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Yesterday's Gone

  By Jim Kirwan


The time came and went when this was still possible.

To be able to do this required real people

Laws, Love & Life have gone

Everything here is dead.

So why do we still call this place ‘America’?


Americans have missed the whole point of what’s been going on for the last 65 years of our supposedly hidden, Wars-for-Israel. The reason that the traitors have gotten away with this for over six decades is that “Americans” have refused to ever put themselves into anyone else’s shoes.

It used to said: “If you want to understand anyone else, just walk a mile in their shoes”. The people we refuse to understand don’t have shoes, and most of them are just waiting to die from any of the hundreds of ways that we’ve been busy constructing—at their expense.

When I dispute the current fallacies with others; I am always amazed at the level of utter stupidity which is used to attempt to explain “what’s going on”. People talk about their “investments” the price of gold, the deficit, and of course they are concerned about how they will keep what they have, while they reach for even more that they plan on taking for themselves from this dead-world. It virtually never occurs to them that what we are doing to the rest of the planet could have any bearing on what is being done to us each and every day now.

Spying is NOT new! The whole program that Snowden “revealed” was born fully-fleshed in February of 2001. Thousands of us have known that since shortly after 911—but no one wanted to hear it. The Bush national-international-spying program was born 7 months before 911, and all the phone companies except one went along with it without blinking. The entire country and most of the planet have been asleep and not just about “spying”!

How can ‘Americans’ still say that word when they ‘know’ absolutely nothing about what this country was, who we are, or what we’ve been doing for the last 65, uninterrupted years, of international war-crimes coupled with mass murder, torture, extortion and crimes against humanity?

The Prisoner of War, from The War on Poverty!

We should have known everything about our world depicted in 1966 ­ but there was no internet to let anyone know that such a project even existed. By the time the ‘net’ arrived most of that project and the documentation of the existence of those images had disappeared.

Incidentally that project was done two years before it was acceptable to criticize the U.S. Government for anything. I started the project when I was 25. My FBI file has remained open since those days ~ (2)

The public Death of Integrity was just part of LBJ’s destruction of our personal freedoms. I wasn’t formerly educated, I just looked around and did years of work to dig up what I learned, in order to complete the 66 images in the project.

The academics and the media mouthpieces of that day said nothing about the crimes that were routinely committed by this government at that time. I was fresh out of the military and I was determined to tell the world about this filthy-government then.

The War for Israel was only 18 years old then, but huge amounts of damage had already been done. When the completed project was seen, at its only public showing, 5,000 people walked through the weekend-exhibit, held in a Mall in Oklahoma City ­ there were a lot of tears shed that weekend, because ordinary people knew that those images were true. There were three complaints.

The Toll Road to the Abolition of Poverty

From the War on Poverty, The State of the Nation -1966

By the time the turbulent ‘60’s were over with, so was most of what this place used to stand for. The Wars for Israel were four years older, and this country was firmly locked into massive government corruption at every level of its’ being. All of which just speaks to the fact that we’ve been in total denial for a very long time!

I’m ancient now, but I still believe that we can turn this back to another time when people were willing to risk everything to save what must be saved if the world is to survive.

What will be lost, because we were sleeping, is most of the planet as it exists today.

I watch a lot of films and I read a lot. Lately I’ve been struck by the number of moments and places that we will never have again, except in pictures, and in the mind’s-eye of personal memories. The lands of this world have been slashed and burned and have devastated the world. Our relationships with millions of other people have been shredded because of our arrogance and greed that has left no room for humanity or for the dreams on which all of life was built. When you see a couple doing some innocent thing in the living of their lives (on film) a part of every one of us thinks:

I’ll never know how that feels again,

Because those days are gone forever!”


When you think about the foods that have been poisoned

You have to know that you can never order that again ­ ever!


When you take a shower and smell the chemicals

You can still long for that time before the government did that

To the water

But down deep you have to know that:

The goodness of the water is in thirst”

And we can no longer know that joy because that goodness

Is just no longer there!

The skies above us are no longer real

The sunsets, the sunrise, and the screwed up weather

Is our fault

Because we failed

To stop that nightmare as far back as the ‘70’s

When that global-crime began.

By the time we entered the Gates of Hell that we let Bush open for us in this world ­ that so many of us were able to love, before that time when we already knew that we were dead already. Our all-too-human senses our dreams and all those now forgotten desires can never reach reality, again.

Time waits for no one because “Nature will not take a number!” What we have done to ourselves remains in the long-dead past. But what we do today and tomorrow is still up to us: Or at least up to those of us that refuse to surrender to the 65 years of Deception and murder-unending: Which we allowed savages to do to the rest of the world in our names…

We are looking at a shattered planet that in Fukushima is still holding its breath—while “we” still wait for others to solve that problem for us even though it will mean the end of life as we know it - if that place ignites in what is expected in the very near future.

While most of us still wait the Financial Collapse is building to its own crescendo that will wipe out billions of lives. Meanwhile we still refuse to crush the police-state from within, despite the fact that we have everything we need to do that—except the guts to do anything at all against the cowards who now claim to run this world.

OAKLAND (INTELLIHUB) — This week there is a large scale police militarization drill being held in Oakland, with police and first responders from all over the country participating. This program has over 50 separate training scenarios that will take place in and around the Oakland area.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. J.D. Nelson told CBS News that police militarization is just a part of life.

Nelson said the militarization of police “has happened since the beginning of time,” noting that technology developed in the Civil War and World War II was used by police officers after those conflicts. Since apparently “the beginning of time” started about a hundred years ago, during the time of the civil war.”

k) The one hundred years is literal, because this is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Federal Reserve Bank and the International-Jewish-theft of American money in 1913.

More than 100 agencies and 5,000 people are participating in the event, Nelson said.

This event has taken place many times in the same area, so local protesters were ready this week when police and first responders began arriving.

Many of the protesters explained to the media that they were protesting this event because of the rising militarized police state, and the increasing number of armored vehicles being bought by police departments around the country. Other protesters talked about the large sums of money that the governments spends on this event, specifically through The Department of Homeland Security.

In 2012, DHS gave half a billion dollars to police departments in 31 metro regions across the US to “address the unique planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercise needs of high-threat, high-density urban areas,” according to the DHS website.”

k) The blatant waste of our money to “play at making war on the public” is an outrage when the people in Oakland are dying from the lack of government funds to keep them or their city alive…

For this year’s event, the Alameda Sheriff’s received $7.5 million in federal funding, according to the War Resisters League.”

k) Millions spent on these out-of-shape idiots in worn-out uniforms and not a dime for any of the real problems in Oakland or Detroit and in every city in California and elsewhere. Demonstrators ought to have greeted these government trolls with public-troughs filled with filth, accompanied by huge signs of welcome proclaiming:

Bon Appetite” you worthless pigs! But that would probably have been too much truth for them to tolerate!

What Urban Shield represents to us is the epitome of state repression that has been impacting communities of color and immigrant communities for decades,” Lara Kiswani, of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, told Common Dreams. “Different strategies of surveillance against Arabs and Muslims and brown and black people are being used as tactics against our people back home. This is the militarization of the police.”[2]

With US-favored contractors present and the amount the US has offered to pay for the conference, as journalist Rania Khalek pointed out, “that means the federal government is essentially financing a major marketing opportunity for companies invested in police militarization and criminal justice privatization.” (3)

We are out of time. It’s still up to you and I to do something people to let the world know that Americans are not dead yet. But the fact that articles like this are still few and far between speaks volumes! So whose side are you on in these last few moments before you too will lose what we paid for in Social-Security, Medicare, Medical and possibly Veterans benefits as well?

A footnote today mentions that during the fake government shutdown congress used their paid-for presence to demand that the government sell-off National Parks, at bargain basement prices, as “excess properties” to ‘reduce’ the fake-deficit they created for us to pay-them-for: Just for living here! (4)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, because there won’t be too many more of these “to enjoy” in the ugliest future imaginable, unless we begin to actually resist everything they’re still doing to every man woman and child in this place!

1) Through the Hourglass ­ Darkly (2003)

2) Politics ­Oklahoma

3) Group Gathers to Protest “Urban Shield” Police State Drill in Oakland

4) U.S. Congress Plans to sell-off National Parks to reduce Deficit

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After 65 Years

Of War

Still Asking

The Wrong Questions?




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