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Venezuelan Invader Migrants Are A
Trojan Horse From An Anti-US alliance

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Hers is the face that launched a thousand ships on waves of permed hair, atop a virginal white sports bra revealing a wasp waist modestly tucked into tapered designer jeans. She moans like one of Verdi’s ill-fated ladies of the demimonde, saving her last dying breath for a neglectful lover. All the while three stout men rush her in their arms to a clinic. This is not an opera staged in Milan or Paris but a migrant holding tank in Ciudad Juarez, at the northern edge of Mexico, after her expulsion by the U.S. Border Patrol from El Paso, Texas, along with hundreds of other illegal migrants from Venezuela.

The caption for the news photo, which appeared in Southwest’s newspapers, reports the condition she suffers is an asthma attack, yet something is seriously amiss about this picture of ill health. Questions about her veracity arise from a suspect name. This Latin beauty claims to be Croce Maria de Los Angeles, which also happens to be the title of a popular and oft-rerun 1997 Venezuelan “tele-novella” (TV soap opera) with 52 installments. Haven’t kept up with It? Neither has this news hound, who is more familiar with the original cultural icon associated of that name (which translates from Spanish as Mary of the Angels’ Cross), the Virgin Mary who was the mother figure for Michelangelo’s “Pieta”, the marble statue of Jesus sprawled across his mourning mother’s lap after his body was lowered to the ground from the Crucifixion, a scene of soulful tenderness and unbounded grief.

In this heretic photographic interpretation, so typical of today’s sexual politics, the Madonna is recast in the opposite role, as the brutalized victim of oppression, with corpse-like limpness in a condition of agony, implying that the insensitive Americans are the new Roman imperialists. The role reversal is also depicted in her protectors. The synoptic gospels mention three other devout women of the same name at that grisly hilltop on the Mount of Olives at twilight after the disciples and soldiers had departed. The Three Marys included the repentant fallen woman Magdalene, the mother of James and Joses, and another matron from the Zebedee family, loyal to the very end.

Yet here in the blasphemous photo taken at the edge of Mexico, the trio of supporters are men of sturdy build, likely off-duty soldiers of the Venezuelan military government, rushing the supposedly asthmatic woman to a clinic. That’s when one notices her huge bicepts that indicate extraordinary physical training. She and her companions are soldiers, probably special forces, from the Venezuelan Army, who had recently been infiltrated into the hated enemy territory and then expelled when their presence had been discovered. How many other combatants had been positioned across the United States along with a smattering of civilian families? The tactics are classic urban guerrilla warfare as perfected and taught by the master of that black art, Che Guevara.

That woman is no saint; she is the enemy, so wake up America, you are slumbering in a pleasant dream, a soap opera based on “Friends”, when in wide-awake reality you’re swarmed by murderous foes from Iran, China, North Korea and now even the once-friendly Chinese. Try to recall the torching of Minneapolis during the Black Lives Matter uprising, when Muslim men from Somalia and Pakistan, wearing Pashtun Taliban caps, jumped for joy, waving their fists as liquor stores were torches in the deep of night. That cycle of pity for poor helpless victims from an ugly world morphing into merciless arsonists, shooters and looters is starting up again, though this time they will be led by FMOs, professional foreign military officers. Americans will be rounded up for their usefulness as hostages, while the National Guard and patriotic survivalists will be hunted down and executed without the pretense of a trial. The naivete of the Biden, Harris and AOC crowd is laughable, and those traitors can be expected to flee the mayhem into Camp David rather that putting up resistance to the invasion.

Angels and Demons

As I jot down these impressions, here on the southern edge of New Mexico near the border, a vertical-takeoff Osprey gunship has just roared by overhead and National Guardsmen are returning to this desolate town after long being pulled out by the Democrat governor, who is widely suspected of being a Cartel stooge. War is palpable in the sandstorms and thunderheads booming with nature’s fury.

Typically perverse in these culturally revolutionary times, the double sexual reversal in that treacherous news photo also reflects the heretical nature of the Venezuelan military government under the ideological influence of Spanish freemasonry and also the early Jesuits’ deviance based in pre-Islamic trance involving “angels and demons”. There is a vast gap between this sort of Latin Catholic primitivism and the philosophical rigor aka “intolerance” of American Protestantism.

How was it that photo editors and newspaper journalists failed to detect the cynical play-acting behind this image enabling it to be passed off as a secular medical emergency with its undertone of accusation against U.S. immigration policy. Theater was wrongly accepted as reality, thereby becoming propaganda. This blatant appropriation of the legacy of Mary, the mother of Christ, is an affront to this nation’s preference for rational inquiry rooted in the populist tradition of discussion and analysis the Gutenberg Bible. A dumb-downed democracy has no chance of survival in a brutally sinister world, as warned of by the Founding Fathers.

Every hour nowadays all sorts of false images and outright lies are passed off as factual, truth in print or online, in a condition of mass brain-fog when nobody stops to look and think. Remember one difference between humans and sheep: unthinking beasts are resigned to be shorn and slaughtered, without mercy or consideration for an afterlife, but instead are digested and soon forgotten in the sewage. Your teachers, professors, cultural leaders and daresay I your parents have abandoned you to the wolves and the demons, and you as a cowardly cud-chewing member of the herd accept that inhuman fate. How pathetic!

Accident or Deliberate Heresy?

Back to the heretical photo. Could this bizarre role-reversal reenactment of the Good Friday events be merely a coincidental mix-up in the collective subconscious; or was the “news” image a blasphemous staged act of propaganda scripted by the heinous military regime in Caracas?

You be the judge, in the role of Pontius Pilate, by either washing your hands of this rather disturbing stagecraft or take a stand firmly on the side of the disciples in witness to the ethical outrages of a criminal regime down in Caracas. Being a former journalism professor, I am disturbed by the fact that not a single news editor, photo editor and proof-reader caught the stagecraft involved in this staged image, which was misread as a plea for public “compassion” while being originally compelled as a diabolical act of political deception. Indeed, this portrait of a imperiled “Helen” is actually a Trojan Horse aimed at opening the gates of this gullible nation to a sneak attack that will end its very existence as a democracy and the enslavement of every citizen of his republic. Already, under the collaborationist Biden regime, the chains weigh heavy on every mind and body.

As I write down these thoughts on the edge of the Chihuahua Desert, there is a glimmer of hope and redemption as vertical take-off helicopters zoom overhead while National Guardsmen are returning to duty along the nearby U.S.-Mexico border. The heinous plot to initiate guerrilla-warfare was uncovered when Texas Governor Tony Abbot sent that planeload of Venezuelan “refugees” to Martha’s Vineyard island, where wealthy liberal hypocrites called on the U.S. military to put those uninvited foreigners inside Joint Base Cape Cod. Ironically, JBCC is located just south of the Plymouth landing site of the Pilgrims, who were authentic refugees fleeing religious persecution. Probably, in an attempt to wheedle their case for refugee status, some of those Venezuelans ratted out the Maduro regime’s military agents among the civilian decoys.

The heightened security revived along the border is not solely aimed at the Venezuelans but also their allied forces stationed in Mexico, presumably from mainland China, Iran, Cuba and various jihadist groups from Africa. (I am not a paranoid far-right nationalist but instead an advocate of dialogue with each of these foreign powers urging them to desist from militarist adventurism or suffer the soon-to-be administered fate of a belligerent Ukraine.) The territorial integrity of the United States is not an issue for international debate nor a potential target for hostile infiltrators. To repeat, this is the land of Washington and Jefferson, Franklin and the Wright Brothers, not to be taken lightly or brushed off like dead flies.

Americans should not allow themselves to be distracted from the present challenge of a realignment of global influence by rising powers Russia, China, Iran and lesser regimes. The issues must be handled cautiously through dialogue and guarantees for the rights and personal safety of the affected populations along with a reasonable degree of acceptance of inevitable political change.

Democrat Obsession with Perversity

Propaganda and grandstanding gestures, and shocked alarm followed by weapons transfers and mercenary intervention, are detrimental to the process of gradual regional realignment. The Democratic Party, weighed down by its obsession with the sexual-orientation agenda, is completely unfit for geopolitical dialogue and diplomatic maneuver. The tradition of honing the mind with rigorous study of the King James Bible needs revival while the cultural obsession with sexual orientation needs to be replaced with, sorry to say it, abstinence and suppression of pornographic self-images online. National survival, with intellectual traditions intact, is that important to the hard choice of Liberty or Death.

The fake Maria of a florid Venezuelan “La Boheme” is a comic light opera amid a somber geopolitical realignment, which nobody in neighboring nations Mexico or, in Colombia and Brazil are laughing off. My guess is that the “author” of this operatic folly along the border is Nicholas Maduro Jr., son of El Presidente General, a young man who is a perpetual PhD student at Peking University and minder of Venezuelan officers being trained in high-tech warfare by the PLA. Rather than suffering the cacophony when attending Chinese operas, his coterie prefers the discos of Beijing nightlife with heavy drinking and ogling the Asian menu. They can enjoy the good life as the model soldiers of “progressive” military despotism setting roots across Latin America and infiltrating the USA.

The Venezuelan infiltrators, along with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from dictatorial societies, are able to spend on the international airfares, the $2,000 fee for Cartel-run transport to the U.S. border, bribes along the way and basic necessities, sum totaling at least $5,000 per man, woman or child. Meanwhile, more than half of an increasingly destitute American population cannot afford the bus fare to a nearby state or the cost of gasoline to drive to a major U.S. city. The liberal-left mantra of “immigrant rights” is increasingly about foreigner privilege versus American poverty, as seen in the job market when young locals are employed in fast-food outlets while foreign-born newcomers are attending Ivy League universities, scoring high-paying executive positions in the tech sector, and affording the rent for multi-bedroom apartments or purchase of plush houses.

The Democrats are selling the birthright of young American cheap, and with it the national future “down the river” into hopeless economic bondage that finally ends in meth addiction, while opening the gates to foreigners with money. As prime real estate is snapped up in the major hubs of prosperity, local girls are crushed down as escorts like seven young women who ended up as streetwalker prostitutes in Albuquerque and then, upon contracting venereal diseases, ended up buried in unmarked graves in a sandy mesa on the northside of town. The open-door policy will lead to many more Americans getting killed off like unwanted pets at an animal shelter, making the coming invasion by hostile forces all the easier.

So pray for the merciful blessing of Mother Mary, so that you might have courage and calmness through the excruciating ordeal that this once-faithful but now lost nation faces in days ahead. Onward.