Headlines 4


JPMorgan Chase On Capitol Hill

The Rabbi, The President And The Diamond Dealers

Congress Probes UK Companies But Not American

£140b Scheme To Kick Start UK Economy

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Hypocrisy

Salbuchi - Scenarios Of Sudden Disasters For Mankind

How To Turn On 'Do Not Track' In Your Browser

Martin - The Brazen Duplicity Of George Weigel

If We Shadows Have Offended…

'Brazillions And Kingdoms And What About Me?


Neurogeneticists Use Personality Genes To Further Eugenics

Something Unique in New Dive On Baltic Sea Mystery Object

UK Girl, 9, Photographs Awful School Lunch

Court - Scouts 'Perversion Files' Are Public Record

Is It Safe For Pregnant Women To Drink Tap Water?

Extremely High Levels Of Radiation Above #2 Containment

SFP 4 May Have 5 Times More Cesium 137 Than Thought

Children Touch Mystery Black Radioactive Bacteria On Ground

Rice Leaf Radioactivity 600x Greater Than Water Used On It

Govt Says Stop Radiation Testing Of Fukushima Residents


City Block-Size Asteroid Zips By Earth

Rand Paul Confronted Over Iran Sanctions, Bilderberg

Dear Mitt, I Think You Have Me Confused With Someone Else...

Pentagram - 2,000 US Dead In Afghan War (How About 10,000)

F-22 Oxygen Problems May Be Worse Than Disclosed

Google To Up Control Via New Web Domain Suffixes

Rio+20 Earth Summit - Call For Action On Population

New EPA Bid To Takeover Water On Private Land

Kids Don't Know Where Milk And Eggs Come From

Girl, 10, Gets Major Vein Grown From Own Stem Cells


China 'Forced Abortion' Photograph Causes Outrage

Researchers Look To Nanotech To Keep Fruit Fresh

Willie Neslon...1965 - Vid

The Coup Of 2012

Plague Of Locusts Swarm Rural California Town - Vid

Don't Buy Salad Dressing...Make Your Own - Vid

Prof - Black Substance On Japan Roads Is Radiative Particles

Melt-Throughs At 1, 2 & 3 May Lead To HydroVolcanic Explosions

Radioactive Black Soil On Japan West Coast Is From Fukushima


Carol Paul - 'Rand Didn't Tell Us He Was Endorsing Romney' - Vid

Birther Buster Report Perpetuates Fraud

Obama Boy - 'You’ve Come A Long Way Baby'

Remote Controlled Mosquito-Sized Flying Spy Drone - Photo

CNN Floats Idea Of US Assassinating Assad

Syria Begins Military Showdown To End Crisis

Flag Day & It’s Personal Side For Me

Kirwan - There Is No Snare Like Folly

Packs Of Benedict Arnolds - Traitors In High Places

Public Service Announcement - 'Conspiracy Theorist' - Vid


Spread Of 'Baby Boxes' In Europe Alarms UN

Nigel Farage On Spanish Bailout - Vid

Spain House Prices Fall Steepest On Record

Wal-Mart Involved In China Pork Scandal Again

Who Has Your Electronic Privacy Back?  

Why Privacy Matters Even if You've Nothing To Hide

Domestic Energy & Jobs Act

Lawmakers Lose Election But Won't Leave 

Cop Tasers, Beats Driver At Stop - Suspended 2 Days 

'U.N. Me' Official Theatrical Trailer


Agenda 21 - How Will It Affect You? 

War Cost - Drone

Cassini Spacecraft Finds 'Tropical' Lakes On Saturn Moon

Letters Of Note - Dear Einstein, Do Scientists Pray?

Army Makes Guinea Pigs Out Of US Citizens

Obama Seeks Ratification Of UN Global Gun Control Treaty

Russia Defends Weapons To Syria, Says US Arms 'Rebels'

Russia-America tussle Over Syria Evokes Cold War

Stepped Up Russia Bashing

An Israeli Strike On Iran Means New War For US


US Buys Russian Attack Helicoptors For Afghan Army

We Are All Jews After All - Vid

Israeli Navy Attacks Intl Human Rights Boat

‘Arab Spring' Is Western Zionist Process Out Of Control

Iran Arrests Elements Nuclear Scientists Murders

Pakistan Rift Costs US $100 Million Extra A Month

Iraq Hit By Wave Of Terror Attacks Against Shia

Conspiracy Theories Are Often True

Agenda 21 - How Will It Affect You?

Olympism Profiteering, Exploitation And Corruption

The Real Suspects Of 9/11 - Vid

Negative Affects of Indoor Pollution & How to Fix It

Clinton - Russia Is Sending Attack Helicopters To Syria

Tarpley - Russia Readies Special Forces For Syria Duty

Russia Wants Saudi & Qatar To Stop Weapons To Syria 'Rebels'

Corbett On Apple, Google, et al Silicon Spies- Vid

Google Talks To The NSA - Vid

Altayr - Peres, Pollard, Obama And Freedom

1.04 Million Bq/kg At Fukushima School Poolside

Many Fukushima Residents Have Lost The Hope To Live - Vid

A Radioactive Drive Through Fukushima Prefecture


Foods That Help Protect Against Radiation

Google Talks To The NSA - Vid

Russia Prepares Army For Syrian Deployment

Investigation Into Mystery MI 'Explosions' & Radiation  

Regime Change In US, Israel To End War Crimes

Syrian 'Rebels' Blow Up Another Gas Pipeline 

Israel Considering Military Attack On Syria

US Pushes Preparations For Illegal Syria No-Fly Zone

Forbes And A Lentil Stew

Gilad Atzmon...The Wandering Who - Part 3 - Vid

Scale Of Cyber Attacks On Iran Shown By Flame-Stux Link

Nations Must Talk To Halt Cyber Terrorism


Flame And Stuxnet Makeres Cooperated At Least Once

SCOTUS Rejects ALL Gitmo Detainee Torture Suits

Facing Sanctions, China Defends Iran Oil Imports

Fed Banksters Target Insurance Monies  

Greeks Want Better Terms After Spanish Rescue

Italy May Also Need Bailout

Cyprus Bailout Looms

The Hidden Truth About The Euro

Haunted Mystery Of Those 1934 Federal Reserve Bonds

'We Are Disgusted By Poor People' 


Kirwan - Correcting The Record

Intel Ops And The Truth Movement - Pt 2

Galveston Dolphin Deaths Investigated  

Indiana Legalizes Shooting Cops?

NYPD Cop Indicted For Killing Unarmed Bronx Teen

US Navy Drone Crashes In Maryland

Hitchhiker Writing 'Kindness Of America' Book Shot

UK Cops 28x More Likely To Stop/Search Blacks

London No-Go Zone For Drivers During Roths Olympics

Women Cries For Help After Being Molested By TSA


Michele Bachmann Interview At CPAC Chicago

Values Bus - Delivering The Solutions Message

Intel Ops And The Truth Movement - Pt 2

Diesel Exhaust Causes Lung Cancer

The Strange Case Of Michael Jackson

Scientists Warn Of Biosphere Collapse

New Evidence Supporting ET Impact Found

Why ET Might Look Like You - DNA 'Universal Constant'?

Incredible Photos Of 'Star Trails' From Space Station

US Children Snorting Their ADHD Medication


Two Months Of Rain In Just 30 Hours for England

Europeans To Build 39-Meter Telescope

China To Send Its First Woman Into Space

Historian Calls Turin Shroud Fake (yawn)

Google Street View Trekker Cam Can Go Offroad

Biggest Cave Has A Jungle And Waterfalls Inside

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Lawsuit Not 'Yogurt' At All

Save 8 Yr Old Selena Mathews From The Medical Mafia

Bad Oral Hygeine Leads To Early Cancer Deaths

Pakistan’s Criminal Empire


Japan Times - Tokyo Still In Danger Of Being Lost

'Fukushima Passes Level 7 - 4 Reactors Involved'

If Truth Revealed, Japan Would Have Been Broken - Vid

Gunderson - We'll See Higher Radioactivity In CA Tuna - Vid

NATO Prepping Vast Disninfo Campaign & Syria Slaughter

SK Warns NK Of Tough Military Response To Attack

McGrath - To The Gates Of Hell - Vid

Tarpley On Deception, Rand Paul, Ron Paul & Romney

Obama Accelerates Plans For US War On Syria

Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders!


Obama Has Killed 607,000 Jobs During Time in Office

What Is Ron Paul's Plan For The GOP Convention?

GOP Fraud Lawsuit Seeks Ron Paul Delegates

Rand Paul - 'No Comment' On Kerry Bilderberg Showing

Army Of Legal Activists Go After GOP Fraud - Vid

NSA Advisor Donilon Named As Security Leak Source

Gulag Bound CPAC Chicago Perspective

Apple Takes On Google...With Better Maps, Siri

Secy Of Commerce Faces Felony Hit & Run Charge

Will Eric Holder Be Held In Contempt?


CO 'High Park Fire' Nearly Doubles In Size Overnight - Vid

Americans Record 38.8% Decline In Wealth

UK Prime Minister Forgets 8 Year Old Daughter In Pub

Mars Rover Team Aims For 'Science' Landing Site

Unprecedented Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life

Africa - Behind Every Land Grab Is A Water Grab

Did The Canadians Analyze The Roswell Metal?

U2's Bono Shills For Monsanto

Drugs & Chemicals in Tap Water May Cause Autism

Quit Smoking Naturally with These Foods


Your Help Needed To Identify Civil War Photographs

Ten Great Museum Mysteries Including Einstein's Brain

Why Our Food Is Making Us Fat

Tokyo Air Laced With Radioactivity

Japan Whore 'Scientists' OK PM Noda's Reactor Restart 

'Safety Commission' (Satanic Psychopaths) Say Safe To Restart

Cesium 134/137 Found 494 km From Fukushima

Japan's Energy 'Options' 

Thirty Pieces Of Silver – The Ron Paul Betrayal

Br. Nathanael - Woody Allen's Vast Jewish Wasteland - Vid


Reporter Arrested Probing Mystery MI Explosions - Vid

Rand Paul - 'Think Everybody Is Going To Be Mad At Me?'

It’s An Honor Too Be Asked

Syrian 'Rebels' Set Up Reporters For killing

Rabbi Madonna Speech For Peace In Tel Aviv - Vid

US Cops Have A New Game To Play

Honey Bee Colony Collapse - A Deformed Wing Virus?

Was The Internet Invented In 1934? - Vid

Deportation, But First...Graduation

Oz Govt Begins Testing 3 Yr Olds For 'Mental Illness'


Euro 'Democracies' Must Be Free Of The Bundesbank

Spooky Parallels Between Great Depression And Euro Crisis

Spain Bailout Relief May Be Short-Lived

Insurance Companies And Derivatives  

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Guantanamo In Jericho 

A Corrupt Foreign Minister Receives US Support 

Updating the Christian Hymn Book

Steiner, Esoteric & Spiritual Science, Not Materialistic - Vid

CPAC Chicago - Winning the Left War On Traditional Values


Secret Space Program Shows Its Hand

IDF Chief - Syria Chemical Weapons Threaten Israel

Israeli Stunt To Encourage Military Intervention In Syria

Israel Calls For Action As Syria Military Shells Homs Again

Insurgents Responsible For Both Syrian Massacres

Was Houla Massacre Ordered By Western

Zionist BBC Hiding Israeli Violence On Palestinians - Vid

Vladimir Putin...Nemesis Of The New World Order

Palestinian Hunger Strikes Continue


Karzai - US Will Stop Air Strikes On Residential Areas

Pakistani Protesters US Drone Slaughters

Pakistan - US Terror Drone Massacres Politically-Motivated

Kirwan - Caesar's Death Squads

The Catastrophic End Of The Last Ice Age - Vid

5 Most Surprisingly Corrupt Industries In The World 

Drug Corporations Push Taliban Opium For Medical Use

Gay Crypto Jew Zionist Radonski To Run Against Chavez

Chavez Media - Rival Capriles Backs Zionist Plots

Gates And Monsanto Go After Milk


Violent Fluctuations Of Hydrogen In Fukushima Reactor 1

Fukushima Area...Higher Readings Than Chernobyl (Kiev) - Vid

Radioactive Sea Spray From Shore Waves Blow Far Inland

1,000 US Students To Do Cleanup, Consume Radiation In Tohoku

Japan Reporter - It's All A Conspiracy Hide The Radiation From People

Rense & Deagle - Fukushima Death & Economic Destruction - Vid

Triple - Edged Sword Pointed At Syria


Santorum's Lame Plan to Scuttle Ron Paul In Tampa

Mitt Romney And The 'Mormon Plan For America'

Obamacare - The Secret Deal With Planned Parenthood

Sarah Jessica Parker's Idiotic Endorsement Of Obama

Pentagon Tries To Open US Airspace To Combat Drones

UK Hires Zionist Human Rights Abuser To Guard Olympics

Kirwan - Sex Drugs & Power

Greek Crisis Imperils Entire Nation's Heritage

Why You Should Switch To A Credit Union


Chart - Farm Subsidies Fund Big Ag

Greek Crisis Produces Fatal Medicine Shortages

Why Spain's Sketchy $125 Billion Bailout Will Fail

Eric Holder Lies About Marijuana Crackdown

Remembering The USS Liberty At 'Sad Little Gathering'

Sinclairs Candid Interview With Foster Friess - Vid

Dr. Chiappalone - Hey, Look What They've Done To Me, Ma!

Environmental Concerns Hit CA Bullet Train To Nowhere

HS Teacher's 'You Are Not Special' Graduation Speech

Mexico - 14 More Dismembered Victims Of The War On Drugs


Lawsuit - Architect Beaten & Executed By Baltimore Police

American Psycho Copycat?

New WY Supercomputer To Boost Atmospheric Science

Heavy Rains Force Evacuations In Florida Panhandle

American Truckers On A Roll As Business Speeds Up

Diazyme Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance For Vitamin D Assay

What Is 'Oil Pulling'?

Home Remedies For A Toothache

Universal Studios Marks 100th Anniversary


Kill One...Kill Twelve...Kill Millions...Kill Billions

Beware Of ALL Life Forms Taken From The Pacific - Vid

Pacific Ocean Will Not Dilute Dumped Radioactive Water

TEPCO Dumps 1,000 Tons Radioactive Water Into Pacific Daily

Gunderson - The TERRIFYING Scenario Of SFP 4 - Audio

Radiation Mad Cattle Attack Fukushima Police Car?

Tracking Japan Tsunami Debris - Vid

Scientists Tsunami Debris Caused Break In Natural Order

Kucinich Demands Investigation Of Leak At Davis-Beese

Ex Staffer In Tears Over Ron Paul Betrayals - Vid


FAA Forced To Reveal 63 DRONE Launch Sites Across America

America Is Eluded By Its Drone-Warfare Propaganda

Judge Napolitano On Drones - Where Is the Outrage?

Scary Drones Of Tomorrow

NE Cattlemen, Politicians Protest 'Weird' EPA Flyovers

Wars, Disasters, Pestilence End Of The World Nigh?

Twitter Is Putting An End To Our Private Lives

10 Failed Govt Attempts To Control The Internet 

Stepped Up Media War On Syria

Syrian Rebels May Use Chemical Weapons, Blame Damascus

Syrian Crisis, Imperialist Agenda Against Mideast

Possible NATO-FSA False Flag Attack In Syria

Netanyahu, Snow White And Ulpana

Mossad Claims Obama Lying About Stuxnet Virus

Cyber Attack On Iran Oil Ministry Traced To US

Philippines - US Military Outpost With Nuclear Capabilities?

9/11 A Decade Later - A Whole New Ballgame

Missouri Has No Illegals

Emails Show Obama Deal With Industry On Health Care

Herman Cain - A Man Still On A Mission - Vid


GOP Kills Paycheck Fairness Act, Equal Pay For Women

The Roach Motel At The End Of The Universe - Vid

Feds Threat To Raid Concerts To Take Gibson Guitars

Mt St Helens Remains Most Explosive In The Cascades

Spain Bows To €100 Billion Bank Bailout 

Spaniards Resigned To Bleak Future As Austerity Bites

70% Unemployment For Recent High School Grads

US Students Are Prisoners Of Their Debt

The Drockton Financial Report 6-10-12  


10 Shocking Medical Screw-Ups

Goji Berries - Superfood Or Harmful Nightshade?

Auto Insurance Site - Marijuana Users Safer Drivers

Scientists 'Discover' Legendary Lost White City Of Gold

The World's Most Beautiful Lakes

Findley - 45th Anniversary Of Israel Hit On USS Liberty

Apple Employs Cameras Which Can See Inside Homes

Microbes Discovered In Mars-Like Environment On Earth

Secret Of Aging Found By Japanese Scientists

Human Bones Grown From Fat In Laboratory


Diabetes Soaring In US Kids

A Cheap Political Trick…

Pak-US Leadership Challenges

Targeting Bahrain Human Rights Lawyer Al-Tajer

Frighteningly Higher And Higher Radiation In Tuna 'For Years' - Vid

Indiana Radiation Mystery - Explosions & Snapped Trees

Rand Paul Tries to Defend His Betrayal - Vid

Rand Paul's Sideshow - Vid

Romney Quietly Hires 'Sordid History' Consulting Firm

Salbuchi - US Sings 'We Will Bomb You' To Syria


Russia - We Will Never Agree To Intervention In Syria

Highway To Hell Becomes National Anthem

Horribly Mutated Seafood In The Gulf Of Mexico

Alabama Example Can Save The US from Agenda 21

Hemp Legalization Added To Senate Farm Bill

Why Missouri Has No Illegal Aliens

Argentina Losing $100M US Deposits Per Day

UN Secret Documents Show Tax Planned On Internet

US Govt Single Largest Asset Is Student Loans!

LOST Is UN Centralized Control Of The World


Earth Headed For Catastrophic Collapse - 'Tipping Point'

Tila Tequila Exposes Music Industry Illuminate

Brazilian Cannibals Charged With Eating Women

Can You Hypnotize Your Way to Success?

War On British Pubs Is A War On Brit Culture

Tepco Conference Ended Within 3 Minutes

Governor Of Niigata Blasts Noda Over Ooi Restart

Tepco Rejected Covering Reactor 4 With Concrete

Sellafield Swallows Contaminated By Radioactivity


Rand Says Would Be An Honor To Be Romney's VP

Is Ron Paul Finished? What About Us?

US Decision-Makers Very Much Scared Of AIPAC

Military Movie Censorship Makes Americans Warlike

Manning Case Show State Dept Panic Over WikiLeaks

Occupy Barrington At CPAC Chicago - All 6 Of Them - Vid

Kirwan - The Alters Of Illusion

China Breaking UN Arms Embargo On North Korea

Argentines Bang Pots And Pans In Govt Protest 

Canadian 'Cannibal Killer' Suspect Copied Video Game


'Genetic Experiment' Terrifies Chinese City

NATO Special Ops Forces 'Assault' Tampa - Vid

Syrian Rebels Tried To Get Journalist Killed

Rebels Say Will Free Lebanese Hostages In New Syria

US Destabilizes Syria To Protect Interests

David Sanger's War On Iran

Poppies Bloom In Switzerland's Flanders Fields

US - Poisoning Public Discourse

Anti-Surveillance App Developer Targeted By DHS

Alien Invasion Agenda Kicks In - Olympic Style


The Roach Motel At The End Of The Universe

America's Student Loan Racket 

JFK Revelations - Excerpt From New Book 

Devvy - In Memory Of Tommy K. Cryer, Esq

Liberty TX Couple Sues Over False Reports Of Mass Graves

Electronic Sun - Vid

Pictures Of Everyday Life In The Great Depression

Devastating Hall Storms Hit Colorado

Gates, WHO Partner Create Global Vax Action Plan

Pakistan - Where Criminals Become Leaders


Even If Yucca Mtn Were Open Now, We'd Need A Second

US Ignores Debris Field 3x Size Of US Nearing West Coast

A Radioactive Nightmare

Iran - Syrian Intervention Will Be Defeated

The True Situation In Syria

Star Child Skull DNA Proof...It's NOT Human - Vid

North Dakota 'Nuclear Containment Exercise'

US Representative Government Is A Farce

Killer Insect Virus Helping Decimate World Bee Population

Germ Theory And Depopulation


Military Can't Figure Out Suicide Spike (right)

The Revolution Is A Relay Race

Only 44 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Supreme Ct

Nader - Dont 30 Million Workers Deserve 1968 Wages?

'Cloud Nine' Drug Behind US 'Zombie Apocalypse'?

'Cloud Nine' Drug - Homeless Man Threatens To Eat Miami Officers

Feds Shut Down 25th Bank This Year - Kingfisher, OK

Autism Triggered By SSRIs, Chemicals In Water Supply?

Bankers, Pols 'Same Group Mania' As Mental Health Patients

Alzheimers Hope As Brain Cells Grown From Skin


Prometheus Fire, Alien Gods, Pandora's Box Of Tricks

Prometheus Crew Tells Of Movies Most Shocking Scene

Call For Intervention In The USA

Nuclear Cover-Up? Extreme Radiation Levels, EPA Censorship

TEPCO Adds 60 Ton Cover To SFP 4 - Photos

MSM Finally Admits Radiation In US Seafood 1 Year Later

Fukushima Woman Blasts NISA Experts For Not Protecting - Vid

Wilcox - Japanese Have Little Trust In Nuclear Protection

How Mostly Undiluted Radiation Comes To The West Coast

Br Nathanael - Congress Grovels Before A 'Jewish' State


WA Removes Fukushima Radiation Readings! Betrays Public

Mystery Explosions, Military Near MI Radiation Zone - Vid

Rand Kicks Dad To The Curb...Endorses Romney

Shame On Rand Paul For Gambling On Romney

Ron Paul Grandson Profited Over $500k In Campaign

Will Ron Paul Supporters Turn to Gary Johnson?

Jeb's Regret? - Bush Says 2012 Was 'Probably My Time'

Zen-haven.dk Trojan Issue Resolved - Links Safe!

Obama's Little Flock Of Mascots

From Dreams to Drones

More Syrian Blood On Obama's Hands


Zionists Employing 3-Track Strategy To Destroy Syria

Russia, China Repeat Warning Of Intervention In Syria

Syria To 'Rebels' - Lay Down Arms Of Face Military

Israel To Put African Migrants In Tent Cities

Endangered Press Freedom In Israel

America Pays For Netanyahu Luxury Trips

Why Anti-Israelism Is Not Anti-Semitism

Dave Martin - Biggest Whistleblower In JFK Case Ignored

How To Spot A Sociopath - Ten Red Flags

Charlie McGrath - Axioms In The Fight For Truth - Vid

Truth Seekers...It's Already Here - Vid

Sauder - Aliens Will Save Us From Global Nuclear War

The Improbable, The Impossible And The Inexplicable

The Rapid Evolution Of The Cyberwar Arms Race

70 Economic Facts Obama Doesn't Want You To See

US Banks Profit $29.5 Billion In Fees In 2011

FDIC In Serious Trouble

Europe Troubles Affect Wide Variety Of US Firms

Germany Must Take Control Of Eurozone Says Soros

China Cuts Rates Over Fears Of Stalling Economy 


Spain Credit Rating Downgraded 3 Notches

Cops Upset Over App That Reports Their Bad Behavior

ACLJ Defends Free Speech In Blogosphere

A Little Birdie Told Me

The Venus Transit & The Lost Civilizations Of Earth 

Queen Jubilee Flotilla Over - Waters Ahead Calm?

Pak-Russia Reaoorichment

AZ Starts Regulating Medical Marijuana

The Aztec Incident - Recovery At Hart Canyon - Vid 

UFO Or Missile? Mystery Lights Raise Havoc In Israel 


Luminous UFOs Over Lebanon, Jordan, Turkish-Syrian Border   

Watch Rothschild Olympic Skies for UFOs Says Nick Pope

10,000 Carp Found Dead In Boston Lake - Vid

Unborn Baby DNA Decoded - Bad News Or Good?

Palestinian Minister Rapes Child In Tel Aviv?

Pinhole Radioactive Coolant Leak Found At Davis-Besse

Which Will Collapse First, The Economy Or SFP 4?

OR Cleans Tsunami Dock - Invasive Species Concern

Massive Fish Kill Now Blocking Japan Port

Daini Reactor Containment Inspected - No Leaks Found


USS Liberty - Dead In The Water - Vid

Death In The Afternoon The USS Liberty, Israel And You

Ron Paul Campaign 'Officially Folds' And Follows Mitt

More Chatter Of US Intervention In Syria

Panetta Admits US Is 'At War' With Pakistan

Obama Using Wars To Repay Campaign Donors

Military Suicides Now Average One Per Day

The American Federal Empire - Pt 3 - Vid

FKN News - One Debt To Rule Us All - Vid

Abnormally Dry Weather Conditions Continue


Dangerous STD Becoming Untreatable

Why QE3 Would Be A Rotten Failure - Vid

Bernanke Mum On QE3, Depends On Europe

Daniel Estulin On Bilderberg 2012

Air Force To Collect Data And Search Citizens

TSA Hires Pedophiles & Pornographers

NJ Police Withheld Damning Cop Brutality Video

13,000 Dead Predicted At Rothschild 2012 Olympics

The President Who Can Be Described As A Fat Cat

Geo-Engineering Will Decrease Sunlight By 20%


1934 Montgomery Ward Catalogue

3 California Counties Declared Agricultural Disasters

CT Scans Triple Brain Cancer Risk in Children

Junk Food Makers Taking Over Health Products Industry

Home Remedies For Sinus Infection

Amb Says 'Fukushima Daiichi Not Under Control At All'

TEPCO Creates Radioactive Waste Storage UNDER Reactor 2

600% Increase In Fukushima Kids With Headaches, Nausea

Several Million Bq Of Radiation In Urban Area Locations

Japan Gives Up On Restarting Nuclear Reactors


Israeli Attack On USS Liberty

Nobel Peace Prize Obama Now Lord High Executioner

Kaspersky Warns Of Cyber Terror Apocalyps

Kirwan - There is No 'WE' Anymore

Walker Wins, Wisconsinites Lose

RFID Chip Unleashed On USA

Israel Controls US Govt And The Media - Ex CIA Officer

Arab Spring Benefited Only Israel - Surprise

Vanunu’s De-Liberation

Avraham Burg - Even I Think Settlement Goods Not Kosher


Israel To Build In West Bank Settlements

Pike - Talmud...Wellspring Of Jewish Pornography Industry

Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy Iran Total Right - Putin

Brzezinski - Don’t Be 'Emotional' About Syria

Syrians See Zionist State And West Activities Ties - Vid

Corporate Media Propaganda Inciting Hatred Of Syria 

US Labor Market Is In A Full-Blown Depression

Brazil Multinational Sues FL Over Cuba, Syria Sanctions

Drockton - Silver Bullion Vs Worthless Dollar

Icelanders Force Accountability Of Banks, Why Can't We?


The Soul Crushing Despair Of Lowered Expectations

An End Brings A New Beginning

Can You Answer 25 Questions The MSM Refuses To?   

July 4 Interdependence Day...America's Newest Holiday

Stop & Frisk App To Track Controversial NYPD Policy

CO Cops Cuff 40 Innocent Motorists At Gunpoint

US Escalating Intimidation Of Whistleblowers

Drockton - Silver Bullion Vs Worthless Dollar

Disaster Shamanism & The Vicissitudes Of Power

US Uses Boogeyman Method To Threaten Activists


FBI Treating American Activists As Terrorists 

FBI Spreading Fears And Threats In US Society

Cops Taser Execute Driver In Diabetic Shock 

Chicago Cops Taser Pregnant Woman In Parking Dispute

China Electric Cars No Better Than Ours

Account Of Doc Who TreatedLincoln After He Was Shot 

Classmates - Romney Impersonated Cop In HS, College

Remembering Bob Chapman

Roll 300 Heads And Save Pakistan!

Great Wall Of China Twice As Long As Thought


Ancient Shakespeare Performances Theater Found

Flame-Retardant Sandwiches - Who Knew?

Amazing Gardening Movie - Back to Eden - Vid

Apple Pectin For Radioactivity Protection

China Faces Epidemic Of Drug-Resistant TB

The Pharmaceutical Cure Part Of The Disease

SoCal Paper Reports On Fukushima Radiation Coming Here

1 Of 2 SFP 4 Cooling Pumps Replaced

Radioactive Xenon 133 In Seattle Was 450,000x Over Detection

MASSIVE Fish Kill Outside Of Tokyo In Chiba - Photos


China Call Chiba Port 'Area With High Radiation'

Dock From Tsunami Washes Up On Oregon Beach

Another Massacre In Syria - 100 More Slaughtered

Syria Rejects Claim Govt Killed 100 In Hama

Annan 'Peace' Plan To Force Assad Ousting

Afghanistan - US NATO Bombs Kill 18 In Wedding Party

Obama Bombs Civilians, Police & First Aid & Then Funerals

CA CAFR Shows $8 Trillion Tax Surplus!

UFOs Near NORAD In SW Colorado Springs, CO - Vid


Cashing In On Lyme Disease (Pesticide Companies)

Think You Are Safe In TX From Lyme Disease? Think Again

Judge Orders FDA To Reconsider Antibiotics In Animal Feed

Do Not Enter! BLM Tells Americans To Get Off Land

Coke Nightmare - 'CANCER WARNING' On Bottles Soon?

Heavy Metals & Drugs Commonly Found in Meat

UN Control Freaks Want $100b For GW In Latin America

Planned Parenthood Opens Office In LA High School

Obama In Trouble And That Makes Him Very Dangerous

Obama's High Tech Snuff Films


Br Nathanael - The Jews Behind US Spy Drones - Vid

Meet John Brennan, Obama's Assassination Czar

Proof Of Obama's Domestic Drone Program 

Atzmon - USS Liberty...What Phil Saw That Day

CO Asks Unemployed To Pay Back $128m In Benefits

Crashing The Operating System - Liquidity Crunch In Practice

SFP4 Secondary Cooling Motor Burns Out

Cooling System For SFP4 May Take Days To Fix

No TEPCO Reports On SFP4 Temps Since June 2

Radioactive Japan Scrap Metal Stopped At China Customs


The Moment Edano Lied To The People

45 Yrs Ago - Israel Attacked USS Liberty, Killing Dozens

Anonymous Calls For 'Project Mayhem 2012'

Mitt Romney Private Email Hacked?  

Half Of World's 4400 Nuke Weapons Kept On High Alert 

Kaspersky Warns Of Cyber-Terror Apocalypse

Russia Warns Israel Against Attacking Iran

Sanctions Not Slowing Iran Wails Netanyahu

Netanyahu Thanks Germany For New Jewish Nuke Sub

Israeli Commanders Face Trial in Turkish Court

Racist Israel Calls For African Immigrant Deportation - Photos


Israel Is The New S Africa - Boycott Calls Increase

Ahmadinejad Slams US Ferocious Devouring Of World

Heated Anti-Assad Rhetoric Promotes War

Syria Boots Western Diplomats, OKs Aid Workers

India And Pakistan Escalate Nuclear Arms Race

India Turns Down US Plans To Counter China

Russia, China Join To Counter US Asia Build Up

WND - Boost For Larry Sinclair's Allegations vs Obama

Walker Wins, Obama & Clinton Lose

Facing Facts In Wisconsin


New Map, New Rules Shake Up CA Primaries

Survival Of The Fittest

Kirwan - No Empire Can Survive!

Agenda 21 - 138 ICLEI Members Quit ICLEI in 18 Months!

Marco Rubio Is the Next John McCain

Military Flies Drones Over Us, Shares Data With Cops

USS Liberty Memorial Renews Charges Of Govt Coverup 

10 Signs US Highways To Be High Tech Prison Grid

Google Warns Users Targeted By State Sponsored Attacks

'Global Classroom' - UN Infiltrates Education Worldwide  


Soros Spends $400 Million On 'Open Society' Education

Verizon Lays Off 1,700 - Paid CEO $22 Million Last Year 

Greece & The Euro - Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover

Japan Only 16 Percent Energy Self-Sufficient

UK Banks Sitting On £40b In Undeclared Losses

Leaders Plot EU Superstate With Germany In Charge

The Euro Now Equals Poverty And Deflation

Spain Caves In To Bankster Bailout

Moodys Downgrades German Banks

Stockton CA Readies Bankruptcy Plan


SF Going Big On 'Pre-Crime' Surveillance

London 2012 'Security' Investigating 500,000 People

UK Children Care Homes Magnets For Pedos

Venus Transits Sun - Vid

Venus Transiting The Sun - Photos

Recent Solar Flare Created A Mystery 'Pulse' In The Earth

Le Pen To Sue Madonna Over Swastika Montage?

Egyptians Rage At ‘Hijacked’ Revolution

Huge Demonstration In HK To Remember Tiananmen Square

The Harm In Hate Speech


Bilderberg 2012 With Guardian Reporter Charlie Skelton

Shepard Ambellas Experience At Bilderberg - Pt 2

Go On, Try To Report Police Misconduct - Vid

MD Judge Arrest Nat’l Blogger Club Over Kimberlin Posts

Court - Christians Can Be Ordered To Violate Beliefs 

Emergency WX Alerts Coming To A Cell Phone Near You

The History Of Hemp

Toys R Us Dolls Say 'B*tch' - Vid

Drugged Bath Salts - Dangerous and Deadly

Dead Brazilian Boy Sits Up In Coffin At Own Funeral


'They Are Telling Lies...Their Children Were Also Sacrificed' - Vid

6.3 Quake Hits Off Chiba, 4.2 Near Fukushima

Fukushima Resident New Site Shows Radiation Poisoning

8,000 Sq Mi Of Japan Now Like A 'Radiation Control' Area

Ian Goddard - MIT Pro Nuke Study Debunke - Vid

Israel 'Super Ready' To Attack Iran - Defense Chief

30,000 Secret Surveillance Orders To Spy On Us

The Allied Invasion Of Normandy - Photos

EPA Spy Drones Buzz Midwestern Cattle Farms

First American Arrested By Aid Of Drone Goes To Court


Thomas Jefferson On Judicial Tyranny

WH - No Warrant Needed For GPS Tracking Of Us

Cindy McCain On USS Liberty Coverup - 'I dont care'

Israel Airport Security Demands Tourist Private Email

Budget-Cutting Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker Wins Recall

McGrath - Eurozone On The Brink - Vid

Roberts - Financial Collapse Is At Hand

New Bankster Greek Strategy - Starve Them To Compliance

Is A Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic Planned For 2012?

When Enough Is Enough, Is Enough!

China Tells Embassies To Stop Publishing Air Pollution Data

Monsanto Locations Around the World


US Terminates $20M Pakistani Version Of Sesame Street

Alabama First State To Officially Ban UN Agenda 21

Agenda 21 - California Rural Sheriffs' Meeting

Vote Rigging In America

Will Divers Solve The Baltic Sea 'UFO' Mystery?

Morgan Stanley Private Equity Stealing Kids Teeth - Vid

Did These Two Men Travel Back In Time?

Common Foods That Contain Flame Retardants & Toxins

Mom JAILED For Cheering Too Loudly At Kid's Graduation


Solar Cells 23,000 Times Worse For Environment Than Co2

What If Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts?

74% Whooping Cough Cases Are In Vaccinated Kids - Vid

Patriot Bob Chapman Has Died

Supertongue Bat Seen First Time NatGeo Series - Vid


Filer's Files # 22 - 2012 - We Can Take ET Home

Filer's Files #21 - 2012 Columbus Saw a UFO

Filer's Files # 20 - 2012 - Ancient Astronauts


Burnt Area On SFP 4 Cooling Pump - Photos

Flame Exploits Windows Bug To Attack PCs

A Facebook Crime Every 40 Minutes

Facebook Tries To Bring Under-13s Into Its Control 

What Would George Orwell Think?

Celente - From Meltdown To Mayhem...We Told You So

Crisis Economic Conditions

Boeing Huge Phantom Eye Drone Completes First Test Flight


Record Number Scorn Both Democrats And GOP  

Mormon Fraudster Dined With Romney/Bush  

China Mocks New US $7 Billion Stealth Destroyer

Mysterious US Space Plane To Land After A YEAR In Orbit

Donovan-Braddock Connection - Clueless Or Mastermind?

Showdown In DC Court Of Appeals

Putin Holds Firm On Syria

UK To Set Up Camps Inside Syria To Help 'Rebels'

Syrian Rebels Kill 100 Syrian Soldiers 

Lendman - US, UK Behind Attacks In Syria


Lendman - Pro-Assad Civilians Picked In Houla Massacre 

Germany Creates New Nuclear Front in the Middle East

Jerusalem Apt Housing Migrants Firebombed 

Israel Turns On Its Refugees

Let’s Hear Truth About The 1967 War

Lebanon, Palestine & Jewishness - Vid

Jeff Rense With Gilad Atzmon & Br Nathanael - Listen!

Israeli Independence Day In Jerusalem 2012 - Vid

Celebrating Palestinian Resistance And Resilience

Reason for Hope and Despair in Palestine


Rense & Marrs And Abraham Bolden - Loyal JFK Agent Pt 1

21 Signs Of Long, Hot, Crazy Financial Summer 

Derivatives - The Unregulated Global Banking Casino 

Global Slump Alert As World Money Contracts

GMOs and Glyphosate Linked to Infertility, Botulism and SIDS

Buyers Remorse For CA Bullet Train To Nowhere

Pot In New York May Be Partially Decriminalised

Slave Labor Bussed In To Steward River Pageant For Queen

Bilderberger Clarke Eyes UK Prison Slave Labor Camps

Weird Storms in Canada - May 25-27, 2012 - Vid


Fossil Tooth Shows Humans Came From Asia Not Africa

Pill Robot - The Pharmacist Of The Future? - Vid

How HIV Became Most Successful BioWeapon

Internet Killing Art Of Slow, Informative Reading

Is The Internet Killing Our Minds?

Mystery Over Giant Cosmic Explosion Of 774 AD

99 Sex Cases In NY Jewish Community Since 2009

A New Plan To Make Stolen Phones Useless?

End Time Madness - Dead Cat Turned Into Helicopter

Beet Borscht - An Extremely Effective Liver Cleanser


PM Noda - Ooi Nuke Plant Restart Necessary For Japan

'Broken' Reactor 2 Temp Gauges Move At Same Time

'Plutonium-Absorbing Bacteria Found On Every Paved Surface'

Japan Contaminating Everything By Burning Radioactive Debris?

Nuclear Waste Now Termied 'Safe' To Eat In Japan

The Venus Transit: Cosmic Convergence of 2012

US Navy Pacific Buildup 'Extremely Dangerous, Foolish' - Vid

US And Australia Prepare For War With China

VA Governor - Drones Over State Would Be 'Great'

Military Open 'Burn Pits' Are Making Soldiers Sick


The Three Rogue Nations - Nexus Of War And Drugs

Why Does World Shadow Government Destroy Its Own Planet?

Germany Helping Israel Develop Nuke Weapons

Romney Advisor Gets Rich From Obamacare

AIG Chief Sees US Retirement Age As High As 80

The English-Celtic Struggle vs The Serpent Race

HUD, EPA, USDA, DOT & Insiders Fund Agenda 21

Eco-Fascist James Hasen Admits Warming Not Manmade

California High Speed Rail Is A Train Wreck

New SF Tech Boom Brings Jobs...Also Worries

10 Things We Can Learn From Greek Shortages

Danger - Wildfire Season - Feds Cut Firefighting Budget


Western Lifestyle Will Lead To 75% Cancer Surge

Ground Spy Sensors Across US To Assist NDAA Spy Drones

Can You Be Jailed For Online Advice On Foods To Eat?

74% Want And End To Medical Marijuana Raids

13 Strange And Interesting Sources Of Biofuel

Zombies And Cannibals - Fact & Fiction In Flesh-Eating

Anthony Lawson - The Road To Rio With Voiceover - Vid

Nuclear Expert On Japan MOX - 'It's Crazy'

Japan Farmer - 'Better To Be Dead Than Alive Now' - Vid

TV Special On Fukushima - 'If You Can Run, You Should' - Vid


McGrath - Collapse Agenda Underway - Vid

Germany Eyes Fourth Reich To End  Debt Crisis

Carving Up Iraq, Barrel By Barrel

Salbuchi - America's Total War

Military Gives NASA 2 Hubble-Quality Space Telescopes

The Backstep BS Disinfo Dance

John Pilger - War And Truth In The Media - Vid

Ultra-Efficient LED Puts Out More Power Than Pumped In

Bilderberg 2012 Photo Gallery 

The Media is Dead - Long Live The Media 

Bilderberg 2012 And The Death Of Corporate Media

Bilderberg 2012 Explained - Vid

Two Guns Used To Kill Robert F. Kennedy - Vid


Navy Considers Scrapping Fire-Damaged Nuclear Sub 

Obama Defies NDAA Ruling

Kirwan - Looking Back In The Future

Aide - Romney Won't Help Those With Underwater Mortgages

Wisconsin's Recall Election

The Killer Elite Hit List

Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons On German Submarines

Mubarak Sentenced To Life, Is Netanyahu Next?

UK Aids Jewish Group With Taxpayer Money 

US, Israel Plot To Topple Assad Govt - Vid

US Insists On Assad Overthrow

US Drone Death Blitz On Pak Enters Third Day

Kirwan - Murder And Obama's Policies

Bilderberg 2012 - Guess Who's coming To Dinner?

Kirwan - Control...Always A Double Edged Blade 

Queen's Jubilee - A Republic Wouldn't Change Anything - Vid

Morris Confronts McCain Over Israeli Attack Of USS Liberty

Five Million Brazilian Farmers Sue Monsanto

CA Could Force Entire US To Label GMO Foods  

The War On Kids - Vid

‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Becomes Twisted, Real Life News   

Discrimination vs Arab Communities In Israel & Palestine

10 Things We Can Learn About The Collapse In Greece

Kirwan - Breathing Is Political

You Know It Don’t Come Easy…


Timeline To Tyranny

ALIPAC Moves Against New STARS Act Amnesty Bill

Drockton - QE3 And Hyper-Inflation  

Sheeple Awakening To Global Challenge Of Banksters 

Soros - Germany Has Three Months To Save Eurozone

Spain Rescue Closer As Cyprus Buckles

Putting Talk Radio On Trial At The FCC 

Astounding FX - Don't Believe Anything You See - Vid

United Airlines...A Bad Mistake - Vid

US Plotting Military Return To Vietnam


The Goldsmith, his Rothschild Wife And The US Rapper

Last Chance To See Transit Of Venus Until 2117

Chavez May Have Only Months Left 

Chicago Journalists Might Lose First Amendment Rights

NE Ponders EPA Aerial Livestock Surveillance

The indestructable Honda C90 Motorbike - Vid  

Emperors Of The Poor!

US Support For Israel Reached Tipping Point?

'Safe' Levels Of Arsenic In Drinking Water May Harm

Most Distant Galaxy In Cosmic Dawn Discovered


Sen Wyden Still 'Mortified' Over Danger Of Fukushima SFP 4

Unit 4 Has Enough Radiation To Kill MIllions

Kyoto Offers To Be Back-Up Capitol If Tokyo Falls

Holder, Axelrod 'Had To Be Separated' In WH Row

New 5.1 Quake Strikes Italy

The Case Against Intervention In Syria - Vid

Eyewitness Journalist - Rebels Did Syrian Massacre

Pike - Gentiles Are 'Murderers, Thieves, Brainless' - Top Israeli Rabbi


Bilderberg Group Exposed Worldwide - 58th Anniversary

NDAA - Federal Government Defies Judge's Injunction

Ron Paul On The NDAA - Indefinite Detention

Louisiana Cops Assault Disabled Paul Supporter - Vid

Agenda 21 - Ventura County Stealing Land & Businesses - Vid

What Is LA County Doing Behind Closed Doors? - Vid

Schiff Exposes Bernanke Wrecking Economy - Vid

Photo - Obamas Chief Economist Attends Bilderberg Mtg

Photo - New York University Professor Attends Bilderberg

Shepard Ambellas - My Experience at Bilderberg 2012


Bilderberg 2012 Arrest - For The Record

The Top 6 Lamest Bank Giveaways Ever

NYs Bloomberg Is 'The Nanny'

Greek Emergency Over Collapse Of Power Grid

Libertarianism In An Age Of Discontent

Medical Data Breaches Raising Alarm

How To Choose A Survival Retreat

World Food Chain May Be Compromised...Radiation Inescapable

Up To 5,000,000 Bq/kg Measured In Urban Area

Excellent Fukushima Radiation Documentary - Vid


Another Big Quake Will Be The End Of Japan - Vid

Jim Tucker - Bilderberg Wants Ron Paul DEAD! - Vid

David Icke On How Bilderbergers Control Society - Vid

Bilderberg 2012 - Real Men Don't Like Oligarchs

Russian Journalist Exposes Houla Massacre Propaganda

Opposing Doctrines - Putin vs Obama

Iran Threatens To Target US Bases If Attacked

Khamenei - Israel Risks 'Lightning' Reply

US Drone Attacks Slaughter 12 More In Pakistan

Mubarak Corruption Acquittal Shames Obama


Hope Not (Jewish) Racism - Vid

Stopped By Apartheid En Route To See Madonna - Vid

Panetta - China Should Not Fear New US Naval Presence

US Developing Implants To Make Surveillance Easier

'Rerun Of The Great Panic Of 2008' Warns Robert Zoellick

EU 'Beneficial Crisis' Has Gone Out Of Control

Banks 'Reaping Billions From Colombian Cocaine Trade

10 Reasons ‘JOB’ Should Be A Four-Letter Word

The Drockton Financial Report 6-2-2012

Recurring Dreams, Themes And Parallel Worlds


Secret Watergate Docs To Be Released After 40 Yrs

Feds vs Zombies - CDC Officially Denies 'Zombie Apocalypse'

30 UFOs Over McKinney TX - Vid

'Solar Geoengineering' With Nano Particles To Whiten Skies

Unknown Creature Washes Up On Cape Cod Beach - Photos

June 4 Lunar Eclipse - Avoid Looking At It? 

Solar And Lunar Eclipses - Don’t Watch?

US Developing Implants To Make Surveillance Easier

£30b To Purify UK Water System Off Contraceptive Pill

Extreme Racing - Pictures


Japan Times Blast Govt Talk Of Restarting Reactors

Cesium Sinking Deeper Under Japan Riverbed

Congressman - Unknown How Fallout Has Affected US Waters

Bilderberg 2012 Unidentified Attendee Photos

Murder, Inc - Official Obama Policy

EU - Bankers Win, Austerity Is Now Law

GM Cuts Massive $109 Billion Pension Fund

Facebook Founder Called Trusting Users 'Dumb F*cks'

Mitt Romney's $250 Million Fortune


Cyberwarfare Brings Risk Of Boomerangs

Vulnerabilities Pervade The Digital Universe

Colorado Govt Destroying Farms By Denying Water

Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved With New Evidence? - Vid

Americans Eat 35 lbs Yr Of Stupidity-Linked HFCS

'BPA-Free' Goods Still Contain Toxic Bisphenol

Red Barrel Sponges Disintegrating Fast

US Secret Service Agent Plots Kidnap Of Judge

Sharpton - 'I Asked Judge To Review Zimmerman Bond'

Bolivia Gives Legal Rights To The Earth


Late Dr Boyd Graves Exposes HIV/AIDS As Manmade - Vid

Is Your Doctor Bribed To Push Vaccines On You?

Bring Your Own Geiger Counter & Hazmat Gear

More Than Half Thermometers In Reactor 2 Now Failed

Radioactive Particles Circle World Every 40 Days

NASA Coverup Of Reason For High Altitude Fukushima Issues

Bilderberg 2012 - Bigger, Badder, Better Than Ever 

What Do Bilderberg Protesters Want?

Bilderberg Attendee Photos

Photos From Bilderberg Protest


Obama Drones Kill Pakistani Children...er, Militants

'Mr Obama, It Is Time To End The Slaughter'

A Killer In The White House

Risking Global War

The SPLC Smear Of Patriots And Constitutionalists

Rethinking America’s Supreme Judicial Dictatorship 

US To Move More Warships To Asia Says Panetta

US Unemployment Rate Hits 8.2%, Real Rate 14.8%

Murdoch Pays Brooks Multi-Million Pound Legal Tab

Londoners To Form Human Shield To Keep Missiles From Homes

Syria - US, Israel, Saudis Have Plotted For Years

Israeli Leaders Continue To Prove Delusional

McCain Confronted About Israeli Attack On USS Liberty - Vid

Hidden Israel Hand Behind Pak Disasters

Madonna Performs In Israel With Her Satanic Stage Set

Toppled Egypt President Mubarak Gets Life In Prison

The Wrong Nuclear Threat?

The Dow Posts Its Worst Day In 2012

Baghdadi Mahmoudi Faces Torture, Death In Libya

Dave Martin - Spooks On The Hill


Mormon Fraudster Triggers Donation Controversy  

Does Death Exist?

Chinese Official Found Spying For The CIA

DHS Now Warns Of...Hurricanes 

Psychiatrists Treating Rising Cases Of 'Truman Show' Delusions

Dogs, Cats In Nova Scotia Now Have Lyme Disease

Electric Universe - Comets, Meteors & Asteroids - Vid

Brad Steiger Tells Of Capt Mantell's Fatal UFO Encounter - Vid

The Aztec Incident - Alien Spacecraft Recovery At Hart Canyon

Dive Team Heads For Baltic Sea 'UFO'


Would Anyone Be Surprised If Aliens Landed?

Eight Space Mysteries Science Can't Solve  

Last Month Solar Flare Created Mysterious Earth Pulse

What's In A Name? - The Name Game - Vid

Rudolf Steiner - The Polymath Philosopher

How The Navy Watches Out For, Protects Marine Mammals

100 Year Old Finishes Marathon

UK Bird Found With Two Heads, Three Beaks

Rise In Alcohol Poisoning Amongst Teens 

How To Clean Up The Pineal Gland


Where Did All The Plutonium Contaminated Water Go?

TEPCO Running Out Of Victims (Workers)

New Photos Show What's Left Of Reactor 4 East Wall

RNC Blocking Florida Convention 'Ron Paul Festival'

Hollywood A-Listers Turn Their Backs On Romney

Romney Vows Change On Day One - It's Not That Easy

Obama Role In Selecting Drone Death Targets

Can The Obama Admin Keep A Secret? - Vid

53 Seconds That Should End A Presidency - Vid


US Mortgage Rates Drop Even Lower For Fifth Week

Rothschilds Couple With Rockefeller For Stake In US

MSM Admits US & Israel Behind Stuxnet Worm

Has US Support For Israel Reached A Tipping Point?

Austerity To Undermine Social Programs, Like SS

UN Court Could Oust Assad, Run Around Russia

Dept of Interior Fires Scientist For Telling Truth - Vid

Synchromystic Cannibals?

Marvell's Green Lantern Super Hero Goes Gay


Cancer - Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals

Solutions To Daily Disease-Causing Habits

Can Supervolcanoes Erupt More Suddenly?

AFP Staffer Manhandled By Cops During Bilderberg Arrest

War Criminal Henry Kissinger Filmed At Bilderberg 2012

'Almost All Of Fukushima Prefecture Should Be Abandoned' - Vid

Cancer Rates To Double In 20 Years - Fukushima

Did The Bilderbergers Commit A Felony?

Vet Force - Vaccinated After Arrest At Bilderberg - Vid


Why Does The MSM Ignore The Bilderberg Meetings

Yawn - Poll Says Romney & Obama Still 'Tied'

West's Houla Story Falls Apart

Russia Strikes Back Over Criticism Of Syria Policy - Vid

Demands For Expulsion Of Syrian Ambassador

Obama Ordered The StuxNet Virus Attack On Iran

Greek Drachma On Bloomberg Ticker?

H.G. Wells, Wikipedia And The World Brain Matrix

UN Intl Telecom Union Next Danger Net Freedom

UN Wants Total Control Over The Internet


Houla - Terrorists Killed Families Loyal To Syrian Government

Local Govts Try To Regulate Biz Out Of Existence

Dismal Jobs Report...Only 69,000 Hires In Month Of May

Markets Facing Rerun Of The Great Panic Of 2008

How 21,000 Wealthy Americans Avoided Paying IRS Tax

18 Examples Of The Nanny State Gone Wild

Quantum Computers Will Simulate Particle Collisions

Demands For Expulsion Of Syrian Ambassador

Egyptian Cultural Evening In Vienna 

Radioactive Black Dust Shows Up At Soma City


US Govt - Radiation Does NOT Dilute Easily In The Ocean

Radioactive Runkle Canyon Tank Controversy In NW L.A.

Sugar & Spice: Murder By Gender

Bilderberg’s Wish For Ron Paul

Cable News Nightmare - CNN In Audience Crisis

Incredible - Court Removes NJ Kids Over Their Nazi Names

Americans Heads Grow Size Of Tennis Ball In Just 150 Years

Obama Prioritizes War


Murder, Inc - Official Obama Policy

US Raises Prospect Of Intervention In Syria

Syria - Armed Killers Did The Houla Massacre

Saudis To Crash Oil Price To Ruin Iran Economy?

Crushing Iran Economically Good Enough For Israel?

Evolution And 9/11

Atzmon - Ed, David And Glenn Miller

The BDS Cultural Boycott And Integrity

Iranian Anti-Censorship Tool Laced With Spy Malware

US Base In Eastern Afghanistan Attacked


Kirwan - Use The Lies And Expose The Truth

A Grim Vision Of American And World Future

Ex Whitehouse.com Dir Of Business Development Arrested

Panic In Spain As Money Flees The Country 

Euro Zone Unemployment Hits Record High

How To Kickstart The UK Economy – At Zero Cost To 99% Of Us

Quebec Government Walks Out Of Student Negotiations

The Grand Jury

Sinclair News CPAC-Chicago Credentials Confirmed


Official Talks Of Black Smoke When #3 MOX Exploded

Japan Prof - 'We're Facing Nuclear Winter In Japan'

Japanese Say Government Will Just Lie About Fukushima

Top Japan Paper Chief Worked With CIA To Push Nuclear

Ron Paul - Attys Confirm All Delegates Are Unbound!

Mcgrath - Bilderbergers Know Real Crisis Is At Hand - Vid

Drone Hunting Craze To Replace Skeet Shoots

Br. Nathanael - Jewry's Plan To Blackball Russia


Drone Strikes - Don't Stand Near A Terrorist

SCOTUS Lets Taser Cops 'Excessive Force' Ruling Stand

Outrageous UN Law Of Sea Treaty Must Be Stopped

Are You Getting All This?

Organized Attacks Not New - Part One - Vid

FKN News - Words Of Terror - Vid

Rating Of Internet Companies That Know Your Secrets

Eurozone Meltdown - Spain Crisis. Danish Banks Downgraded

EU Wants 'Banking Union' For Easier Bailouts

What Tim Cook's Remarks Reveal About Apples Future


Foreclosures 26% Of All Home Sales In 1Q 2012

The Truth About Europe - There Is No Solution

The Global Anti Elite Revolution

The Next Genetic Assembly Line - Making People

Highest UV Index We've Ever Seen

Ferry Transforms Into China Fast-Attack Boat

Pastor Gets 2 YEARS For TALKING About Spanking - Vid

NYC Seeks To Ban 32 oz Sodas - Vid

AMA Will Consider GMO Labeling


Monsanto Bt Corn May Turn You Into A Pesticide Factory

'Chagas' The New Kissing Parasite Bug

4 Natural Liver Cleansing Foods

'Our Son Of A Bitch'...Dr Shakeel Afridi?

Radioactive Tuna Mean Fukushima Even Worse Than Thought?

Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Radioactive Lies

Were TV 'Experts' Paid To Lie About Fukushima Disaster?

2012 Official Bilderberg Participants List

Machine Gun Nests, Unprecedented Security For Bilderbergers 


UK Guardian's Charlie Skelton Covers The Bilderbergers

US To Arm Domestic Surveillance Drones With Missiles

Drones Flying Over VA - Turning The US Into A Battlefield

Celente - From Meltdown To Mayhem...Are You Ready?

Japan, China To Start Direct Currency Trading On Friday

Why Don't Representatives Read The Bills? - Vid

When Mass Medical Murder Is Acceptable

Weather Disasters, Crop Loss, GMOs And Monsanto Sales Rising

Gardening Without Water?

Military Moms 'Proud' Of Breast-Feeding In Uniform

Germany Hits 50% Solar Power During Peak Daytime

Iran Says It Has Beaten 'Flame' Computer Virus

'Flame' Super-Virus Has 'Hallmarks Of The NSA'

Flame, Stuxnet And You

US Military To Start Plan X For Cyberwarfare

Obama Plans War On SyriaClinton Demands Military Action In Syria

McCain, Lieberman Urge Aming Syrian Opposition

'Humanitarian' Israel Returns Palestinian Dead It Killed

‘Painless’ Afghan Drone Destroying West's Reputation

Icke - Bono Is So Genuine, A Man Of The People, So It Says...


Pak Launches 4th Nuclear-Capable Missile In 30 Days

Rothschild And Rockefeller - Their Family Fortunes

Rothschilds Merge Brit, French Banking Ops To Secure Control  

Looming Economic Realities

Spain Faces 'Total Emergency' As Fear Grips Markets

The Greek Crisis - A Cautionary Tale From Argentina

Greek Pensioner Suicides Over 'Unpayable Debts'  

Growing Student Protests In Canada Spread To Toronto

Paypal Smartphone App To Replace Cash By 2016?

Government Defies Federal Judge On NDAA


Presumption Of Guilt For US Citizen Tax, Travel Laws

US Fear-Mongering Govt Poses Real Threat’

Professional Courtesies From Sharks In The Water


Virgin Galactic Spaceship Cleared For Tests By FAA

Where's George W Bush? 

Polish PM Blasts Obama Death Camp ‘Ignorance, Bad Intentions’

Cameron Advisor Wants Alcohol Sensors Put In Cars

Donald Duck In Holocaust Controversy In Germany

Photograph Shows Four UFOs Hovering Over Oz Marina


More Failures Inside Of Reactor 2 Containment

Possible Re-Criticality Of Reactor 2 - TEPCO Email

Fire & High Temps Damaged Fukushima Reactor 4 Bldg? - Vid

China & Japan Dump The US Dollar

G. Edward Griffin On Ron Paul's Budget - Vid

Did Romney Really Win the Nomination? - Vid

Voter Fraud- Hacking Democracy - Vid

Bilderberg Updates


Bank Deal Dumps More Fees On Debt-Ridden Students

Growth In The National Debt

JP Morgan Scandal May Obliterate World Economy

Facebook Shareholders Weren't Invited To The Real Party

Holland Says 'Never' To ACTA

Banks, Colleges Conspire To Drive Students Deeper Debt - Vid

FDA Rejects New Hame For High Fructose Corn Syrup

Back To Eden - Gardening Without Of Water! - Vid

Venus Transits The Sun & Introduces Prometheus

Sousa's Transit Of Venus (Revised From 2009)


Face-Reading Software To Judge The Mood Of The Masses

Dept Of Interior Cozy With Monsanto & Other Scandals

Poland - Activist Rage Secures Ban On Monsanto Corn

Overdosed - 25% Of Kids On Prescription Drugs

Laptops Can Damage Fertility In 10 Minutes

Honor Student Jailed For Truancy Gets $91k Gift

DC Hides Fukushima ‘Black Swan’ Of Economic Collapse

Japan Unveils Smartphone With Radiation Detector

Ex NY Governor - 'Suppose Obama Not Born In The US'

Secret Obama ‘Kill List’ Proves What A Moral Man He Isn't


China And Russia Reaffirm Support For Syria

Iran To Send Living Organism Into Space

Flame Virus Has Infected 189 Systems In Iran

Mystery Disease Linked To Missing Israeli Scientist

What Will US Warlords Lead Us Into Next?

Wall Of Rain, Flash Floods, Evacuations In Montreal - Vid

Corzine Shows There Is No Justice On Wall St

Anger Over Lagarde Tax-Free Salary & 'Let Greeks Eat Cake'

3 Yrs After Being Bailed Out, BoA Ships US Jobs Overseas

Greek Suicide Epidemic Continues

EU Debtors Must Pawn Gold, National Assets To Germany

Federal Europe Would Be A German Super State

UK Housing Prices Hit New Lows 


Gas Rebranded As 'Green Energy' By EU

US Crime Rates Down - Overspending On Cops Continues

Milwaukee Cops Performing Illegal Body Cavity Searches? 

It Is None Of The Government's Business! 

Selling Software That Kills 

What People Want?

800 Aftershocks In Italy And 'More To Come'

US Deal To Arm Italy Drones

Poland Furious Over Obama's 'Death Camp' Comment

India To Open Super Hwy To Burma And Thailand


Facebook Founder Zuckerberg Left No Tip After Rome Lunch

Calling Someone 'Fat' To Be A UK 'Hate Crime'?

So Young And So Many Pills

Chagas Disease Is 'The New AIDS Of The Americas'

Flu Jabs 'Most Cost-Effective Way To 'Control' Schoolkids

5 Yr Olds Now Worry About Size

Healthy People Over-Diagnosed By Doctors

Fukushima Daini Was Under 4 Meters Of Water After 3-11


Killing Innocent Syrians Is Part Of US Op For War On Syria

BBC Wages Propaganda War On Syria

BBC Caught With Zionist Run Propaganda Machine

Anthony Lawson - Double Standards...The CNN/Iran File - Vid

Summer Heats Up Jewish Wars

US Military To Stay In Afghanistan Far Beyond 'Exit'

Putin To Snub Rothschild Olympics

Bono Shilling For Monsanto, G8 To Force GMOs On Africa

Obama, Congress OK Resolution For UN Internet Takeover

He Who Laughs Last…


Rothschild, Rockefeller Families Team For Extra Wealth Creation

Illuminati Mercenaries And The Shadow Govt  

Avengers, Transformers And The Eternals

Growth In The National Debt

Violence-Wracked Honduras

Fence Being Erected Around Entire Biderberg Hotel Site - Vid

Breakfast With The Bilderbergs

Top Ten Reasons To Occupy Bilderberg

Bilderberg 2012 Writers Submissions

Real ID Act Could Make Us Feel Like Prisoners

Horrific Miami Face Attack Lasted 18 Minutes - Vid


UFO Captured On Video Over Denver - Vid

Plymouth Residents Witness Orbs Darting Across Sky - Vid

Kombucha Tea - A Panacea For Many Ills

Should We Hide Low-Dose Rad Exposures From The Public?

Alpha Radiation Detected 350km From Fukushima - Vid

New 'Hidden Danger' In Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Found - Vid

Romney Clinches GOP Nod With Texas Win

Romney Wins TX, Nomination - Paul People Say Not So Fast

Ron Paul's Budget Can Smash Federal Tyranny - Vid

Br Nathanael - Modern Man In A Jewish Age - Vid


How Flame Virus Works

Israel Hints It Is Behind 'Flame' Computer Virus Attack

New 'Flame' Computer Virus 'Weapon Of Mass Destruction'

US Troops Imitate Invasion Of Iran

Positive Lightning Strikes Intensify As Cosmic Rays Increase

Anti-Syrian Propaganda Promotes War

Piling On Irresponsibly Against Syria

Obama Personally Oversees Drone 'Kill List'

Former Rubio Top Volunteer Targeted - Audio

Twelve Year Old Money-Reformer Tops A Million Views


Christine Lagarde, Scourge Of Tax Evaders, Pays No Tax

Open Letter - We Are All Greek Jews

Facebook Continues Down - Hits New $29 Low

GAO Finds Rampant Waste - $18b Federal Jobs Program

Security Backdoor Found In China-Made US Military Chip

NASA Tells Moon Explorers Stay Away From Apollo Site

NASA Apollo Landing Sites 'Off Limits'

SPLC On A Witch Hunt Against Tenthers

Factory Farms Produce 100x More Waste Than US Population

Prime-Age Workers Still Lost In US Recession


Syngenta Settles $105m Herbicide Water Contamination Case

Chevron Shareholders Demand $18b Payout To Ecuador

Media Hypes Skin Cancer Danger By Vilifying Sun

Bans On Plastic Bags Harm The Environment

Two Small Asteroids Buzz By Earth

Ghostly Gamma-Ray Beams Blast Milky Way Center

What Makes People Socially, Psychologically 'Cold'

Boy's Garage Sale Find - Long-Lost Photo Of Never-Met Uncle

Greek Experts Find Roman Wrecks Nearly A Mile Deep

New Fish Off CA May Be More Radioactive Than The Tuna - Vid


Stanford Scientists - Cesium In Tuna Not A Big Problem

'It's Like TEPCO Officials Are Aliens From Another Planet' - Vid

If Anything Worse Happens, It May Be Start Of End - Vid

Romney Laughs When McCain Calls American A 'Jerk' - Vid

Stuxnet x20 - Massive Cyber Spy Virus Hits Iran, Israel

Computer Virus That Hit Iran 'Most Complex Yet'

'Flame' - World's Most Powerful Computer Virus Exposed

Blackwater Involved In Syria Unrest

West Seeks All-Out War In Syria


Syria Get The Zionist Rape Weapon Smear

Top US Gen Threatens Military Action Against Syria

US Denies Soldiers Parachuted Into North Korea

US Terror Attacks Kill 31 In 72 hours

Levinsky Park Migrants In Fear After Tel Aviv Race Riots

Protesters Disrupt Israeli Performance In London

Iran's Ahmadinejad Urges Unity Against 'Evil'

Western Wars Are For Assimilation - Vid

TV = Mind Control...Period - Vid

The Rise Of Illuminati Mercenary Armies


US Ambassador To Moscow In Kremlin 'Twitter War'

The Greek Currency Crisis

Spain Runs Out Of Money

Here Comes $46 Trillion Of Maturing Corporate debt

UK Banks Work To Head Off Bank Runs

Bank Of England Readies Plan For Euro Collapse

UK Fuel Prices To Soar After UK Refinery Closure

Six Sentenced To Death For Dancing At Pak Wedding

Egyptian Protesters Burn Down Mubarak Candidates HQ

Raw Story Treats Readers Like 'Jerks' Over USS Liberty


Queen Lizzie's Diamond Drivel-ee & Her Media Bitches

Get Ready To Watch Transit Of Venus

Second Big Quake Hits N Italy - At Least 10 Dead

Was World War Two As Pointless As Iraq?

Press Members Hassled By TSA Enroute To Bilderberg Mtg

When The Respectable Become Extremists

North Korea Hit By Drought

Climate Change Wiped Out Indus Civilization 4,000 Years Ago

Mystery Of The One-In-A-Million 'Frankenstein Fish'

UFO In Baltic Sea? Swedish Scientists To Investigate


2012 And The Cyclic Cross Of Hendaye - Vid

Bi-Polar - Why So Common, How To Alleviate?

Supplements Can Cut Heart Disease Risk In Half

'Absolutely Every' SoCal Bluefin Tuna Has Fukushima Radiation

Fukushima Cesium Now Spreads From Ocean Surface To Sea Floor

More Evidence Japan Trees Dying From Radiation - Photo

Japan Keeps Burning Millions Of Tons Of Radioactive Debris

Greece Likely To Leave The Euro Zone June 18

Syrian Massacre Staged To Start War - Vid

BBC Propaganda Lies Used To Incite Attack On Syria


2012 Earth Summit To Impose Absolute Rule

The Zionist Infestation Of Africa Revisited

US Military Denies Parachuting Into N.Korea

Computer Worm Said Most Complex Yet

New 'Flame' Computer VirusCyber Weapon Steals Info

Judge Napolitano On Memories Of Freedom

Tesla vs Nuclear Energy And Radiation

The Culture Of War - Vid

Obama Bypassing Congress To Ban Shotguns

Banksters Take Aim At Our Social Security


With Personal Data, Thieves File Early And Often

WalMart - The Brutal Cost Of Low Prices - Vid

Food Security Threatened By CA, TX Ground Water Loss

Inspiration Urban Farms - Small Space, Big Yields - Vid

HR Organization A Front To Spy On Western Countries

MIBs - Silencers vs Killers

Bilderbergers Intimidated By The Alternative Media?

California Carbon Tax Hearing Turns Ugly - Vid

California Smog Threatens World's Oldest Trees

Great Pyramid Starmap Etching - Age 9200 BC - Vid


Nutrition And Depression - Vid

Bottles Of Light - Vid

More Water On Jupiter Moon Europa Than Earth

Flawed Pharma Study Demonizes Vitamins

Four Ways To Improve Your Vision Naturally

How To Protect Against Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage

Bumblebee Lost To UK Makes 'Comeback'

The Shocking Truth About the Easter Bunny - Vid

As We Said - Fukushima Radiation Now In TUNA Off CA Coast

Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Cross Pacific Now Off CA


If SFP 4 Cracks, Leak From Quake - 'The End Of Tokyo'

Raging Reactor Radioactivity Stop TEPCO From Even Planning

If Fukushima Is 'Fine' Why No OUTSIDE Inspectors?

Japan Govt Lying, Obfuscating Reactor 4 Crisis

Japan Farmers Plant, Pray For Radiation-Free Rice 

NYT - Nuclear Power After Fukushima

Mantiq Altayr - I Remember - Vid

No More Ducking Real Cost Of US Wars

McGrath - Blood For Profit - Vid

Lest We Forget


The Reality Of War - Vid

The Ten Principles Of A Free Society By Ron Paul

Paul Craig Roberts - Washington's Hypocrisies

Romney May Tap Top Oil Lobbyist To Run White House

Democrats Delusional Worldview

Hillary Clinton Admits US Govt Created al-Qaeda - Vid

Kirwan - Obama’s Pre-Emptive Strike

US Iran Policies Under Demonic Israeli Spell

Pentagon‘Prepared’ To Attack Iran – Panetta

Iran To Build New Nuclear Power Plant

US Murder Drones Kill 8 More In Pakistan

Atzmon - The United Jewish Kingdom

Lobby, Tribalism And Jewish Identity - Vid

Israel's Enforcer

Warsaw Ghetto, Israel Ghetto

Bloodsuckers Posing As A State

Daily Kristallinacht In Palestine

BBC Hoax News Uses 'Iraq Photo To Show Syria Massacre'

Syria Accuses UN Of 'Tsunami Of lies' Over Massacre

Syrian Utterly Denies Troops Behind Houla Massacre


Syria Attacked By Globalist Death Squad Experts

Russia To Use Advanced Devices To Toughen Borders

30 NK Officials In SK Talks Die In 'Traffic Accidents'

3 Wellheads At Macondo Site - Proof BP Drilled 3 Wells

Kirwan - Making WAR on IDEAS

The US Imperial Mind

Cong Budget Office Warns of Recession In 2013 

EUSSR Imposed Economic Collapse Now Certain For Spain

EUSSR To Take Control Of Banks - Secret Plans

Christine Lagarde's Greek Comments Provoke Fury


Olive Oil Price Dive = More Pain For Greece, Spain, Italy 

World Scrambles To Ready For Collapse Of Eurozone

Media, Activists Calling For Peaceful  Bilderberg 2012

Bilderberg, Cabals, Nutbars And Wingnuts

War Criminal Blair To Return To British Politics

Protester Accuses Tony Blair Of War Crimes - Vid

Blind Obedience Empowers Mormon Mafia  


Vatican Faces Widening Leaks Scandal

The Makow Mirror Effect


The Era Of Commercialized Space Has Begun

News International 'Tried To Blackmail Select Committee'

Teachers Make School Girls Lift Tops In Cell Phone Hunt 

Paddling Pool Parents Reported For Flouting Hosepipe Ban

Anarchy vs Olympics - Radicals Prep For War On Police Statte


Illegal Kidney Trade Booms - Organs Sold 'Hourly' Now

Cops Stop Anti-GM Protesters From Tearing Up Wheat

Germany Smashes Solar Power World Record

PVC Flooring Chemicals Taken In By Child Bodies


6.4 Quake Hits Northern Argentina

Zoos Bitter Choices - Which Species To Let Live

Cops Arrest Wrong People While They Are Cooking Dinner

Melungeon DNA Study Reveals Ancestry, Upsets People

Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill Again

SFP 4 Fuel Rods Not Visible Under Water

TEPCO...Having The Arsonist Investigate The Fire

Japanese Cypress Trees 'Doused With Radiation' 17,000 Bq/kg

The Thing About Remembering Is You Don't Forget

Judge Napolitano - Save Freedom Now Or It's Gone - Vid


Did State Dept Just Create 5 Million New Pal Refugees?

45% Of Iraq, Afghan War Vets File For Disability

Sinister Truth - Google Spies Deliberately Stole Information

The 15 Deadliest Corporations

China - Treatment Of Occupy Protesters Proves US Hypocrisy

Dismiss Dimon, Boot The Bankers, Can The Corporations

Economic Cults Just As Bad As Any Religious Cult


10 Million Yrs To Recover From Greatest Mass Extinction

Who Is Your Enemy?

AeroVironment Debuts AE Small Unmanned Aircraft System

UFO Caught On Camera Over Acacia Hills, Australia

Basil Udon Noodles - Vid

Fire Destroys Last Bell Factory In The US (180 Yrs) - Vid

Radiation Spikes On Floor Below Spent Fuel Pool 4

WSJ - Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool 4 Up Close

TEPCO Rejects Calls To Let Outside Experts Examine Plant

Japan Environment Minister Goes Inside Fukushima Bldg 4 - Vid


Rense & Jim Marrs - Was Lee Harvey Oswald A Hero?...Pt 1 - Vid

30,000 Drones Over US - A Weaponized Police State - Vid 

More Worry Over Arming Of Domestic US Drones

Laying Foundations For Nuclear War On Iran

Asinine Legislation Will Give More Military Aid To Israel

Did Obama Kill His Grandmother?

'CIA Are Drug Smugglers' Says Fed Judge, Head Of DEA - Vid

Top US Govt Officials Admits US Protects Drug Smugglers 

Tel Aviv Race Riot Highlights Bitter Immigration Dispute

Zionist Britain Starts Last Bid For War On Syria 


45 Signs China Is Colonizing America

Catholic Priest Removed Over Sex Abuse Now TSA Boss

Four Horsemen, CIA & The Columbian Coca Express

War On Terror - The Hottest Big Business Around

If Greece Goes, German Prosperity Goes With It

Lloyd's Of London Preparing For Euro Collapse

Günter Grass Attacks Merkel For Greece Policy

Drockton Financial Report - 5-27-12 

G8+2 Was A Timely Reminder Of Who Really Rules Us

Widow Of 9/11 Pilot Dies Mysteriously At 52 'In Sleep'


Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit

Terraforming - Alien Or Human, It's Here

Prevalence Of Porn Is Changing Our Everyday Lives

How EU Farming Collapsed Europe's Bird Population

Opposition To Law Of The Sea Treaty Heats Up

You’re The Hard Drive - Digital Data Can Be Stored In DNA 

Alaska Town In Dark Since Coast Guard Homicides  

UN Creates More Powerful Global Environmental Agency

UFO Sighting That Convinced A Government Minister

Last Chance To See Alignment Of Earth, Venus And Sun


When Skydiving Goes Very Wrong - Photos

Envoy The Sun To Reduce Stroke Risk

Supplements Can Work Wonders For Certain Ailments

Thousands Of Shellfish Found Dead In Peru

Arrested For Being Legally Topless In NYC - Vid

A Musical Marriage Proposal - Vid

English Patriot Hunger Strike For Withdrawal From Soviet EU

Tony Blair's Moral Decline And Fall Are Now Complete

Journalists Ready Gear To Cover Bilderberg 2012

Seven Ways To Get Yourself Detained Indefinitely


Fukushima Worker - TEPCO Concrete Spray Plans Admits SFP 4 Might Fall

Fukushima NOT 4 1/2 Chernobyls Of Cesium 137 - It's WORSE

NYT - Spent Nuclear Fuel Drives Growing Fukushima Fear

Gen Stubblebine - SFP 4 Could Make N Hemisphere Largely Uninhabitable

US Drone Hits Pakistan Bakery, Kills Four ('Militants' Of Course)

Dozens Of Children KIlled In Attack In Syria

DoD Seeks Authority To Deploy Reservists On US Streets

NATO And Western Oil Giants Behind Euro Trash Spectacle

Sheriff Joe's Posse - Hawaii Duped Arizona


User's Guide To Smoking Pot With Barack Obama

Best Estimate Of World HAARP And HAARP-Like Facilities

Investors Hold Breath For Run On Spanish Banks

Deadline Nears For Russia, China UN Internet Takeover

McMahon - Feds Invest In Deepwater Drilling Tech

New Telescopes To Be In South Africa, Australia

Jacques Vall»e On MIB Imagery

Evidence Bacterial Overgrowth Is At The Heart Of IBS

TX Honor Student Jailed For Missing Too Many Classes

1 In 3 Now Obese - Even The Homeless


New Zealand 'Modern-Day Slavery'

The Secret Canyon -Vid

Fukushima Worker - Major Aftershock Will Put All Reactors In Crisis

TEPCO Lies, Evasions, Contradictions About SFP 4 Status

TEPCO/MSM BS - Weakened Fukushima SFP 4 Is Not Unstable

TEPCO Claims Bldg 4 Not Leaning (TEPCO Never Lies...)

'It's A Race Against Time' At Spent Fuel Pool 4'

Fukushima Fuel Rods Accident Is 'Virtually Inevitable'

Global Fallout Risk After Major Nuclear Accidents 

Scientists Watch 'Tragic Experiment' Of Tsunami Debris


Hypocritical GA GOP Anti-NDAA Until Saw Mitt For It - Vid

Kirwan - The Broken Bloodtrail Of 911

Female Juror Flirts With John Edwards 

US Declines To Label China A Currency Manipulator 

Military To Avoid Embarrassing Pics By Banning Photos

Clinton Hits ‘Black Helicopters’ To Push Sea Treaty

Iran Has Enough Uranium 'For 5 Nukes' - US Think Tank ISIS

House Passes HR 4133 Binding US To Israel & War

Everything Is Quiet On The Iranian-Israeli Border


US State Dept Demands Power To Declare War?

Unending Wars Against Mankind

Jewish Hollywood Power In Action

Top 10 Reasons We Should Fear The Singularity 

Mysterious Nebula Glows Brightly Stunning - Photo

Vatican Bank President Fired After String of Scandals

Pope Butler Arrested Over Vatican Leaks

Iran To Collaborate With US Firm On Fusion Project

Egyptian Election Results Present 'Nightmare Scenario'

Shepard Ambellas - Bilderberg Here We Come


Comedy Central Subliminal Messages & Mind Control 

Wonderful Original Los Angeles Subway  

Words To Use IF You Want DHS Spying On You 

Rothschild Olympics To Use Huge 'See All' Surveillance Cam

Proven - Elizabeth Warren Called Herself A 'Woman Of Color'

Liberty Lovers Can Take Over AZ Republican Party

Monsanto Buys $210M Precision Planting Software

25,000 'Invisibility Cloaks' Absorb Beams Of Light

Spanish Golf Resort Homes Now 1/3 Original Price 

Bankia Asks For €19 Billion From Spain Taxpayers 


UK Plans Emergency Immigration Controls For Euro Fall

Continuing Palestinian Hunger Strikes

Social Justice On Trial In Canada

Wasting Time - The Hidden Public School Crisis

Ex-Priest Sexual Abuser Now Works For TSA -Vid

Australians Can Be Fined For Criticizing Carbon Tax

US Congressional Candidate Indicted For Racketeering

San Antonio Students To Be Tracked By RFID Tags

Schoolboy Solves 350 Yr Old Isaac Newton Math Puzzles

Video Shows Winds Actually Lifting Parked Jumbo Jet

Easter Island Heads Also Have Bodies

Hair Growth Drug Chemically Castrates Users

hHuman Evolution Isn't What It Used To Be 

Two Ancient Curses Used Black Magic


IAEA 'Suspects' Iran Closer To Weapons Enrichment - Vid

Zionist Extremists Stop Europeans Leaving Own Airports

3,000th US Death In Obama's Afghan War

SpaceX Unmanned Capsule Docks With ISS - Vid

SpaceX Triumph Only The Beginning

FAA OKs Israel To Fly Drones Over US

FBI Creates Internet Police

Obama Public Equity Record Is Real Scandal

CPAC - Conservatives Gather In Obama Country

HI State Registrar Doesn't Verify Obama Birth Certificate


Voeltz vs Obama Florida Ballot Challenge Case Progressing

Traitor Who Voted Against Rand Paul Amendment

California Is Hiding $577 BILLION In Investments

Chinese Study Shows Fluoride Significantly Affects IQ

The FDA - Close This Abomination Down

Pollutants Mucking With Food Production

Men In Black Ice Cream?

Facebook IPO Mess - Blame Falls On High-Frequency Trading

5 Ways Public Schools Prepare Us For Prison Life

How Scientists Made A Killer Virus Airborne


4-10 Young UK Women Sexually-Harassed In Public

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death

Investigation Of Reactor 4 Shows Buckling Of One Wall

Unit 4 Wall Bulging Confirmed

Mayor - 'Our Bodies Are Definitely Suffering Radiation Exposure'

Japan Tsunami Debris - Shoes With Bones Expected

Reactor Core Meltdowns May Occur Every 10-20 Yrs

Icke - Illuminati Symbol Cheered, Worshipped Across Britain

100 Lotto Millionaires Made For Roths Olympics Ceremony

Welcome To Racist Israel - Vid


Eustace Mullins...The Zionists Who Own You - Vid

Ancient Bible Found - To Shake Christianity, World Politics?

Separate And Unequal In Israel

Israel Offers Money To Mavi Marmara Victims

German FM Offers Iran Help With Nuclear Tech

Romney Will Act In Line With Israel On Iran

Israel Breaks Promise To Obama About Iran Attack

Iran Nuclear Talks In Baghdad

Bhutto's Son Says Musharraf  Killed His Mother

American Heart Association - Tasers Can Kill


TV = Mind Control - Vid

Dave Martin - 17 Techniques For Truth Suppression

Fox News Viewers Worst-Informed - Study

Neil Armstrong Breaks Silence On Moon Experiences

The Masked Morphing Of The Chemtrail Coverup 

US Agents Crashed New Superjet - Russian Intel

Why Italy Earthquake Was Weird - And Unexplained 

Citi Predicts 'Greece Euro Exit January 1, Contagion Over EU

US Heads For Disaster By Putting Empire Over Economy

Real Financial Situation In Europe Is EXTREMELY BAD


Are Record-Low Mtge Rates Hurting US Housing Market?

California Budget LIE - CA Hides Billions From Taxpayers

Half Of Detroit Streetlights May Go Out As City Shrinks 

End The Fed & The Revolving Washington-Wall St Door - Vid

$10 Million A Year - The Average Salary Of A US CEO  

Scandal - Cities Pay Anti-Gun Lobbyists With Your Money

NORAD, Northcom Launch Joint Cyber Division 

13 US Military Commands To Start Breath Testing

Globalization Of US Special Operations Forces


Dispute Over Labeling Of Genetically Modified Food Rages

Meet The Dystopian Silence Gun

US Judge - GPS Use Illegal In KY Drug Bust

The Way Of Social Action

Quebec Truncheon Law Backfires - Student Strike Spreads

Canada Student Protest Crisis - Mass Arrests

Mexican Students Protest Bias In Election Coverage

Missile Falls Off Army Copter, 100 TX Homes Evacuated

Real Story Of Newsweek 'First Gay President' Cover

Times-Picayune To Cut To 3 Days A Week


Pesticide Kills Bee Colonies

Gates, WHO In Fake Malaria Vax In Asia, India, Africa

The Face On The Milk Carton

Senate OKs Bill Striking Word 'Lunatic' From Fed Law  

Most Powerful Radio Telescope To Be Shared

Woman Lied About 'Rape' - Young Man Did 5 Yrs In Prison

Dance With Death

Interesting Things You Never Knew

Dementia In 'Middle-Income' Countries Higher

Students To Be Tracked Via Chips In IDs 


Newest Cause Of  US Racial Outrage - Pizza

Outrage As Pizzas Given To Callers Who Order In Spanish

Chilean Lake Vanishes In Less Than 24 Hours 

Mammoth Bone Flute Proves Music In 40,000 BC

Stupid iPhone Thief Caught

TEPCO - 900,000 Terabecquerels From Fukushima On 3-11

Fukushima March 11 Triple Meltdown Radiation Release 'Massive'

Radiation Very High In MOX Reactor 3 TIP Room

WHO Coverup Of Fukushima Radiation Is Unscientific Hogwash

Next 6m Or 7m Quake Hitting SFP 4 Starts Ultimate Catastrophe - Vid


Final Proof Obama Was Born In Africa...Globe Front Cover

Russia Test Fires US Missile Shield Penetrating ICBM

Israel Says Syrian Rebels Tried To Kill Assad Officials

Small Modular Nuke Reactors By 2022 -- But No Market For Them

Hillary Sells Diplomats As Shadow Warriors

Bill Clinton Caught Surrounded By Porn Stars

15 Who Voted To Stop Armed FDA From Warrantless Raids

Over 700 Canadian Protesters Arrested - Vid

McGrath - Exposing The Death Lust - Vid


FKN News - Facebook IPO, NATO Scum, Euro Debt - Vid

More Greeks Commit Suicide - Mother And Son Jump

NY Senate Bill Will End Anonymous Internet Posting

Photo Manipulation...The Great Digital Deception - Vid

The Ever Finer Line Between News & Advertising

Solutions To High-Tech Tyranny

FBI Secret $54 Million Backdoor Internet Spy Plan

Sauder - How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

If All Else Fails, Lower Your Standards

Peaceful Non-Compliance


Taking It To The Streets - Ban GMOs NOW

EU Blocks France's Ban On Monsanto Corn

100 Million Americans Without Jobs

Economic Collapse - End Of The World As We Know It

Facebook - Downgrade & Morgan Stanley To Repay Investors

JP Morgan To 'Wreak Havoc' On Copper Market

More Workers Opting Out Of Company Health Plans

The Illuminati Pledge Of Allegiance

Forget Republicrat Conventions, Occupy Bilderberg

DARPA - 'On-Demand Production' Of GMO Bio-Products


NASA - Bold New Concepts For Mars Exploration

LA Does Not Have Worst Traffic Congestion

World Holds Breath As Brazil Faces Amazon Threat

UK In Olympics Human Rights Hypocrisy

The Inner Child & The Outer Grown-Up

A Cowardly Act Against My Mother...

Vatican Bank President Gotti Tedeschi Ousted - Vid

Vatican Rules On Apparitions And Revelations

Ongoing UFO Sightings Over Blue Springs Spurs Investigation

Amazing Oz Great White Shark Encounter - Vid

Gorgeous Birds, Incredible Beauty - Photos

Probiotics Can Make You More Attractive

Calcium Supplements Can Double Heart Disease Risk

Pakistan - Doctor's Fake Vaccine Drive & Treason

Sinclair News Changes Over Weekend

Next 6m Or 7m Quake Hitting SFP 4 Starts Ultimate Catastrophe - Vid

Fukushima Already Past 4 Chernobyls In Cesium 137 Output

Radiation Spreads Throughout Life In Japan - Vid

Big Surge In Number Of Fukushima Area Child Deaths

Br Nathanael - Germany...Victim Of Holocaust Guilt Again


Rocketdyne Radioactive Meltdown - Runkle Canyon Roulette

Judge Napolitano At His Best - Vid

Mitt Romney Scared Ron Paul Is Winning - Vid

Israel Revives Military Option After Obama Rejection

Russia Warns US Over Iran Sanctions

Heightening Tensions For War On Iran

Ahmadinejad Lauds Hezbollah Crushing Of Israel Power

Time Profiles A World Class Thug

Israelis Caught Running Organ Trafficking Network

Don't Mention The Jews - Stuart Wilde

Obama's New Assassination Czar For Drone Attacks - Vid

US Terror Drones Slaughter 10 More In NW Pakistan

US Threatens To Cut Pak Aid For Jailing OBL Doctor

Kirwan - Memorial Days Are Over

Kirwan - Afterlife In The Fourth Reich

US Nuclear Submarine Fire Leaves Six Injured

SS Agents Accused Of 64 Acts Of Sex Misconduct

Blowout Crater At BP Gulf Well Explained With Photos

Legitimizing Global Tyranny -Moving Towards World Government

Kirwan - Excess Baggage

Low-Tech Solutions To High-Tech Tyranny

German Media Talks Of Military Intervention In Greece

Greece Debt Creating Healthcare Crisis

Officials Tell Eurozone 'Prepare Greek Exit'

Eurozone Set To Abandon Greece – And Austerity

Spain Injects €9 Billion Into Ailing Lender Bankia

Days Of Decline - Images From An Economic Collapse - Vid

Facebook IPO Proves You Can't Trust A Bank

Amnesty International Rips US Over Human Rights

Recruiting Religious Leaders To Install One World Religion


UK Schools Brand 88,000 Children 'Racists'

Four Arrested In Met Police Corruption Probe

Cameron Ally Caught In 'Multi-Billion Pound Scandal'

Piers Morgan Accused Again On Hacking

Astronomer Insists Planet X Is At Edge Of Solar System

Egypt - Student Invents 'Warp Drive' For Satellite

GM Crop Trials Are Needless And Reckless

DNA - 'Living Hard Drive' Able To Store, Erase Data

Magnetic Bacteria Create A Biological Hard Drive

Google Evasive On Porn Ad Revenues


Govts Pose Biggest Threat To Internet - Google's Schmidt  

10 Ways To Stop Being A Slave

The War Of 1812 - Remember The Raisin!

Common Food Ingredient That's Making You Stupid

Chemical Apocalypse - Genetic Damage Done To Our Children

Study Inspires Scientists To Develop Universal Vaccine

NRC Chief Jaszko In No Hurry To Step Down

Cesium-137 From Fukushima 4x Higher Than Chernobyl

Caldicott - Fukushima Corium 'Isn't Finished, Never Will' - Vid

First Pork In Japan Over Radiation Limits Found


Protecting Your Family From Fukushima Radiation

Afghan War Far From Over

Africans Attacked In Tel Aviv In Anti-Immigrant Demo

Media Blackout - Obama Appoints First Assassination Czar

McGrath - The Next Crisis - Vid

UN Law Of Sea Treaty Will Sink America

Canada - Richmond, BC Bans GMOs

Rand Paul Proposes FDA Raw Milk Amendment - Vid

Help Rand Paul Stop Abuse By The FDA

How Facebook Could Destroy The US Economy


Housing Bust Was Just A Preview Of Coming Catastrophe

Ellen Brown - Cooperative Banking In The Aquarian Age

Can Birther Lawyer Orly Taitz Beat Sen. Feinstein?

Congress Propaganda Scheme Against Citizens

Montgomery Texas May Use Rubber Bullets in US Drones

The Price Of Victory Is Our Damned Nation

'Scientists' Say Eating Organic Food Makes You A Jerk

Eating Bugs To Stop GW Is Phony Environmentalism

Alabama - Male Prison Guards Raped Female Inmates


Obama SAT Score Lower Than George W. Bush

Chinese Pet Treats Linked To 900 Dog Deaths

Archaeologists Find Oldest Artifact To Mention Bethlehem

Probability Of US Reactor Core Meltdown Higher 

Quarter Of Japanese Consider Suicide - Vid 

Congressman Introduces Visa Waiver For Israelis

Obama Secretly OKs Anti-Tank Arms For Syrian Rebels

Chicago Cops Are The Terrorists

Iran Navy Helps US Ship Attacked By Mideast Pirates

Army Readies Mammoth Spy Blimp For First Flight 


How To Communicate If Feds Shut Down The Internet 

FBI Quietly Forms Secretive Net Surveillance Unit

Congress Approves Domestic Deceptive Propaganda 

New Law Enforcement Technology 'ShotSpotter' System

Big Oil Benefits From Global Warming Alarmism 

Barcode Everyone At Birth

Wondering Why The End May Actually, Really Be Near?

Japan Opens World's Tallest Tower

Devvy - Electing New Band Aid Pushers

Drockton - 75% Stock Market Correction Underway  


Peru Mass Dolphin Deaths Caused By Acoustic Trauma

Rush For The Exits Doomed Facebook's Stock

'Big Tex' Gets Chemtrailed

2012 Tea Party Election? - It's Not The Presidency

US Airways Express Flight Crew Sees Mysterious Object

Student Says Holocaust Lesson Went Too Far

Widespread H1N1pdm09 Tamiflu Resistance In The US

Bad Oils - The Hidden Destroyer Of Health 

Antibacterial Coating Could Replace Antibiotics

Military Dogs Euthanized As 'Equipment' Under Cruel Law


HS Student Invents Early Pancreatic Cancer Test

Intense 6.0 Quake Hits Northeast Japan

Worries Intensify Over Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool

Map Shows Radiation Went Straight To Tokyo From #3 MOX Explosion

Only Bombing Iran Into Submission Will Satisfy Israel

Deal Or No Deal, Iran May Be Bombed – Israeli Minister

Britain 'Examining Military Options Against Iran'

WMDs Forbidden In Iran Defensive - Ahmadinejad

Lendman - Killing With Impunity

New Babylon


Obama Using Al CIAda Yemen Attacks For 'National Emergency'

Yemen Food Crisis Near 'Catastrophic Proportions'

Four Killed In Pakistan Drone Strike

Russia Successfully Fires New Ballistic Missile

Chicago - America's Police Repression Capital

It’s No Surprise

Primary Results Show Democratic Base Abandoning Obama

The NRA Views On Weaponry

US ‘Should Stop Trying To Conquer Countries’ - Kucinich

Chicago Cops Targeting Journalists At NATO Protests


Film Director Bigelow Got 'Access To OBL Intelligence'

US Drone Industry - Open For Business, Home And Abroad

Electric Power Generation Under NYS Article X

The Brain, Perception And The Holographic Universe

Electric Power Generation Under NYS Article X

Emanuela Orlandi 'Kidnapped For Vatican Sex Parties’ 

UK Addicts To Lose Benefits If They Refuse Treatment

EUSSR Mocks Democracy - UK Prisoners MUST Get Vote

Indian State OKs Shooting Tiger Poachers On Sight

Haunting Photos Of Early 20th Century American Child Workers


Fukushima Effects On The Pacific Ocean

'The Entire Country Will Be Evacuated If SFP 4 Collapses'

Experts Fear Reactor 1 Corium Not Fully-Covered With Water

Gosh! 'Incinerating Radioactive Waste Could Contaminate Environment'

German Film Takes Hard Look At Nuclear Japan

Is 2013 The Real 2012?

Salbuchi - Bilderberg Power Masters Meet In The US

Bilderberg 2012 List Of Participants Revealed?

God Help You If You Disagree With Obama & Drama Queens

Voter Fraud, Corruption Against Paul Supporters In AZ


So California Edison Offers SmartMeter Opt-Out

Rosa Koire On Huff Post Agenda 21 Smear Article - Vid

America...Searching For An Identity

Physicist - HAARP Manipulates Time

Fungicide Farming Chemical Harms Lab Animals

DEA Caught Using Colombian Prostitutes

DEA Agents Investigated For Hiring Prostitutes In Colombia

Supervolcano Drilling Plan Gets Go-Ahead

Is Dead Girl The Victim Of Vatican Sex Parties?

Mexican Drug Lord Who Beheaded 49 People Caught


Mysterious Flaming Rocks Ignite, Burning Woman

A Pair Of UFOs Cruise Over Stouffville, Ontario Canada - Vid

G20 Storm Troopers And Cmdrs Charged In Toronto

Dog Has Perfect Pitch - Vid

Military Court Acquits 'HIV' Soldier

Surprising Sources Of Toxic Styrene & Formaldehyde

Build Electrified Fence For Gays So They 'Die Out'

John Barbour - San Onofre's Backward Reactor

Lendman - Pushing For War On Iran

Br. Nathanael - The End Of White America - Vid


US Senate Oks New Oil, Economic Sanctions On Iran

Jerusalem Expansion Reaches Point Of No Return

Tel Aviv’s Last Tower

NATO Rebrands 'Occupation' Of Afghanistan?

The Real Lords Of Afghan Poppy Fields

Paul Craig Roberts - Are Americans Catching On?

Chinese TV Star Launches Tirade On 'Foreign Trash'

Military To Control London Airspace During Roths Olympics

China To Take Control Of UK Nuclear Industry?

Warning Of 'Severe Recession' Looming For Eurozone


French Ban Of Monsanto GM Maize Overruled By EU

FDA Okays GMO Carrot For Rare Gaucher Disease

Obama Hails Police State Methods In Chicago

Battleground Chicago

PA Constable To Oppose The NDAA And Patriot Act

US - The Sole Hyper Power

Could You Be Sued For Texting With A Driver?

Ex-Bundesbankster Says Euro Policy Motivated By Holocaust

Tsipras Warns Greek Crisis Is Also Europe

JPMorgan Losses Could Exceed $7 Billion


SCOTUS Let's Stand $675,000 Penalty For Downloading

Top Story Never Happened, Real Top Story Never Reported

Utah's Shameless Mormon Mafia Mayor  

Does Facebook Wreck Marriages? - You Bet It Does

What Local Govt Isn't Telling You Can Be Fatal

Gridlock Eases In Metro Areas - Fewer Jobs, High Gas Prices

They Live!...With The Walking Dead Inside Your Head

Mountain Lion Killed By Authorities In Santa Monica 

Eyre - British Police Federation Ultimatum To The PM

Edited Blair-Bush Iraq Conversation 'Must Be Released'


'Americans Don’t Share Global Domination Policies OfTheirLeaders’

Sunscreen Use Actually *Causes* Cancer

Unusual Flashing Lights In The Night Sky Over Basingstoke 

SFP 4 Could Be 'Final Catastrophe Of The World'

The Sleeper - Unit 3 Building Fatally-Flawed - Vid

The Sleeping Dragon - Fukushima Forever

Ron Paul Wins Minnesota!

Nuclear Regulatory Chief Resigns (Bully Or Patsy?)

NATO & Obama To Continue Killing In Afghanistan

The End In Afghanistan Is Totally Predictable


Putin To Dominate New Russian Government

The Sleeper - Unit 3 Building Fatally-Flawed - Vid

Gold, Silver Versus S&P 500

WWF Calls For Immediate EcoAusterity

WWF - Move To Smart Cities, Stop Eating Beef, Dairy

Just How Big Is Rupert Murdoch's Stick?

Alynn Pike's Death Still Baffles Many

Catholic Church Sues Obama Over Birth Control

Read Your State Constitution - Keys To The Kingdom

SCOTUS To Decide If Feds Can Be Sued For Wiretaps


Despite NDAA Amendment, Indefinite Detention Is Still Law

10,000 Montreal Students Defy Anti-Protest Law Bill 78

Oklahoma Governor Signs Open Carry Law

OK Schools To Intro Shotgun Training, Education Program

FL School Scores So Dismal FL Lowers Passing Grade!

GOP Fraud & Ballot Stuffing In AZ

Traditional Farming Is Cure for Monsanto Superweeds

Crop Circles - Aspects Of The Argentina Las Perdices Incident

Female Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With 4 Students

Drug-Crazed, Nude Man Welcomed By 3 Bullets In Marine Home


BLM Freaks Lie About Overpopulation Of Wild Horses

Marijuana Oil Helps 3-Year-Old Son Beat Cancer, Dad Says

6.4 Quake Off The East Coast Of Honshu Japan

Gunderson - SFP 4 Could Contaminate Entire West Hemisphere - Vid

TEPCO - No Plans To Speed Removal Of Spent Fuel Rods!

Gunderson Believes Plutonium Particles Are In The Pacific - Vid

Fukushima Total Levels Of Radiation Not Decreasing At All

Depleted Uranium, Fukushima And Karma

Lendman - Chicago Under Siege

NATO Protests And The Chicago Slime Job


Chicago Cops Beat NATO Protesters With Batons - Vid

Heroic US War Vets Throw Medals Back At NATO

Chris Hedges - The Empire Is Over

Homeland Security In The Land Of The Free

Obama Vs Romney - The Battle Of The Metrosexuals

Ring Of Fire Over Japan - Photo

NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran - Thanks, AIPAC

IDF Stands By As 'Settlers' Use Live Fire On Palestinians

Netanyahu - Black African Immigrants Threaten Identity Israel


Non-Jews Are Brainless Thieves' - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnew

Hunting Down Ashkenazi

Jerusalem Day

Atzmon - Hafez Aladdeen Is An Israeli Patriot 

Beyond The Manufactured Apocalypse

McGrath - Is G8 Quietly Planning End Of Sovereignty?

Dershowitz - Zimmerman Prosecutor 'Unlawful, Unethical'

Rothschild Gold Fixers, Dubai & The Annunaki

Mr. President, We Have Had Enough

UN To Run World’s Info & Comm From Internet Hub In Africa


Privacy Becoming Elite Only Privilege

Europe Driving Full Speed Into Brick Wall – London Mayor

Heist Of The Century - Wall St Role In The Financial Crisis

Greeks Yank Savings In National 'Bank Jog'

US Lets China Bypass Wall Street For Treasury Orders

EU Gives Google 'Weeks' To Ease Anti-Trust Concerns

The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries In The World

Italy Earthquake In Pictures

Rambling Around Here And There

Dear Sir-Madam


CDC Targeting Baby Boomers For Mass Vaccinations

The Phone That Gives Parents Total Control

America's Best High Schools 2012 

Peter Eyre Interviewed By Stephen Lendman

Denmark & South Africa Protest At 'Made In Israel’ Goods

Pakistan Blocks Twitter For Material 'Offensive To Islam'

Boy Diagnosed On Facebook After Doctors Fail

Ronald Reagans Blood For Salel

Draining Of World's Aquifers Feeds Rising Sea Levels

For NY Farmers, Fracking Means Salvation Or Ruin


Green Energy Tax Will Hit Household Bills

Sluttish Pop Stars Are Harming Children - Record Producer

Sleep Mask Lets People CONTROL Their Dreams

Snoring 'Can Raise Cancer Risk 500%'

Red Meat And Butter Could Raise Alzheimers Risk

'SFP 4 Work Being Handled Like Simple Construction Project'  - Vid

Busby - Fukushima Dumping 100 Terabecquerals Of Radiation A Day

TEPCO Admits New Meltdown At Spent Fuel Pool 4 - Vid

SFP 4 Could Release A Never Ending Fountain Of DEATH - Vid

Trillions Of Bq Per Day Being Spewed And Radioactive Steam  - Vid


Solar Eclipse Projects Ring Of Fire Across Pacific  - Vid

At Least 45 Arrested In Chicago Anti-NATO Protests - Photos

Italy Quake Survivors Huddle In Tents, Cars - Photos

Mr President, We Have Had Enough

'IntelliStreets' Talking Surveillance Cameras  - Vid

New FOIA Data Destroys Man-Made GW Myth

Journalist Chris Hedges On Winning NDAA Lawsuit

Gone - Bees And 15 Yrs Of Research Proving Roundup Kills Bees  

Monsanto Buys GMO-Friendly College Research

Trillions Of Bq Per Day Being Emitted From Fukushima - Audio


6.2 Quake Among Blitz Hitting Fukushima Area - Live Update

Fukushima Will Never Stop Making The Pacific Radioactive - Audio

Anonymous Takes Down NATO Page

Over 1,000 Join Anti-NATO Protest In Chicago - Vid

Chicago Under Attack...By Hackers

Life In Occupied Chicago

Making Protest Illegal...'Worst Law' Since War Measures - Vid

Judge Katherine Forrest Is A Modern American Hero

House OKs $8b Defense Increase, indefinite Detention

Roberts - US No Place For Morality, Justice Or Intelligence

G8 In Weak Pledge To Keep Greece In Eurozone


Bin Laden Died Of Natural Causes In 2006 - Ex CIA Agent

NATO Pledges To Stay In Afghanistan (For Opium)

Report - Rebels Kill Syrian Defense Minister

Israel Cautiously OKs US-Iran Interim Nuclear Deal

US Pressures India To Dump Iran

Headlines Reveal Life In Occupied Palestine

AlNakba, English Documentary - Vid

Israel To Expand Illegal West Bank Settlement Projects

A Jerusalem You Don't Know About

Israel's Elected Officials Nobody Seems To Have Elected


Israel Blasts Foreign Proposal On Settlement Goods

Jeff Blankfort to AZZ Gabriel Ash

Al-Megrahi Passes, Lockerbie Still Unsolved

Western MSM Hides NATO Expansionism, Imperialism'

At Least 7 Die In Northern Italy Quake

UK Using Digital Comm Data To Spy On Citizens

The Police, The iPhone And Your Right To Video Them

Was Columbus Secretly A Jew?

The Organic Watergate - Vid

UK Decides Against Fracking...Not Enough Gas  


Montreal...Defying An Anti-Protest Law - Vid

Why Defeat An Evil Empire...And Then Embrace A Stupid One?

UK Child Snatching Now Big Business - Rothschild Link

Chiappalone - Dispelling Confusion - Part C

Border Control - Utah License Plate Tracking Program

Euro & Warming - Turns Out 'Thought Criminals' Were Right

Drockton Financial Report 5-20-12

US Banking Laws Unable To Stop JPMorgan Loss

Natural Balance Voluntary Recall Of Some Dry Dog Foods

FDA Releases Results Of Diamond Pet Food Recall

Nestle Purina PetCare Recalls One Cat Food Formula

Still Not Warning About 'New Thalidomide' Epilepsy Drug

Fourth Mexican General Arrested Over To Drug Cartels

Vatican Denounces 'Criminal' Leaks

Tripping Through The Cold War On LSD

Einstein - Photons Quantum Teleported 60 Miles Across Lake

New Planet Found In Our Solar System?

Easter Island Heads Have Bodies

Hungarian Bodybuilder Championship Wins Over Austria

HVAC Systems - Is Yours Contaminating Your Home?


Fiberglass Insulation - Hazardous To Your Health!

Gunderson - 'Prey There Isn't A Major Quake At Fukushima'

'How Radioactive Is Our Tap Water?' 186 Bq/kg In Kashiwa!

24 Bq/kg Cesium In Brewed Green Tea - Highest Level So Far

CA To Give Excellent Views Of Solar Eclipse 

Maps Shows State By State Time & Eclipse Percent

Solar & Lunar Eclipses - Don’t Look At Them?

NATO Protester Accuses Police of Mistreatment - Vid

3 Warrantless Terror Arrests Based On YouTube Video

Quebec Closer To Martial Law To Repress Students


Republican House Votes to OK Military Attack On Iran

NATO Leaders Face Obama Genocidal Afghan War Disaster

2012 Will Reveal Much About Obama

Ron Paul Supports Bill To Impeach Obama

Will Christian Fundo Military Chiefs Start A War On Islam?

Dazed Lemmings Just Can't Bridge The Reality Gap

Blind Chinese Activist Now In US

States Taking Action Against Agenda 21

Obama...The Ultimate Liar President? - Vid

Obama Campaigning Against Voter ID


Africa - Obama's $3 Billion Land Grab

AZ Threatens To Remove Obama From The Ballot

The Serpentine Stealth Of The Long Range Planners

FaceBook - The Complete Forensic Post-Mortem

Israel Makes 'Spy Butterfly' For Indoor Surveillance

Robert Reich To College Grads - 'You're F*cked'

The Amazing Okefenokee Swamp - Vid

200 Yr Old Shipwreck Full Of Muskets, Bottles, Plates - Vid

Artificial Sweeteners Linked To Premature Babies - Vid

Judge Halts Obama's NDAA Indefinite Detention Law


The Sad, Sad Truth

Fukushima Reactor 4 SFP Poses Massive Global Risk

Radiation Is Killing The Pacific - A Shocking Report

New World Order Exposed...The Inside Story

3 Chicago Anti-NATO Protesters Charged With Terrorism

NATO Protesters Held On Terror Charges

Chicago Militarized For NATO

Local Govts Can Restrict Drone Surveillance In US

10 Things You Didn't Know About Drones

Obama Says G8 Will Stay With Iran Sanctions


Reverend Jeremiah Wright Right About Man-Made AIDS

Peter Eyre - Israel Behind Mideast And Bahrain Crises - Vid

Israeli Police State Crimes

Facebook IPO Fails Mossad

US Troops On The Ground In Yemen 

Terrorists, Turkey, Prophesies - Sheik Imran Hosein - Vid

Cameron, Tories Have Chats With Google Every Month

UK May Never 'Be Same' If Greece Exits Euro

Greek Leftist 'It's A War Between People & Capitalism'

Capitalism At A Crossroads


Bankster Threatens 'Catastrophe' If Greeks Reject Austerity

Engineered Austerity Coming To US, Starting With USPS

Banksters Have Stolen The American Dream

Blind Chinese Dissident Leaves China For US

China Spending Far More On Defense Says Pentagram

How Scientists Made A Killer Virus Airborne

New Google Search Tool To Use CIA, World Bank As Sources

Petras - The Politics Of Language

Wherever The West Has Gone Society Crumbles - Vid

UFOs Over Nuclear Weapons Storage Area In March, 1949


140,000 Ton Asteroid To Just Miss Earth In February

Utah Paleontologists Discover New Raptor 

SpaceX Rocket Launch Aborted In Last Minute

Anti-EMF Wallpaper Due Soon

Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Clusters Raise Concerns

Behind Army $17,000 Drip Pan, Harold Rogers Earmark

Man Arrested With 6 Gold-Plated Fetuses For Religious Ritual

34 Yr Old TX Girl Taken From Parents & Drugged By CPS


Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk Of Death

Top 10 Baby Names For 2011

Pakistan - The Reopening Of NATO Supplies

Wahhabis - Salafists - Sheik Imran Hosein - Vid

We Are Living Thru The Worst Health Scandal In History - Vid

Neutron Radiation Is Disintegrating Fukushima Reactors

Sen Begich - Tsunami Debris Worst Crisis To Ever Hit West Coast - Vid

Two 5.0 Quakes Hit Fukushima Area In Three Hours

Fukushima Dr - We Need Help, Japan People Not Listening - Vid

Kaku - Chernobyl Core Still Melting Into The Earth - Vid


Army Convoy Heading Towards NATO Summit In Chicago

Corporate Media Criminal Cover Up - Obama Born In Kenya

Iran May Seek 'Tactical Gain' With UN Nuke Deal

Iran Ships Weapons To Syria, US Supplies Rebels

US Charity Secretly Funds Israeli Nukes

US Govt Swamp Rats Push UN Law Of Sea Treaty

How The US Dollar Will Be Replaced

USDA Forestry Service = Eco-Terrorists

Dental Abuse Seen Driven By Private Equity

RFK Jr 'Destroyed' Dead Wife In Divorce Court


1st Amendment Case Could Have Chilling Effect

Facebook IPO Fails To Live Up To The Hype

New Scientific Evidence Morgellons Is A Physical Illness

Morgellon- A Chemical And Light Microscopic Study

The Warmonger Race And Weaponization Of Everything

Egyptian Islamic Candidate Wins Election In Austria

Chinese Video - Huge Object Next To Sun? - Vid

Elephants Accompany Cellist - Vid

India - Globalists Sterilize 1 Million Women A Year

Some Skin Whitening Creams Contain Mercury


US Less Prepared For Nuke Disaster Than Before Japan Catastrophe

International Call To Address The Fukushima Crisis - Vid

Radiation Is Killing The Pacific - A Shocking Report

New World Order Exposed...The Inside Story

AP Declared Obama Kenyan-Born

Obama Paid Jackson Six Figures To 'Keep His Mouth Shut'

Rainbow Circus, Global Econ Collapse, Thermonuclear War

Did Chicago Police 'Disappear' Eight Activists?

Kirwan - Congress Sold America Out



US To Bolster Israel's 'Iron Dome'

Russia Has Drawn Line In Sand, Turkey Ignores Sanctions - Vid

Dagan Supports Sanctions Over 'Messianic' Iran war

Islamic Jihad Takes The Lead In Gaza

Atzmon - Postcolonial Theory, Whiteness & Palestine

Syria Opposition Rift Widens

Smell Of War In The Mideast Wherever You Go - Vid

Wars Turning Indigenous People Into Carbon Copies - Vid

Britain Colder Than Arctic, Antarctic 2 Weeks To Summer

Ex Editor Says Murdoch Sowed Seeds Of Scandal


Libya Still Ruled By The Gun

12 Images - How The NWO Openly Mocks Us

Facial Recognition Goes Trendy With Barhopping App

Monsanto To Invest $50 Million In Africa Ahead Of G8

Brown - As Schools Crumble - Quiet Call For Revolution In Philly
Greece's Growing Economic Turmoil

UK Banknote Printer Readies For Greek Drachma 

Greece Credit Rating Downgraded

Europe Rocked By Spanish Banking Crisis

Moodys Downgrades 16 Spanish Banks


SBSS 27...How Money Dies - Vid

Dave Martin - Mencken And More On Lincoln's Speech

Dave Martin - Jews Tried To Kill Truman In 1947

Looting The Lives Of The Poor

Ziyad Yaghi - Guilty of Being Muslim In America

First GMO Plant-Made Drug Okd For Humans By FDA

Ashland, OR Allows Smart Meter Opt Out At No Cost

Jesus, Take The Wheel From The Corp Anti-Christ

Vancouver! Vancouver! This Is It.

Ford, GM, BMW & Illegal Logging, Brazil Slave Labor


Wanted - Flying Saucer Journalist...Pay Great, Benefits Better 

Thoughts After Interviewing Gilad Atzmon- Vid

Human Rights Violations In Indian Occupied Kashmir

Zionist Plots vs Pak & Indian Occupied Kashmir

Parenting Lessons Not The Nanny State, Lies Cameron 

I'm Not Taking A Daily Pill If I'm Not Sick

You Can Have Diabetes And NOT KNOW IT

World's Oldest Blood Cells Found in Ice Mummy ‘Otzi’

Br Nathanael - The Jews Behind Newsweek Gay Obama Cover


Nuclear Nation Japan - Vid

Minamisoma 'Black Dust' 10+ Million Bq/kg Cesium 137

Radiation Levels In Tokyo Bay Increasing

More Japan Nuke Reactor 3/11 Damages Revealed

Wilcox - Fukushima...Humanity At The Height Of Folly

Napolitano - Is There a Drone In Your Backyard?

AT&T Named Vendor For Homeland Security

Iraq, Afghanistan Vets To Return Medals At NATO Summit

Globalists Plan To Sabotage Greek Election

Greece Exit From Euro Estimated Cost - $1 Trillion

Corbett - 'Nuclear Security' & Worthless Political Platitudes  - Vid

UN, Others Are Preparing For An Alien Invasion

UN Mute Over NATO Syrian Death Squads

Atzmon - Zionism Is Dead And Kicking

Israel Military Censor Hits The USA

Altayr - The Summer Of Sucking Up (To Israel)

Paul Eisen Talks With Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Obama Tacky 'I Shot Bin Laden' Ad Backfires

Whitewashing Mass Murder

David Icke At Machu Picchu in Peru - Vid

SCYTL, Snopes And Election Fraud  


Will The Tea Party Fight Or Retreat In 2012?

McGrath - Exposing The Building Of A Terrorist - Vid

Pike - Pro-Gay 'GCB' Reflects Liberal Jewish Agenda

Townsman Of A Stiller Town

Icke Blasts Makow Again

US Military Internment/Resettlement Ops Manual

BP Whistleblowers - Over 12 Murdered, Missing In Two Yrs

May Day Protests For Justice

Apple Has Destroyed 490,000 American Jobs

Chavez In 2012


Murdoch Fox Broadcast Licenses Targeted By Ethics Group

China To Build $1.27 Billion Hollywood Production Studio

Chiappalone - Of Murdock And Luria

The Beach Boys...50 Years Of ssFun Surf Music - Vid

US Marketing Effort To Halt Falling Tourism

Half Of All Pregnancies In US Unplanned

Editor Doubts On Watergate Return To Haunt Old Allies

It's A Wonderful Race! - Pt 1

Human Genes In Rice - Opening Up Pandora's Pot?

New Wrinkle To The Story Of The Last Dinosaurs

Los Angeles In The 1920s - Vid


1940s Photos Of NY Subway By Stanley Kubrick

UC San Diego Student Abandoned In Cell 5 Days

Daughter Changes Rape Story - Dad Freed After 9 Yrs

Lost Budgie Taken Home After It Recites Address

Humans 'Still Evolving'

1 In 6 Patients At Risk From GP Blunders

Drought Mongers Ban Hosepipes Despite Record April Rain

Kenyan Girls Fight Against Genital Mutilation

Cosmic Dust Clouds Gather Around Messier 78

Most Grossly-Deformed Children Ever Seen Around Chernobyl


Urgent Request For UN To Stabilize Reactor 4 SFP

Japan Journalist - TEPCO Is On Week Long Vacation!

'Staggering Mess' Tsunami Debris Hits Alaska Coast Early

Harley Davidson From Tsunami Washes Up On Canada Beach

Ron Paul Commercial Banned From MSM - Vid

500 Kiloton Nuke Bomb...And Sub...Go Missing From Germany

CSPAN Documentary On US Concentration Camps - Vid

The Regime Guide To Good Citizenship

60 Minutes Accused Of 'Hatchet Job' On Israel - Vid

Ralph Nader Says Gaza Is World's Largest Gulag

Obama Generation Despise Him Now - Vid


The Constitutional Crimes Of Barack Obama

BP To Start Three New Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rigs

Eyre - Phase One Of British PM Try For Total Police State

Branson Ice-Dolotry

Kirwan - A Kings Ransom

Follow The Money Trail Of Corrupt Judges & CPS

Top Market TV Must Post Political Ad Data Online

Union Power - Their Wallets Are Deep, I Mean DEEP

100 Blacks Beat A White Couple - Media Buries Story

21 Questions They Dont Want You To Look Into


New Amtrak Dept To Be Headed By Ex FEMA Official

FBI Grabs 5 Idiots In Plot To Blow Cleveland Bridge

Private Companies Intend To Strip Mine Asteroids

New Navy Threat To CA, Gulf Of Mexico Sea Life

Proof - JFK Autopsy Botched - Single Bullet Theory Exploded ('67)

Occupy Bilderberg To Unify The Resistance

China To Pass US To Be World's Largest Economy

Boeing Trade-In Deal With Chinese Airline

In The Monkey House

Egypt-Israel Relations


Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Went Toward The Bush Ranch

Native American UFO Sightings

If Murdoch Thought Worst Was Over, He Was Wrong

'Dark Halo' Old Galaxies Have Many More Stars

Asner-Narrated Documentary Blocked By LA Courts - Vid

Humane Society Donations Fund Attys & Lobbyists - Vid

Adaptation Of Egypt H5N1 Toward Human Transmission

Vitamin D Accelerates Weight Loss

Turkey Tail Mushrooms & Cancer - Vid

Pesticides Lower Intelligence & Spur Obesity


Big Pharma Invents Lucrative New Breast Cancer Market

We Are Only Now Discovering The Secrets Of The Soul

Filer's Files #17 - 2012 - UFOs Are Real

Filer's Files #16 - 2012 - Heaven Is for Real

Filer's Files #15 -2012 - Exempt from Disclosure

EVIL - Olmert...US Should Lead Attack On Iran, Not Israel

Napolitano - Now A Felony To Protest...1st Amendment Dead? - Vid

Corbett - Fahrenheit 2012 -  Suppressing Dissent - Vid

London Mayday...More And More Action - Vid

Trowbridge - Murder At Harvard Law School...A Cold Case File


One Year Later - Another Obama WH Production

Obama's Middle Class Problem - Job Losses 

You Did It! GMO Labeling WILL Be On The Ballot In CA!

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Corruption Today - Pt 2  - Vid

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Corruption Today - Pt 3  - Vid

Alert For Terrorists With Body Bombs On US Planes 

HAARP Continues Its Murderous Trend

Olympics 2012 - Police To Protect Sponsors Exclusive Rights

Google Was Aware Of Data Scoop

JFK Doctors Are Dying


Sibel Edmonds...Classified Woman - Trailer  - Vid

The Horrible Psychiatric Drugging Of  Children 

Kirwan - A King’s Ransom

Kirwan -Taking Down Chicago

White Powder Sent To Manhattan Banks 

Man Arrested, JAILED For Using A REAL $ 50 Bill

The True Story Of Flying Saucers - Vid

Garlic 100x Better Fighting Food Poisoning Than Antibiotics

Jay Leno Slams Nuke Industry And San Onofre - Vid

TEPCO Can't Measure Temps In SFPs 1-3 f Cooling Stops


New Radiation Readings In Fukushima...Bad News - Vid

Japan Government Insane Views On Radiation Exposure

‘Messianic’ Barak Restates Demand For Iran War

Atzmon - Dershowitz Is Correct - Vid

Atzmon - 'Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemies'

Syrian Government Denounces UN As 'Biased'

US Military Hides Number Of Afghan 'Insider' Attacks

A Morning Of Empire TV Will Numb Your Mind

The Silent War Within The Brains Of US Soldiers

US Double Standards Over Gary Mckinnon Extradition


Madness - Snipers To Patrol Skies Over Rothschild Olympics

A Gold Medal For Getting Us To Hate The Olympics

Olympic Defence Missiles 'Don't Work In Bad Weather'

Britain Social Caste (Elitism) In Kids As Young As 3

Ashtar Theatre From Ramallah At Shakespeare's Globe

Israel About To Declare Early Elections In Late 2012

Israeli Workshop Cancelled After UK Union Protests

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Painfully Force-Fed

Mayday! Mayday! Incoming!!

Exploding Iceberg In Antarctica - Vid


Fukushima Radiation Is Destroying The Pacific Ocean

Hydrogen Explosion Risk At Reactor 4 Increases

Kids Playing Barefoot On Radioactive Dirt - Vid

No Independent Oversight For San Onofre Tests

RT Exposes Satanic GOP Symbols - Vid

NO Free Speech Zones Secretly Signed Into Law - Vid

Yikes - Alaska Senator Endorses Romney - Vid

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Corruption Today, Pt 2 - Vid

Br Nathanael - CISPA...Internet Spy Bill Exposed - Vid


Breitbart Coroner Mystery Death - Suspicions Grow

Sauder - Underground Bases, Labyrinths, Hollow Mts - Pt 3

Occupy Bilderberg 2012

Why Were Trillions In Fake Bonds Held In Chicago Fed Crates?

Chicago - Joliet Prison Could Open For NATO Troublemakers

FDA Allows Corporations To 'Recondition' Old Food

Albuquerque Cuts Fluoride From City Water

EPA Official Resigns After 'Crucify' Comment

UK Olympics: Over-the-Top Weapons Poised At 'Terrorists'

Apple 'Legally' Avoids 42.4 Billion In Taxes


Chicken Little On Global Warming - Vid

Incredible Purple Crab Discovered On Philippine island

One Baby Born Hourly Addicted To Opiate Drugs In US

Who's Behind The Anti-Apple 'Wake Up' Campaign? - Vid

Obama Threatens To Veto CISPA Citing Privacy Concerns

FBI Hid 2nd RFK Shooter Says Murder Eyewitness

Exxon Mobil Shuts Louisiana Oil Pipeline After Major Oil Leak

BP Sees 'Gulf Grandeur' - Fishermen Reel From Disaster

Orwell - The Blueprint Of What Is Happening Now


Rense & Barbour - Soros Will Count Ron Paul's Votes - Vid

Norwegian Scholar Connects Breivik's Attack To Mossad

Heavily-Armed 'Security' Teams To Patrol Chicago

Ad Exec Arrested By NYPD For Sleeping In Front Of A Bank 

Mother Faces 93 Days For Veggie Garden - Vid

The Kelly Creatures And Ivan T. Sanderson

119 Of 132 People Have Radiation In Urine 200km From Fukushima

Over 35% Of Young People Have Thyroid Cysts, Nodules

Radioactive Debris Being Incinerated All Over Japan

Public Right To Know About Looming Fukushima Disaster


Canada Govt 'Confused, Directionless' About Fukushima

Fukushima Radiation Cause NZ Muttonbird Decline?

Did Your Congress Rep Vote Yes on CISPA?

UFO Captured On Space Station Live Cam - Vid

CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed - Vid

False Flag Earth - The Planned Decimation Of A Planet

The Top 10 Countdown To Our Own Extinction

Washington And Israel Threaten Humanity

Pakistan Condemns US Strike After Drone Ban

KGB Agent Tells You What The Illusion Is - Vid


Laws Most Americans Don't Know But Should

Surviving In A Rogue America

Britain Supports Right To Return To Israel But...

Sibel Edmonds Finally Wins

Kirwan - Tribute

TSA Ratchets Up Ruthless Screening - Vid

Kirwan - Catching Fire

Laws Most Americans Don't Know But Should

Kirwan - Firebird

Pike - Most GCB Sponsors Flee


What Do California And Detroit Have In Common?

Global Clean Energy Within Reach - Vid 

Does The World Need Nuclear Energy? - Vid

Is Goldman Sachs To Take The Bank Of England, Too?

Worst Yet To Come For Euro Says Cameron

Hollande 'Growth Bloc' Spells End Of German Hegemony

Spain In Recession As Austerity Bites

Cannibal Shrimp - The Invasion Has Begun

14,000 Japanese Die In Bathtubs In One Year

Titanic Replica To Be Built In China


Czech Metal Thieves Dismantle 10 Ton Bridge

A Different Philosophy Of Civil Disobedience

Make Your Own Angel, Put Wings On A Whore

Palestinian Rights Activism Endangered 

What's Next For Libya?'

We Need More Independents To Break Elite Hold

US Debate Rages Over Severity Of Child Porn Sentences

Google Staff Knew Of Street View Data Breach Says FCC

We Are Rid Of Murdoch And That's Worth Celebrating

Cannabis Production Booming In Britain Say Police


Contactless Tech - CC Details 'Stolen Out Of Thin Air'

£10m Private Jet Deal To Fly Eurocrat Chiefs Around

P&O Cruise Ship Crew 'Paid Just $1.20 Per Hour'

Fun With Diane Sawyer During Commercial Break - Vid

Hitler's Search For The Holy Grail - Vid

Lehmberg - Calcium Woes!

Reactor 4 SFP Needs Only Coolant To Stop To Go Critical

Tokyo Resident Talks About Radiation And The Future - Vid

Find Fukushima Corium? Maybe In A Few Thousand Years...

Fukushima - Nuclear War Without A WarVid


MSM Admits FBI Creates Terrorist Plots

RT Says The Blaze Russian Troop Story Is False

Girl Grabbed At Disneyland For Satanic Ritual(?) Found Alive

US Shifts 'Fear Psy Op From al Qaeda To Home-Grown'

Romney Tells College Students To Borrow From Parents

Did The RNC Break Any Laws/Rules In 'Its Official'?

The US Is A Nation Of Renters

Rense & Jordan Maxwell - Corruption Today - Vid

2012 Olympics  More than Meets The 'Eye'?

GHW Bush Announces NWO In 1991 & Bilderberg 2012


Banks & Police Tracking 'Occupy' Protesters

FDA Refuses To Ban Antibiotics In Livestock

Police Depts Wait For FAA Clearance To Fly Drones

The Night The LAPD Failed

Good Christian Bitches And A Disabled Church

UK Markets Ban Exports From Jewish West Bank 'Settlements'

Ex PM Olmert Against Iran War

Netanyahu Preps For Early Elections

Most Israeli Citizens Don't Want Iran War

Austria - Ex-Libya Oil Chief Dead In Danube


Gillard Oz Government On Brink

VA Threatens Veteran's Benefits

Super Moon On Cinco de Mayo

Minnesotans For Global Warming - Vid

Wind Farms Can Raise Night Temps

Billions Of Habitable Planets May Lurk In Milky Way

Dancing Robots - Vid

Photoshopped Women Drives Girl Nearly To Anorexia Death

Fluoride - Poison That Makes You Docile, Easily Manipulated

Prostate Cancer Surgery Has Little Or No Benefit


Home Remedies For A Cough

'Banned Weedkiller Caused Birth Defects In Children'

Strong Quakes Rock Eastern Japan

Another Ever More Dangerous Potential For Reactor 4 SFP

Radiation Spreading Through Fukushima Wildlife - Photos

Japan - 20 Million Bq/kg Cesium In Mystery Black

Tokyo Green Tea Radioactive

Japan Press Astounding Policy On Nuclear Accidents

NNSA MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility & Plutonium Disposition

Mad Cows, Meat Inspection, And Regulation


Suspected Arsenic Poisoning In LA Coroner’s Death

Ben Bernanke Has Been 'Assimilated By The Borg'

Chrenobyl Melted Core Too Hot To Remove 26 Years Later

Mass Radiation Released From US Nuke Plants 1958-1984

Ron Paul Wins Louisiana!

CISPA Destroys Right Not To Be Unreasonably Searched - Vid 

4.1 Earthquake Jolts Southern California

The 10 Biggest Earthquakes In History

9/11, False Flags And Black Ops - Vid

Shylock In Yiddish  - Vid


How To Peel A Clove Of Garlic In Less Than 10 Seconds - Vid

Brazilian Hooker Tossed From Moving Embassy Car

Alleged WA Murderer Death = Bias Against Survivalism

It's Time…To Let Go Of The Shoreline...

Daring To Criticize Israel

Ex CIA Director Want US Fleet Out Bahrain 

Drone Warfare In Yemen

Find That Sage In The New Age Bin

Profiled By The TSA? There's An App For That

How To End The Healthcare Debate - Forever


United States Corporation - Vid

Atty Says US Govt Sent Him Time Traveling As Child - Vid

UFO Enters Restricted Airpsace Over Nuke Weapons Storage

Spain - Possible Abduction Or Teleportation (1986)

Brazil - The Barroso UFO Case (1976)

Trying To Stop The Hideous Slaughter Of Rhinos - Vid

UK Cops Ready For War At Rothschild Olympics 

MENSA Accepts 4 Year Old Genius From England

Amazon, Texas Reach Sales Tax Deal

Drockton Financial Report 4-28-12  


Chiappalone - The Essence Of True Lies

The Amazing Sensory Ability Of Long Hair

New Particle Discovered at CERN

Ex-Israeli Spy Boss Rips 'Messianic' Netanyahu, Barak

Video Of Aleppo And Prices Go Sky High - Vid

Obama Withdraws Child Labor Laws On Farms

Lady Gaga - Illuminati Messenger And Tool

Brain Magic - Mass Mind Manipulated On A Vast Scale? - Vid

Congress Pushes For Firing Of EPA 'Crucifier'

TARP Illusion of 'Repayment' Debunked


Spain Faces Economic Crisis Of 'Huge Proportions'

France And Germany Clash Over Euro Austerity Pact

French Austerity Resistance Only Just Beginning

Corporatism Is Different Than Capitalism - Vid

N. Carolina - Jail Time For Nutrition Blogger?

Married Secret Service Worker Sells Home

Oz Ridiculous 'Racism' Charge

Jellyfish Close Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant

Mother Wins Environmental Award For Beating Monsanto

MSM Admits Prostate Cancer Has No Benefit!


Stopping The Obesity Epidemic

Interesting - Photos In 3D

Radiation Will Kill Japan By March 31, 2015 - Japan Prof

Fukushima Air Radioactive To 2022 (How About 2522)

A Real Photo Of A Chemtrail Spy Plane Interior? - Photos

Did Obama Change His Name In Canada?

10 Ways Attacking Iran Could Destroy The US

Michelle Obama $500,000 Shopping Trip To Spain

National Debt & Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed - Vid

Sat Photos Show Preparations For N Korea Nuclear Test  


Zionist Plans To Assassinate US Citizens & Presidents

If Obama Wins, Will Israel Attack Iran?

Glorifying Israel Shames Harvard

Tarpley/Kay - 9/11 False Flags And Black Ops

Dying To Live Free

McGrath - Revealing The Next Target - Vid

CISPA And Anonymous On The Same Team?  

STOP CISPA, Sign The Petition  

Suspicion, Confusion Swirl Around Google Online Storage

Agenda 21 - Feds Restricting Use Of Beaches, Fishing, Parts


You Are All Suspects Now

Apocalypse Calling

Syria/Waco/Occupy/LA - Correlations They Hope You Don't Make

The Rebirth Of Barter

Google Releases Probe Details Of St View WiFi Snooping 

Only 10 Companies Control Most Food Brands

25 Horrible Statistics About The US Economy 

GM To Open 600 More China Dealerships In 2012

Tax Equality - Mandate To Preserve Our Democracy

US Firms Add Jobs, But Mostly Overseas 

Detroit Fire Boss - Let Some Vacant Buildings Burn 

Making Friends With Mr. Apocalypse

Cracking The Code in Kubrick's ‘Heeere’s Johnny!’


Strong Winds, Dramatic Plane Landings In N Spain - Vid 

Cerebral Palsy Victim Arrested In Wells Fargo Foreclosure Fight

'Power' Really Does Corrupt - As Addictive As Cocaine

Chinese Activist 'Safe' In US Embassy

DSK And The Missing BlackBerry

DSK Accuses Sarkozy Allies Of Maid Scandal

Anders Behring Breivik’s Plan Of 'Increased Polarisation'

Kazakhstan Condemns Foreign Journalists Over Riots

Rothschild Stormtroopers - The Chilling Face Of The UK Police

'Expert' Paid A Fortune To Rip UK Families Apart


Fukushima - Hanging By A Thread

Poles Holding Up SFP 4 Looked At By Officials - Vid

Tokyo Govt Wants Donations To Buy Senkaku Islands

TEPCO To Raise Utility Rates To Pay For Fukushima!

BP Blow Out Disaster Cover-Up - Vid

CISPA Passes With Amendments Making It Even Worse

Mad Cow Infect Thru Milk, Despite USDA Claims

Fed Armed Thugs In Chicago 3 Weeks Before NATO Summit


Red Cross Prepares To Evacuate Chicago For NATO Mtg - Vid

DoD Confirms Russian Troops In Terror Drills In US

Former Ukraine PM Tymoshenko Beaten By Jail Guards

In Obamas Global Tax Scheme We Are 'The Rich'

'We Need A Global Minimum Tax'

Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots?

Tranquilized Black Bear Falls 15 Feet From Tree - Vid

Trials Without Crimes Or Evidence

Barclays Leadership Faces Heckling Over Bonuses

UN ICC Convicts Charles Taylor, But ICC Is Criminal

Attn Slaves - City To Turn Off Utilities To Force Action


Research Shows Texas Is Not Warming

Oz - Carbon Tax Nightmare Revealed - Vid

Angry White Women Of The Tea Party

Aspartame Methanol Linked To Autism

Nasty GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup & Obesity

A Catholic Guide To Living In A Haunted House

Theodore Roosevelt - Life-Saving Speech

Jellyfish Shut Down CA Diablo Nuclear Power Plant

Highest Hydrogen Levels Of Year Inside Reactor 2 Containment

EPA Blasted For Failure To Monitor Fukushima Radiation


Edison CEO - No Timetable For Reopening San Onofre

NORAD, NorthCom To Simulate Nuke Attack On US May 2-9

Egypt 'Necrophilia' Law In UK Daily Mail Called Complete BS

Pike - CISPA Passes House

China War Of The Oligarchs

Heywood Case Shows Privileged Lifestyles Of China Elite

Giant Foot-Long Cannibal Shrimp Invade Gulf Coast Waters

Holstein With Mad Cow Was A 'Downer' - Lying On Ground

Is Michele Obama Sending Signals In This Photo?

Dave Martin - Is Hillary Clinton A Lesbian?


Barak Restates Israeli Hard Line On Nuclear Iran

Israel Army Chief - Other Nations Could Strike Iran

Zionists Hit German Meetings Defending Guenther Grass

US To Move 9,000 Soldiers Out Of Japan

Japan-based Marines To Relocate To Hawaii

USAF Dropped Nuke On Kid's Playhouse In 1958

FKN News - US Obey - Vid

South Carolina Moves To Implement Agenda 21

Revealed - How We Pay For Our Own Enslavement

Engdahl - China Land Bridge To Turkey...New Potentials


Goldman Sachs Pays £4 MIllion In Tax On £1.9 Billion Profit

Europe Far Right Rise Not Explained By Recession Alone

UK Debt Collection Agencies After £60 Billion

China Property Boom Has Peaked, Forever

Spain Credit Rating Downgraded

Spain Unemployment Hits Record Levels

My Experience in Farmers Insurance Management

Alabaster Dream Castles And Fewmets Under Glass

UFO Spaceship Orbiting The Sun, Or A Cam Glitch?

Truly Strange US Govt 'Protection' Graphics Released


'Holocaust' Revisionist Candidate For WI School Board

The One That Got Away

New Database Reveals Rush To Buy Up Africa

Fraud And Corruption In The UK And Egypt

The New Middle East

Pakistan - The Bhoja Air Crash

Atzmon - A Comment On BDS From Ramallah

The Globe Theatre BDS Scandal

Atzmon - The Shekel May Never Drop

Israel's Gulag Prison Hell

Land Day - Why It Matters


Palestinian Govt Cracks Down On Critics

Pakistan Deports bin Laden Family To Saudi Arabia

US Judge Denies Release Photos Of bin Laden Raid

Ex-CIA Chief - Waterboarding Was Good For US

TV Show Giving Voice To Climate Skeptics Criticized

How To Collect, Save And Share Seeds

Huge Green Cloud Over Moscow Terrifies Russians

Volcanic Glass On Mars Could Shield Martian Life Forms

Astronomers Find New Planet Capable Of Supporting Life

3.2 Billion Pixel Cam - Deepest View Of Night Sky Ever

Syria Update 27 April One Bombing 9 Killed

Armenia Firmly In Russian-Iran Alliance


Fukushima - The Unspoken Crisis Of Global Nuclear Radiation

Gunderson On The San Onofre Problem On PBS - Vid

Plutonium Found In Black Substance In Japan City

Police State - House Passes CISPA Bill

List Of Traitors In The House Who Voted For CISPA

Freedom-Stealing ACTA Treaty Hits Stumbling Block

Soros-Owned Spanish Company To Count YOUR Votes

Ron Paul Delegate Strategy Gaining Steam

Ron Paul - "I Think We Should Have A Debate!" - Vid

Br Nathanael - The Jewish Siege Of Europe


FOX Admits Ron Paul Going To Tampa Convention - Vid

Santorum Campaign Manager Joins Romney Camp

USDA Testing For Mad Cow Fell 90% Since 2005

Will AZ Gov Jan Brewer Sign Anti-NDAA Bill?

Jim Willie - The Golden Eye Of Hurricane 2012

Massive Money Laundering Suit - Homeowners vs Bankers

Debt Collector Faulted For Tough Tactics In Hospitals

Labor Dept Rule Bans Rural Kinds From Farm Chores

Jim Willie - The US Dollar vs Gold - An Epic Money Battle

Don't Think Weaponized Weather Modification Is Real?


HAARP Rings Or The Hand Of God?

Why Did Russia Ban The Use Of Microwave Ovens?

McMahon - Billboard Company In Tree Cutting Scandal

Chicago, S/S Talk About Evacuating Chicago For NATO Conf

Debt Collectors Enter Hospitals And Hassle Patients For Bills

Police Launch 'Abusive' Midnight Wakeup Calls

On The Trail Of Greenhouse Gases

TSA Delays Background Checks For New Hires

Six Things To Know About US Immigration

Meteorite Hunters Descend On Gold Rush Towns - Vid


New Form Of Lava Flow Found On Mars

Thinking Can Undermine Religious Faith

CA Superior Court Protects Dirty Judges - Vid

Spineless Texas??

Stress Hormones Make Cancer Resistant To Treatment

Infant Monkeys Given Standard Vax Develop Autism

Benefits of Garlic

Blueberries Fight Cancer & Aging, Protect Heart

Fukushima Official Caught In Radioactive Whirlwind - Vid

Cesium Emission From Reactor 2 Increases 700%


More & More Mutated Dandelions In Tokyo From Radiation - Vid

1 Million Chernobyl Victims To Date - Situation Uncontrollable

Official Close Gulf Of Mexico To Shrimping Over Deformities  - Vid

Ron Paul Delegate Put On Govt Subversives List - Vid

The Next US President Will Be....

Fourth Grade Teacher From Missouri Blasts Fraud Obama

TREASON - Spain Co. Will 'Count' US Votes OVERSEAS In Nov!

Soros Company To Count The US November Vote In SPAIN

SCYTL - A Clever Way To Control American 'Voting'

SCYTL CEO Is Big Socialist Obama Supporter


SCYTL - A Clever Way To Control American 'Voting'

Why SCYTL Should Be Of Very Great Concern

A Nation Of Morons

Illuminati, Zionists Banksters Make All Wars, Revolutions - Vid

Hillary Clinton Has Become Secretary Of Hubris

Neocon Marco Rubio Wants To Rule The World

Israel Army Chief Contradicts Netanyahu On Iran

Israel Won't Demo illegal West Bank Settlement

Israel's Secret Weapon - Vid

The Lobby And The War On Iran - Vid



Hörstel - NATO, XE Push For Oppressive DeMockracy - Vid

France Threatens Syria With NATO Intervention

Islamist Egypt Wants Necrophilia Legalized Between Spouses

Bo Xilai 'Spied On China President, Other Top Leaders'

North Korea New Missiles Called 'Fakes'

UN World Plan - Carbon Taxes, Safety Nets & Green Economy

Unjust UN....A Cumbersome Uncompromising Cartel - Vid

Paul Ehrlich Calls For Reducing World Population

Drockton - My Experience With Farmers Insurance


WVa Woman $10m Judgement Against Debt Collectors

Morgellons: Plague Of The 21st Century

Mad Cow Disease - When Will We Get The Truth?

Remember! The USDA OWNS The 'Organic' Name

TV Mind Control Is Dangerous To Your Health

The Long Way Up The Mountain On Memory Lane

Young Mexicans Say US No Longer Offers Better Future

Arrest To Force BP To Reveal Gulf Spill Estimates?

TSA Goons Arrested For Taking Drugs Bribes

Illinois Swine Match 2011 Human H3N2v


Rupert Murdoch - Myth, Memory And Imagination

Will Rupert And James Murdoch Topple David Cameron?

The Ongoing Fight For Hollie Greig & Now George Farquhar

Abbas Censors Truth

Most Heartless Baseball Fans Ever? - Vid

Student Hacks CA Online Election

Best Documentary Feature - Gilad And All That Jazz - Vid

13 Yr Old On Sex Offender List Due To Online Porn

Anti-Depressants May Do More Harm Than Good

Warm Water Melting Antarctica Ice Shelf, Raising Seas


Britain Freak Weather Brings Tornadoes And Floods

Earth Faces Century Of Disasters

Pakistan Navy - The Fourth Dimension

Afghan Pitfalls

NY Woman Sacked After Giving Kidney To Save Boss

‘Robinson Crusoe’ In Blissful Seychelles Solitude For 50 Years

How To Waterproof Absolutely Anything

CA SmartMeter Opt-Out Deadline May1

US Nov Election Votes To Be Counted By Co. In Spain!

Who In Cong & FEC OKd US Vote Counting By Spain Software Co?


NY GOP Chairman Lies & Tricks Voters

Israeli Military Chief Warns Of Iran Nuke Hysteria

First Jewish Homeland Was Uganda...Then Galveston, TX!

Kirwan - Truth Has A Power All Its Own

America Is Crippled By Intellectual Idiots

Wireless Corps Working 24/7 Collecting Your Data

Truth Rarely Matters To The Left

Sinclair News - Help Us Serve You Better

Goldman Sachs Down 39%, Hires Spin Doctor


SEC Move To Shut Agency That Cut US Credit Rating

Social Security And The Mark Of The Beast


Two Women Recount Alien Abduction To Anderson Cooper - Vid

The Bantam Lake Mystery of the "UFO," or Meteorite That Fell Into Bantam Lake May Never Be Solved

What Is On Voyagers Golden Record?

Video Stream Of Earth In HD From Space To Your Screen

Who Owns Your Stuff In The Cloud?

New Hampshire Passes Fluoride Warning Bill

CA Mad Cow Caused by Cow Scraps in Feed?


Vitamin D Supplements May Cut BP Better Than Some Drugs

2012 Olympic Logo Spells ZION - Vid

4.5 And 4.2 Hit Fukushima Today

Limerick Nuke Plant Accident - 'Relax, It's Under Control'

Unclear If Any Of Japan Reactors Can/Will Be Restarted

TEPCO To Pump 1,000 Tons Radioactive Water A Into Pacific

Gingrich To Quit White House Run - Vid

Romney Stand On Immigration - Vid

Cosmic Detox And The Crumbling Matrix

Br. Nathanael - NSA's Jewish Spy Masters - Vid


Jury Fines Internet Users $13.8 Million For Being Mean

Israel Floods The Net With Nazi Style Propaganda

Another Way To Kill US Farmers

Dynamic H3N2v Human Adaptation

Military Fights Bad Image Of Microwave 'Pain Ray' - Vid

TSA Maniacs Force Pat Down On 7 Yr Old w/Cerebral Palsy

Les Visible's Lost Soliloquies Of Shakespeare - Vid

Gunderson At San Onofre - Listen - Audio

Fukushima Fallout Stayed At Inhalation Height - Diagrams

Japanese Invited To Eat Cesium Beef From Iwate


EPA Failed To Monitor, Protect Americans From Fallout

Chernobyl Cleanup Abandoned - No Return For Centuries

Agenda 21 - The End Of Western Civilization

Israel Army Chief - Iran Not Building Nuclear Bomb

All Missing MF Global Funds Found, Client Returns Unclear

S Korea Retailers Stop US Beef Sales Over Mad Cow

N. Korea Says 'Mobile Weapons' Capable Of Hitting US

Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile

New Pentagon Spy Agency To Watch The World

Some Marines To Shift From Japan To Hawaii


Pike - Emergency...Protest 'CISPA' - New Fed Net Takeover

Cispa Cybersecurity Bill Opposed By Obama

‘Internet Doomsday’ July 9, Claims FBI

Mitt Romney Is Goldman Sachs  

CT 17th State To Abolish Death Penalty

Illegals Fleeing US As Activists Ready AZ Law Blitz

Preventing Peace To Wage War

Marine Discharged For Calling Obama 'Liar' On FB

Atzmon - Remember Deir Yassin


Lobby And War Against Iran - Vid

NGOs Promote Wars For Profit

Warming Idiots Refuse To Give Up

World Temps Have Barely Risen In Decades

Lovelock Admits He Was Too Alarmist About Warming

One Person's Heaven Is Another Person's Hell

Global Population Explosion Is The End Of Iron Age

Derek, The Savant Pianist...Astonishing - Vid

Is The US Student Loan Bubble About To Burst?

KY Univ Students Under Severe Surveillance System


A Matter Of Time For A US VAT Tax

If I Wanted America To Fail - Vid

'Austerity Fatigue' Spreading To Europe's Fringes To Core

Nightmare For Merkel As Austerity Bloc Crumbles

UK Sinks Into Double Dip Recession

Useless Bankers Receiving 'Himalayan Pay Packages' - BoE chief

UK Over-50s To Be Forced To Work To 77

Corporate Police Moving Into UK

Murdoch Manipulation Of UK PM Exposed

Philippines, US Stage War Games After China Warning


Berlusconi Paid 'Conspicious Sums' To Sicilian Mafia

Bavaria To Release Hitler's Mein Kampf

Cosmic Rays Mystery

Mystery Half-Mile Wide Objects Plunging Into Saturn Rings

Etna Volcanic Fingers Of Fire

Russian Car Crash Yields Hilarious Fight, Tantrum - Vid

GM Lamb With Fish Fat On China Menu

Big Pharma Hiding Negative Clinical Trial Results

Diabetes To 'Bankrupt' UK Healthcare Within A Gen

Drugs Firm Sues Doctors For Being Cost Conscious


3rd Plant Species With Radiation Mutations In Michigan

Fault 500 Ft From Japan Nuke Plant Found - Vid

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Scorned White House

Ron Paul Wins Iowa & Going Strong - Vid

Romney Appoints Gay Spokesperson

Libel Case Against Obama's Gay Accuser Tossed

Obama Claims His Father Served In WWII


63 Active Drone Sites In The US Already

Republicans For DHS Takeover Of National Parks

Netanyahu - 'Günter Grass Has Hurt Us Profoundly'

Pentagon Announces New Spy Unit

FBI Computer Check For Malware

Grotesque TSA Pats Down 4 Yr Old After She Hugs Grandma

TSA Warrantless Bag Checks At Bus Stops Near You

Sierra Club Putting Coal Plants Out of Business

Extremists Forcing Destruction of Environment - Vid

Why Doesn't Apple Hire More US Workers?


Lost & Found - MF Global Billion$

Detroit - 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale $500

22 Elephants Massacred by Helicopter Poachers

Take Action Against Agent Orange Crops

Who Is in Charge of Defending Our Borders?

Immigration - Arizona vs Goliath

The US Is A Seething Cesspool Of Crime & Corruption

16 Reasons To Flee California

Why California Is An Awful Place To Live Now

Mad Libs For Trolls


First Criminal Arrest in BP Oil Case

The Shameful Crime Of Modern-Day Slavery

Is The NWO Dismantling British Industry?

John Ventre Of MUFON UFO Coverup On CNN - Vid

Woman Captures UFO On Video In NV Mountains - Vid

Last Pages Egypt 'Book Of The Dead' Found In Oz Museum

Over 60 Billion Supplement Doses A Year, Not One Death

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures

McGrath - Are We On Verge Of Total Collapse? - Vid

Hastings - Science And UFOs, Pt 4 - Uniformed Skeptics Duped


Are Journalists Homeland Security's Top Terrorists? 

Atzmon - On Marine Le Pen And Populism

Alan Dershowitz On Tuba

The Psychedelic Transhumanists

Mad Cow Disease In CA Dairy Cow

Cell Phones - 'Biggest Cancer Experiment Of Our Species'

Cancer Alert Over Crisps And Coffee

Mt Popo Volcano Activity Keeping Locals Awake 

Shell Nigeria Oil Spill '60x Bigger Than Claimed


Beyond Stupid MSM WaPost Calls Fukushima 'Non-Catastrophic'!

100' Underground Wall To Be Built Around Fukushima Daiichi

Fukushima Reactors Riddled With Meltdown Holes

Pressure Doubles In Reactor 2 Containment Since April 1

1,000 Tons Radioactive Water A Day To Be Dumped In Sea

FDIC In Serious Trouble  

Syria - Inter Arab Rivalries & The Hezbollah Spark - Vid

56 US Troops Investigated For Drug Use In Afghanistan

WH Press Sec. Carney Takes Shot At Sinclair News

Ralph Nader - The World’s Largest Open-Air Gulag


US Militias And The Coming American Spring

Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty Gassed-Out

5 Concepts To Remove From Public Schools

Debtors Prison System Returns

Pike - Dairy Queen Dumps GCB

Road Workers Hospitalized To Mystery Nuke Waste

DHS Agents Raid Patapsco Flea Market 

Sauder - Mark 16.18 Days And Counting... 

US Companies Dump Billions Into China

Fix Income Inequality With $10m Loans For Everyone! 

Anderson Cooper Looks into Claims of Alien Abduction


Teen Said Brain-Dead By 4 Doctors Recovers

Dubai Beaches Drowning In Smelly Human Effluent

From A Mexican Kingpin To An FBI Informant 

Fantastic Biological Street Lighting Using Glowing Plants, Trees

WH Press Sec Takes Shot At Sinclair News

Iran 'Disconnects' Oil Terminal After Hacking Attack

Half Of Iran Tanker Fleet Is Storing Oil At Sea

US Unveils Syria And Iran Technology Sanctions

Media Scoundrels Promote War On Syria

Israel Legalizes 3 More (Illegal) West Bank Settlement Outposts


Tensions Flare As Egypt Cuts Off Gas Deal With Israel

Zionist Sarko In Direct Appeal To National Front Voters

Bahrain Grand Prix State Terror

Swiss Scientists Demonstrate Mind-Controlled Robot

Ron Paul - Cispa Cyberterror Bill Means 'Big Brother' Culture

Rubio Joins Romney On Stage As VP Talk Buzzes

Mexican Immigration Down First Time In Four Decades

Walmart Shares Fall Amid Mex Bribery Coverup Allegations 

Women Sue US Military Chiefs Over Rapes

Hackers Claim Credit For CIA Site Going Offline


Tory MP Rips 'Posh Boys' Cameron And Osborne

Olympic Park Guards Forcibly Stop Journalists Photos

'We Must Spy On Social Media' - Ex-Whitehall Intel Chief

Body In Bag Spy 'Wanted To Leave MI6'

Anecdotal vs Scientific Evidence - Which Is Stronger?

Wheat - To Eat Or Not To Eat?

Circumcision - Male Genital Mutilation – Pt 2

Devvy - Sotomayor: Tax Evasion, Perjury - What Did Obama Know & When?

Romney & Obama Comparison - 2 Wings On Same Bird Of Prey

Lethal Fukushima SFP 3 & 4 Radiation Risk To West Coast - Wyden


TEPCO Photo Of Reactor 4 SFP Raises Questions

Radiation Explosion Possibilities At Reactor 4 SFP

Photos Of Alleged Supports Under Reactor 4 SFP

Reactor 4 SFP - The Highest Risk

Bottom Of One Of Daini Reactors May Have Broken Through

Hidden Nuke Lobby Influence On Climate Change Legislation

Obama Mother Not In Hawaii At Time Of Birth


Obama DOJ Seizes Family Farms Bank Accounts

Israel Will Attack Iran If May 23 Nuke Talks Fail - Report

Atzmon, Walberg And Baddar - Vid

Fox Leaves Ron Paul OUT Of Bias In Pres Race News Story 

The Rising Cost of Going (And Not Going) To College

Horrible UN Agenda 21 Plot Will Cost Trillions

If I Wanted To Destroy America - Vid

Tea Party Express Chairman...Non-Interview Interview

Google - Parents Are To Blame If Children View Porn

Social Security To Implode In 2024

Iceland's Former PM 'Guilty' Banking Crisis

Larry Silverstein Laughs All the Way To The Bank

Smart Phones Used To Track Your Every Move

Intel, Disclosures And Gossip Such As Not To Spoil Your Tea

CIA Site Downed As Anonymous Claims Attack

New Federal Agency OFR Stirs 'Orwellian' Fears

Live Goats Legs Cut Off By US Military - Vid

The Endless Line Of Dubai Sewage Tanker Trucks - Vid


Dutch PM Resigns After Austerity Talks Fail

Reptilian Illuminati Underground Base Exposed - Vid

Daylight Fireball, Explosion In NoCal Skies 

Court - Non-Jewish Man Can Sue Over Anti-Semitic Slurs 

'Squatter' Builds Secret Illegal Treehouse

Global Warming Zombie Almost Admits He Was Wrong

New Company To Mine Asteroids

UK Paedophilia Takes A Blow - Green To Be Released - Pt 2

Avocados Conquer Naturally Aging & Disease

How Sleep Affects Your Metabolism


Wyden - Extreme Nuclear Vulnerability, Especially Reactor 4 SFP

Tens Of Thousands Left In Radiation Near Fukushima Plant

Family Fleeing Radiation Watches Their Dog Trying To Join Them

Fukushima Air To Remain Radioactive To At Least 2022

Iran Recovered Data From Captured US Drone

Sanctioning Israel

Miraki - US-Afghan Deal...Treachery Against Afghans - Vid

Shift On Executive Powers Let Obama Bypass Congress

Treason From Within


Kirwan - The Yellow Brick Road

10 Important Issues Only Ron Paul Is Addressing

Dark Matter Missing But Will Astronomers See The LIght?

Altayr - Chris Christie 'Middle East Expert'

Police State Indoctrination Of The Young

Creating Chaos To Bring In Martial Law

Kirwan - The 44th Anniversary

Shaky Economies

IRS May Have Ability To Take Your Firearms

Washington's 'Weaponized Data' System


How Much Do Internet Giants Really Know About You?

5 Ways To Improve The Public School Experience

US Intel War Triggers 'Occupy Spy Base' In UK - Vid

Ireland - Why Is It Being Quietly Militarized?

GM To Build 2013 Cadillac XTS In China This Year

High Alert For Popocatepetl Volcano In Mexico 

The Duty Of The Military In A Militarized Empire

UFO Skeptics Or Debunkers?

Steaking Fireball Boom Startles Residents In 2 States

Mexico - Of Spirits And Ouija Boards


Seed Lady Network Goes Live

Grand Prix In Bahrain A Disgrace

Pakistan - Credibility vs Sacrifices

US: Liberals And Their Situational Ethics

How Daughter Suspicions Uncovered Harrowing Abuse

Marwan Barghouti - Suspect Accusations After The Fact

US In BIG Trouble With Fukushima Radiation

Huge, Mysterious Silent Satellite Spotted By Spacecraft

NSA Has Copies of Most Of Your Emails - NSA Whistleblower - Vid

Roberts -Unplugging Americans From The Matrix


First Ever Blueprints for World Government Revealed

FBI Pushes Snitch Culture With 'Communities Against Terrorism'

Chris Martenson, Harvey Organ - Get Gold & Silver

Parsons Blames Glass-Steagall Repeal For Crisis

Asian Call Center Workers Trained With US Tax Dollars

Spirit Airlines Pulls Spoof Ad Under WH Pressure

Fast & Furious: The Third Smoking Gun

Drone Use Escalates in the US

Cool Sound And Water Experiment - Vid

$60 LED light Bulb


First Pieces Of Japanese Tsunami Debris Reach Alaska

Fukushima Is Falling Apart...Are You Ready?

Chernobyl Expert Studying Tohoku Trees

1 Dead, 15 Hurt In Japan Chemical Plant Blast

TEA Party vs GOP Establishment - Fact Or Fiction?

Ron Paul Still In Race - Millions in Funding, Zero Debt

The Proliferation of Invasive Surveillance Technologies 

New Chips Allows Mobile Devices To See Through Walls

Colleague Of Murdered Dr. Kelly Found 'Suicided' In Field


Israel Army Chief Says IDF Ready For Iran War  

Is This Israel's Last Independence Day?

Iran Says It Has Reverse Engineered US Spy Drone

Security Council Authorizes 300 Syrian Monitors

Heywood Death News Went Straight To Obama

Creepy, Predictive (?) SNL News Skit Pre 9/11 - Vid

A Tale Of Two Houses

Koozzoo TV FaceSCAN Commentary

Face Scanning Technology Exploding - Vid

Greek Town Revolutionary Barter System Without Euro

Drockton - 90% Silver Dime vs Regular Dimes

Silver Bullion va The Dollar

How To Delete Yourself From The Internet

Google Schmidt, James Cameron Back Space Mining Venture

1,000 Villagers Sees UFOs, Reporters Rush To The Scene

The TSA Goes Or We Go!

Food Stamp Spending More Than Double Since 2008

Brit Critical Of Mossad Israeli Airport Security - Pt 3

Fulford-Wilcock And The False Hope Energy Heist 

Cops Can Be Fired For Protecting Man From Police Brutality


Cops Liable For Arresting Citizens For Recording Under CT Bill

Wal-Mart Silenced Mexico Bribe Inquiry

Pakistan Plane Crash - No Sign Of Mechanical Failure

Protesting For Justice In Bahrain

Bahrain Protests Escalate After Dead Activist Found

MI5 Agents Betrayed Libyan Dissidents To Gaddafi

Family Courts - 'Experts' Paid To Get It Horribly Wrong

Oligarch Deripaska Armed Guards Protected Empire

8 Food Frauds On Your Shopping List 

FDA Targets Nanoparticles In Food, Appliances


China Unearths 3,000 Ancient Buddhas 1,500 Years Old

Recent Indonesia Quake Added Pressure To Key Fault

Loggers Killing Us Say Endangered Amazon Tribe

Circumcision - Male Genital Mutilation

Bioenergetic Diagnostic & Treatment Devices - Know Caveats!

Monatomic Gold - A Proven Agent Of Healing

Gundersen - TEPCO Doesn't Have Money To Fix Problems

World Ignoring The Lessons Of Fukushima

Lessons Learned From Fukushima Daiichi - Vid

42,700 Bq/kg In Incineration Ash In Tochigi


2,170 Tons Of Over 8,000 Bq/kg Radioactive Melted Slag

Only 26% In Japan More Concerned About Food Safety

When Everything Has To Be A Conspiracy

A Slick Trick On The NDAA And Indefinite Detention

Are We Irradiated Mutants In A Techno-Spiritual Matrix?

Meteorologist Piers Corbyn Brands Met Office 'Lying Scum'

Pelosi Wants To Amend The First Amendment!

Organizations That Have Sought To Use Drones

Kirwan - Cutting California’s Courts

Rense & Texe Marrs - Attacked By Huge Centipede! - Vid

GSA Auctions Top-Secret US Navy Stealth Ship


Hundreds Of US Tomahawks Deployed Near Iran

Iran Displays Nanotech Achievements At China Import Expo

Zionist Regime And Palestine

Israel Forces Gaza Zoo To Use Dead Animals

Where The ‘Self’ Ends And The ‘West’ Begins

Grand Prix Hypocrisy In Bahrain

Autism Epidemic & Vanishing Bees - Common Denominator?

Pentagon Urge FL Pastor Not To Burn Koran

Cyber-Attack Cripples US Site Covering Bo Xilai Scandal

UK Planning Hidden Subsidies For Nuclear Power


Cameron Family Fortune Make In Tax Havens

Nine US Banks Examined On Overdraft Fees?

Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, Including Your Location

What If 3rd Place Election Candidates Had Won Since 1980?

Drockton Financial Report

UK To Microchip Every New Pup

OK2BME, Like, Totally, In Sticky Wicket Township

Elite Power Threatened By Technological Progress

UN 'Aid' Prgm Used For NATO 'Humanitarian Corridors'

America's Gulf Disaster Revisited


Who Is The Real Enemy?

Brutish Britain Reflects The End Of Civilization

Tens Of Thousands Protest Military In Egypt Tahrir Square

G20 Doubles IMF War Chest Amid Fears On Europe

US To Store EU Air Travel Details For 15 Years

Ansel Adams Captures 1940s Los Angeles - Photos

Snoring Door Mouse - Vid

Scientists Finds Brain Areas Responsible For Spirituality

African Continent Sitting On Vast Reservoir Of Water

SF 'World Rudest Waiter' Restaurant Shuts 100 years


'We Still Don't Know What's Going Inside The Reactors'

'Territory Deactivation', Health Effects Studied By Specialists

Japanese Seaweed Radiation Doubles

LA Air Even Hotter With Radiation

Pentagon Worker - Israelis Have Taken US, Agents At All Levels

AK GOP Cheating Ron Paul In Delegate Process - Vid

Romney Father From A Mexican Polygamist Commune

McGrath RT - TSA Pushing For Body Scanners Nationwide? - Vid

Breitbart Cause Of Death 'Heart Failure'

Virginia Rejects NDAA Indefinite Detention

New EPA Fracking Rules Are A Joke


Chemtrail Geoengineering Lawsuit Moves Forward

Obama Attys Try To Censor Videos Of NJ Ballot Challenge

SCOTUS Will Betray Americans In Favor Of Obamacare

Vietnam - Mystery Disease Kills 19, Sickens 171

Rotary & Freemasons Share Mausoleum in Israel - Vid

Corrupt Rotary Club Brags About UN Influence

Police Force & The 'Bad Actor'

Mexico 'Popo' Volcano Shoots Glowing Rocks

China Top Military Paper Warns Armed Confrontation


Monsanto Buys A Threat

Hackers May Cause Many To Lose Internet In July

UFO Fleet Seen At Freckley Hollow

HIV Drugs Are As Addictive As Crack

We're All Branch Davidians Now

Cinnamon Fights Heart Disease & Arthritis

Jamail - BP Blamed For Ongoing Health Problems 

Oil Still 'Seeps' In The Gulf - Photos

Fukushima Meltdown, Melt Through Within The First Day! - Vid

Illinois Bishop Compares Obama Actions To Hitler


Obama Ratchets Up Race Tension On Rosa Parks Bus

Obama Illegally Spying On US Journalists? - Vid

Official - Rockets Fired At Israel Came From Libya

Atzmon - 'Never Again' Is An Empty Slogan

Peres Claws Holocaust

Israel Using Oslo To Steal More West Bank Land

Warning - Visiting Israel Is Dangerous

Western Leaders Threaten Syria As Ceasefire Fails

Tehran Video & Comment On Political Islam - Vid

Panetta & Clinton Stir Up Fear Over N Korea - Vid


China Assisting NK Missile Program Says Panetta

UFO Sighting Near Korean Demilitarized Zone - Vid

China Mocks India 'Missile Delusion' After Rocket Test

US Drone Atrocities In Yemen Are 'Crucial' Says Panetta

Bo Xilai Case Shines Light On China Corruption

Bo Xilai 'Responsible For Two More Deaths'

Here We Go Again

NeoCon Republicans Infiltrate the Liberty Movement

Congress: Hard At Work Or Hardly Working?

A Thick And Toxic, Restless Soup


Agenda 21 Master Plan

Monsanto Buys Bee Research Lab To Cover Tracks

Enviros Are Forcing A Cattle Rustlin' Showdown

Bill Gates & WHO Polio Paralysis Epidemic

Book - JFK Mistress Murdered By CIA...'Knew Too Much'

Martin - More Abuse Of Psychiatry In The JFK Coverup

Last Surviving FBI Agent At JFK Autopsy Dies

IMF Lagarde In Last Ditch Effort To Raise Funds

German Tempers Boil Over Back-Door Euro Rescues

Shoppers Paying Same For Ever Smaller Products


Does PayTag Mean The End Of Cash In Your Pocket?

Federal Government War On Drugs & Truth

Was Murdered Briton An MI6 Spy?

Hollande Builds Lead, Sarko Allies Admit Writing On Wall

Is The Dark Matter Theory Dead?

AfPak - Mutiny On The Bounty

Hacking Scandal Tightens On The Murdochs

Black Firefighter Abused And Tasered By Met Cops

How Net Port Turned Boy Into 'Hollow, Self-Hating Shell'

Why So Surprised Children Are Addicted To Porn

Rickets - The Facts

Mother Dies - 'Drank 18 Pints Of Coca-Cola A Day

Round The World In 6 Hrs Via Vacuum Tube Transport

Japan Nuke Bomb Program Hidden As Energy, Space Effort

Japanese Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed

Japan TV Shows Photos Of Deformed Plants (Radiation)

Employee Says Safety A Taboo Topic At TEPCO - Vid

Two Years On, Sick Fish All Around BP Disaster Site

Gulf Sea Life Deformities Raise Questions - Obvious Answers - Vid

The Entire Gulf Of Mexico Ecosystem Is Being Decimated


Fish Deformities, Gulf Of Mexico Alarms Scientists

Damage To The Gulf Of Mexico Becoming More Blatant

Obama WH Writes Rights Out Of New Indefinite Detention Law

Breivik And Netanyahu

Surprises In The Israeli-Iranian Duel

McGrath - Exposing The Monster That Is Coming - Vid

Smart Phones To Replace All Cash Payments In 5 Years

Japan Trade Deficit Hits Record High

Ted Nugent On The NRA News Set - Vid

The American Who Quit Money  

FL Stand Your Ground Law


Project Bluebeam - Fake Image Of Religious Figures In Sky?

Stephenville, Texas UFO Incident Radar Data Plotted

Lyme Disease Spreads In Midwest

India - A State Sponsoring Terrorism

India Test Fires MIssile That Can Reach Beijing, Europe 

Cops Take Kids DNA in Murder Case 

Guide To Biometric Enrollment At The Post Office

Evolution Seen In 'Synthetic DNA'

People’s Daily Site Raises $222 In Enlarged IPO  

Gun Police Swoop With Helicopter In Driveway Feud


How Peanuts Fed The Confederacy - Vid

Spider Bites Can Be Deadly

The Electromagnetic Effects On Consciousness

Olympic Commissioned Bouncy Stonehenge - Vid

93% Of Us Have Plastic In Blood, Urine - BPA - Vid

14 Other Japan Reactors In 'Severely' Damaged Condition - Vid

10 Times More Cesium Released That Govt Admits - Vid

Fukushima Operation Admits Falsifying Data - Vid

Romney's Vision Of A Gay America

Br Nathanael - Messiah Came To Conquer Death - Vid


UFOs & Popocatépetl Volcano 

Only In America

Ex S/S Agent  & Senate Candidate Accused Of Lying - Vid

FKN News With Deek! - Vid

Eliza Interviews Morris On The Illuminati - Vid

Morris - Preparations For A War...Voice Over - Vid

The Electromagnetic Effects On Consciousness

Protect Yourself From Smart Meter Slow Death - Vid

Collectively Punishing Palestinian Prisoners, Families

US Stonewalls Bo Xilai scandal


How China's Bo Affair Rattled The White House

Peres Mauls Holocaust

Syrian Ceasefire Has 'Failed' Says UN Chief

First Photos Of Colombia Escort In S/S Hooker Scandal 

McGrath - Welcome To Crazy Town

Goldman Sachs Tied To Sordid World Of Monied Elite

18 Diagrams Show How Corrupt American ‘Democracy’ Is

UFOs Over St Petersburg Were A 'Huge Spaceship'

Lyme Disease - The Perfect Storm Headed Our Way

Defending The Indefensible


Another False Flag story

Visualizing America's Derivatives Universe

Coldest May In 100 Years - Forecasters

Deadly Airborne Fungus Reaches Pacific Northwest

Breitbart Cause of Death Expected By Tomorrow

Khader Adnan - Freed For How Long?

The Gulf of Mexico Is Dying – Pt 2

Deepwater Unknowns - Two Years After

Portland Intl Airport Scanning Protester Strips Naked

Austin Police Shoot Dog Dead At WRONG Address


Was Stonehenge Designed For Sound?

Scientists Make 'Sonic Screwdriver'

Child Sex Abuse In The Church - Alliance Demands Inquiry

What Is Killing The Tasmanian Devil?

Japan's Gruesome Downplaying Of The Fukushima Calamity

Are Executive Orders Shackling The Constitution?

Obama To Look Into Bush’s War Crimes?

YT Restricts Viewing Of Brutal Israeli Beating Of Activist 

Atzmon On Günter Grass - Vid

Jews Framing Gentiles For 'Anti-Semitic' Hate Crimes - Vid


Atzmon - Rabbis For Violence, Brutality And Abuse

Mr Aleppo - Desperate Syrians Update - Vid

US Troops Pose With Body Parts Of Afghan Bombers

Radar-Evading F-35 Shows On Washington Radar

India Long-Range Missile Can Reach Into China  - Vid

Parents Sue Apple Over Kids Costly & Highly Addictive Apps

UFO Fireball Gives Arizona News Team Jitters - Vid

Week 2 In Bantam Lake UFO - 'Smoking Gun' Investigating 

Astonishing Archeological Discovery In Turkey - Vid

Duct Tape Save Airplane After Bear Attack

Gunderson - More Cesium In SFP 4 Than All Nukes Ever Exploded

Gunderson - No Way To Remove Fuel In My Lifetime

How Japan Disposes Of 16,000 Bq/kg Radioactive Ash!

Dead Fetuses, Defects - Fukushima Med Now Dracula's

EnviroReporter Michael Collins Warns About Catastrophe - Vid

How In Hell Is Romney Winning? - Vid

Kirwan - Cynical Times

Afghanistan - America's Lost War

Boehner-McConnell Endorsement Less Than Convincing

The Dark Matter Around The Sun Is MISSING


Mass Seafood Deformities Showing In Gulf Of Mexico - Vid

Pike - It's Over between Overstock.Com And GCB

Listen My Children, And You Shall Hear...

Failure In Cartagena, Colombia

US Vets Suicide At A Rate Of One Every 80 Minutes

Brown - How The Goldman Vampire Squid Captured Europe

'Pre-Crime' In America

Of Helium Heads And New Beachfront Properties

The Foolish Exporting Natural Gas Policy

The Staggering Image Possibilities Of Women In Makeup - Vid

No Forensic Background? No Problem

FBI Lures Animal Rights Groups To Inform On Each Other

TSA Harass Elderly Couple in Wheelchair, Money Stolen

WWII Kodachrome Photos Of WWII Homefront America

Deep UFO Denial Disguised As Rational Skepticism

Celente - All Aboard! Next Train To Auschwitz

Kirwan - Justifying Tomorrow

Adventurer, Jeff Rense Guest Joyce Murphy Passes

Survivor Used Telepathy To Save Herself On Mt - Vid

Rendlesham Forest UFO Debated On UK TV - Vid

When Northwest Logging Was Young - Pics


American Scientific Ufology Is Dead!

Swedish Minister Celebrating With ”n*g*er Cake”

5 Yr Old US Girl Dies Of Cough Medicine Overdose

Curcumin Lowers Heart Attack Risk After Surgery

Online Trolls Open Fake Facebook Account

Public Mood Being Tracked On Twitter

Tweeters Thought Titanic Disaster Was Just A Film

NASA Cameras Catch Spectacular Solar Flare

Stadium-Sized Artificial Floating Volcano To Fix Climate?

Mexico Raises Volcano Alert Level


Dick Clark, America's Oldest Teen, Dies At 82

Woman Sobs As Obama TSA Thug 'Sexually Violates' - Vid

Google - Sergey Brin Double Standard On Net Freedom

The Jewish Origin Of Saudis And Wahabis

Iran Has Foiled Israeli Terrorist Plots

Russia - 'External Forces' Of ndermining Syria peace

China Meets With Syrian Foreign Minister

Huge New Detention Camp For Israeli Migrants  

Israel Cmdr Loses Post After Rifle Butt Incident

Günter Grass Hospitalized For 'Scheduled Investigation'

US, British Fears  Over Obama Anti-White, Anti-US Dad


DOG TV - Television For Dogs Launches In US

War On Drugs Should End - Establishment Think Tank

Militarization Of Cyberspace - World Power Struggle Online 

Not If But When For Spanish Bailout - Experts

Euro Collapse Might Cause 'Great Depression' - IMF

Britain Faces £50 Billion More In Cuts Warns IMF

Sins Of UK Colonialists Lay Concealed For Decades

Britain Destroyed Records Of Colonial Atrocities

Tough Georgia Cops Handcuff 6 Yr Old Over Tantrum

Baby Stolen After Mother Shot Dead In Texas


Sen Wyden...Extremely Frightened About Reactor 4 SFP - Vid

Radiation Coverups - Fukushima, Los Alamos, Ft Calhoun - Vid

Fukushima Catastrophe Worsened By Technospheric Breakdown

Japan Times - The Catastrophic Effects Of Fukushima

Foreign Warships In Gulf 'Insignificant' To Iran

Israel Can Start A War And The US Can't Stop It

Israel's Real Easter Pilgrims

WW3 - US Expands Worldwide Military Activity

McGrath - Revealing Who The Government Works For - Vid

Costs, Consequences Of Exposing Drone Wars


The Great Global Lies Necessary For Slavery

4th Annual TEA Party Tax Day - Vid

Black Helicopters, Armed Soldiers Drills In Downtown Chicago

Sauder - Where Are Those Deep Underground Bases? - Pt 2

BP Corexit Oil Tar Sponged Up By Human Skin

Farrakhan Stirring Up Racism At Colleges

Lynch Mob Psych & Global Media Manhunt Killed Humanity

Sick & Disturbing TSA Fetish - Vid

Will GMOs Really Feed The World? - NO

800 Corporations Support CISPA To Crush The Internet


Warren Buffett Has Prostate Cancer

Argentina To Nationalize Spanish Oil Corp

IMF - Recovery Fragile...Risk Of Relapse High

Giant Sinkhole In Sweden Keeps Expanding

Los Angeles Bans Frisbees On Beach - Vid

US Government Most Secret Town?

Democracy, Human Rights And Terrorism

Many Link Weather Extremes to Climate Change

25% Of Women Misdiagnose Themselves Online

How To Fix Healthcare...Stop The Drug Insanity


Lottery Winner Faces Jail Time For Welfare Fraud

28 Of 100 Fukushima Pregnancies Result In Abortion, Miscarriage

Japan Govt More Desperate - May Proposed Rolling Blackouts

Geiger Counter vs Scintillator - Vid

Mystery - Underground Water Disappearing In SoCal

Ron Paul vs Romney On National Defense

Altayr - Go To Hell, Ron Paul

S/S Grabs Reporter Who Asked Gingrich About Fox

Haaretz Unveils New iPad App In Tel Aviv

Fears Grow Spain Will Need Bailout


Assassination In Cold Blood In A Quiet Village

Another ‘Don’t Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste’ Moment?

H5N1 Transmission Changes In Egypt

Wild Birds Most Kawaoka H5N1 Transmission Changes

UK Fracking Extended Despite Causing Quakes

Fracking - Green Groups Denounce OK Of Exploration

Central Chile Rattled By Strong Earthquake

Evidence George Zimmerman Is Guilty Of 1st Degree Murder

Clarity - A Shout Out To Morris - Vid

The Dyslexic Prophetic And Its Attendant Diametric

Where Does You Sausage Come From? The Grotesque Truth - Vid

Heineken Unveils New 'Cold Storage Room' For Beer

Positive Lightning Strike, Tornado & Earthquake Swarms

US CoC Supports Internet Freedom-Crushing CISPA - PDF

Quake, Tsunami, Meltdown Meld As Global Perfect Storm

How To Fix Healthcare - Stop The Drug Insanity

Surveillance Powers A 'Destruction Of Human Rights'

Ultrasound Prostate Cancer Treatment - 'Perfect Results'

Sugar Warning For 'Healthy Drinks'

Mystery Disease Turning Cats Into Living Robots


Giant Step Taken Toward DARPA Robot Army

Romney Non-Caring Dog Comment Bites Back Hard

Mormon Hanging Towers Of Babylon Damaged By Fire  

Ron Paul vs Romney On National Defense   

Marine Insurance The Stranglehold On Iran?

Iran Wants West To Lift Sanctions Over Alleged Nuke Program

Mass Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

1,200 Palestinian Prisoners Begin Hunger Strike

Nuclear Monitors To Be Refused Access To N Korea


Beating Up On North Korea And Iran 

China Decries Tokyo Plan To Buy Disputed Isles

Australian Troops To Exit Afghanistan A Year Early

Bin Laden Family To Be Deported From Pakistan

Egypt 'Needs £7.5 Billion Bailout To Avoid Bankruptcy'

Argentina Endangers Euro

Race Is Still The Issue For The PC Culture

US Empire Using Hard Times To File Army Ranks With New 'Meat'

Rothschild Plan 3 Mile High Light For Olympics

Rothschild Olympics Right Clampdown Underway


US And China Engage In Cyber War Games

Intolerance In The Sunshine State

US - Where Is Justice?

Russia Overtakes UK, France In Global Arms Spending

Former MI6 Deputy Joins Call To End War On Drugs

Sarko Hides £50,000 Watch

Former Argentine dictator admits regime 'disappeared' 8,000

Top 10 Rules for Proper Food Combining

UK School Kids Get Detention For Forgetting Paper

Beauty Salon Fingerprinting Customers For Sunbed Use


New Footage Of #3 Spent Fuel Pool - Vid

Visual Tour Of Fukushima Fuel Pools

Stunning Daylight S Korea Jetliner-UFO Encounter - Vid

Large Rift Between Obama, Netanyahu Bursts Into The Open

DARPA - Hybrid Insect Micro Electromechanical Systems (HI-MEMS)

Troops Stay In Afghan So Obama Not Called Loser - Vid

Warming Alarmists Are Wrong - Asian Glaciers Increasing

Israeli TV Report Shows AF Gearing For Iran Attack

How The Press Can Collapse Zionist Israel

The Olympic Orbit Exposed

Latin Leaders Push To End War On Drugs


GCB - Becoming Even More Blasphemous

Rense & Jim Marrs - Fun Chat With Jim! Pt 2 - Vid

DHS Puts In Big Order For More Ammo

Rothschild Olympics Facing 'Lone Wolves' Threat

NASA Wastes $10 Million On Algae Oil

Hey GOP! You're Not The Boss Of Me!

Establishment Refuses To Admit Reality Of Prohibition

Cover-Up - Children Of Agent Orange Victims - Vid

New Mexico Company To Slaughter Horses For Meat

How Toxic Are You? - Vid


Cancer-Linked Fluoride Fails To Stop Cavities

Austerity - Spanish King In $42,000 Elephant Hunt

Tupac Hologram Live At Coachella - Vid

How Tupac Arose From The Grave

Revolutionize Understanding Of Quantum Computing?

Brides Pay Big For Nose Tube Feedings To Lose Weight

Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools Danger Worse Than Revealed

TEPCO To Begin Covering SFP #4 Tomorrow

Who Is Really In Control Of This World - Vid

Rense & Jim Marrs - Fun Chat With Jim! - Vid


WH STAFF Involved In Columbia Prostitute Scandal Ignored

Israel Criminalizes Travel

West And Iran Step Closer To Accord - Israel Worried

Israeli Soldier Clubs Danish Protester With Rifle - Vid

Atzmon - Rabbis For Violence, Brutality And Abuse

Worrisome Security Council Syrian Resolution

How US Uses Sex Humiliation As Political Tool

Sheikh Haneef - From Drones To Political Islam - Vid

Europe Suicides ‘By Economic Crisis’ Soar

UN Promotes Sustainable Development With Law


What Is CIA Hiding About Missing Sandusky DA
Kirwan - The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants

Susan Cain - The Power Of Introverts - Vid

A Ruminating Perspective On An Unknown Theme

Mexico Quake Cause 'Tsunami' At Devil's Hole, NV - Vid

Mysterious Lights Recorded Near St. Petersburg - Vid

Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano Awakens

US Allies Call For Drug Legalization

Lost Boy Finds Mom Using Google Earth

We’ll Protect Your Private Data


Japan Media, Academia Try To Hide Dangers

Soros Pledges $10 Million To Defeat Sheriff Arpaio

3000 Dolphins Killed By Oil Explorers' Sonar

Harvard Law School's Course 'Understanding Obama' - Vid

Turkey Pushes NATO To Protect (Invade) Syria

Pike - Mockery of Jesus - A Jewish Tradition

Bollyn - 9-11...The Deception That Changed the World

Has The GOP Made A Mistake By Dismissing Paul?

US Roads, Bridges Being Built By Chinese Companies

The Church Of Malthus

Top 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers & Their Paid Politicians


Colombia Calls On US & Canada To End Drug War

TARP Profits: Obscene Federal Reserve Lies - Vid

UAE National IDs Embedded In Cell Phones

Japan - Biometric ATM That Identifies User Palms

SSRis & Mutation In The CYP450 Gene May Cause Illness

Anti-Depressants Harm Heart, Brain & Bones

ALL Nuclear Power May End In Japan

Now Only One Temp Thermometer Left In Reactor #2

Ron Paul The New Anti-Romney

Five Dead In Midwest Tornados And Storms - Photos


Cyberbullying Worse & More Widespread Than Bullying

Google Paying Users To Track 100% Of Net Usage

Hacking Expert Joins Urgent Call To Stop Smart Grid

US Military Making Plans For Alien Invasion - Vid

Incredible Cosmic Night Sky Beauty - The Mountain - Vid

Celebrate International Dark Sky Week - Vid

US Secret Service Sex Scandal Widens To Military

Napolitano Signed AZ 'Stand Your Ground' Law In 2006

More Evidence U.S. Police Brutality Is Out Of Control - Vid


Dangerous Intrigue Around Neil Heywood Death In China

Iran Imposes Oil 'Counter-Sanctions' On EU

Nuclear Chess

1600 Pal Detainees To Start Hunger Strike April 17

Kosher Face - A Glimpse Into Self Love - Vid

The 'Chosen', Christian Zionism & The MidEast Crisis

Watch The Newest Israel Brutal Fascism - Vid

Letter to The Criminal Occupation Prime Minister

Iran, Syria, N Korea - The World Sitting On A Tinderbox?

Pakistan Militants Free Hundreds Of Prisoners


Stop Islamization Of Nations (Sion) Group On Rise Globally

George Washington Named Britain Greatest Ever Foe

Obama Secretary Pays Higher Tax Rate Than He Does

The DROCKTON Financial Report 4-15-12

Barclays Rocked By New Claim Of Swaps Mis-Selling

Kirwan - Who Speaks For The Future?

The Rothschild Olympic Elite Lane BMWs For VIPs

TSA Tests ID Scanning Machines At Washington Dulles

Zombie Survival 'Google Map' For Guns, Food After Apocalypse

Map Of The Dead Zombie Survival Map


Physicists Work To Abolish Time As 4th Dimension Of Space

Hypatia And Library Of Alexandria Remembered

The Swine Flu Smorgasbord Cuisine Of Rot

Haters Of Humanity - The Church Of Malthus

Poland, Solidarity And The Third Way

Feeding Death Squads - UN World Food Program In Ethiopia

Mehanna - Criminalized For Doing The Right Thing

Cannibalism In Sao Paulo

Spiritual Seeker Quest, From Blondie To Swedenborg

Travis Walton & Witnesses Talk Famous ET Abduction - Vid


Mountain Lions Raid Ranches In Red Bluff, CA

Beneath The Ice...The Last Salam

Mt Etna - 6 Cams Updated Every Minute

Soccer Player Dies Of Heart Attack - Aspartame Sports Drinks

Two Merck Drugs May Have Sexual Side Effects

Obesity - Doctors Condemn Fast 'Food' Marketing

Prostate Cancer Vax Contains GM DNA

Qatar The Fattest Nation On earth

Healthcare Pricing A Struggle For Consumers

Are Dental X-Rays Causing Brain Tumors?

Opiate Narcotics Painkillers Are A Danger To All

Gallbladder Removal - How It Can Be Avoided?

Man Show Butt Via Saggy Pants In Court - Gets 3 Days

Russian Flash Mob Wedding...'Puttin' On The Ritz' - Vid

Vietnam Cops Clings To Windshield Wipers Of Speeding Bus - Vid

Shocking 2011 Japan Earthquake Visualization Map - Vid

TEPCO Checking Levelness Of Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool

Twisters Tear Thru Kansas - More Expected Sunday - Vid

Romney Rips Obama, Courts NRA - Vid

Truly Frightening Terrorists - Active Domestic Enemies


Navy - $21b For 3 Destroyers To Counter China

Vote Fraud, Obama Eligibility & Clinton Cover Up - Vid

Madsen - $30m Libel Suit Dropped Against Larry Sinclair, Others

Hate Is Hate

Daily Kos Censored Liberal Me

Money For Drugs & It All Ain't Free

IMF Wealth & Power Redistribution

Dershowitz Rips Prosecutor Of George Zimmerman - Vid

Former TSA Head Criticizes 'Easter Egg Hunt'

$2000 Bounty Placed On India Vampires


DARPA Contact Lenses Are 3-D Battle Screens

Reporter Duped By UFO Debunkers

CO Dept Of Public Health & Environment Called Today...

Fluoride Has Already Caused 10,000 Deaths

UK Funds Forced Sterilisation Of India Poor

Herbal Tea from Miyagi Had 20,290 Bq/Kg of Radioactive Cesium

Iran Shuts Tankers Trackers To Cloak Supply Routes

A Rare Admission From Israel

Syria - Another 'Humanitarian War' Of Lies & Deceit

The Ring Of Fire Is Roaring To Life


$30m Defamation Suit Dropped Against Larry Sinclair, Others

Trailer - Julian Assange...‘The World Tomorrow’ - Vid

American Nazi Party Gets First Lobbyist

Vermont Senate Votes To Overturn Citizens United

Operation Sarkozy

America At War With Itself

'Shiny Space Object' Crashes In Russian Siberia (Irkutsk)

NY Daily News On Siberian UFO Crash

Two RAF Jets Scrambled - UFO Over Somerset

Trooper, Motorist - Mysterious Object Fell From Sky


More Kubrick? Proof Apollo Flag Was Added Later

Bad Spaghetti-O's, Bad Poetry & Tribe Slime Culture

Britain Sold More That 50% Of Companies To Foreigners

IDF Admits Barring Palestinians' Access To Own Fields

Monsanto's Crimes - Why We Can't Trust The EPA

The 'Mac' Of All Trades

TWENTY More Quakes Pound Fukushima

Japan Times On 35 Ton Machine Falling Into #3 MOX SFP

Romney Turned His Back On 911 Widows & Orphans  

10,000 MPH Tunnel 'Train' Used For Underground Bases?


US Hit In Worst Drought In Years

The Rich Are Different From You And Me

Possible FEMA Camp In Concord New Hampshire?

Mt. Etna Erupts - World Quakes Increase

Incognito DHS Facility Located?

The 9 Lives Of Mugabe - What's Next For Zimbabwe?

Israel Cancels Air Tickets Of British 'Flytilla' Activists

Israel's Lawless Settlement Project

Drop Mel Gibson Film, Jewish Group Demands


US Warns Iran Again 

Syrian Insurgents Violate Ceasefire

German Ship Halted With Arms For Syria

China Turning Yuan Into Fully Tradable Global Currency

Desperately Behind In Polls Sarko Attacks UK Again

Fracking Tied to Unusual Rise in Earthquakes in U.S.

Goldman Sachs Chief Takes 35% Pay Cut Down To $12m

Obama Policy In 'Tatters' After N K Rocket Launch

Obama Secret Service Relieved Of Duty Over 'Prostitution'  

Bo Xilai Son Taken From His Home Near Harvard 


LAPD Fire 90 Rounds At Teen In High Speed Chase

Contact Lenses Let Cops Watch Through Drones Overhead

GM Human Stem Cells Can Hunt Down, Kill HIV 

McGrath - Revealing The American Takeover - Vid

Radiation Discharge Near Philadelphia Kept Secret By NRC

New Romney Scandal a Major Campaign Threat  

Kirwan - Let's Cut To The Chase

Dave Martin - Washington Post Distorts Trayvon Martin News

Remarkable Texas Hail Photos

Gandhi On Jews And Hitler - Vid


Devvy - Judicial Cowardice...A Stench Rolling Across America

Litchfield Buzzing With Talk Of UFO Falling Into Bantam Lake 

Oz Cops Want People To Report Crimes On Facebooik

Eyewatch - Big Fat Brother

UT-WVA H3N2v Match Signals Human Transmission

Harry Mason - Telsa Scalar Weapons And The Aum Cult - Vid

COREXIT Still Being Sprayed Into Gulf Of Mexico!

Soros - Eurozone Crisis Now In 'More Lethal Phase'

Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt For The Population  

Günter Grass - What Must Be Said - Vid


Zionism And Jewish Identity Politics, Pt 1- Vid

China-Made Subway Trains Arrive In Argentina

Was Chernobyl Revenge For The Russian Woodpecker?

'Trading huddles' Earn Goldman Sachs $22m Fine

Lehman Administrators Earn £500m In Fees

Wall St Banksters Don't Know Why People Hate Them - Vid

US Economy 'An Amazing Ride For The Rich' - Vid

Euro Railway Companies Eye Greek Network Sale

Argentina Poised To Seize Spanish Oil Firm Repsol Assets

Christian Anti-Gay Adverts Pulled By London Mayor


Inside Most Exclusive Guest House For Ex-Presidents

India, US Spat After Bollywood Star Held In NY Airport

Mimi Veggie Sausage - Vid

35 Ton Crane Fell Into, On Top Of Reactor #3 SFP Fuel Pool!

TEN 4-5M Quakes Pound Fukushima In Last Day Alone

172x Over Limit Cesium In Sendai Area Tea - Drink Up!

End Of Obama? Israel Supports Romney

The Truth About Bag Of Bones Barack

Impeach 2012

Massive Black Sphere Found In Sun Corona - Vid


Günter Grass - Israel Ban Reminds Him Of East German Stasi

Iran 'Will Not Retreat' From Nuclear Rights - Ahmadinejad

Iran Intellectuals Raise Alarm Over War

Iran Nuclear Talks

Syria - Turkey Threatens To Invoke NATO Self-Defence Article

Energy Weapon? - NK Rocket Explodes After 90 Seconds

Sarko Lied About Visiting Fukushima During Japan Trip

US Now Trying To Trigger Color Revolution In Pakistan

Mexico Hit By 6.5 And 6.9 Quakes

Mt Etna Spews Blood-Red Lava Into The Air


Ooops - Scientists Finally Admit '99% Certainty' Of Life On Mars

BP Accused Of Cutting Corners In Gulf Clean Up 

Video Of Boy Shocked 31 Times For Not Removing Coat 

Yes, The 99% Spring Is A Fraud

Draconian Cybersecurity Bills

Gene Therapy Enables Parkinson Sufferer To Write Again

Chemicals In Make-Up, Plastics Linked To Diabetes

Rome Prosecutors Link Vatican Cleric To Missing Girl

German Civil Says 'Did Nothing For 14 Years'

Silvio Berlusconi Paid €127,000 To Witnesses In Trial


£15 Million Superyacht Controlled By an iPad

NZ: New $700 Million NH-90 Helicopters Flawed

Pigeons Sixth Sense Eludes Scientists

FOUR More Quakes Over 4.0 Hit Fukushima In One Hour

Reactor 4 SFP Temperature Begins To Rise Quickly

Vote All You Want, The Flight Plan Stays On Course

Judge Napolitano - Obama Assault On Free Speech - Vid

Wayne Madsen - Obama And Hillary

Romney Snubs Local Media

Who Really Controls The World?

Treasury Snubs Struggling Homeowners

FL GOP Spokesman Resigns

American Exceptionalism

Acoustic Devices To Be Used On Chicago Protesters

Joni Mitchell To Quit Music To Help Morgellons sufferers

US War On Whistleblowers - Vid

And You Thought It Was Just 'Pink' Slime

FDA Limits Some Use Of Antibiotics In Livestock

Storm Dumps Waist-High Hail In Texas Panhandle

Chaippalone - Vitamin D Alert

A Green, Glowing Object Falls in Bantam Lake, CT

Daylight Disc Over And Through Downtown Dallas - Vid

Uruguay - Campers Witness UFO On Good Friday

2012 Media Myth On H3N2v Transmission

Suicide Flourishes In The Nevada Desert

Why Lunch Is No Longer Required In California

Beware The Bucky Balls - Radiation Is Here To Stay

Extremely High Radioactive Wave Heading Toward US

N Korea Rocket Fails - Breaks Up, Fall Into Ocean - Vid


Obama Drones Threaten World Civilization

The Babylonian Captivity Of Washington

Navy Sued Over Repeal Over Don't Ask, Don't Tell 

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Jude - Emergency Can't Restrict Constitutional Rights 

Houston Councilwoman Warns Of Agenda 21 In City Works

The Preacher Hood Of Wrongness

EPA Approves 'Agent Orange' Pesticide

Monsanto Threatens To Sue Entire Sate Of Vermont


Creepy App Stalks Women Without Their Knowledge

Crazy Warm March Across US Shatters Records

First New Concentration Camps In Europe Set For Greece

H3N2v In Utah Child

H3N2v Utah Match Raises Concerns

12 Yr Old Girl Explains Global (Reserve) Banking System - Vid

Arctic Oil Rush Will Ruin Ecosystem Warns Lloyds 

Dementia Cases worldwide Will Triple By 2050

Quick Veg Burger Ideas

Sexting - New Teen Cyber-Bullying Epidemic


20% Of All Children Hear Voices In Their Head

Superbug Cure In Ancient Cave Bacteria?

Baby Bouncers, Car Seats To Blame In Flat Head Syndrome?

Red Giant Superwinds Send Stardust Storms Into Space

Asteroid Will 'Narrowly' Miss Earth Next Year

The Babylonian Captivity of Washington

Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool Cooling System 'Suspended' By TEPCO

Filer's Files #15, 2012 - Exempt from Disclosure

Filer's Files #14, 2012 - Are We In A Space War?

Filer's Files #13, 2012 - India's Vimanas (UFOs)


Quakes And Space Weather - Vid

Russia Massing Troops On Iran Northern Border

Turkey Sheltering Syrian Mercenaries

Mitt And Bibi Joined At The Hip

Israel Declares War On Gunter Grass

Romney Tries Sympathy Ploy On Female Voters  

Media Scoundrels Promote War

1984 Is Now - Fleming On Vanunu, Tov And Zuckerberg

An Insider Account Of The Oil Situation In Libya

Kirwan - The Pretenders

George Zimmerman To Face 2nd Degree Murder Charge 


'My Intentions Were Never To Call Out Jesse Ventura'

Charging Of Zimmerman - Politics & Money

Mel Gibson 'Hates Jews' Claims Screenwriter

AZ Decree Says Pregnancy Begins 2 Weeks BEFORE Conception

Fox News Finds Mole, Suspends Him

Connecticut Repeals Death Penalty

H3N2v Utah Match Raises Concerns

Photojournalist Sues After Arrest For Taping Police

Crackdown On Dissent - Elite Prepare For Mass Uprising

Is This Where Jesus Was Buried?


Cameron Urges Russia, China To Tighten Noose On Syria

Mugabe 'Fit As A Fiddle' Flies Home To Zimbabwe 

Alien Worlds Could Be Full Of Super Intelligent Dinosaurs

Vatican And Oxford University Share Ancient Texts Online

Putin Defends Decision To Offer NATO Facility In Russia

e-Books Killing Paperbacks - Sales Down 25% In One Year

Iceland Volcanoes May Power UK

Scale Of Abuse Against Women Revealed

Fukushima Fuel Rods Still Active, Could Go Recritical Anytime - Vid

Push for Two New Nuke Plants In Florida


Nuclear Power Is Cover For Nuclear Weapons

US Military Stocking Anti-Radiation Pills

Apple Bans Cell Phone Radiation App

Obama Will Lose Election Due To Unemployment - Vid

Ron Paul Benefits From Santorum Withdrawal

Phony KONY 2012 - Security Crisis In The Sahel Region

49 NASA Scientists & 7 Astronauts Criticize Global Warming

Argentina Farmers Sue Monsanto For Birth Defects

Lieberman-McCain Strike Again For AIPAC

Federal Court Rejects TSA Cases Due To 'Secret Order'


Dueling Economic Banjos Offer No Deliverance

Spain & EU Reject Bailout To Snow Investors

Australian Carbon Tax To Kill Economy

New Videos Surface Of UFOs Over St. Petersburg - Vid

The .22 Caliber Rifle May Be The Best Rifle Ever - Vid

Are We Being Mutated For The Matrix?

Stop The Warmongers! Defend Günter Grass!

Authoritarianism Is The Real Mental Illness

Pike - Why The Hate Behind Good Christian Bitches?

Romney & The GOP - A Hard Road To Hoe

The Tenets Of Socialism

CA Declares War On Family Homes To Save Planet

How Supremacist Zionist Jews Took Over America - Vid

Syria Truth By Stick Figures - Vid

Kirwan - Living In The NOW

Justice For Rachel Corrie Delayed

Hiroshima, Tel Aviv - The December 2012 NPT Conference

Israeli Zoo Allows Entry To Religious People ONLY

80% Of French People Against Globalization

DARPA Robot Masters Stairs - Vid


Was John F. Kennedy A Conspiracy Theorist? - Vid

Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music - Vid

Meet The New Robot Prison Warden

LA Law To Make Evolution A Theory And Jindal A VP

Sheriff Closes Safe Prison After Inspections

Scum Of The Earth, Blood Hungry For The Kill

Capitalism Is Corruptilism - Vid

Obama Makes Case For 'Buffett Rule'

UK Rich Using Bogus Charities To Avoid Tax Says Cameron

Spain’s Lose-Lose Struggle Reignites Euro Crisis


At Goldman Sachs Servicer...‘Total Disaster’ - ProPublica

FBI Fears US Universities ‘Swarming With Spies’

Canada Looks To Speed Entry Of Foreign Workers

NASA Coverup Of Mysterious 'Orbs' On Shuttle Mission?

Science Must Be Liberated From The Money Men

Serb Police Arrest 9 In US Embassy Blaze

Mass School Torture Hidden For 8 Years

Eight Taxi Driver Killed In Mexico

'Geminoid F' Most Convincing 'Female' Robot Ever

73 Year Old Granny Busted For Pot Business - Vid


Reactor 4 SFP Likely To Shatter And Collapse In A 7.0 Quake

Gunderson - MOX Reactor 3 SFP Worse Than SFP 4 - It's Rubble

Two Massive Quakes Rock Indonesia - Vid

Ahmadinejad - Iran Can Take Oil Embargo For 2-3 Years

Hague: Syria Could Face International Criminal Court

Iran To Offer New Proposals At Nuclear Talks

The Winds Of War

UFOs Over St. Petersburg, Russia - Vid

David Icke - The Truth Projected Onto UK Parliament 

Schuman Resonance / Magnetic Field / Isochronic Tones


The Real Cost Of The Australian Carbon Tax

The Global War On Children, part 3: Culling the Human Race

Atzmon - The Devil Sings Again

Atzmon - United Against Wikipedia

Atzmon - United Against Knowledge

Human Rights Activist Abdulhadi Alkhawaja Near Death

Millionaire 'Doomsday Shelter' Under Kansas Prairie

Texting Californian Walks Into A BEAR

N Korea Says Fueling Of Rocket Underway

Br. Nathanael - Kissinger & The Jews - Vid

Prof Walks In Fukushima Park, Finds Radioactive Black Dust

SF Bay Area Milk Radioactive - 2x Over Allowed EPA Limits

SoCal Kelp Radioactivity Danger To Fish Lovers? - Vid

Kelp Eaters Beware - Iodine 131 In Japan Kelp

Voters Split On Obama, Romney

Iran Retaliates Against EU Sanctions, Cuts Oil Exports

More Pork For The Big Pig

Fungus Behind Bat Die-Off Came From Europe

Latest Obama Energy BS Plan

UFO Over Iranian Mosque -Vid

UFO Coverup On Last Shuttle Mission? - Vid

Corporate Spying And Intellectual Theft

Nazi Engineers, Secret US Military Underground Bases

US Law Enforcement To Get 100s Of Military Robots

John McCain Pushes War In Syria

Who Legally Owns The Falkland Islands

The Great American Foreclosure Story

GA Man Found Dead, Roswell City Bureaucrats Suspected

Moorehead, MN Cops Seize Struggling Waitress' $12,000 Tip

The Raging State Of Paranoia Continues

When Planetary Catastrophes Gave Birth To Comets

An 'Intentional' Homicide - Center Of China Scandal

Tax Day - Drive Extra Safely!

'Non-Toxic' Nail Polish Linked to Birth Defects

Autism May Be Linked To Obesity & Poor Food Choices

Dental X-Rays Increase Brain Cancer Risk

Stick Figure Slap-Down - Propagand vs Truth -Vid

SF Bay Area Milk Radioactive - 2x Over Allowed EPA Limits

SoCal Kelp Radioactivity Danger To Fish Lovers? - Vid


Kelp Eaters Beware - Iodine 131 In Japan Kelp

Japan To Build 88km Wall Around Fukushima Evac Zone

Ex-PM Murayama Regrets Supporting Nukes - 'It Was A Failure'

Simpsons Mural In Chernobyl Takes On Nuke Energy - Vid

UFO Over Iranian Mosque -Vid

UFO Coverup On Last Shuttle Mission? - Vid

Iran Cuts Off Oil Shipments To Spain

Scoundrels Attack Gunter Grass Truths

George Soros Targets Syria

The Road To Tantura - Vid


Apuzzo - Update On NJ Obama Ballot Access Objection

The Potential Killers All Around Us

DHS Hires Hackers To Crack Video Game Consoles

Maryland H3N2 Death Cluster Due To CDC Low Reactor

1st Man Arrested With Drone Evidence Vows To Fight

Black Mob Beats, Robs Tourist - Onlookers Laugh - Vid

Chile - Regarding 'Military Secrecy'

Taxpayers Pay Millions To Mow Foreclosed Home Lawns

Scientists Rewrite Rules Of Human Reproduction

Amazing Amounts Of Secret Sugars In Your Food

Pentagon Planning To Fight An ET Invasion - Vid

Astronauts Reported 'Metallic' UFO Near Orbiter 

Destroying The Basics Behind The FARCE Of 'VOTING'

Evidence Of Malcolm X Obama Paternity?

Atzmon - Jonathan Pollard Clemency Rejected

Frito-Lay/PepsiCo Won't Sponsor 'Good Christian Bitches'

Citizen Group Calls For FBI Probe Of Mormon Finances


Global War On Children, Pt 2 - Predators & The Occult

19 Things TV Talking Heads Are Silent About

The New Inquisitors And Slander Campaigns

Israeli Forces Prepare For Pro-Palestinian 'Flytilla'

Palestinians To Mount New Statehood Bid At UN

Libya Stops Paying Rebels As Fraud Mounts

Afghan Suicide Attackers Kill At Least 9

Putting Palestine Back On The Agenda

Lebanon - Are They Forming An Alliance?

Atzmon - Jonathan Pollard Clemency Rejected


The New Inquisitors And Their Slander Campaigns

Lobbyists Plan To Hijack Peoples Petitions 

China Urges 'Restraint' On North Korea Rocket Launch

EUSSR To Dictate What Hairdressers Wear On Feet

Mugabe Dying Of Cancer In Singapore Hospital

Zimbabwe Officials Deny Reports Mugabe Dying

Digital Gen Scans 27 Different Media Sources An Hour

New iPhone App Aims To Sweeten Dreams

British Man Fathered 600 Kids In Own Fertility Clinic

30 Percent Of All Net Traffic Is To PORN Sites 


Eye Test To Beat Heart Disease

Mount Fuji Beauty Spot The Suicide Forest Of Japan

German Model Suicides After Internet Trolls Target Her  

Iceland Volcano - You Thought The Last Eruption Was Bad

Dental X-Rays Linked To Brain Tumors

Santorum 'Suspends' Campaign - Says 'Race Is Over'

Sinclair News Called It April 4 - Santorum Campaign Ends

Was Entire MOX Core Of Reactor 3 Ejected In Explosion?- Vid

Fukushima Ground Zero For The Next Big Quake?

Fukushima Rector 4 SFP Could Destroy Civilization

Secret Japan Nuke Program Could Build Huge Arsenal

Radiation Off The Scale In One Japanese Town- Vid

The Buckyball Stops Here - Detecting Low Radioactive Levels

McGrath - Exposing Collapse Agenda- Vid

Br Nathanael - Kissinger And The Jews- Vid

Of Towering Infernos, False Flags & Terrorism

Why Women Should Not Be Placed In Combat

Pike - A Simple Explanation of Scofield Dispensationalism

Microsoft Buys AOL Patents - Google Map War Coming?

US Army Prepping For Martial Law Scenario In US?

How US Uses Sex Humiliation To Control The Masses

Navy Simulated Virginia Beach Jet Crash In December Drill

The Discriminating Irritant Projectile For Rioters

The Nursing Crises

Flashback: USDA Doesn't Know If You're Eating Cloned Meat

Bayer Denies Harvard Bee Study Facts

JP Morgan Moving Markets Thru Speculation

The Importance Of Selfishness

Holder's Ballot To Vote Offered To Total Stranger

'Speed Gene' In Race Horses Traced Back 300 Years

The Evils Of Monsanto Submitted

It Will Take Years To Process Data From Drones

3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Papaya Leaf Is Strong Cancer Fighter

Arctic Polar Bears Sores, Patchy Fur - Fukushima Radiation

US Twisted Laws To Help Japan Acquire Tons Of Plutonium

False Flag USS Enterprise Now In Place

US Sends Two Carrier Groups To The Gulf

US Give Iran 'Last Chance' Warning Over Nuke Facilty

Israel Can't Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program With Air Strike


West Demands Iran Close Fordo Underground Facility

Obama Wreaks Duplicity

Obama Supreme Court Rebuff

Kirwan - Wordslingers

FOX News Hires Jeremiah Wright Supporter

LA Coroner - Andrew Breitbart Tests Still 'Pending' (coverup)

Another Explosion Along Egypt To Israel Gas Pipeline

North Korea Planning Third ICBM Test

Russian Dissenters Allowed To Protest In Red Square

Germany’s Humiliation


Imagine - Having A Jewish Parliament In Europe!

Horrific NWO Master Plan Has Full UN Approval

Militarization Of US Police - Trained by Mossad

Sheriff Joe Refuses To Bow To Feds Overreach

The Global War On Children - Part 1

Thirteen Ways Government Tracks Us

Art It's Not - What It Is

Pentagon Plans For Telepathic Troops In 5 Years

UK To Make GCHQ The 'Big Brother' For Europe?

You’ve Suffered 'Care’ So You Could Lose Your Child


UK teachers vote to ban education watchdog

UK Schools Being 'Run Like Totalitarian Regimes' Say Teachers

America's Fiscal Cliff

Greek TV Presenter Hit With Eggs Over Interview

Pike - GCB Easter Sermon - Christianity Doesn't Work

US Union Pensions Hole Deepens To $369 Billion

Swiss Village Turns Its Back On $1.2 Billion Goldmine

Gold Crash On Fed Tightening

Apple Made £6 Billon In UK, Paid Only £10 Million In Tax

Sony To Cut 10,000 Jobs After Four Years In The Red


In Defense Of Gilad Atzmon

Germans Are Behind Günter Grass

Beyond The Cult And The Clichés - Vid

Mysterious UFO Zooms Around Plane - Vid

Amazing - Cargo Ship Docking With ISS

Albert Einstein - 10 Of His Best Quotes

'Universal' Cancer Vax Developed In Israel

Inflammation - Beating Lupus & Crohn's - YES!

Can Vitamin C Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

The Battle To Save Israel Biblical Era Desert Dogs


Goddard - Did Reactor 3 Spent Fuel Pool Explode?- Vid

Fukushima - Absolute Global Cataclysm Possible

Chernobyl And Soccer Star And Cancer

Greedy Frackers Have Too Much Gas

Cops Using Cell Phones To Track US Citizens- Vid

Chiappalone - Questions Of Finality

The GOP Nuke-Dump Donor

Global Mass Bankster Resignations

China & Japan Contribute To IMF Funding For EU

WI Equal Pay Nixed - 'Money Is More Important For Men'

$5 TRILLION Tax Hike

Birthplace Of The Constitution Takes Center Stage

DOJ & MSM Distraction Launched Against Sheriff Arpaio

WI Official Heard Large Explosion From Underground

MPAA Chair Chris Dodd Wants To Resurrect SOPA

Cops Can Copy iPhone Contents In Less Than 2 Minutes

10 Really Sh*ty Things US Does To The Homeless

Record Winter Snowfall In Anchorage

The Best Antiviral Foods And Herbs

Updated Seed Source List

Baked Panelle with Orange Hemp Seed Sauce

The Dark Agenda Of Synthetic Biology- Vid

World's Fastest Piano Player- Vid

How Olive Oil Is Made- Vid

Crazy Small Town Names In America

Massive Ocean Radiation Plume Will Hit West Coast- Vid

See Fukushima Radiation Spreading Thru Pacific Ocean - Vid

Insane Japan To Burn 1 Billion More Pounds Radioactive Debris

US Warns Fukushima Tsunami Debris May Be Radioactive

Fukushima Radiation In SoCal Fish, Kelp Food Chain


Berkeley Plutonium Tests Admitted 200-300 Weaker Than Feds

MIke Wallace Legendary 60 Minutes Journalist Gone At 93

The Hideous New DHS .40 Bullet 'To Cleanse America'

Russia Deploys Powerful Radar To Stop US/Israel Iran Hit

China Warns Against War On Iran

'Iran Can Make Nukes...But Won't' 

Romney Direct Ties To Netanyahu 

The Jewish State Now Wants Automatic US Money

Tea Party Vows To Expose Fraud President Obama


Israel Bans German Guenter Grass For His Poem

Vladimir Putin Exposes The NWO - Part 1 - Vid

Vladimir Putin Exposes The NWO - Part 2 - Vid

Vladimir Putin Exposes The NWO - Part 3 - Vid

Vladimir Putin Exposes The NWO - Part 4 - Vid

N Korea Threatens 'Merciless Punishment', Readies Rocket

Delaware's Biden Takes Away Sheriff Arrest Powers!

NY Fed Head Of Markets Joins Bankster Exodus - Why?

US Military Fighting Thru A Fog Of Mind-Altering Drugs


Friends Of Syria Subvert Peaceful Resolution

Putting Syria In Perspective - The Holy Triumvirate

Rudolph Hess Believed The Jews Had Hypnotized Churchill

Libya To Defy UN On Handing Over Saif Gaddafi

Robbed, Ruined By Secret Brit Court On CIA Orders

Palestine - Hostage To American Politics

Abdulhadi Alkhawaja - Dying For Justice

Petition For FBI Probe Of Mormon Church Finances  

Logics Of Bounty And Statue Of Liberty

Delusional Milestone


Maj Keyhoe Talks UFOs To Mike Wallace (1958) - Vid

UFO Over The Chile-Argentina Border - Photos

Climate Shills Losing Debate On Global Warming Scam

World Dictators More Afraid Of Tweets Than Armies

'War On Drugs' Has Failed - Latin American Leaders

UK Surveillance Template For EUSSR Big Brother

US Building World's Biggest Data Storage Center In UT 

UK Sending Surveillance Technology To Repressive Nations

Anonymous Takes Down UK Govt Site Over Surveillance 

Fraudulent PM Starts 'The Big Society Fund' – Pt 2


'I Believe I Am Hitler's Grandson'

'Darkness Threatens Mankind' Says Pope Benedict

If Reactor #4 SFP Falls, It Will Spew Mass Death For 50 Yrs - Vid

MSNBC - Reactor 2 'Beyond Human Capability' And Worsening - Vid

Polar Bears Show Signs Of Mysterious Illness

Japan Skim Milk Powder Has 23 Bq/kg Radioactive Cesium

Over 100 Killed In New Syria Violence

The Curious Case Of Crime In The Media

Coming MegaQuake And Weather Wars

Global Depression & Population Reduction By 2030

Tea Party Black Patriot Writes About ObamaCare

Singapore Boosts Gold, Removes Taxes

Monsanto Roundup Altering Amphibian Animals

Bill Gates Wants You To Drink Toilet Water

Agenda 21 Road Closures In California

Agenda 21 - Drilling Fees Pay For USDA Lockdown On Land

American Mourning...Whirlwind Weekender

Houston Ban On Feeding The Homeless To Be Challenged

How The CIA Dosed SF Citizens With LSD


White Nose Syndrome Confirmed In MO Bats

Most Desolate City On Earth On 'Battleship Island'

Negative Comments Online Could Mean Jail In AZ

Cell Phones & Smart Phones - AVOID The EMR Output

Is It Healthy To Drink Only Alkaline Water?

Mercury Poisoning And Or Toxicity - Do You Have It?

China - Five Indicted For Buying Teen's Kidney

'Experts' To Redefine Autism To Exclude Some Children

How To Prevent Cavities

MSNBC - Reactor 2 'Beyond Human Capability' And Worsening - Vid

Polar Bears Show Signs Of Mysterious Illness

Altayr - Jonathan Pollard Hospitalized

Obama Hunts & Cages Those Who Expose US Terror

Martin - Do We Still Have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's Sons?

Israel’s Lost Right

Devvy - Americans Love The IRS And The Income Tax

Volcanic Tunnels Found On Mars - Haven For Life?

Kirwan - Secrets And The Silence

Spain Will Exit The Eurozone First - This Year

Obama Authorizes Greater Wall Street Theft


Chinese Boy Sells KIdney To Buy iPad

Stunning 'Pink Moon' Marks Easter, Passover Above NY Skyline

NDAA Police State Training Under Way - Photos

Leonard Cohen Testifies In Ex-Mgr's Harassment Trial

Progress And Regression...Activists Have Hands Full

UFO Flies Right Near Oz Airlner In Daylight - Vid

Have UFOs Shut Down Our Defense Systems? - Vid

Where Did Congress Go To College?

Police Now Allowed To Arrest Even For Tiny Offenses

OK Woman Scares Off Burglars With Plunger - Vid


The Return Of Debtor Prisons?

Drockton Report 4-7-12

Selling Your Privacy On Facebook

Rio Declaration & ICLEI One Vote From Being Banned In AZ

The National Speed Trap Exchange

Did MI6 'Dry Clean' Flat To Cover Up Spy-In-Bag Murder?

Four Murders In Paris - Serial KIller Feared

Paparazzi Flight Tip-Offs Put Media Back In Spotlight

Russian Spies In The UK Back To Cold War Highs

Viktor Bout - Victimized By US Injustice


Pak-US - Masters And Slaves

Pakistan Navy And Balochistan

Empathic Therapy Training By Peter R. Breggin, MD - Vid

Sun Sea & Satan - Vid

Male Darwin Award Candidates - Photos

Human Egg Cells Grown In Lab Could Be Fertilized

San Onofre Shut Down Indefinitely

Boulder CO & Portland OR Worst Hit By Fukushima Radiation?

Radioactive Debris In Fukushima No Entry Zone May Go Far

Kyoto Mayor Weird Babbling About His Own City

Obama Under Fire For Socialist Agenda

Feds Try To Put Embedded Monitor In Arpaio Office

US-Israel War On Iran - Myth Of Limited Warfare

Jobs 'Recovery' Setback In March

McGrath - The Unemployment Farce

Kirwan - What's Going On?!

After Birth Abortions & 'Voluntary' Sterilization

Vermont Lawmakers Cowed By Monsanto Lawsuit

Foods That Improve Your Memory

The Struggle To Save American Shop Math Skills

Safety Check Backlog At UK Oil Rigs

Was Elgin Platform Leak Waiting To Happen?

Malaria - Powerful Drugs Lose Potency

Children Don't Just Watch Porn - They Star In It

Nurseries 'Should Ban TV To Fight Obesity'

How The Moon Affects The Date Of Easter

Does Josephus Prove A Historical Jesus?

Union Pacific 150 Year Timeline - Photos

Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed In The Dark

Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Rods Could Destroy Civilization

If Spent Fuel Pool 4 Collapses, 50 Years Of Constant Radiation - Vid

Rense & Rifat - Fukushima Fallout Will Dwarf US Arsenal - Vid

Rense & Deagle - When Slaughter Came Our Way - Vid

Outrage Continues Over Günter Grass's Israel Poem

Lindorf - Hi-Ho! The US Is A Police State

NATO Libyan 'Liberation' Unleashes Terror Over North Africa

CIA Home Invasion - Smart TVs & The 'Internet Of Things'

Are We Electromagnetic Radiation Guinea Pigs? - Vid

Sailing The Uncharted Cosmic Sea


Inside America's Drone HQ

Drones Flying Under The Radar

US Drone Crashes At Seychelles Airport

Drockton Forces Mormon Leadership Changes?

Bailing Out The Titanic With Spoons

Cameron Fails 'To Protect Children From Sexualisation'

DARPA Incredible Running Robot - Vid

Papayas vs PIneapples In World Food Fight

World's Most Powerful Laser Fired - 411 TRILLION WATTS

Aztmon Pro-Palestine CD Reviewed & Then ‘Un-Reviewed’

The Sleep-Heart Connection

Beware Of Spring Maximum For Radioactive Fallout

Will GOP & Romney Intimidation Tactics Backfire?

China Tells Its Military To Ignore Internet Talk Of Coup

Behind Oslo Accords Says Peace Process Over


Can Obama Stop Israel Dogs Of War From Hitting Iran?

Gulf States Warned Against Arming Syria Rebels

Iran And Turkey Open Rift Over Syria

Tearful Chávez Prays For God To Spare Him From Cancer

Hammers And Nails And Avatars, Oh My

Draconian Cybersecurity Bills

The Pain In Spain

Investors Dump Euro, Bonds In Fears About Spain

Sad Detroit Surrenders Control Of Its Future


JPMorgan Chief Dimon Says Govt 'Making Recovery Worse'

Rothschilds To Merge British And French Banking Ops

Greek Mourners - Not Suicide, It Was Financial Murder - Vid

20 Yrs On, Bosnia War Crimes Should Haunt Europe

Enter Jean-Luc Mélenchon - France's Third Man

Russian Officials To Be Stopped From Buying Foreign Cars

NASA Scientist - Climate Change On Par With Slavery

Ex CIA Agent Indicted For Data Leaks To Journalists

'Merchant of Death' Get 25 Years In Prison

Murdoch Hacking Scandal Spreads To Sky News


TEPCO Cheapskate Tactics Put Entire World At Risk

More And More Japan Foods Showing Radioactivity

CA Iodine 131 Double Or Triple Reported Amounts

US Sinks Tsunami 'Ghost Ship' - After Multiple Tries

Israel 'Requests' Another $700 Million 'Loan' From US

Israel - Colonialism Or Jewish Culture?

EU Suicides Increase As Austerity Tightens - Vid

DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Checkpoint Booths

Feds Buy 750m Rounds Of .40 Caliber Ammo In 3 Years

Collapse...Then Crackdown - Vid

Santorum Rejects Calls To Quit Race - Vid

Ron Paul Has Already Won The Future - Vid

Our Next President -Anybody But Obama

GCB - Take THAT, Bitch!

Sugar Is Toxic...Period - Vid

Vital Information - Sugar And Aspartame - Vid

The Kings Of The Highlife And The Cannibal Pigs

Hoffman - A Good Friday Meditation

Deep Water Sonar Blamed For Mass Dolphin Deaths

Mangled Horses...Maimed Jockeys

Widespread H5N1 N158D Raises Pandemic Concerns

Poland Bans Monsanto GMO Corn Mon 810

OR Man Gets 2 Years For Selling Non-'Organic' Corn

Breast Cancer Screenings Benefit Industry

Marinated Artichoke Hearts and Asparagus Tips

NRC Boss To Visit San Onofre Nuke Plant

Japan Bridge Railing Found Highly Radioactive - Vid

US To Sink Tsunami Ghost Ship

Br. Nat - SWIFT...Jewry's Weapon Of Mass Destruction - Vid

Rense & David Paulides - 100s Missing In US Parks, Pt 4 - Vid


Clintons Knew Obama Ineligible - Vid

The Secret Alliance Between Ron Paul And Mitt Romney

Gingrich Group Files For Corporate Bankruptcy

Supreme Court Considers GM Crop Patent Case 

US Military Funds Effort To Hack Video Game Consoles

GCB - Take THAT, Bitch! 

Pike - Why Two 'Good Christian Bitches' On Easter?

Pike - Three More Sponsors Abandon 'Good Christian Bitches'

US Belligerency Risks Global War

First US Marines Arrive In Northern Australia

Nobel Laureate Grass - Israel A Threat To World Peace


Gunter Grass Addresses Israel Nuclear Threat

Atzmon...A Comment On Gunter Grass

Israeli Big Brother - Vid

On The Cross - Easter And The Jews

China Considers Seychelles Military Base Plan

NYPD Probes Death Of Sarko Linked French Academic

2.4 Million Human Trafficking Victims Worldwide  

Sex Abuse Of Children 'Dancing Boys' in Afghanistan 

The Nation’s Highest Law vs Legislation

Hail To President Obama! To Hell With President Obama!

FOX News Hires Daughter Of Race-Baiting Jesse Jackson

NASA Baffled By Enormous Energy Field

Google Unveils 'Augmented Reality' Glasses

US Navy Develop Creepy Firefighting Robot

Smartphone Kids No Longer Need Facts Say Teachers

'Celebration Of Violence' Will Yield More Younger Killers

Could Space Dust Be Causing Climate Change?

Ice Cream Made With Monsanto Artificial Hormones

Popular Baby Food Lack Vital Nutrients

Elite Greed Causing 'Austerity Suicides'


GM Enviro-Pig Won't Go To Market

Greenpeace Infrared Image Of North Sea Gas Leak

The Kings Of The Highlife And The Cannibal Pigs

The Big Society Scam

Defend Magna Carta From The Jackbooted Heel

Mimi Energy Bars - Vid

500 Years Of Female Portraits In Western Art - Vid

Roman Legions Could Never Subdue Tough Scots Tribesmen

'Image Of Jesus' Appears On A Fish

FL Woman Parks Car After 576,000 Miles And 48 Years


Rense & Rifat - Fukushima Fallout Will Dwarf US Arsenal - Vid

TV Commercial Hits San Onofre Dangers - Vid

Another Major Strontium Leak At Fukushima

Caldicott Describes Fukushima Radiation Over America - Vid

1,000,000 Bq/kg Outside Minamisoma City Hall

Alarming Radiation Ignored In Japan & North America

Radiation Warnings You Won't Get From The MSM

Romney Begins To Focus Of Attacking Obama - Vid

Kirwan - Obama Must Explain DHS To The Nation

Sheriff Joe Defies Obama Admin Legal Showdown

Ron Paul Draws Record 6200 People In CA - Vid

Stunning Photos, Videos Of Dallas/Ft Worth Tornadoes - Vid

USDA Buys 326,000 Rds Of Ammo, DHS Mum On Its 450m

Will The Next 'Drill' Turn Into A False Flag Cyber Attack?

Jan 2008 - The Night Ron Paul Stabbed 9/11 Truth - Vid

Jan 2012 Ron Paul On 9/11 Truth (5:30 In) - Vid

Texas A&M Creates Freaky GMO Goat Milk Vaccines

That's All, Folks! GMO 'Enviropig' Loses Its Funding

Massive Illegal Alien Election Fraud Detected In FL

600,000 Macs Said To Have Flashback Trojan Virus

CA High Speed Rail Is A Financial Train Wreck

NY Man Accused Of Poisoning Hospital Food

Malkin To Be On Board of National Bloggers Club

Bankers Make Killing On Solar Bankruptcy

Dept Of Defense Contracts For April 2012

Students Pepper-Sprayed For Santa Monica College Protest

Excellent Analysis Of UFO Video From Sweden - Vid

Intel Report UFOs Over Saigon, J Allen Hynek Chimes In

Crisp Baked Gnocchi - Vid

Driving Inside The Soviets Secret Submarine Lair - Vid

Death By Cell Phone

Girls Reach Chemical-Induced Puberty At 10

Vanilla Contains Beaver Anal Gland And Hair

Israel Plans Theft Of 10% More West Bank Land

ICC Absolves Israeli Lawlessness

Monsanto GMO Seeds & Farmer Suicides Every 30 Min

Bio Safety Danger In US Heartland

Cancer Agent In Japan Diet Pills

NZ's Preventable Death Rate Sixth Worst

Palestinian Hunger Strikers For Justice

An American Mutiny In The Persian Gulf

Caldicott Is Evacuating Boston If Reactor 4 SFP Collapses - Vid

Fuskushima Radiation Reached Alaska In Less Than Month

Rick Santorum - Marching On Or Negotiating Graceful Surrender?

Feds Accuse Sheriff Arpaio Of 'Bad Faith'!

Top Secret US Spy Satellite Blasts Off Amid Mystery

Br. Nathanael - Depleted Uranium - 'Dirty Bomb' - Now In America


Weasel Behind The Rumors Of Ron Paul - Romney Deal

Obama Signs STOCK Act Into Law

Jon Stewart On The Supreme Court Strip Search Ruling - Vid

Carnicom - 'Cloud Cover' Documentary - Vid

Syria 'Rebels' Will Never Beat Assad Army Says Russia

Russia FM Warns Against Arming Syrian Opposition

Iran Suspends Reuters Over Female Ninjas Headline

Hillary Warns Against A 'Nuclear Armed Iran' Again

ICC Rules Pals Can't Investigate Israel War Crimes

UK Sends Advanced Warship To Falklands


Child Sex Attack Every 20 MINUTES In UK

Utah Powell Murders And Child Porn  

DHS Isn't The Only Ammo Hog In The US

FBI Explanation Of Missing OKC Tapes Not Credible - Judge

US Corporate Tax Rate Consequences

Pike - ABC Plans Permanent 'Good Christian Bitches'

Poultry Slaughterhouse Probe - No Mercy For Animals - Vid

7.1 Million In US Brutal Gulag Prison System - Vid

DEA & IRS Raid Oakland Medical Marijuana Clinic - Vid

The Halitosis Winds From The Corruption Choir


H5N1 N158D Is Missing Link for Human Transmission

Deadly H5N1 Flu Mutation Published

How Did US Become The Land Of High School Massacres? 

Bill Will Suspend Passport, Travel Rights If You Owe IRS

Canada's Rockefellers - The Name is Power

Was Josh Powell Producing Child Porn?

Josh Powell Finds Forgiveness, Murders 2 Sons  

Spanish Debt Yields Rise As Deficits Mount

Spain Debts To Hit 20 Year High

The Chill Winds Of Real Austerity Still To Bite


China Pass US As World Biggest Grocery Market

US Corporate Tax Rate Consequences

Recognized Refugee Becomes Bolivia’s Political Prisoner

'1984' Was A Warning Shot Not A Handbook

Cameron Retreats On Digital 'Big Brother' Plan

Japanese 'Female' Robot...Amazing - Vid

Entire Grid Fails On Cyprus - Zero Power

Frightening Pictures From London - US Is Next - Photos

James Murdoch Quits As BSkyB Chairman

News Corp Shareholders Want Rupert Murdoch To Quit


Herbicide Causes Tadpoles, Vertebrates To Change Shape

UK Cops Shoot Man 4 Times And THEN Taser Him?

Teen Girl Suicide Bomber Hits Somalia Theatre

Japan And Britain Arms Deal

George Galloway Exposes Huge Political Gap

Tokyo Radiation Spikes 400% As Storm Passes Fukushima

Over 100°C At Two Gauges In Reactor 2

Nitrogen Injection Quits At Reactors 1, 2 And 3

Cesium 100x Normal In Plankton Far From Fukushima

Romney Sweep - The Deal Is Done - Vid

Global War In YOUR Name - Vid

DHS Won't Explain 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets

Why Gas Prices Are Soaring - Vid

George Carlin And The Arrogance Of Mankind - Vid

Coca-Cola & Other Corps Buying Organic Companies

Israel's Easter 'Gift' To Palestinians & Christians

Israel Ides Of March

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

Supreme Court OKs Govt Witnesses Lying To Grand Jury

Berger Fined $50,000 For Taking 9/11 Related Docs

Operation Hot Mic - Vid

Man Arrested For Poisoning Food But Corps Go Free

Bing Crosby...I'll Get By 1929 - Vid

Long Term Hormones Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Trump Allows Transexual To Compete As Miss Universe - Vid

Filer's Files #13 -2012 - India's – Vimanas (UFOs)

Filer's Files # 12 - 2012 - Is Somebody on the Moon?

Filer's Files # 11 - 2012 - Chile UFO Videos

Atzmon - Ali Abunimah On History & Culture - Vid

You Know You Are A Judeo-Christian When...


Galloway On Attacks On UN Soldiers In Afghanistan - Vid

LaRouche Warns Of Danger Of North Korea Conflict

Corbett - Bioethics As Crypto-Eugenics - Vid

American Politics Now 'Profoundly Dysfunctional'

5th Circuit Court Of Appeals 'Bitch Slaps' Obama

Ten Top Worst Sources Of Aspartame

Three Chips That Meld Man And Machine

Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift?


Kirwan - Imaging The Future Without Israel

After 3 Years Of Talks, Netanyahu To Visit China

Israel Predicts Few Casualties From War With Iran

Netanyahu Delays Planned Eviction Of Jewish Settlers

Assad's Europe Based Uncle Groomed For Syrian Stoogeship

Russia Rejects Annan Six-Point Syria 'Peace Plan' Deadline

'Friends Of Syria' Declare War On AssadJihad In Iran

Locked Horns In A Mad War

NK 'Preparing To Unveil Missile Capable Of Hitting US


Chinese Billionaire Linked To Bo Xilai Detained

Obama Hypocrisy Over The Supreme Court

Controversial H5N1 Bird Flu Research To Be Published

Greece Joins Gas Alliance

Kirwan - Forbidding Everything!

Paul Ryan's Budget - Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Cameron Shows 'True Grit' On Falklands

Falklands Protesters Attack Brit Embassy In Buenos Aires

President Of Hungary Quits Over Plagiarism Scandal


Thomas Aquinas, Sigmund Freud & Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Living Seed Company - Seeds Of Freedom

Priest Displays Gay Porn Images

UK Surveillance After Cameron Vow To Reverse It

Email Surveillance Plans Face Lib Dem Rebellion

Backlash Over Plans To Monitor All Internet Use

Civil Liberties Can't Stand Up To Faceless Bureaucracy

/UK School Meals Made Smaller To Save Money

Falklands Protesters Attack Brit Embassy In Buenos Aires


President Of Hungary Quits Over Plagiarism Scandal

Michelangelo Was Killed By The Knights of Malta'

Breast Cancer Screening Yields Unnecessary Treatment

Stress Wreaks Havoc On Immune System

Earliest Evidence Of Manmade Fire

Typhoon Class Storm Heading To Fukushima Area Tuesday

Fukushima Radioactive Seawater To Hit Hawaii In 2 Yrs

Radiation Warnings You Won't Get From The MSM

Shepard Smith Dying From Fukushima Radiation? - Vid

Is Snopes A Disinformation Operation?

China Rejects US Sanctions Against Iran

Annan's April 10 Deadline For UN Peace Plan

WH Coverup Of Obama Daughter Spring Break Trip

Zimmerman Video Shows Injury To His Head - Vid

DoD Needs More Authority For New Wars

Understanding The Slave Mentality

DNC Omitted Presidential Natural Born Citizen Clause

DHS - Anti-Abortion Activists Possible Domestic Terrorists

IN Gov Inks Bill Allowing Citizens To Protect Homes From Cops

Pentagram Activates Missiles For N Korea Launch

45 Signs America Will Be Run By A Very Tiny Elite

Lemmingwood = Sheeple = The America Of Illusion Slaves!

Electro Smog And Animals

BPA Makers To Gross $8 Billion Thanks To FDA

Environmental Toxins Causing Mass Cancer Wave?

Autism & Disappearing Bees - A Common Denominator?

Tobacco Industry Forced To Label Ingredients

TFDA Admits In Court Mercury In Vaccines

Who Is Really To Blame For The Pink Slime Debacle?

Man Finds Picasso Original In Thrift Store

Bill Clinton Weighs In On Hillary For President - Vid

High Court - Strip Searches OK, To Hell With Rights

When The Trucks Stop, America Will Stop 

Building Nuclear Drones - Could Stay Aloft For Months

Kirwan - Killing Humanity For Fun & Profit

The Psychotronic Zombie Gun

For $100, You Can Avoid TSA Airport Nightmares

Arizona Law Would Censor The Internet


Police And MI5 Get Power to Watch You On The Net 

Hedges - Someone You Love Coming To A Gulag Near You

Obama - Health Care Constitutional - Defense Of Marriage Act NOT

Pike - Lindt Chocolates Flees 'Good Christian Bitches'

Remembering Andrew Breitbart One Month Later

'Good luck, David, And Goodnight For NBC News

An Altogether Different Reality

Why Do Bankers Decides Who Pays For European Mess

Citizens Protecting Themselves With 2nd Amendment - Vid

MIT Researcher Busted - Set Up Sex With 12 Yr Old Girl


Morocco Government Protests Austrian FPÖ Party

Bahrain's Forgotten Revolution - Vid

Hana Shalabi - Not Quite Free At Last

Vax Autism - Secret You Aren't Supposed To Know

Tinnitus - What Causes It? Natural Cures?

Ongoing Health Disaster - 8 Glasses Of Water A Day

Best Way To Cleanse The Lymphatic System?

Catastrophe - Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool May Collapse Any Time

If  #4 SFP Falls Or Loses Water, 460 Tons Of Nuke Fuel Will Explode

Fukushima Like Horror Movie...Monster Keeps Coming


LA Rain Radiation Over Five Times Normal

Feds Forbid San Onofre From Reopening

Radiation Cam To Assess Fukushima Danger Levels

Bus Sized Asteroid Zooms Past Between Earth & Moon 

McGrath - US Intel Turning America Into A Battlefield - Vid

Obama's War On Iran

World Powers Up Support Of Armed Syrian Rebellion

False Flag - The Toulouse Murders

The View From Istanbul

The EPA - An Out Of Control Monster


$8 Billion Mormon Mall Gets A Fall Guy?  

Farm Wars Safe Seed Company List

US Cops Won't Rule Out Using ARMED Drones - Vid

Meat Industry To Raise Prices Over Pink Slime Exposure

Secret Freedom Fighters Working To Unseat New World Order

Apple China iPhone Plants Employ Forced Interns?

Bitcoin - The City Traders Anarchic New Toy

How Safe Is Zions Bank?  

Pump Panic Highlights West Slavery To Crude Oil

Interesting Documentary On Israeli Dissent - Vid


Sarah Gillespie - 'The War On Trevor' - Vid

Settler Agent 007- Hebron House Hoax

Gilad Atzmon vs The Palestinian Establishment

Israel's Secret Staging Ground

Bin Laden Relatives Get Short Prison Sentence

Brit Social Workers Track Brit Couple To France, Take Baby

'We Can Bring The Government Down' Say UK Truckers

Met Police Plan Increase In Taser Executions

Every Phone Call, Email Recorded - 'Surveillance 60 M Times Worse'

UK Govt Net Surveillance - 'Expensive, Impractical, Totalitarian'


Why Is America Not Raging Against Dying Of Its Light?

Nut-Jobbers Deluxe With Extra Cheese

Bhutan Rails Against World's 'Suicidal Path'

The Seoul Summit - What Was Accomplished?

UK At 'Extreme Risk' Of Olympic Flu Pandemic

Olympics.htmlBig Pharma Assaulting Babies In The Womb

Could Facebook Tell You If Your Pals Have An STD?

Fast 'Food' Causes Depression

'Dead' Australian Man Found Alive One Hour Later

2,300 Yr Old String Istrument Found In Scottish Cave


Dr. Caldicott - 389 Days Into The Fukushima Catastrophe - Vid

Fukushima Monthly Fallout Now 10x Higher Thank Last Sept

Fukushima Daiichi On Fire Before Tsunami Impacted It - Vid

Fukushima Monthly Ron Paul On Face The Nation

Fed Will Be Happy With A Romney Win

Santorum - Wisconsin Vote Will Send 'Strong Signal'

Press TV - James Morris On Ron Paul & AIPAC - Vid

Stealth GMOs Consuming Global Food Supply

50% Of American Homes Own An Apple Product

Presenting 14 Years Of Exponential US Obesity

The Public Entrapment To Pay For Credit Agency Services

HI Travel Agency Offers Round Trips To Japan For $200

Cray Supercomputer Faster Than 50 Million Laptops

UK To Monitor Citizen Emails & Texts

Will US Troops Fire On Americans During Martial law?

Drones Coming To A Sky Near You - Interest Surges

Rense & Mcclelland - A Secret Space Program - Vid

Marketing Hides Deadly Side Effects Of Some Drugs

It's Always The Coverup That Comes Back To Bite You, 1/2

Brits Don't Like Speed Cams...Burn Dozens Of Them - Photos

Early Hollywood Photo Gallery

Stunning Video Of Humming Birds, Bees, Butterflies - Vid

Houston Tough Guy Cop Threatens To Taser Teens - Vid

Trayvon Martin & the Zionist Media Plot

NBC To Investigate Itself In Trayvon 911 Edit

Babies Treated In The Womb For Obesity

Kiwan - We Can See the Future

Let Your Life Be A Friction To Stop The Nightmare - Vid

Israel Calls Palestinian Land Protest 'Diplomatic Terror'!


Altayr - Zionist Tidbits

Obama Plans Regime Change In Syria

Israeli Police Dogs Attack 100 Year Old Man - Vid

'Oil For Food' Barter Helps Iran Around Sanctions 

Iran Terror Threat - Panic Hits NYC (Satire)

If You Have A Cell Phone, Someone Knows Where You Are

What's Not On Second

High Temps Shatter OKC March 1910 Record   

Palm Beach Elections Overturned After Hand-Count

The Concept Of 'Revolutionary Freedom'


Pentagon Has No Records Of bin Laden's Death

The New McDonalds McRiddle  

Organic Food Stuffed With Toxic Solvents

UK City Councilman Claims ET Upbringing, Pt 1 - Vid

H5N1 Bird Flu Research Is 'Safe' To Publish - Panel

Upcoming Solar Maximum Ramps Up Earth Cataclysms

Converging Forces Accelerate Change On Planet Earth

Brits Hate Speed Cams...Burn Dozens Of Them - Photos

Pizza and Marinara Sauce

Coconut Gelato

Japan 'Worst Case Tsunami' Could Reach 35 Meters

Obama Open Mic Gaffe Shows He Has No Plan 

Israel Forces Open Fire On Activists

Upheaval In Ariel Sharon’s Party

Man Whose WMD Lies Led To 100,000 Deaths Confesses 

Libyan Tribal Clashes Kill At Least 147 People


Assad Running Out Of Time Warn Leaders At Summit

The Mormon Doctrine Of Priestcraft  

Smart Grid For The Layman

Electrogravitics – A Simplified Description

Orwellian Free Speech Zones Expand to Mesa, Arizona

Country Rises Up In Support For NH Hero

Brown - Forcing Austerity On Most Resource-Rich Country

Banksters, Financiers And Sex Trafficking

Europe On Brink Of Another Financial Crisis - Darling 

How Banks Gamble On Food Prices...Poor Lose


'If You Don't Believe In Climate Change, You Must Be Sick' - Prof

'Justifiable Homicide' Cases Double Across US In Last Decade

Breivik 'Planned To Bomb Barack Obama At Nobel Ceremony'

Village Voice Carrying Ads For Alleged Underage Prostitutes

US Ambassador Loses Cool On Russian TV

Pedophilia Rife In UK, Goes Clearly To The Top

Tennnessee Mom Facing Jail For Baptizing Children

Revealed - The True Cost Of Low Self-Esteem

How To Grow Bug-Eating Garden Plants - Vid

April Fool's Japes That Turned Into Prediction

5.8 Quake Hits Fukushima Area, Eastern Honshu

New Inspections - Grave Risks At Wrecked Fukushima Reactors

More Video Of MOX Reactor 3 Exploding Kept Hidden - Vid

Fukushima Children Having Serious Health Problems- Vid

Romney Predicts Victory In Wisconsin

Kirwan - Origins, Pt 2 - Eleven Years Of Hell

Lawson - Iran Bashing, Terror & Who Chose The Chosen? - Vid

Prometheus – Illuminati Programming Goes Batsh*t

False Flag - 'al Qaeda Plans 9/11 Style Attacks In Afghanistan'

Post-Mortem America - Proximate Cause Of Death

Monsanto's Massive GMO Experiment In The US

Disgusting Extortion Thru Legislation


Tests Raise Questions About Fracking Leaks

Fracking Lines Lack Oversight

Funeral March For Privacy In Austria

France Attemps To Coverup Merah Identity

Congress Urged To Secure Drone Law 

Obamacare Adds $17 TRILLION Obligation - Vid

'Walmart Of Weed' Opening Store In DC

Explaining Central Banking To The Publicly Educated 

FDA Rejects Monumental BPA Ban


Japanese Company Invents Water Fueled Car

Stan Meyer's Wondrous Water-Fueled Dune Buggy - Vid

Traffic Stop Of Trekkies Raises Concerns Over Drug 

LSD 'Helps Alcoholics Give Up Drinking'

Student Finds Bags Of Sunken Treasure In Oakland Lake

London - UFO Hovering Over Thames Estuary

Wayne Madsen - Stratfor Leak...Assassination Of Obama?

Rise Of The Police State - Vid

Fukushima - Same Area Was Destroyed 1,142 Years Ago  

Japan Reopens Parts Of Fukushima Evacuation Zone


Panetta - An Israel Strike On Iran Will Pull US In US

China Arrests Six Over Coup Rumors

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Protester In Gaza

Pipeline Attacked After Yemen Drone Strike

Eyre - Toulouse & 9/11...Both False Flags

Defense Department Wants More Control Over The Internet

Kirwan - Tracking The Origins - Part 1

Devvy - What's Wrong With These Headlines?

100s Of Birds Killed During McAllen Hail Storm - Photos

Was Jet Blue Pilot A Victim Of Excitotoxins/Aspartame?


NYC Dept Of Education Bans Words Deemed 'Offensive'

Imagining The Unthinkable - Nuclear War

Massive $17 Trillion Hole Found In Obamacare

Rate Of Mortgage Foreclosures - Want Answers?

Spain - Most Austere Budget In Democratic History

UK Fuel Strike Self-Inflicted Insanity - Petrol Industry

Two-Thirds Of Icelanders Oppose EU Membership

Greek PM Says Third Bailout May Be Needed

Papering Over Disaster

The Music Of My Spheres And The End Of Fear


The End Of Entropy - A Look At Our Entropic World

Big Government Seeks New Ways To Manage 'Big Data'

Journalism At Its Lowest...Rupurt Murdoch

The Truth About The US Postal Service 

West Palm Beach Bunny-Based Seat Belt Crackdown

Did 'Dark Arts' MI6 Agents Kill Spy In Bag?

Twitter Hoaxer Confesses - I Did It To Expose Weak Media

Demographic Breakdown Of World Religion

Proposed South African Secrecy Laws Widely Condemned

Children Sacrificed At Mexico Death Cult  


'Faster Than Light' Neutrinos Scientist Quits

UK To Reconsider Nerve Agent Pesticides

How iPads Are Turning Young Eyes Old

North Sea Platform Gas Leak Flare Now Out

Scotland- Where The Nonces Roam Free

Did Ancient Glaciers Shape Surface Of Mars?

N Pacific Salmon Showing Radioactive Cesium (don't eat)

Tohoku Canned Fish (Cesium) To SE Asia School Kids

Radiation In Tokyo Area Rivers Soaring

Fukushima Worsens, US OKs New Nuclear Reactors

Bernanke Promises Record High Gas Prices Thru Summer

Zionist US Tightens Oil Sanctions On Iran

NATO Wants Missile 'Defense' Placed In Ukraine

Syria - How UN 'Peace' Plan Will Lead To War

N Korea Starvation Looms As US Cuts Food - Vid

Pakistan - Obama Refuses To End Drone Strikes

Afghan Massacre Investigation Blocked By US Atty

Ron Paul Near Top Place in Time Poll

Olbermann Wears Hoodie, Fired By Current TV

Colleges Hold Transcripts From Grads In Loan Default

Monsanto Roundup Causing DNA Damage

FDA Fails To Ban Gender Bending, Carcinogen BPA

Environmentally-Caused Homosexuality

Are Chemicals Turning Boys Into Girls?

FDA Drops 1M Signatures For GMO Labeling Campaign

FDA Deletes 1 Million Anti-GMO Comments

Enormous ConeHeads (ET?) Skull In Peru

Buckwheat Piadina

Vegan NSABB Withdraws H5N1 Publication Objections

Junk Food & Fast Food Cause Depression

Lawsuit - McDonalds Turned Me Into A Prostitute

Flame Retardants, PCBs, Pesticides In Blood Of Young Girls

Lawson - Iran Bashing, Terror & Who Chose The Chosen? - Vid

California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation

5.0 Quake Shakes Fukushima

Reactor 2 At Risk Of 2nd Meltdown - Little Water Inside

37x Over Limit Cesium In Fukushima Trout

OC Cities Fear Over San Onofre Nuke Plant Grows

There Is No Military Option In Iran

Challenging Israeli State Terror


New Israeli Embassy In Cairo Announced

In Defense Of Gilad Atzmon

Kirwan - The Fear Of Failure

Santorum Drop The N-Bomb On Obama? - Vid

GOP Threatens Repub Blogger For Using Sen. Rubio's Name

America - A Global Serial Killer

FKN News - We Know They Know We Know - Vid

NASA UFO Files Revealed On Science Channel Special

Mexico - A Strange Entity In Michoacán (1936)

M&T Bank Chair Explains Crisis  

Money Not Needed With Energy Abundance


Two Studies Point To Pesticide In Mass Bee Deaths 

Neonicotinoid Pesticides - The New DDT

New Pesticides Linked To Bee Population Collapse

Dave Martin - Lies About The Kennedy And Forrestal Deaths

Sibel Edmonds New Book - The Feds Don't You To Read It

Terrorizing Palestinians Daily

Syrian Girl - DeMockracy Is A Farce

What's Next In Syria?

Journalist Imprisonment For Writing About Govt Corruption

Similarities In Nature Science & Virology H5N1 Studies

Amalgam Fillings Leach Mercury Vapor INTO The Brain


Done Deal - Romney Gets GHW Bush Endorsement - Vid 

Japan OKs Shoot-Down Order For N Korean Rocket 

Source Of North Sea Platform Gas Leak Found

Copter Water Drop To Douse North Sea Platform Flare?  

US Leaked Azerbaijan Airbase Deal' To Halt Isn Iran

Azerbaijan Accused Of Helping Israel Attack On Iran

Israel Shuts Off West Bank Ahead Of Arab Protests

Afghan Cop Kills 9 Sleeping Fellow Officers

US Drone Kills Four More In NW Pakistan

Broke Britain To Give Syria Mercenaries £500,000


NY Cops Defy Order To Cut Marijuana Arrests 

Met PR Chief Resigns Over Murdoch Links

Galloway Shakes Up UK Politics With Election Victory

We Are Now Ruled By The Political Wing Of The Wealthy 

Violence On Streets Of Spain In 24 Hour General Strike

Spanish General Strike - Photos

Spain Strike - Rebellion Against Austerity 

UK Police Close Petrol Stations As Tempers Flare

Cuban Property Market Booms First Time Since 1959

Highest-Ever Rate Of Autism In The US


'Fifth Taste' Umami Changing Way People Eat

Beware Of Umami - Just Another Name For MSG!

Fossil Reveals Unknown Human Species

NYT - Fukushima Plant Even More Destroyed Than Thought

CA Seaweed Was Loaded With Fukushima Radiation

One Billion Bq/kg In Fukushima Seaweed

Fukushima Radiation Plume Hit SoCal The Worst

North Sea Explosion, Pollution, Mass Oil Spill Probable

Br Nathanael - The Mystery Of Monastic Silence - Vid

McGrath - The Warning - Vid


Riots Explode In Spain As Thousands Protest

China: Poverty & Angst Boil Under The Surface - Vid

How US Vets Broke Criminal Local Govt - Vid

Busted - OC Govt Vote Fraud & Lies - Vid

Breyer - Congress Can Make You Buy Cell Phones, Computers, Etc

McCain And Kyl Back Obama Pick To Slap Sheriff Joe?

Matt Damon Slapped By the Truth

Queen Elizabeth Eerie Transdimensional Portrait

Madonna’s New Age End Time

Moonbathing On The Banks Of The River Styx


Exelon 'Nuclear Guy' - No New Nukes

Fracking Gas Is Writing US Energy Policy

Two More Studies Show Pesticides Cause Bee Death

CNN Loses Half Its Viewers...Alternative Media Explodes

Beachgoers Push Stranded Dolphins Back To Sea - Vid

Cat And Dolphins Playing Together - Vid

McKinney Says 5,000 Executed Post Hurricane Katrina

Supermassive Swirling Solar Tornado 5x Size Of Earth

Bluegrass Legend Earl Scruggs Passes

Cancer Rates Slashed With Lifestyle Changes


Pakistan Punishes Parents Who Reject Polio Vax

Are Vaccines Harming British Children?

Does Rubio Endorsement Of Romney Help Or Hurt?

Denmark Has Its First ‘Spare Parts Baby’

Massive Object Drawing Energy From The Sun? - Vid

Wilcox - Japan’s Near Miss With Massive Nuclear Catastrophe

Dark Smoke Comes From Area Of Reactor 2 - Vid

Rumor - Anonymous To Take Down Internet On Saturday

A Spy Inside The Romney Campaign

N Korea Fueling Rocket To Launch Satellite April 12-13

Fear Of Huge Explosion On Leaking North Sea Gas Rig

Israel Gains Use Of Azerbaijan Bases On Iran Border

Israel Inks $1.6 Billion Arms Deal With Azerbaijan

Could Bombing Iran Push It To Build A Bomb?

Kirwan - 450 Million More Reasons To Isolate Zionist Israel 

USA Thwarts Israeli Attack On Iran 

A Special TV Interview With Gilad Atzmon - Vid

Tzipi Livni Overthrown As Leader Of Kadima

Gaddafi Family Assets Of €1 Billion Seized In Italy


US Drone Attacks On Yemen Escalate

Fragging In Afghanistan?

911 Caller Arrested After SoCal Cops Kill Black Teen

Why We Don't Care - The Coming Race Wars 

TSA Manager Arrested For Running Prostitution Ring

Your iPhone And Blackberry Are Easily Hacked - Vid

The Horror Of Evil Loose On The Internet

Did Something 'Bounce' Off The Sun? - Vid

Drockton - FDIC In Serious Trouble  

Legislating Greater Wall Street Theft


US, UK, France Consider Oil Release To Cut Fuel Prices

Spain General Strike Begins

Fastest-Growing Economies Try To Finish BRICS Wall

Inside $80 Million Customized Boeing Business Jet

UK Is Back In Recession

Fisk - Living On The Edge Of Bloody Syria war

'Pratnav' To Track Brits By Satellite To Enforce Bans

UK Fuel Strike - Pumps Dry, Ministers Provoke Panic

Cameron Waved Through Plan To Destroy Workers Rights

UK Secret Courts, Mafia Coverup, Unaccountable Cops


Doctor Says Fired After Emailing Prayer To Colleagues

Strawberry Celebration! Pesticide Company Leaves U.S.

UFO Debunkers - Irrational, Uninformed And Ignorant

Veg Pepperoni and Pizza

Plan Now For Climate Disasters Says UN 

Scientists Pin Down Historic Sea Level Rise

Wind Map Of US Patterns Blows You Away

97% Of Dietitians Recommend Supplements

Pakistan Force Child Polio Vax

Fears GM Wheat Could Affect Humans

UK Flu Jab Link To Narcolepsy In Children


Two Mutant H5N1 Strains Led To World Controversy

'Why All Bird Flu Research Should Be Published'

A History Of Major Flu Pandemics

Latest Fukushima Plant Analysis Staggers Experts

Fukushima Radiation Can KIll In Minutes

Fukushima Monthly Fallout Higher Than 9 Months Ago

Judge Napolitano On Obamacare & High Court -Vid

Dow & Monsanto To 'Enlist' You In Killer Crops - Vid

Obama Touts 'Recovery' Is Worst Slump Since 1930s 

Last Chance For A Congressional Debate On Iran War


Israel Building Another Massive Wall - Vid

Kirwan - Israel Surrenders Credibility

McGrath - 2012 Fireworks Coming Soon - Vid

FBI Memo  - Agents Can 'Bend Of Suspend The Law'

MF Global Trouble Over $175m In Customer Funds

Obama World Bank Nominee Tied To Gates & Soros.

Soros Criminal Conviction & 'Human Rights' Scam

Boston Loses vs Man Who Recorded Police Brutality

US Fish & Wildlife Suspend GMOs On Refuge Land

Animals Effected By Electrosmog - Vid


Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?

Hunger Games 'May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor'

US Army Organ 'Donor' Program

Nuclear Blast In DC Won't Destroy The City - Study

Global Jet Stream Wind & 250 MB Pressure

CFR - Educational Decline A National Security Threat

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Reality Of Vote Fraud - Why Your Vote Doesn't Matter - Vid

Campaign Spending Shows Political Ties, Self-Dealing

Peres, Pollard And The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

US Gears Up For Land Operation In Persian Gulf?


Kirwan - When Greed Is Beautiful

Drockton - Bank Closings Signal Coming Collapse

Terrorists Are Everywhere! - Vid

The Sweet Swinging Ineffable

Lawmakers Worry About East Coast Refining 

End Of Coal Plants? EPA Wants New Rules

IPCC Predicts Rise In Extreme Climate Events

NYPD Conducting Illegal Stops In Private Buildings 

Medicare And The Ryan Budget


Trees - Living Electric Energy, Scientists Say

Brain Tumors, Blindness - Down The Aspartame Hole - Vid

Home, Lawn Pesticides More Dangerous Than Thought

MONATOMIC GOLD - An Extraordinary Healing Agent

OVEREATING - The #1 Killer

Endtime Madness - A Condition To Be ‘Reckoned’ With

73 Sieverts/hr Will Push TEPCO 30 Yr Decommission Plan Back

Radiation Prof - Fukushima City, Pop 330,000, Needs To Be Evacuated

Fukushima Radiation Levels Much Higher Than Thought

Flare Still Burning On Leaking North Sea Gas Platform


Passenger  'Goes Berserk' On Flight Today

More On Jet Blue Pilot Going Berserk In Mid-Flight

Israel Builds Another Racist Border Fence - Vid

March 30 Land Day Resistance Against Israel

Atzmon - Jewish Survival Greatest Miracle In History

Egypt Told To Give Military Leaders 'Safe Exit'

Fighting Over Sudan Oil Fields Continues

Washington Admits Aiding Syrian Opposition

Rebel Groups Unite Behind Syrian National Council

Date Set For Iran Nuclear Talks With World Powers

The Criminal Class In Washington Is Bipartisan

Pike -  Marshalls Exits 'Good Christian Bitches'

Dirty Bombs Traceable By DNA Analysis

US May Launch Drones From Indian Ocean Atolls

US Concealed Evidence Of Intel Failure Before 9/11

Obama Blocks Construction Coal Power Plants

Argentina Accuses UK Of Putting Nukes In Falklands

Dow & Monsanto To 'Enlist' You In Killer Crops - Vid

17 Weeks Of Holiday Per Year For EU Bureaucrats

TV Channel Won't Show Toulouse Video - But Who Sent It?


BILLIONS Of 'Habitable' Planets Found In Milky Way 

Life Brought To Earth By Comets Says Nasa

Experts Warn Of Hidden Spread Of Lyme Disease

Looking Back At Life In Anger Will Make You Sick

Great Barrier Reef Suffering Oz Pesticides

Einstein Brain Samples Go On Display

Fukushima Reactor 2 In Crisis Again

Hardly Any Water In Fukushima Reactor 2

Activist Japanese Try To Awaken The Public To Radiation Danger

Corsi - Obama...The Greatest Deception In US History - Vid


Sheriff Arpaio - New Details On Missing Obama Records

Why Obama Is The More Effective Evil

US Missile 'Shield' Moves Into Asia, Mideast

Twisted Verses Give Zionists Phony Rights To Palestine

Massacre Of The Afghan 17 & The Obama Coverup

Israeli Soldiers Already Active in Iran?

Passengers Subdue Crazed Flight Capt Yelling About 'Bomb'

Michigan Declares War On Family Pig Farmers

ATN Special Interview With Gilad Atzmon - Vid

John Barbour - The Obama Blues - Vid


Atzmon Interviewed By Norton Mezvinsky - Vid

US Children Traumatized in Realistic Terror Drills

School Kids Bused To Many Locations In Terror Drills

GOP Justices Clown Over Health Care

New EPA CO2 Rules Favor Frackers

N American Leaders Reviving Trilateral Integration

US #1 Among Western Nations For Executions

BRIC Nations Try To Replace Dollar With China Currency

Hackers Treasure Trove - Credit Report Websites


4 Insane Corporate Advertisements

Cold Weather Bug-Out Survival Lessons

Black Panther Who Offered $10K Bounty Is Arrested

Cops Arrest Videographer...Costs City $170,000 

Oz Parents Growing One Pot Plant Face 1 Year

Super Strength Substance Close To Human Trials 

Licorice Kills SARS & Other Viruses Better Than Antivirals

Ginger More Effective Against Cancer than Drugs

Regular Chocolate Consumption Linked To Leaner Bodies

Nanoparticles Affect Nutrient Absorption, Study Suggests


Tokyo Radiation Detector Spikes To Triple Normal

Reactor 2 - Fatally High Radiation, Virtually No Water

Reactor 2 Radiation Now Up To 73 Sieverts An Hour

Intense 5.1 Hits Just After 6.4 In Near Fukushima

Japan Goes Off Script In Attack On North Korea

Russia Is Public Enemy Number 1 – Mitt Romney 

Romney Dodges Questions, Kicks Out Journalist

Obama Admits US Has More Nukes Than It Needs

Obama Defends Medvedev Microphone Gaffe - Vid


No Question - Obama Imposes Martial Law With New EO

Donate For Dinner With Barack Obama

Americans Waiting For Big Name To Break 2-Party Grip

Syria Accepts 'Peace Plan'

Slicing Up Syria 

Israel Cuts Ties With 'Biased' UN Human Rights Council

Israeli Occupation - Who Is Out Of Touch?

Israeli Court Enforces Hana Shalabi

InjusticeTwo Million Arabs Fled To Europe Over 'Spring' Rebellions

Terrorizing Palestinian Youths


Corbett - Change Of Heart? Legacy Of Darth Cheney - Vid

Pike - BareEscentuals Won't Sponsor 'Good Christian Bitches!'

Server Attacks On Rense/Drockton Not Kid Games

Kirwan - Magic-Realism & Reality

Astounding Obamacare Outrages - Vid

Obamacare In Serious Trouble In Supreme Court?

NASA Finds Mercury 'Completely Weird' - Likely Has Water

North Sea Exclusion Zone Set As Gas Leak Surges

BP Oil Disaster Sseriously Hurt Deep Sea Corals

Kenya Strikes Oil For First Time


What Stinks? Bizarre Trash Collects Near Oil Patch

Money Men Invited To Shape Cameron Policy 

Who Came To Dinner? Bankers, Traders & An Oil Baron

Google Must Be Made  To Censor Search Results - MPs

Scandal Spreads To Murdoch TV empire

UK Student Jailed For 'Racist' Soccerr Player Tweets

Al CIAda 'Plotting Cyanide Hand Cream Attack' For Roth Games

British Police Interview Girls Involved In Child Sex Ring

Zimmerman Said Trayvon Beat His Head Into Pavement

Spinach Avocado With Fig Chia Salsa


Quick Veg Torta

Jack Benny With Groucho On 'You Bet Your Life' - Vid

Antibody Shrink Tumors In 7 Cancers

'Pink Slime' Shuts Down 3 Of Its 4 Plants

Electronic Skin Patches Monitor Patient Health At Home  

Did Europeans Move To Africa To Weather Out Ice Ages?

Teachers Issue Video Game Warning

Town Near Fukushima ' The Children Are All Sacrifices' - Vid

Gunderson Samples In Tokyo Like 'Nuclear Waste' In US - Vid

Reactor 2 Water Level Only 60 Cm Deep In Containment

Hydrogen Quintuples In Reactor 2 In 2 Weeks


Gas Cloud Encircles North Sea Drilling Platform 

Workers Taken Off Gas Leaking Platform

Rev James David Manning Urges Prayers For Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Full Scale Effort To Steal Ron Paul Delegates Exposed

Santorum Romney Attack...And Then Outburst - Vid

Gingrich Stays In Race Despite Setbacks

Charlie McGrath - Totally Rigged - Vid

Dow Uptick On Dovish Bernanke Remarks

9/11 WTC Bombs And Rows Of Scorched Cars - Vid

Quantum Levitation...Remarkable Physics - Vid


How The Fed's Swaps Bail Out Euro Banks

Israeli Horror Raids On West Bank Village - Vid

Pine Gap And The Oz Quake

Rocketdyne Still Hot - EPA In Hot Seat

Supreme Court Throws Out Human Gene Patents

Who Raised The Price Of Gasoline? 

City Of Sanford Discloses Zimmerman Info

Blind Dog Living In L.A. Trash Gets Beautiful Rescue - Vid

Unwanted Pregnancies & Modern Immaculate Conception


Aspartame Is Made from GMO Bacteria Waste

What Is Secretly Lurking In Your Food?

Master Growers Cultivating A Higher Grade Of Pot

High Altitude Adventure - Skiing At 13,000 Feet

Rense & Celente - What Was And What Is - Vid

Giving Voice To The Silent Majority - Vid

Pine Gap And The Australian Quake

US Dead - Man Arrested For Pointing Finger At Cops - Vid

Government Employees - The True 1 Percent

$270 Billion In Student Loan Payments 30 Days Late


5 Banks Hold Almost 96% Of All Outstanding Derivatives

Dallas Fed Calls For Break-Up Of Giant, Insolvent Banks

Recession 2007 Never Ended - We're In Depression

Krugman - Lobbyists, Guns And Money

Drockton - How To Get A Job  

Bodysurfing The Kali Yuga

Clif High's Wujo

911 Suspects Explosive Connections

Lunar Rock Tests  Casts Doubts On Origin Of Moon

Smart Meter Catches House On Fire


Scottish Paper - Secret Lockerbie Bombing Report

James Cameron Now At Ocean's Deepest Point

Green Climate Fund Wants Total Immunity

Inexplicata - More Maritime Mysteries: The Haunted Seas

Argentina - Close Encounters in Antarctica

Why Amish Kids Have Less Asthma

13 Yr Old's Slavery Analogy Raises Some Uncomfortable Truths

Gunderson - Similarities Between Vermont Yankee, Fukushima - Vid

Japan Down To ONE Nuclear Reactor

Magnitude 7.1 Quake Rocks Central Chile


MDR TB Now Out Of Control

Obama To Medvedev - 'After My Election...More Flexibility' - Vid

Obama To Russia - More Missile Flex After Elections

Obama Tells Iran Time Is Running Out

Supreme Court Holds Obama Future In Its Hands

Halts India Tanker Payment Over Iran Sanctions

Obama Personal Pledge To Aid Syria Rebels

Turkey Recalls Ambassador To Syria, Closes Embassy

Israelis And Iranians Against War


Israel Hits Back At UN, Palestine And Germany

Israeli Court Rules Against Illegal Settlement

Gillard Wants China Help With N Korea ICBM

Afghan Kills Two Soldiers At NATO Base

Veterans To Get Shafted By Illegitimate President

Mormon Mafia Attacks Drockton  

Kirwan - Killing The Future

Kirwan - The Rothschild Olympics

All 3,800 MI5 Agents On Rothschild Olympic Duty

Pike - Boycott Working! Huggies, Progressive Dump 'GCB'

Lilith The Genesis Of The Feminism Curse

Fed Hawks And Doves Fightings Over A Tturkey?

Spain Facing Mission Impossible - Another €40b In Cuts

Why Do We Continue To Ignore China's Rise? 

EU Referendum Inevitable - The Outcome Is Not

26 States Move To Declare Obamacare Unconstitutional

Challenging Obamacare 

HA Lesson In Free Speech From Russia

Snitch Culture Hotlines To Enfore UK Drought Restrictions

Savage Killing OIf Iraqi Mom Of 5 In CA


Trayvon Martin Death - Gingrich Criticism Of Obama

Black Panthers Offer $10k Reward For Trayvon Killer  

Medora, ND Mock Execution To Draw Tourists

Antidepressants Give Drugmakers The Blues

Scientists Find Gene That Can Make Flu A Killer

Dementia Research Funding To Double In 3 Years

Japan Top Nuke Official Freezes For A MInute Over Question - Vid

5.2 Quake Stings Fukushima

Second 5.2 Quake Hits Fukushima, Same Spot, Same Depth

Br Nathanael - Jewish Imperialsim & The US Military - Vid


The Attempt To Topple President Assad Has Failed

No Letup In Western-Backed Syrian Violence

Afghanistan Crimes - Absolving Higher-Ups

EU Warships To Hit Somali Pirate Lairs

Drockton - Romney Loses Lousiana...2 Of Last 7 Primaries

Freedom - No Permission Needed

Three Blind Men With Mercury In Retrograde

Max Igan - Participating In Your Own Salvation - Vid


Houston Using Starvation To Solve Homeless Problems

The Drone War On Journalists

Smart Meter Explodes On A House, Setting It On Fire - Vid

Seven Days In Gaza - Vid

The US Supreme Court Should Kill 'Obamacare'

The 'Terror Management Theory'

Attack Dogs In Schools For Dissenting Students - Vid

USDA Won't Review Fracking EIRs In Mortgage OKs - Vid

MSM Questions Chemclouds Chemtrails - Vid

Oh, Donna Now Oh, Bama - Vid


Eyelash Mites To Friendly Viruses - Aliens Inside Us

Psychiatrists Snatching Our Kids? That's Stalin's trick

Queue Here For Rescue Aboard Alien Spaceship

Microwave Ovens - Remove Them From Your Kitchens

Nightshades...Can Produce Your Worst Nightmare!

Multi-Infection Syndromes - New Millenium Epidemic

Santorum Crushes Romney In Lousiana - Vid

Mystery Cloud Formation On Mars

Devvy - Sick Of Internet Hoaxes And Half Truths


The Awesome Power Of YouTube - Vid

Televangelists Spend Millions On Private Jets, Mansions

Media Made Racial Unrest Out Of Florida Shooting

The Seven Rules Of Bureaucracy 

Save America - Deport An Environmentalist

Obama's Algae Oil Plan Is A Scam

Utah Demands Its Land Back From Federal Control

Gay Court Case Could Destroy Freedom Of Speech

Why You Should Avoid Fast Foods At All Cost

Radiation Triples At Tokyo Monitoring Post, Doubles At Another


Hydrogen Levels Now Quadruple At Reactor 2

Cheney Finally Gets His First Heart  

Dick Cheney Recovers From Heart Transplant 

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Down For The Count?

Swiss Nuclear Reactor Shut Down To Fix Pump Fault  

You've Sold Out When...

Drockton - What Passes For Rights These Days  

Louisiana Dolphins 'Very Sick' - More BP Aquatic Genocide

Nothing You Do Online Will EVER Be Private Again 

Is Your TV Watching You? Latest Samsung HDTVs


Google Patent For Tailored Advertising From Spying 

Media Matters Releases Radio Ads Against Limbaugh

New EO - History Should Cause Concern, Not Comfort

Ali Abunimah & Gilad Atzmon At The OK Corral

Sandusky Labeled 'Likely Pedophile' In 1998 Report 

Drug Users - Flesh Eating Chemical Now In Cocaine

10 Poisonous Foods We Like To Eat

Kirwan - Overwhelming Force

UK Protest Against Threat Of War On Iran 

Assad Relatives Face EU Asset Freeze, Travel Ban


Anti-Arab Rampage In Jerusalem Shopping Centre, No Arrest

Altayr - Celebrate Israel? - Vid

On The Brink Of A Third World War

Rising Ottoman 

Who Is Gilad Atzmon And Who Are We?

What It Is and How It Is, Amen

Who Is 'Normal'?

Large Boat From Japan Tsunami Found Floating Off BC

Big Brother Cam Scans 36 Million Faces Per Second

Google To Spy On Phone Call BACKGROUND Noise


Turin Shroud Linked To Resurrection Of Christ

Amateur Astronomer Get Images Of Clouds On Mars

Corzine Ordered Overdraft To Be Cleared With Client Funds

Real War Is Between Rich And Poor, Not Young And Old 

Russian Banker In Coma After London Shooting

Wave Of Banking Resignations Ahead Of Financial Collapse?

NYPD Spied On Liberal Groups In New Orleans

Televangelists Defrauded Tens Of Millions From Christians

UK Health And Safety Police State Strikes Again 

Social Workers Took Baby From Parents Without Evidence


GE Goats To 'Carry' New Malaria Vaccine

Confirmed - Flaxseed Has 'Estrogens' That Regress Cancer

The Mystery Of Morgellons Continues

Stealth Vax Laws Allow Kids To Approve Shots

Fukushima Plutonium 200x Higher Than Japan Claims

Atzmon - A Glimpse Into Israeli Psychosis

Keeping The Syrian Pot Boiling

CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings - A PsyOp?

McGrath - Ignorance Is Not Bliss - Vid

Fidel Castro - The Roads Leading To Disaster


Heading For Inevitable Disaster

Missouri GOP Will Hold A New Open Caucus

Feds Buying Up All Surplus Ammo

Oil 'Shortage' Caused by Bankers & Failing US$

Saudi Arabia, China To Build A Giant New Oil Refinery

Corzine Moved $200 Million Before MF Global Bankruptcy

US Student-Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion 

SPLC Is Targeting Websites, Radio And Film

ADL Adknowledges Demographics Matter

Judge Tells FDA To Get Rid Of Animal Feed Antibiotics


Court Rules Against FDA In Health Freedom Of Speech

Mysterious Booms Span 80 Miles Over Wisconsin

BLM Rounds Up Humans For Dog & Pony Show

Travis Walton Details Alien Abduction - Early Interview - Vid 

Locator Chips Tracks Students In Brazil 

The Painful Process Of Getting Healthy

US - Entire Northern Japan, Including Tokyo, Is Now  Radiological

Romney Still Facing Convention Defeat  

Karma Too Slow - Even For Nutters Who Can't Spell 'Obama'

Ruger Gets 1 MILLION Orders - Temp Halts Taking More


Can New Obama EO Cut Off All Ammunition Sales?

Intel Shows Iran Nuclear Threat Not Imminent

Russia Deplores West's Hostility Towards Iran

Six Million Ships

Worrisome Security Council Presidential Statement On Syria

Gaza Siege Harshness Continues

Israelis Deny Palestinians Essentials For Life

Japan Readies Missile Defense Over N  Korea Rocket

Europe Launches Heaviest Ever Craft Into Space

French KIller Called 'Iron Man Terrorist'


French Transfer Resentments From Jews To Arabs   

Martin - Abuse of Psychiatry in the Kennedy Assassination

Geraldo Rivera Off His Rocker?

Secret Video Catches MO GOP Admitting Rigging Caucus - Vid

North America To Be Next Middle East Energy Center?

NASA Scientist Gets 13 Yrs - Offered To Sell Secrets To Israel

UN - 7 Building Blocks For 'Heavy' World Government

Combating Chinese Economic Encroachment In Africa

BoE Advises Banks To Raise More Capital Urgently

Wall St Confidence Game


Police Swoop On English Paedophile Gang

Oz Police Bust Child Pornography Ring

'Motion Blindness' - How Drivers Don't See Bikes, Joggers

Nodding Disease - Kids Become Mindless 'Zombies

Europe Launches Heaviest Ever Craft Into Space

Autiism Soars By 56% In Five Years

India - Flawed Treatment Fuels MDR TB

Outbreak Of Deadly Flu Hits UK Care Homes

Idaho Rejects Law That Would Ban Teens From Using Tanning Beds

Discovery That Trees Emit Electricity Creates A Stir


Water Wars Between Nations Just Around The Corner 

BP Gets Approval For Shetland Deepwater Well

Fear Of Radiation Driving People To Move From Tokyo

Iwaki City To Begin Burning Radioactive Debris (unbelievable)

Kirwan - What Happened?

MSM Ridicules Concern over Obama's Martial Law EO

Atzmon - Is It An Israeli False Flag Again?

China Sells Iran Telephone & Internet Spy System

We Were Warned...Dead Presidents Speak - Vid


Sheriff Joe Says 'Tons' More Shocking Obama Info  

Gun Sales Explode As Election Looms 

Google To Spy On Cell Phone Background Noise

Bernanke's Idiotic Lies About A Gold Standard

The Cloud Raining On Microsoft's Parade

Congress - The Money Is All In The Family

Greek Govt Encourages Barter & Alternative Currency

US History Of Global Warming Lies And Big $$$

More On The Michoacán Chupacabras Attacks

The Realms Below: Where Fact Meets Fiction


FKN News - Denial, Delusion, BS And Voodoo - Vid

Most Body Movement An 'Indicator Of Potential Terrorism'

Are We Out of Options?  NO

A Man For All Treasons And The US Constitution  

Poland Anti-Monsanto Group Piles Dead Bees On Govt Steps

Monsanto & Dow Push Children's Propaganda Book

Monsanto-Linked Proctor & Gamble New Purchase

The Fracking Of America - Vid

Killer Whale Dead From US Military Explosion

Is This The Ultimate SHTF Handgun? - Vid


NATO To Cut Afghan Force Funding By 66% 

Busby - Falluja Censored Video Of US DU Horror - Vid

Oath Keeper Marine May Face Charges

Madonna vs Russia Over 'Homosexual Propaganda'

Framing People To Discredit Them

Jesters Lose Court Decision

English Speaking Kids Now MINORITY In 1,600 UK Schools

Strange Tremors Drop Barn In BC

US Try To Harness Power Of H-Bomb With Laser

French Bread Spiked With LSD In CIA Experiment


Mom Gets $300 Ticket For Her Child's Chalk Drawing

Iran Nuke Foes Can Tip Scales In Favor Of Bomb - Vid

The Roots Of Israeli Behavior

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up - Vid

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee Steps Down

What’s Up With The Noise In Clintonville, WI?

Damaging Coups Rumors Surge Across China

Why China Coup Rumors Aren't Going Away

Most China Coup Rumors Vanish

Br Nathanael - The End Of The Jewish Age


Beijing Coup Rumors - Tanks In Streets?

French Terror Suspect Killed

McGrath - Pushing Iran To The Brink, Has Russia Had Enough? - Vid

Treading Lightly As Iran Power Struggle Unfolds

Perils Of Attacking Iran

New York Times Promotes War On Syria & Iran

Nuclear Watchdog Chief Accused Of Pro-Western Bias Over Iran

The Growing Rage Against Nuclear Power - Vid

Six Million Submarines

Corbett - Meet Washington’s Favorite Terror Cult - Vid

Hero Russian General Now Sees The World Clearly


Ron Paul On Jay Leno - Vid

Rocketdyne Radiation Still 1,000s Of Time Over Limit

Mormon Church Slush Fund And Fraud  

Brown - Interest Rate Swaps Bankrupting Local Governments

Joseph Kony And More AFRICOM Oil Wars

Pizzas From Hell In A Flaming Dumpster

Eucalyptus Field Neither Confined Nor Safe

Just Say No To GMOs In Your Food

Internet Access More Important Than Sex, Alcohol


Outrage Forces Supermarkets To Drop 'Pink Slime'

Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major US Cities

Hanna Shalabi Hunger Strike - Freedom Or Death

TVs With HD Camera, Microphones, Face, Voice Recog

Stunning New Images Of The Titanic

Are Gallbladder Attacks Misdiagnosed As Heart Attacks?

Multi-Infection Syndromes - Epidemic Of The New Millennium

Toxoplasmosis - From Pregnancy To Miscarriage

Russian Made MOX Fuel Being Used In US Reactors - Vid

Reactor 2 Rises Nearly 20 C In Just One Week


One Nation Under Socialism? - McNaughton - Vid

Ron Paul Destroys Romney And Obama - Vid

Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

Duke - Obama...Craven Puppet Of Racist Israel - Vid 

DHS Tracking Alternative News and Prepper Sites

A National Wireless 'Public Safety' Network (To Fry Us)

Does The Market Really Want 'Smart Meter Version 2.0'?

Smoking Bad Colombian Shake On Camelback Mountain

Disposable Citizens To Enhance Profits

Kids Adopting A 'Mean World Syndrome'


Supreme Court Rules Against EPA Bullies

Scary DHS 'Soft' Spying Thru Cell Phone Games

Congressmen & Senators Support GMO Labels

Monsanto GMOs Lead To Obesity & Disease

Senate Rejects Plan To Open Arctic Refuge Drilling

Greenpeace Funded By CIA & Rockefellers To Kill Oz Coal

Drawing The Line Against US Government Terrorists

Social Media Predicts Unemployment Spikes

Flirtatious Emails Fill al-Assad Inbox

A Winning Mindset For Effective Advocacy


Black Staff Accuse Black School Superintendant of Racism

New Study - BPA Fertility Problems And Fatal Disease

The CO2 Sea Level Lie

Pentagon Predicts Israel Will Drag US Into War With Iran

Obama Bluffs Netanyahu

Obama To Visit Korea DMZ  

Atzmon - Baroness Ashton And Jewish Sensitivities

McKinney Interviews Atzmon - Vid

Stepped Up Pressure On Assad

Syria - US-NATO Rebels In Extensive War Crimes


West To Launch Package War In Middle Eas

Afghan Massacre - 'No Evidence' Against US Soldier

Penetrated, Controlled Tea Party Endorses Romney

The Ascendence Of Sociopaths In US Governance

Worldwide Banking Resignations Triple - Why?

Nuclear Weapons On A Highway Near You

IRS May Share Tax Info With Police To Fight Fraud

Kirwan - Who Is Number One?

US Grip On World Bank Challenged

Osborne's £3 Billion Pension Raid Helps Pay For Tax Cuts


Portuguese Death Rate Rise Linked To Austerity 

Aborted Babies Being Chopped And Sold All Over US

Cannabis And The New Green Economic Revolution

Manager Reveals Secrets of Mormon Church Slush Fun

Industrial Wind And The Production Tax Credit

Seven Recent Victories For Raw Milk Freedom

Dying For Justice

Turkey From Sick To Vibrant Economic Workhorse

Pakistan Day - Strange March 23 Celebrations

NASA Probe Reveals Mercury Violent, Volcanic Past


The Daily Show Begins Running Pro-Nuclear Ads

Gunderson - 20% Of Fukushima Girls Headed For Cancer - Vid

Mass Protest Over New Russian-Built India Nuke Plant

McGrath/RT - Obama EO A Prep For War On Iran? - Vid

Romney Wins Illinois, Looks To Louisiana - Vid

Videos Of Israeli Theft Of Palestinian Water - Vid

Obama Can't Wait To Screw US

US Pushes Old Policy Of Divide And Conquer - Vid

This Is What Climate Change Looks Like

Will Nuke Shockwave Avert Earth-Bound Asteroid?


Pike - GCB...Prelude To Persecution

Mantiq Altayr - GJB

No Deaths, 800 Homes Hit In 7.4 Mex Quake - Vid

Valentino's Ghost - Vid

Is CIA Behind Campaign To Kill Oz Coal Industry?

'Love Us, We're Bankers'

Real UFO Videos By Amateurs - Vid

Best UFO Videos In February - Vid

Best NASA UFO Footage - Vid

NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Yard


Sweden Moving Towards Cashless Economy

Italy - Huge Mafia Bust Nabs 16 Judges & $1.3 Billion

Additional Swine H3N2v Match Failures

Quick Veg Samosa...Baked - Vid

Fast Buckwheat Burgers - Vid

Raw Baba Ganoush - Vid

Raw Walnut Kale Chips - Vid

Is This Why Fast Food Leads To Violence? 

Science Is Catching Up To Folk Medicine

Common Vax Ingredient Causing Kidney Damage In Children


Ron Paul Blasts Obama For Klling Americans

Why Did ABC-TV Post Il GOP Primary Result 24 Hrs Early?

Wicked Mind Control, Cult Cutouts, False Memory

Secret Service Confirms New Power Over Free Speech

Sheriff Arpaio Refuses To Drop Obama Birth Investigation

Ayers Family Put 'Foreigner' Obama Through School

Obama Gay Life Covered Up By Murders Of Ex-Lovers?

Obama 'Tucked David Cameron Into Bed" On Air Force One

Charlie McGrath - Martial Law - Vid

Mormon Inc. Changes To Red Ink


2012 Satellite Image Of Destroyed Fukushima Plant

7.6 Quake Hits Oaxaca Mexico

Russia And Syria Deny Russian Ships, Special Forces In Syria

AIPAC Policy Conference 2012 Lowlights - Vid

Obama Condemns Iran For Creating 'Electronic Curtain'

Israelis Confident War On Iran Can Work

US War Game Projects 100s US Death If Israel Hits Iran

Iran Warns It Will Attack Anyone Who Attacks It

Asking The Wrong Questions About War

Contraceptives Should Not Be Covered By Insurance Co's

Israeli-Iranian Solidarity Sweeps Facebook


Iraq Bombs Kills Scores Before Arab League Summit

Pak Parliamentarians Demand End To US Drone Strikes

Taliban Destroy 9 NATO Tankers In W. Afghanistan

Huge France Manhunt Underway For Toulouse Shooter

AFRICOM Wars Over Oil China Military Spending Passes $100 Billioz

Rense & Peter Davenport - Phoenix Lights + 15 Years, Pt 3 - Vid

Bizarre Noises, Explosions Rattle Wisconsin Town

Not A Boycott, It's An Organized Terrorist Attack!

Big Pharma Creates Drug Resistant “White Plague”

Female Urinary Infections Made Worse By Modern Farming


Soaring Cesium Levels In Iitate Soils - Stunning 154,000 Bq/kg

Fukushima Farmers Face Decades Of Radioactive Crops

Growing Dangers Of Radioactive Metals Around The World

Japanese Realizing The Massive Spread Of Radiation - Vid

1 Million Bq/Kg Of Cesium In Mystery Black Dust

Br Nathanael - Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill? - Vid

Romney-Santorum Tuesday Illinois Showdown

MSNBC - Ron Paul The Incredible Shrinking Candidate

Doubting The Danger Of Obama EOs? - Not So Fast...


EPA Bypasses Congress & Shreds Constitution

Japan Showa Shell To Renew Iran Oil Deal Despite Sanctions

Iran Oil Exports Increase In January Despite Sanctions