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Translation Of Section From Putin's Jan 7 Speech
If This Doesn't Get Your Attention, Nothing Will



I'm tired today. I am tired of everything. I want to talk to the countries of the World. What's happening? What kind of Satan's plan do you dream of?

You want to deliberately reduce the world's population by sacrificing innocent lives using unstable spirits who believe in your political correctness.

People brainwashing, vicious media systems, and shameless lies- constantly and intentionally. I am aware of your Satanic Plans to reduce the population of the planet.

You are so Evil to use the weakest and marginalized. If you think your people will have to get used to being massacred , leave your position!

If America and Europe do not end these plans, you will face not only God's judgment, but mine as well. Stop your plans! Long live God and the Fatherland, or death is waiting for you.