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Obama-Biden's Afghan War Is Behind
The Muslim Murders In Albuquerque

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Albuquerque, NM. - Before any telling evidence arrived from police investigators in New Mexico, Vice President Kamala Harris who had earlier served as a public prosecutor in San Francisco jumped to the erroneous conclusion that the shootings of four Muslim immigrant men in Albuquerque were racially motivated attacks. That temporarily served her agenda of becoming the first female president, but her assertion proved to be a wrongful slur against the local white and Latino community, which has been extremely broadminded in accepting new arrivals from Muslim countries despite the many instances of violent crimes committed in this state by “entitled” refugees from Somalia and more recent attempts by Afghans to establish drug-smuggling bases near the border with Mexico.

That the key suspect arrested in a Volkswagon Jetta with a handgun and spent bullet shell on his dashboard is the 51-year-old Afghan immigrant Mohammad Atif Sayed demolished Harris’ self-serving conjecture. The mystery arising from his background deepened due to a news blackout by mainstream media, after Albuquerque police disclosed that Sayed is a veteran of Afghanistan’s Special Police Force. His elite squad was involved in assassinations of top-level Afghan resistance leaders and gathered intelligence for counter-insurgency operations often in tandem with the U.S. military special forces units against the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, Uzbek splinter cells and other Islamic resistance outfits.

Given his relatively early immigration to the USA despite a lack of English-speaking ability, it can be surmised that Sayed had served as an intelligence officer in joint operations of the Afghan Army and U.S. special forces and very possibly as an interrogator of abducted suspects for the Obama-Biden Extraordinary Renditions program. Executive-level involvement in the secretive rendition program, which was absolutely illegal under international law and the U.S. Constitution, is a strong reason for disqualification and ouster of Joe Biden as president, for his heinous role in heading Obama’s National Security Council. Simple put, Biden is a war criminal who is yet to arrested, tried and executed for his crimes against humanity.

Kirkland AFB in Desert Warfare

Another possible significant factor in this case is Kirkland Air Force Base, located in the southeast quadrant of Albuquerque, immediately adjoining the Sandia National Laboratory and a branch campus called New Mexico University South. The desert terrain and climate similar to Afghanistan in the southern half of New Mexico have provided superb training conditions for USAF Special Operations, a major force in counter-terrorist raids against Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Was the alleged shooter Sayed attached to the USAF Special Ops? His possession of at least one AK-47, along with his competency as a marksmen as demonstrated in the recent shootings indicates a high-level of military training and operations experience.

The ongoing official cover-up and disinformation from the Democrat White House raise a more troubling question: Was Sayed brought to Kirkland as an interrogator for the Obama-Biden secretive Extraordinary Rendition Program? His propensity for violence in questioning his daughter about her dating local men, indeed threats to shoot her, is typical of Rendition tactics to instill fear and force confessions out of wary suspects.

The Albuquerque situation is reminiscent of the December 2, 2015, military-style assault by a Pakistani couple against the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino, California. My investigative report then indicated the use of that psychiatric facility in support of the Obama-Biden Special Rendition Program, run out of a supposedly “closed” March Air Force Base in nearby Riverside. The apparent purpose of that clinic attack was to silence, aka terminate, civilian medical personnel involved in psychiatry-assisted interrogations at a time that Obama-era culprits were trying to close down their illegal project in a massive effort to suppress scrutiny by human rights groups and whatever little remained of a free press.

Other Factors for a Cover-up

Co-conspirators of Joe Biden include former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, a crony of the Clintons and buddy of Jeffrey Epstein, who enabled that high-society pimp to acquire the 8,000 acre Zorro Ranch, north of Santa Fe, NM. That high-tech facility was equipped with room-size computers to spy on subteen sex acts of his VIP guest list, as well as underground bunkers and signals technology for monitoring possible space launches and military-related activities. New Mexico is, after all, the location for Los Alamos Laboratory, the White Sands test site and close to the Norad command center in Colorado Springs.

The incumbent governor Michelle Luhan Grisham, a shady character allied with Richardson, is heavily criticized for her mysterious purchases of vast quantities of liquor during the COVID lockdown, which some local critics have suggested were for hosting her political allies among the Cartel and the Epstein organization. Her Democrat reelection campaign team has been waging no-holds-barred media war against the Republican challenger Mark Ronchetti, who in turn has politely avoided mention of her recent divorce and new marriage, which are not entirely acceptable in the Catholic-majority state along with her support of abortion on demand. Given the stakes in this key political contest, with its possibility of spilling the beans over the Democrats’ Epstein connections, is it any wonder then that Kamala Harris tried to divert the facts behind the Muslim murders away from those secrets of the Democrat Deep State toward a politically correct mantra of “Brown Lives Matter”?

Thus far, the role of four targeted South Asian victims is yet to be clearly determined. Sayed has been charged with two gunshot deaths, of Aftab Hussein, an Afghan refugee who owned a store in Albuquerque, killed on July 26; and Muhamad Afzal Hussein, a graduate of the University of Punjab in Pakistan, who held a student visa at UNM, shot on August 1.

Two other gunshot deaths are possibly connected with the Sayed shooting spree, these including Mohammed Zaher Ahmadi; and Naeem Hussain, a Shia Muslim killed on August 5.

Police investigators have suggested that the murders of these men may have been linked to courtship attempts with the suspect’s daughter, a UNM student, which appears to be far-fetched since at least two of the victims were married with children.

A more plausible possibility, suggested by the timing of the murders, is that the targeted individuals were originally allowed into the USA to serve as translators, decoders or regional experts in the Af-Pak counterinsurgency program under USAF mentorship, but that the role became redundant with Biden’s decision for an early pullout from Kabul, which fell to the Taliban in May 2021. If that was the actual motive, then there’s even more blood on Biden’s hands. Perhaps Kamala Harris should put her concerns for brown-complexioned victims of violence into real effect by investigating her boss for his dishonorable conduct and involvement in heinous war crimes.

Note: The author was the last foreign journalist to leave the Pakistan-Kashmir region, flying out in the hours prior to the demolition of the World Trade Center, and one of the first reporters with South Asia regional experience to resume post-911 news coverage along the Afghanistan border region prior to the U.S. invasion.