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Yesterday’s Gone


By Jim Kirwan


The Supreme Court has ended all language as it has been known

For centuries, because words no longer mean

What they were written to mean.

The ruling handed down by the Supreme Court was against nature and humanity as it’s trying to force the creation of a third sex, as a choice that individuals can embrace at will; with no regard for the children of existing or future families.

Since humanity left the caves people have become couples to produce children and to continue the human race. This new form of sexual choice cannot create life, it can only indulge the sexual proclivities of those who believe that they are neither male nor female, before it was decided that sexual preferences should top the natural laws that were once considered the primary consideration.

When people produced offspring, it was thought that children needed to be protected, which is how and why marriage was thought to be a confirming ceremony ­ until the State decided that the entire issue of marriage had become just another income stream. Consequently the one thing not addressed anywhere in the Court’s decision is what will happen to the children, especially since the State has now taken control over the welfare of children, from birth to death; Beginning with mandatory vaccinations from almost the moment of birth.

Education too has now been taken away from the parents, and given to the State: So there’s no longer anything for the ‘family’ to do about their own children except to give them to the State ­ to raise them, protect them and direct them into what they will become in service to the State and only the State ­ as this decision by the courts which was not voted on by the people, officially marks the end of parenting and the full introduction of the USSA communist dream of a State that is now Supreme over any and all life, when it comes to protecting or caring for one’s own children.

Think about what this means in the life of every toddler tomorrow?

How will parents describe their new life-choices to the offspring which they might already have in their lives? How are children meant to respond to same-sex parents, in the eyes of those children living in an LGBTQ related ‘household? How will other children deal with those ‘few’ and they are definitely in the minority, that will be forced into new situations ­ at least until the State takes over an either sells these unwanted kids into child slavery or finishes the State brain-washing that has already begun?

Who will protect the children that have nothing to do with the preferences of their current parents?

The current situation was brought about by the legacies of the last handful of presidents that were all massive war-criminals, each in their own way. Through them we have inherited the creatures that sit on the current ‘Supreme Court’ that is now making laws rather than interpreting the laws as written.

What will happened to the children that will now become unwilling sex-partners, some as young as 4 years old - with their so-called parents, in so many cases that are on the edge of becoming law now? Israel has a sect for which this is already “a right’ ­ are we too going to do everything that Zionism demands? Once having sex with anyone, anytime, becomes a norm here, there will no longer be anything else worth participating in for these newly minted creatures whose lives will end up standing for nothing but self-absorption and hedonistic folly.

Health-care” is something that American’s never had before, until Obama created this massive income stream that he calls ‘Obamacare”. Yet now Americans have health-care and the perversity of child-desertion, that’s hiding behind ‘Freedom of Sexual Choice’ -supposedly as a majority opinion, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Maybe that’s why we were never allowed to vote on anything from Obamacare to the current theft of what were once our children? But since it was okay not to have to vote for or against the hundreds of wars, that have slaughtered billions of people ­ why would we object to how the same State chooses to raise our children now that Sexual Freedom must be legitimized without a vote.

It looks like the government will get their way again ­ because most

Amerikans have no spine at all…

The supposed majority just happens to be the same majority opinion as now sits on the Supreme Court, as well as the same majority opinion in the Congress and the Tarnished House ­ yet none of the three branches of government any longer practice legislation by consent of the people ­ now what we have is Fiat Rule over every man woman and child in this nation, regardless of how each of us might chose to think or speak or raise our own families?

This is the ultimate split, created by the Khazarian Supremacy which will ultimately divide this nation all the way down to which ‘sex’ matters most: which they believe has to be the new “third way” ­ so that in the end the real victim of these new laws is the end of families and the desertion of children, along with men and women as we once thought them to be.

Make no mistake

This is the warped minority, wagging the tail of the feeble majority,

To end this society by eliminating all cohesion anywhere.

Wait until you see all the myriad ways that all the terminology will now be challenged from “Men” or “Women” to whatever that third choice eventually turns out to be.

Here in San Francisco, the Gay Pride Day Celebrations began on Father’s Day and ever since that began they have only continued to grow, to the point that “father’s day” has now almost vanished from the commercial lexicon, thanks to the 24-7 attacks upon masculinity by Hollywood and The Khazarian Supremacy that have taken over all the textbooks along with film and television backed everywhere by publishing itself. Just look at how the educational curriculum has been altered in the last fifteen years ­ just to make today’s ruling possible…

This amounts to a grand slam VICTORY for the penultimate minority over the actual majority, worldwide ­ but since the media is totally controlled ­ any real backlash won’t be given more than a few sentences buried in the non-stop disinformation coverage throughout the country and most of the world.

And the real losers throughout all of this aren’t even being mentioned: That would be ­ the about to be orphaned children that will be drowned in the current failure of the USSA.

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