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WWIII Is Five Years Old


By Jim Kirwan


Un-Officially WWIII began with ‘the Arab Spring’.

Lebanon on Edge

EU, US to Blame for Crisis” (11min 08sec)

Protestors in Lebanon have given authorities three days to meet their demands, as thousands rallied in Beirut on Saturday night. They want a snap election, an end to corruption and the end of the waste collection crisis which initially triggered public outrage and led to mass anti-government protests…”

Kirwan: This is the exact same pattern that was created throughout the Middle East and Europe in over thirty countries, where Soros funded the false-flag color-revolutions’, which formally began to deepen with Tunisia roughly five years ago.

It’s always been the same very simple plan which is how every nation in the Middle East that is a neighbor to Israel has continually been attacked repeatedly to allow Israel to take over every nation with which they share either a border or a regional power stake. So far Israel has continued to fail. See the map below.

RT: “We’ve been suffering for over forty years, our parents, our grandparents have been suffering the same. We would go on with the fight for the next five and ten years for us and our future children can have a better future ­ then so be it…”

“…take into consideration it all began in regard to the Lebanese government’s failure to pick up rubbish and now we’re hearing the slogan ‘the people are looking for the downfall of the government’.

This is what the people from Tunisia, all the way to Syria were chanting throughout ‘the Arab Spring’. So are we headed for that direction again, or are we seriously looking at the downfall of the Lebanese government? …all they’re asking for is for basic necessities to be fulfilled. I mean for god’s sake the people just wanted their rubbish cleaned up. If the government can’t even deliver on that, then of course there’s going to be frustration that’s going to be building up. This is what we saw in Tunisia what we saw in Libya, what we saw in Yemen, what we saw in Bahrain and what we saw in Syria…” (14min 02 sec)

BTW this will be the Third Time that Israel has illegally attacked Lebanon, using disinformation and their pathetic military. Israel has not won outside of Palestine, since they invaded in1948. This has been proven over and over again since 2006…

Who Will Stop the Countdown?

The above is part of the current take in a nutshell: But exactly how did ‘we’ get to this point in global history? That’s a bit more complicated, but once you realize how we conned ourselves into changing who and what we are: Then many things about the world and our failures become much easier to understand.

For instance: I’m old enough to remember a youth where not everything was about money, when it came time to consider life beyond teenage years. In fact the conversations between most of us was not about money or the amassing of fabulous wealth ­ it was about what we wanted to do with our lives, by pursuing what we thought were our real talents, in a world that was filled with challenges and promise. Of course as we were all different, so too were the choices we each made at that time. By the end of the sixties, that began to change, in the youth then, which is how we got to where we are today.

Going back to the nineteen-eighties, Americans began to alter the basics of their lives, by accepting a few small things that have changed everything in the world today. After WWII Americans largely considered themselves to be citizens, ‘people with rights’: But by the 1980’s people began to skip that part about having any ‘responsibilities’, which is what once guaranteed their ‘rights’.

Under Ronnie’s “Greed is Good” concept we dumped “citizenship” to become faceless and voiceless “CONSUMERS”. Citizens had both rights and responsibilities, while consumers have nothing but their self-appointed “successes” to believe in—in the “new world” where public-co-operation was murdered upon new alters’ of total-competition in every area of life.

Yesterday I watched Starship Troopers, on Netflix, from the book by Heinlein, which outlines citizenship in a global world. In the film the whole world is besieged by a global enemy of ‘Bugs’ ­ I kept seeing “the Bugs” as the unofficial-representatives of AIPAC and Israel. (Definitely not part of anything that Heinlein was saying)

The film points out the differences between being a citizen and being a civilian (or a consumer).

The ‘citizens’ (in the film) have to have the courage and earn the right to keep his or her rights, while making the safety of the human race a real part of the life they’re living. This requires them to risk their own lives toward that end or be killed in the process.

Citizenship’ ­ like freedom ­ must be earned if anyone can have or maintain a life that is both free and alive with whatever choices each person chooses to make.

American’s gave up on “citizenship” a very long time ago. The formal change to consumerism, was in reality a late addition, to this totally corrupted country ­ which is the main point beneath the farce of the 2016 election that’s still over a year away.

None of the people ‘running’ should be walking around in the world today: They all belong in jail or worse - and everybody knows it, which is why the hypocrisy beneath every problem we have goes so deep that we seem to have forgotten that we-the-people were and still are responsible for 99% of this global-takeover—by the less than one per cent that have put this nightmare on the dead end track of global-war unending.

We lost this war a long time ago. All that remains is for that final act to begin, and yesterday it looked like we may soon be pushed over the edge.

EBT System is Down Nationwide

Come September!

If not this Monday and just beyond, then some kind of similar breakdown will take over, probably in September ­ because we have really been in WWIII for many, many years now, we just became so distracted by our own “what’s in-it-for-me” obsessions worldwide, that we forgot to notice that Israel and USI want to kill every last one us ­ ASAP.


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