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Don't you wish this had been true?

By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday it was rumored that retired Navy Seals & some Ex-Special Forces were going to parachute into the Refuge ­ their 'numbers' were not given and of course that did not happen.

But if it had: Lavoy would be alive and the international outlaws,

would have died by the hundreds.

Instead, the panic of the cowards in uniform would have been the story

that would have flashed around the nation and the world - Because once the death-squad mercenaries are forced to fight the real thing, armed with real weapons and their justifiable outrage: That would be the beginning of the end of all this pseudo Martial Law forever ­ this crime against humanity that's been declared as normality, in Burns Oregon and the surrounding area... All of that would happen if real men and women were ready and willing to die to keep their freedom and ours, because if the military were to really come to the defense of this nation, maybe not in numbers at first, but in sufficient numbers that the rest of the U.S. military would have to decide, as individuals, whether or not it is legal for this fascist communist state to murder it's own people.

It's one thing to be sent into all these fake wars' supposedly for the corporations that own this place, but if and when the target of our military forces becomes the ordinary people of what was once the American-Republic: Then everything will change from total lock-downs, to the actual revolution that will change what passes for 'life' today, into that promise of a real tomorrow that's been dying for the last sixty years to the point that if we don't resist in Oregon, then it's certain that we'll all very soon be dead.

The U.S. Military stole four years of my life, illegally from me, 1957-1961 and that caused me to seriously question everything about this place. That year long personal project landed me on the FBI-CIA & government black lists' that everyone worries so much about. I've been there ever since.

Go to the link below and roam around among the images: read the 66 titles of the work, then remember that was 1966, which was 50 years ago under the LBJ who along with Israel murdered Kennedy: And that every year since those images were created ­ everything here has only gotten worse: This is what the thugs in Uniform at the news-conference yesterday in Burns call “normal”. But they all belong in prison, and we need to uproot the almost invisible bars that have enslaved us all... BTW what connects the chains is the U.S. Dollar sign which is the “S” over the “U” on the leg-irons.

Rage & Outrage are Waiting



If we don't soon do something differently from the last Fifty-Years

then we're all dead anyhow...



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