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Move To The SAFEST Area In The US...Southern Oregon! - Do A Search For US Nuclear Plants Or
Prime MilitaryTargets...There Are None And You're Upwind From All Danger - About 100 Miles From
The Coast With 3,000 To 6,000 Foot Mountains All The Way - Many Homes Are Ready For Immediate
Move-In Don't Wait...You CAN Move Your Family Or Yourself To Safe Secure High Ground - Don't Move
To The Wrong Area - Here Are Just A Few Examples Of The Hundreds Of Homes And Properties In
Southern Oregon Currently Available - Make The Move Of Your Lifetime To The Rogue River Valley!

Hello Everyone...

My name is James Frings and I am a licensed Oregon real estate broker working with RE/MAX Platinum and specializing in helping people move to the gorgeous Rogue River Valley in safe, secure Southern Oregon. America is concerned...with good reason...and many are trying to get away from large urban areas to a far better quality of life and safety.

We have it ALL here. From four distinct, beautiful seasons and moderate year round weather to unlimited recreation among the most most beautiful mountains (yes, skiing), forests, rivers and lakes most could ever want. Golf is a big pleasure pastime here, too.

I know Jeff Rense, personally, and he thought it would be a wonderful idea to let people know they aren't trapped in a medium to large city near a nuclear power plant or military base...that they CAN relocate to a far safer and protected life and do so quickly. There is still time. Do a map search for US Nuclear Power Plants and for US Military Targets and you will SEE why Southern Oregon is the safest location in the US

Below are several samples of properties offered by RE/MAX to give you a quick idea of the wide range of homes and properties that start around $350k and move right on up. There are 100s of homes on the market and I would be more that happy to introduce you to the Oregon way of life. We are at the bottom of the state about 5 hours from Portland in case you were wondering. Ashland, Talent, Medford, Central Point and Eagle Point are a few of the towns in this area of the Roque River Valley...and then there is the stunning Rogue River itself and mountain lakes with every kind of recreational activity you would expect.

Feel free to call or email with any questions.

Thank you and most sincere best wishes,


Ashland, Oregon

Eagle Point, Oregon

Eagle Point, Oregon

Central Point, Oregon