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A Tale Of Two Allies - UK And USA
...Separated By Misunderstanding

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Arriving late for the ceremonies, Joe Biden should not have tried to barge into a Westminster Abbey packed with mourners, accepting instead humbly a seat in the obscure back row. Arriving 10 minutes after the start of the Queen’s state funeral service was a forgivable error, given the crowds in London, even though arrival an hour earlier for time to wend one’s way through traffic and security points was obviously advisable. Once again, due to the lapses of etiquette by a sitting president, Americans are again being seen at as nation of bounders aka uncouth upstarts, which is a pity for our fast-shrinking literary class of literature professors and historians.

Then again, the Irish American president should not have come in person to England for the solemn occasion since the USA would have been more comfortably represented by Vice President Kamala Harris, whose parents are citizens of former British colonies India and Jamaica as opposed to Biden, who has been a sympathizer of the Provo IRA terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland that assassinated the Royal family elder and war hero Lord Mountbatten in 1979. Adding further injury, the upstart crows of that know-nothing “intelligence” agency also masterminded the 7-7 bombing of the London Tube in 2005, a hit job targeting the Royal Grenadiers unit under nominal command of then Prince Charles, the present king.

Heinous Attacks on the Royal Household

The Democrat-coddled CIA’s role in planning and staging those heinous attacks against the Royal Family were outlined to me, then a journalism professor, aboard a yacht in Hong Kong’s harbor by a Special Branch British police officer, who had served in a counter-terrorism role in Northern Ireland and Hong Kong, the former against the radical wing of the IRA and the latter violently fanatic Maoists.

Due to my background in the USA with the Gary Hart presidential nomination, which was scotched by party insiders beholden to Walter Mondale, I had a keen interest in these sorts of clandestine operations, pitting the mongoose against a cobra, so to speak. As a novice Democrat congressman of Irish descent, Biden was under the sway of House Speaker Tip O’Neill, the all-powerful “Taoiseach” (chieftain) of the anti-British congressional faction that provided funding, intelligence and weaponry to the Provisional Irish Republic Army, the militant wing of the IRA violently opposed to the British Army presence in Northern Ireland.

Assassination of a Hero

In late summer 1979, an IRA operative planted a remote-controlled bomb aboard a fishing vessel at Mullaghmore harbor, County Silgo, in the Irish Republic’s border region near the troubled British-occupited North region around Belfast. Mountbatten, the most senior Royal at the time of his retirement at Classiebawn Castle, boarded his “Shadow V” fishing boat to harvest lobster pots. As told by the Special Branch officer, who was involved in that investigation, the timer and detonator were identical to those used in previous CIA-backed IRA bombings. The hero of the Southeast Asian and India front of World War II against the Japanese Imperial Army, the senior royal and grandson of Queen Victoria, second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and grand uncle of the present King Charles III, was murdered brutally by an American spy agency, likely without presidential authorization.

During that troubled decade, as an aspiring journalist and editor in New York City, I was well aware that the ethnic Irish Democrats along the Eastern Seaboard were funneling funds to the IRA via the since-discredited Northern Irish Aid “charity”. Slipping a few folded dollars into the NorAid box hastened bartender service by a few hours whenever ordering a Harp beer at any Irish pub in the Big Apple or Boston. Unfortunately, one man’s act of resistance to oppression leads to another’s death, but the greater moral risk to me back then was stumbling down the street to a Puerto Rican dive for a bottle of Miller. How easily or lazily we choose the convenient path of being party to murder and mayhem instead of salvation via salsa and menudo.

The assassination of the war hero of the titanic Battle of Umphal, in far-eastern India near the Burmese border, which prevented Imperial Japan’s capture of India, was a grim reminder of the early IRA’s alliance with Kaiser Germany during World War I in their planning for the Easter Uprising of 1916. There can be no doubt about the splendid heroism in the face of certain death among those Irish patriots, but there is more to that story of nationalist rebellion.

As told to me by a radio journalist in Butte, Montana, the firearms for the April uprising in Dublin were secretly supplied by immigrant Irish miners at the Anaconda copper mine. There among mountains shorn of forest, massive pulleys on towers lowered a man and his mule down shafts to a mile below the Earth’s surface. Countless miners died in the frequent cave-ins while pick-axing and dynamiting tunnels that total in combined length some 10,000 miles. National liberation often requires the same amount of determination and often far more in human sacrifice.

Hard labor in America, the second home of the displaced Irish due to the Potato Famine, led to steely patriotism and, eventually, a brilliant plot against the British masters. With every death underground, an unfortunate miner’s body would be interred at a secret burial ground in the hills, blessed by Catholic priests in the darkness of night. Meanwhile a dead dog and a dozen rifles were packed instead into a wood coffin, which was then firmly nailed and shipped to Ireland, where the stench of rotted flesh would deter probing by port inspectors. Thereby, one man’s terrorism is another one’s heroic sacrifice. The Easter uprising was, of course, the stuff of legends about brave men and women who preferred the gallows to repenting the cause of Irish independence. Their American cousins were by comparison too clever by far, planning spectacular terrorist actions against the British foe rather than noble self-sacrifice for a holy cause.

Blasting the London Tube

One other Democrat-CIA terrorist crime against the British Royals demands mention, which was the 7-7 London Tube bombing on July 7, 2005. Ostensibly, under the Agency cover-up, that heinous blast was done by Muslim terrorists. In fact, the CIA directed that gruesome operation to prevent a Grenadier Guards unit, nominally assigned to Prince Charles, which was garrisoned on the west-side of London from reaching the Gleneagles G-8 Summit in Scotland to counter a possible Islamic terrorist threat there. The existence of a military-transport tunnel below the civilian Tube network has been a military secret, privy to only a few allied military intelligence officers and railway engineers.

Eyewitnesses on the street above the blast site heard grinding sounds coming from rescue teams deep below the civilian subway train. Indeed, a high-ranking CIA official of Irish descent had arrived to London several days prior to the Tube bombing. As it turned out, the White House objective was to block PM Tony Blair’s plan for a Mideast Summit during that contentious moment of the Bush-Cheney wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Prince, now King Charles III, would be amiss if he hadn’t been outraged at the CIA’s over-the-top violence against the Royals’ home-turf, hatched by the Irish American Democrat cabal, whose more fanatic followers no doubt chuckled at the shock and horror heaped on their perceived imperial oppressors. Easily forgotten is the Christian imperative not to engage in acts of revenge, especially when innocent individuals become collateral victims. Turn the other cheek, even if you are bleeding. President Biden’s insistence on being present at the state funeral for a Queen was duplicitous after failing to humbly apologize in advance for his misguided cronies’ brutal bombings in London and the Irish borderland. Terrorism, as proven in situations of unconventional warfare, is difficult to uproot, except in Langley, Virginia, where that renowned center of intrigue should by all rights be shut down by a presidential order to spare humanity further acts of nihilist violence.

Great Women Leaders of Britannia

Imagine the astonishment, as described in the records of ancient Rome, of the imperial centurions who had crossed the Channel to the fog-shrouded isles of the Druids, where they were met with fierce resistance by tribesmen urged on a woman warrior on a golden chariot. Queen Boadicea of the Iceni-led alliance of native Britons led the a revolt that caused the deaths of 70,000 Romans, both legionnaires and their local collaborators. Never underestimate the mettle and courage of British women.

An island nation that fought to become the largest imperial power in world history has produced remarkable female leaders, from Queen Elizabeth I who refused to compromise with the Continent as her navy scored an “impossible” victory over the Spanish Armada; her most determined rival and glamorous cousin Queen Mary Queen of Scots; Queen Anne who arranged the union of Scotland and England; Caroline of Ansbach presiding over the rise of the Whigs (allies of the American Revolution); Victoria, the grand matriarch who ruled over a worldwide Empire so vast that the Sun never set on its numerous shores; and Elizabeth the Second, who at a young age remained steady and calm as a military mechanic while London was under brutal bombardment by V-rockets.

From the pinnacle of state leadership to plain everyday existence, British women have shown that special quality of meeting challenges with quiet courage and steady nerves, retaining the stoic character of their ancestral female warriors rather than the flippancy of a passing American youth culture. While producing a video documentary on the Taiwanese climber Makalu Gau’s experience in the 1996 Mount Everest mountaineering disaster titled “Prayer Flags”, on the downhill path after the arduous shoot, I was fortunate to meet and make a quick video sketch of three cheerful young ladies on the trail, all from London, a nurse, an office worker and a motorcycle fanatic. Losers, at times, in love, they were winners in ordinary life and extraordinary challenges such as the Everest trail.

A few days later on the return flight from Kathmandu to Hong Kong, I gazed out the port at the darkening Himalayas under a starry night sky while passing the great horn of Everest down below. For the Tibetans that peak is the world’s spiritual axis called Qomolungma, whereas for the Nepalese it is the sacred Hindu pyramid of Sagamartha. For the British at the height of their imperial stretch, Mount Everest was the epitome of the Subcontinent, a radiant gleam at the center of “the jewel in the Crown”. Then I noticed the five stars over the peak, a constellation shaped in a “W”, the astral throne of Cassiopeia, the mythic queen of majestic beauty and boundless pride in ancient Greek lore. At that moment, my thoughts turned to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the steady postwar heroine of a planet recovering from the immensity of humanity’s self-destruction and niece of Lord Mountbatten, the low-keyed military victor who saved that vast Asian region from terrible oppression in the Second World War.

Dumbed-down Cousins

The banal remarks of American newscasters and politicians on the Queen’s funeral disclosed a lack of appreciation of British tutoring of this youngish nation in the sciences, cultural attainment, philosophy, foreign languages, medicine, geography, botany and zoology and, most of all, the English tradition of literature and the stage. As the luckiest of cousins, we are the heirs to Shakespeare, Marlowe, Chaucer, Bronte, Dickens, Tolkien, Austin, Orwell, Hardy and Eliot to name just a few brilliant writers. Yet today, our once-great libraries are shuttered while bookstores dump both classics and fun reads into dumpsters to end up as landfill, while our children’s brains are emptied of wit, reason, manners and gratitude and, meanwhile stuffed with doubts about sexual difference at birth.

More could have been said in the mass media about the girl who would become queen during the era of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose headquarters in World War II were in London, as part of the tripartite alliance of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and United States against Nazi Germany. In the rush for everyone’s ancestral homeland to gain recognition from this society, Americans have forgotten that English was the spoken word of the earliest European settlers on the Atlantic coast of his land and has remained the official language of the United States, along with its records of state and our education system and hymnals, and the text of the Declaration and Constitution. It is up to every citizen to cherish this most worthy tongue as our national language in schools, shops, industry and on the streets. Literacy and eloquence in English are not capital crimes despite this ugly age of hip hop and Spanglish..

My nisei father who served through the entirety of American involvement in World War II from Morocco to Sicily, Italy, France, defeated Germany and later occupied Japan, was stationed in London for two weeks during the postwar demobilization of Yank troops. Once he mentioned to me how friendly and grateful the British people were for our citizen-soldiers’ sacrifices against overwhelming odds and losses of comrades on the European battlefields. Despite the strict rationing of food in those hard times, ordinary Britons would rush out of their humble homes with platters of home-baked cookies for the American soldiers so far from home. Dad boarded a ship home for the USA as an Anglophile.

For all our New World attachment to the ideals of radical democracy and equality, we mourn the passing of that most gracious monarch, and at this precious moment of sadness put aside any political differences and class divisiveness in solidarity and friendship with the people of the British Isles, our cultural ancestors and allies in so many ways: Hail Britannia! Long live, in fond memory and may she be cherished for eternity, the Queen.