza Ceasefire Talks Extended Another 24 Hours

Gaza Bloodbath Brings Shame On All Jews

Israel Must Be Prosecuted On Many Levels - Vid

Israel Destroys Homes Of Pals Suspected Killing Teens

Pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel Celebrities

U.S. Intel Can't Stop The Next Snowden For Years

Obama Purge Of Loyal Military Officers Continues

Almost 8,000 Navy Chiefs To Get Pushed Out


Obama Use E.O.To Up Supply Of Foreign Workers?

Army Preparing To Use Lethal Force Against Civilians

Pentagon’s 1033 Program Is Prep For War Against Citizens

More Than Just Your Papers, Please

Jesse Jackson Booed Off Stage In Ferguson

Gregory Got $4M To Quietly Leave NBC

Meet Montana Anarchist Dem - Amanda Curtis

Something Is Going On Across America

Half Of All Americans Can’t Come Up With $400

4 Ways The Government Is Set To Take Your Money

Hunger In America - 1 In 7 Rely On Food Banks

Average Cost Of Raising A Child Hits $245,000

Major US City Loses 9,000 Jobs In July


Palladium Rises To 13-Year High

Dropping Lake Mead Level Of Grave Concern

Top 10 US Cities Running Out of Water

NOLA RICO Gone Wild? Criminal Cops, Reporters

Massive Underwater Base Off The Coast Of Malibu - Vid

Malibu UFO Undersea Base Confirmed? - Vid

Time Travel Simulated By Australian Physicists

Earth Is Making Moon Warm & Soft

Frankenburger Sooner Than Thought Via Google

Real-Life Cyborg Has Skull Implanted Antenna - Vid

Why It’s So Hard to Catch Your Own Typos

Man Builds Floating Tropical Island Paradise

Americans Rediscovers Taste For Hard Cider


ADHD Meds Raise Risk Of Heart Probs For Kids

Why Do Amputees Feel the Ache of Nothingness?

Early Life Antibiotics May Alter Long-Term Immunity

Hospital Net Hacked - 4.5 Million Records Stolen

Is the Heart An Intelligent EMF Generator? - Vid

Study Links Instant Noodles To Heart Attack And Diabetes

12 Effective Alternative Cancer Treatments

12 Ways To Make Your Body More Alkaline

3 Health Benefits of Bourbon

UFO During World Cup Games - Pic

MJ-12, The Unholy Thirteen And Roswell


Ebola Worsens With Patients Who Fled Clinic

29 Ebola-Infected Patients Flee Liberia Ebola Clinic

Liberia Issues Shoot-On-Sight Border Crossers

New Confirmed Ebola Lagos Case - First Test Negative

Kenya Bans Contact With All Ebola-Affected Countries

Did Ebola Escape Back To Africa In An ‘Orphan’ Lab Chimp?

Thread - Why Was Ebola Center Ransacked?

The Ebola Outbreak - US Sponsored Bioterror?

Ebola - Is It Really Safe To Fly Now?

Br Nathanael - The Rush To Judgment On Michael Brown


Russia - No Ceasefire Agreed - Objections To Relief Convoy Dropped

Ukraine Plans To Enter EU, NATO - Turchynov

NATO, EU Military Aid To Kiev Would Not Be Wise - Lavrov

Kiev Cuts Main Water Supply To Donetsk

Promoting Confrontation With Russia

Kiev To Start Forced Military Training

Kiev Not In Control Of Right Sector Radicals - Lavrov

Lendman - Waging Peace In Ukraine

NATO Will Use Military On Crimea-Style infiltration

Russia May Ban All Car Imports From The West

Eur Gives Financial Aid To Farmers Hit By Russian Ban


Russian Sanctions Start To Bite

Malaysia Airlines Steps Up Sales Blitz

Autopsy - Michael Brown Shot 6 Times – Twice In Head

Kirwan - Apartheid In America

Maniac Ferguson Cops Threaten To Shoot Reporters - Vid

MO Gov Points At Ferguson Police Chief For New Violence

Curfew Extended Indefinitely To Quell Ferguson Protests

Ferguson - MO National Guard To Be Deployed

The Dragoons Sweep the Streets

Watch - Oops...Netanyahu Cam On...MOCKS America - Vid

Israelis Control Major World Banks (gosh, really?)

The Nature And Purpose Of The State of Israel

Israel Deploys More Forces Near Gaza - Truce To End

Roi Tov - Bizarre IDF Order To Soldiers In Gaza

Hague Under Zio Pressure Not To Open War Crimes

Months Needed To Fix Destroyed UN Gaza Facilities


The IDF Has Been Here - Vid

Atzmon - We've Had Enough Of Wiesel And His Ilk

Israeli Ct Allows Protesters To Picket Pal-Jewish Wedding

Ayoub Tells Ynet About Israel's 3rd Defeat - Vid

UK Supermarket Pulls Koshers Food - Protest Fears

Christian Zionism - Tragedy & The Turning - Vid

Bombers Join US Air Strikes As Kurds Retake dam

UK May Use Military Against ISIS - Cameron

ISIL Has Kidnapped 3,000 Women And Girls

Saudi Prince Robbed 'Sensitive Documents' In Paris

Gunmen Attack Cops In Northern Egypt

Saddam’s Freemason Handlers

GCHQ Scanned Entire Countries For Weaknesses


Obama 'Greatest Enemy Of Press Freedom In A Gen'

Assange Will Leave Ecuadorian Embassy Soon

10 Orwell Quotes Predicted Life In 2014 America

Insidious Conditioning Of Uninformed Population - Vid

Monsanto GMO ‘Cure’ For Hunger In Cursing Food

Immigration Flood Unleashed By NAFTA Disastrous Impact

The Reichstag Fire Was NOT A False Flag

Inside CA's Mobile Home Communities

Shoot Down ONE UFO, Face Space War - Ex-Cdn MOD - Vid

LA Protest Of LAPD Execution Of Young Black Man

Boston Cops Got Face Recog Pics Of EVERY Local Music Goer

Duff - Did Bush Move Presidency ‘Offshore?’


Spy Tech Cam Scans Crowds For Suicide Bombers

CEOs Earning 143x More Than Company Averages

Mexico Smart Meters - People Forced To Prepay Utilities

Frequencies, Mind Wars And The Invasion Of Your Brain

Paedophile At Center Of Historical Abuse Inquiry

BBC Accused Of Cliff Richard 'Witch Hunt' '

Gap Stays Narrow Among Scots & Independence

Liberia Ebola Patients Run Away From Destroyed Clinic

Ebola Out Of Control - Quarantines, Hunger, Death

What Can US Health Learn From Ebola Outbreak?

Leading Expert On Ebola Died On Malaysian MH 370

28 Signs We're Fried With Fukushima Radiation

Russia Aid Convoy To Cross Into Ukraine In Batches


Kiev Butchers Attacking Civilians In East

Ukraine - Return Of The Khazarian Serpent People

Ron Paul - US To Break Kurdistan Away From Iraq

Netanyahu Poses Threat To Israel's Survival

15 Benghazi Witnesses Killed - 'Unable To Testify'

Chumps 'R Us Club - Part 2

Obama - The Greatest Enemy Of Press Freedom

Obama Leaves Golf Course For WH Meetings

US Still Funding Repression In Egypt

Obama’s Escalating War On Journalism

4 Critical Things To Do When The Riots Come

Second Midnight Curfew For Ferguson

MO Protests Call Attention To Crazy Cop Militarization


80% Of Police Officers Are Overweight

Google Maps Tracking Your Every Move - Here's Proof

Licensing Parents Being Considered By Politicians

Govt Should Use Chips To Deny Births To Unworthy'

Remote Viewing 9/11 - Vid

US Still Funding Repression In Egypt

Conspiracy Theories & Other Dangerous Ideas

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Visible Off Coast

15% Of The World's Supply Of Uranium To Disappear

The Science Of Tear Gas

Bilderberg Group Unleashes Demons On World

Commodities Flashing A Major Warning Sign


Part-Time Work Is Sweeping The World

Russia Bank To Issue Chinese Credit Cards

Lasers Can Control Mouse Brain Switchboard - Vid

You'd Have To Be Insane ToFollow MSM Med Advice

$10,000 Blood Test - Why Are Some Prices So High?

Gold Therapy Hope For Brain Cancer

Senator’s Thesis Not Plagiarism, More Likely Fraud

Junking Down Our Food Supply

Eight Diseases To Watch Out For At the Beach

40% Of Americans Will Develop Diabetes

Ancient Mayan Cities Discovered In Mexico

The Shadow Scholar


Thread - 29 PCR Confirmed Ebola Patients Fled Liberia Clinic

Liberia Ebola Clinic Trashed, Ebola Patients Run Into Slums

Kiev's War Without Mercy Continues

Russia Forces 17 Ukraine Deserters Back to Ukraine!

Gaza Death Toll Passes 2,000

The Fall of Gaza's Temple

Netanyahu - Israel's Pinochet

Israel Targeted And Murdered Disabled People In Gaza

Israel Targeted, Murdered Disabled People In Gaza

The Obominator - More War is 'Humanitarian'

The Press Takes A Holiday…Every Day

JoeTalk - Islam Killers Coming Here - Vid

JoeTalk - The Takeover Of The Illegals - Vid

Big Oil’s Taliban Offspring

Fears Over Robin Williams's Meds

Hollywood Loves Psychos And Zios

Photos Show Illuminati Control Entertainment Industry

Facebook An ID Hacker’s Dream Site:

No Question - Pyramid Built Into Asteroid - Vid


NASA Gets Rre Glimps At Blandlack Hole

ETs Are Already Here

MUFON's 'Hangar 1 - The UFO Files' Gets 2nd Season

UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew | VIDEO

Flash - Christians Far Less Likely To Divorce

Merck’s Gardasil Vax Killing Pre-Teens? - Video

Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? - Vid

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Fed Laws Against 'Club Drugs' Have Done No Good

DNA - Not Bound By 'Fate'

Debunking The Myths Of The DTaP Vaccine


Mob Destroys New Liberia Ebola Clinic - Steald Deadly Goods

ZMapp Given To 3 Doctors In Africa

Ebola Iso Ward Looks Like A Sci-Fi Movie - Pics

Kiev Scum Officially Recognizes Russian Aid Convoy

Kiev Military Continues To Destroy Donetsk

Syrian 'Rebels' Want US Airstrikes Against ISIS

Cops Fire Smoke At Ferguson Protesters - Vid

Those Evil Racist White Cops In MO

Why Was Karl Marx Obsessed With Charles Darwin?

Towards The Final Countdown 2

A Sky Full Of Cameras - Vid


Wayne Swan Warns Of Rise Of Biz 'Oligarchs'

Rather Than Demo, Buffalo Sells Homes For $1

Teen's Water Purifier Creates Electricity By Itself

Calls To Suicide Hotlines Spike After Williams Death

Robin Williams Death From Autoerotic Asphysixia?

Out-of-Body Experiences - 3 Scientific Studies

Geothermal Energy Is The New Fracking

Life With Legal Weed

9 Cool Facts About Magnets

Now There May Be An Olive Oil Shortage

The Beauty-Happiness Connection

Shark Attack...In A Lake?!

'Russian Atlantis' Rises From the Depths


Mystery Of Chaco Canyon Culture Collapse

Discovery of Pyramid-Shaped Tomb in Japan

10 Parasites That Might Be Living Inside You - Vid

Thread - NYT Editorial Blasts WHO On Ebola

Liberia Guinea Sierra Leone Ebola Areas Sealed Off

Ebola Now In Dubreka, Guinea - Citizen Back From Ramadan

Sierra Leone Begins Issuing Detailed Ebola Updates

Female Doctor Recovers, Discharged In Lagos

Families Torn Apart By Ebola

Kirwan - Dispelling The Myths Of Homeland America


Soros Increase Bet 600% AGAINST US Stock Market

Order Out Of Chaos - Doctrine That Runs The World

We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy

West To Blame For Most Dangerous World In 30 Yrs

The New York Times War On Truth

Left And Right Focused On Obama's Roots

MO Gov Places Curfew, State Of Emerg On Ferguson

The Missouri Tea Party

Ferguson Cops Beat Man - Charge Him w/Bleeding On Them

Brutal, Militarized Police Occupy USA

Roberts - US Police Brutality Lost On No One

Roberts - Why Should The World Need USA, Israel?

Br Nathanael - How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide - Vid


More US Lawmakers Call For Demilitarizing Cops

Rhode Island Cop Kicks HANDCUFFED Woman In Head!

Times Sq Shut, Washington Joins Protest Brown Death

Red Cross Waiting For Porky's Pigs To OK Convoy

Kiev Won't Recognize Russia’s Cargo As Aid - Red Cross

Kiev Killers Press Into Donetsk, Lugansk - Vid

Russia Anger At Zio US/NATO Military Build Near Border

US Military Contractor Behind Operation Storm In E Ukraine

WH 'Can't Confirm Russian Convoy Was Destroyed By Kiev'

Captured Ukraine Team Planned To Hit Russian Aid Convoy

17 Kiev Soldiers Cross Into Russia, Lay Down Arms

Chile’s 12 Companies To Supply Food To Russia


Turkey Ready To Increase Ag Exports To Russia

EU Begs Other Nations Not To Replace Euro Food To Russia

10,000 In Tel Aviv Protest Gaza Slaughter

MSM War On Gaza

Israeli Regime War Crimes Will Not Stop

Chomsky - What Israel Does Is Criminal

'Americans Are Disgusted With Netanyahu’

Gaza Death Toll Hits 1,980 As Dozens Die Of Wounds

IDF Fraud - Uses Footage From Egypt Labelled Gaza

Oz - Pro-Pal Protesters Raids Israeli Drone Factory

NZ Superfund Office Occupied In Call To Divest Israel

NJ Resident Flies Islamic State Flag - Police 'Aware'

SS Probes Pic Of Islamic State Flag Outside WH


ISIS Tweets 'We Are In Your Streets

US Airstrikes Near ISIS Controlled Mosul Dam

Dutch Govt Official - ISIS Is A Zionist Sponsored Plan

UK, US Want New Iraq War Under 'Humanitarian' Blanket

UK Foreign Sec - Islamic State Threat To Civilization

ISIS Executes 700 Villagers In Syria, 1,800 Missing

63% Of Jews Question Their Future In The UK

Huge Oil Find Off Scotland Good For Over 35 Yrs

UK Govt Blocks New Grassroots Energy Co-Ops

Cliff Richard Case - Cops Get New Information

BBC Seeks To Stop UKIP Advance - Farage

France Rebels Against Austerity - Europe Recovery Fails

Canada’s Dirty Banks

'Canyon Of Fire' CME Will Hit Earth August 18 - Vid


UFOs Photographed By Father And Son

Controversy Over Mysterious UFO Lights Continues

The Coyne Helicopter UFO Case

Google Super Strong Material In Undersea Cables

Stop Fracking Our Oceans, Californians Say

TX Gov Perry Vows To Fight Indictment

Marching With The Dolphin Regiment

Parent Jailing Worse On Kids Than Divorce, Parent Death

Can This Solar-Powered Device Purify Polluted Water?

Secret To Massive Yields Could Rock Farming World

The Perfect Slave Is The One Who Thinks He Is Free

Assimilation To Transformation In A Single Breath


Pulitzer Writer - You're Not Scared Of Ebola Enough

Lethal Bird Flu Cocktail Accidentally Sent From Lab

Kiev Killers Continue War On Russian East

Current Status Of Fighting In Ukraine

DC Has Put The World On The Road To War

Germany Intercepts Hillary Phone Call

ISIS Massacres 80 Yazidis

Japan Pushes Asian Countries To Eat Japan Food

TX Gov Rick Perry Indicted


The Dumbing Down Of America By Design

The Globalization Of Dissent And Protest

Russel Brand Slams Bill O'Reilly - Vid

We Must Disarm Unprecedented US Nuke Arsenal

US Nuke Weapons Plant Plagued With Problems

Radiation Standards? What Radiation Standards?

John Barbour On Israel And Harry 'Pimp' Reid - Vid

Drinking California Dry

Strangleweed - Hacking The Host - Vid

Hawaii is Uniting - GMO Moratorium - Vid

7 Rules For Recording Police

CA Drought Launches New Gold Rush


300 Yr Old Sunken Treasure Off FL East Coast

US Drone Program Killed JFK's Oldest Brother

'Sugar-Free' Doesn't Actually Mean 'No Sugar'

Schizophrenia Rises Due To Vitamin D Deficiency

AL Inmates In Worst TB Outbreak In Years


25 Years Of UFO Sightings In Canada

Robin Williams And Predictive Programming

Do Different Alcohols Make Different Drunks?

Public, Pointed Scientific Spats - Feature, Not Bug

How To Deal With A Difficult Landlord

Why Our Ancestors Health Was Better Than Ours


Ebola In Liberia - 116 cases & 58 Deaths In Just 2 DAYS

Liberia Spike In Ebola Cases & Deaths Raises Concerns

Ebola Outbreak Moving Too Fast To Handle

Quarantined Ebola Areas To Get Food Drops

Ebola Unproven Treatments - How About Vitamins?

Michael Brown Caught Robbing Store Before Shooting

Now There's Video Of Brown Robbing Store - Vid

Chief - Brown Wasn't Stopped Over Store Robbery


Ferguson PD Names Officer Darren Wilson As Shooter

FBI - US Cops Involved In Over 400 Executions A Year

US Lawmaker Preparing Bill To Demilitarize Police

Russian Convoy Waits At Border For Kiev To Clear It

Convoy Waits Near Border, Russian Military Nearby

Captured Kiev Team Was Tp Attack On Aid Convoy

Russia Says Kiev May Be Planning To Attack Convoy

Roberts - Kiev Claims vs Russia Aid Convoy Ridiculous

Russia Denies Troops Crossed Into Ukraine

Donetsk Residents Record Phosphorus Shelling - Vid

Terrorizing SE Ukrainians - Toward East-West Conflict

Escobar - MH17, MH370...The Vanishing Point

Br Nathanael - Who Owns The Media...'Presstitutes' Or Jews?


Russia Deploys Mobile Border Guard Teams

Shake Up In Separatist High Command

Zio-BS - NATO Says Russia Escalating Ukraine Conflict

Russia Anger At US-NATO Build-Up Near Its Border

Humanitarian Disaster In Ukraine Ignored By Zio West

Latest Russian Air Defense System (S-400) OK For Export

Kirwan - Israel Must Cease To Exist

Lendman - The Great Israeli Iron Dome Hoax

Roi Tov - European Bombs Hit Gaza

Gaza - 'Whole Families Smashed Under The Rubble'

Israeli Forces Attack Pal Protesters In West Bank

Obama Stopped Missile Transfer To Israel Over Gaza

Gaza Agriculture Devastated By Israeli Offensive

Russell Brand Calls For Israel Boycott


UK Leaders' Silence On Gaza Shameful

ISIS Sells Yizadi Women As Sex Slaves - $500-$43k

UN Sec Council Adopts Anti-ISIS Resolution

Dutch Official Says ISIS A Zionist Plan

ISIS Leader Baghdadi 'Mossad Trained'

Obama Ends Humanitarian Airdrops In Iraq, Not Airstrikes

Syrian Kurds, Not US, Rescued Trapped Yazidis In Iraq

Eating Radiation Killing CA Horses - Vets Say 'Mystery' - Vid

Canadian Robot Producer Denounces Killer Robots

9/11 Dust Caused Widespread Pregnancy Issues

Cry For Argentina - Fiscal Mismanagement Or Pillage?

Did The Banksters Rip Off LA?


Presstitutes…A Literary Toast - Vid

Big Rigs Of The Illuminati

Internet Must Upgrade Or There Will Be More Blackouts

NOPD Commands Ed Ward, MD To 'Stay Inside'

UK PD Names Undercover Cops Who Duped Women

The Bigger The Lie - Media Bias In Scottish Indy

Only 11 Countries On Planet Free Of Conflict

Busting The BLM Frackopoly

Huge Asteroid To Wipe Out Life On Earth In 2880

UFO Watchers Accuse NASA Of Big Coverup

UFO Flies Behind Anchor In Live Oz Newscast

Secret UFO / Alien Files Viewed At McClellan AFB

Police Officer Reports Sphere UFOs Over Illinois

Building Homes Out Of Shipping Containers

Another Cancer Victim Saved With Cannabis Oil

Russian Aid Convoy Waits At Border for Kiev To Clear It

Convoy Waits At Border, Russian Military Nearby - Reuters

No Russian Troops Crossed In Ukraine

Shake Up In Separatist High Command

WHO Issues Dire Warning About Ebola - Vid

Ebola Cases Vastly Underestimated

How Bureaucrats Let Ebola Spread To Nigeria


Life And Death In The Ebola Ward

Kiev Threatens Russian Convoy Into Stopping


BBC - Russian Army Vehicles Near Border

Brit Journos Report Russia Military Crossed Border

Hackers Learned Who Shot Down MH17

Desperate MH17 'Intelligence'

$35k Gone From Bank Accts Of MH 370 Passengers

Kirwan - There Is No Honor In This

1.000s Of Israelis Rally To 'Finish The Job'

Egypt Keeps Rafah Closed Increasing Pal Suffering

IDF Snipers Kill Children Playing On Roofs - Vid

Ferguson Highlights Militarization Of Cops

Rense - Mad Cow Often Misdiagnosed As Alzheimers

US Cops Have 93,763 New Machine Guns

DHS Document - Rise Of ‘Anti-Government’ Violence


Ferguson Cops Gas News Crew, Dismantle Equipment

Anonymous Releases ID Of Officer Who Shot Brown

Rep Calls On Obama To Declare Martial Law

Record Rain Inundates New York Suburbs

Pentagon To Destroy $1 Billion In Ammunition

20 Reasons NAFTA Is Destroying The Economy

CIA Kills Using Chemical And Biological Substances

Tuition-Free Higher Education - It’s Here

Study - Watching TV Can Kill You


The Bermuda Triangle Of The East

The Truth About Hitmen In Australia

Mastodon Skull, Ancient Knife Pulled From Ocean

Lingering Stress Hints At Next Giant Chile Quake

Cannabis Treats Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Behavior

Great Musicians Go Into 'Trance-Like' State

Large, Empty Void That's Full Of Answers

15,000 lbs Chicken Nuggets Recalled - Plastic Pieces

Massive Breach Of Toxic Waste Pond In Canada

A Forgotten Einstein Model Of The Universe

How Will Earth Respond To Real Asteroid Threat?


Rense - The True Cause Of Crohn’s, IBS & Most Colitis

WATCH - Dana Durnford's Staggering Evidence That
Fukushima Radiation Is Killing The Pacific Ocean - Vid

WHO - Ebola Cases & Deaths Are 'Vastly Underestimated'

Thread - Are Monrovia Brothels Vectoring, Spreading Ebola?

How Ebola Hits Health Workers In Liberia, Nigeria

3 Thermometers Used On 1,000s - Ebola Bodies In Sts

Fourth Confirmed Ebola Death In Lagos

Doctor In Lagos Who Treated Pat Sawyer Dies

One Ebola Question Nobody Can Seem To Answer

Ebola Death Toll Reaches 1,069 - WHO

CDC Quarantine Map Matches Immigration - A-21 Plans


Thoughts On Ebola

Kirwan - The License To Kill

Roi Tov - Right Wars Left, Jews Betray Palestinian-Israelis

Israel Brings All Gaza Food Production To A Stop

Netanyahu Talks About Controlling America - Vid

Attempt To Disable Israeli Missile Kills Several In Gaza

Arab Israelis Being Fired For Criticizing IDF On FB

UK Weapons Trump Human Rights In Israel & Saudi Arabia Alike

Guardian Blasted For Running Racist Pro-Israel Ad

Kiev Kills 70+ Civilians, 100 Hurt In Just 3 Days

Ukraine In Bloody Chaos - Putin

US Clearly Pushing Russia Towards War

Kiev Killers Take Key Town


Putin Vows To End Bloodshed In E Ukraine

Power Politics Working On Ukraine Ceasefire

Russian Aid Convoy Heads For Luhansk

Lendman - Blocking Russian Humanitarian Aid

17,000 Children From Ukraine Sheltered In Russia

Roberts - NATO No Match For Russiam Military

US 'Up To Its Eyeballs' Overthrowing Ukraine Govt

Biotech Takeover Of Ukraine Imminent

US Pillaged, Rothschilds Turn Sights On Russia

Russian Sanctions Drop Confidence In German Econ

Greek Farmers Hit Hard By Russian Sanctions

Poland Readies Complaint To WTO Over Russian Embargo

Spain Seeks EU Compensation For Russian Food Ban

China To Start Direct Fruit, Vegetables To Russia

EU Farmers To Lose $16b As Russians Back Food Embargo

Russia To Allow Production Of Tanks In Asia, Africa

What Crisis? US, UK Call Off Rescue Of Yazidis

Obama May Deploy Ground Troops In Iraq

Maliki Steps Down, Endorses Abadi

Islamic State - ISIS Is US Covert Intel Op - Law Professor

Another War In Iraq Won’t Fix Disaster Of Last

Hillary The Hawk Is Out Of Her Cage

US Knew About 9/11 Warning, Staged Egypt Revolution

NY State Gov Candidate Arrested For Filming Police

Top Websites Crash As Net Running Out Of Space

New EPA Ozone Regulation Could Destroy US Economy

US Using Diesel In Fracking Poses Health Threat


Snowden Casts Doubt On NSA Investigation

White House Drops Part Of Lobbyist Ban

Sandy Hook Student Says It Was A Drill - Vid

How To Spot Sandy Hook Liars - Vid

US Knew About 9/11 Warning, Staged Egypt Revolution

NY State Gov Candidate Arrested For Filming Police

Anonymous Says IDs Cop Who Killed Michael Brown

MO Gov Puts Highway Patrol In Charge Of Ferguson Co

Cops Play Army Against Ferguson Protesters - Vid

Was Dead Ferguson 'Teen' Trying to Kill Cop?

Gun Sales Spike In Ferguson After 3 Days Of Riots

New Witness - Brown Shot 'Backing Away With Hands Up’


Ferguson Cops Fire Teargas, Rubber Bullets At Protesters

Ferguson Police Arrest Reporters Amid Michael Brown Rage

Pentagon Fueled Ferguson Confrontation

BoE Emergency Plans In Case Of Scottish Indy

Trident Could Leave Scotland At 10% Of Predicted Cost

Cameron Sells Peerage To bankster For £333,000

Wind Farms Paid Record Sum Not To Make Electricity

I Was Raped At Age 4 By Top Aide To Thatcher

UK Cancer Patients Should Be Allowed Cannabis For Pain

20-Somethings Expect Success With No Effort

Obesity Causes 3,500 More Cancers A Year

'Strange Figure' Spotted Among Moon Craters

Italy's Renzi Must Return To Lira To End Depression

OZ Study Finds Egyptian Mummies May Date Back To 4,500BC


Polanski Abandons Film Festival After 'Paedophile' Accusations

Robin Williams Had Parkinson's - Wife

North Sumatra Adventure

Being Origami As Opposed To Constructing Origami

63% Of Americans Actively Avoid Soda

UFO Shuts Down USAF Vehicles At Nuke Bomber Base

Heart Med Ups Deaths In Those With Irregular Heartbeat

Sierra Leone Again Loses Top Doctor To Ebola

Sierra Leone - Exhausting Struggle To Contain Ebola

Kissing The Corpses In Ebola Country

US Fear Of Ebola Prompts Extraordinary Precauctions

First Ebola Vax Tests At Least Month Away

Israel Attacks Gaza Targets Despite Truce - Vid


IDF - 5 Day Truce Breached By Two Gaza Bottlerockets

Hamas - Israel Grossly Violates Ceasefire

CA Activists Target Israeli Ships In Ports

US Calls Highest Level Emergency After ISIS Advance

US Expanding Military Operations in Iraq

NSA Responsible For 2012 Syrian Internet Blackout

Ferguson, MO Protest Turned Violent Again

New Details Of Ferguson Teen's Last Moments

Washington Post Reporter Arrested For Reporting In Ferguson

Hacktavist Group Releases Ferguson Dispatch Tapes

US Troops Beat Heat With Personal AC Units

65 Promises President Obama Broke

How To Stop Google From Following You

Brazil Presidential Candidate Dies in Plane Crash

Another U.S. Company Announces Major Layoffs

14 Reasons Why The Bubble Is Ready To Burst

Native Ecosystems Blitzed by Drought

5 Technologies For Tracking, Surveilling Children

Americans Optimism Is Dying

Cannabis Treats Anxiety And Depression

US Assesses Virus Of The Caribbean

The Flu Shot - Hunting Season For Eugenicists? - Vid

What Dentists Can Tell About Your Health

Feed Your Head - Harnessing Neurogenesis


18 Ways To Make Life Harder Than It Has To Be

Lucid Dreamers Show Greater Insight In Waking Life

The Flu Shot = Hunting Season For Eugenicists? - Vid

What Do Blind People Actually See?

26 Yr Old Starts War vs Sexism In Silicon Valley

Twitter Spam May 'Aggravate Psychosis'

19 Things You Didn't Know About Beethoven

Stock Up On Nickels

Tree Created That Can Produce 40 Types Of Fruit

Does The Jellyfish Holds The Key To Immortality?

SeaWorld Stocks Dive Over Killer Whale Issue

Obesity Around The World


Rare Blurring Of Black Hole Light Spotted

A Few Reasons To Use Black Seed Oil

Horror - Proof Pacific Almost Extinct Of Life...Radiation - Vid

Confirmed Ebola Nigeria Hospital Well North Of Lagos

Ebola Cases Explode - Liberia 71, Sierra Leone 53 In 2 Days

Nurse Breaks Lagos Quarantine - 21 More In Enugu

Ebola Death Of Another Top MD In Sierra Leone

What Would Happen If Someone Got Ebola in US?

Liberia IDs 2 Drs To Get ZMapp

China Sends Experts To West Africa to Help Fight Ebola

Gaza, Ebola, Iraq…Are We Nearing Disaster Overload?


Israel Masses More Troops As Gaza Truce Deadline Looms

Netanyahu Orders Response After Gaza Rockets Fired - Vid

Israeli Tactic To Stop Soldier Capture Criticized

Palestine Can Sue Israel At ICC For War Crimes

Israeli & Pro-Israel UN Comm To Probe Gaza War Crimes

Iran Says Israel Must End Gaza Siege

Kiev Doubles E Ukraine Dead In Last 2 Weeks

No Troop Movement On Russian-Ukraine Border - OSCE

Kiev To Block Russia Aid Convoy At Kharkov Border?

War Between Russia And Ukraine Could Be Imminent

Washington Chokes Truth With Lies

Who Does UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-Moon Really Work For?


Ban Ki-Moon Secretly Worked With Israel - WikiLeaks

Russia Vulnerable As Oil Hits 9 Month Low

Petrol Prices Expected To Fall After Saudis Open Oil Taps

Ecuador: We don’t need permission to trade with Russia

Putin Home Approval Rating Leaps To 82%

Kirwan - Permission?

Obama Death Drones Now In Northern Iraq

Obama To Decide On Sending Ground Troops To Iraq

Obama's War On Iraq

Henderson - Big Oil Provokes Iran

JoeTalk - Illegal Immigration Child Scam Killing Us - Vid

White House 'Mistakenly' Releases 2,228 Illegals in 2013


Michael Brown Shooting Exposes Racist Media - Vid

Celente - Teen Shooting Not Only About Race

LAPD Executes 'Face-Down' Unarmed Young Black Man

Police Brutality Continues Unchecked Across US

MO Cops Shoot Second Man In Ferguson

No Fly Zone Over Ferguson, MO

Ferguson Cops Shot Wooden Bullets At Crowd

NYPD Urged To Step Up Cop Body Cams After Chokehold

Other Social Media Back Facebook In NYC Dispute

Suicides Surprisingly High In Middle-Aged US Males

Calico Discussed At The Google Camp


Remote Control Of Airliners - Boeing's Deadly 'Autopilot'

Chains That Bind

Psychology - A Day And A Month With Nutjobs

Pulitzer Winner Demands DOJ Lay Off NYT Journalist

The First News Channel Run Bu Teens?

Shopper Tracking Devices In Store Mannequins

NY Town Gets Entire Summer's Worth Of Rain - Vid

Images Of Flash Floods, Storms From AZ To N.E. - Pics

Water Passing Through Landfills Emerges Toxic

Shock Fail In UK Wages Is First Since 2009

The Rise And Demise Of The EU

Zionist Lobby Takes UK Hostage


2/3 Mentally Ill Britons Get No Treatment

Suicide Doesn't Set You Free

Robin Williams And The Call To Awaken

UFOs Photographed Over Houston

V-Shaped UFO Over Burlington, Canada

Roswell’s Aliens - Where Are They Now?

Womanhood Revisited

Warren Commission And Journal Documents Online

Freakiest Sea Creatures From The Deep - Vid

What’s REALLY Inside Ham Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets

Archaeologists Uncover Greece's Biggest Ancient Tomb


ZMapp Ebola Drug Rejected For Infected African MD

1st Sign Your City Was Hit By An Ebola BioWeapon

Ebola Completely Out Of Control In West Africa

Canada Donates 1,000 Experimental Ebola Vax Doses

Horror - Proof Pacific Almost Extinct Of Life...Radiation - Vid

Kirwan - Kiev Joins Israel In Declaring War On World

US Says Russia Preparing To Attack Ukraine

Time Running Out On Gaza Cease Fire - Vid

Israel Has Ravaged The Entire Gaza Strip

Israel Clamps Down On Internal Dissent


ISIS In Iraq Stinks Of CIA/NATO 'Dirty War' Op

Hallmarks Of Zionist Atrocities - 9/11, Gaza, Etc

Message To Israel - This Insanity Must End - Vid

Palestinians Rally In Support Of Hamas

US Backing ISIS To Destabilize Iraq - Vid

ISIS Not Using SAMS On US Jets…Yet

Abe Rips Russia Military Training Near Kuriles

Illegals Bring Diseases To Schools

Obama Dumps Contagious Diseased Illegals Over US - Vid

Illegals To Add Back-To-School Grief For Many

German Officer Gets Key Position Over US Troops


Babies Labeled 'Carbon Legacies' - Threat To Environment

Las Vegas To Dry Up If Water Levels Drop 7%

Town Mysteriously Missing 24% Of Its Water

Obama Hiding Saudi Involvement In 9/11 Attacks

Sovereign Debt For Territory - A New Elite Swap Strategy

Obama Loosens Restrictions On Lobbyists

Roberts - The De-Industrialization Of America

US Banks At Near-Record Profit Levels

Google Satellites To Identify You From Space

Fed Judge Upholds MD's Draconian Gun Control Law

Asbestos Being Used To House The Poor In Asia

Gold Set To Spike As Fear Rises

US Wages Down 23% Since 2008

3,000 Emp To Lose Jobs As AC's Newest Casino Shuts Down

McGrath - Econ Collapse...3 Things You Need To Know - Vid

William's Series Episode Aired As News Of Death Broke

The Great Fracking Coverup

When Tough Love Is Taken Too Far

CA Waive Enviro Rules For Tesla Battery Factory?

Bump Tracker - Nine Months Of Big Data

11 Most Embarrassing Govt Internet Sites

How Egyptian Pharaohs Rose To Power

Apple Wants To Be 'A Hub Of Health Data'

Traffic Light Hackers Could Jam Up The US

Moon Mining Mission A Few Years Away?

The All-Seeing Eye - Origins Of A Hijacked Symbol

You're Brainwashed To Like Bad Pop Songs

Is Paracetamol Safe?

Born Into A Sex Cult

Two-Headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkish Beach - Vid

The Mysterious Real Zombies Of Haiti

Black Ops Technology, ETs And Free Energy

UFO Black Triangle Over Garage Roof In Ontario


Stanford, Ingo Swann & And Remote Viewing ET

Jeff With The Legendary Ingo Swann - Part 1

Jeff With The Legendary Ingo Swann - Part 2

Jeff With The Legendary Ingo Swann - Part 3

3D Tissue Mimicking Brain Created

Turn Your Blood Flow Into Electricity

Sacred Origins Of A Hijacked Symbol

Wilde – ‘You Don’t Get Freedom For Nothing’ - Vid

Consciousness & Tech – 3 Remarkable Comparisons

Create A Self-Sustainable Food System

6 Reasons To Juice Rather Than Smoke Cannabis

6 Herbs That Promote Natural Weight Loss


Legendary Actress Lauren Bacall Passes At 89

Two Dead, Several Trapped After 5.1 Quake Hits Ecuador

Political Contact Of Patrick Sawyer Dies Of Ebola

Spanish Priest First To Die Of Ebola In Europe

Priest With Ebola Taken To Spain, Got ZMapp, Dies

Treatment Of Suspect Ebola Case In Lagos Raises Fears

WHO 'Ethics' Panel OKs Unapproved Ebola Drugs

Experimental Ebola Drug ZMapp Sent To Liberia

Ebola Dumped Into Atlanta Sewage Plant

Stopping Ebola When It Keeps Killing Doctors

Ebola Noted By Software 9 Days BEFORE Announced

Kirwan - Stop Listening To The Voices Of Treason


MH17 Shot Down By Air-To-Missiles Fired By Kiev Jets

Russia Agrees To Kiev Demands To Get Aid Convoy Thru

Luhansk Destination Of 280 Truck Russian Aid Convoy

Kiev Seeks To ‘Raze Southeast Ukraine To Ground’ – Lavrov

Russia Says US, UK Nuke Subs Always In Barents Sea

Russia To Use WTO To Contest Contest Sanctions

Ron Paul - US Sanctions On Russia May Kill Dollar

Germany Asks Kiev Not To Block Russia Gas, Oil To EU

Kiev Suicide By Thinking Of Stopping Gas Transit

Russia's Awesome Military Weapons On Display

Obama Sends Arms To Iraq To Solve Problem US Made


Maliki Forced Out As Iraq Political Turmoil Deepens

US Airstrikes On ISIS Will Have Minimum Impact

US Marines ‘Highly Likely’ On The Ground In Iraq - Report

US To Directly Arm Kurdish Peshmerga Forces

UK To Deploy Tornado Jets In Iraq

US-Israel-ISIS Plot In Syria Has Failed - Hezbollah

Unislamic State (US) - Satanic ‘Caliphate’

Egypt Mufti Slams ISIS For Atrocities

Roi Tov - Weapons Dealers Won The Gaza 'War'

IDF Distributes Gaza Horror Pics As Souvenirs

Israelis Intentionally Slaughtering Gaza Children

Turkey Aid Flotilla To Challenge Israeli Gaza Blockade


Gaza Medical Staff - Victims Are In Dire Condition

Evidence Sony Helps Israel In Gaza Slaughter

Tens Of Thousands Homeless Amid Gaza Rubble

Prof Fired From US Univ For Anti-Isreal Tweets

Israel Superficial Power Exposed In Gaza War - Iran

Investigating Gaza War Crimes

Guardian Publisher Defends Anti-Hamas Ad

Elie Wiesel's Inflammatory Advert

Russia's Awesome Military Weapons On Display

Russia's Technology & War Machine Built By US Taxpayers

US Watching China’s Moves In Asia-Pacific Region

Robin Williams Death Confirmed Suicide


The Many Faces Of Robin Williams

CIA MK-ULTRA - Intended To Use Drugs For 'Everything'

The Four Horsemen Of Banking

US Jobs That Came Back After 2008 Pay 23% LESS

US Coal Industry Blames EPA For Crisis

Chemical In Colgate 'Total' Toothpaste Tied To Cancer

Haunted House's Ghosts Attack News Crew

Four Reactors Forced To Shut Down In Safety Alert

10% Don't Have A Close Friend, Even More Feel Unloved

Cops Hit Michael Brown Protesters With Tear Gas

MO Teen Shot Repeatedly While Surrendering To Cops

Woman Fired - Told 'Not Black Enough'


Social Nets Admit 23 Million Users Tweet Automatically

Venezuela Closes Colombia Border Over Smuggling

UK Pubs Closing At Rate Of 31 A Week

Psychospiritual Electrochemical War On Humanity

Morgellons - Intro And Part 1 - Vid

Morgellons - Part 2 - Vid

Disc UFO Landed Near Her Family’s Home 1976

New Documentary On Jesse Marcel Jr

Chile - UFOs Pose No Threat To Aircraft - Vid

This Will Make You Rethink All Future Food Choices

Easy Refrigerator Pickles


Robin Williams Comedic Genius…Enjoy - Vid

Ebola Continues To Spread In Nigeria - Vid

Expert Gives Congress Apocalypse Warnings Over Ebola

McGrath - Did You Know WW3 Has Begun? - Vid

Scottish Laser Bomb Guidance Used In US/Israeli Bombs

California Sinking One Foot Per Year - Water Loss

CA 'Water Wasters' Must Attend 'Water School'

Dasani, Aquafina, & Crystal Geyser Sucking Water From CA


Walls Crumbling Around 'Official 9/11 Story' - Why?

What Countries Are Currently At War? A Complete List

Sunny States Continue To Suppress Solar Energy

Billionaires Secretly Control The EPA

Chemtrails Being Digitally Added To Old Movies

Obama Promises No Vacations For Himself As Pres

Number One Tooth Paste Linked To Cancer In New Study

One-Fourth Of US Families 'Just Getting By'

Restaurant Charges Cust 35 Cent 'Minimum Wage Fee'

Job Destroying Robot Makes Burgers In 10 Sec

McDonald’s Monthly Sales Slump To 10 Year Low

Royal Raymond Rife - Cancer Researcher, Brilliant Inventor


White Teacher Wins $350k Discrimination Suit Vs Schools

George Takei Helps Fund Gay Boy Scout Series

Opening Heaven's Door - True NDE Stories

Treating Cancer With Venom - Vid

Disappearing Species In The US Deepest Wilds

Still Hot Inside The Moon

Antiperspirants Make You Smell Worse

'Enter Pyongyang' - Vid

Why Are Scientists Trying To Make Fake Shark Skin?

These Fish Keep People Awake With Their Weird Mating Calls

20 Foods That Will Increase Your Sexual Appetite

Ten Healthy Fats You Should Be Eating


Rense - 'Russia, The Hope Of The World' - Edgar Cayce

Vicious Israeli Apartheid In 11 Images

Robin Williams Dead - Apparent Suicide At 63

Robin Williams Dead Of Apparent Suicide At 63

ZMapp Approved To Treat 2 Doctors In Liberia

Thread - WHO...Ebola Spread Alarming - ZMapp Release Due

Thread - 10 More Lab-Confirmed Ebola Cases In Nigeria

Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vax Campaigns

Site Actually Publishes A HOMEOPATHIC Cure For Ebola

Could ZMapp CAUSE An Outbreak? Side Effects Unknown

Nigeria Index Matches Ebola Sub-Clade In 2 Countries

Ebola, ZMapp, White US Charity Workers And Racism

GSK To Start Ebola Vax Trials Later In Year

US Ebola Vax Ready For Testing On Humans - Reports

Why Hasn't A Pandemic Ever Started In Brooklyn?


Israelis Caught Using Death Ray Lasers On Gaza - Vids-Pics

Roy Tov - Israel Prepares Attack On Lebanon

Poll Shows Israel-Germany Bond Weakening - Vid

Jew Drama - The 'Bad Guy Of The Month' Routine

What If Hamas Dumped All Its Rockets?

How Will Gaza's Children Carry Their Scars?

Hillary Criticizes Obama's Syria, Israel Policies

Fisk On Mideast Destruction - Don’t Dare Mention Oil

US Support For Israel Remains Strong (they own us)

Kirwan - Consequences Cannot Be Denied

Forbidden History - The Ultimate Taboo

Lendman - Mass Murder In Gaza & Ukraine

Russia, Kiev Agree On Humanitarian Operation

Kiev Artillery Fires 15 More Rounds Into Russia


Kiev Rocket Attack leads To Mass Jail Breakout

Euro Underground Gas Storage Refilled In August

Steven Seagal Plays Concert For Separatists

Kirwan - The Depth of Corruption Worldwide

New Iraq PM Nominated But Maliki Won't Leave

The Real Reason The US Is Bombing Iraq

ISIS Is Still Coming To The US - Sen. Graham

Kerry Slaps Down Maliki

Iraq Crisis - Cameron Pressured To Recall Parliament

Letter At Bin Laden Hideout Warned Of ISIS Brutality

Russia To Destroy S-300 Meant To Go To Syria

Rothschilds BCCI Shake Down Of Arabs


Chinese Crossing Mexican Border Into US - Vid

Many Schools Expect Masses Of Illegal Students

Megyn Kelly ~ Shocking TX Border Exclusive - Vid

Mexico’s Immigration Laws - Who Knew?

Obama Balances World Crises…With Golf

Pentagon - US Dissent A Threat 'Indicator'

Keystone XL Pollution Much More Than Figured

Police Can Take Your Property With Little Reason

Colleges Get Rating System, Administrators Squeal!

Bottled Water Comes From Worst US Drought Areas

Towards The Final Countdown

British Police Raid Pub In Search For 'Holy Grail’

Strange Silhouette On Lunar Surface - Vid

Dean - NATO A Security Threat To All


Obama Gets Huge Motorcade, SWAT Playing Golf

Keystone Carbon Emissions 4x Higher Than Thought

For The Record - Ed Ward MD's NOLA, Canal St Activism

Top Brit Bookmaker – 79% Of Scottish Punters Back Indy

Fracking Campaigners Criticize 'Censored' UK Report

UK Inheritance Tax - 'Pay Up Before You Die'

Police Want To See Med Records Without Consent

Was There A Civilization X?

Supermoon Lights Up The World - Pics

Aliens Reported In Captivity 1954

UFOs In Ottawa County Remain Unexplained

‘Carbondale UFO’ Drew Police Officers, Military


21 Day Ebola Quarantine For Returning NC Missionaries

Ebola Shows How Unprepared The US Is

New Evidence - Sawyer ESCAPED Liberian Ebola Quarantine

All The Queen’s Men Can’t Save The BioWar Ebola Serum

Rioting, Looting In MO Town After Cops Kill Teen - Vid

MO Town Erupts In Riots, Looting, Shots Fired - Vid

250,000 Gaza Residents Now Homeless

Israel - Palestinians Agree To Second 72 Hr Truce

100s Israelis Defy Police Ban And Protest Gaza 'War' - Vid

Hollywood Jews Blacklist Cruz, Bardem For Gaza Letter

Ron Paul - 'US Likely Hiding Truth' MH17

Kiev Closing On Donetsk - No Help From Russia

Idiot Kiev Army Nearly Shells Lethal Chemical Plant - Pics

Ukraine - Before War There Was Fear Of Fracking


Iraq Confirms ISIS Slaughtered 500 Yazidis

US Airstrikes Help Free Yazidi Iraqis From ISIS

ISIS Buries 500 Yazidis Alive

Iraqi Troops, Tanks Roll Into Baghdad - Political Crisis

Satanism, Scientology And Occult Overlords

Bill Gates Flees The Country On 450 Ft Yacht

Fish & Wildlife Service To Stop Using GMOs

Ocean Wave Power May Become Cost Effective

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Only Enriches The Elite

Water Thieves Hit Drought Stricken Fire Depts

Happy Ending? Or Happy Now (Zen)

Brazil Employers Require Virginity Tests

Human Microchipping Is Right Around The Corner

Passwords Are Officially Dead

America’s Disappearing Middle Class

Antidepressants Change Feelings Of Love

CA Schools Teach Vibrators, Bondage - Parents Enraged

Satellite Shows New Hangars Going Up At Area 51

HPV Vax - 12 Yr Old WI Girl Dies Hours After Shot

Exxon Begins Drilling Russia's Pristine Arctic Waters

Fracking Fears For The North York Moors

Ingo Swann - The Incredibly Gifted Remote Viewer

Cyborg Science - Connecting The Brain To Electronics


'Sir! Can I Have Another, Sir!'

Going It Alone

Here's How A Nap Can Change Your Afternoon

How The LA Wilshire Grand Tower Project Was Born

Don’t Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers

Hit The Reset Button in Your Brain

Herbal Remedies For The Top 10 Health Problems

This Root Is More Effective Than Chemotherapy

9 Foods You Should Never Buy In Supermarkets

Simultaneous Tides & Shockwave Riders

New Search For Crashed 'Ghost Rockets' - Vid

UFO Over Australian Mountain - Pic


‘US Lawmakers Forced To Support Israel’ - Ex-Rep

Genocidal Israel Destroys What's Left Of Palestine

Ebola Threatens To Blanket Nigeria

Guinea Closes Border With Sierra Leone, Liberia

Germany Quarantines Suspected Ebola Case

Sawyer Infected Nurse Who Infected Pregnant Patient

Monrovia Airport Films Patrick Sawyer Prior To Boarding

Priest Taken To Spain Gets ZMapp Monoclonal Antibodies

ZMapp To Be Distributed By WHO & MSF

Kirwan - The Future Is DOA

Palestinians Agree To Another 72 Hr Truce

Roy Tov - 200 Buses Per Day To Annex Gush Etzion

Hamas Threatens Major Escalation Of Rockets


Hezbollah Ready To Use Its Advanced Missiles

Israel Dawn Airstrike Kills Three In Mosque

8,000 Pal Children Killed By Israel In Recent Years

Israel Murders Gaza Health Workers

Netanyahu Fears War Crimes Charges

Netanyahu - 'At No Time Did We Say War Over'

Current Situation In Gaza - Vid

Palestine To Bring Israel To ICJ: Foreign Minister

Obama Strategic Silence Gives Carte Blanche To Israel

Waging Genocidal War On Humanity


150,000 In London's Protest At Gaza Massacre

Huge London Gaza Protest - Pics

Actors Who Criticize Israel Risk Blacklisting

Beware World’s Top War-Loving, Terror Organization

Russia Urges Quickest Aid Delivery To E Ukraine

Obama Should Release Ukraine Evidence

MH17 - Conspiracy, Putin And World War 3

How West Lured Ukraine Into Its Deadly Orbit

Russia To Deploy 5th Gen Fighters, S-500s In 2016

Stocks In Russian Food Companies Soar

Russia, China Agree To Bypass Dollar More

Ukraine - Putin Sacks 18 Top Ranking Officials


Ukraine Says It Sopped Russian 'Invasion' - Russia Laughs

US, Germany Threaten Russia Further Over Russia

Russian Aid Mission In Ukraine Illegal Say US, UK

Firefighters Delayed Response To Deadly Odessa Blaze

ISIS Kills 500 Buried Some Women, Children Alive

Iran - US Attack On ISIS To Shift Focus From Israel

Lendman - US Using ISIS To Dominate Mideast

ISIS Gives Child Choice - Jihadist Or Suicide Bomber

ISIS Destroys Ancient Ties Of Iraq's Minorities'

US Foreign Policy In Shambles; Run By Amateurs

Preston James - America's Secret Civil War

Former British Prime Minister Praised Hitler


'I’m Wanted For ‘Hate Crimes’ In Canada

Australia’s Surveillance State

America’s Use Of Terror In Vietnam

Plane Crashes Near Tehran Airport Kills 48

Magnitude 6.1 Quake Jolts Northern Japan

St Louis Cops Execute Teen For Shoplifting - Vid

Cop Assaults Man For Requesting His Supervisor

Antibacterial Agents In Products Present Risk

12 Design Principles For More Sustainable Farming

US 'Food Safety' Relies On Self-Reporting

Competition Is A Sin - Rise & Fall Of The Bankster Pt 1 - Vid


Pushing Debt, Death - Rise & Fall Of The Bankster Pt 2 - Vid

US Won't Recognize UN Jurisdiction On Argentina Debt

Incredible 1970s Prediction Of Our Orwellian Future - Vid

100s Of Sex Offenders Get Community Service

UK Fails To Give Britons Chance To Thrive

Booker - Salmond’s Green Dream Requires Huge Cheque From England

Humans Will Eventually Have Robots As Friends

Cosmic Connectivity - Quantum Pigeonhole Paradox

NASA New 'Supersonic Flying Saucer' - Vid

Real Human Teeth In 300 Yr Old Christ Statue

Supermoon Lights Up Skies Around World

About This Sunday's Supermoon


Benin Reports Two Ebola Cases

Suspected Ebola Case Hamburg Germany ex Sierra Leone

This Winters Flu Season Is Going To Be Dangerous


Israel Attacks 30 More Sites In Gaza

New Israelis Airstrikes On Gaza - Vid

Iraqi Kids Thrown From Mt Top To Save Them From ISIS

Obama Continues PsyOp Against Russia, Threatens China

Spain Volunteers Join Fight va Kiev In E Ukraine

Malaysian Press - Kiev Regime Shot Down MH 17

Malaysia Plans To Build Two Nuke Reactors (insanity)

Japan A Nation Of Overworked Zombies

Cops Can Seize Your Property With Little Reaso

Schools Now Track Student Social Media Posts

Why Not A Three Day Week?

Jeffrey Smith's Challenge To Neil Tyson Long - Vid


Fracking Is Making CA Drought Worse

Are We Drifting Into A Culture Of Suppression?

Fear & Hysteria In Every Part of Our Lives

Official Public Discourse In America

How To Make Your Entire Internet Life More Secure

Did Banned Drone Damage Yellowstone Spring

For The Right Price, You Can Buy Candidate

Russia Food Ban A ‘Nightmare’ For French Farmers - Vid

When A Car Loan Means Bankruptcy

Chips To Go Into Healthy People Soon

No Sex Please, We're Japanese...Documentary 2014 - Vid

The US vs John Lennon - Vid


West Companies To ignore Sanctions On Russia

Outbreak Of TB In Atlanta

Why Farmers Markets Are Growing In The South

The End Of UFOs

‘UFO’ Photographed Over Romford

Clue To 36-Year Valentich Plane Mystery?

Astronauts Rely On Prescribed Sleep Medication

Health Benefits Of Eating Weeds In Your Backyard

Understanding The Birth Of The Sun

How To Exit The Reincarnation System

10 Chem Additives Commonly Found in Meat?

Musk Reveals Design 14,000 MPH Vacuum Tube Train

Grounding Is Key To Your Body Staying Healthy


Thread - Senegal Shows First Two Suspect Cases

Thread - African Nations Close Borders Over Ebola

Ebola In Burkino Faso Resident At Ghana Hospital

Hospitalized Near Accra - All Have Blood In Urine

Ghana Red Alert - Fishermen Near Liberia Have Symptoms

Jeff & Dr. Henry Niman – Ebola…Ready To Roll Over US - Vid

DoD Admits Involvement In Ebola Crisis, Research


CDC Ebola Quarantine Map Matches Immig Map - Why?

Ebola Fear - See Air Hostesses On W African Flight - Pics

Ebola…They Just Don't GET IT!

Ebola Clinics Closed, Staff Dead Or Fled - Gupta On WHO - Vid

Ebola Fears Hit Canadian Hospital - Patient Isolated

Canada Quarantines Patient With Ebola Symptoms

Tracing Ebola Breakout To An African 2 Yr Old

Colbert Beats Fox News Fear Mongers At Ebola - Vid

Kerry To Starving Africans - Just Plant More GMOs

Why Are The Arab Gulf Countries Silent On Gaza?

Abbas - Longtime Israeli Collaborator

Roi Tov - Israel Burns Books (please support this brave man)

What Part Of 'Kill The Best Gentiles' Don't You Understand?


'Don't Tell Me What I Should Think About Israel'

ICC Has Jurisdiction To Probe Crimes In Gaza

Israel Horror In Gaza…Watch - Vid

Ex-IDF Saw First Hand How Israel Mocks Civilian Death

South Africa To Sue Citizens Serving Israel Military

Brit Jew 'Terrified' About 'Anti-Semitism' Sweeping Country

Israel’s Agenda To Steal Rest Of Palestinian Land

Israel Communities Near Gaza Border Half Empty

Psychopathology Of The Zionist Mind

US Airstrikes Pound ISIS In Iraq


ISIS Orders 'Genital Mutilation' For All Females

ISIS Is Beheading Children...Obama Drops 2 Bombs

ISIS Mass-Murdering Iraqi Christians

Obama - Battle vs Islamic State Will Be 'Long Term'

Obama Admin In Panic Over Rise Of ISIS - Vid

Obama's Rationale For Air Strikes Against ISIS

Obama’s Diabolical Agenda In Iraq

ISIS Tweets Photos Of Dead US Troops

ISIS Aided And Abetted By Israel

Iraqi Govt Sends Planeload Of Weapons To Kurds

Obama's War On Russia Backfires

Porky Rapes Lugansk Then Offers Humanitarian Aid


Ukraine Escalation From Molotov Cocktails To Missiles

Donetsk Fighters Ready For Humanitarian Ceasefire

Israeli MH17 Photo - Yaron Mofaz…Another Dancing Israeli?

US 'Hiding Truth' On MH17 Takedown

Malaysian Govt Takes Control Of Malaysia Airlines

Lendman - The Battle For Ukraine's Soul

Russia Forces US Sub Out Of Boundary Waters

Paul Craig Roberts - Washington Threatens The World

Kirwan - ‘Belonging’ Revisited

Banking On War

How Dollar Destruction Threatens Global Economy

Almost 20% Of People Near Retirement Have No Savings

Artificial Intelligence 'More Dangerous Than Nukes’


Calls Mount On US To Reveal Saudi Role In 9/11

Who Is Watching The CIA?

Big Oil’s Agribusiness Spawn

Ex Obamacare Boss Admits She Deleted Emails

35% Americans In Debt To Collection Agencies

Student Debt Tied To Worse Health, Less Wealth

CA Water Is Only For Those Who Drill Deepest

Water Privatization...One Town At A Time - Vid

The Rich Are Richer Than We Thought

Ex-Hurricane Bertha Heads Towards UK

Japan To Evac 140,000, Cancels Flights Over Typhoon

Big Storm Hits Big Island In Hawaii - Vid


Nuclear Wastes Bump Up Against Natural Rights

Fermi Telescope - Gamma Lightning…Fukushima-Related?

Doom - Learn English In College? Har

Mexico Beekeepers Win - Monsanto Loses GMO Permit

GMO Golden Rice - The Scourge Of Asia

Jeffrey Smith vs Neil deGrasse Tyson On GMOs

5 Critical Health Benefits of Magnesium Rich Foods

Stem Treatment Enables Stroke Patients To Move, Speak Again

Tick Bite Can Make You Allergic To Red Meat

IBM Makes New Chip With Million Neurons - Works Like Brain

Giving Up Porn - One Man's Journey

US Virus Expert in Africa - ‘It's Like War’

An Ebola Outbreak Could Quarantine Entire US Cities

Liberia Closes Borders, Quarantines Communities

4 New Cases Of Ebola Connected To Dr. Patrick Sawyer In Atlanta

The Ebola Of 2009 - Swine Flu

First Ebola Victim Arrives In Spain Under Tight Security

US Bombs ISIS Convoys, Fighters - Vid

US Jets Fly More Bombing Runs On ISIS Targets

Blowback! US Trained Islamists Who Joined ISIS

NATO Plane Arrives in Ukraine With $4.5m In Arms

Over 90 Percent Of Kids In Gaza Have PTSD

Obama Bombing Iraq On 50th Anniv Of Tonkin

Expect Historic & Worldwide Financial Destruction

Gold, WW3 & The End Of The Age Of Jobs & Travel

Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot System & Remote Hijacking

Americans Renouncing Citizenship New Record

Br Nathanael - BRICS...Breaking The Jewish Money Power - Vid

The Terror Of GMOs

India Selling Out To Monsanto, GMOs - Bigger Picture

Invisible Wireless Smog Revealed With Lights

Factory Farms Destroying US Countryside - Pics

NASA Is Betting On 5 Extraordinary Ideas

Mysterious Fungus Infecting US Southwest

When Smiling Is Bad For You

Why Is Evidence Of Human Giants Hidden?

Weird Noises Coming From Iceland Volcano


Precedent Setting Child Curfew Law Takes Effect

The War Photo No One Would Publish

Jackie - Johnson Killed JFK, Had Affair With Movie Star

Hardest States To Find Full-Time Work

Where Did All the Entry-Level Jobs Go?

50 Things You Should Stop Buying And Start Making

When A Hurricane Meets A Volcano?

69 Yrs Since A-Bombs - Humanity Learns Nothing - Vid

Factory Farms Destroying US Countryside - Pics

NASA Is Betting On 5 Extraordinary Ideas


10 Reasons To Boycott The Word ‘But’

When Smiling Is Bad For You

Why Is Evidence Of Human Giants Hidden?

UFO Sphere Reported Near Ground Level

Aliens Could Live in Oily Goo

Second Mental Competency Eval for Alien Abductee

Noted Skeptic Gets Prison For Wire Fraud

Analysis Of Brian Dunning’s Explanation

Lemons – 10 Benefits And Tips

7 Reasons You Should Make Coconut Water


Jeff & Dr. Henry L. Niman - Ebola…Ready To Roll On US - Vid

WHO Declares Ebola International Emergency

Thread - Suspected Ebola Cluster In Jeddah

Ebola Death Toll Nears 1,000 - WHO

Two Suspect Ebola Cases In Benin - One Dead

Another Suspected Death In Suburban Lagos

Sequences From Patrick Sawyer

US Bombs ISIS Artillery Positions

West's ISIS Terror Hordes in Iraq


Lendman - Middle East In Turmoil

Roi Tov - Epikoros Israel On Gaza - 'Never Again'

Nuremberg Charges Against Israel?

Brave Jewish Jet Pilots Kill Palestinian Child In Gaza

Not Killing Gazans Is A 'Moral Mistake’ - Netanyahu

US Should 'Help Israel Avoid War Crimes Charges - Bibi

Israel Exits Peace Talks With Hamas

Anti-Jewish Anger On Rise Across Europe

Israel's Critics Need Protection In UK

Joan Rivers - 'Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead'


US-Israeli Split Is Real And Widely Known - Steinberg

Hypocrisy Of Israel’s Stooges In Britain

Glasgow Flies Palestinian Flag To Support Gaza

UK Cops Probe Galloway For 'Anti-Israel' Remarks

Escobar - NATO Is Desperate For War

4 killed, 18 Hurt As Kiev Killers Shell Donetsk

Ukraine To Impose Russian Gas Transit Ban (Suicide)

Ukraine May Block All Transit From Russia In Sanctions Row -PM

Euromaidan Protests Kiev’s Operation in E Ukraine

4-Star Gens Rip Obama For Not Using Decisive Force In Iraq

The US Biggest Allies Are Funding ISIS

HSBC Shuts Syrian Refugees' Bank Accounts In Britain

Children At The US Border - The Big Picture

Fascist Lying, Scumbags - Ed Ward FB Suspended

Neil Young - Chem Factory Farming Threatens World

Water-Polluting Anxiety Drug Cuts Fish Mortality

Henderson - Bogotá Blues

Martin - James Forrestal And John Kennedy

It's Scotland's Pound And We're Keeping It - Salmond

Downing St Still Silent On Cameron Secret Shetland Visit

US & JapanTo Develop Fuel-Cell Powered Sub

Secret Report Points To Highly Corrupt' Cells In Met

Savile's Suspicious Palace Behavior Revealed In New Book


CDC Bombshell - Ebola Spreading To The US 'Inevitable'

WHO Issues International Ebola Warning

'Don't Touch The Walls' - Fear Grips African Hospital

Several Brits Quarantined For Ebola

Unapproved Ebola Virus Test Gets Emergency OK

CDC Highest Alert - Ebola Spreads In W Africa - Vid


Ebola - The Next Great Pandemic?

Follow The Money - Ebola, Crisis Of Opportunity

Obama Declares War On ISIS - Orders Airstrikes Strikes

Obama Authorizes Missile Strikes On ISIS

Conflict Leaves Industry in Ashes, Gaza Reeling

Russia Bans ALL US Food, EU Fruit, Vegetables

Obama - ‘I’m Bound By The Constitution’ (yessiree)

US Suspected Israeli Involvement In 1960s Stolen Uranium

A Comprehensive History Of Zionist Crimes

Psy War - Mindwar Against We The People

Another US Company To Close 165 Stores

10 Health Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin


End Of The Porn Industry In Los Angeles?

Hackers Hit Israel As Israel Hit Gaza - Vid

Fracking Is Making CA Drought Worse

How US Military Took Over The African Continent - Vid

Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions - Vid

'Green Beam' UFO Sighting Over Hinckley

Take A Virtual Tour Of Mars And The Moon

Shag Harbor UFO Festival Could Be Last

Belief Systems & The Power Of Authority

Sanjay Gupta - We're Going To See Ebola Around The World

More Ebola Bodies Left In African Streets - Pics

Fear Of The Unknown Is Creating Hysteria


We Are NOT Prepared For An Ebola Pandemic

An Ebola Vaccine Is Not the Answer

Kirwan - Global Genocide

Christian Says Ebola Might Cleanse Us Of Gays, Sluts, Atheists

Senile? - Pelosi Refers To Africa As A Country In Tweet

Obama Pushes Investing In Africa's Huge Resources

TB Spreading in Illegal Camps - 7000 At Risk In TX Camps

Netanyahu - Deaths in Gaza 'Justified'

Bibi Wants US To Protect Israel From ICC War Crimes!

'Israel Should Not Cooperate With UN War Crimes Probe'

60% Of Israelis Say Offensive Against Gaza FAILED

Over 1,600 Israeli Troops Wounded In Gaza - Media


War-Bambi Awarded Palestinian Lands

400,000 Gaza Kids Need Psych Help - UNICEF

How Israel Is Silencing Its Critics

Israeli Soldiers Abduct 11 Palestinians In West Bank

National Post - Europe’s 'Jew Haters' Come Forward

Smartphone App To Help Boycott Products From Israel

Fiercer Resistance Awaits Israel If Truce Breached - Iran

Israel Owes Survival To Perpetual War

IDF ‘Hannibal Protocol’ & 2 Criminally Insane Govts

Jew 'Settlers' Regularly Kill Palestinians With Their Cars

US Imposing News Blackout On Gaza To Fool Public

Ebola - 100 People From Beverly Hills Starving...

Stephen Lendman - Back From The Abyss


Proof That John Lennon Faked His Death? - pdf

Monsanto’s Legacy Of Death

Detroit...High And Dry - Vid

"They Came... And Then... They Were Gone

Bill Gates Family On Mediterranean Vacation….

Spy Tech - Voice Imprints From Physical Objects Recvered

Tyson Thinks GMOs Originated 10,000 Years Ago?

Husband, Wife Learn They Are Brother & Sister

The Guilt Of Shooting Down Mh17 Is Clear & Damning

Threat Of Moscow Ukraine Invasion Growing: Hagel (let's hope)

Russia Military Build-Up Dangerous - NATO

Risk Of Russian Military Deployment Grows - Polish PM


Kirwan - Genocide In Ukraine

Ron Paul to Obama - Let’s Leave Ukraine Alone!

Roberts - Will Putin Realize Russia Holds The Cards?

Putin Signs $20b Iran Oil Deal To Bypass Sanctions

Russia May Ban Transit Flights To Asia By EU, US Airlines

Russia Bans Ag Imports From West Over Sanctions

Snowden Can Stay In Russia For Three More Years

Whose Truth Is Wikipedia Guarding?

Obama Considers Air Strikes To Save Iraqis From ISIS

French Report - ISIS Leader Mossad Agent

ISIS Threatens To Kill 40,000 Iraqis Stranded On Mountain

ISIS Seizes Iraq's Largest Christian Town

Obama’s Approval At All-Time Low In New Poll


Obama Half-Brother Says Obama No Telling It Straight

50% In US On Watch List Not Tied To Terror Groups

Wall Street's Unprecedented Land Grab

BoA Near $17 Billion Settlement

China’s Yuan Could Surpass Dollar - Professor

Afghan History Suppressed - Central Asia Chessboard

Spy Tech - Voice Imprints From Physical Objects Recvered

Impose Arms Embargo On Israel Says UK MP

Londoner Charged For Anti-Israel Rooftop Protest

Five Oz Teens Accused Of Anti-Semitic Threats

Anti-Israel Demonstration Held In Russian Capitol

Putin - World Must Remember Lessons Of Past Wars


Britain's First Armed Police On Routine Patrol

Five Boys Aged 13 To 14 On Rape Charges

Whose Truth Is Wikipedia Guarding?

Wikipedia Edits To Minimize High Profile Killings

UK Food Self-Sufficiency In Long Term Decline - Farmers

How Cheap Diesel Is Choking Our Cities

Google Just Added Maps For Mars And Moon

250 Million Yr Old Iconic Rock Falls - Vid

Inside Albert Einstein's Revolutionary Mind

Fireball Explodes Into Small Meteorites Over AL

Great White Attack In 'Spectacular' Detail - Vid

Hawaii Is In The Path Of Two Hurricanes


How Often? Deadly Diseases Go From Animals To Humans?

Low Vit D ‘Can Double Dementia Risk’

Liberia Declares Ebola Emergency - Deaths Now 932

Sierra Leone People Think Ebola Govt Conspiracy

Ebola Ground Zero - 'Floor Was Splashed With Blood

Prepping For An Ebola Lockdown

Ebola Outbreaks And The Link To Fruit Bats

Illegal With Infectious TB Arrested In Bakersfield

ISIS Boss Al-Baghdadi A Jew Mossad Agent - French Report

Putin In Difficult Position In Ukraine - Vid

Kirwan - What Has Israel Done?


No Progress In Israel-Hamas Truce Talks

The Deconstruction & Complete Reset Of Israel

Atzmon - On IDF's Failure And Jewish Ethics

Israel Achieved No Military Goals In Gaza

The Voice of Resistance - Vid

Virtue & Necessity Of Deconstructing 'Anti-Semitism'

A Jew I Trust and Respect - Vid

The Destruction Of The Palestinian People

Zionist Thought Cops Destroy Oz Paper

Lake Erie Toxic Water Linked To Fermi Nuclear Plant

US Well Positioned To Move To 5G Cell Networks

IMF Energy Carbon Tax

Mainstream Magazine Covers GeoEngineering


'Too Big To Fail' Banks - Bigger, Badder, To Stay

Famous Landmarks After A Disaster - Pics

Cops Don't Have To Follow Constitution - Vid

Chiappalone - Fragmentation Of Galactic Proportions

How Quantum Mechanics Helps Us Breathe

Best Thinking Seems To Occur In The Shower

Your Guide To Shopping At Farmers Markets

11 Reasons You Really Should Be Eating Quinoa

How Does Alcohol Affect Heart & Liver?

Computer Games Better Than Meds For Elderly

People Free Man Trapped By Perth Train - Vid

Oz Man Saved 160 From Suicide By Just Talking - Vid


The Man Who Invented The 26th Dimension

That's Some Heavy Petting!

Broken Windows Policing Kills People

FL Center Stops Surgeries - Mad Cow Instrument Fear

Peace At The Edge Of The World

700 UFOs In Saskatchewan Over 25 Years

UFO Spotted Over Wrexham - Vid

Violets And The Great Spangled Fritillary

Thread - Nurse In Lagos Dies Of Ebola, 5 More Confirmed

Ebola Victims Left To Rot In Streets Of Liberia

Ebola Victims Bodies Dumped In Liberia Streets & Wells


Thread - Jeddah Ebola Case Dies - 'Media Confirmed'

Ebola Outbreak Could Be Much Worse Than Thought

Thread - Spain Evacs Missionary Linked To Sawyer's Sister

The Human Ebola Virus Is Patented (yep)

The Cure Of Ebola Owned By Reynolds Tobacco!

Costs Have Delayed Ebola Vaccine For Years

Timeline Says Atlanta Ebola Patient A Psy Op Hoax?

Use Of Experimental Ebola Drug Raises Red Flags

Ebola? Bigger Problem is US-Mex Border Camps Full Of TB

Obama Threatens To Use EOs To 'Solve' Immigration Problems

Current Situation In Gaza - Vid

Gaza Destroyed - Pics

Full Extent Of Gaza Destruction Begins To Show - Vid

THIS Is What Barbaric Means, Mr. Obama - Vid


Israeli Peace Movement Spat At In War Climate

Israel Admits Hannibal Procedure Against Goldin

Relief In Israel As Troops Pull Out - No Sense Of 'Victory'

Israel Inflicts $4.6 Billion Damage To Gaza

Worm Kerry - US Backs Israel's Right To 'Self-Defense'

Tel Aviv To Turn Gaza Into Israeli City (as we've said)

Hollywood Rolls Out The New 'Anti-Israel' Blacklist

Israel Named Top Spy Threat To US In NSA Doc

Behind The Gaza- Israel Headlines - Alison Weir - Vid

Jew Hides Mom's Death To Get 'Holocaust' Benefits

Why Aren't ISIS & Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?

ISIS Threatens To Kill 30,000 Trapped Iraqis


240 ISIS Fighters Killed In Iraq - Vid

Roberts - Will Putin Realize Russia Holds The Cards?

Kiev Hiding Soldier True Death Toll

Kiev Missile Lands In Front Of Car In Donetsk - Vid

Putin, Merkel Discuss Ukraine Crisis

Kirwan - Genocide In Ukraine

Putin Asks Govt For Countermeasures To Sanctions

Sanctions On Russia Hurt Dollar Dominance

Sanctioned Russia Airline Makes 16 Plane Boeing Deal

Putin Bans All Import Foods From Sanctioning Countries

Russian Retail Chains To Replace All Imported Foods

Russia Inks 5 Yr Deal With Iran To East West Pressure


Russian Hackers Steal More That 1.2. Billion Passwords

Top 5 Most Absurd Pretexts For War - Vid

How Wealth Gap Is Damaging US Economy

Afghan History Hidden - Saudis, Al Qaeda & Big Oil

Don’t Be Fooled - Banks Still Too Big To Fail

The Over-Criminalization Of The American People

Pepper Spraying Youth In Custody In San Diego

Jeff & John Anthony West - Lessons Of Ancient Egypt - Vid

Fed Shock - Model Shows Bitcoin Passing Dollar By 2021

Oregon To Vote On GMO Food Labeling In November

Contractor To Conduct Deep Water Search For MH370


Roberts - Defining Away Economic Failure

The Elite TV News Anchor - Center Of The Psy Op

China Bans Govt Purchases Of Many Apple Products

PC Makers Should Be Liable For Product Security

A Personal Update In Search Of The Impersonal

Yosemite Threatened By Drought, Wildfires

Massive Swedish Forest Fire - Vid

The New Space Race To Put Humans On Mars

Observatory Captures Huge Volcanic Jupiter’s Moon Io

Rosetta Spacecraft In Historic Meeting With Comet

Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Sperm

Unknown Culture Found In Peru

Efforts To Save Cannabis Farmer's Market


The Ebola Strain Links African Outbreak To A Lab Escape

If The Potential Ebola Victim In NYC HAS The Virus...

Spanish Priest Has Ebola virus

Has Ebola Reached The UK?

Natural Treatments for Ebola Virus Exist?

Under American Bombs in Gaza

Gaza Survivors Face Battle For Water, Shelter, Power

Eight Days in Gaza - A Wartime Diary

Kirwan - What Has Israel Done!

Gaza Children Now In Virtual Silence From Trauma

Russian Troop Increase At Ukraine Border Raises Fear

The Guardian View On Rising Tension In Ukraine


Kiev Deploying Missile & Multiple Rockets Launchers

Afghan History Suppressed: Islamists, Heroin & CIA

Iraqi Kurds Flee ISIS Assault Northern Iraq

CA Storms Was A Nearly 500 Year Event

The Committee of 300

Time To Flush The Mind

Last Days Of The Kali Yuga

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Size Of CT

UN - We May Have To Migrate People Out Of Drought CA

Scenes From The California Drought - Pics

Haze - The Secret History Of Laurel Canyon

Haze - The Sound Wizards Of Laurel Canyon

Inside the Military's Secretive Smartphone Program


Where is Your Closest Farmers’ Market? ( Interactive Map )

Raising A Family Off-Grid Requires Very Careful Planning

Reasons To Avoid Farmed Salmon

Diabetics In Poverty More Likely To Get Amputation

What Does Blue Sound Like?

Big Island’s Most Beautiful Scenery - Vid

Down the Ganges From Snow To Sea - Vid

Exploring The Poltergeist Phenomenon

High Winds Expose New Nazca Geoglyphs

This Could Be Heaven, This Could Be Hell

How Refined Sugar Destroys Your Energy

Walnuts Can Help You Beat Stress


Filer’s Files # 31 – 2014 — Is ET Colonizing Earth?

Filer’s Files # 30 – 2014 – Aliens on the Moon

New Leaker Disclosing US Secrets

Writebol Arrives In Atlanta Hospital

Writebol Improving After Experimental Ebola Drug

Ohio Woman Being Tested For Ebola

US Admits To Ebola Attack

Mt Sinai Patient Ebola Tests Still Pending

Ebola -The US Diagnostic Test Ia A Lie

Lagos Records Second Ebola Case

Thread - Ebola Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Liberia

Ebola Advice For Those Who Fly


Kirwan - 28 Days Of Infamy In Gaza

Roy Tov - IDF Leaves Gaza Asserting 'Unfinished War'

Israeli Official Calls For Concentration Camps In Gaza

Tel Aviv Plans To Turn Gaza Into Israeli City (shocker)

Israeli Article 'When Genocide Is Permissible'

Almost 430 Kids Killed In Israeli Raids On Gaza

Iron Dome Hit Only 8 Out Of 120 Rockets - IDF

Obama Gives Israel $225m More For Useless Iron Dome

Gaza Town From Fruit Basket To Scorched Earth

Mr. Obama, What Is Barbaric? - Vid


Rolling Coverage Of Gaza On August 4th - Vid

How To Boycott Israeli Products

Jews More Insane Than Rest? Jewish Encyclopedia

When Soldiers Lay Down Their Arms

Insurance Giants Huge Database Of Patient Records

California Farmers - Desperate & Abandoned

UK Sr Minister Quits Over Govt Support Of Israel

Obama Use Of EOs In Historical Terms

Hurricane - Torrential Rain, Winds UK This Weekend


Rules For The Marijuana Market?

DHS - Sovereign Citizens Greatest Threat To US

Before-After Satellite Pics Destruction In Gaza

Palestinian Minister - 'Clear Evidence' Of Israeli War Crimes

Brit Aid Worker Killed Delivering Aid To Gaza Hospital

Kucinich - Crimes Against Humanity In Gaza

Greenwald - US Journos Cowards Regarding Israel

Hollywood Divided - Passions High - Actors/Celebs Speak Out On Gaza

Duff - Israel Has Lost Gaza 'War'

Google Removes 'Bomb Gaza' Game From App Store

Hungarian Mayor Hangs Effigy Of Netanyahu

100,000 Displaced In E Ukraine By Kiev Killers

US General Killed In Afghanistan Attack

US Heavy Tanks To Be Stored In Norway Mts

NATO Using Ukraine As Petext - Russian FM

NATO Pressures MH17 Crash Probe - Russia

Oliver Stone Questions H17 Theories

'Germany Scraps Arms Deal With Russia Over Ukraine'

Euronews TV Channel Partial, Biased – Russia

Fisk - ISIS Brings Wars To Lebanon - Master Plan?

Saudi Outrage Female Newsreader Without Head Scarf

Immigration Crisis Forces Obama To Act With EOs

Congressman: Obama divided Americans

Obama - US Companies To Invest $14b In Africa

Roberts - Redefinition, US Most Powerful Production Factor

Google Tipped Cops Over Emailed Child Abuse Pics

Some Facts Poverty-Deniers Don't Want To Hear

Life Beyond Earth Seems 'Inevitable' - US Scientist

Costs of Scot Independence For England

Stem Cell Scientist Found Dead Afterf Research Scandal

Could The Moon Fuel Earth for 10,000 years?

Mystery Of The Nazca Lines Deepens

Monsanto Paid Female Bloggers To Attend Panel

33% FDA-Approved Drugs Withdrawn Over Safety

Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions Must Be Cut

Ex Olympic Hopeful Say Coach Sex Abuse Rampant


Experts Fear Ebola Dirty Bomb

Secret Ebola Serum Given Is GMO Tobacco Plants

Kirwan - Anything Goes!

Knesset Dep Spkr Calls For 'Annihilation' Of ALL Gaza

72 Hr Ceasefire Starts In Gaza - Israel Pulls Troops

Nearly 430 Children Killed By Israel In Gaza

Brother Nathanael's Amazing Videos


Israel Brutal Revenge On Rafah For Loss Of Officer

US Directly Enables Israeli Attacks On Gaza

UK Reviewing £8 Billion Arms Sales To Israel

Israel & Palestine - A Tragedy In 3 Acts

400 Ukraine Troops Defect - 'Kiev Gave Up On Us' - Vid

1,000s Of Iraqis Surrounded By ISIS

Covert Chemical Warfare - 100,000 Deaths A Year

Nightmare Bacteria Spreading Rapidly In SE US

US Crackdown On Homeless Is Ethnic Cleansing

Fetzer - C-Span Gage Leaves 9/11 Truth In 'Time Warp'

At Least One TX Border Patrol Agent Gets It - Vid


Obama - Facts Say Economy Is Better (right!)

If Brennan Stays As CIA Boss, Secret Govt Wins

Mystery Of PM Cameron's Shetland Visit

Obama Caught Trying To Stir Cuban Revolution

NBC News Crews Film FEMA Camp - Threatened

Coke Gave $3.2m To Beat GMO Labeling

US Footwear Maker To Close 140 Stores

Dictionary Publisher Redefines Marriage

Big Election Battle Over Fracking

Glenn Greenwald’s Mountaintop Home Office

New Tech Designed To Thwart Next Snowden

Fourteen Wildfires Burning In California


Why Debt Collectors Love Las Vegas

Keystone Dominoes Fall, Time To Arrest Tar Sands

The Posters That Sold WWI To The US Public

Japan Volcano Erupts After 34 Years

Why I’m Going Low-Tech To Prep For An EMP

The Most Alien Looking Place On Earth - Pics

NASA OKs Space Engine Design That Violates Physics

Cannabis Continues to Eradicate Disease

Malaria's Strongest Drug Is Becoming Obsolete

Top 15 Lies About Health & Mainstream Medicine

The Visionary Nature Of Plant Medicines

7 Essential Foods For Healthy Lungs


Deceased Pat Sawyer's Nigeria Doctor Now Has Ebola

WABC - NY Mt Sanai Hospital Testing Man For Ebola

Thread On Suspected Ebola Mt Sinai NY Case

Lagos Records Second Ebola Case

EBOLA Bodily Fluids Readily Airborne Weaponizable - Vid

Ebola Monoclonal Antibody Treatment In Liberia - Thread

25 Critical Facts About The Ebola Outbreak

Withdrawal Of International Medics Worsening Ebola Crisis

Atlanta Hospital Gets Hate Mail For Bringing In Ebola Patients


Trump Says Ebola Doctors 'Must Suffer Consequences'

Dead Gatwick Passenger Neg For Ebola - Dr Henry Niman

US Ebola Patient Seems 'Improving' - 2nd Patient Due

UN - Stop Eating Fruit Bats & Road Kill To Curb Ebola

Scientists Stumble into Ebola Treatment - Tobacco?

Kiev Army Closer To Donetsk, Separates Beg Russia For Help

438 Ukraine Troops Lay Down Arms, Enter Russia

Roberts - Time Russian Bear Showed Some Fangs

Russia Holds Exercises Near Ukraine Border

OSCE And Journos Under Shelling From Ukraine

Kiev Still Won't Allow Russia Humanitarian Aid For East

Russian Sanctions Begin To Backfire

Kirwan - Murder Is Now Legal

Israel Slaughter In Gaza Now 1,865

Obama's 'Helplessness' An Act - Snowden Shows US Aid To Israel

Jewish Air Force Kills 8 Yr Old Girl, Wounds Dozens

Israel Breaks Ceasefire In Minutes - 8 Yr Old Girl Dies In Airstrike

Roy Tov - Gaza War Spreads To Jerusalem

Israel Hits UN Shelters In Gaza With Full Foreknowledge

Israelis Kill 9 UN Staff Members In Gaza

Rafah Residents Count Human Cost Of Israeli Offensive

Ex-IDF Soldiers Reveal Pressure They Are Under From Superiors

Galloway - 'Gangster Terrorist Israel's Days Numbered - Vid

The Virtue And Necessity Of Deconstructing 'Anti-Semitism'


Anti-Semitism Smear Used On Gaza War Protests

Jon Voight Accuses Actress Of 'Inciting Anti-Semitism'

IDF Plans To CONTINUE Razing Gaza

Atzmon - Clash Of Civilizations

Jewish Soldiers Detonating A Mosque - Vid

Alison Weir - How The US Was Used To Create Israel

Palestinian Youths Executed By IDF In Gaza Town

US (Sending Bombs) 'Appalled' Israeli Bombing UN Schools

US A Controlled Puppet Of Israel - Vid

NSA In Bed With Israel

Gaza - The Moral Agonies Of Asymmetrical Diplomacy

Israelis Must Stand Trial For Genocide - Syrian Deputy FM

BBC Biased Reporting Of Israel Butchery Of Gaza

Galloway To Launch Public Inquiry Into BBC


Gaza Massacre An Israeli Rerun Of Nazi Genocide

This Is Not A War...This Is Murder! - Chris Hedges

ARAMCO & The House Of Saud

FBI To Monitor News Outlets - 'Rate' Stories!

Nuclear Power Neither Economic Nor Safe

Brit Nuclear Waste, Problem Proving Hard To Bury

State By State Rank Of Border Crisis Children

Pelosi Chases Down GOP Rep During Immig Debate

Loony Left And Rabid Right Common Ground

More Proof Of Chemtrail Off And On Spraying - Vid

Corps Are Creating A Life Threatening Water Shortage

Toledo, Ohio Water Now 'Safe' To Drink


P&G To Dump 100 Brands, Cut Jobs

Burlington Northern - On The Wrong Track

You Might Be An Agri-Terrorist If...

Sneeze, Wheeze And Freeze

More Military Armored Surplus Going To US Cops

Cities Crackdown On Homeless 'Close To Ethnic Cleansing'

Elon Musk - Robot Uprising Could Be Threat To Humanity

Japan To Launch Military Space Force By 2019

10 Yr Pursuit Of Comet Ends In Dramatic Conclusion…

HSBC Boss Threatens Credit Lock Up Over Reforms

Deforestation May Be Partly To Blame For Ebola

Roswell UFO Crash - Friedman vs Carrion


von Daniken's 'ET' Assertions Gain Credibility

Floating Cities - The Wave Of The Future

Diabetes Wonder Drug Can Have Serious Effects

Officials Warn Of Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Why Brain Tumors Are More Commen In Men

10 Things People Have No Clue Are Inside Meat

500,000 Gaza Homeless, No Med Supplies, Morgues Full

Gaza Massacre Enters 28th Day

Israel Announces 7 Hr Ceasefire (to reload)

Israel Truce To Divert Attention - Vid

Our Pal Israel Tapped Kerry's Phone Calls

You Are Paying For Israel's Genocide In Gaza


19 Medics Killed, 17 Hospitals Bombed By Israeli

The Israel Lobby Causes Morally Bankrupt US Policy

A Straight Look At The Jewish Lobby

Jews Do Wield Immense Power and Influence

Obama Mocks Russia - It ‘Doesn’t Make Anything’

MH17 Shot Down By Ukraine Military

Br Nathanael - Why America Supports The Gaza Slaughter

Kiev Kills 9 More Civilians In E Ukraine

Russians Say NATO Not Interested In MH17 Probe

ISIS Captures Oil Field, Dam In Iraq

Islamic States Claims First Big Win Over Kurds


China Quake Death Toll Rises To 381, 1,800 Injured

Cops - Sovereign Citizen Top Terror Threat (oh, please)

Feds Gear Up To Fight 'Homegrown' Extremists

Buchanan - The Day Of The Hawk

Still No Drinkable Water For 400,000 In Ohio

The Horrible Sexualization Of Children - Vid

Highway Billboard Sounds Alarm On Geoengineering

Forbes - Close All Libraries, Buy Everyone Kindle

Gov’t Shuts Down Seed Libraries In PA

Birds Fall From The Sky In Michigan

12 Iconic Stores & Restaurants Disappearing


The Death Of Privacy

Marijuana Milestones Keep Piling Up, First Ad Out

Facebook’s Gateway Drug

Airlifting Rhinos Out Of South Africa

Superstition Might Be Practical Sometimes

TEN Reasons NOT To Eat MEAT

7 Reasons To Drink Coconut Water

Chili Peppers For Healthy Digestion

Painkillers May Do More Harm Than Good

The Influence Vedic Philosophy Had On Nikola Tesla

The Mysterious Ancient Artifacts Of Sanxingdui

Woman Takes Photo of Very Strange Object in CA

Ex MUFON Director And Stanton Friedman At Odds

Scientists & A Select Few Ufologists Gather in France

US Government Owns EBOLA 'Patent'! - Smoking Gun!

The 'Puritan's Purse' Ebola Plots Thickens

Experimental Ebola Serum Used On US Patient

Ebola Vaccine Trials Soon - Perfect Way To Spread It

Russian Virologists Join Against Deadliest Ebola Ever

Israel Wiretapped Kerry’s Peace Talks Calls– Report

Israel Kills At Least 10 In Airstrike On UN School

"It Is A Human Catasrophe' - UNRWA Spokesperson

Congress Stabs 300,000 Vets, Funds Israel Instead


Israel Targeted, Killed Relative Of Its Minister Of Defense

Israel Hits Another UN School In Gaza

Netanyahu - 'We Will Exert As Much Force As Needed'

'It's Like The Apocalypse' - British Doctor In Gaza

Netanyahu Warms Us Not To Try To Force A Ceasefire

Deaths Rise As Israel Quits Egyptt Ceasefire Talks

US Media Works 24-7 For Israel

Zionist Cameron Wrong About Gaza - Zionist Miliband

What Has Israel Achieved In 26 Bloody Days?

‘Complicity In Genocide’ - Russ MP Slams US Collab Wit UNG


Zionist Kiev Army Advances On Separatists

EU ‘Quietly’ Lifts Ban On Supplying Kiev Weapons/Tech - Russia

Pilger On Gaza, Ukraine & Western Media Bias

'Death To Putin' - Pics

West's Reckless Rush Toward War With Russia

The Rise Of Putinism

Russia Accuses US Of Fabricating Satellite Images

US Spy Plane Violates Swedish Airspace To Lose Russia Jets

Ex-UK Amb - West Can't Keep Poking Russian Bear

Russian Deputy PM Mocks Obama

House Quietly Passes Three Cybersecurity Bills

Covert Chemical Warfare - 100,000 Deaths A Year

Man Loses Job For Speaking Truth About 9/11


FB Faces EU, US Probes Over Data Harvesting

Nullification - Get To Your State Legislators Here

Seeds Of Coercion

To Sell A War - Gulf War Propaganda (1992)

22 Die In Days Of Fighting At Libyan Airport

US Air Strikes Kills Dozens In 3 Afghan Provinces

Nearly Half US Drone Victims In Pakistan Are Civilians

China Quake Death Tol Rises To 367

The Four Horsemen Behind The Oil Wars

Blair Will Advise On Controversial Gas Pipeline - Azerbaijan To Italy

Former Employee Reveals What Really Happens Inside Blair's Lair

Hitchens - They Will March Us Into Another Inferno

How London Became Child Abuse Capitol Of World

UK Develops Spray-On Perovskite Solar Energy Cells


NYT Full Page Pro Pot Ad

Finding Joy Amid World’s Chaos

Libya violence escalates with 22 killed in battle for Tripoli airport

Pilgrims Society Gold & Silver Manipulators, Not Bilderbergs

Financial Times Deleted Gold Manipulation Story

HSBC Whistleblower – Banks Are Financing Terrorism

Gardasil = First Criminal Case in Spain Begins

This Spicy Ingredient May Inhibit Gut Tumors: Study

'Massacre' Of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru - Vid

10,000 Year Old Rock Paintings Of ETs, UFOs In India

How To Build 'Stairway To Heaven' Rat Trap

‘Get A Little Bit Of Bourbon In Ya

Video Game Graveyard In New Mexico ...

See US Ebola Patient Walk Into Hospital - Vid

Timeline Says Atlanta Ebola Patient A PsyOp Hoax

Plane Carrying Ebola Patient Stopped In Maine

Israeli Bombs 13 More Palestinians To Death

Israelis Wind Down Gaza Slaughter With No Truce

Israel Targeted, Killed Captive IDF Officer (no hostages)

296 Children Of 1670 Total Killed For Israeli 'Security' - Vid

Bibi Warns Obama 'Don't EVER Second Guess Me Again'

The Gaza-Ukraine Zionist Conspiracy

Obama, US Complicit In Israel War Crimes


US Spy Plane Flee Russian Radar & Jef Fighter - Vid

Russia Slams US Collusion With Ukraine National Guard

CIA Reeling From Spy Scandal

Syrian Soldiers Gain New Ground Near Damascus

Moscow Worried About Situation In Karabakh Region

US Army Gets Upgraded Chinook Fleet

Ex Pelosi Aide Wants To Outlaw 'Unpopular' Speech

Water Lines Form - Tap Water Termed 'Toxic' In OH

Obama Co. Hired 100s Of Illegals With Stimulus $$$

Science Behind US' Deepening Disturbance

Bloomberg - Riots In Streets If Economy Doesn’t Improve

10 Reasons The US Economy Is Stuck

Derivatives Market Species Origins – Abuse, Risks


Japan Is A Seismic Plate Of Earthquake Tofu

UFO Photographed Over Ukraine

College Level Work - Don’t Shave

How 'Rogue' Lightning Injured 13 At Venice Beach

US Bans GMOs, Pesticides In All Wildlife Refuges

Internet-Connected Appliances A Hacker's Dream

Pictures - Extreme Sun And Stars

Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

5 Reasons To Juice Your Cannabis

Homemade Natural Sunscreen

Natural Remedies To Treat Your Migraine


Is Quantum Intuition Possible?

Restaurant Offers 15% Off For Praying In Public

US Ebola Victim WALKS Into Atlanta Hospital (isolation?)

Insane US CDC Brings Ebola Victim To Atlanta

Roberts - If Nuclear War Doesn't Kills Us, Ebola Might

Nightmare - Ebola Threatens Liberia Health System

WHO Warns Of 'Rapid Spread Of Ebola'

African Troops Try To Stop 'Catastrophic' Ebola Outbreak

Ebola - Covert Op In A Hypnotized World

Situation In Gaza On August 2nd, 2014 - Vid


Roy Tov - Israel To Unilaterally Withdraw From Gaza?

Missing IDF Officer Likely Killed By Israeli Bombs

Israel Kills 150 Palestinians Over Missing Officer

Israel Death Machine Slaughters At Least 1,654 Gazans

Israeli Minister Admits Defeat In Gaza War

Israel Lashing Out Like A Cornered Rat

How Can Any Human Justify Images Like These?

2 Jewish Voices Fiercely Debate Gaza Siege - Vid

IDF Demands Screening Of All NYT Gaza Stories

Israeli Paper Pulls Blog Calling For Pal Genocide

Russell Brand Takes On Sean Hannity Over Gaza

Kiev Shelling Drives Exerts Away From MH17


Kiev Fires Nine Shells Into Russia

Malaysian Air Probes Led By Lockerbie Coverup Perps

EU Lifts Ban On Sending Arms, Technology To Kiev

EU Responsible For Bloodshed In Ukraine

What? CA & Ukraine Natl Guard Collaboration In 2015

Pentagon Plans To Send Troops To Ukraine

Obama: We Are ‘Short Of Going To War’ With Russia

Anti-Putin Mania - A Study In Yellow Journalism - Pics

Escobar - Western Plutocracy Goes Bear Hunting

Moscow - US Report On Intl Arms Control Total Disinfo

Military 'Drills' Surround MH17 Disaster

Cameron Wants More Military On Russia Borders

60,000+ Children & Punks Cross Into US In 2014


House OKs $694m Border Bill - No Chance To Be Law

Pitiful Me - Down And Out With Witch Hillary

SS Staff - Guarding Hillary 'Worst Form Of Punishment'

Butcher Obama Must Return Nobel Peace Prize

'6 Million Jews' Cited In 10 Papers Between 1915-1938

Another FaceBook PsyOps 'Experiment' Busted!

OH - 400,000 Ordered Not To Drink Toxic Tap Water

50 In Congress Urge EPA, USDA To Reject New GMOs

Har - Paris Cops 'Lose' Over 100 Lbs Of Coke

Back To The Country - Part II

List Of Mass Fish Deaths In 2014 Staggering

Eric Garner NYPD Chokehold Death Ruled Murder


The Country Has Big Trouble

The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Sheetrock

Capsicin in curries ‘could stop you getting bowel cancer’

10 Million Drivers 'Misled' Into Going Diesel

UK Govt IT Expert Caught With Child Porn Stash

Globalists Push EU-tyle “Union” for Middle East

The Wealthiest Person In Each US State

French Hospital Wine Bar For Terminally Sick

Oz In Grip Of ‘New Stolen Generation’

Spoiled Deer - Vid

Rosemary, Lavender Oils Affect Cognition, Mood


US Prepares For First Ebola Cases - Ebola

Ebola - What You’re Not Being Told - Vid

Ebola Virus Outbreak Could Become 'Catastrophic'

How Much Of A Threat Is This NEW Ebola Strain?

Israel - A Cornered Rat…With Nuclear Weapons

IDF Captive Not Likely To Be Hamas Trump Card

Gaza Slaughter – Watershed Moment In Human History

Revealed - Britain’s 'Role' In Arming Israel

How Israel's 'Iron Dome’ Works

What An Israeli Airstrike On A Gaza Building Looks Like


Pope Should Exorcise Bibi's Demons - Nicaragua Pres

Pentagon Official - Obama Policy Direct Danger To US

Kiev Soviet-Era Drone Captured By Separatists - Vid

McGrath - WW3 Soon? What You Need To Know - Vid

Obama - CIA 'Tortured Some Folks'

The Khazarian Conspiracy - Vid

Population Explosion & Global Totalitarian Future

China’s DF-41 Capable Of Striking US

Army To Force Out 550 Majors As Purge Continues

Obama Ready To EO Immigration Crisis

The CIA's Reckless Breach Of Trust

Nightmare Super Bacteria Spreading In South

US Power Grid More Blackouts Than Entire World


Tora Bora Tunnels and Other Mad Zionist Psy Ops

90% Top US Cities, 66% People In 'Constitution-Free' Zone

School Plans Microchip Bracelets To Track Behavior

Americans Can’t Save A Dime

Cell Phones Not Protected From Warrantless Searches

Population Explosion & The Global Totalitarian Future

Russia's Deputy PM - Putin Manlier Than Obama

99 Problems And A Wild Gecko Space Orgy

Social Networking Prairie Dog Style

Geneticist Traces Native Americans To Mideast

Superhuman' Is No Longer Science Fiction - Vid

Most Controversial Things Judges Have Said - Vid

Unknown Substance In Santa Cruz CA Ocean Water

Arpaio Seeks A Grand Jury Indictment For Obama

SuperBugs And Waste Water Treatment Facilities

Fast-Moving Round Orange Light Over Ontario - Vid

Silent Orange Circular Light Floating Over Boca Raton - Pic

Star Light Appears, Disappears Over Ontario Home - Pics

Big UFO Over Milan Italy - Vid

Flying Saucer At The Girls Club 1952

Breakthroughs Continue With Hubble Telescope


Electrical Scarring Of Planets & Moons Revealed - Vid

Mysterious New Lake Radioactive?

Transparent Mouse With See-Through Organs

The Mysterious Plain of Megalithic Jars

Multidimensional Perception & Soul Trajectory

Ebola-Infected US Workers Due At Emory Univ Hospital

Ebola Outbreak Could Be Catastrophic

What We Aren't Being Told About New AIRBORNE Ebola

What Are US BioWar Scientists Doing Ie Ebola Zone?

Ebola State Of Emergency In Liberia, Sierra Leone


Obama EO To Detain All With 'Respiratory Illnesses'

NYC To Conduct Largest Bio Attack Drill In History

What Happens WHEN Ebola Comes To US?

Why Isn't There A Treatment Or Vax For Ebola?

Obama Refuses To Condemn Israeli Atrocities

IDF Officer Captured As Gaza Cease Fire Collapses

Palestinian Death Toll Questions Israeli Training

American Weapons Slaughtering Palestinians

Genocide Perfectly Fine Says Times Of Israel

Roberts - Israel Killing, Stealing It's Way Thru Palestine

Finkelstein Arrested At Pro-Palestine Rally In NY


Anti-Israel Protesters Storm Rep's Office In Queens

US MSM New, Obscene Pro-Israel Bias

Roy Tov - Hamas Captured IDF Officer (Please Help Roy)

Israel Gaza Slaughter Like 'Hitler Genocide In WW2'

Fisk - Whitewash Gaza All You Want But The Truth Hurts

Israel Forever The 'Victim' - Especially When It Does Killing

The Zionist Allegory Of The 'Cease-Fire'

Killing Of Journalist Ramy Ryan By Israeli/US Missiles - Vid

On Israel Murdering Its Own Soldiers

'A Vicious, Medieval, Racist, Genocidal Organisation'

Porky - Ukraine Won't Stop Trying To Regain Crimea

Escobar - Crime (Israel) And Punishment (Russia)


East Ukraine Clashes Kill 14, Including 10 Kiev Troops

Far East Reporters Propose Gold Star Award For Putin

Brit PM Backs Kiev NAZIS, Threatens Russia With War

Putin Wants Monasteries, Church Rebuilt In Kremlin

Russia Tightens Controls On Blogosphere

lluminati Takedown Of America Has Begun

US Army Making Warheads With 3D Printing

Germans 'Nature Walks' To Observe Rare NSA Spy

CIA Director Brennan Lied To Us & Senate - FIRE HIM

Walmart Reveal Why Its Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt

Biological Fallout Of Fracking Still Largely Unknown

Overseas Data Should Be Open To US Govt - Judge


Video Of Labor Goon Slugging Union Man In NC

LA County Activists Take Legal Action Against Cops

Public Service Whistleblowers 'Treated Shockingly'

6 Things The World Is Running Out Of

11 Countries Near Bankruptcy

NZ School Plans 'Good Bahavior' Microchip Bracelets

Gary McKinnon Warned Over Visiting Father In Scotland

Alien Abductee Stan Romanek In Court Wednesday

Physics-Defying 'Space Drive' Tested By NASA

The Little Green Men Of La Plata

Mysterious Lake Suddenly Appears In Tunisian Desert

Solar Superstorms Pose 'Catastrophic’ Threat To Earth


25 Million Remain Unemployed In EU

Hamas Captures IDF Officer - 50 More Gaza Residents Die

72 Hour Gaza Ceasefire Fails In 90 Minutes - Vid

Sick US Calls Hamas Attack On Israeli Troops 'Barbaric' (!)

Israel Kills Two Palestinians In West Bank

Senate Gives Another $225 Million To Israel

Paul Craig Roberts - West Is Brainwashed Over Israel

Satellite Pics Of Russia Shelling Ukraine Proven Fakes

NATO Confirms Kiev Used Ballistic Missiles On East

Moscow Slams Kiev MH17 Satellite Data


2 US Ebola Victims Being Flown To US Hospitals

Ebola Linked To Gates, Soros BSL-2 (!) In Sierra Leone

72 Hr Cease Fire Starts In Gaza - Vid

Anger And Anguish As Gaza Tolls Mounts - Vid

Current Situation In Gaza - Vid

Understand Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid - Pics

Sociopathy Of Jews & Total Gaza Extermination

Hopes For Ending Syrian War Fading

American Twilight

Ebola Epidemic About To Be Unleashed In US

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukusima Radiation Now On West Coast

Celente - Crash Of The Global PonzI Scheme

Stock Market Plunge,Gold, Crisis, Contagion

Monsanto To Pay $93m For Poisoning Citizens

High Price Of Cheap Factory Farmed Chicken

There Will Be No Water' By 2040?

Br Nathanael - Israel's Plan To Obliterate Gaza - Vid

90% Of Community College Isn't College

Orange Crescent UFO Splits Into 3 Over SoCal - Pic

Houses Where China’s Babies Are Abandoned

USB Has A Fundamental Security Flaw

What Science Says About Solving Labyrinths - Vid

The Earth At Only Half A Billion Years Old

I Was Struck By Lightning On Venice Beach

The Most Beautiful Tree In The World - Vid

Choosing The Right Air Filter For Your Home

Health Benefits Of Onions

Scientists Closing In On Theory of Consciousness

Deep-Sea Octopus Broods Eggs For 4 Years

Secrets Of Weirdly Tilted Solar Systems

Seven Pillars Of The Matrix


How To Lose Your Mind & Create A New One

Putin To Betray, Sell Out Separatists In Merkel Deal?

Israeli Sniper Brags Of Killing 13 Gaza Children In 1 Day - Vid

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Continues - 1,370 Gazans killed

Hamas Fighters Kill More Israelis Troops

Tarpley - US Must Stop Subsidizing Israel Barbarities

Pentagon Chief Vows Support For Israel

Roy Tov - Egypt Warned For Cooperation In Attacking Gaza

Criticizing Israel Ends Political Careers In US

Israeli Razing Gaza Into Rubble - Before-After Satellite Pics

Gaza In Major Crisis - Doctors


Roy Tov - Egypt Warned For Cooperation In Attacking Gaza

UN Warned Israel 17 Times School Was Full Of Refugees

Israeli Support For Gaza Attack Remains High

Gazans Slam Arab Countries Silence On Israeli Atrocities

Egypt’s Decision To Side With Israel Cost Them Dear

Citing Holocaust (!) Israel Rages Over Antiwar Protests In EU

Anti-Israel Attacks Soar Across Europe

Chinese Hackers Steal Israel’s Iron Dome Data

Russell Brand Call Fox News Hannity A 'Terrorist'

Anonymous Knocks Out Mossad Website

Kiev Allots $791m For Continuing Slaughter In East

Ukraine Parliament Introduces 1.5% Military Tax

UN - No Proof Of Russia’s Arms To E Ukraine

Zio West Media Ignores The CIA In Ukraine

MH17 Crash - 16 Issues Which Cannot Be Ignored


Kiev Trying To Restart Nuke Power Program

Cameron Preps Sheeple For World War 3

Syrians Flee Broken Aleppo

Iraq And Libya Were Infinitely Better Off Under Hussein, Gaddafi

Boston Lockdown, Chechen Blowback & The Cult Of Baal

US Holds World Records Of Killing Innocent Civilians

Justice Has Disappeared In America

Zio US Issues Travel Ban On Venezuela Officials

Young US MD And A US Volunteer Both In Grave Condition

Fears Of Global Spread Of Ebola As Deaths Hit 729

Ebola - Pan African Airline Halts flights To W Africa Countries


US Pressured To fast Track, Green Light 'Ebola Drug'

Experts - US Is Ready For Ebola (sure, right)

Is it Ebola Or Is It Psychological Warfare?

US Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers

Germany Raises Fear Over Taking Ebola Patients

AK Fishing Capt - Salmon, Herring, Cod, Halibut DISASTER - 'Worst Ever'

AK Fisheries In Massive Collapse - World Is Dying

GOP-Led House Votes To Sue Obama

CIA Apologizes For Spying On Senators

Immigration Vote Stuck - House GOP Delays Recess

Why MSM Treats Americans Like Children - Vid

The Missouri Biotech Protection Amendment

Seizing Control Of Our Destinies

Time To Go On The Offensive To Improve

Detroit Residents Appeal To UN To Keep Their Water

A Veteran's Tale

I'm Afraid To Return To The Land Of The Free

Philip's Ex Royal Aide Accused Of Sex Attacks On Girl, 12

Prince Philip Ex-Aide On Sex Charges

Gaza - The Makings Of A Modern Day Dystopia

Cameron Ignored In His 'Crackdown' On Immigrant Benefits

Just TWO Climate Committee MPs Contradict IPCC

Audience Brain Waves Being Used To Predict YOU


Pesticide DDT Linked To Slow Metabolism, Obesity, Diabetes

Women In Turkey Have Laugh At Deputy PM's Expense

The Walking Wounded Victims Of Each Other

Greek Court Acquits Farmers Who Shot 28 Bangladeshi Pickers

Argentina Defaults As Debt Talks Collapse

The Day US Backyard Tigers Led To Horrific Bloodbath

In Search Of The Great American Beer

American Cool - You’ll Know It When You See It

US Experiments With Human Life, Ignores Anti-Torture Laws

Tales From The Morph III

What Science Says About Marijuana


Family Stopped Eating Sugar For A Year - The Results

Dementia Cases Soar 60% In Just SEVEN Years

Why Rechargeable Batteries Lose Charge So Quickly Revealed

UFOLOGY Has Little Influence In The Scientific Community

UFO Seen Hovering Over Neighbor's Home In PA

Early Life On Earth Likely 'Sanitized'

Family Homes Half Size They Were 100 Yrs Ago

German Pilot Says Su-25s Shot MH17 Cockpit To Pieces

Russia Says Kiev Will Try To Destroy MH 17 Wreckage

Lawson - Palestine Blood On Hands Of The Bribe-Takers - Vid

Who's Who In Hamas - Vid

US Restocks Israel With More Death Ammunition


Bolivia Declares Israel A Terrorist State

NYT Jewish Writer Wonders Why Jews Are So Hated

Are You Ready For Nuclear War?

Obama Curbs Nuke Security As Bomb-Making Grows

Global Nuclear Power Contribution At Lowest Since 1980s

EU On High Alert As Germany Takes Ebola Patients

Ebola Detection Kits Deployed To National Guard - Vid

'No Market' - The Struggle To Make Ebola Vax, Treatments

Could Ebola Make It To US? (ya think?)

Military Rushes To Get Flu Vax Citing Unusual Urgency

FEMA Planning For 200 Million Deaths In The US

Anti-Immigration Movement Growing Fast In US


Obama Spent Thousands On Strippers In Failed Sting

An Open Letter President Obama

Why Impeachment Is Necessary

After $40 Billion Fix, Hanford Still Leaking Radiation

When Los Angeles Was Test-Bombed

10 Cities Running Out of Water

Brazil's Biggest City Is Running Out Of Water

Classic David Icke - A Great Man, Great Information - Vid

Scientists - Mass Extinction May Be Underway

Greenspan Warns Of ‘Significant Correction’

The End Of Big Box Stores Is Here

US Banks Braced For Large Deposit Outflows


EMF Threat Head & Shoulders Above All Others

If Yellowstone Blows, 2/3 Of US Will Be Screwed

The Emperor’s Rage - Let Chaos Envelop The World

After $40 Billion Fix, Hanford Still Leaking Radiation

Global Nuke Power Contribution At Lowest Since 1980s

Who Was America's First President?

Popular Restaurant Bans Noisy Children

Rarely Visited Area Of AZ Vermilion Cliffs - Vid

Oz Flt Warns Passengers To Flush Drugs - Rush To Toilets

Theremin - How Science Fiction Got Its Sound - Vid

Milky Way Is A 'Galactic Lightweight'


Decades Old Amber Collection - Views Of A Lost World

13 Weird Reasons Someone Might Fall In Love With You

300 Yr Old Sunken Treasure Found Off FL East Coast

Hiccups Are Still A Mystery

What’s Killing 5500 Aussies Each Year?

Top 15 Lies You're Being Told About Mainstream Medicine

Is Marijuana The Future For Epilepsy?

Kids Lose Their Memory If They Drink Too Much Sugar

UK To Allow Driverless Cars On Public Roads In 2015

14 Reasons Witch Hazel Should Be In Every Home

Colloidal Silver - Separating Fact From Myth


Zio US Sending IsraHell Tons Of Replacement Ammo

Roy Tov - IDF Confirms Nahal Oz Video, Deif Shocks Israel

Israeli Massacre At UNRWA School In Gaza - Vid

World In Disgrace As Israelis Hit 2nd UN School, Killing 20

UN Spokesperson Breaks Down Over School Massacre - Vid

Israeli Officer 'I Was Right To Kill 13 Yr Old School Girl'

Israel Kills At Least 17 More, 150 Wounded

Thanks, Jews! - Vid

The Entire 'Homeland Security' Industry Is A JEWISH RACKET

See This Video - You Won't See It On CNN - Vid

How ‘Human Shield’ Used To Justify State Massacres - Vid

Bloodsport - Israelis Watch And Cheer 1,200 Dead In Gaza

Paul Craig Roberts - Moral failure Of Western Govts

Israeli Reports Of Obama-Netanyahu Tensions 'Totally False'

US Lawmakers - Standing With Israel 'Our Cause'


Any West Claim Of Morality Now Shattered

US is Active Partner In Gaza Slaughter

Israeli Airstrikes Flatten Gaza Street In One Hour - Pics

16yr Old Pal Girl Live Tweets Gaza Missile Attacks From Home

Israel's Propaganda Machine Starting To Misfire

Israel Finding It Harding To Deny Gaza Civilian Targets

Takfiris, Zionists 2 Tumors With Same Roots - Rouhani

US Sanctions On Russia A Pretext For War

Who Is Blocking MH17 Probe And Why?

Russian Lawmaker Says Obama’s Legacy is Starting New Cold War

Investigators Say Crash Site Too Dangerous To Work In


Russia Denounces US Claims About Missile Treaty

Moscow Urges Kiev To Stop War…Fat Chance

Russian TRAITOR Cited As 'Independent Analyst'

Israeli Officer 'I Was Right To Kill 13 Yr Old School Girl'

ISIS Now Shooting Teenagers In The Head

Bringing Ebola To A German Hospital - Insane

UK Ministers To Hold Emergency Ebola Meeting

Ebola Fears Spread To Asia - KK Woman From Kenya Looks Ill

MDs Gripping Insight To Worst Ebola Outbreak Ever

Ebola Victim Was One Step From Bringing It To US

Booz Allen, Mercosur & The Snowden Snowball

Corporatism Stifles Innovation

Explosive - Australia…'Better A Slave Than Dead'

Transcending The Parasitic Fear Agenda

The Humidity Of Mortality On Pinball Planet

Tweets Spurred By Drone Filming Fireworks Display - Vid

UFO Seen Over Grimsby This Morning

Absurd, Bureaucratic Hell That Is The US Police State

Obama Approves Secret Nuke Weapons UK Deal

Outrageous Coverup Of OKC Bombing Continues

Worldwide Water Shortage By 2040?

Look Again - Who Is Behind UK Initiative To Help Bees?

5 Daily Fruits And Vegetables Lowers Risk Of Alf Death


Israelis Shell Another School, Kill At Least 20 More

Iran Says Egypt Must Reopen Rafah Crossing

Israel Shrinking Gaza Strip by 40 Percent

Israelis Chant - No School, No Children Left In Gaza! - Vid

Palestinian 'Miracle' Baby Dies

Putin Vows To Remove Ill Children From East Ukraine

Novel Zaire Ebola Sub-Clade In Guinea, Sierra Leone

Family Of TX MD With Ebola 'Not Showing' Signs (yet)

Docs Prep For Ebola Outbreak After Victim Took 2 Planes

Ebola Detection Kits Given Natl Guard Units In All 50 States

10 Active Militia Teams Patrolling TX-Mexican Border

Border Agents Quit To Protest Obama’s Insane Policies

Billionaire Paul Singer Warns Of Catastrophic EMP Attack

City To Run Out Of Drinking Water In 100 Days

Mom Gets Felony For Letting Son Walk To Park Alone

Hospital Threatens Mom With Arrest For Taking Pic Of Her Son

Kellogg's Shuts Down 3 US Plants 'To Grow Business'

Another US Business Nearing Extinction

Economist - 23 Trillion Dollar Gap In Social Security

Ave Price Of Electricity At All-Time Record

5 Toxic Substances Big Ag Pumps Into Your Meat

Styrene Officially Linked To Cancer


Minimizing Destructive Effects From Terminal Fragmentation

ET Bases On The Moon And Mars - Pics

10 Million Gallons Of Water Gush By UCLA

How Did Our Legends Really Begin?

Return To Source – Philosophy And The Matrix - Vid

End-Time Stories

Millions Of Brits Face Fracking On Their Doorstep

MDs Falsely Label 'High BP' To Prescrive Meds

Future Of Medicine Depends On Fragile Places

The Corporate Takeover Of All Natural Food

The Health Benefits Of Trees

Ultra Clock Will Show If Constants Really Are Constant

Theater Haunted - Chair Moves On Its Own - Vid

Amazing 1906 LA Streetcar Transit System

Decisions Race Thru Bird Flocks Like A Wave - Vid

Drones Industry To $11 Billion In 10 Yrs

Giant US Refrigerators Making You Fat, Poor

How To Enslave People With Addiction

Earth Is Our Holy Land

Margaret Thatcher Covered For Pedophile Ring

Baffled Astronomers Nearing Electric Universe - Vid

Windshield Washer Fluid Can Cause Legionnaire's


With Fury Out Of Fukushima, Thunderbolts Blast CA Beaches

Filer’s Files # 30 – 2014 – Aliens On The Moon

Filer’s Files #29 – 2014 — Unimpeachable UFO Sightings

Jeff & Dr. Bill Deagle - Fukushima Deadlier Than Ever - Vid

Kiev Zionist Cowards Firing Ballistic Missiles Into East

Kiev Killers Slaughter 22 More In East Ukraine

Zionist West Said 'Losing Patience' With Putin

Kiev Army Keeping Fighting Near MH17 Wreck

27 Border Guards Killed In E Ukraine


Obama Announces MORE Sanctions Against Russia

US, EU Impose New Round Of Sanctions On Russia

Obama Accuses Russia Of Violating Nuclear Treaty

Act Seems Designed to Provoke Russian Aggression

Jewish Meat Grinder Kills 100 More Palestinians

239 Kids Killed Out Of 1200 Gaza Dead

Cowardly US Lawmakers Give Israel Full Support

Roy Tov - Netanyahu to Face Investigation Committee

Huge Israeli Bombardment Kills Only Gaza Power Plant

Fisk - What About Foreign Fighter Who Flock To IDF?

Child- Killing Sociopaths Of Israel

Gaza's Youngest Orphan


Ron Paul - End The CIA

MN Man Dies From Ebola Heading Home To US

West Africa - Mew Measures To Stop Ebola Spread

Ebola Outbreak Closes Liberia Borders

Ebola To Britain? UK Health Officials Warn All MDs

More Than 1/3 Of Americans Late On Debt

Britain’s Plague Of Pederasty And Power

Bin Laden & 911 Illusion Pt 3 - Secret Societies, Masterminds

Digital Resurrection Of Presidents, Holograms Soon

The Injustice Of Marijuana Arrests

It’s Past Time To Legalize Marijuana - Vid

FBI Terrorists Among Us In The 1993 WTC Bombing


Back To The Country

How We Made The Compact Disc

UFO-ET Street Signs Remain a Mystery - Vid

UFO Hacker McKinnon Launches SEO Business

Twitter Lights Up With Toronto UFO Chatter - Vid

World's Largest Telescope Underway In HI

New PBS Series Explores 'Food Rebel' Innovation

Washing Herbs - The Good, The Bad And The Messy

Putin - 'There Is A War Coming In Europe'

Fake Satellite Images - Latest US Hoax Against Russia

Dozens More Die - Israel Hits Refugee Camp - Vid

Israel Intensifies Gaza Destruction - Vid


Israeli Bombs Home Of Hamas Leader

Israeli Strikes Non-Stop In Netanyahu's 'Prolonged War'

Harry Reid - Israel Urgently Needs More US Money

US To Give Even More To Israeli's Iron Done

'Life' In Gaza - The Diary Of A Palestinian

Netanyahu - 'There Is No War More 'Just' Than This'

Netanyahu - Extended Military Campaign Ahead

2 Things To Know About Violence In Ukraine

Pike - King David Advocated Fairness To Israel Foes

Hamas Didn’t Kidnap, Kill 3 Israelis After All

Rothschilds Own Israel Direct Genocidal Policy - Vid

Israeli Paper Reported OWL Injured By Hamas Fire

Israel Govt Keeps Children In Cages


Zio 'News Media' Exposed - Turn Off Your Talmud TV

Media Disinformation - Blaming Russia As ‘Flat Fact’

Who Runs Hollywood? C'mon

Do Jews Dominate Us Media? So What If We Do?

Ebola Coming To DC?

Symptomless Man Flies To Nigeria, Dies Of Ebola

‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Increases 5x In SW US

Obama - Muslims Built Fabric Of Our Nation (!)

Obama To Allow Your Chicken To Be Full Of Feces

Islamic State Warns They Are Coming For Barak Obama

First American Suicide Bomber In Syria - Vid

300,000 Suicides In India From GMO Crop Failures

Net Neutrality Is Dead - Digital Discrimination Is Here


John Barbour - A Rant

'Sun Tax' To Punish Alternative Energy Users

Earth Is Headed For Its Sixth Mass Extinction

5 Things To Avoid At The Dollar Store

11 Profitable Companies Raising Prices

Fast Food Workers Push For $15 Wage

Earth Almost Back To Dark Ages From 2012 CME

New Laser Will Diagnose Cancer In Seconds l

Human Genome Over 90% 'Junk' DNA

River In China Turns Red Overnight

Nuclear Truth And Formality

Gas Station Clerk With MMA Surprises Thieves - Vid

Big Pharma - Testing Meds On The Homeless


Top-Secret British Combat Drone Gets Test Run

The Cause And Consequences Of World War I

US Stole Half Billion in Private Property During WWI

CA Should Approve Drone Regulations

Two More Mystery Holes Appear In Siberia - Pics

UFOs Over Toronto Prompt Police Reports - Vid

Colonize An Alien Planet? Send 40,000 People

Celery Found To Kill 86% Of Lung Cancer Cells In Vitro

Avoid This Sunscreen At All Costs

Zio-America Builds Faulty New Nuke Plants

Solar And Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuke


Kirwan - Blatant Slaughter

Vicious Zionists Resume Genocide

Israel Orders Palestinians To Evacuate

Nine Children Killed As Israelis Hit Park

Zionists Bomb Gaza Main Hospital, Children's Park

Israeli PM Says Will Be 'Prolonged' Campaign In Gaza

Kirwan - Israel's Continuing Wars

Angry Israel - 'USA Did A Strategic Strike On Us'

Israeli Army Destroys Tunnel From Gaza - Vid

Egypt Destroys 13 More Gaza Tunnels

Hamas - We Killed 90 Israeli Troops

Obama Gives Israel $2.8 Billion In 'Sanction Relief'

Snord - Israel's Real Life Apocalypto - Vid


Israeli Forces Clash With Palestinians In W Bank

Iran FM calls for Muslim action against Israel

Australia Protesters Rap Israel Offensive In Gaza

Kiev Army Continues Fighting Near MH17 Site

Death Toll In East Ukraine Now At Least 1,129

UN Acknowledges Kiev Forces Using Heavy Weapons

Dozens Die As Kiev Killers Shell Town In E Ukraine

Kiev Army Shells Southeastern City - Five Killed

Lugansk Under Air-Raid Alert, Number Of Victims Rising

Intl. Teams Find ‘No Violations’ By Russia Along Border


Germany - Cracks In Putin’s Kremlin Power Bloc

Guardian - Why MH17 Social Media Is Now 'Evidence'

NATO Invades Ukraine, Not Russia

US Indirectly Admits Kiev Buk Missiles Under MH17

The Propaganda And Politics Of MH17

US May Inform Kiev Of Separatists Missiles Location

NSA Mass Spying Undermines Journalists Ability To Work

Paul Craig Roberts - World Doomed By Western Insouciance

Hague Orders Russia To Pay $50 billion In Yukos Case

Russia - Hague Court Had NO Authority Over Yukos Case

Arrested Oil Tycoon Passed Shares To Banker Rothschild


Russia To Fight Ex-Yukos Shareholders in Hague Court

The Statin Controversy Continues…For Good Reason

Albright - Putin Living In His Own World

Fisk - Sunnis Destroy Ancient Christian Community

Iran To Unveil New Missiles, Radar System

Ebola Kills Top Liberia Doctor, Two Americans Infected

Mutated Ebola Epidemic To Wipe Out Millions In US?

The Handshake Of Death And Disease

Angry Africans Accuse NGO's of Spreading Ebola

Ebola, MERS And HIV/AIDS Make Headlines

N Korea Threatens To Nuke White House


Jim Willie - Insolvency + Illiquidity = Bankruptcy - Vid

Chembombs Over HI – GeoEngineers New Weapon - Vid

Hillary Clinton Backs GMOs To The Hilt

Cancer Cases DOUBLE In 9/11 Rescuers In One Year

NYT - US Must Repeal Fed Marijuana Prohibition Laws

The Typical Household Now Worth a Third Less

Corporate Profit Margins Are Getting Ever Fatter

Dollar Tree Agrees To Buy Family Dollar in $9.2 Billion Deal

When Robots Come For Our Jobs, Will We Be Ready?

Virtual Border Fence Project Halted After Raytheon Protest

Unhealthy And Unreliable Plastic Pipe Now Law


Doom - It’s Official...High School Now 2nd Yr Of College

Quality Grilled Cheese Delivered Thanks To Algorithms

Scottish Wealth Per Person Higher Than UK

Thatcher Bodyguard Warned Her Of Aide Pedo Rumors

Scientists Accuse UK Of Dishonesty Over GM Babies

Bee Research Tainted By Corporate Funding - MPs Say

The Conspiracy To Stop Us Drinking Real Milk

Fracking Push Gets Go-Ahead Across UK

Fracking - Oil Exploration Already In UK National Parks

Unspeakable Sex Horrors Of Secret Oz Cult 'Assembly'

The Top 9 Herbs For Kidney Cleansing


UN Sec Council Calls For Ceasefire In Gaza - Vid

Hamas Holiday Truce Ignored By Israel

Crushing Influence Of Israeli Lobby In West - Vid

Israel - Founded By And Living On Terror

Kiev Genocide Continues - Russia Could Stop It - Vid

Kiev Ignores Ceasefire, Tries To Capture Debris Field

MH17 - 16 Central Issues Which Can't Be Ignored

Paul Craig Roberts - Another State Department Hoax?

US Satellite Pics Claim To Show Russia Firing Into Ukraine

Libya Collapsing - Foreigners Leaving Fast - Vid

Madman McCain Intros $100m Pro-Invasion Bill

US Army 'Pocket Drones' For Next Big War ‘

McGrath - Can 5 Corporations Control 90% Of The 'News'? - Vid

Outrageous Coverup Of 1995 OKC Bombing Continues

Lightning Strike Hits SoCal Beach, 1 Dead, Many Hurt - Vid


Court - All Water To Be Controlled By Government

2,500 Ground Zero Workers Have Cancer

Ebola, MERS, HIV/AIDS Risks To World Health

McGrath - America's Problem Is 'Branding'…WTF? - Vid

Japan Heat Wave kills 10, Hospitalizes 1,900

Bin Laden & The 9/11 Illusion - Deutsche Bank, Blackstone

These Are The Days Of Miracle And Wonder

The Dying Rooms - Vid

How To Hack Your Car

Largest US Meat Processor To Shut Down 3 Factories

The Best And Worst States To Be Unemployed

Humans Built Permanent Settlements 70,000 Yrs Ago

Rattlesnakes Move Closer To Homes In NoCal - Vid

Storm Chaser's 16 Most Incredible Photos

How Far Can Intelligence Be Automated?

Appearances Are Lies In Manifestation

Mysterious X-Ray Signal Defies Known Physics - Vid

Biggest Extinction Event Caused By A Microbe?

How Does Sugar Affect Your Brain?

Record Organic Food Consumption In US, India

Oregano, Rosemary To Manage Type 2 Diabetes?

8 Remarkable Ways Oregano Can Boost Your Health

'I Can Smell A Rainbow’

Meditations On The Peaks - Vid

Creep Biden Flat Out LIES In Poland

Putin Puts Fear Of God Into New World Order

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hitler’ Overreach

Ron Paul - Crimea None Of America’s Business

Russia Remains G8 Member - Merkel

Ukraine Authorizes Use Of Weapons In Self-Defense

Protesters Storm Sevastopol Navy Base - 30 Flee

Ukraine Navy Cmdr Leaves Navy HQ In Sevastopol

Crimea 'Back Home' Putin Tells Moscow Crowd

China, India Back Putin In Crimea Reunification


Lavrov Talks Consequences Over US Sanctions

Crimea Gets First Of Russian Financial Aid

Ukraine MP, Thugs Beat TV Channel Chief - Vid

Nat Geo To Update Map With New Russian Crimea

Stratfor Founder - Ukraine Is US Regime Change Puppet

Jeff & Gerald Celente - Psychopaths, Sociopaths & War - Vid

Anon Exposes US False Flag Attack In Ukraine

Twit Kerry Warns Of World War Over Crimea

Kristol Calls For Americans To Be Rallied To War

Ukraine Puppets Cry Robbery Over Crimea Loss - Vid

Russian Warns West Against Sanctions


US Warns Russia More Sanctions Coming

Ukraine, Chevron, Condi Rice And Shale Gas

America’s Biggest Clowns, Jerks Out On World Stage

Maldives Islanders See Low-Flying Jet Heading To Diego

Diego Garcia Programmed In Flt 370 Capt's Simulator!

Flt 370 Pilot Simulator Had 5 Indian Ocean Runways

Thailand Offers Radar Data 10 Days After Flt 370 Gone

Another Banker, 28, Jumps To His Death

We Are Now Living In A Corrupt JP Morgan World

Pelosi Admits Congress Is Scared Of The CIA

Sky High Food Prices Ahead From The CA Mega Drought

MD Considers Confiscating Guns From 110,000 Residents

Federal Agents Raid Gun Store For Customer List

25m Earn Less Than Obama Increased Min Wage

Obamacare NOT Covering $407,000 Heart Op 3 Mos Later

Ukraine Town Dismantles Cell Sites Over Cancer Fears

Pike - A Simple Chronology Of Last Days Events

Utilities Shut Off Activist Leader’s Electricity

Gates Describes Our Jobless Future - Vid

'Transhumanism', Genetic Manipulation And Human Destruction

Uploading Our Brains To Computers & Mysteries Of The Future

White Man March - Beginning Something Much Bigger?


On The Jewishness Of Israel

Can The World Feed China?

Cop Breaks Student's Arm In Texas High Schoo - Vid

WATCH - Often Shave-Headed, Sub-Human KIller Cops -- Vid

Philly Cop Criminally-Charged In False Arrest Case - Vid

Massive Roadblock, Warrantless Searches In MD

Open Sourcing Food, Nutrition, Supplements

Medical Conspiracies Believed By Many

4 Things That Interfere With Vit D Formation

Jeff & Gerald Celente - Psychopaths, Sociopaths & War - Vid

Ukraine Zionist Jewish PM - 'Crisis Now In Military Phase'

2 Shot Dead At Crimea Military Research Center


Pilger - Wahington Coups From Canberra To Kiev

Indifference, Hostility To Life A Leadership Requirement?

Kirwan - Surrendering All Rights

Crimeans Choose Russia

Post-Crimean Referendum Propaganda

Stealth Tech Seizure Behind Flt 370 Disappearance?

Malaysian Airlines Mystery - 'Sandy Hookish' Hoax?

Iran, China Say US Violates Basically All Human Rights

Jeb Bush To Run For White House?

Ron Paul Blasts Complaints About Spyring On Senate


When Hope Turns Rancid - From LBJ To Obama

What IF Citizens Really Understood The Constitution?

Should You Teach Your Child To Escape?

Bank Of England Admits Money Created Out Of Air

GMO Farmers Riding A Dead Horse - Graphic

The US Should Disarm Isreali Nuclear Weapons - Vid

'Take The Ultra-Orthodox, Give Me The French' Israel Says

Israel Soldiers Wound 4 Palestinians In West Bank

Tel Aviv Jews Regime Backs Syria Mercenaries

New Details Of Sabotage On Iran Nuke Facilities

Egypt Army Destroying Houses On Gaza Border

Br Nathanael - How Ukraine Will Implode (Article)


Venezuela Deals Blow To Bankster Fascists

America’s Greatest Tragedy - Human Overpopulation

The Medical Matrix - The Flu Isn't The Flu

UFOs Over Edmonton, Canada - Vid

Huge, Cigar-Shaped UFO Glides Over Ukraine City

Pocket Knife In Locked Car - Student Arrested, Jailed

Weekend Warblers Whose Character Is Fate

US, UK 'Enemies Of The Internet' For First Time

20% Of New Yorkers Now Depend On Food Aid

Police Attack CA Students Protesting Tuition Hikes

Toxic Waste Sites Cleanup Inefficient Shell Game


‘Britain To Lose Nuke In Case Of Scottish 'Yes' Vote

Osborne - 40% Tax & The Marie Antoinette Moment

NEW ERA IN PHYSICS With Discovery Of Gravity Wave

Saving Seeds - Open Pollinated vs Hybrid

Russia, Crimea Sign Historic Reunification Treaty

Putin - Crimea Similar To Kosovo, West Ignoring Own Rules

Russia Sanctions List - US Senators, High Ranking Obama Officials

Europe Wages Full-Scale Economic War On Russia - Report

US, EU Sanctions On Russia Big Mistake - French Pol

Idiot Obama Won't Rule Out Sanctions Against PUTIN

Russia Hints May Force Ukraine Into Default - Owes $20 Billion


France - Russia Participation In G8 Suspended (aww)

IMF Plans Massive Austerity For Ukraine - Crimea Leaders

Russia's Richest Man Dumps Apples, FB For China

Ukraine Steals $16 Million Of Russian Trucks

McGrath - Ukraine An IMF Inside Job - Vid

Crimea Names Ruble As Its Currency

Obama - 'Ukraine Will Never Accept Crimea Annexation' - Vid

Flt 370 Onboard Flight Path Computer Altered

Obama - It’s Your Fault You Can’t Afford Obamacare

Obama Eyes Less Immig Enforcement, Deportation

Obama Sets Records On Low Transparency

US Cites Security More To Censor, Deny Records


Head of Press TV London Detained By MI5

Ex CIA - Flt 370 Disappearance More Skillful Than 9/11

Flt 370 - ALL Boeings Have BUAP - Allows REMOTE CONTROL

Terror In The Skies - Boeing 777 Skin Flaws

Google Says Will Now Encrypt All Search Data (right)

Google Wants Email Scanning Information Blocked

19 Signs US Consumer Is Tapped Out

Wall St Jobs, Profits Down...But Bonuses Up

FDIC Sues Eight Families' Banks - Vid

Banker Deaths - Walking With Devil Has Consequences

Br Nathanael - The Religion Of Vladimir Putin - Vid


Mad Chess, False Flags & The Point Of No Return

Border Patrol Agents Train For War

Authority Of Shame Under Zionist Occupation

Kevin Trudeau Sentenced To 10 Yrs In Prison

Some Of History's Big Mysteries

Town Turned Poverty Into A Prison Sentence

Dazzling, Colorful Wonders Of Nature! - Pics

Carbon Fiber Clothing Stops Tasers

How To Tell A Lying Cop Where To Go...Politely - Vid

Private School Says Strip Search Is OK


The Incredible Shrinking Planet Mercury

NYPD Freedom Of Information Manual Is Confidential

Atmospheric Re-Entry As Seen From The ISS

Legacy Of The Big Bang?

Should Einstein Have Won 7 Nobel Prizes?

Billionaires Are Privatizing US Science

Main Ingredient In Party Drug Could Help PTSD

Honey Could Be The Next Antibiotic

Reality Star' Doesn't Vax Her Kids - The World Ends

Researchers Create Pizza That Lasts For 3 Years


10 Of The World’s Greatest Lost Treasures

Defending Giordano Bruno

15 Ways To Discover Your Passions

Secrets Of China Terra-Cotta Warrior Weapons

Putin Formally Recognizes Crimea As Sovereign State

Russians Massively Support Crimea Joining Russia

Ukraine Recalls Ambassador From Moscow

Obama Off The Ukrainian Deep End

Madness Of Stirring A War Over Ukraine

Galloway - West Created Ukraine Frankenstein Monster - Vid

Malyasia Denies Flt 370 Diverted To Diego Garcia


Was Flight 370 Redirected To Diego Garcia?

Everyone Onboard Flt 370 Under Scrutiny - Vid

Lawmakers Don’t Abide By Laws They Pass - Ron Paul

Kirwan - Where's The Reality?

Lt Gen Jerry Boykin Warns America - Vid

List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama

MoD's Secret Cyberwar On Internet Users

N Korea Test-Fires 25 Rockets Into Sea

US Seals Take N Korea OIl Ship In Libya

Kirwan - That's It...God's On Vacation & Obama Stepped In


35 Countries US Has Backed Terrorists, Drugs, Fascists

Venice Independence Vote In EU Almost Unnoticed

Zio Media Implying Whites Behind 'Knock Out Game'

MI Muslims Demanding Own Sharia Patrols!

VZ Troops Teargas Anti-Maduro Protesters

Swiss Bank Refuses To Give Client His Gold

CIA Suspends US Chief Of Iran Op

British-Israeli Cyberpact Signed

Are Jews A Dog People Or A Cat People?

How Doctors Do Fake Diagnoses Of Diseases

Keyhoe To USAF - End The Secrecy On UFO Sightings

Larry Bryant & UFO Group Picket Outside GAO Office


How Atomic Bombs, UFOs Created Modern America

Are UFO Experts Being Murdered?

MIT Attempt To Create Nano-Bionic Plants

Atlanta's Food Deserts Leave Poor Stranded, Struggling

Met Cops Strip Searched Over 4,500 Kids In 5 Yrs

On Being Able To See Around Corners

Never Been A Safe Vaccine - Never Will Be

Ukraine Calls Up Troops After Crimea Vote

Ukraine Military Hardware Now At Russian Border

Roberts - Obama Regime Sets World On Warpath

Ukraine Boosts Security Of Natural Gas Pipelines


Roberts - 95.7% Of Crimeans Give Finder To US Tyrant

Crimea Vote 'Great Farce' Say Farce Ukraine President

Obama Inks EO Freezing Assets Of 7 Putin Aides

Russian Stocks, Ruble Up Obama Sanctions

Zionist EU Sanctions 21 Russians, Ukrainians

Sanctioned Russian Slams Obama As Soviet 'Comrade'

BBC Is Obama-Washington Mouthpiece

Zio West Using Crimea To Hide Real Intentions

Shocking Secret US Hiding From Ukraine, World

Crimean Vote Fixed Soviet Mistake - Gorbachev


Chile - Coast Evacuated After 6.7 Quake

4.7 Quake Rumbles Los Angeles

96.6% Of Crimeans Support Joining Russia

Crimeans Elated, Celebrate Massive Referendum Victory

Landslide Crimea Vote To Leave Ukraine And Join Russia

Backfire - Crimeans Take Shelter From West Imperialism

What Are Russians Doing Off The Coast Of FL?

Sinclair - Putin Has A Nuclear Economic Bomb

Flt 370 May Sent Signals 'On Ground' 7 Hours Later

Not First Time Plane With GPS Tracking Vanished

FBI Blocked In Probe Of Sen Harry Reid And Lee


Graham, Kerry Open Mic Talking About Boehner - Vid

It Is Now Time To Defund And Abolish DHS

10 Strange And Obscure Secret Societies

Snord - False Flag...Coming Soon! - Vid

The State, Deep State & The Wall St Overworld

Pike - Soros Funds Palestinian-Friendly Evangelicals

New Fed Boss, Same As Old Fed Boss - Fed Up Yet?

Very Serious Dangers Of Posting Photos On The Net - Vid


14 Years For Pointing A Laser At A Helicopter?

Gun Activist Exposes ‘Bang' Cop Gets Threats

The Age Of Imagination

What Will Happen If Cumbre Vieja Is Dropped - Vid

Encore - Ex CIA Scheuer - I'd Dump The Israelis Tomorrow - Vid

Napolitano - How US Fights Wars For The Saudis & Israel - Vid

Moon Landings - Problem With ‘Those Photos’ - Vid

Canada, Oz, Europe And The US - Endless Immigrationdoom

Why Did Sunrise Semester Fail?

Rocks vs Tanks

Cocaine - New Face Of Deforestation In CentAm


FL Town So Corrupt, Lawmakers Want To Abolish It

Br Nathanael - Yats The Yid Coming To Jewmerica

The Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Less Addictive Than HFCS, 6 Other Things

Flu Vax Increase Infectious Bacteria Counts 100 Fold

Have YOU Been Here Before?

China Locates 3 Large Pieces Of Debris - Missing Jetliner?

Oil Rig Worker Email Says He Saw 'Burning, Intact Jetliner'

Proof US Orders False Flag In Ukraine? - Vid

Ukraine Zio PM, Obama Warn Russia Over Referendum - Vid

Lendman - Crimea Independence Vote On March 16

Ukraine Crisis Not A Game


Hague Out Of His Depth - Russia Energy Grip On Europe Is Real

Roberts - US Is Completely Busted, Non-Delivery Of Gold, War

Dueling East-West Agendas On Ukraine

Sandy Hook Shocker - AP Photos, Stories Pre-Date 'Massacre'

Sandy Hook Is Our Last Chance To Stop The Lies

ObamaCare's Secret Mandate Exemption

Sebelius - Obamacare Premiums Will Go UP Next Year

Obama Doesn’t Know How To Spell Respect?

Flt 370 - Cell Phones Of Loved Ones Said Ringing


Malaysia Military Tracked Missing Plane To West Coast

E-Bomb Weapon Can Make A Plane 'Vanish' - Vid

Does A 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter?

OK Sen Oks Bill To Make Gold, Silver Legal Tender

MtGox Still Has 'Stolen Bitcoins' Say Hackers

Kirwan - Just-Us And The Law

Feinstein Says CIA Intimidating Senate Staff Re Torture Report

Snowden Accuses Feinstein Of Hypocrisy

Greenwald - 'Feinstein Is Outright Lying" About NSA Abuses

Top, Emmy-Winning CBS Journalist Quits Over CBS Bias

Will We See The End Of American Hubris?


55 Things About America You May Not Know

Does A 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter?

Chelsea Addresses Tech Conf In Hillary’s Media Makeover

George P Bush & US Obsession With Pol Dynasties

"Netanyahu, We will neither forgive nor forget"

Israel Plans To Destroy Many More Pal Homes

Israel 'Sorry' For Murdering Pal Judge

Cameron On First Grovel Visit To Israel

Egypt Govt Tightens Noose Around People In Gaza

Saudis Try To Forbid Muslim Brotherhood In MidEast


UN - Terrorist Groups In Syria Had Sarin Nerve Gas Lab

Assad In Rare Public Showing Outside Central Damascus

OH Stops Fracking After 2 Frack-Caused Quakes

California Democrats To Ban Fracking

Big Anti-Fracking Rally In CA

Fracking In Public Forests Leaves Huge Damages

Crowd Support & Barrett Brown's Partial Victory

Megalithic Ruins In Russia - Largest Stone Blocks Ever Found

Ex Navy Serviceman Reports UFO Monitoring Ship

Monster Rare Yellow Hypergiant Star Discovered

The Roswell ET Slides - Once Again

Cancer To Be No. 1 Killer In US

9 China Cities More Severe Smog Days Than Beijing

Scotland Is Already A Country Apart

UK Interest Rates Could Rise 600% In 3 Years

Down The Liars Highway To Hell At Turbo Speed

Roaming Through Michigan In 1949 - Vid

Permaculture - Sustainable Alternative To Big-Ag

Top 11 Spring Cleaning Products You Must Avoid

Two US Drones Said Shot Down In Crimea

Obama WH - US War Games In Black Sea 'Speak Clearly' To Putin


NATO Air Drills Near Ukraine Borders

Russian Paratroopers Massive Drills As Crimea Vote Nears

Russia In Major Defense And Security Staff Reshuffle

Ron Paul - 'Best For Ukraine If US Just Stays OUT'

Crimea Parliament Gives Broader Rights To Tatar Minority

Crimea Bans Nationalist, Neo-Nazi Groups

No Russian Nationals In Crimean Self-Defense Forces

Ukraine Parliament Ultimatum To Crimea Over Referendum

Russia Slams Violation Of Media Freedoms In Ukraine

US Firms Warn Obama Of Economic Losses If Sanctions Used

EU Tells Russia To Start Ukraine Talks Of Face Sanctions


Russia Sanctions Could Start This Week Says France

No Case For EU 'Gas War' With Putin

Energy Dependent EU Never Go Against Russia - Expert

US Financial Aid To Kiev Govt ‘Illegal’ – Moscow

Tymoshenko Millions Hidden Around World

Ukraine Pushes West Lies As Truth, Russia Truth As Lies

US Hypocrisy On Crimea Tragically Laughable

US Violates Own Laws By Aiding Ukraine Coup Govt

Roberts - The Western Media Is A Lie Factory

Obama's Ukraine Power Grab


Advancing US Empire - Putsch, Pillage, Duplicity

McGrath - Planetary Designer Super Storm Will Devastate - Vid

Snowden Accuses Sen Intel Comm Chair Of Hypocrisy

Snowden, Feinstein, CIA & NSA - The Internal War

Rand Paul - Degenerate, Liar, Warmonger

US To Give Israel $429m For Its Iron Dome

NYPD Use DHS & Armored Car To Serve Warrant!

Cyberwar Could Change History With A Click

Fracking In Public Forests Leaves Great Damage

Jeff Rense - Life-Changing, Anti-Aging Secrets - Vid

Copper Mining Poisoning NM Groundwater - Vid

FDA Cancer Drugs May Cause Tumors

7 Types Of Fish You Should Never Eat

FL Family Ate Walmart LSD Steak

What's It Like To Have Schizophrenia? - Vid

Rivers As Weapons In Ancient War

Did Sponges Pave Way For Life On Earth?

Microbe That 'Eats' Electricity

Fastest-Approaching Object In The Universe


Underwater Drones To Map World’s Oceans

About Dimensions, Holograms, Reality & Energy

H7N9 Sequence Identity In Baiyun Cluster

Putin Talks About Ukraine

Yatsenyuk Comes To Washington

The Media War Behind The Ukraine Crisis

Adolf Hitler - The Original: 'Rock Star'

Mind Control NOW - As Easy As Falling Off A Log

Most Of The Internet Is 'Deep' & Hidden From View

OCare Cloud Contract To Cost 10x Original Value

Kirwan - Land Of The Free...


Snowden - NSA Too Busy Spying On Us To Stop Terror

Snowden - 'I'd Do It Again'

Snowden - 'Constitution Violated On A Massive Scale'

Snowden, Inc

Disney Bets $1b To Track Theme Park Visitors

US Commercial Drone Pilots Come Out Of Shadows

Drones Will Cause Biggest Societal Change In 700 Yrs

Smart Meters, Monopolies And Quest To Go Analog

Cdn GM Salmon Company Seeks OK For Consumption

Terminator Seeds Headed Back To Brazil Congress

Missing Jet Hundreds Of Miles Off Course - Vid

Did Flt 370 Pilot Commit Suicide?


Flt 370 Husband Gave Wife Wedding Ring At Boarding

Flt 370 - Flightradar24 Rips Bad Reports, Wasted Time

Flt 370 - Flightradar24 First Images Route, Last Location - Vid

China Using 10 Satellites In Search For Jet

How It's Possible To Lose An Airplane In 2014

Does Kerry Think Al-Qaeda A Human Rights Org?

'Arabs Out!' The Knesset Voted

Netanyahu Shows Seized Rockets - 'Iran Fools World'

Israelis Shoot Pal-Jordanian Judge At Crossing

Cameron To Make Yarmulke Trip This Week

Previous World Leaders Yarmulke Trips


Trafficking ?Women For Sexual Exploitation

11 Yr Old Left To Die After Israelis Open Fire

Rothschilds Glencore South Sudan Oil Grab

Latest NY 'Knockout' Victim Speaks Out

Family Of FL Street Artist Executed By Cops In Protest

'Paym' Smartphone System Brings Cashless Society?

Banking Bonuses Worldwide Up By 29%

Marco Rubio Wants To Sell Off Govt Airwaves

15 Ways To Thrive In A New Economy

Out Of The Shadows & Into The World's Of Light

Close Encounters - Arizona Objects

Assumption Consumption, How We've Been Sold

Why Do Archeologists Lie? New England’s Stone Chambers

Toilet Paper, Now With More Technology!


The United States of Coal

Some Of The Best Photos You'll Ever See

Ukraine Gold Reserves Flown To US Fed For 'Safe-Keeping'

Did Ukraine Airlift Its Entire Gold Hoard To The US Fed?

Price Of Ukraine 'Liberation' Giving Its Gold To The Fed?

World Bank Pledges $3b 'Loan'...To Enslave Ukraine

Crimea Parliament Declares Freedom Before Vote

US Will Not Recognize Crimea Referendum

Ex-Amb McFaul - US Plans Worst Case In Ukraine

Crimea Invites OSCE To Monitor Exit Vote

Crimea Creates Own Military By Swearing In Forces


US Jets To Poland And Lithuania

UK Drones To Poland, Romania To Watch Ukraine

NATO AWACS Over Poland, Romania To Spy On Ukraine

Ukraine Blocks All 5 Russian TV Channels

Russia Shows Force Around Ukriane Crimea Bases

17 Mind-Blowing Facts About Russia

Ron Paul - US Sanctions On Russia 'An Act Of War'

Paul Craig Roberts - Putin Speaks

Russia Preparing Counter Offer To US Demands

Cheney Urging Obama For A Nuclear Winter

Ukraine May Have To Go Nuclear - Kiev 'Lawmaker'


Snowden - NSA Setting Fire To Interet's Future

New Privacy-Focused Smartphones

Four Important Bills Languishing In Congress

Venezuelans Take Mark Of Beast For Supermarkets

The 25 Rules Of Disinformation...

Br Nathanael - Become A Constitutional Money Pro - Vid

The Worst US States To Die In

Seven Reasons To NEVER Drink Tap Water

40% Tax On Beer?

Mummified Body Found In Foreclosed Home

3D Printing Adventures


Why King Tut's DNA Is Fueling Race Wars

Should We Be Making $ On WW1 Anniversary?

The Mystery Glowing Orbs Of Marfa, TX

Rocks vs Tanks

Brits Trying To Sell Their Organs On FB

Gigantic Walls End US Tornado Threat?

Scientists Learning To Read Our Minds

Chemists Discover New Class Of Antibiotics

Without These Cells, You Wouldn't Be Here

New Drug Killed Cancer Tumors In 12 Weeks

Father Of Vax Program & Why History Is Repeating

The Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

Wilde - The Time Frames Of Karma

Confrontation In Ukraine As Diplomacy Fails

US Woos China...Hoping To Isolate Russia

US Private Military Contractors In Ukraine?

Heightened US-Russian Tensions

The State Dept's New World Order Agenda

Biden Describes VZ Situation As 'Alarming'

VZ Points At US As Mastermind Of World Violence

Is Edward Snowden Lying?


Americans Call For Immunity For Snowden

Duff - America Is Now Unrecognizable

Cerberus Capital - The Big Dog That Hunts And Preys

Global Debts Rise To 100 Trillion Dollars After Crisis

West Uses Economics To Enslave Countries

Money, Debt Slaves, & The 2014 Cadillac (Parody) - Vid

HazMat Alert To Approach Kellogg's Froot Loops

Netanyahu's Dictatorship Is Born

50,000 NYC Ortho Jews Israeli Army Draft

Israeli Forces Set Up Checkpoints In West Bank


Arab League Not To Recognize Israel As ‘Jewish State’

ORD To Stop Surface, Ground Water To Klamath Farms

The Cornucopia Of Grace & Holocaust Porn

Hollywood - The Strange Death Of Brittany Murphy, Pt 1

Remember...What We Do, Children Do - Vid

Introducing The Traditionalist Youth Network

Pike - In Search Of The Authentic Church

Photos Of America Back When Ir Was Alive - Pics

Missing Plane Mysteries Through History

Carl Sagan Helped Pioneer Search For ET Life

Scottish Scientist Can Talk To Animals


Hollywood Directors Faked WW2 Footage In Docs

Mysterious Ozone-Destroying Chemicals In Atmosphere

Teen Jailed 13 Days Over Pocketknife In His Car

Avatars And Their Behavioral Effect On Reality

Mars Retrograde 2014

A Blood Test Tells If You'll Die In Next 5 Years

42% Of Drug Reactions Are Vaccine Related

BPA Linked To Breast Cancer Tumor Growth

EM Sensitive Move To WV Town That Bans WiFi

NeoCon Cheney - Leave Military Options Against Russia Open

Robert Gates Admits Crimea Won't Slip Away From Russia

RT Vid - NGO Documents Plan Ukraine War - Vid

Fisk - West Cannot Face War With Russia


London Will Balk At Russia Sanctions - Putin Knows It

Russia Mulling Sanctions Against West

China Urges US To Show Restraint

Crimea Preparations For Joining Russia Underway - PM

Moscow Denounces Gun Attack On Pro-Russians In E Ukraine

Russian FM Outraged At Provocations In East Ukraine

Ukrain Oligarchs - Which Side Are They On?

Pro-Russians Take Over Lugansk City In Ukraine

Putin - Crimea Legit Leaders Acting Within Intl Law

Russian Forces Tighten Grip On Crimea

Russians Block Ukraine Navy In Sevastopol - Vid

Russian Troop Convoy Enters Crimea Military Base - Vid


Ukraine Paratroopers, Jets Training Exercises - Vid

Obama, Pentagram Strike For World Domination

Obama's Advancing Empire - Putsch, Pillage And Duplicity

71% Of Obama Voters Regret Voting For Him

World Bank Insider Will Blow You Away

Neurologist Warns About Aluminum In Chemtrails - Vid

Returning Veterans Fight Identity ‘War’ At Home

2 Days Later, Still No Sign Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

20 Top MIcrochip Engineers On Missing Jet - Was It Bombed?


Did A Missile Destroy The Malaysia Airlines Jet?

JAL Boeing Dreamliner Emegency Landing In Honolulu

Revolution Or Martial Law - Vid

FBI Investigating Corrections Corporation Of America

6.9 Quake Hits Off NoCal Coast West Of Eureka

Atzmon On Jewish Power & Cultural Narcissism

US Signaling To Israel By Denying Visas

CT Cop's Outrageous Remark To Gun-Owning Patriot

Doom - Remember Sunrise Semester?

Happy Birthday Barbie! You're Over

4,000 Yr Burial Find Rewrites British Bronze Age


Buy Your Own Ghost Village For £50,000

Motorist Spots UFO Triangle Above Hythe

UFOs Caught At Argentina Air Show? - Vid

Eyewitness To Enormous V-Shaped UFO, Pt 2

Skin Cancer Causes Other Cancers...It's A Bacteria

An Apple A Day? Not Anymore

Five Warm Drinks That Fight Cancer

Stock Up - Food Shortages, Price Hikes Coming

Breast Screening Increases 'Lethal' Breast Cancers

What You Should Really Be Eating For Breakfast


The Fat Drug

Effort To Clean Mt Everest Of Climber Trash - Vid

Ukraine Zionist PM To Fly To US To Meet With Obama

Roberts - Obama Against Crimea Self-Determination

Mass Pro and Anti-Russia Rallies Grip Ukraine

Crimeans Speak Out On Ukraine - Vid

Europe Faces 'Shooting' If Russia Enter East Ukraine

US Destroyer In Black Sea As Crimea Vote Nears

Here Come Stupid 'Neville Chamberlain' Comparisons

Kissinger - How The Ukraine Crisis Ends

Rogue Reactors & Putin's No-Bama Zone In Crimea


Has Blackwater Been Deployed To Ukraine?

54 Member OSCE Mission Denied Crimea Entry 3rd Time

Big Western Lies Drown Out Truth

Ukraine People To Suffer - Regime Shows Austerity Plan

Oligarchs Given Ukraine Control - Dumb Protestors Upset

Deputy PM Says Russia Should Re-Arm

Russia May Stop Honoring Nuke Weapons Treaties

McGrath On Wahl And RT's Openness And Fairness - Vid

Ex Chess King Kasparov Chatters Of Putin Overthrow

US, China Ready To Assert Naval Power In Pacific

The Cold War & Destabilization Of The Evil Empire

Kirwan - Stalking The World

No Political Fix To America’s Death Spiral

Assange Talks NSA, Hints At More Leaks


Israel vs Paletine - If Americans Knew...

Israel Brings Peace To Cyprus

Israel Teenagers Refuse To Join Military

Israeli Attacks Palestinian W Bank Protesters

Israel Plans To Judaize Palestinian Education!

Israel Denies 45,000 Palestinians Water

Jew Mafia Blackmails Pal Official With Prostitute

US Companies Celebrate Women’s Day in Palestine

Saudis Approach To Terrorism Is Hypocritical

PM: Saudi Arabia, Qatar Declare 'War On Iraq'

Rift Widening In Foreign-Based Syrian Opposition


Countries US Supports Fascists, Drugs, Terrorists

WaPo Uses Biased Experts To Push VZ Propaganda

25 Items About The Internet On Its 25th Anniv

Surveillance State On Display At 4th Amend Hearing

Top Adviser To Queen Founded Pedo Support Group

Salmond Demands UK Apology For Rad Leak In Scotland

CUPID Drone To Carry 80,000 Volt Stun Gun - Vid

Met Cops Taser Use On UK Kids Soars 600%

Make Taser-Proof Clothing With Carbon-Fiber Linings

Beautician Thinks 'Barraco Barner' Is UK President

Is US Losing New Cold War?


Jetliner Debris Said Spotted - Terror Probe Opened

Malaysian Jet In Last Minute Course Change? - Vid

Bitcoin May Die But Digital Currency Will Endure

Bitcoin Exchange MtGox Faced 150,000 Attacks Per Sec

Obama WH Hiding Yellowstone Supervolcano Activity

The Fight Against Elephant Killers In Africa - Vid

Invisibility Cloak Called 'Quantum Stealth'

Record 33 Tiny 'Cubesats' Launched From ISS

Astronomers See Mysterious Asteroid Disintegrate

Breathtaking HD Satellite Footage Of Earth

Why Cosmos Will Be Better Than Ever

12 Essential Childhood Stories That Don't Exist


Tutankhamun’s Blood

Secrets Of The Pharaohs - Vid

God’s Chorus Of Crickets

The Children Of Draco With Judgment In The Wind

9,000 Yr Old Stone Portraits In Jerusalem

Proof Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical World

Azores Pyramid & Submerged City Of Poseida

13 Ways Foodies Are Changing The Food Industry

The Truth About Green Tea

Vit D Could Prevent Breast Cancer Tumor Growth

Stevia - Super Sugar Alternative ... No Calories Or Carbs


Earl of Durham Beats MS With Veggie Diet, Vit D

EU Inspectors To Dig Up Plants From Your Garden

What Lies Beneath - Karst And The Ozarks

The Crying Fields

Kerry Warns Russia Against Annexation Of Crimea

Hollywood & Ad Agencies Attack Russia

Ukraine Is About Oil...So Was World War I

Assange - NSA, GCHQ Can 'Almost' Surveil EVERYONE

Rand Paul Wins CPAC Pres Straw Poll For 2nd YR

Ortho Jewish Wives Have Husbands Beaten Into Divorce


Israel Supports Both Sides In Ukraine

Are You Living A Life Worth Remembering?

Ukraine Crisis Escalates

Hillary Clinton Playing A Dog-Eared 'Hitler' Card

Roberts - No Jobs, Economy, No Prospects For Peace, Life

Most Gun Control Legislation By Jewish Reps, Senators

Roberts - Obama Comes Out Against Self-Determination

Kirwan - Zeroing-Out Zero-Tolerance

Snowden - NSA Forced EU Into A 'Bazaar' Of Spy Networks'

Google - We Were Attacked By The Chinese AND The NSA

Schmidt - 'You Don't Turn Off The Net, You Infiltrate It'

US 'Worried' About China Military Budget


Br Nathanael - Putin Kills Kerry's Plan For Ukraine

Swanson - Thermonuclear Monarchy And Revolution

Creator OI Bitcoin Did Classified Work For Navy, Corps

Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat

Zionism Exposed On C-Span In Stunning Program - Vid

Br Nathanael - The Jews Who Own The Media - Vid

Experts Stunned At Loss Of 'Very Safe' Boeing 777

The Elite’s Mono-Minding Global Plans For All Children

This Is Only A Test - Watch Out!

Your Money Is Not Safe In Europe, Or Anywhere

Winners And Losers In Latin America Mining Industry

NH House OKs Bill To Ban Use Of Warrantless Data

Why Is Everyone Moving To Oregon? - Vid


Commercial Drone World Exploding...In North Dakota - Vid

How Wolves Change Rivers In Yellowstone Park - Vid

4,000 Aircraft Sit In The Military Boneyard In Tucson - Vid

Don't Slip And Slide Wth The Herd

Woman Who Can Will Herself Out Of Her Body

Most Think Watching Porn Is Morally Wrong

Malaria 'Spreading To New Altitudes'

Volcanoes Guard Ice Age Secrets

Woman's Brain Scanned During OBE - Amazing Results!

German Tourist Survives In Oz Outback 'Eating Flies'

Earthquake Lights Are Probably Real


UFO Triangles Fly In The Face Of Logic - Vid

The Best Layoff Letter!

JoeTalk - It's All In The Math - Vid

An Age-Old Mystery About Rivers Sold

Diagnoses Of The Fictional Illness ADD/ADHD Jump

My Flight From the Modern Medical Establishment

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need And Why?

Stay Away From Conventional Toothpaste

Malaria 'Spreading To New Altitudes'

Volcanoes Guard Ice Age Secrets

Tensions Flare As Military Standoff In Ukraine Continues

Russia Indicates It Is Prepared To Annex Crimea


Crimean Vote Widens US-Russia Split

Gunmen Seize Missile Defense Post In Crimea

Russia Starts Massive Air Defense Drills

Shoulder-Fired SAMS Missing From Ukraine Army

Pentagon Studying Putin's Body Language

UK Banks In Row Over Yulia Tymoshenko 'Millions'

Inconvenient Truths - MSM Mistakes On Ukraine

Sanctions Against Russia Will 'Boomerang' On US - Lavrov

EU Plans To Send Gas To Ukraine If Russia Cuts Supplly

Russia’s Gazprom Warns Ukraine Of New Gas War

US To Replace Russia As Ukraine New Gas Supplier


Political, Military Standoff Escalates In Crimea Region

American Fantasies Put Ukrainian Lives At Risk

Kirwan - Will We Never Change?

NSA Secret Advice Column For Its Paranoid Employees

Poll - Crazy John McCain Least Popular US Senator

US Chickens To Be Shipped To China & Back For Sale!

17 Countries Generating The Most Nuclear Power

As States Allow Pot Sales, Dutch Reverse Course

24 Extinct Animals Scientists Want To Bring Back

Earth Plasma Shield To Battle Solar Storms


Madsen - Secret Agenda Of Ashton & Nuland Revealed

Is Ukraine's New Prime Minister A Jew?

Meet Ukraine's Zionist Kosher 'Ultra-Nationalists'

Ukrainian Money Has The All-Seeing Eye On it

US Fighter Jets To Fly To Poland For 'Training'

Russia Scuttles Ship To Block Ukraine Ships From Black Sea

Why There Will Be War in Ukraine

EU & American War-Jaw Will Not Faze Putin

Western Zionist Mercenaries Killed Protesters In Kiev


Oldest Underground Pyramid Complex in Crimea

Europe's Energy Security Obsession & The Ukraine Crisis

Kirwan - End Of The Line

Talking Peace While Waging War


'Hitler In Argentina' - Stunning New Book Reveals All

Putin vs Obama - Geopolitical Opposites

Drones And The Dream Of A New Genie

Malaysian Jet, 239 Onboard, Missing En Route Beijing - Vid

Climate Engineering, Media Deception, And Hard Facts

Engineered Snowstorms, What Are They Spraying?

The Academy Awards Or The Anti-White Awards?

Closings - Radio Shack, Staples, Penny, Sears, Office Depot, More

Power Grab At The Top Of The Natural Foods Industry


US Next-Gen Aircraft Carrier Begins Testing Phase

RIP Psychiatry - The "Chemical Imbalance" Theory Is Dead

Oakland Forced To Dial Back Full-Spectrum Surveillance

Hubble Witnesses Asteroid's Mystery Disintegration - Vid

Massive Fireball Explodes Over Yellowknife - Pics

Snowden Leaks Cost Billions To NSA, CIA

Pentagram Morons - ?Climate Change 'Enables Terrorism'

Bukhara Blues - Zionist Hero Har-El Died

House Passes Bill To Expand Military Ties With Israhell

Atzmon - US Signaling To Israel By Denying Visas


Dozens Of Israeli 'Settlers' Raid al-Aqsa Mosque

Israel Cuts Off Water Supply To Palestinians

Venezuela Protests - Two More Dead In Barricades Clash

Police Probe 'Unnatural' Death Bitcoin's Autumn Radtke

Man Denies Being Bitcoin Inventor Amid Media Frenzy

UK - The Flood Families Return To Hell

Allegorical Tales Of The Bloodsucking Oligarchs

Glowing Orbs Seen During Fukushima Quake Earthquake

UFOs Photographed North Of Houston

Myrtle Beach Man Shares UFO Experience On TV - Vid


Prankster Arrested, Vid Confiscated For 'Evidence'

Researchers Discover Why Cannabis Relieves Anxiety

Antibiotic Resistance Soars

Saving Seeds - Open Pollinated vs Hybrid

A Quanta Of The Greater

US Warship Nears Black Sea

US, EU Impose Sanctions And Warn Russia To Relent

Obama Imposes Property, Visa Bans Over Ukraine Crisis

Russia May See 2nd Round Of Sanctions Over Ukraine

EU Imposes Asset Freeze On Ukrainians

Sanctions Won't Help Ukraine Conflict - China

Crimean MP Vote To Join Russia Sparks Outrage

Ukraine Crisis Deepens As Crimeal Votes To Join Russia


Greenwald - There Are More Snowden Docs On Israel

Greenwald, NSA Docs & Checkbook Journalism - Vid

72% Americans See US Govt As Greatest Threat

Feds Will Bail Out Failing Health Ins Companies

Christie Quiet - Emails Link Staff To Bridge Scandal

11 AGs Claim WH ObamaCare Changes Illegal - Vid

Shocking TODDLER Vid Shows US Violence, Thuggery - Vid

Signs Of Extreme Social Decay In America

Motorola Patents E-Tattoo That Can Read Your Mind

'Underwear Bomber' Was Working For CIA

Modern 'Art' Was Another CIA Weapon

Top 10 Revelations From Robert Gates Memoir


How Much Do F-35s Cost? Beware Of Answers

Carmakers Keep Data On Drivers Travels, Locations

Dutch Pension Giant Divests From Israeli Banks

Israeli Rape Of Africa Reaps Fruits

Atzmon On Dieudonné And The Quenelle - Vid

French-Pal Solidarity Deserves A Quenelle!

$2 Billion NSA Spy Center Is Going Up In Flames

McGrath - IMF Says Collapse Likely

1930s Style Debt Defaults Likely - The Table Is Set...

50% Households Make Less Than $35,000 Per Year

China E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Banned Bitcoin


When The Dollar Dies…

Atty For Goldman CEO Is Holder's 'Best Friend'

Obama Campaign Donors Bag Record Wall St Profits

CO Pot Shops Will Be Sold Out Any Day Now

CME Heading For Earth As AR1944 Produces X1 Flare

IN Guardsman Stopped For Speeding - 48 bombs

'This Officer Who Shot My Son NEEDS TO DIE' - Vid

Border Patrol Agent A True American Hero - Vid

Facial Recog App Matches You To Online Profiles

Living In A Time Of Darkness On A Sea Of Madness

Rule From The Shadows - A Look Behind The Curtain - Vid

Dallas Police Chief Announces Firings On Twitter

GMO Apples The Won't Brown To Be Approved

Pyramid Power

Language – The War Behind All Wars

Germany's Top UFOs

UFO 300 Metres from Werder Bremen Stadium - Vid

UFOs Over, Virginia, Illinois - Vid

New Aspartame Lies

Disease Resistance To Antibiotics At Tipping Point

Refreshing Reaction From Cop At Checkpoint - Vid

Virtual Sounds Use Headphones - Vid


100% Horse Meat In Selected Aldi Beef Products

Cancer-Causing Chemical In 100 Shampoos, Soaps

5000 Yr Old Egyptian Artifacts Came From Space

Woman With H1N1 Dies In Salem, OR Hospital - Vid

B.C. Woman From Okinawa Dies Of H1N1 Flu - Vid

H1N1 Flu Racing Through Pittsburgh

Fatal H5N1 Encephalitis In Edmonton ex-Beijing

Stunning Photos Of US Polar Vortex Big Freeze

Kirwan - Your Mind & Your Space?

FBI Admits Primary Focus Is 'Not' Law Enforcement

JPMorgan, Madoff, And No Questions To 'The 'Cult'


Br Nathanael - Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down - Vid

Outing Public Wickedness More American Than Apple Pie

US Navy To Get Drone Size Of Boeing 757 Plane

US Bug Detected In UAE's France-Built Spy Satellite

50 Years Of US 'War On Poverty' Fails

Gates Takes Aim At Obama, Biden In New Book

US To Raise Military Presence In South Korea

US Using al-Qaeda For Mideast Dominance

Zionist Idiot Gohmert - Let's Blow Up All Iran Nuclear Sites

Iran Nuke Talks Hit Snag

America's Eulogy

Criminal Unaccountability


Twenty Years Of NAFTA Sucking Sound

Goodbye To Your House And Freedom

Mein Kampf Topping Amazon ebook Charts

A Time Of Darkness On A Sea Of Madness

HS Students Take 'Conspiracy Theories' Class

Soon - 'On-Demand' Nano-Vaccines Funded By Bill Gates

12 Ways To Homestead In Place

BPA Increases Risk Of Cancer In Prostate Tissue

Amazing Array Of Actors Greet Alfred Hitchcock - Vid

CA Woman In SF Area Dies Of H1N1

Record Freeze Extends East - At Least Nine Dead


Polar Vortex - Temps Below Freezing In All 50 States

The Polar Vortex Explained - Vid

It Was So Cold In Canada, The Ground Exploded

Huge Snowstorms Throughout History

What Happens To The Salt We Dump On Roads?

Plan To Avert Warming By Cooling May Backfire

Climate Engineering And Climate Lies

More Israel Disclosures To Come From Snowden

Trove Of Disclosures About Israel To Come From Snowden

Need More To Feel Paranoid About The NSA?


Google And The World Brain

Jeff & Dr. Joseph Chiappalone...The Final Countdown - Vid

Millionaire Obama - I Hate Income Inequality

Freedom Not To Participate In Federal Health Insurance

80 NYPD, FDNY First Responder Heros In SS Fraud?

Will CA Break Up Into 6 States?

Gatto - The Insidious Purpose Of Schooling - Vid

France's Iranian Nuclear Obsession

Japan Jet Chases China Plane Over Disputed Islands

CT Asst AG Won't Release Sandy Hook Medical Records


Why Does The Navy Need 100,000 Flash Bang Grenades?

Internet Mystery Cicada 3301 Starts Up Again

'Sochi Safest, Most Secure Olympics Ever’

First Photos Of Alien Worlds By New Exoplanet Imager

Russell - The Greatest Scandal In US History

Voluntary' Government Checkpoints Spark Backlash

Parking Violation Turns Into Police Assault On Video

Film Star, Ex Miss VZ Murdered By Highway Killers

Huge Sunspot Targets Earth - Vid


Mexican Vigilante Gunmen Disarm Local Police

Earthquakes And The Solar System - Vid

6 Credible ELF Incidents?

Law To Stop Almost Anyone From Doing Almost Anything

Cop Executes Teen With Schizophrenia - Vid

Burglars Who Beat J. Edgar Hoover & The FBI

Ancient Rock Formation Smashed By Extreme Storm

Astronomical Oddity Will Test Einstein Again

8 Giant Tunnels Being Built Under City Near You

How Earth Sounds Six Miles Below Ground


Would Time Travelers Leave Online Traces?

Egyptian 'Ankh Cross' Temple - Built By The Aztecs?

Scientist On Hazards Of Sugar - Vid

Filer’s Files #1 -2014 Happy New Year

Filer’s Files # 52 – 2013 Mexico’ Reveals ET Visits

Filer’s Files # 51 – 2013 Merry Christmas

H1N1 Flu Explodes In San Diego County

FDA Announces Shortage Of Children's Tamiflu

3 Reasons Viruses Are Most Successful In Winter

Gore’s Odyssey - Another Record-Breaking Freeze

Who Knew? Obama Has A Jewish Brother

Secret Court OKs 3 More Mos Of NSA Phone Spying


Two States Seek To Ban Data-Sharing With NSA

CA To Fight NSA By Cutting Off Its Water Supply

Exonerate Edward Snowden...Unconditionally

Global Surveillance Can Be Forced To End

Chicago Ban On Gun Sales Ruled Unconstitutional

Kirwan - The Oldest Infants

Will US Senate Crown Netanyahu Emperor?

Pike - Three Times Evil Jewish Leaders Fled

Judicial Watch - 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians

OK Satanists Plan For Giant SATAN Statue In Capitol

As US Re-Enters The Dark Ages, Remember Your Place


Communists & Homosexuals - What's The Connection?

Drone Crashes Into Battleship - $30m In Damages

Do Children Start Better Banks?

Corporate Taxes In America

Whole Foods To Support Local Growers With $25m

Let's Talk About Obamacare Subsidies

Gulf War Illness Tied To Cipro Antibiotics

Japan Offers 50% Loan For Super Maglev DC Train

Mossad-Chabad Link Implied by Knesset Decision

Israel Building Another New West Bank 'Settlement'

Pentagon Fast-Tracks Hellfire Missile Deliveries To Iraq


Al Qaeda’s Expense Report - Penny Lane Terror

Biggest Terrorism Scaremongers Are Promoting It

Cunningham - Al-Qaeda’s Real Origins Exposed

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8 pH1N1 Pittsburgh Patients On ECMO Machines

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Arctic Freeze Grips The US - Pics

Boiling Water Into The Air Turns To Snow - Vid

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Kirwan - The Failed State Of Israel

1,600 Applicants For 36 Dairy Plant Jobs?

4 States Confirm Water Pollution From Drilling

Technology Impact On Privacy

Battle Over GMOs - 93% In US Favor Labeling

The Incredibly Flat World Of Monsanto

4 States Confirm Water Pollution From Drilling

CO Pot Friendly But DIA Is A No Pot Zone

The Wanta Reconstructing-America Plan

It's Still The Economy, Stupid

Japan ‘Solar Girl’ Sheds Reliance On TEPCO

UK Assesses Hitachi-GE BWR Design


ET Could Share More Technolody With Us, If... - Vid

Booming Subterranean Marijuana Railroad

Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects

Cannabis Can Kill Cancer Cells, Curb MS

Is Industrial Hemp The Ultimate Energy Crop?

The Great West Coast Sardine Crash

The Rise And Fall Of The Battleship

Does A Woolly Mammoth Need A Lawyer?

Uncovering The Science Of Belief

The Oracle At Deadwood

Meet Mick Dodge - A Natural Man - Vid


8 pH1N1 Pittsburgh Patients On ECMO Machines

7 Dead In Portland OR, 180+ Hospitalized

3 Dead Of H1N1 In Kirkland WA Hospital

Deadly H1N1 Flying (Airlines) Across America

Historic Freeze - DANGER Warning To Parts Of US - Vid

Stunning Aerial Views Of UK Storm Damages - Pics

Climate Engineering And Climate Lies

Secession And Civil War In Our Future?

Janet Napolitano - Snowden Should NOT Get Clemency

From The Pentagon To Life In A Van


Jobless Workers Enter Free Fal

‘Americans Have No Constitutional Right To Privacy’

America Under The Management Cult

Pilger - Is Media Another Word For Control?

Television News...The Stage Play

A-21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property

American Pessimism - Vid

The Dow's 'New High' Is Pure Illusion

The Fed Is Playing Global Pump & Dump

Marxists Love The 'New World Pope'

Cutting US War Funding Enrages Israel Lobby

Kirwan - The Failed State Of Israel

Leading Rabbi - 'Palestine Is A Terror Organization'


Iran, The US And The Mideast In 2014

Al-Majed Was Top Saudi Intel Official

Iran Says Al-Majed Death 'Suspicious'

30,000 African Migrants Protest In Tel-Aviv

Kerry Anger - Pal Refusal To Recognize 'Jewish' Israel

Iraq Faces All-Out War With al-Qaida In Falluja

Operation Iraq Liberation Spells Oil And Trouble

How Many Iraqis Were KIlled By US/UK In 2003?

UK Gun-Running To Somali Pirates

UK Govt Said Indirectly Arming Somali Pirates

Confirmed - CA Crop Circle Mystery Solved - Vid


10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

Top 10 Studies Proving Medicinal Power Of Cannabis

Three Ways To Protect Your Heart

How To Fix A Vehicle Dent Without Body Work - Vid

H1N1 Kills Two In OR, Eight Hospitalized

H1N1 Flu Now Widespread In OR And WA

Canada Hit Hard With Deadly H1N1 Flu Cases

Polar Freeze Blast Much Of America - Vid/Pics

Dumbest Gore Warming Quotes On Coldest Day In Decades

Aerial Views Of Shocking Damages In UK Storms

For Queen Michelle 17 Days In Hawaii Not Enough

Obamacare’s Four Biggest Lies


Kirwan - Faces Of Treason

Rand Paul Lies - Doesn't Deserve To Be Senator - Vid

Rand Paul vs NSA Spying

2nd Top Military Man Calls For Millions To March On DC

Kerry - US Will Support Iraq, But Without Troops

Chomsky On Growing Threat Of Nuclear War In 2014

Kerry's Peace Plan - Worthless

The Guardian Laments Sharon

Royal Navy Poor Response To Russian Warship Off Scotland

Strange Link - Ronald Reagan And Manly P. Hall

Encore...Judge Napolitano's Great Speech - Vid

Surprising Time People Spend On Big Social Networks


Major Steps For World Trade Center In 2014

Fighter Jets With 3D Printed Parts

Fischer...Dual Citizen, Pro-Israel Activist, Fed Vice-Chair

JPMorgan Nears Deal In Case Tied To Madoff

Moscow Enters The Eastern Med Gas Fields

Pike - A&E's 'Bias Crime' Against Duck Dynasty Clan

Stanley Kubrick On Mars

UFO Over St Petersburg Russia - Vid

Giant UFO Over St Petersburg In Sept 2013

Cracking the 1896/97 Airships Mystery?

UFO Hotspots Of 2013

Unsealed - Alien Files....Seriously?

US Universities Of Shame - Part II


Nuclear Test Site Selection During The Cold War

You Have The Right To Stay Out Of Jail

'Forest Of Trees' Needed For Carbon In Polar Rescue

Born To Shop?

My Anxious Life In An Age Of Anxiety

3 Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Tea

After 400 Yrs, Indonesian Volcano Wakes Up, 1,000s Flee

When Did Volcanoes Erupt On The East Coast?

Mayor Declares 2014 'Year Of Bible' In TX City

Surfing Through Success

12 Little Known Laws of Karma

50 Foods You Really Should Be Eating


JoeTalk - There's No Hope Left - Vid

Can I Increase My Brain Power?

Mystery Of Amazon Web Formations Unraveled - Vid

Is This Why The Profumo File Is Still Secret?

Texas pH1N1 Deaths Exploding

Latest On Genetically-Engineered & Pandemic Viruses

Coldest US Temps 'In Decades' - Vid

'Life-Threatening' Cold In Midwest - Vid

US To See Low Temps Unknown For A Generation

Deep Freeze Spreading Across Much Of US

UK Storms Worst In 20 Yrs And More On Way

Four Winter Driving Myths Shattered


Supervolcano Eruption Risk Far Greater Than Thought

NSA Fails To Deny Spying On Congress

US Offers To Help Russia With Olympics Security

Rand Paul To File Class-Action Suit Over NSA Spying

Would You Prefer Civil War Or WW3?

Obamas Live Like Royalty On Lavish Hawaii Holiday

US Icebreaker To Try To Free 2 Other Trapped Icebreakers

Oz Asks US Icebreaker To Free Oz, China Rescue Ships

China To Cash In Big On Cannabis Boom

Education Is Not A Joke…Or A Joker


New York To Relax Laws On Marijuana

Israel Snubs US Offer On Jordan Valley

Kaffiyeh-Kippah Soccer War

West, KSA Relieved At Death Of al-Majed

Obamacare Equals Impoverishment For Many - Vid

Planned Parenthood Rep - Christianity 'Going Down'

LA Sheriffs...Rape, Drug Smuggling, Kidnapping - Report

Jim Rogers - 'Bernanke Set Stage For Fed Collapse'

The Fed Is Hiring Lots Of Cops

Bitcoin Can Now Buy New York Real Estate


Financial Fascism And Its Come-Uppance

Western Economies - A Tale Of Thieves And Tapers

Bitcoin Versus Gold

Murder of Brit May Spell End Of Libyan Oil Industry

Is It 1914 All Over Again?

Parallel Universe Therapy

UFO In Near MIss With Airliner - Pilots Actually Ducked

Debunking Misconceptions About The Electric Universe.

What Martin Scorsese Hid In 'Wolf Of Wallstreet'

Jewish Role In African Slave Trade Admitted By Rabb

How Einstein Ruined Physics

Rise Of Exorcists Catholic Church


H1N1 Flu – Possible Healing & Defense

How Many Steps Does It Take To Make MSG?

18 Unregulated Chemicals Found In Drinking Water

Tamiflu Resistance Driving Severe CA pH1N1 Cases?

H1N1 Virus Exploding Across US And Canada

Arctic Blast Delivering Lowest Temps In Years - Vid

Giant US Blizzard Visible From Space - Pics

Cairo Sees First Snowfall In 112 Years - Pics

Seattle Tunnel Boring Machine Hit Steel Well-Casing Pipe

Clemency For Snowden? Greenwald Calls Out DC Media

47 US Senators Side With Jewish Lobby vs Iran


NAFTA - 20 Years Of Regret For Mexico

Legislating Tyranny

Fascist Origin And Essence Of Privatization

3 Warning Signs A Financial Crash Is imminent

Obama's Gun Confiscation Plans Are A Prelude To Genocide

US Waived Laws For China-Made F-35 Parts

Kirwan - Let's Change Everything

2014 10% Expropriation Of Everyone’s Accounts?

Disney Can Track Every Move With New Wristbands

Opposition To TPP Explodes On Twitter Special

Cell Phone Microwave Stations May Soon Be On Airliners

4-H Promotes Biotech To 'Facilitate Youth Programming'


GMO And ‘Natural’ Food Fight - Treacherous Terrain

Illegals Crowd NV DMV Offices For Driver Cards

Bishop Jakes Wise Advice To Black America - Vid

Zio RT Host Cuts Caller At Mention Of Jewish Privilege - Vid

BBC Sketch - Enlarging The Israeli Embassy - Vid

Palestinian Children In Cages

Brutality Against Afghan Women Soars In 2013

Ukraine Protesters Use Mirrors On Cops - Vid

New Years Ghost Outside Parliament? - Pics

Best UFO Videos Of 2013 - Vid

Intelligence Fused With High-Tech Is Heart Of UFO Puzzle

UFOs Over El Cajon, CA - Vid

UFOs? Readers Shoot Down Speculation


Moonbeans (spoof video)

Carl Sagan’s Rules For Bullshit-Busting

Addict Rep Hasn't Talked About His Drug-Testing Vote

Warming Idiots - Melting Ice Causes Expanding Ice Cap!

Ten Best Science Stories Of 2013

The Most Abused Principle In All Of Science

Student Debts - The Bankers New Socially Engineered Trap

Sub-Human Killers Decimating Africa's Elephants

Saving The World’s Most Endangered Big Cats

Reconstruction Gives Stonehenge Man A Face - Vid


Five Reasons To Stop Using Antibacterial Soap

Yuppie Prohibition League Denounces Legal Pot

11 Accidental Discoveries - Potato Chips, Plastic, More

Shakedown Or Sundown For The World Solar Industry 2014

Arctic Blast To Drop Temps To Lowest In Yrs - Pics

21 Inches Of Snow In MA Closes Offices In Boston

Record Massive Freeze To Hit On Sunday - 5,000 flights Delayed

Bostonians Brace For Dangerous Cold

US Winter Storms Kills At Least 16

Fiercest Brit Storms In 20 Yrs Leave Trail Of Destruction

Snow, Arctic Winds To Plunge Britain Into Deep Freeze

Record Cold Doesn't Impress The Warming Cult


Chemtrails Over Pacifica, CA Facing South On Friday, 1-3-14

Kirwan - 'Law' No Longer Exists

US Senator - Does NSA Spy On Congress? (is grass green?)

Another Corrupt, Unconstitutional Judge Rules For NSA

The NSA And The Paradise Of The Border

FB Sued For Allegedly Monitoring Users Private Messages

Pentagon Waived Sanctions Rules On F-35 Parts For China

Pentagon Cuts ‘Imminent Danger Pay' To US Troops

Americans Sick And Tired Of DC Shenanigans - Vid

PETA 'Activist' Drones Enabling The Police State?


Obama Issues New 'Executive Actions' On Guns

Mixed Reactions To Cheerios Dropping GMOs

Obama WH Mocks 'We The People' Petitions For 2 Years

Paul Craig Roberts - Case Of Missing US Economic Recovery

Welcome To The New America - Low-Wage Nation

US Losing $1b A Week From Jobless Benefits Cut

UK Housing Recovery Built On Sand

Michigan Bill Would Take On 'Policing For Profit'

Idaho To Reclaim Control Of Privately Run State Prison

USDA Proceeds With Herbicide-Resistant GMO Seeds

Was UK's Jack Straw Sacked By Bush For Blocking Iraq War?

Why The Peaksters Got It Wrong

Top 10 Proofs People Can Be Completely Manipulated

Russian Navy to Get 40 New Ships in 2014

Russia To Test 70 New Rockets, Missiles In 2014

Russian Navy To Expand Air Patrols In Arctic

Israel Successfully Tests Arrow Space Missile Interceptor

Saudi al-Qaeda Leader Conveniently Dies

Lamb - Israel Not Liable Under International Law

Understanding The Zionist New World Order

Ariel Sharon's Final Mission Might Have Been Peace

UNRWA Bitter Winter Solstice And Now Dershowitz!


Explosions Hit Syrian Gas Pipelines, Electricity Cut

Syrian 'Rebels' Turn On al-Qaeda-Affiliated Isis Jihadists

Three Blasts Hit Egypt Military Convoy In Sinai

13 Die In Brotherhood Clashes With Police In Egypt

Iraq Loses Control Of Fallujah To Militants

They Took Away My Planet And Gave Me Revolution

Putin Lifts Blanket Ban On Protests Pt Sochi

Catalonia Seeks Support From EU For Independence

935,000 Displaced In CAR Amid ‘Unprecedented’ Violence

South Africa - 'Corrective Rape' Aimed At 'Curing' Lesbians

2013 Russian Meteor - Best Video Collection - Vid

Cosmic Laundry Day... Slip Sliding Away


Soft Killing Americans With Toxic Food, Bad Water & Vax

Obesity Triples In Developing Countries

GPS Satellites Suggest Halo Dark Matter Around Earth

What’s Really Inside Lake Vostok

3 More Die From H1N1 I In Michigan...12 More On Life Support

5 Dead, Nearly 1,000 In Infected With H1N1 In Alberta

H1N1 Dead In Santa Clara County CA

Now It's About To Get Insanely Cold

Cold Snap Is Colder Than Mars Surface

Paul Craig Roberts - 2014 Will Bring More Social Collapse

NSA Looks To Put End All Forms Of Encryption


Keiser Report: NSA Manipulates Bank Accounts? (E541)

CO Pot Shops Make Over 1 Million On First Day - Vid

Big Cannabis - America's Next Corporate Titan?

Goy Sharon Killed Twice

Gay Jews Have 'Higher Souls' Than Gentiles

What Really Happened To Ariel Sharon?

Has The House Of Saud Seen Its Stalingrad?

'The Country You Destroyed' - A Letter To Bush

Undetected Asteroid Explodes Over Atlantic

Can Parents Save Children By Leaving The US?

Domestic Drones Patrolling Skies Above You Soon

Ultra High Tech SR-71 Replacement...The Mach 6 SR-72


Cigar Shape UFOI Hovers Over Brazil - Vid

UFOs Sighted Over Virginia - Vid

UFOs In Medford, Oregon - Vid

‘UFO’s Attracted To Nuke Military Base - Expert - Vid

Objects In Space We Really, Really Can't Explain

Practice Your Mercury Escape Plan

Buffett Bought Pipeline Stake Same Day Oil Train Crash

Phil Everly, Half Of Everly Brothers, Passes - Pics

NC Cop Orders Man With Cam Off 'My County Property'!

Million+ Students Fingerprinted At UK Schools

'The Take' Give All Writers A Kick In The A*S

Scientists Search Net For Evidence Of Time Travelers


Laser Firing Spider Called 'Brilliantly Terrifying'

Earthquake Lights Mystery - Vid

'Baboon Syndrome' Complication Of Antibiotics

Intrinity - The Merkaba Portal

Michigan pH1N1 ECMO Machines Maxed Out

UK 'Unprepared For Flu Epidemic'

140m Americans Face Sub Zero Temps, Snow - Vid

Snow Blankets Boston As Storm Crisis Grows

UK Towns Flooded, Roads Collapsed, 500 Flood Warnings

Deadly Storms To Pound UK For Weeks

Icy Grip Of Fear That Global Warming Is Trash


Br Nathanael - Why Jews Must Be Purged From Power

MSM Hid Fact Ice-Bound Ship Was On Warming Mission

Chinese Icebreaker Stuck Helping Rescue Warming Idiots

The Obamacare We Deserve - NYT

Feds Prep For Attacks On Social Security Bldgs?

Hillary Revels In Death - We Came, We Saw, He Died - Vid

DOJ Pays Linkedin $500k For Access To YOUR Data

NSA Wants Super Computer To Crack Most All Encryptions

The Police State In Review 2013

20 Years Ago, This Comic Predicted...

US Imperialism Danger To World

Mossad, Bush et al Planned, Executed 9/11


Sandy Hook School Wiped Off Map...Like Murrah, WTC, Waco

Springman On CIA Bringing Terrorists Into The US - Vid

Cunningham - Pope Needs To Condemn US Warmongering

Military Drones To Make Own Decisions During Missions

CA First Steps Toward Gun Registration?

Stop-And-Frisk Architect Takes Over NYPD

Report Against Big Ag, Big Pharma & Governments

Mass Animal Die-Offs 2013 - Map

Orange 'Fireball' Report Pour Into NUFORC

UFO Reports, Sightings Expand To Oregon - Vid

NUFORC Got About 200 Reports Over New Years - Vid

UFO Sightings Over Sweden On New Year’s Day


Lynne Stewart Arrives Home

NY Times Bashes India's Jocks For Steroid Use?

Why Do Americans Still Support Israel?

Peace Process Hypocrisy Continues

Major General - 'IDF Uniform A Shame'

Israel To Keep Jordan Valley Settlement Forever

Israel Killed Most Argentina AMIA Perps

Salbuchi - False Flag Attacks In Argentina

Stories Of Palestinians In Gaza Told

Is 2014 The Year Scotland Finally Gains Independence?

David Cameron's Most Comically Staged Photoshoot

Levitating Objects With Sounds

Bomb Kills Policeman, Hurts Another Near Moscow

Zahi Hawass Compares Egypt's al-Sisi To A Pharaoh

West's Debt Hits 200 Year High

Coming Expropriation Of 10% Of Everyone's Accounts

Great Dollar Rally Of 2014

Great Italian Auto Bailout - Courtesy US Taxpayers

UK Household Finances At Breaking Point

Europe's Energy Transition Paradox

1984 French Bomb In London 'Astonished' Thatcher

Hollande Snubbed Handshakes In 2013 - Pics


People Get Ready For The Changes Coming

S Sudan Rebels 'Forcibly Recruiting Civilians'

Another Death Of A Gang Rape Victim In India

Pilger - India A Dystopia Of Extremes

The View From The LA Wall

1,000 Tabbed For 'Reality TV' Pick For 1-Way Mars Trip

5 Meter Asteroid Burns Up In Atmosphere

Do Dogs Align With Earth's Magnetic Field?

How Mystery Orbs Might Predict Earthquakes

Do You Chew Gum? If So, You Better Read This

Dad Does This To Kids Lunches Every Day

'Grow Cubes' Offer Indoor Gardening Solutions

H1N1 Patients In Ann Arbor 'Very, Very Ill'

H1N1 On Rise In Utah

H1N1 Worries In Vermont

H1N1 Kills Member Portland OR Family

100 Million In Huge Storm's Path - Pics

Nor'easter Blasts Millions With Snow, Wind, Bitter Cold

Britain Faces More Fierce Storms